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Rediscovery –

 To discover again or independently of someone who has made a prior discovery.

 The act, process, or an instance of discovering (something) again.

Ferdinand Magellan –

 Born in Northland Portugal in around February 3, 1480

 Died April 27, 1521 in Mactan Cebu.
 A Portuguese navigator and explorer who sailed under the flag of Portugal (1505-1513) and Spain
(1519- 1521).

Rivalry between Portugal and Spain

During this time, these two country had a great competition to claimed new discovered regions.

Treaty of Tordesillas

On June 7, 1494, Portugal and Spain signed a treaty at Tordesillas, Spain wherein all of the lands from west
will belong to Spain and all lands from east will be on Portugal.

How Magellan became a Spaniard?

In 1517, King Manuel I of Portugal refused to allow Magellan to organize an expedition to the Spice island and
renounces Magellan nationality as a Portuguese.

1519, Magellan went to Spain and welcomed by King Charles and proposed an expedition to look for the Spice

September 20 1519, the start of Magellan expedition along with the 5 ships.

Reason of Expeditions

 First, they were looking for an alternate route.

 Second, it was the age of discovery.
 Third, Spain wanted to make their territory bigger and to spread Christianity.

Timeline of Magellan’s Expedition

 March 22, 1519, King Charles V supported the Voyage of Magellan to search for the Spice Island.
 September 20, 1519, start of Magellan expedition; searching of passage going to Spice Island.
 September 26, 1519, Magellan crossed and made a stopover at the Canary island.
 December 13, 1519, they reached the Rio de Janeiro bay.
 January 12, 1520, (Rio de Plata).
 March 31, 1520, (Puerto San Julian).
 November 28, 1520, Passed by the Mariana Island.
 March 6, 1521, their fleet finally anchored Guam and they called it Los Ladrones
 March 16/17, 1521, Ferdinand Magellan along with the crew of the remaining ship landed at the
shore of Homonhon.
 March 28, 1521, Magellan went to Limasawa. (But some records said it was on Masao, Butuan.)
 Archipelago de San Lazaro
 Name given by Ferdinand Magellan to the Philippines.
 April 7, 1521, Magellan reached Cebu with the Help of Raha Kolambu.
 April 14, 1521, Raha Humabon and Magellan’s BLOOD COMPACT.
The Battle of Mactan on April 27, 1521

Lapu- Lapu

 The first Filipino hero.

 Chieftain of Mactan.
 Cilapulapu,Salip pulaka, Cali Pulaco and Lapu-lapu Dimantag were the controversial names of Lapu-

Causes of Battle of Mactan

 They (Spaniards) wanted all kings/chieftains in Cebu and near islands and islets to surrender.
 Zula sought for the help of Magellan to defeat Lapu-lapu.
 They wanted to convert the religion to Christianity.

Results of Battle of Mactan

 Lapu-Lapu defeated the Spaniards that led to Magellan’s death

 The Spaniards didn’t earn the respect of the Cebuanos.

Return to Spain

Juan Sebastian Elcano succeeded Magellan as the commander of expedition after Magellan’s death and
ordered an immediate departure back to Spain after Humabon’s betrayal.

Effects of Magellan’s expedition

 First, it stated the fact that the earth is round and not flat.
 Second, it added an information that the Pacific is the largest ocean.
 Third, Spain had an interest to colonize the Philippines.