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Data Masking with Cognizant Data Obscure

Enterprise Grade data masking solution for sensitive elements across financial, health, personal and business critical
data elements .

Data Masking Drivers Solution Highlights

 Compliance and adherence to state laws that mandate security  Compliance focus – Best of breed algorithms for Data masking com-
of sensitive information including PHI. plementing industry grade encryption, hash routines.

 Risk Mitigation – Low level algorithm support for distortion of distri-

 Outsourcing, offshoring – cost pressures necessitating opti-
bution across masked data, to reduce potential correlation with pub-
mized delivery models in outsourced, offshore driven capacities
licly available information. For ex. patient data could be correlated
 Increasing threats (Data thefts, application, infrastructure vul- with publicly available data sources on vital records such as birth,
death, marriage registers.
nerability attacks) across the varied technology landscape and
lack of controls across legacy, mid-range systems in the Enter-  High Performance – Extensible and Modular Agent based architecture
with built in capability for multi-threading.
 Legacy Support – Extensive platform support matrix that includes
Cognizant Data Obscure VSAM files, flat files, EDI files, databases etc. besides indirect support
for extracted files from unsupported data sources.
Cognizant Data Obscure helps mask sensitive information such as
 Coverage and Consistency – Proven algorithms across a wide array of
PHI, PII or business critical information through best of breed al-
Enterprise implementations for world of sensitive elements across
gorithms and across a wide of variety of technology platforms,
Healthcare, Retail, Insurance and Financial Services verticals.
thereby mitigating the risk of exposure at the source. This is a
 Ease of use, access – Web based administration console for configura-
web-based enterprise-grade platform to configure, administer
tion, monitoring and review.
and manage the typical complexities in an Enterprise.
 Multiple deployment options – With both on premise as well as man-
aged services offering.

Data Masking Process

Prepare Configure Execute

 Sensitive elements discovery  Data Source selection  Submission of Masked rules

 Data dependency analysis  Agent configuration  Integrate Automation scripts with Data
refresh processes, sequencing, parallel
 Catalogue generation for masked ele-  Masked rules configuration processing
 Batch scripts for automation  Leverage Dashboard for review and moni-
 Algorithm assignment tor rule execution

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Algorithms Management Console Integration Support

Industry Strength Algorithms supported and Web UI for administrators to configure and Multiple and varied Integration scenarios
includes monitor. supported
 Industry standard encryption :AES, DES  User management
 Asynchronous queue rule execution
 Context sensitive substitution  Performance dashboard
 Batch processing
 Industry standard hashing  Monitoring dashboard
 Automation scripts for Data refresh
 Domain specific for PHI, SSNs  Agents, rules, projects configurations
 Multi-threaded configuration
 Customization for characters, patterns  Batch process configuration
 File based execution

Platform Support Matrix

Multi Environment Support Matrix for Cognizant Data Obscure

Platforms File Types Data Stores Native Database

 ISAM  DB2 in LUW  MS SQL Server
 Windows
 VSAM  DB2/ZOS  Oracle
 Linux
 Delimited Flat Files  DB2/400
 Open VMS
 Position Based Flat  Oracle RDB
 Mainframe
files  Sybase
 AS/400
 EDI X12 Files  FoxPro

Figure 2

Success Summary

Volume of Records
Current Footprint Complexity of Platforms Algorithms Implemented
Best in class masking solution delivered Large Data Sets masked with Implementations across Out of the box, custom algorithms for
for customers in Legacy, mid-range ,distributed sys-
 Over 30 billion records   Standard PII / PHI
 Healthcare tems HIPAA, PCI DSS Compliance needs
 Performance consideration 

 Insurance  Native Databases based data types

 Automated masking rules
Extracted Database files  Organization or industry specific
 Financial Services  Current data migration process

 Manufacturing  Industry specific Files formats- EDI

License, Price Structure

Multiple flavors of pricing are available based on the type and size of deployment.

Agent Based Licenses based on choice of agents across files, databases or mainframe agents, bound by time

Enterprise Edition For unlimited usage across agents, differentiated by tenure of need

Transaction Based For targeted usage across specific agents, bound by volume

For further information, please contact DataObscure@cognizant.com or your respective Account Managers

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