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Valencia Road: Wilmot to Kolb

June 2018 RTAmobility.com/Valencia

Improvements to Valencia Road, including the intersection with

JUNEKolb Road, are
2018 set to continue
■ FACT SHEET in order
to increase capacity and enhance safety on the regional corridor. This Regional Transportation Authority
construction project will be managed by the City of Tucson. Valencia
The project willRoad: Wilmot
widen Valencia to Kolb
and make
improvements on Kolb Road including a new intersection that will feature indirect left turns.
The City of Tucson and the Regional Transportation Authori
PROJECT DETAILS increase the capacity and enhance safety at the Valencia Ro
project features a unique design called a parkway-at-grade
congestion and connect
The Valencia-Kolb intersection project is part of the Valencia Road corridor to future improvements
improvement project, from to Valencia Ro
improved intersection will be the
Alvernon Way to Kolb Road. Improvements from Alvernon Way to Wilmot Road have been completed. first of its kind to be constructe
In addition to the intersection improvement featuring a unique parkway-at-grade
PROJECT DETAILS design, this project will
continue the widening of Valencia Road roughly one mile east and west of Kolb Road and 1/2 mile south
This project continues the widening of Valencia Road. The PAG
and 1/4 mile north of Valencia Road. The roadway will be widened to six lanes and include bike lanes,
intersection. Signals will be provided at each of the indirect left t
sidewalks, drainage structures, lighting, traffic signals and movements.
landscaping.When the project is completed it will be a 6-lane de
sidewalks, drainage structures and landscaping
• Improved safety.
• Capacity of the intersection will increase by 50 percent.
• Left turn movements will be moved outside of the traditional intersection
• Substantially reducesto indirect leftofturns
the amount delaysand two
that occur at the in
• The design facilitates
bypass ramps to help significantly reduce traffic congestion and delays. the opportunity for future development a
• A new northeast ramp starting at Valencia will curve around existing businesses and connect to north
Kolb Road to facilitate traffic flow. A new southeast ramp will connect Kolb Road and Valencia Road
south of the intersection. Construction is anticipated to begin in July 2018 and will take ap
The estimated cost is $18.8 million. The Tucson-based contract
• Improved accommodations for bicycle riders and pedestrians.
There will be reduced construction-related delays, since much o
travel lanes. Throughout the construction, one lane of traffic will
access to all properties and businesses will remain open.
CONTACTS KE&G, is anticipated to begin in late
The approximate 12-month construction project, led by Tucson-based
July 2018. Throughout the construction, one lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction, and access
to all properties and businesses will remain open. Blake Richards, Engineering Project Manager, TDOT Ralph Robins
Blake.Richards@tucsonaz.gov, 520.837.6656 Valencia@Ma

Michael Graham, Public Information Officer, TDOT
Michael.Graham@tucsonaz.gov, 520.837.6686 RT
Blake Richards, Engineering Project manager, TDOT
Blake.Richards@tucsonaz.gov, (520) 837-6656
Michael Graham, Public Information Officer, TDOT

Michael.Graham@tucsonaz.gov, (520) 837-6686


Ralph Robinson, RTA MainStreet Business Outreach

The project
Valencia@MainStreetInfo.org, (520) 488-9289 Transportat
PROJECT AREA implemente
Mike Holder, RTA Project Liaison MAP NOT TO SCALE includes roa
economic v
MHolder@PAGregion.com, (520) 792-1093 managed b
plan are ava

The project is part of the $2.1 billion Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) plan, which will be implemented
through FY 2026. The multimodal plan includes roadway, safety, transit, environmental and economic vitality
improvements. This project is managed by the City of Tucson. Visit RTAmobility.com for details.