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Ishpreet Kaur (23064), Jasleen Kaur (23065), Jnanendra Kumar
Sahoo (23065), Harshit Jain (23061), Ingle Vipul Ramesh (23062)

BOSS of Intelligent Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a business analytics consulting organization which has

more than 100+ man years of hands-on experience in implementing business analytics solutions

over different domains such as manufacturing, retail, banking, outsourcing, finance, information

technology, insurance, real estate etc.

At BOSS of Intelligent Solutions, we help businesses make better decisions. We provide expert

business analytics and intelligence services that help clients to optimize their ability to leverage

data and turn it into actionable insight. Working as a collaborative partner, we see the big

picture, ask the right questions and look for our clients’ underlying business challenges. Then we

deliver solutions that lay the foundation for a tangible competitive advantage. We provide

historical, current and predictive views of business operations with our analytical solutions.

With offices in Mumbai, India BOSS of Intelligent Solutions is capable of providing business

analytics services across the globe. Our team is possessed of the expertise to provide insight and

ideas for business analytics solutions no matter whether its onsite or offshore. Our aim is to help

you grow your business by utilizing the untapped potential of your existing data.

“Simplicity, focus, and continuous improvement is

the key to BRILLIANCE”

Q. 1.What your Business is all about, can you give us a brief description

about your business?

BOSS Solutions is a Business analytics firm, providing solutions to the daily

business struggles and automating the business processes that help in achieving

efficiency. The firm is currently working with IBM as official partner for software

implementation and service licensing. We do financial performance management

for the firms, planning with the IBM technology services. We are currently

strength of 30+ consultants with us providing assistance to the systems of business

and are tied up with most particular clients across India as well as in the Middle

East Region.

Q2. What made you choose this Industry and how did you get the idea and

concept of the business?

Being a Management Student, from the very beginning I had an edge towards

Consulting and problem solving. Just after the graduation, I joined a consultancy

firm to gain experience and learn about the principles of consulting. While working

there, I got the idea or u can say dream of instead of working with someone else I
can start with my own venture of providing solution to the problems that are yet to

be tapped. There n then, with 2 of my partners we started working upon this

venture from October 2015.

Q3 How was your journey from being a graduate, to an employee and then to

an entrepreneur?

A fantastic journey I would say, starting from the very initial phase of learning the

management principles and lessons, college education paved a most important

impact in this lecture like while learning lectures we use to learn a manager is all

about the Problem solver attitude he possess, this phase started an instinct within

me. After the Graduation, I joined a consultancy firm, where I learnt the

professionalism and attitude of being the service provider and in the last 3 years of

the entrepreneur journey I learnt that being an entrepreneur is not only starting a

company and managing it well rather it is about a new challenge, new problem

everyday coming up, you have to face new scenario every day and you learn every

Q4. How did you manage to handle your initial investments and the support

team for you venture?

3 years back when the company was born, at that time we were not having

anything but experience and a positive will to work. The most important part of the

company, the physical asset i.e. the office was not there. Almost for a year, we

were doing just work from home, we started off with one employee and slowly and

gradually learnt that it is all about the trust and the connections with people that we

build upon, that will take us to another level.

Right now, we have our own set up of Office in Mumbai and a good strength of 3o

and more employees working with us at senior and junior posts.

Q5. What were the other ideas that you had in your kitty, while starting up

with this venture and then you have to forego them because of this setup?

This ides that we implemented was not the very first idea that I built upon in my

college days, and even I never restricted myself that I would go for business

analytics only. You will not believe that, I had plenty of business ideas that I

thought of implementing in my earlier thinking days such as T-shirt Painting, A

Resort Venture and then a tourism business too and a lot many that remained in my

thought process only. But, later on I found myself to be more inclined towards the
Analytics and the experience that I gained in the consultancy firm helped me in

taking a right decision toward my venture.

Q6. What are the struggles/problems that you faced in your journey towards

this venture?

Hailing from a middle class background, partners also were not that financially

stable, initially it was very difficult to manage resources in terms of monetary as

well as non-monetary and with the lack of resources and the comfort; there are

very few people who will trust you with your insights. Thus it was a great difficult

task to build trust with people and as in consultancy employees or people are the

only assets that can take you forward or the only resources on whom you can rely

upon. So, that was the most difficult phase that we faced.

Q7. How did you manage your failures or decisions that took a wrong way

leading to the declining value of your business?

Failures if I talk about, the biggest failure that we saw was with respect to the

people, our most important asset. The problem arose when some of our employees

decided to quit the company. It was very hard time as they were the backbone of
the system that was working. So handling people behavior is one of the lessons that

we learnt from that phase. But, however we take failures are the part and parcel of

any journey, they help us succeed in future.

Q8. What is the unique quality or we say the differentiator value in your

business mode or culture that helps you gain advantage over many others?

So, BOSS Solution is the bureau of Soft Solutions, the differentiator that we

maintain is in respect of treating the people. The best part of our organization is

that in “BOSS” there is no “BOSS”. If you visit our office there are no cabins that

we maintain, there are only discussion rooms A very open and friendly culture is

what we tend to maintain. We even provide work from home facility to our

employees where they can make a proper balance between their professional and

the personal life. So, an open mindedness and a free culture differentiate us.

Q9. You currently expanded in Middle East, what made you choose that

location and why?

In Dubai, we are not catering or looking for the office expansion, we are again

expanding as a partner in Dubai. Like in India, we have IBM as official partner, so

is the case in Dubai, here we have a few connections with the company called

GBM and after giving a thought to expansion in the foreign lands we thought of

developing this connection into a professional relation that will help us lead in our

plan also. But, Good things always come with a internal struggles fitted in, that is

what we faced here, the decision was very crucial as the cost of expanding

overseas is much higher than the returns that we will only be getting after a sweet

time of 3-4 months or may not also.

Q10. What according to you are the characteristics that an entrepreneur must


If I had to list the characteristics that make an entrepreneur succeed are Patience; as

entrepreneurship is not a one day journey, you have to wait for the results a lot

after sowing the seeds. Another quality that I will list is the Leadership: it plays a

vital role in the venture, the way you play your role, because people follow you so

you have to be an inspiration while working.

Q11. If you have one piece of advice to someone who is just starting out, what

would that be?

I would only say live to inspire, be with positive people and don’t let the positivity

in you ever die.


There is always a lot to learn from the person who is actually experiencing the

struggles of running and setting up a business, and we as a team also got to learn

great attributes of managing the business entity as a whole. Some of the highlights

of the Learning process are listed below:

1. Entrepreneurship is a journey to be nurtured with patience and a positive set

of attitude.

2. Your attitude makes you different from people.

3. People Connect is one of the art, that needs to be mastered for running a

successful business.

4. The culture that you maintain helps you distinguish from the other players

and gain an edge over others.

5. One should always go your gut feelings; never let a person rule your