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Malefics in the 2nd house

(Article written in 2001)

When a natural malefic planet like Mars, Saturn and Rahu is

placed in the 2nd house, it will sometimes have a bad effect
on married life. In this connection I would like to show an
interesting horoscope of a man, who has been married three
times, widowed twice and divorced once. He has seen a lot of
troubles in married life, and even now, at the advanced age
of 72, the ghost of his deceased first wife is still haunting

Please see the following horoscope:

Male, Jun 1st, 1929, Time: 06:00AM, Zone: 1:00, DST: 0

Long. 08E52 Lat: 54N56,

Asc 16-45 Gem

Sun 17-22 Tau
Moon 23-06 Aqu
Mars 17-46 Can
Merc 29-04 Tau R
Jup 04-32 Tau
Ven 05-46 Ari
Sat 05-37 Sgt R
Rahu 28-15 Ari
Ketu 28-15 Lib

Looking at his horoscope it is easy to see that something is

wrong with the 7th house in this case:

1. A natural malefic (Saturn) in the 7th.

2. 8th-Lord is in the 7th.
3. 7th-lord Jupiter is in the 12th.
4. Karaka Venus is with Rahu in the sign of Mars.
5. Ketu in the 7th from Venus, and 7th-lord from Venus
6) The Dara-karaka, Jupiter, is in the 12th according to

But in my opinion the primary cause of the troubles is the

debilitated Mars in the 2nd house (8th from the 7th house).
This is causing the worst troubles, which are all related to
the death of his first wife.

Vimsottari Dasa
He was married to his first wife about the age of 21-22
during the dasa of Saturn placed in the 7th house. But due to
marriage-troubles his first wife committed suicide when he
was 47 and running junction-point between Mercury and Ketu
dasa. According to the Nadis malefic events like this often
takes place at the time when one Dasa ends and the next one
takes over. These changes of Dasas are referred to as the

Niryana Shoola Dasa

This is one of the Rasi Dasas of Jaimini, according to which

each Rasi has a period of 9 years. In case of odd signs the
Dasas runs from the Ascendant in direct order, and in case
of even sign the Dasas runs in the reverse order.

Some Hindu astrologers are of the opinion that Niryana Shoola

Dasa runs from the 7th house in case of even sign. I,
however, do not share this opinion.

According to some Hindu astrologers, the Niryana Shoola Dasa

is only for predicting death of certain relatives and death
of one self. But I do not agree to this point of view. It has
been my impression that this dasa-system can be profitably
used for predicting many kinds of important events - and it
even works very well in combination with the transits.

When this man in question was 47 years of age and

experiencing the suicide of his first wife, he was running
the end of Scorpio, his 6th Niryana Shoola Dasa.

My first level of judgment would be that Scorpio is ruled by

Mars which is placed debilitated in his natal 2nd house (8th
from 7th).

Second level of judgment would be to consider the situation

of the 7th house from running Scorpio-Dasa itself.

In the 7th house from Scorpio we find Mercury and Jupiter the
two Rudra-planets, which being the 2nd- and the 8th-lords are
considered to be a kind of Maraka-planets according to

Then there is the 7th-lord is in the 6th house with Rahu,

which is a more severe affliction. And last but not least in
the 2nd house from Scorpio we find Saturn, a natural malefic
planet, inclined to harm the 7th house by being in the 8th
from the 7th.

With Niryana Shoola Dasa we also have the possibility of

getting a second opinion by turning the table, so to speak,
by judging the running Dasa from its 7th house. In this case
it would be Taurus and the 7th house from Taurus is actually
ruled by the debilitated Mars.

In my opinion the marriage-troubles in this period are mostly

caused by the position of Saturn in the 2nd house.

Parasara’s Sudarsharna Progressions

Instead of dividing the Shoola dasas into sub-periods I use a

different concept described in the last part of the chapter
about Sudarsharna Chakra in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. It
is a kind of Rashi-Dasa giving one year for each sign
starting from the Ascendant, so that we get the same Rasi
running once in every 12 years. In the Tajaka-schoolthis
method is called Muntha and is sometimes used in connection
with Varshaphal or Solar-return-charts.

According to Sudarsharna Progressions this man will be

running Taurus rashi at the age of 47. From Taurus we find
Jupiter in the 1st house, but it is the lord of the 8th
house! Further the Karaka-planet Venus is in the 12th and
what is very important we find the 7th-lord Mars is
debilitated in Cancer.

Transit Saturn

At age of 47 at the precise date of the death of his first

wife Saturn was transitting at 17 degree Cancer. This is
exactly upon the degree of his natal Mars. Now, please look
upon this Mars from all these different angels:

1. Mars is in the 2nd house from the Ascendant (Mangal-

2. Mars is the debilitated 7th-lord in the 4th house from
3. Mars is the lord of the 6th Shoola-dasa and debilitated.
4. Mars is the 7th-lord from the Sudarsharna-Rasi at the age
of 47.
Seeing the importance of this Saturn transit triggering the
natal Mars, I wanted to find out what kind of malefic event
happened 29½ years earlier when Saturn was transitting this
Mars for the first time?

I was then told that while being a young man of 18 years he

was then violently sedated and raped by an adult homosexual
man, who was later charged and imprisoned for this crime.

The Ghost

I’m no expert on ghosts, but I have a feeling that being

haunted by the ghost of his ex-wife could be due to a certain
feeling a guilt, which is very normal for the related persons
in cases of suicide. Anyhow looking at his horoscope, perhaps
the following horoscopic details could indicate the ghost of
his ex-wife:

1. The 8th-lord Saturn is RETROGRADE in the 7th house.

2. Venus is with Rahu - a ghostly planet.
3. The 7th-lord and Dara-karaka Jupiter is in the 12th.

These are of course only suggestions. It is very difficult to

be sure about anything in connection to ghosts. Perhaps it is
also a better idea to concentrate about such things that can
actually be verified.