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Zheng Tan

KIN 34

Cronometer Food Tracker Reflection

According to my super tracker report, my daily diet is very uneven. I recorded a total

of three days of eating, which included a day of exercise and a two-day break. In short,

because I didn't have a fixed recipe, it caused my daily diet to be very uneven. I took too

much vitamin B3 in the first day, even reaching 953%, but I only took 16%. Vitamin E.

Surprisingly, I only consumed 66% fat, and my protein intake reached 200%. I have a

total of 2,600 calories in a day, but this is acceptable because it is my sports day. My

staple food is rice and noodles, which ensures my carbohydrate intake, but my intake is

still over 16%. And I only ate two vegetables in a day, not even any fruit. Fortunately, my

other nutrient intakes are within the normal range.

During my rest day, my daily energy intake was controlled within 2000 calories, and

excessive intake of vitamin b3 was still a big problem. Protein intake returned to normal

levels, but fat intake increased. The intake of vitamin E and vitamin C is still kept at a very

low level. Calcium and iron intake is seriously insufficient, reaching only half of the

standard. At the same time, the two-day diet still contains only a small amount of

vegetables, a large amount of pork and chicken, and no fruit and dairy products.

The biggest problems in my daily diet are excessive protein and fat intake, too few

types of vegetables, and lack of fruit and dairy products. I often add a lot of protein and fat
after exercise, and these are usually provided by pork and beef. Excess red meat also causes

me to consume too much vitamin B3. At the same time, my daily diet lacks fiber-rich foods.

I think this is caused by the lack of vegetables and fruits in my diet. The lack of vitamin E,

K is also a major hidden danger. I don't have the habit of drinking milk, which has kept my

calcium intake at a very low level, which has become the biggest obstacle to my health.

First, I want to reduce the protein and fat and potassium content of my diet. My daily

diet contains too much red meat, which contains a lot of protein and fat, but it also causes

my nutritional intake to be out of balance. My first goal is to reduce 30-40% of the meat in

the diet. And add more vegetables to your diet to maintain a balanced diet.

Second, I need to add more fiber-rich foods to my diet. I am going to add more grains,

such as oatmeal, to my diet. Potatoes will be my first choice, and nuts are one of my

favorite foods.

Third, I need to add more calcium. I have always been a person who hates dairy

products, and this is because I have lactose intolerance. I will not add milk to my diet and

replace it with seafood and shellfish. I will try to add shrimp, kelp, and crab to my diet.

Fourth, I need to add more vitamins E and K. I will achieve the goal of supplementing

vitamin K by adding more green leafy vegetables and animal liver to my daily diet. I will

also add more grains and beans to supplement vitamin E.

Fifth, my diet lacks fruit, which also causes my daily vitamin C intake to be unstable.

However, fruit has not been my favorite, I still try to add more kinds of fruit. I will try to

add an apple, or two kiwis, or a mango to my daily diet.