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- Watch the following video:

A- Now comment based on the video:

1. What do you think about same-sex marriage?
In my personal opinion I believe that everybody has the right to be with whomever they
choose to be with, but the idea of same-sex marriage is something I will strongly
disagree with. I believe that God created men and women so we can multiply and show
our kids the value of what a real family is. Same-sex marriages don’t teach kids what a
family is composed of and shouldn’t be allowed.

2. Do you think it happens in Dom. Rep.?

As far as I can recalled I don’t think that it happens in this country, or at least
not in the legal side. I think that we have a lot of same-sex couples but they are
not recognized as a legal married couple.
3. Do you agree or disagree with the issue?
I totally disagree with it for all of the reasons that I mentioned above.
4. What would you suggest to the government of your country
to do in order to take position towards same-sex marriage?
I will tell my government not to accept same-sex marriages because we are a
country with Roman Catholic believes and we follow our Lord Jesus Christ’s
teachings and his teachings are against same-sex marriages.
Once you finish:
B- Read and study in your book "Hot Topics 1", Chapter 3 Modern
Marriage: Until Death Do Us Apart?
Work on the following exercises:
Read the articles. Look for the answers to your questions.
Pg. 29, exercises: Check the Facts Reading1 A, B
Pg. 30, exercises: Reading 2, A, B
Pg. 31, exercise: Analyze
Pg. 32, exercise: Reading Skills
Pg. 33, exercise: PART II, Read to find the answers to these
Pg. 35, exercises: Vocabulary Work / Reading Skills
Pg. 36, exercise: Talk about Your Ideas
1. The government should make it difficult to get married. Every couple
should have to pass a course about marriage before they get a marriage
In my opinion i think that the government shouldn’t get involve in
individual’s decisions and marriage is something that should be dealt
between the people who are getting married. I will also say that I agree
with the part that says that people should pass a course about marriage
before obtaining a marriage license.
2. Governments should use taxes to encourage marriage and discourage
divorce. Married couples should pay fewer taxes than single people.
Divorced couples should pay a divorce penalty tax.
I don’t think that governments should use taxes to encourage marriage
because people shouldn’t be push to get married. But I agree in paying a
penalty for getting divorced.
3. Marriage is a personal decision. The government should not try to control
This part I agree with 100 percent. People should choose who and when
they married.

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