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“Water is a Human Right - Sanitation is a Privilege”



(Project Contract Basis)

Post of Chief Engineer (Civil), Engineers (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical), Quantity Surveyors,

Project Accountant, Engineering Assistant (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Electronic), and
Project Secretary

Applications are hereby invited from citizens of Sri Lanka for vacancies in the following projects. The applicants
should possess the following qualifications under deferent project categories below.
POST OF CHIEF from full membership Matara Stage IV
ENGINEER recognized of a recognized WSP (03 nos.),
(CIVIL) for professional Professional Kaluganga WSP-
Aluthgama, institute in the institution in the Phase II (02 nos.),
Mathugama, relevant field relevant field. Kandy North,
Agalawatta (Civil) W Pathadumbara
Integrated WSP (01 W ith Integrated WSP (04
no.) and ith At least 11 years nos.) and
Plogahawela, At least 13 post qualifying Sanitation and
Pothuhera, Alawwa years post experience in Hygiene Initiative
Integrated WSP (02 qualifying managerial for Towns Project
nos.) experience at a Level. (02 nos.)
Salary Code : PS 2 Level out of Salary Code :
in 01/2016 MSD which 06 years 3.) Class I officer of Rs.91,929/= +
Circular should be in a Government 7,800/=
the Senior All Island
Managerial Services or a QUALIFICATIONS
(Rs.165,000/- Plus Level. similar status in AND EXPERIENCE
COL) 2.) A Successfully the relevant field
completed W 1.) A Successfully
QUALIFICATIO Bachelor’s it completed
NS AND Degree in the h Bachelor’s
EXPERIENCE relevant field At least 10 years Degree in the
(Civil) which is experience in the relevant field
1.) A Successfully recognized by the Class I post. (Civil) which
completed University Grants is recognized
Bachelor’s Commission. by the
Degree in the POST OF CIVIL University
relevant field Or ENGINEER for Grants
(Civil) which A qualification Kundasale, Commission.
is recognized recognized by the Haragama WSP (02
by the University Grant nos.), Replacing of
University Commission as Transmission and Or
Grants an equivalent to Distribution Mains A qualification
Commission. the degree in the from recognized by
relevant field Orugodawatta to the University
Or (Civil) Kaduwela Project Grant
A qualification (01 no.), Commission as
recognized by Or Aluthgama, an equivalent
the University A professional Mathugama, to the degree
Grant qualification Agalawatta in the relevant
Commission as successfully Integrated WSP (02 field (Civil)
an equivalent completed from nos.), Greater
to the degree recognized Matale WSP (06
in the relevant professional nos.), Ambatale Or
field (Civil) institute in the Water Supply A professional
relevant field Improvement qualification
Or (Civil) Energy Saving successfully
A professional & Project (01 no.), completed
qualification A Postgraduate Anuradhapura from
successfully Degree in the North WSP-Phase recognized
completed relevant field or II, (02 nos.), professional
institute in the the University Salary Code : Supply Service
relevant field Grant Rs.91,929/= Improvement
(Civil) Commission as +7,800/- Project 01 & 2 (01
& an equivalent to no.) and Kandy
At least One the degree in the QUALIFICATIONS North,
(01) year post relevant field AND EXPERIENCE Pathadumbara
qualifying (Mechanical) Integrated WSP (01
experience in 1.) A Successfully no.)
the Civil Or completed
Engineering A professional Bachelor’s Salary Code : PS 4
field. qualification Degree in the in 01/2016 MSD
successfully relevant field Circular
POST OF completed from (ElEctrical)
MECHANICAL recognized which is
ENGINEER for professional recognized by (Rs.155,000/- Plus
Kundasale, institute in the the University COL)
Haragama WSP (01 relevant field Grants
no.), (Mechanical) Commission. QUALIFICATIONS
Aluthgama,Mathug & AND EXPERIENCE
ama,Agalawatta At least One (01) Or
Integrated WSP (01 year post A qualification 1.) A Successfully
no.), Matara Stage qualifying recognized by completed
IV WSP (01 no.), experience in the the University Bachelor’s
Kandy North, Mechanical Grant Degree in the
Pathadumbara Engineering Commission as relevant field
Integrated WSP (01 field. an equivalent to (QS) which is
no.) and the degree in the recognized by the
Anamaduwa POST OF relevant field University Grants
Intergreated WSP ELECTRICAL (ElEctrical) Commission.
(01 no.), ENGINEER for
Kundasale, Or Or
Salary Code : Haragama WSP (01 A professional
Rs.91,929/= no.), Anamaduwa qualification
+7,800/- Intergreated WSP successfully A qualification
(01 no.) Ambatale completed from recognized by the
QUALIFICATIONS Water Supply recognized University Grant
AND EXPERIENCE Improvement and professional Commission as
Energy Saving institute in the an equivalent to
1.) A Successfully Project (01 no.), relevant field the degree in the
completed Deduruoya WSP (ElEctrical) relevant field
Bachelor’s (01 no.), & (QS)
Degree in the Plogahawela,Pothu At least One (01)
relevant field hera,Alawwa year post Or
(Mechanical) Integrated WSP (01 qualifying A professional
which is no.), Matara Stage experience in the qualification
recognized by IV WSP (01 no.), Electrical successfully
the University Kandy North, Engineering completed from
Grants Pathadumbara field. recognized
Commission. Integrated WSP (01 professional
no.) and Kelani POST OF institute in the
Or Right Bank WSP QUANTITY relevant field
A qualification Phase II (01 no.) SURVEYOR for (QS)
recognized by Colombo Water
(QS) which is SURVEYOR for 2.) An officer of the
& recognized by the Deduruoya WSP Government all
At least 9 years University Grants (01 no.) Island Services
post qualifying Commission. Class III/II or
experience in the Salary Code : PS 4 above or similar
relevant field. Or in 01/2016 MSD status in the
A qualification Circular relevant field
Or recognized by the W
2.) An officer of the University Grant ith
Government all Commission as (Rs.115,000/- Plus At least 7 year
Island Services an equivalent to COL) experience in
Class III/II or the degree in the class II/III post.
above or similar relevant field QUALIFICATIONS
Quantity PROJECT
Surveying field Or 1.) A Successfully ACCOUNTANT
W A professional completed for Kandy North,
it qualification Bachelor’s Pathadumbara
h successfully Degree in the Integrated WSP (01
At least 11year completed from relevant field no.)
experience in recognized (QS) which is Salary Code : PS 4
class II/III post. professional recognized by the in 01/2016 MSD
institute in the University Grants Circular
POST OF relevant field Commission.
SURVEYOR for Or (Rs.155,000/- Plus
Colombo & A qualification COL)
Gampaha, At least 8 years recognized by the
Attanagalla, post qualifying University Grant QUALIFICATIO
Minuwangoda experience in the Commission as NS AND
Integrated WSP (01 Quantity an equivalent to EXPERIENCE
no.) and Ambatale Surveying field. the degree in the
Water Supply relevant field 1.) A Successfully
Improvement and Or (QS) completed
Energy Saving 2.) An officer of the Bachelor’s
Project (01 no.) Government all Or Degree in the
Island Services A professional relevant field
Salary Code : PS 4 Class III/II or qualification which is
in 01/2016 MSD above or similar successfully recognized by the
Circular status in the completed from University Grants
relevant field recognized Commission.
W professional
(Rs.135,000/- Plus ith institute in the Or
COL) At least 9 year relevant field A qualification
experience in (QS) recognized by the
QUALIFICATIONS class II/III post. University Grant
AND EXPERIENCE & Commission as
At least 7 years an equivalent to
1.) A Successfully post qualifying the degree in the
completed experience in the relevant field
Bachelor’s relevant field.
Degree in the POST OF Or
relevant field QUANTITY Or
A professional recognized by the vocational
qualification University Grants Salary Code : PS 6 Qualification
successfully Commission. in 01/2016 MSD Level 6, issued by
completed from Circular a Technical/
recognized Or Vocational
professional A qualification (Rs.67,000/- Training Institute
institute in the recognized by the Plus COL) accepted by
relevant field University Grant Tertiary and
Commission as QUALIFICATIONS Vocational
& an equivalent to AND EXPERIENCE Education
At least 9 years the degree in the Commission for a
post qualifying relevant field 1.)A Successfully post related to
experience in the completed Civil field
relevant field. Or Bachelor’s &
A professional Degree in the At least 09 years
Or qualification relevant field experience in the
2.) An officer of the successfully (Civil) which is Civil Engineering
Government all completed from recognized by the field.
Island Services recognized University Grants
Class III/II or professional Commission. 3.) Having obtain a
above or similar institute in the certificate of
status in the relevant field Or proficiency not
relevant field A qualification below than the
W & recognized by the National
ith At least 8 years University Grant vocational
At least 11 year post qualifying Commission as Qualification
experience in class experience in the an equivalent to Level 5, issued by
II/III post relevant field. the degree in the a Technical/
relevant field Vocational
POST OF Or (Civil) Training Institute
PROJECT 2.) An officer of the accepted by
ACCOUNTANT Government all Or Tertiary and
for Greater Matale Island Services A professional Vocational
WSP (01 no.) Class III/II or qualification Education
above or similar successfully Commission for a
Salary Code : PS 4 status in the completed from post related to
in 01/2016 MSD relevant field recognized Civil field
Circular W professional &
ith institute in the At least 14 years
At least 9 year relevant field experience in the
(Rs.135,000/- Plus experience in class (Civil) Civil Engineering
COL) II/III post & field.
At least 4 years
(CIVIL) for field. (CIVIL) for
1.) A Successfully Kaluganga WSP – Greater Matale
completed Phase II (02 nos.) 2.) Having obtain a WSP (15 nos.),
Bachelor’s and Kandy North, certificate of Aluthgama,
Degree in the Pathadumbara proficiency not Mathugama,
relevant field Integrated WSP (20 below than the Agalawatta
which is nos.) National Integrated WSP (04
nos.), Kelani Right relevant field a Technical/ relevant field
Bank WSP (06 (Civil) Vocational (Civil)
nos.), Kundasale, Training Institute
Haragama WSP (02 Or accepted by Or
nos.), Plogahawela, A professional Tertiary and A professional
Pothuhera, Alawwa qualification Vocational qualification
Integrated WSP (02 successfully Education successfully
no.), completed from Commission for a completed from
Anuradhapura recognized post related to recognized
North WSP-Phase professional Civil field professional
II, (03 nos.), institute in the & institute in the
Matara Stage IV relevant field At least 13 years relevant field
WSP (05 nos.), (Civil) post qualifying (Civil)
Sanitation and & experience in the &
Hygiene Initiative At least 3 years Civil Engineering At least 2 years
for Towns Project post qualifying field. post qualifying
(02 nos.) and experience in the experience in the
Replacing of Civil Engineering POST OF Civil Engineering
Transmission and field. ENGINEERING field.
Distribution Mains ASSISTANT
from 2.) Having obtain a (CIVIL) for 2.) Having obtain a
Orugodawatta to certificate of Deduruoya WSP certificate of
Kaduwela Project proficiency not (01 no.) proficiency not
(02 nos.), below than the below than the
National Salary Code : PS 6 National
Salary Code : PS 6 vocational in 01/2016 MSD vocational
in 01/2016 MSD Qualification Circular Qualification
Circular Level 6, issued by Level 6, issued by
a Technical/ (Rs.57,000/- a Technical/
(Rs.62,000/- Vocational Plus COL) Vocational
Plus COL) Training Institute Training Institute
accepted by QUALIFICATIONS accepted by
AND EXPERIENCE Vocational Vocational
Education 1.) A Successfully Education
1.) A Successfully Commission for a completed Commission for a
completed post related to Bachelor’s post related to
Bachelor’s Civil field Degree in the Civil field
Degree in the & relevant field &
relevant field At least 08 years (Civil) which is At least 07 years
(Civil) which is post qualifying recognized by post qualifying
recognized by the experience in the the University experience in the
University Grants Civil Engineering Grants Civil Engineering
Commission. field. Commission. field.

Or 3.) Having obtain a Or 3.) Having obtain a

A qualification certificate of A qualification certificate of
recognized by the proficiency not recognized by the proficiency not
University Grant below than the University Grant below than the
Commission as National Commission as National
an equivalent to vocational an equivalent to vocational
the degree in the Qualification the degree in the Qualification
Level 5, issued by Level 5, issued by
a Technical/ the degree in the Level 5, issued by A qualification
Vocational relevant field a Technical/ recognized by the
Training Institute (Mechanical) Vocational University Grant
accepted by Training Institute Commission as
Tertiary and Or accepted by an equivalent to
Vocational A professional Tertiary and the degree in the
Education qualification Vocational relevant field
Commission for a successfully Education (Mechanical)
post related to completed from Commission for a
Civil field recognized post related to Or
& professional Mechanical field A professional
At least 12 years institute in the qualification
post qualifying relevant field & successfully
experience in the (Mechanical) At least 14 years completed from
Civil Engineering & post qualifying recognized
field. At least 4 years experience in the professional
post qualifying Mechanical institute in the
POST OF experience in the Engineering field. relevant field
ENGINEERING Mechanical (Mechanical)
ASSISTANT Engineering field. POST OF &
for Kandy North, 2.) Having obtain a ASSISTANT post qualifying
Pathadumbara certificate of (MECHANICAL) experience in the
Integrated WSP (02 proficiency not for Kundasale, Mechanical
nos.) below than the Haragama WSP (01 Engineering field.
National no.), Greater
Salary Code : PS 6 vocational Matale WSP (01 2.) Having obtain a
in 01/2016 MSD Qualification no.) and Matara certificate of
Circular Level 6, issued by Stage IV WSP (01 proficiency not
a Technical/ no.) below than the
(Rs.67,000/- Vocational National
Plus COL) Training Institute Salary Code : PS 6 vocational
accepted by in 01/2016 MSD Qualification
QUALIFICATIONS Tertiary and Circular Level 6, issued by
AND EXPERIENCE Vocational a Technical/
Education (Rs.62,000/- Vocational
1.) A Successfully Commission for a Plus COL) Training Institute
completed post related to accepted by
Bachelor’s Mechanical field QUALIFICATIONS Tertiary and
Degree in the & AND EXPERIENCE Vocational
relevant field At least 09 years Education
(Mechanical) post qualifying 1.) A Successfully Commission for a
which is experience in the completed post related to
recognized by the Mechanical Bachelor’s Mechanical field
University Grants Engineering field. Degree in the &
Commission. relevant field At least 08 years
3.) Having obtain a (Mechanical) post qualifying
Or certificate of which is experience in the
A qualification proficiency not recognized by the Mechanical
recognized by the below than the University Grants Engineering field.
University Grant National Commission.
Commission as vocational 3.) Having obtain a
an equivalent to Qualification Or certificate of
proficiency not A qualification 3.) Having obtain a
below than the recognized by the certificate of 1.) A Successfully
National University Grant proficiency not completed
vocational Commission as below than the Bachelor’s
Qualification an equivalent to National Degree in the
Level 5, issued by the degree in the vocational relevant field
a Technical/ relevant field Qualification (Electrical) which
Vocational (Electrical) Level 5, issued by is recognized by
Training Institute a Technical/ the University
accepted by Or Vocational Grants
Tertiary and A professional Training Institute Commission.
Vocational qualification accepted by
Education successfully Tertiary and Or
Commission for a completed from Vocational A qualification
post related to recognized Education recognized by the
Mechanical field professional Commission for a University Grant
& institute in the post related to Commission as
At least 13 years relevant field Electrical field an equivalent to
post qualifying (Electrical) the degree in the
experience in the & relevant field
Mechanical & At least 14 years (Electrical)
Engineering field. At least 4 years post qualifying
POST OF post qualifying experience in the Or
ENGINEERING experience in the Electrical A professional
ASSISTANT Electrical Engineering field. qualification
(ELECTRICAL) Engineering field. successfully
for Kandy North, completed from
Pathadumbara 2.) Having obtain a recognized
Integrated WSP (02 certificate of professional
nos.) proficiency not institute in the
below than the relevant field
Salary Code : PS 6 National (Electrical)
in 01/2016 MSD vocational POST OF
Circular Qualification ENGINEERING &
Level 6, issued by ASSISTANT At least 3 years
(Rs.67,000/- a Technical/ (ELECTRICAL) post qualifying
Plus COL) Vocational for Kundasale, experience in the
Training Institute Haragama WSP (01 Electrical
QUALIFICATIONS accepted by no.) and Engineering field.
AND EXPERIENCE Tertiary and Aluthgama,Mathug
Vocational ama,Agalawatta 2.) Having obtain a
1.) A Successfully Education Integrated WSP (01 certificate of
completed Commission for a no.), proficiency not
Bachelor’s post related to below than the
Degree in the Electrical field Salary Code : PS 6 National
relevant field in 01/2016 MSD vocational
(Electrical) which & Circular Qualification
is recognized by At least 09 years Level 6, issued by
the University post qualifying (Rs.62,000/- a Technical/
Grants experience in the Plus COL) Vocational
Commission. Electrical Training Institute
Engineering field. QUALIFICATIONS accepted by
Or AND EXPERIENCE Tertiary and
Vocational Level 6, issued by (ELECTRONIC)
Education (Rs.57,000/- a Technical/ for Anamaduwa
Commission for a Plus COL) Vocational Intergreated WSP
post related to Training Institute (01 no.),
Electrical field QUALIFICATIONS accepted by
AND EXPERIENCE Tertiary and Salary Code : PS 6
& Vocational in 01/2016 MSD
At least 08 years 1.) A Successfully Education Circular
post qualifying completed Commission for a
experience in the Bachelor’s post related to (Rs.57,000/-
Electrical Degree in the Electrical field Plus COL)
Engineering field. relevant field
(Electrical) which & QUALIFICATIONS
3.) Having obtain a is recognized by At least 07 years AND EXPERIENCE
certificate of the University post qualifying
proficiency not Grants experience in the 1.) A Successfully
below than the Commission. Electrical completed
National Engineering field. Bachelor’s
vocational Or Degree in the
Qualification A qualification 3.) Having obtain a relevant field
Level 5, issued by recognized by the certificate of (Electronic)
a Technical/ University Grant proficiency not which is
Vocational Commission as below than the recognized by the
Training Institute an equivalent to National University Grants
accepted by the degree in the vocational Commission.
Tertiary and relevant field Qualification
Vocational (Electrical) Level 5, issued by Or
Education a Technical/ A qualification
Commission for a Or Vocational recognized by the
post related to A professional Training Institute University Grant
Electrical field qualification accepted by Commission as
successfully Tertiary and an equivalent to
& completed from Vocational the degree in the
At least 13 years recognized Education relevant field
post qualifying professional Commission for a (Electronic)
experience in the institute in the post related to
Electrical relevant field Electrical field Or
Engineering field. (Electrical) A professional
& qualification
& At least 12 years successfully
At least 2 years post qualifying completed from
post qualifying experience in the recognized
experience in the Electrical professional
POST OF Electrical Engineering field. institute in the
ENGINEERING Engineering field. relevant field
ASSISTANT (Electronic)
(ELECTRICAL) 2.) Having obtain a
for Deduruoya WSP certificate of &
(01 no.), proficiency not At least 2 years
below than the post qualifying
Salary Code : PS 6 National POST OF experience in the
in 01/2016 MSD vocational ENGINEERING Electronic
Circular Qualification ASSISTANT Engineering field.
Project Secretary Project Secretary
2.) Having obtain a field. field.
certificate of
proficiency not
below than the POST OF POST OF PROJECT
vocational SECRETARY for Ambatale Water
Qualification Kaluganga WSP- Supply Improvement
Level 6, issued by Phase II (01 no.) and Energy Saving
a Technical/ and Kandy North, Project (01 no.) and
Vocational Pathadumbara Anuradhapura
Training Institute Integrated WSP (01 North WSP-Phase II, GENERAL
accepted by no.) (01 no.), CONDITIONS FOR
Tertiary and THE ABOVE
Vocational Salary Code : PS 6 in Salary Code : PS 6 in MENTIONED
Education 01/2016 MSD 01/2016 MSD POSTS
Commission for a Circular Circular
post related to Special notice:
Electronic field (Rs.67,000/- (Rs.62,000/-
Plus COL) Plus COL) Bachelor of Science
& degree in engineering
At least 07 years 1.)Having pssed the 1.) Having pssed the which is appeared in
post qualifying G.C.E. (O/L) G.C.E. (O/L) this advertisement
experience in the examination in examination in must be read as
Electronic six (06) subjects six (06) subjects follows;
Engineering field. with three (03) with three (03)
credit passes credit passes Bsc degree in
3.) Having obtain a including English including English engineering (4 Years)
certificate of and Sinhala/Tamil and Sinhala/Tamil issued by a University
proficiency not language. language. approved by the
below than the W W University Grant
National ith ith Commission (UGC) of
vocational A secretarial A secretarial Sri Lanka and the
Qualification course from a course from a Institution of
Level 5, issued by recognized recognized Engineers, Sri Lanka,
a Technical/ institution or institution or as a qualification
Vocational pursuing pursuing equivalent to degree in
Training Institute examinations examinations Engineering
accepted by leading to leading to possessing all
Tertiary and Charted Charted educational
Vocational Secretary. Secretary. requirements to obtain
Education Associate
Commission for a With With Membership.
post related to Minimum 06 Minimum 05
Electronic field years experience years experience AGE LIMIT :
in the Project in the Project
& Secretary field. Secretary field. Below 65 years by the
At least 12 years closing date of
post qualifying 2.) A Charted 2.) A Charted applications.
experience in the Secretary with at Secretary with at
Electronic least 05 years least 04 years TERMS AND
Engineering field. experience in the experience in the CONDITIONS OF
the respective Head of
The appointments will Organizations.
be on contract basis
initially for a period of Additional General
one year renewable Manger,
annually, subject to Water Supply
satisfactory Projects Division
performance appraisal. National Water
All conditions in the Supply & Drainage
Management Services Board
Circulars will apply in Galle Road,
relation to the Ratmalana.


Short listed applicants

based on the highest
qualifications and
experience, will be
called for an interview
and selection will be
based on the
performance at the

Applications giving all

bio-data together with
all copies of
educational and
experience, past
services should be
sent under registered
post to reach the
following address on
or before 03rd of
August 2018

The post which you

applied with location
should be marked on
the top left-hand
corner of the envelop.
Applicants from
sector organizations

should channel their

applications through