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Bivariate & Multivariate Tables 1

Running head: Introduction to SPSS Basics

Exercise 6

Bivariate & Multivariate Tables with an Introduction to SPSS

Vester Lamar Marable

SOWK 300

Tuskegee University

September 30, 2010

Bivariate & Multivariate Tables 2


The data below will give a look at people’s view of Rap. This document will look at whether or not race
and age has an affect on the enjoyment of rap music. Age could potentially play a role on the likability of
rap music and an age divide may prove to be established when the data is addressed. Also Race has a
place in the factors of enjoyment of rap genre of music and a grouping of participants in the data
collection will determine if race plays a role. Do older people like rap and are black people foes of rap?
We will find out below.
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Variables for Exercise #6

Dependent Variables: RAP ‘R likes for rap’
Independent Variable: AGECAT ‘R’s age’
Control Variable: RACE ‘R’s race’

Bivariate Hypothesis: Age play a role in if a person likes or dislikes rap music. The older a person is the
more they have a dislike for rap music. The younger the person is the more likely he or she is to like rap
music. There are a larger percentage of people that dislike music that are older than people who like
music that is in a younger group. Younger people like rap music more than older people, there are more
people that dislike rap music than people that like rap music. People that are in the middle, 30-39, have
a greater percentage of people that dislike rap music than persons that like rap music. Rap music has a
very small percent of the demographic groups participating that like this genre of music. Even younger
people have a small percent of people that like rap music but there are more people in this demographic
that like rap music then those in other age categories.

Multivariate Hypothesis: Age and Race play a role in if a person likes or dislikes rap music. Older people
and people that identify self as white like rap music less than youth and people that identify as black.
The race a person identifies with and the age group can determine if they like or dislike rap type music.
People that identify themselves a black like rap music more than people that identify themselves as
white. Rap music can be seen as both a young person and a black people genre; people that fall into the
category presented have a more favorable view of rap music than older people that participated. Young
people and people that call themselves black have a larger percent of dislike than like for rap music but
they have a larger percent of like than other groups that participated. Rap music has a larger percent in
the age and race category that dislike it than those people that like it.

Bivariate Discussion: 55.1 percent of people 40 plus dislike rap music compared to 1.0 percent of people
that liked rap music in the same demographic. 44.2 percent of people 30-39 disliked rape music and that
is a large contrast from 1.7 percent that like rap music in the same demographic. 45.1 percent of
younger participants, 18-29, dislike rap music were 9.8 percent of respondents like rap music. The
largest percent of people that dislike rap music is 55.1 percent; these are people that fall into the 40
plus category the oldest group of people to participate. The 18-29 year old age group has the largest
percent of participants that like rap music with 9.8 percent. The group that falls in the middle in both
age and percentage of like and dislike are those that are in the 30-39 categories with a wide majority not
liking rap music, 44.2 disliking and a dismal 1.7 percent liking rap type music.

Multivariate Discussion: 23.7 percent of people that identify as black that fall between the age group of
18-29 like rap music were only 7.8 percent of people that identify as white and are 18-29 like rap music.
42.1 percent of black respondents dislike rap music with 46.1 percent of white respondents dislike rap
music. 10.3 percent of black respondents that fall in the age category of 30-39 like rap music and .7
percent of white respondents like rap music. 33.3 percent of people that are black and are between the
ages of 30-39 dislike rap music were 45.7 percent of people that are white dislike rap music. 40+ year
olds that are white dislike rap music 55.7 percent were .7 percent like rap music, 40+ year olds that are
black like rap music at a 1.2 percentage rate with 51.2 disliking rap music.
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Black Like
30 Black Dislike
White Like White Dislike
20 White Dislike


18-29 30-39 40+




30 Like


18-29 30-39 40+