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Component Identifiers (CID¹) Wire Description Off Machine Switch Specification

Transmission / Chassis Control (MID² 027) Wire Wire

Wire Wire
Description Part No. Function Actuate Deactuate Contact Position RENR2642-01 Electrical Schematic Symbols And Definitions
CID Component Number Color
Power Circuits
Number Color
Control Circuits (Continued)
160-2445 Secondary (Parking) Brake Press Switch
517 ± 35 kPa 448 ± 35 kPa
Normally Open June 2002
(75.0 ± 5.1 psi) (65.0 ± 5.1 psi)
0168 System Voltage 101 RD Bat (+) 711 BR Xmsn Lever Code 1 80 kPa MAX 55 ± 20 kPa
0177 Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor 3E-2034 Service (Retarder) Brake Press Switch Normally Closed
102 BU Hd Lmp 712 WH Xmsn Lever Code 2 (11.6 psi MAX) (8 ± 3 psi)
0190 Engine Output Speed (EOS) Signal 103 YL Stop/Tail/Dome Lamp 713 OR Xmsn Lever Code 3 60 kPa MAX 28 ± 15 kPa T
0248 CAT Data Link 3E-2035 Manual Retarder Brake Press Switch Normally Open
104 YL Shutter 714 YL Xmsn Lever Code 4 (8.7 psi MAX) (4.1 ± 2.2 psi)
Pressure Temperature Level Flow Circuit Breaker
0269 Sensor Supply Voltage 105 BR Key Sw 715 GN Xmsn Lever Code 5 T/C Inlet Filter Press Switch Symbol
0378 Autolube Solenoid 107 WH Steering Purge Control 716 BU Xmsn Lever Code 6 137.9 ± 13.8 kPa 82.7 kPa MIN Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol
0444 Start Relay 144-5661 Brake Cooling Press Switch Normally Closed
109 OR Alt Output (+) Term. 720 PU Xmsn Brake SW (20.00 ± 2.00 psi) (12.0 psi MIN)
0590 Engine Control 112 PU Main Power Rly Output 721 BR Xmsn Gear Code 1 Fuel Filter Diff Pres Switch
0627 Parking Brake Switch
0672 Converter Output Speed (COS)
113 OR Opr Mon Panel VIMS B+ Switched 722 WH Xmsn Gear Code 2
3E-7809 Low Steering Press Switch
1900 kPa MAX 1400 ± 140 kPa Normally Closed B-C Normally open switch that will close with an increase of a specific condition (temp-press-etc.).
115 PK Fog Lamp 723 OR Xmsn Gear Code 3 (275.5 psi MAX) (203 ± 20 psi) Normally Open B-A
0700 Transmission Gear Sensor 119 PK Wiper 724 YL Xmsn Gear Code 4
The circle indicates that the component has screw terminals and a wire can be disconnected from it.
11000 kPa MAX 9000 ± 350 kPa Normally Closed B-C
0701 Transmission Output Speed Sensor 3E-6461 Steering HI Press Switch
120 YL 24V to 12V Converter 725 GN Xmsn Gear Code 5 (1600 psi MAX) (1300 ± 50 psi) Normally Open B-A
0702 Gear Selector Lever 121 YL Back Alarm To Lamp 726 BU Xmsn Gear Code 6 80 kPa MAX 55 ± 20 kPa Normally closed switch that will open with an increase of a specific condition.
111-9563 Arc Press Switch Normally Closed
0704 Service Brake Pressure Switch 122 BU Air Dryer 767 WH TCS Pickup Power (12 psi MAX) (8.0 ± 2.9 psi) No circle indicates that the wire cannot be disconnected from the component.
0707 Upshift Solenoid Valve 123 WH Gauges 769 BU Wheel Speed Pickup Left 1585 ± 103 kPa 1275 ± 103 kPa
111-9560 A/C HI Press Eng Fan Clutch Override Switch Normally Closed
0708 Downshift Solenoid Valve 124 GN A/C 770 GN Wheel Speed Pickup Right (230 ± 15 psi) (185 ± 15 psi)
0709 Lockup Solenoid 126 PK Xmsn Ctrl 773 GY TCS Servovalve 275 to 1750 kPa¹ - This indicates that the component has a wire connected to it that is connected to ground.
114-5333 A/C HI / LO Press Switch Normally Open²
0718 Transmission System (39.9 to 253.8 psi) -
131 BR High Beam 774 YL TCS Sol - Left
0724 Body Raise Solenoid Valve 362 ± 29 mN 303 mN MIN
135 BU Converter 12V Output 775 BR TCS Sol - Right
171-8708 Engine Coolant Flow Switch (1.3 ± 0.1 oz) (1.1 oz MIN) Normally Open
0725 Body Lower Solenoid Valve 139 OR Brake Retract 777 PU Brake Release Motor
at point X at point X
0773 Hoist Lever Rotary Position Switch 149 PU Ladder Lamp 799 WH Sensor Power
83 kPa MAX 48 ± 20 kPa
This indicates that the component does not have a wire connected to ground. It is grounded by
0800 Vital Information Management System (VIMS) 150 OR ADEM II A700 OR Digital Sensor Power(+8V) 125-9352 Stop Lamp Press Switch
(12 psi MAX) (7 ± 3 psi)
Normally Open being fastened to the machine.
0826 Torque Converter Oil Temperature Sensor 170 YL VIMS Controller A701 GY Injector #1 -1.1 ± 0.8°C 2.2 ± 0.8°C

0967 Machine Application 176 OR Integrated Braking Control A702 PU Injector #2 3E-5464 A/C Termostat Temp Switch Normally Closed
(30 ± 1.4°F) (36 ± 1.4°F)
1175 Body Position Sensor 180 GN Differential Fan A703 BR Injector #3 ¹ A hysteresis band exists: with increasing pressure the closed condition can be maintained up to 3740 kpa (542.4 psi), with decreasing pressure the closed condition can be maintained
1236 Body Up Dash Lamp 185 YL Power Window A704 GN Injector #4 down to 166 kpa (24.1 psi). Reed Switch - A switch whose contacts are controlled by a magnet. A magnet closes the
1326 Location Code Incorrect Ground Circuits A705 BU Injector #5 ² Contact postion at the contacts of the harness connector.
contacts of a normally open reed switch; it opens the contacts of a normally closed reed switch.
¹ The CID is a diagnostic code that indicates which component is faulty. 200 BK Main Chassis A706 GY Injector #6
202 BK Xmsn Ctrl A707 PU Injector #7
² The MID is a diagnostic code that indicates which electronic control module 229 BK Bat (-) A708 BR Injector #8
diagnosed the fault. 231 BK Xmsn SW A709 OR Injector #9 Sender - A component that is used with a temperature or pressure gauge. The sender measures
A234 BK J1939 Shield Gnd A710 GY Injector #10 the temperature or pressure. Its resistance changes to give an indication to the gauge of the
temperature or pressure.
793C Truck
A251 BK VIMS Ser Mod #1 A711 PU Injector #11 T
A253 BK VIMS Ser Mod #3 A712 BR Injector #12
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A254 BK ARC A713 GN Injector #13 Title Form Number
A271 BK Oil Cooler Control Ground A714 BU Injector #14 Alternator: 9X-7803 SENR7508

Electrical System
Component Identifiers (CID¹) Basic Machine Circuits A715 GY Injector #15 Brake Control: SENR1503 Relay (Magnetic Switch) - A relay is an electrical component that is activated by electricity.
Brake Control (MID² 116) 306 GN Starter Relay Coil To Neut Start SW Or Key SW A716 PU Injector #16 Engine Control: SENR1128 It has a coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. The electromagnet can
307 OR Key SW To Neut Strt SW Or VIMS Sens Module A746 PK Turbo Outlet Pressure Power Train: SENR1502 open or close the switch part of the relay.
CID Component 308 YL Main Power Relay Coil A747 GY Atmospheric Pressure Vital Information Management System (VIMS) RENR2630
0084 Ground Speed Sensor 315 GN Start Aid Breaker To Start Aid Relay A751 YL After Cooler Temp
Vital Information Management System (VIMS) RENR2631
0091 Throttle Position Sensor 317 YL Start Aid Relay To Start Aid Sol E707 GN VIMS Display +V
Solenoid - A solenoid is an electrical component that is activated by electricity. It has a coil that
0168 System Voltage 321 BR Backup Alarm Lamp Travel Alarm E708 PK VIMS Display Clock
322 GY Warning Horn (Forward) E709 WH VIMS Service Lamp
makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. The electromagnet can open or close
0190 Engine Output Speed(EOS) Signal
326 PU Key SW "C" Term. E710 BU VIMS LCD Lamp Driver
a valve or move a piece of metal that can do work.
0248 CAT Data Link
0269 Sensor Supply Voltage 327 PK Shutdown Solenoid E724 GY Jake Brake Sol Valve #1
0541 Differential Oil Pressure Sensor 337 WH Prelube Pushbutton SW To Prelube Timer E725 BU Jake Brake Sol Valve #2
0623 Direction Switch 393 BR Dimmer Relay Coil E729 GN Fan Brake Relay To Fan Brake Sol
Component Location
Harness And Wire Symbols
0627 Parking Brake Switch Monitoring Circuits E750 PU Body Position Sensor Signal * Harness identification letter(s) and a
0689 TCS Left Brake Solenoid 403 GN Alternator (R) Term. E790 PK HEX Machine Cntl Sol Return #2 Schematic Machine Schematic Machine
408 WH Opr Mon System Air Press. E793 BU ATA Data Link -
Location Location
Location Location
Harness identification code serializing code. The "C" stands for
0690 TCS Right Brake Solenoid
410 WH Opr Mon Fault Alarm E794 YL ATA Data Link + Alarm - Backup (Rear) C-14 1 Resistor - Start Aid F-10 E
This example indicates connector and the number indicates
0700 Transmission Gear Position Sensor
411 PK Opr Mon Master E795 YL Crankcase Press Alarm - VIMS Action D-4 2 Sensor - Aftercooler Coolant Level (ON/OFF) E-1 4
wire 135 in harness "AG". which connector in the harness.
0701 Transmission Output Speed Sensor Wire, Cable, or Harness
412 BU Opr Mon Cool Flow/Ds2 App Spec) E796 GN Oil Press (Unfiltered) Alternator A-5 3 Sensor - Aftercooler Temp (Front) C-4 7
0702 Transmission Shift Lever Position Sensor Assembly Identification
0704 Brake System Pressure Switch 417 GY Primary Steer SW E797 WH PWM #3 Return Arc Suppressor B-3 4 Sensor - Aftercooler Temp (Rear) C-3 35
* * Part Number For
0710 ARC Supply Solenoid 419 YL Opr Mon Parking Brake E798 PK PWM #3 Arc Suppressor C-15 5 Sensor - Air Inlet Temp C-3 35 C-C4 AG-C3 AG-C4* L-C12*
425 PK Opr Mon Power Train Oil Level E799 BR PWM #1 And #2 Return Battery A-7 6 Sensor - Ambient Air Temp H-1 17 130-6795 130-6795 3E-5179 Connector Assembly
0711 ARC Control Solenoid
426 BR Opr Mon Power Train Oil Filter F700 BU PWM #1 Out (3.5A)
0712 ARC Lamp Block - Junction G-15 E Sensor - Atmospheric Pressure C-3 7
1 325-A135 PK-14
0713 Operator ARC On/Off Switch 428 OR Opr Mon Xmsn Oil Temp F701 BR PWM #2 Out (3.5A) Block - Junction D-7 59 Sensor - Body Position PMW D-15 27 325-A135 PK-14
0714 ARC Pressure Switch 429 YL Opr Mon Brake Oil Temp F702 GN Throttle Breaker - IBC (10A) H-8 D Sensor - Brake Air Pressure G-14 E
447 PK Fuel Level Gage F703 GY LH Turbine Inlet Exh Temp Breaker - A/C(15A) H-9 D Sensor - Brake Oil Temp (Left Rear) C-13 19
0715 Retarder Pressure Switch Socket Wire
0719 TCS Proportional Solenoid
450 YL Tach Sender (+) F704 OR RH Turbine Inlet Exh Temp Breaker - Accessory Lamp (15A) H-9 D Sensor - Brake Oil Temp (Right Rear) A-13 20 Pin Wire Receptacle Fuse
0835 Rear Differential Temperature Sensor
452 PU Torque Converter F705 PK Dout 6 Breaker - Air Dryer (10A) H-8 D Sensor - Brake Temp (Left Front) A-10 21 Color Gauge
454 GN Retarder Indicator Lamp F707 WH Start Aid Current Level Relay Breaker - Alternator (105) H-8 D Sensor - Brake Temp (Right Front) A-10 21
0849 Air System Pressure Sensor
0966 TCS Lamp
473 GY Overstroke SW To Overstroke SW F708 YL Dout 3 Breaker - Arc (10A) H-8 D Sensor - Crankcase Pressure C-3 18 Single Wire Ground Plug
0967 Machine Application
474 WH Overstroke SW To Overstroke SW F709 BU Dout 2 Breaker - Backup Alarm (10A) H-9 D Sensor - Differential Pump Outlet Pressure (Rear) A-15 22 Connector Circuit Connection 2 200-L32 BK-14
1225 Left Rear Park Brake Pressure Sensor
481 GN Converter Temp SW To Brake Oil Temp SW F710 BR Start Aid On Relay Breaker - Brake Retract (20A) H-9 D Sensor - Engine Coolant Temp C-4 17 Number
496 WH Opr Mon Panel Hyd Oil Level F711 GN CAN Link + Breaker - Converter (20A) H-9 D Sensor - Engine Fan Speed C-3 17 Identification
1226 Right Rear Park Brake Pressure Sensor
A451 WH Opr Mon Steering Oil Temp F712 GY CAN Link - Breaker - Engine ADAM II (15) H-8 D Sensor - Engine Speed (EPTC-II) C-6 23
1326 Location Code Incorrect
A491 WH Trans Supply SW To T/C Inlet Filter SW F713 OR Left Turbo Inlet Press
Pin or Socket 105-9344
Breaker - Engine Shutdown (10A) H-9 D Sensor - Engine Speed Timing C-5 23
¹ The CID is a diagnostic code that indicates which component is faulty.
A492 OR Hoist Filter SW To Hoist Filter SW F714 PK Right Turbo Inlet Press
Breaker - Flood Lamp (15A) H-9 D Sensor - Fuel Level C-12 24
² The MID is a diagnostic code that indicates which electronic control module A493 YL Hoist Filter SW To T/C. SW F715 PU Shutdown (No) Breaker - Fog Lamp (15A) H-9 D Sensor - Hoist Lever Position H-7 D
Typical representation of Component
C413 YL VIMS Display Data F716 WH Shutdown (NC) 1 a Deutsch connector. The Typical representation of a Part Number
diagnosed the fault.
C414 BU VIMS Display Load F717 YL SW 4
Breaker - Gauges (10A) H-8 D Sensor - Jacket Water Coolant Level (ON/OFF) E-1 25
plug contains all sockets 1 Sure-Seal connector. The plug
Breaker - Head Lamp (15A) H-9 D Sensor - LH Brake Retract Press A-14 19 2 and the receptacle contains 2 and receptacle contain
C415 WH VIMS Display Keydata F718 BU SW 5 Breaker - High Beam (15A) H-8 D Sensor - Oil Pressure Filtered C-4 18
C428 GN Brake Cooling Filter SW F719 BR SW 6/1 all pins. both pins and sockets.
Breaker - Hoist Control (10A) H-8 D Sensor - Oil Pressure Unfiltered C-4 18
C429 GY Differential Oil Temp F720 GN SW 8/3 Breaker - Key Switch (10A) H-9 D Sensor - RH Brake Retract Press A-14 19
C453 YL Ambient Temp F721 GY SW 9/4
Component Identifiers (CID¹) C463 GY Aftercooler Temp Gage F722 OR SW 10/5
Breaker - Ladder Lamp (15A) H-9 D Sensor - Steering Oil Temp A-8 26
Breaker - Low Beam H-9 D Sensor - Strut (Left Rear) D-15 27
Engine Control (MID² 036) C466 YL LF Brake Oil Temp F723 PK TDC Probe +
Breaker - Oil Cooler H-7 D Sensor - Strut Pressure (Left Front) I-1 27
©2002 Caterpillar Printed in U.S.A.
CID Component
C467 BU LR Brake Oil Temp F724 PU TDC Probe -
Breaker - Power Window (10A) H-8 D Sensor - Strut Pressure (Right Front) D-1 28 All Rights Reserved
C473 GN Rear Pump Press F725 WH Fuel Press
Breaker - Radio/Lighter (15A) H-8 D Sensor - Strut Right (Rear) B-15 29
0001 Cylinder 1 Injector Solenoid C484 YL Rear Differential Filter Press SW F726 YL Injector Common 1 & 3 H
Breaker - Shutters (10A) H-9 D Sensor - T/C Temp C-7 30
0002 Cylinder 2 Injector Solenoid F418 GN VIMS RS232 Port 2 Trans F727 BU Injector Common 2 & 4 H
Breaker - Start Aid (20A) H-9 D Sensor - Throttle Position D-6 A
0003 Cylinder 3 Injector Solenoid F419 YL VIMS RS232 Port 2 Receive F728 BR Injector Common 5 & 7 H
Breaker - Ster Bleed (10A) H-9 D Sensor - Transmission Oil Temp A-13 31
0004 Cylinder 4 Injector Solenoid F433 PU Brake Temp F729 GN Injector Common 6 & 8 H
Breaker - Stop/Turn/Dome (15A) H-9 D Sensor - Turbo Exhaust Temp (Left) C-4 18
0005 Cylinder 5 Injector Solenoid F447 PU Steering HI Press SW To LO Press SW F730 GY Injector Common 9 & 11 H
Breaker - Traction Control (10A) H-8 D Sensor - Turbo Exhaust Temp (Right) C-3 18 Connector Location Component Identifiers (CID¹)
0006 Cylinder 6 Injector Solenoid G427 BU T/C Inlet Filter SW To Hoist Screen SW F731 OR Injector Common 10 & 12 H
0007 Cylinder 7 Injector Solenoid
Breaker - VIMS (15A) H-7 D Sensor - Turbo Outlet Press (Boost) C-3 18 Schematic Machine VIMS Main Module (MID² 049)
H428 GY Left Rear Brake Oil Pressure F732 PK Backup Camshaft Spd/Tmg
Breaker - VIMS Message (15A) I-8 D Sensor - Turbo Pressure (Left) C-4 18 Connector Number
0008 Cylinder 8 Injector Solenoid H429 BU Right Rear Brake Oil Pressure F780 PK Parking Brake SW Location Location CID Component
Breaker - VIMS Modules (10A) H-8 D Sensor - Turbo Pressure (Right) C-3 18 CONN 1 A-15 14
0009 Cylinder 9 Injector Solenoid H430 BU Body Up Indicator G704 YL Body Raise Sol 0075 Steering Oil Temperature Sensor
Breaker - Wiper (10A) H-8 D Sensor - Wheel Speed (Left) B-15 32 CONN 2 B-15 1
0010 Cylinder 10 Injector Solenoid Accessory Circuits G705 GN Body Lower Sol 0096 Fuel Level Sensor
Breaker - XMSN Control (10A) H-8 D Sensor - Wheel Speed (Right) A-15 33 CONN 3 C-15 27
0011 Cylinder 11 Injector Solenoid 500 BR Wiper - Front (Park) G736 PK Oil Cooler Motor 0171 Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
Breaker - XMSN/Chas Cont (10A) H-8 D Sensor - XMSN In Speed C-6 30 CONN 4 C-15 1
0012 Cylinder 12 Injector Solenoid 501 GN Wiper - Front (Low) G769 PU Injector Common 0177 Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor
Cluster - Gauge F-2 B Sensor - XMSN Speed C-13 34 CONN 5 C-15 1
0013 Cylinder 13 Injector Solenoid 502 OR Wiper - Front (HI) G770 WH Injector Common 0248 CAT Data Link
Cluster - Speedo Tach F-2 B Solenoid - A/C Compressor Clutch C-3 4 CONN 6 G-14 E
0014 Cylinder 14 Injector Solenoid 506 PU Washer - Front H710 PK Impl Cont Lift Lever Position 0262 5 Volt Sensor Power Supply
Control - ADEM II Engine A-3 7 Solenoid - AETA 4 Way A-14 14 CONN 7 C-14 50
0015 Cylinder 15 Injector Solenoid 508 PU Radio Speaker - Left H736 BU Driver Sig.2 0263 8V (or 12V) Sensor Pwr Supply
Control - EPTC-II Transmission D-13 C Solenoid - AETA Proportional A-13 14 CONN 8 B-14 50
0016 Cylinder 16 Injector Solenoid 509 WH Radio Speaker - Left (Common) J764 BR Switch/Sensor Return #1 0267 Engine Shutdown Switch (Remote)
Control - Integrated Braking F-13 E Solenoid - Air Start B-8 35 11 CONN 9 B-14 50
0091 Throttle Sensor Output 511 BR Radio Speaker - Right J765 BU Switch/Sensor Return #2 0271 Action Alarm
Control - Rac Control F-15 E Solenoid - Auto Lube D-12 E CONN 10 B-14 20
0100 Filtered Oil Pressure 512 GN Radio Speaker - Right (Common) J766 PU Switch/Sensor Return #3 0279 Aftercooler Coolant Temp Sensor
513 OR A/C Compressor/Refrigerant Pressure SW J767 GY Switch/Sensor Return #4 Control - Steering Bleed H-13 D Solenoid - Body Lower A-13 36 CONN 11 A-14 20
0101 Crankcase Pressure Signal 0296 Transmission ECM
515 GY Blower Motor (HI) 801 PK Auto Lube Sol Or Motor Diode - Horn Solenoid I-8 E Solenoid - Body Raise A-13 36 CONN 12 B-13 E
0102 Boost Pressure 6 0324 Action (Warning) Lamp
516 GN Blower Motor (Medium) 858 GY Payload Mon Right Front Sensor Dryer - Air System C-7 8 Solenoid - Cylinder Head (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11,13,15) A-2 7 CONN 13 H-12 E
0110 Coolant Temperature 0378 Machine Autolube Solenoid
517 BU Blower Motor (Low) 859 YL Payload Mon Left Front Sensor Flasher - Solid State I-8 C Solenoid - Cylinder Head (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12,14,16) C-2 7 CONN 14 F-12 E
0168 Battery Voltage 0533 Auto Retarder Control (ARC)
518 OR Hazard Flasher To SW 860 PK Payload Mon Right Rear Sensor Ground Boss - Chassis D-9 10 Solenoid - Engine Fan Clutch C-4 18 CONN 15 E-12 E
0190 Engine RPM Signal 49 0541 Differential (Axle) Oil Pressure Sensor
520 WH Opr A/C SW To Thermostat/Fuse 861 PU Payload Mon Left Rear Sensor Ground - Engine Block A-5 3 Solenoid - Horn Air I-8 E CONN 16 D-12 53
0248 CAT Data Link 0562 Caterpillar Monitoring System
521 YL A/C SW To Refrigerant SW 875 BU VIMS RS 232 Port Trans Ground - Engine Block ECM A-5 3 Solenoid - Start Aid I-1 18 CONN 17 C-11 52
0253 Personality Module 45 0590 Engine Electronic Control Module
522 WH A/C Clutch To Thermostat SW 876 OR VIMS RS 232 Port Receive Ground Boss (Rear) F-12 E Solenoid - Steering Bleed A-8 38 26 CONN 18 D-11 54
0254 ECM 0650 Harness Code
Lamp - Right Low Beam G-1 39 Solenoid - Wastegate Shutoff Air C-9 39 39
0261 Timing Calibration 537 GN Turn Signal SW To Flasher 892 BR VIMS Start Mod Right (-) Port/CAT Data Link (-) 33 CONN 19 H-11 E 0654 Trailer Right Brake Oil Temp Sensor
0262 Analog Sensor Supply 575 YL Wiper - Aux (Park) 893 GN VIMS Start Mod Right (+) Port/CAT Data Link (+) Lamp - Back up D-15 5 Solenoid - XMSN Down Shift A-13 37 21 29 CONN 20 I-11 E
62 0655 Trailer Left Brake Oil Temp Sensor
590 GY Wiper SW To Intermittent Module J840 WH Lamp HS Return Lamp - Cab Dome D-4 9 Solenoid - XMSN Lockup A-13 37 46 20 44
0263 Digital Sensor Supply 38 47 36 CONN 21 I-10 D 0656 Trailer Brake Oil Cooler Inlet Temp Sen
591 WH Intermittent Module To Wiper Motor J841 YL Lamp HS Return Lamp - Cane Lever H-6 C Solenoid - XMSN Up Shift A-13 37 3 51
0267 Shutdown Inputs 34 CONN 22 I-10 D 0657 Trailer Brake Oil Cooler Temp Sensor
A513 PK DC/DC Converter Memory Output J842 BK Digital Return Lamp - Engine Flood F-1 18 Speaker - RH, LH G-5 A 17 25 31
0268 System Parameters 35 CONN 23 I-10 D 0658 Trailer Rt Suspension Cyl Press Sensor
A589 OR Power Window Up J846 BR Lamp HS Return Lamp - Ladder Flood E-1 13 Suppressor - Stop Lamp F-10 E 37 1
0273 Turbocharger Outlet Pressure 7 18 CONN 24 G-10 E 0659 Trailer Lt Suspension Cyl Press Sensor
A590 BU Power Window Down J847 GN VIMS Action Alarm Return Lamp - Ladder Flood D-2 10 Switch - A/C Hi Press Eng Fan Clutch Override B-4 4 30 22
0274 Atmospheric Pressure 23 CONN 25 D-10 55 0703 Trailer Door Position Sensor
J848 BU VIMS Service Lamp Return Lamp - Left Engine Work I-1 18 Switch - A/C Hi/Lo Press B-4 4 15
0275 Right Turbocharger Inlet Pressure Lighting Circuits 41 42 CONN 26 B-10 51 0796 High Speed Fan
602 WH Dome Lamp 958 YL Relay Logic Lamp - Left Fog H-1 48 Switch - A/C on H-4 B 56 52 5 43
0276 Left Turbocharger Inlet Pressure 13 28 50 19 14 CONN 27 A-9 26 0801 VIMS Interface Module #1
604 OR Stop Lamp 993 BR Analog Sensor Common Lamp - Left High Beam H-1 48 Switch - A/C Thermostat F-6 A
0291 Engine Cooling Fan Solenoid 63 4 27 CONN 28 C-9 10 0802 VIMS Interface Module #2
605 YL Turn Lamp - Left 994 GY Oil Pressure (Filtered) Lamp - Left Low Beam G-1 48 Switch - Arc Pressure I-9 F 40
0296 Communicate w/Trans 8 32 CONN 29 C-9 10 0803 VIMS Interface Module #3
0338 Prelube Pump Relay 606 GY Turn Lamp - Right 995 BU Coolant Temperature Lamp - Left Low Beam (Additional) H-1 48 Switch - Auto Retarder ON/OFF H-3 B 58 10 16 60 9 CONN 30 C-9 10 0809 Speedometer/Tachometer #1
607 PK Flood Lamp - Front 996 GN Engine Speed/Timing Sensor Power Lamp - Left Park/ Turn I-1 48 Switch - Backup Lamp D-3 C CONN 31 D-9 6
0526 Wastegate Solenoid 0810 Speedometer/Tachometer #2
608 GN Flood Lamp - Rear 997 OR Analog Sensor Power (+ 5V) Lamp - LH Stop/Tail C-15 1 Switch - Blower H-5 B 48 C 57
CONN 32 D-9 59
0542 Unfiltered Oil Pressure Signal
610 OR Head Lamp Basic 998 BR Digital Sensor Return Lamp - LH Turn C-15 1 Switch - Brake Cooling Filter C-8 40 B 24 0811 Gauge (Quad) Cluster #1
0543 Filtered Oil Pressure CONN 33 I-9 E
611 PU Head Lamp Hi 999 WH Primary Camshft Speed/Timing Lamp - Panel G-2 B Switch - Brake Cylinder Overstroke (Front Inside) D-12 41 F A 0812 Gauge (Quad) Cluster #2
0544 Engine Fan Speed Sensor Signal G E CONN 34 I-9 E 0813 Gauge (Quad) Cluster #3
612 GY Backup Lamp C985 BU +8V Lamp - Payload Monitor (Green) I-14 12 Switch - Brake Cylinder Overstroke (Front Outside) D-13 41 CONN 35 D-8 60
0545 Start Aid Relay 0814 Gauge (Quad) Cluster #4
0546 Start Aid Hold Relay
614 PU Park/Tail/Dash/Lamp E972 BU SPI Datalink End Lamp - Payload Monitor (Green) D-1 11 Switch - Brake Cylinder Overstroke (Rear Inside) D-13 42 2 D CONN 36 D-8 60 0815 Message Center #1
619 GN Head Lamp Lo E976 GN Air Intake Temperature Lamp - Payload Monitor (Red) D-1 11 Switch - Brake Cylinder Overstroke (Rear Outside) D-13 42
0562 Caterpillar Monitoring System Communications CONN 37 B-9 35 0816 Message Center #2
620 WH Flood Lamp - Front (Eng. Flood Lamp) K922 YL Solenoid Swing 2 Lamp - Payload Monitor (Red) H-14 12 Switch - Brake Retract ON/OFF H-4 G 12
0569 Oil Renewal Solenoid CONN 38 F-7 E 0817 ECM Internal Backup Battery
622 PU Flood Lamp 3-Way SW Jumper K927 BU Solenoid Return 1 Lamp - Retarder On G-2 B Switch - Cane Lever Position H-7 C
0771 Shutter Relay CONN 39 D-6 55 0819 Display Data Link
623 BU Flood Lamp 3-Way SW Jumper K952 BR Sol Return 3 Lamp - RH High Beam E-1 39 Switch - Differential Filter Plug (Rear) A-15 43
0799 Service Tool CONN 40 C-6 40 0820 Keypad Data Link
626 BU Dash Lamp Dimmer K983 BU VIMS Sensor Module 1 - +8V Supply Lamp - RH Low Beam E-1 39 Switch - Differential Oil Level (Left Rear) A-15 43
0800 CAT Data Link Communication CONN 41 C-6 40 0821 Display Power Supply (9 Volt)
627 YL Fog Lamp K984 GY Start Aid Timer Output Lamp - RH Park/ Turn AT-P1 D-1 39 Switch - Differential Oil Level (Right Rear) A-15 44
0827 Left Exhaust Temp Signal CONN 42 E-5 E 0822 Display Lighting Power Supply
631 GY Fog Lamp - Right K985 BR Auto Retard On SW Lamp - RH Park/ Turn AT-P2 D-1 39 Switch - Disconnect A-7 13 53 53
0828 Right Exhaust Temp Signal CONN 43 F-5 F 0823 VIMS Service Lamp
635 BU Payload Mon Red Lamp K986 PK Auto Retard Off SW Lamp - RH Stop/Tail B-15 1 Switch - Dome Lamp (Door) D-4 A
0829 Rear Aftercooler Coolant Temperature Signal CONN 44 I-5 F 0824 Truck Payload Lamp #1 (Green)
636 GN Payload Mon Green Lamp K988 WH Auto Retard Air Cont Valve Lamp - RH Turn B-15 1 Switch - Engine Coolant B-3 3
0830 Brake Oil Temperature 54 59 54 CONN 45 I-4 F 0825 Truck Payload Lamp #2 (Red)
A608 GY Light SW to High Beam Relay K989 BU Auto Retard Air Supply Valve Lamp - Right Front G-1 39 Switch - Engine Low Oil Level Switch B-4 4 59
¹ The CID is a diagnostic code that indicates which component is faulty. CONN 46 I-4 F 0826 Torque Converter Oil Temp Sensor
Control Circuits K991 OR Auto Retard Press SW Lamp - Right Rear B-15 1 Switch - Engine Very Low Oil Level E-4 15 CONN 47 F-4 F 0827 Left Exhaust Temp Sensor
² The MID is a diagnostic code that indicates which electronic control module 700 PK TCS Test SW K992 PU Auto Retard Manual Retard SW Lamp - VIMS Service F-1 13 Switch - Fuel Filter Diff Pressure B-4 4 55 61 55 61
CONN 48 B-4 4 0828 Right Exhaust Temp
703 BU Xmsn Up Sol M901 YL Aux Lamp Driver 1 Lighter F-3 C Switch - Fuel Filter Pressure E-4 15
diagnosed the fault. CONN 49 B-3 3 0829 Rear Aftercooler Cool Temp Sensor
704 GY Xmsn Down Sol M966 GY VIMS Aftercooler Coolant Level Module - Wiper Delay I-7 F Switch - Hazard Lamp D-2 G REAR COMPARTMENT REARCOMPARTMENT CONN 50 B-3 3 0830 Front Brake Oil Temperature Sensor
705 PK Xmsn Lockup Clutch Sol Basic M967 OR VIMS Jacket Coolant Level Motor - Blower F-6 F Switch - Headlamp Dimmer A-12 A (AREAE) REARVIEW SIDEWALL (AREAJ) CONN 51 B-3 3 0833 Rear Brake Oil Temperature Sensor
706 BR Xmsn Retarder SW R971 YL Transmission Lube Filter Sw Motor - Brake Retract A-13 14 Switch - Hoist Screen (Inside) A-12 36 RIGHT SIDE VIEW CONN 52 B-3 3 0835 Differential (Axle) Oil Temp Sensor
709 OR Sensor Power Supply R982 YL Dash Lamp Driver (-) Motor - Oil Cooler Fan C-15 1 Switch - Hoist Screen (Outside) F-3 36 CONN 53 E-3 F 0838 Lt Front Suspension Cyl Press Sensor
710 GN Xmsn Speed Pickup Signal Motor - Power Window Reg. As. I-10 D Switch - Horn I-4 B CONN 54 F-3 F 0839 Rt Front Suspension Cyl Press Sensor
Motor - Prelubrication A-6 15 Switch - Key Start G-1 C CONN 55 G-3 F 0840 Lt Rear Suspension Cyl Press Sensor
Failure Mode Identifiers (FMI)¹ Resistor, Sender and Solenoid Specifications Motor - Washer Pump I-3 F Switch - Ladder Lamp D-3 13 16 CONN 56 I-2 2 0841 Rt Rear Suspension Cyl Press Sensor
Motor - Wiper I-3 F Switch - Park Brake Filter A-11 45
FMI No. Failure Description Part No. Component Description Resistance (Ohms)¹ Outlet - power +24V D-11 59 Switch - Power Window I-9 A
G CONN 57 I-2 2 0849 System Air Pressure Sensor
0 Data valid but above normal operational range. Arc Control Valve Power Connection - Radio G-5 G Switch - Secondary Brake (Parking) D-15 E
A CONN 58 H-2 58 0852 Brake Oil Temp Sensor (Rt Front)
3E-8691 Solenoid: 31.0 ± 3.0 CONN 59 H-2 58 0853 Brake Oil Temp Sensor (Lt Front)
1 Data valid but below normal operational range. Arc Supply Valve Power Converter (15A) H-14 E Switch - Service Brake (Retarder) D-15 E
26 CONN 60 G-2 58 0854 Brake Oil Temp Sensor (Rt Rear)
2 Data erratic, intermittent, or incorrect. Air Start Power Converter 24V-12V H-15 E Switch - Start Aid H-3 B B CONN 61 G-2 58
3 Voltage above normal or shorted high. Lockup Clutch 0855 Brake Oil Temp Sensor (Lt Rear)
Radio G-5 A Switch - Steering Pressure (High) A-9 46
25 F 2 C CONN 62 F-2 63
4 Voltage below normal or shorted low. 5T-4434 Solenoid: XMSN Downshift 1.7 Relay - Diff Fan F-8 E Switch - Steering Pressure (Low) A-9 47 D E 0890 Broadcast Port (Data Link)
5 Current below normal or open circuit. 60 10 CONN 63 F-2 63 1011 Low Speed Fan
XMSN Upshift Relay - Backup Alarm F-8 E Switch - Stop Lamp Pressure F-6 E 6 63
1 CONN 64 E-2 62
6 Current above normal or grounded circuit. Auto Lube Relay - Fog Lamp F-8 E Switch - T/C Screen C-6 30 62 18 11 12 35 5 ¹ The CID is a diagnostic code that indicates which component is faulty.
58 56 23 CONN 65 E-2 58
7 Mechanical system not responding properly. 149-3658 Solenoid: Steering Bleed 32.6 ± 1.6 Relay - Head Lamp F-8 E Switch - TCS Test H-4 C 57 49 21
² The MID is a diagnostic code that indicates which electronic control module
8 Abnormal frequency, pulse width, or period. 39 48 CONN 66 D-1 48
Wastegate Air Relay - High Beam I-8 E Switch - Throttle Backup H-3 C 7
188-3878 Solenoid: 31.3 ± 3 19 20 27 29 CONN 67 D-1 62
9 Abnormal update. Horn Air Relay - Main Power H-10 E Switch - Torque Converter Inlet Filter A-11 45
17 47 52 51 50 diagnosed the fault.
4 9 30 22 14 CONN 68 E-1 13
10 Abnormal rate of change. (Coil S-1) 24.9 ± 0.4 28
9G-9988 Solenoid: 4-Way Relay - Prelubrication Main Power A-6 E Switch - Transmission Actual Gear B-14 34
11 Failure mode not identifiable. (Coil S-2) 24.9 ± 0.4 3 40 45 41 31 33 32 CONN 69 E-1 58
Relay - Prelubrication ON/OFF F-9 E Switch - Turn Signal/ Wiper/ Washer/ High Beam I-6 A 42 36
12 Bad device or component. Body Lower 8 34 CONN 70 F-1 13
112-5874 Solenoid: 6.4 Relay - Shutter/Fan ON/OFF F-9 E Switch - VIMS Service Key F-1 13 CONN 71 G-1 13
13 Out of calibration. Body Raise
Relay - Start Aid Hold F-9 E Switch - XMSN Charge Filter C-12 30
46 37 CONN 72 G-1 13
14 Parameter failures. Start Aid (AR-P1)
Relay - Start Aid Pull In F-9 E Valve - Arc Control I-8 F 13 15
123-8773 Solenoid: 3
15 Parameter failures. Start Aid (AR-P2) 43 CONN 73 H-1 50
Relay - Stop Lamp F-8 E Valve - Arc Supply I-8 F 38
16 Parameter not available. 135-8771 Solenoid: Fan Clutch 2.8 ± 0.3 44 CONN 74 I-1 39
Relay - Wiper Motor I-8 E VIMS Keypad Module E-2 B CONN 75 H-1 13
17 Module not responding. Start Aid (PP-P13)
124-6704 Resistor: 20 ± 4 Resistor - Blower Motor F-6 F VIMS Main Module I-14 E
18 Sensor supply fault. Start Aid (PP-P1) 24 The connectors shown in this chart are for harness to harness connectors. Connectors that
Resistor - Start Aid F-10 E VIMS Message Center E-2 B
19 Condition not met. A-D 2.00 ± 0.200 join a harness to a component are generally located at or near the component. See the
Machine locations are repeated for components located close together. D = Operator Comparment - Behind Seat
20 Parameter failures. 125-9740 Resistor: Blower Motor Dropping B-C 1.00 ± 0.050 Component Location Chart.
A = Operator Compartment E = Operator Compartment - Rear Compartment
¹The FMI is a diagnostic code that indicates what type of failure has occurred. C-D 0.36 ± 0.006
B = Operator Compartment - Front Dash F = Operator Compartment - Front Compartment
9X-9482 Solenoid: Shutter 42 ± 2.1
C = Operator Compartment - Console G = Operator Compartment - Overhead Console E99318
109-4591 Solenoid: Smart Wastegate 7.75 ± 1
150-4455 Solenoid: Cylinder Head #1 thru #16 1.06 ± .05 Machine Harness Connector and Component Locations
¹ At room temperature unless otherwise noted.




113-CE24 OR-16

393-CE60 BR-16

403-CE57 GN-16 170-CE1 YL-16


410-CE20 WH-16 A251-CE2 BK-16

411-CE16 PK-16 A493-CE3 YL-16
J766-AH3 PU-16 429-CE21 YL-16 F447-CE4 PU-16


J766-AH2 PU-16 447-CE8 PK-16 M967-CE5 OR-16 W

J766-AH4 PU-16 A491-CE17 WH-16 892-CE6 BR-16
425-AH5 PK-16 A493-CE3 YL-16 893-CE7 GN-16

425-AH1 PK-16 C415-CE26 WH-16 WM


425-AH6 PK-16 C463-CE75 GY-16 WM
C466-CE19 YL-16 859-CE9 YL-16 W
C467-CE22 BU-16 858-CE10 GY-16 W

G736-N44 PK-14

F433-CE18 PU-16 447-CE8 PK-16

200-N21 BK-16
F447-CE4 PU-16

626-CE61 BU-16 170-CE11 YL-16

635-CE25 BU-16 A251-CE12 BK-16

425-AH1 PK-16

J766-AH2 PU-16
200-N25 BK-16

A271-N46 BK-14
608-N30 GN-16
636-CE23 GN-16 M966-CE13 GY-16

605-AL6 YL-16

200-N22 BK-16
200-AL8 BK-16
200-AL7 BK-16
614-AL5 PU-16
604-AL1 OR-16

608-N29 GN-16
200-AK7 BK-16

605-AK6 YL-16
614-AK5 PU-16

200-AK8 BK-16

A271-N45 BK-16
G736-N43 PK-16
604-AK1 OR-16
E709-CE27 WH-16 393-CE60 BR-16 MM W

612-N5 GY-16

769-P10 BU-16
E710-CE28 BU-16 626-CE61 BU-16 MM W

200-N26 BK-16

767-P21 WH-16
J767-P22 GY-16
861-N15 PU-16
113-N19 OR-16
858-CE10 GY-16 WM

770-P13 GN-16
767-P23 WH-16
J767-P24 GY-16
J842-N20 BK-16
859-CE9 YL-16 861-CE14 PU-16 WM


C484-P4 YL-16
C429-P7 GY-16
860-CE15 PK-16 860-CE15 PK-16 WM

J766-P17 PU-16
J766-P16 PU-16

860-N16 PK-16
113-N17 OR-16

C985-P20 BU-16
J842-N18 BK-16
126-L1 PK-16 861-CE14 PU-16 C463-CE75 GY-16 M
202-L2 BK-16 135-L66 BU-16 J846-CE85 BR-16


892-L3 BR-16 614-L67 PU-16 J847-CE86 GN-16 411-CE16 PK-16 M M

C473-P6 GN-16

425-P8 PK-16
861-N15 PU-16

C985-P19 BU-16
M H430-L4 BU-16 126-L69 PK-16 176-AG136 OR-16 K992-AG331 PU-16 J848-CE87 BU-16 J846-CE85 BR-16 M

J766-P15 PU-16
608-N29 GN-16
113-N19 OR-16
J842-N20 BK-16

200-N25 BK-16

J766-P18 PU-16
605-AL6 YL-16

200-AL2 BK-16

614-AL5 PU-16
202-L5 BK-16 J765-L68 BU-16 A254-AG137 BK-16 176-AG140 OR-16 J766-AG332 PU-16 M966-CE13 GY-16 A491-CE17 WH-16 M

604-AL1 OR-16
605-AK6 YL-16
200-AK2 BK-16

614-AK5 PU-16
604-AK1 OR-16
126-L6 PK-16 892-AG138 BR-16 176-AG148 OR-16 M967-CE5 OR-16
K922-L7 YL-16 M 454-AG36 GN-16 176-AG136 OR-16 R982-CE56 YL-16 WM

A271-N11 BK-14
306-L8 GN-16 A254-AG139 BK-16 176-AG147 OR-16 WM
893-L9 GN-16 176-AG140 OR-16 A254-AG146 BK-16 J840-CE83 WH-16 A251-CE12 BK-16 F433-CE18 PU-16 M

200-N25 BK-16

G736-N10 PK-14
608-N29 GN-16
K952-AG314 BR-16 A254-AG137 BK-16 J841-CE84 YL-16 C466-CE19 YL-16 M

705-L10 PK-16 712-L20 WH-16 M M901-AG33 YL-16 A254-AG139 BK-16 892-CE6 BR-16 410-CE20 WH-16 M M

703-L11 BU-16 713-L30 OR-16 893-AG141 GN-16 408-AG149 WH-16 893-CE7 GN-16 J847-CE86 GN-16 M
M W 426-L12 BR-16 714-L16 YL-16 775-AG116 BR-16 C985-AG122 BU-16


711-L38 BR-16 715-L23 GN-16 774-AG111 YL-16 A254-AG109 BK-16 A251-CE2 BK-16

606-N41 GY-16
200-N24 BK-16

606-N42 GY-16
614-N32 PU-16

200-N23 BK-16

614-N31 PU-16
604-N37 OR-16

604-N38 OR-16
J764-L13 BR-16 716-L19 BU-16 K988-AG142 WH-16 176-AG108 OR-16 170-CE11 YL-16 WM

605-N40 YL-16
200-N27 BK-16

614-N34 PU-16
604-N36 OR-16

200-N21 BK-16
200-N22 BK-16
J765-L14 BU-16 711-L38 BR-16 W K985-AG243 BR-16 170-CE1 YL-16 WM

605-N39 YL-16

200-N28 BK-16

614-N33 PU-16

604-N35 OR-16
H710-L42 PK-16 W K986-AG28 PK-16 J841-CE91 YL-16 429-CE21 YL-16 M

J766-AG260 PU-14
C985-AG319 BU-16

W 704-L15 GY-16 200-L52 BK-16 J766-AG143 PU-14 J840-CE89 WH-16 C467-CE22 BU-16 M

170-AG82 YL-14
170-AG16 YL-14

170-AG153 YL-16
170-AG178 YL-16

170-AG251 YL-16
170-AG251 YL-16
714-L16 YL-16 200-L52 BK-16 J767-AG293 GY-16 C429-AG125 GY-16 636-CE23 GN-16 M M M

799-AG436 WH-16
799-AG435 WH-16
799-AG434 WH-16
496-AG120 WH-16
496-AG432 WH-16

496-AG188 WH-16

408-AG149 WH-16

176-AG6 OR-16
200-N26 BK-16 M W R971-L17 YL-16 202-L5 BK-16 773-AG115 GY-16 C473-AG126 GN-16 J840-CE89 WH-16 M

J766-AG332 PU-16
C985-AG319 BU-16
J766-AG260 PU-14

J764-L55 BR-16

C484-P4 YL-16
769-P10 BU-16

C429-P7 GY-16
C985-P3 BU-16
200-N27 BK-16 202-L2 BK-16 K989-AG144 BU-16 H428-AG97 GY-16

425-P8 PK-16
767-P9 WH-16

J767-P14 GY-16

J766-P2 PU-16
770-P13 GN-16

C473-P6 GN-16
200-N28 BK-16 202-L18 BK-16 202-L18 BK-16 M 700-AG30 PK-16 H429-AG102 BU-16

716-L19 BU-16 126-L24 PK-16 W K991-AG145 OR-16 F780-AG112 PK-16 WM

202-V2 BK-16
126-V1 PK-16

E750-V3 PU-16
712-L20 WH-16 126-L1 PK-16 A254-AG146 BK-16 774-AG111 YL-16 WM

706-L21 BR-16

W 706-L21 BR-16 126-L6 PK-16 775-AG116 BR-16 113-CE24 OR-16 W

J764-L56 BR-16

W 720-L22 PU-16 W K992-AG331 PU-16 769-AG113 BU-16 403-CE57 GN-16 M

715-L23 GN-16 J765-L14 BU-16 425-AG124 PK-16 635-CE25 BU-16 M M M
J840-CE89 WH-16

113-M2 OR-16

860-M30 PK-16
861-M31 PU-16
126-L24 PK-16 202-L54 BK-16 C428-AG296 GN-16 C484-AG127 YL-16 J841-CE91 YL-16 M

J842-M47 BK-16
200-L52 BK-16

135-L66 BU-16
614-L67 PU-16
721-L25 BR-16 126-L65 PK-16 419-AG110 YL-16 419-AG110 YL-16

J841-CE84 YL-16

202-L53 BK-16
722-L26 WH-16 770-AG114 GN-16 J840-CE83 WH-16

774-HH4 YL-16
723-L27 OR-16 J764-L57 BR-16 176-AG147 OR-16 773-AG115 GY-16


775-HH15 BR-16
724-L28 YL-16 E790-L63 PK-16 J767-AG293 GY-16 WM

A254-AG250 BK-14

K952-HH104 BR-16
605-N8 YL-16

K952-HH105 BR-16
606-N9 GY-16
612-N5 GY-16

A271-N11 BK-14
G736-N10 PK-14
614-N3 PU-16

176-HH99 OR-16
604-N4 OR-16
608-N1 GN-16

H428-HH64 GY-16

H429-HH70 BU-16
725-L29 GN-16 767-AG294 WH-16 WM

176-HH100 OR-16
J766-AG332 PU-16

A254-HH101 BK-16

A254-HH102 BK-16
C985-AG320 BU-16

425-AG124 PK-16 C428-AG296 GN-16 WM


767-M1 WH-16

425-M18 PK-16

769-M10 BU-16

770-M12 GN-16
J767-M46 GY-16

J766-M63 PU-16

C484-M14 YL-16

C429-M20 GY-16
713-L30 OR-16 C484-AG127 YL-16 K927-AG285 BU-16 WM

C985-M13 BU-16

C473-M17 GN-16
706-L21 BR-16
720-L22 PU-16

J764-L56 BR-16
J764-L55 BR-16
726-L31 BU-16 F780-AG112 PK-16 K927-AG313 BU-16 C415-CE26 WH-16

W W 417-L32 GY-16 K952-AG295 BR-16 E709-CE27 WH-16 M M

308-J7 YL-18
231-J8 BK-18
726-J6 BU-18

J766-AG123 PU-14 J848-CE87 BU-16 M

W A492-L33 OR-16 E750-L46 PU-16 E725-AG400 BU-16 E725-AG400 BU-16

W 307-L34 OR-16 705-L10 PK-16 E724-AG318 GY-16 E724-AG318 GY-16

709-L58 OR-16
726-L31 BU-16 C985-AG320 BU-16
724-L28 YL-16 K927-AG313 BU-16 R982-CE56 YL-16 M
636-CE63 GN-16
J840-CE88 WH-16

722-L26 WH-16 176-AG148 OR-16

J841-CE90 YL-16

E710-CE28 BU-16 M M
635-CE65 BU-16

K927-AG401 BU-16
721-L25 BR-16 K952-AG314 BR-16 WM

774-HH4 YL-16
775-HH15 BR-16
723-L27 OR-16 WM


H428-HH64 GY-16
176-HH1 OR-16

A254-HH2 BK-16
H429-HH70 BU-16
K952-HH17 BR-16
612-HH46 GY-16
725-L29 GN-16 WM

605-HH52 YL-16
606-HH51 GY-16
614-HH50 PU-16
604-HH57 OR-16
608-HH43 GN-16

A271-HH24 BK-14
G736-HH22 PK-14
E790-L36 PK-14 703-L11 BU-16 WM

773-HH13 GY-16
K952-HH103 BR-16
120-AG304 YL-12
120-AG303 YL-12

J766-AG260 PU-14
200-AG257 BK-10
135-AG305 BU-16
M M 428-L37 OR-16 704-L15 GY-16 H736-AG235 BU-16 J766-AG143 PU-14 170-AG178 YL-16

120-AG304 YL-12
E724-AG318 GY-16 A251-AG234 BK-16

724-K17 YL-16

126-K33 PK-16
202-K31 BK-16
726-K19 BU-16

721-K14 BR-16
723-K16 OR-16
725-K18 GN-16

722-K15 WH-16
M 481-L39 GN-16 710-L51 GN-16 K927-AG313 BU-16 J766-AG253 PU-14 892-AG179 BR-16

K927-AG285 BU-16
103-UU30 YL-16

200-UU34 BK-16
200-UU33 BK-16

135-UU35 BU-16
123-UU31 WH-16

K922-L7 YL-16 H428-AG97 GY-16 K952-AG315 BR-16 893-AG180 GN-16


A513-UU37 PK-16

636-CE63 GN-16

801-L41 PK-16 G705-L47 GN-16 H429-AG102 BU-16 K952-AG316 BR-16 113-AG181 OR-16

126-K32 PK-16 126-V1 PK-16 C473-AG126 GN-16

307-CA2 OR-16


202-K30 BK-16 202-V2 BK-16 496-L70 WH-16 G704-L44 YL-16 307-AG129 OR-16 A251-CE79 BK-16

J764-L13 BR-16

635-CE65 BU-16

E750-K24 PU-16 E750-V3 PU-16 H710-L42 PK-16 307-AG284 OR-16



705-K11 PK-16 799-L43 WH-16 709-L45 OR-16 F723-AG203 PK-16

J766-AG31 PU-14

F717-CA1 YL-16

K922-K29 YL-16 G704-L44 YL-16 J764-L13 BR-16 M C429-AG125 GY-16 K988-AG142 WH-16 F721-AG198 GY-16

706-L21 BR-16 408-AG149 WH-16 K991-AG145 OR-16 F717-AG272 YL-16

709-L45 OR-16 720-L22 PU-16 C985-AG320 BU-16 K989-AG144 BU-16 F717-AG24 YL-16
801-L41 PK-16 C413-CE29 YL-16

709-K12 OR-16 E790-L36 PK-14 799-AG436 WH-16 F711-CE76 GN-16

419-M7 YL-16

704-K10 GY-16 J764-K2 BR-16 E750-L46 PU-16 E790-L64 PK-16 767-AG294 WH-16 496-AG432 WH-16


K922-K28 YL-16 710-K13 GN-16 W W G705-L47 GN-16

417-L32 GY-16 J766-AG31 PU-14

321-L50 BR-16 799-AG436 WH-16

777-M65 PU-10 496-L70 WH-16 454-AG36 GN-16 496-AG432 WH-16

450-L48 YL-16 428-L37 OR-16 700-AG30 PK-16 170-AG178 YL-16

K927-AG285 BU-16