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ISO 9001:2008 인증업체

Accreditation By JAS-ANZ
To become a true winner in the fast changing Who We Are

business environment, you must embrace CEO’s Message ……………................……..03

those change and secure a competitive edge At a Glance ……………………………………04

with a good partner. Innovating a better way Company History ……………………………..05

means more than just delivering the latest Our Vision ……………………………………..09

technology. It means understanding your

unique challenges and developing solutions What We Do

that work specifically for your business. Major Services ………………………....….….10

It’s about understanding how to integrate Business Support Framework ………………17

people, processes and technology to deliver Our Products ………………………………….18

results that provide real value to your business. Major Implementations …………….…..…….24

F I V E T E K , t h e b u s i ne s s p a r t n e r t h a t Licenses, Certifications, Patent ...................35

understands your work better than any others. Additional Information ………………………..42

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Like air, water, and sun, ICT has become an Based on a technology known as Remote

essential part of our lives. In order to enable Monitoring System, we FIVETEK heading to

our customers to enjoy a more convenient and breed of environmentally friendly corporations,

reliable ICT as part of their daily lives, which will eliminate all of today’s environmental

FIVETEK has been working behind the scenes problems is a major topic in today.

since 2002 to provide the best ICT services.

Technology is advancing much faster than we
Korean ICT industry into becoming the next-
could have ever imagined, and we are now
generation growth engine for our nation. We
moving to ubiquitous computing environment.
work to provide the global c om petitive
However, FIVETEK believes that
advantage to our nation’s businesses.
creating value for our customers must precede

deve lopm ent of an y ne w tec hno log y.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Our ICT professionals are always ready to listen We promise to always provide uncompromising

to our customers’ needs so that we may Quality.

develop and provide the technologies that add

value for our customers.

In these days, arise from the industries

de ve l opm ent, g lo ba l wa r m in g an d t he President & CEO
problems of environmental pollution is the most

urgent environmental problems the world is

facing. And those problems foreshadow a grim

future for humanity.

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FIVETEK was founded in 2002 as a hi-tech

venture company of Remote Monitoring

S ystem s by the G yeonggi province of

gove rnm ent . Unt il beg inn ing of 2000,

FIVETEK adopted not only technologies, but

also best business practices and know-how

f r om m ega ex per ienc es . Sinc e then,

FIVETEK has been providing ICT services

to Global customers.

Here are some fast facts about FIVETEK;

• Employees: 40+

• Capital: $800,000 USD

• Revenues: $4.90 million USD in 2014.

FIVETEK provides our customers total
• Clients: more than 850 business
information technology services including
• Branches: 1-office in Mokpo City
consulting, design, solution, system and
• Business: ICT SI, NI, RMS, ITS, AVI
network integration. And especially we are

provide environmental monitoring solution

FIVETEK currently has the a lot of market
for environmental crisis in the world.
share in the Korean ICT service market. We

have seen our compound annual growth rate

increasing more than 10% since 2002. We

have implemented mega plenty of enterprises

and public ICT infrastructure projects and

played a major role in completing Korean

government’s e-Korea initiatives.

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Date Descriptions

02. 2002. Established FIVETEK CO.,LTD.

03. 2005. Accredited “Enterprise Affiliated Research Institute” (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
04. 2005. Acquired ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification
04. 2005. Developed, Small and Medium Business Administration purchase conditionality new
product development business subject. (Flux remote gauge examination back-up system)
07. 2005. Register the Factory by GyeongGi province of government
09. 2005. Qualified the Information-Communication Construction Business (Ministry of Information and
10. 2005. Qualified the Materials & Components Company (Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy)
10. 2005. Software Businessman Confirmation (Ministry of Information and Communication)
11. 2005. Acquired HP Business Partner Agreement
01. 2006. Acquired Autobase (MMI Tool) Business Partner Agreement
02. 2006. Certified the Venture Company (Small and Medium Business Administration)
02. 2006. Program registration (Water treatment exclusive use flux remote reading of meter
control program, Transmission equipment MD Agent, WCDMA Base radio station
environment watch equipment program )
03. 2006. Paten application for “HOURMETER”
04. 2006. Certified the “INNO-BIZ” Enterprise Confirmation (Small and Medium Business Admin)
06. 2006. SK Telecom Biz Partner signing a contract
06. 2006. Developed, “Adaptive Broadband Network module development of spectrum forefinger
function base, Cooperation Management (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
08. 2006. Qualified the Underwater Construction (GyeongGi province of government)
08. 2006. Exercise Recording management method patent by individual registration
06. 2007. Awarded “Best Trading Company” (GyeongGi Province)
06. 2007. Accredited “CCTV, Automatic Sequence and Measuring Control Manufacturer”
01. 2008. Accredited “Process Sequence Manufacturer”
01. 2009. Program registration (SKT RMS RCU Firmware download program)
01. 2010. Register the utility model No.20-04491-50 “Portable Lotus Light”
08. 2010. Patent application “ SCADA Remote Monitoring and Control System and Method with
Code set of the Cross at Right Angles”

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Date Descriptions

11. 2011. GS Certification (General communication model far-field remote monitoring and control
system V2.0)
12. 2011. Performance Certification (General communication model far-field remote monitoring and
control system V2.0
01. 2012. Patent Registration (A dryer control system and method)
06. 2012. Patent Registration (Underground water pipes using a low-overhead communication
management unit field)
07. 2012. Patent Registration (Underground pipes using pipe and smart remote monitoring and control
system in far-field)
07. 2012. Patent Registration (Using visible light communication and measurement modules and
sludge settling and Using visible light communication sludge settling settling tank far-field
measurement modules, including remote monitoring and control system consisting of
08. 2012. Patent Registration (UWB sensors, and sewage sludge using the camera management
11. 2012. Program Registration (Web-based composite sensors for monitoring the subject of CCTV
(surveillance camera)-linked program)
02. 2013. Program Registration (Unmanned facilities for security and environmental monitoring and
control display program for far-field remote monitoring and control system)
02. 2013. Program Registration (Security and environmental monitoring and control unmanned facilities
for communicating with the far-field remote monitoring and control system for central control
center HMI program)
02. 2013. Patent Registration (Continuous measurement of the concentration of sludge, sewage onto
the device using the far-field remote automatic monitoring and control system)
03. 2013. Patent Registration (Support remote flow metering device)
06. 2013. Environmental Technology Excellence Award (Sewage treatment and durability of
integrated network-based TN/TP sensor monitoring devices and multi-core technology of
01. 2014 Patent Registration (Remote security monitoring and control system for unmanned
facility using analysis of image data)
02. 2014 Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business Award
02. 2014 Administrator of Public Procurement Service Award

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Date Descriptions
03. 2014. Program Registration (The application program for small remote monitoring and control
system for unmanned facilities within the rectifier and temperature-humidity monitoring)
03. 2014. Program Registration (The HMI program for the remote monitoring and control system
that communicating with the CCTV camera and DVR in the unmanned facilities)
03. 2014. Program Registration (The application program for remote monitoring and control
system in unmanned facilities for interlocking the meteorological control sensor)
09. 2014. Program Registration (The program that processing validity of received data and protocol
position for switching integrated broadband modem local area network)
09. 2014. Program Registration (The logic program that changing protocol format for switching
integrated broadband modem local area network )
09. 2014. ISO 14001: 2004 certification
12. 2014. GS Certificate (Remote monitoring and control system V1.0 of unmanned facility through
image and environmental data analysis)
12. 2014. Patent Registration (Road reflector using the LED and CCTV for blind spot)
01. 2015. performance authentication (Remote monitoring and control system V1.0 of unmanned
facility through image and environmental data analysis)
01. 2015. Green Certifications (The system of monitoring for sludge density continuous measurement)
02. 2015. Best Family Company Award (Seoul National University Of Science and Technology
02. 2015. Patent Registration (Road reflector using the LED and CCTV for blind spot)
03. 2015. Environment Minister Award
07. 2015. Program Registration (Environmental sensor measurement value and express emotions color
temperature mapping algorithm SW)
07. 2015. Program Registration (Emotional factor extraction algorithm of audio signals SW)
08. 2015. Program Registration (Emotion-based electronic display Color Temperature Control Program)
08. 2015. Program Registration (Emotion-based electronic display Integration monitoring SW)

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Date Descriptions
09. 2015. Program Registration (LED Patch In-Application Program for panel control board using the
09. 2015. Program Registration (Modbus linkage type LED Patch panel control board Program)

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Our mission

We improve the quality of people's lives

through the timely introduction of meaningful

technological innovations.

Our vision

In a world where technology increasingly

touches every aspect of our daily lives, we will

be a leading service and solutions provider in

the industry and public areas.

Our values

Delight customers

Deliver on commitments

Develop people’s lives

Depend on each other

Our brand promise

Our brand promise is 'Sense and simplicity'. It

encapsulates our commitment to delivering

products and solutions that are advanced,

easy to use, and designed to meet the needs

of all our users, wherever in the world they

may be.

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With years of mega experience and expertise Consulting

to deliver innovative value to our clients, FIVETEK leverages a differentiating

FIVETEK provides total solution for our client combination of industry expertise, technical

such as front-end consulting and planning, depth and distinctive services to deliver the

system integration, network integration, benefits of world-class strategy, Process

ICT outsourcing, e-business service,Intelligent Innovation and Implementation consulting

Transportation System, Remote Monitoring services to our clients.

and Control System, SCADA System.

System Integration

With years of mega experience and proven

state-of-the-art technologies, FIVETEK can

help you implement and integrate your
System Integration (SI) systems in order to achieve your specific

business goals. Since integration is a vital part

Network Integration (NI)
of so many projects, we are proud to offer a

comprehensive range of services. We are

Remote Monitoring System (RMS)
confident in acting as a Prime Contractor

alongs ide other c om ponent providers .

Integrated Water Operation &
Alternatively we can act as the sole supplier,
Management System (IWOMS)
building turnkey solutions, or even carrying out

the simplest projects. Wherever there is a

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
customer need we can meet it.
SCADA & DCS systems for Plant

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Network Integration (NI) Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

FIVETEKS’ NI service provides customized At FIVETEK, we specialize in providing tailor-

network consulting, network design, made application, infrastructure outsourcing

implementation and maintenance services for services that are reliable, secure and agile.

our clients’ Local Area Network (LAN), and Our service varies from Process Innovation,

Wide Area Network (WAN). We are also Application Outsourcing, Data Center Network,

focusing on next generation network (NGN), And Disaster Recovery to Help Desk service.

which provide integrated management of W e a c c om p l i s h t h i s t h r o u g h p r o c e s s

wired & wireless, voice and video data excellence using rigorous, proven and

systems. Using years of experience in SI Standardized methodologies and end-to-end

operations, FIVETEK is maximizing the ICT management through full-service

synergies between SI and NI, and building a capability and perspective.

global network of equipment and solution

providers to offer our clients a total solution for

their ICT infrastructure needs.

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Remote Monitoring System (RMS)

FIVETEKS’ BPO service enables you to At FIVETEK, we specialize providing in remote

achieve the highest performance in essential monitoring and control systems at manless

enterprise processes at reduced costs. We base radio station and diversification pursuit of

provide industry-specific as well as cross- manless station environment watching. We

industry solutions, enabling clients to focus on FIVETEK high skilled provider to the place

core competencies. where need stability security of environment

watch by stable equipment of optimized


With our extensive experience in ICT services,

FIVETEK is diversifying our line of Services to

Include Billing, Document Management

Outsourcing, Business Process Transaction  RMS Server, CCU

Management, Automotive Consulting BPO,
 Remote Control Unit
Customer Interaction Center, and Human
 Navigation system, AIS, VTS applications
Resources Outsourcing Service.
 Environment supervisory control module

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Integrated Water Operation & Management System (IWOMS)

Our proprietary system for integrated management of water network from water origin to customer sites

Supply i-water:
management Ecosys
Production Remote On-line
management monitorin i-water: Analyzers i-water: SCADA
system g system Operation
Integrated Monitoring
Operation & Control

i-water: SWRO
i-water: Facility

Facility Desalination
Managemen Process
Flow Water Water Pump Valve
- Operate and manage for the entire water system
 Sensing & Measuring  Networking - Monitoring, Controlling, Feedback from real-time data
- flow, pressure, water quality - Stable networking data from - Production management, supply management, operation
and DMA leakage sensor network management

Analysis From


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Integrated Water Operation & Management System (IWOMS)

Demand Forecasting Production Planning

Long-Term Forecasting Planning Optimal

• Forecasting monthly water
demand based upon Production & Distribution
meteorological, demographic data , • Develop distribution plan based upon
and past water use demand forecasting.
• Maintain optimal water level at
Short-Term Forecasting reservoir
• Forecasting weekly water demand • Simulating distribution pattern
based upon recent meteorological,
demographic data , and past water
Planning Pump
Hourly Forecasting
• Forecasting hourly water demand • Develop optimal pump operation
based upon forecasted weekly plan from demand forecast, pump
data, and daily/hourly actual water status, pump efficiency, electric cost,
use for the past two weeks. etc.

Demand forecasting Production planning

Past user information Meteorological information Weekday information

Fundamental data

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Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Intelligent Video Monitoring System

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) are Intelligent Video Monitoring System are
total transportation management system which advance motion individually technology.
is controlled and combined with information, The Video Monitoring System what we
electronic and automobile technologies.
FIVETEK provided is Object Video solution
FIVETEK provide this ITS system which
which advanced embedded video system
applied at wide area and support to cost-
based by computer technology and its detect,
effective smoothly traffic, get rid of traffic
jamming and reduce of distribution cost. discern and classified all motion individually.

We could analyze all the information such as The system could be detect, discern and

traffic condition, surface condition, weather classified all motion individually and send
and display those information through the warning, popup window, mobile device, PDA
street information panel, PDA, broadcasting or or e-mail to the operator at real-time with pre-
internet. defined rules.

 Advanced Traffic Control System

 Automatic Toll System
 Building, Fence, Treasure,
 Automatic Traffic enforcement
 Parking lot, Railroad,
 Parking Management
 Bank,
 Video Information
 Navigation System  Power facilities, etc

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Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Automatic Sequence System

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system As advanced automation field that measures

are collect the data of the vehicle through the various installments and controls using latest

camera which is locate the major point of electricity, former, technology of

road and/or street with camera and detection communications, information of various

loop and support to the traffic condition, measure controlled object that is extravagant

surface condition and etc at the real-time. to remote as well as short distance automation
system in unit SITE do DCS, SCADA TM/TC
system by business target that construct
Vehicle ID system that control integration watch through
v a r i o u s I n f o r m a t i o n n e t w o r k s ys t e m .

 H.M.I Package
Detect  P.L.C


 Water processing measure control


 Wire and Wireless Remote Control


 Environment facilities integral

 Correct the data of sectional and regional
information at the same time.
system factory automation system
 Detection loop (lay underground) or Laser
(non-lay underground) method.  Building Automation System

 Detection Accuracy : more than 98% (day  Automatic control panel and measuring
and night)  Water, Oil, GAS, Plant
 1-controller could be control 2-lanes camera
at the same time.

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Vision of the future Global Alliances

Spearheading the future of ICT world with our FIVETEK provides the highest-level solutions

c ustom ers , talented pr of es s ionals, and through partnerships with world-class ICT

innovative technology. industry leaders. Strategic partnerships,

Future Friendly essential in meeting the challenges of the

Expert insight into the future ICT rapidly changing business environment, are a

trends to anticipate changing ICT technologies strategic approach that raises the acting speed

and respond quickly and effectively to client or flexibility of an organization by leveraging our

needs. core competencies and partnered abilities.

U-Business Partner Also, we FIVETEK provide an educational-

U (Ubiquitous): Your business partner with industrial-research institute complex system to

superior information technologies providing cooperating closely.

valuable services anytime, anywhere. F I V ET E K i s c on t i n uo us l y b u i l d i n g a n d

managing cooperative relations with top-level

Core Values corporations to enable you to achieve your

Passion business goals. FIVETEK works with top-level

Ever yone at FIVETEK tak es pride and corporations, providing you with true value.

ownership in the company and relentlessly

pursues customer satisfaction, self- Hybrid Partner

improvement and professional excellence.


We cultivate our ability to lead our clients

through innovative thinking, and we stay ahead Value Chain Application Partner

of the competition by employing creative

business solutions.
Educational-Industrial-Research Partner

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Networks Management Systems (NMS)

We FIVETEK developed Network Management NMS Main Feature

 Gateway Manager
S ys tem ’s f ram ework s c om pos ed with
 Parsing Rule Editor
conformable Gateway based by TL/1, MIP(Q3)
 Trouble Management
and SNMP, and its applied to mobile
 History Management
exchanger, intelligent, transportation and
 TT Management
signaling networks.  Performance Management
 Conformable Server : Its controlled the  Statistics & Report
connection with various devices and support  Matrix Monitoring
the frameworks through NMS application  Structure Management
server and standard data communication rule.

 Application Server : Its support the FCAPS

basic function which is defined at ITU-T and
support the data processing, aggregation in
need to service layer and business layer.

Local Server

OMC Commander Event OMC

/ & Forwarding /
CENTER Scheduler Discriminator CENTER


RF_Monitor ENV_Monitor ETC_Monitor

Gateway Gateway
Commander Dispatcher Commander Dispatcher

Suppressor Suppressor

Communicator Communicator

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Integrated Remote Monitoring System (iRMS)

Main Feature
FT-RMS1000TM is FIVETEK’s strategic product
 RF Monitoring and Measurement
which is monitoring and controls the additional
- Measuring the signal of following points
And environmental facilities of a base station
and save the values periodically.
remotely. As providing an integrated solution - Tx (800MHz – 2.3GHz)
and improving the controversial point of the - VSWR Alarm Monitor
existing system, a smooth monitoring and - RX (800MHz – 2.3GHz)

control can be possible. This system shortens  BTS & Broadcasting environment

the failure recovery time of a base station, measurement and monitoring

- Monitoring the operation status of all
prevents failure through an ahead check activity,
peripheral equipments (air conditioner,
reduces maintenance and repair manpower by
heater, battery, rectifier) and controlling it
controlling the check period of a base station
- Protecting emergency like as fire,
and causes the effective operation of a base
station. - Function to manage visitors coming in
T his s ys tem transac ts the cause of and out BTS room.
interference by the automatic analysis of - Controlling, managing authorization for
interference statistics promptly and security and safety.
reduces the cause of interference
effectively. Consequently, this system
provides customer satisfaction and the
greatest realization of profit through a
continuous high quality service. For
solving the inconvenience of an existing
system which operated at each region
separately, this s ystem, adding an
integrated management function, can

get a view of the total system.

(iRMS System Configuration)

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 Simple engineering
FT-DCS2000 is a Distributed Control System.
Changing the control program, operating
This system integrates high-performance
screen, reports, etc. are executed using the
software technology, measurement control engineering station(PES-32S). Its
technology and high data-communication interactive method makes it easy to
technology to realize downsizing and openness, configure.

which are the worldwide trend in information,  Latest International Standard

control and measurement system. It also Specifications

Window NT for a O.S of Process Control
incorporates HMI (Human Machine Interface:
Station(PCS), VMEBUS (Motorola, U.S.A.
Autobase) for the convenience of user.
IEEE1014) for an internal system bus
Remote Control Station(RCS) is used and
Main Feature
Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) or Token
 High-Performance Hardware Passing(IEEE 802.4, IEEE 802.5), which is
Featuring advanced intel Pentium widely used LAN (Local Area Network) is
Processor, this realizes high-speed adopted for communication. This enables
responsiveness, improved performance, the data communication with the different
and highly reliable monitoring and control. system and upper system, and provides
 Convenience in control and easy expandability in the future.
Using the operator keyboard, touch
screen, mouse or track-ball, opening and
Main Function
adjusting the screen is fast and easy. Its
multi-window function enables operating  Alarm Monitoring Function
more easily.  Data Monitoring
 Fast information  Display and Store Function of Historical Data
An abnormal alarm caused by the plant  Printing Function
can be responded with quick automatic  Engineering Function
control. It activates buzzer or provides  Dualization
audio output message. It also displays  Secret Function
the problem on CRT and stores and
maintains its contents.

- 20 /49 -

FT-DCS2000’s RCS(Remote Control Station)

provides wide controllability including  System Bus

International standard, IEEE-1014(VME
continuous control, sequence control and
BUS) system bus is adopted.
etc. It also realize the bes t s ys tem
This IEEE-1014 bus is a high performance
configuration for the particular application
multi-processor bus that allows message
and enables dual communication, CPU, and
communication between processors.
I/O module for the best operating function
 Dualization Function
and high reliable system configuration. Dualization of communication
Dualization of CPU

RCS Main Feature Dualization of Power supply

 International standard, Open ualization of I/O Module (Analog & Digital

architecture Module)

Transmission interface : IEEE  Input/output Module

802.3(Ethernet) Max. 144 module/RCS

System bus : IEEE 1014(VME BUS) Max. 4,608 channel (H/W Point)/RCS

 Main Processing Unit On-Ling insert & Remove for module

32bit CPU(MC68040 or PPC) Self-Diagnosis per individual channel

Main Clock : 25~32 MHz

Main Memory : 4MB ~ 16MB
OS : Real Time Multi Task OS

 LAN Interface Module

Transmission speed : 10 ~ 100MBPS
Transmission Topology : Bus
Transmission distance : Coaxial cable -
Max 2.5Km, Fiber Optics Cable-32Km
Access Method : CSMA/CD-Ethernet

- 21 /49 -

FT-SCADA 2000 Functional Feature

FT-SCADA2000 is the most suitable system for  Alarm Monitoring Function

an electronic power establishment on a - Plant Alarm Monitoring Function, Alarm
plant or an electric supervisory control of Information Indicated Function
the building carrying out a supervisory or - Alarm List Display Function, Alarm of
control function and is the most Buzzer·Audio Function
satisfactory system with the most with the
 Data Monitoring/Operating Function
most economical price using Workstation
- Display/Operating Function of Inner
of Hig h- R es o l ut i on c o l or M on i to r .
- Sequence Data Operating Function
Main Feature
- Tag Point Display/Operating Function
 System Configuration
- Message Display Function
- Master/Slave Host Computer
 Historical Data Monitoring/Operating
- Supervisory Management Computer
- Emergency Master Computer
- Large Capacity Disk Array - Display/Operating Function of Inner

- Communication Control Unit& Dualized Equipment

Equipment - Tag Point Display/Operating Function
- RMS (Remote Maintenance System) - Message Display Function
- Protocol : Harris, DNP etc  Graphic Monitor Display Function
- 4times Zoom/Scroll Function
 Application Part - Multi Window Display Function
- Electrical Power System of a - Overlap Display Function
Generating Transformer Plant or Big - Step Display Function
Scale Plant - Zoom In/Out Function
- Traffic Signal Supervisory Control
 Printing Function
- Water Supply and Server System
-Report Function, Alarm/Operating
Supervisory Control
Message Printing Function
- System Integration and Supervisory
Control  Operation Support Function
- On line Diagnostic System - Color Hard Copy, Mouse/Trackball

- 22 /49 -

FT-SCADA 2000 RTU Features

 Common Control Unit

- International Standard VME Bus (IEEE
1014) Selection
- 32bit Micro-Processor Selection
- Main Clock Speed : 25MHz, 33MHz
- Main Memory: 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB
- Support the Data link of Wire Modem
- Redundant of CPU, Circuit and Equip’

 External Interface & Maintenance

- Select Surge Protector (FT-SCADA 2000 System Configuration)
- Support Monitoring for Communication
Status Indication
- DB Management, Self-Diagnostic Data
& I/O Test Function
- SIO Module : 32bit MC 68340 CPU,
Serial Port (RS-232C 4Ports, HDLC
2Ports), Watch Dog
Timer, Auto Restart, Memory ( 2MB
EPROM, 1MB Flash)

 I/O Module
- Single CCU (320Points Available), LCU
(5760Points Available)
- I/O (10Module Installation/LCU),
- Point Capacity : DI (32Points), DO
(32Points), AI (32Points)
- Observation by Condition LED of CPU,
I/O Modules Rapidly

 I/O Terminal Module

- Capacity : DI (32Points), DO (16Points),
AI (32Points

- 23 /49 -
MAJOR IMPLEMENTATIONS (Telecommunications)

Date Implementation

2002. 02 Development of O & M Board Relay for Chinese Delivery

2002. 03 SK Telecom developed an improved outdoor RCU

2002. 05 SK Telecom relay Remote Monitoring System (RMS) developed

2002. 07 SK Telecom Internet service equipment maintenance

2002. 07 SK Telecom Services S/W maintenance

2002. 08 SK Telecom CRBT 2nd construction (IP server, F840c)

2002. 08 SK Telecom CRBT 3rd CQ Construction Equipment

2002. 08 SK Telecom RMS, RMS 8th relay Construction Equipment

2002. 10 SK Telecom RMS, RMS 9th relay Construction Equipment

2003. 07 SK Telecom RMS, RMS 11th relay Construction Equipment

2003. 10 SK Telecom RMS, RMS 12th relay Construction Equipment

2003. 11 Onse telecom building wireless platform (So 1)

2003. 12 SK Telecom RMS CPU development delivery

2003. 12 Onse telecom wireless Internet service agencies selection

2004. 02 SK Telecom RMS, relay RMS 14th, 15th, 16th Construction Equipment

2004. 03 SK IT value-added services in 2004 MA / OMC equipment maintenance

2004. 10 SKT VMS hard disk delivery

2005. 03 2005 SKT RMS Repair Unit Agreement

2005. 07 SKT/05 years SMS Support / Maintenance

2005. 07 Uijeongbu e-Library S/W development and system expansion & maintenance

2005. 08 SK Telecom RMS, RMS 17th relay Construction Equipment

2005. 10 SK Telecom RMS, RMS 17-2th relay Construction Equipment

2005. 12 SK Telink Convergence Network Management System / RMS RCU Application etc.

2006. 04 2006 SKT RMS Repair Unit Agreement

- 24 /49 -
MAJOR IMPLEMENTATIONS (Telecommunications)

Date Implementation

2006. 06 Dacom Corp mayibi BMS office building in Busan

2007. 01 SK Telecom RMS, RMS 21th relay Construction Equipment

2007. 01 CDMA External Modem Delivery

2007. 02 Co., Ltd. Any usernet server (HP) equipment maintenance

2007. 03 2007 SKT RMS Repair Unit Agreement

2007. 04 Association of Banks / Financial Research Network Maintenance

2007. 05 Union Steel Network Maintenance

2007. 09 Uijeongbu Science Library Information System

2007. 12 SK Telecom RMS S/W Development

2007. 12 SK Telecom WIBRO RMS Improvement

2007. 12 SK Telecom islands RMS base station equipment, improvements

2008. 01 Kongju University of Education Web Firewall System

2008. 01 National industrial-mobilization Ubiquitous Home Network System

2008. 01 SK Telecom RMS previous installation

2008. 03 SK Telecom 2008 Developed 1st 1x RMS Construction

2008. 03 SK Telecom Construction ground surveillance

2008. 03 SK Telecom 2008 RMS maintenance

2008. 05 SK Telecom 2008 2nd RMS Construction

2008. 10 SK Telecom 2008 3rd, 4th RMS Construction

2008. 11 Gyeonggi flower production management system

2008. 11 SK Telecom 2009 1st RMS Construction

2008. 12 SK Telecom 2009 2nd RMS Construction

2009. 03 SK Telecom to change base station capacity building RMS

2009. 04 SK C&C DNS / DHCP Maintenance Contract

- 25 /49 -
MAJOR IMPLEMENTATIONS (Telecommunications)

Date Implementation

2009. 05 Statistics and Bayesian Statistics, University of Seoul System Purchasing

2009. 06 SK Networks 2009 VoIP network maintenance

2009. 06 Busan Subway LED Installation

2009. 06 Ground-based facility management field communication integrated system technology


2009. 09 Dongbu Construction General Command video sound system

2009. 09 Iksan county highway building environmental monitoring devices ITS node

2010. 03 SK Telecom RMS 10-Years Maintenance

2010. 05 SK C&C NW(DNS) Construction

2010. 08 SK Telecom legacy RCU replace construction

2010. 08 SK Telecom additional RMS construction

2010. 08 BUSAN Public Transportation Corporation, ERP construction, Vehicle Management SAP
consulting and development

2010. 09 SK Networks VoIP maintenance

2010. 10 Military Broadband Network MSPP construction

2010. 10 Injazat Data Center Expansion construction(Communication)

2010. 10 Korea Rural Community Corporation Bulgap area TM / TC for VPN Delivery and

2011. 01 2011 SK Telecom RMS Relocation Construction

2011. 03 2011 SK Telecom SKN (B2 Networks), facilities maintenance

2011. 04 2011 SK Telecom RMS maintenance

2012. 02 2012 SK Telecom RMS maintenance

2012. 02 2012 SK Telecom RMS facility construction

2012. 07 2012 SK Telecom RMS SW business advancement and server replacement

2012. 07 00 area communications construction

2012. 11 SK Planet weather information platforms and high-resolution meteorological observation

network of meteorological sensors linking RMS I / F change development

- 26 /49 -
MAJOR IMPLEMENTATIONS (Telecommunications)

Date Implementation

2013. 03 2013 RMS for base repair maintenance services

2013. 03 2013 SKB (B2 Network) facilities maintenance

2013. 09 2013 RMS remote control activate generator

2013. 09 2013 DU affairs remaining focused on the second monitoring device (RMS) purchase

2013. 09 2013 secondary transport networks AFE (central Station RMS)

2013. 12 Korea Forest Service Cloud

2014. 01 2014 SK Telecom RMS maintenance

2014. 03 2014 SK Telecom RMS facility construction

2014. 04 Halla University in Jeju 2014 National Human Resource Development Consortium
Training equipment

2014. 08 Branch of Walvoil Fluid Power Emotion (in Korea) delivery and installation of server
2015. 01 2015 SK Telecom RMS maintenance

2015. 03 2015 SK Telecom RMS facility construction

2015. 06 00 Military GOP Communication Cable Replacement Construction

2015. 06 Hyundai Steel (Dangjin) A Sewage treatment plant Electrical Instrumentation Ltd

2015. 07 2015 SK Telecom External base RMS Supply and Installation Construction

2015. 12 Branch of Walvoil Fluid Power Emotion (in Korea) delivery and installation of server

2016. 03 2016 SK Telecom RMS maintenance

FIVETEK currently has the largest market share in the Korean ICT service market. We have seen
our compound annual growth rate increasing by 10% since 2002. We have implemented plenty of
mega-scale public ICT infrastructure projects.

- 27 /49 -

Date Implementation
2002. 03 Sundo Electirc Co., Ltd. SIO board development and delivery
2002. 10 Southwest Environmental Plant Co., Ltd 1st Building monitoring and control equipment
purchases made

2003. 11 Kwater Taebaek Agency Station dalbangdam water measuring devices, and TM all items
purchased installation equipment manufacturing

2003. 12 Uijeongbu City Information Library intrusion prevention system (IPS) deployment
2004. 11 Kwater Water Quality Measurement Equipment Manufacturing sueodam all items
purchased installation

2004. 11 Korea Rural Community Corporation Comprehensive on-site wireless communications

test and analysis plan

2005. 01 Korea Rural Community Corporation Agricultural Water Management District Automation
Project in Pyeongtaek

2005. 03 Korea Rural Community Corp. Dongjin region comprehensive on-site wireless
communications test and analysis plan

2005. 04 Small Business Administration conditional purchase new technology development projects
2005. 07 Kwater Remote monitoring and control systems manufacturing facility Jeongeup Purchase

2005. 10 Kwater Verse who slaughtered alkali plant, purchasing instruments manufacturing
2005. 10 Kwater Poultry alkali byeolryangjeongsujang buy takdogye installation
2005. 11 Kwater ulsang Agency GIPAM data acquisition, Database, and HMI
2006. 03 Kwater Nam River Dam and redundant real-time DB and a remote control device
manufacturer purchases Installation

2006. 03 5th Daegu intake facility and receiving facility instrumentation control system
2006. 07 Kwater Western replacement of water meters Waekwan a pipe flow transmitter and
Yakmok quarter (TM / TC)

2006. 08 Kwater Yeosu agency Junction TM / TC equipment manufacturing purchasing installation

2006. 10 Jindo County uisinmyeon measurement and control equipment for sewage treatment
2006. 12 Kwater Gwacheon agency HourMeter

2006. 12 Guri-si Umi four sewage treatment plant wireless communications equipment

- 28 /49 -

Date Implementation
2007. 04 Kwater HMI INTERFACE yeompo reformation
2007. 04 Went to a beach resort just a building project for rural Yeonggwang Electrical Contractors
2007. 05 Kwater Car Alarm Broadcast Equipment Payload
2007. 08 Jinju-si Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Instrumentation Control Unit
2007. 09 Kwater Gumi Agency buy quality instrument manufacturing industry and living plant
2007. 09 Kwater Remote Control Panel (RCS) Manufacturing Purchasing Setup
2007. 11 Incheon Metropolitan City water meter business area Construction and TM
2008. 07 Kwater Jinan Village Sewerage (eight facilities), the Integrated Management System
2008. 07 TM / TC Integrated Operations Management System (TIMS) developed
2008. 10 The Supreme Court supported Anyang access control / CCTV
2008. 10 Sokcho Office of Water Quality Instrumentation Control Equipment Manufacturing
Electrical Equipment Purchase Installation
2008. 11 Sokcho Sorak water drainage area offices and TM transfer half a block flow production
system installed
2008. 11 Sokcho Waste Landfill Facility Monitoring and Control Equipment Electrical Contractors
building project
2008. 11 Chungju, Korea Water Resources Corporation measurement and control systems
installed equipment manufacturing purchasing
2008. 12 Inje Water Production Offices reformation and service reservoir automatic control panel
2009. 01 Rainwater Pumping Station, Songpa-gu zoom video surveillance cameras and buy
2009. 01 Agricultural and Industrial Production Cannon Sokcho install surveillance cameras
2009. 03 Korea Water Resources Corporation may heave service reservoir Flow Manufacturing
Purchasing Service Center installation

2009. 03 Korea Water Resources Corporation Soyanggang Dam sagumigyo automatic water
measuring devices installed

2009. 04 Korea Water Resources Corporation Manufacturer Buy sueodaem install rainwater

- 29 /49 -

Date Implementation
2009. 05 Kwangju-si , Kyunggi-do Automatic Control System Installation

2009. 06 Increase the rate of Gumi's leading building blocks of manufacturing systems and
integrated management systems purchased installation

2009. 07 Korea Water Resources Corporation gunnam arthropods flood gates shall install
monitoring and control equipment manufacturing purchasing

2009. 09 Korea Water Resources Corporation andonggwon Prevention and buried instruments built
web server enhancements

2009. 10 Korea Water Resources Corporation Jinan remote monitoring and control of sewage
treatment plant operating a server replacement

2009. 11 Korea Water Resources Corporation Onsan water treatment plant manufacturing supply
chain real-time monitoring devices available installed

2010. 01 Muan county illo sewage treatment plant height measurement, control system and
distributing board

2010. 04 Korea Water Resources Corporation, Jeonbuk Headquarters building integrated operating
system manufacturer before purchasing installation

2010. 04 Sewer District under Baebang Asan river monitoring

2010. 06 Supply Mass Spectrometer to the Azerbaijani Republic

2010. 08 JinAn province, Sewer treatment plant operating system construction
2010. 08 Korea Water Resources Corporation, Buan district “Water Management Automatic
System” construction

2010. 09 TaeBaek province, Optimize System for Water Supply Facilities” construction

2010. 09 Busan Public Transportation Corporation, Drawing/e-document data Viewer development

2010. 10 TaeBaek province, Optimize System for Water Supply Facilities” construction
2010. 10 Bukhan Mountain Monitoring Camera construction

2010. 10 Hwachon province, Sewer treatment Facilities Sequence Control system construction
2010. 10 GoSung province, Optimize System for Water Supply Facilities” construction
2010. 10 YoungWol province, Optimize System for Water Supply Facilities” construction

2010. 12 JinAn province, Waste landfill Diffusion Water Monitoring System construction
2010. 12 ChunCheon City, Optimize System for Water Quality Monitoring System construction

- 30 /49 -

Date Implementation
2011. 01 Busan Transportation Corporation integrated ERP implementation projects - Purchase /
Material ABAP Development - Acme Computer Co., Ltd.
2011. 01 Busan Transportation Corporation integrated ERP implementation projects - EAI (XI)
Design and Development - Acme Computer Co., Ltd.
2011. 02 Optimal Water Distribution Management System Project (Taebaek City) - Detailed Design
/ Hanwha Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
2011. 04 KWater Water treatment plant diagnostic systems integration technology (2 difference)
Software Development
2011. 05 Reservoir construction in Songdo, Incheon (metering equipment and CCTV equipment)

2011. 07 Middle School Balan Green School Business Communication Construction

2011. 08 KWater Industrial instrumentation and control equipment manufacturing purchasing

Songshan installation
2011. 09 Kwater Production, purchase and installation of water production stations Sihwaho

2011. 11 Kwater Block Monitoring System Manufacturing purchasing complementary installation

2011. 12 Malaysia Road Construction Consulting
2012. 03 Shiheung City government issue improved construction materials hawgogae booster
station - (Instrumentation control apparatus)
2012. 05 Geoje, Gyeongnam manufacturing purchasing half sadeung booster station RCS
2012. 06 Kwater Tongyeong block installation system for measurement and control equipment
manufacturing purchasing
2012. 06 Gumi city Farming and fishing villages life water improvement business mueulmyeon
sangsongri electrical and instrumentation and control construction
2012. 08 Gwacheon City Water flow and flow rate improvement Management System
2012. 10 Gumi city Water treatment plant in Gumi old electrical improved construction
2012. 11 Seoul city Arisu central monitoring and control system integrated manufacturing Purchase
Information Center installation
2012. 12 Korea Rural Community Corporation Integrated monitoring system for renewable energy
power plant services

- 31 /49 -

Date Implementation
2012. 12 Korea Environment Corporation Wonju sewage treatment plant instrumentation control
unit purchase energy self-reliance
2013. 02 Gyeonggi-do Expansion and Remodel of 119 Building Disaster Comprehensive Dispatch
Communications Corporation
2013. 04 Sejong City Automatic control panel purchase new Government building construction

2013. 05 Gangwon-do Advanced treatment of wastewater treatment facilities in Samcheok public

government issue materials purchased electricity
2013. 05 Busan International Financial Centre CCTV, building descriptions, leak detection facility
2013. 10 Samcheok, Gangwon-do Water supply expansion project geundeok electrical equipment
(switchgear) government issue materials
2013. 10 Water treatment plant Gangjin Refurbishment automatic control program

2013. 11 Yeosu city flow rate improvement construction project to replace the blocking and
nohugwan government issue materials
2013. 11 Goseong-Gooon Water Distribution Management System for optimum electrical
measuring equipment business (first construction)
2013. 12 Forest Training Institute of the Korea Forest Service Cloud computing system for training
2014. 04 Kwater, Smart alarm management system expanded building and improvements

2014. 05 Gwacheon City, additional purchase of Cloud Computing(VDI) system

2014. 06 ChunCheon City, Yongsan Water Purification Plant flocculant dosing device installation
2014. 07 The Southern drainage water supply and distribution system (electricity and Measuring
Control system)
2014. 08 TaeBaek, Maintenance System for Water Supply Facilities construction project
(Measuring Control)
2014. 08 Yangju, Gyeonggi-do Okjung drainage instrumentation and control system (Process
control panel)
2014. 10 Imsil-gun, Jeonbuk sewage treatment plant central operations center improvement
(Automatic Sequence)

- 32 /49 -

Date Implementation
2014. 12 Ansan, Gyeonggi-do Block TM integrated management system WCDMA construct

2015. 04 YongJung Industrial Complex Industrial water Supply business Instrumentation control
2015. 05 Uiwang city Bugog Sports Center Telecommunications Construction

2015. 05 Hongcheon Public sewer Expansion and Improvement Project

2015.06 Yangzhou / Uijeongbu Daeryun Development Photovoltaic Monitoring systems

Construction Work
2015. 06 Jeonranam-do Shinan-gun bigeum, Tocho per unit Sewage treatment plant Installation
Projects Instrumentation and Control Systems
2015. 06 Seoul city Arisu Integrated Information Systems Advanced services

2015. 06 Hyundai Steel (Dangjin) A Sewage treatment plant Electrical Instrumentation Ltd

2015. 08 Gangwon-do Chuncheon-si Yongsan Water Treatment Plant Coagulants Injection

equipment Installation work
2015. 08 Gapyeong-gun Ma-il sewage treatment facilities instrumentation and Control equipment
2015. 10 Waste of energy Comprehensive Information Management System based Korea
Environment Corporation E-cloud enhancement and related systems Integrated Building
Business Construction Project
2015. 10 Seongnam Water Restoration Center centrifugal thickening chemical solution
Monitoring and control equipment Purchase Installation

2015. 10 Namhae Sewage Treatment Plant Sludge treatment dewatering equipment changing
construction Articles Supplied By The Government Purchase (Instrumentation and
control equipment))
2015. 10 Danyang Water intake plant Remote Monitoring and Control Equipment (TM/TC)
Manufacturing Purchase Installation

2016. 03 Okjeong water reservoir Booster Station Construction work Articles Supplied By The
Government (Instrumentation monitoring system) purchase

2016. 04 carbon dioxide insert monitoring and control equipment Construction monitoring and
control equipment construction

- 33 /49 -

Date Implementation
2016.05 Samgaksan-Iwant APT motor valve control panel Production Purchase Installation

- 34 /49 -

classification Date Title
Good Software Remote monitoring and control system that comprehensive
2011.11.7 11-0209
Certification communicating type V2.0
Good Software Remote monitoring and control system of unmanned facility
2014.12.01 14-0302
Certification through image and environmental data analysis V1.0
Green The system of monitoring for sludge density continuous mea
2015.01.08 GT-15-00001
Certification surement
Remote monitoring and control system of unmanned facility
Performance 2015.01.07 15-1221
through image and environmental data analysis V1.0
Remote monitoring and control system that comprehensive
Performance 2011.12.22 15-795
communicating type V2.0

ISO-9001 2012.08.08 QMS-0118 Quality Management System

ISO-14001 2014.09.29 EMS-0195 Environmental Management System

The apparatus and method of supervisory control and data a

Patent 2011.01.19 10-1010909

Patent 2012.01.17 10-1109133 System and method for dryer control

Smart pipe and underground facilities management SCADA

Patent 2012.07.13 10-1167264
system using the same
Sensing module for precipitation of sludge using visible light
Patent 2012.07.30 10-1170907 communication and remote monitoring and control system f
or settling basin comprising the same
Sewage & waste water sludge management system using
Patent 2012.08.16 10-1175984
UWB sensor and camera

Patent 2013.01.04 10-1248219 Remote flowmeter support apparatus

The system of auto monitoring control with sludge density co

Patent 2013.02.25 10-1238726
ntinuous measurement
Remote security monitoring and control system for unmanne
Patent 2014.01.16 10-1354594
d facility using analysis of image data
Pipe of underground management system using low-MAI ne
Patent 2012.06.27 10-1162067
ar field communication

- 35 /49 -

classification Date Title
Patent 2015.01.16 10-1485457

Patent 2015.02.16 10-1495709 Road reflector using the LED and CCTV for blind spot


Patent 2015.08.06 10-1544102
Patent 2015.09.22 10-1556389
Digital Broadcasting Transmission using ZCD and LCD
Patent 2015.12.01 10-0889561
Code based Water making

Utility Model 2010.06.09 20-0449150 Portable lamp for Buddhism

Program 2006-01-189- program for WCDMA base station environmental

Copyright 000959 monitoring device

Program 2006-01-189- Exclusive water treatment remote flow reading device

Copyright 000960 control program

Program 2006-01-241- Transmission equipment MD AGENT

Copyright 000961 (mediation device agent)

Program 2009-01-189-
2009.01.22 SKT RMS RCU firmware download program
Copyright 000381

Program 2009-01-189-
2009.03.17 Integrated environment unmanned monitoring system
Copyright 001356

Program 2009-01-189-
2009.01.22 FIVETEK RCU local terminal program
Copyright 000382

Program Multiple sensor for subject monitoring and CCTV linked

2012.11.26 C-2012-023407
Copyright program based on WEB

2012.11.26 C-2012-023408 Security monitoring program based on smart device
Program Interface program for security monitoring server and
2012.11.26 C-2012-023409
Copyright smart Device
Application program for remote monitoring and control
2013.02.06 C-2013-002680 device that unmanned facility's monitoring and control
about security and environment

- 36 /49 -

classification Date Title
Display program for remote monitoring and control device
2013.02.06 C-2013-002681 that unmanned facility's monitoring and control about
security and environment
HMI program communicating with control center in order to
2013.02.06 C-2013-002682 remote monitoring and control device that unmanned facility
's monitoring and control about security and environment
Application program for remote monitoring and control
2014.03.11 C-2014-005533 device that rectifier and temperature-humidity monitoring
in unmanned facility
HMI program for the remote monitoring and control system
2014.03.11 C-2014-005534 that communicating with CCTV camera and DVR in the
unmanned facilities
Application program for remote monitoring and control
2014.03.11 C-2014-005535 system in unmanned facilities for interlocking the
Meteorological control sensor

The program that processing validity of received data and

2014.09.26 C-2014-023723 protocol position for switching integrated broadband modem
local area network

Program The logic program that changing protocol format for

2014.09.26 C-2014-023722
Copyright switching integrated broadband modem local area network

Program Environmental sensor measurement value and express emo

2015.07.22 C-2015-017127
Copyright tions color temperature mapping algorithm SW

2015.07.22 C-2015-017128 Emotional factor extraction algorithm of audio signals SW

Program Emotion-based electronic display Color Temperature

2015.08.05 C-2015-018206
Copyright Control Program
2015.08.05 C-2015-018207 Emotion-based electronic display Integration monitoring SW
Program LED Patch In-Application Program for panel control board u
2015.09.15 C-2015-021970
Copyright sing the USART

Program Modbus linkage type LED Patch

2015.09.15 C-2015-021971
Copyright panel control board Program

- 37 /49 -

Electric Construction License Software Development License

Telecommunication & Information Factory Registration

Construction License

- 38 /49 -

R & D Accreditation Venture Business Accreditation

Parts/Materials Registration INNO-BIZ Certification

- 39 /49 -

New Recycling Energy Certification Patent No.10-0615985

ISO 9001 Certification Manufacturer (Automatic Sequence)


- 40 /49 -

Manufacturer (Measuring Control) Manufacturer (Process Control Panel)

Manufacturer (CCTV) Manufacturer (Flow Meter)

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