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Artist Feature: K-KiD

Today we have the pleasure of featuring K-KiD(Knowledge is Diversity), an

eclectic, creative and diverse artist that lives true to his name. Born in Brooklyn,
NY and raised in West Palm Beach, South Florida, he has his own sound that is
unique to himself and doesn’t copy any templates or bite any sounds. Coming
from his heart, the vibes are truthful while still relatable. He can speak on the
somber feelings that coursed through his body after dealing with the loss of a
family or he can nail the feelings of seeing a large booty walking down the street
or stunting on a fashion tip. He can harmonize and hit the high note or drop some
bars, instrumentals are varied so he can hit multiple flows.
Peep this song “Letter of Apology”.

K-KiD got into doing music about 10 years ago, inspired by his late older brother
to get on a track. Since then he’s been working on his craft and releasing tapes.
The song above “Letter of Apology” is dedicated to the grievance that a family
death caused him and his family. His music is a roller coaster ride every track a
different trip, nothing is the same and nothing is manufactured.
Another bop for your head top. “Feelin’ Now”
Check him out on Social Media for more music releases. He’s got a single coming
and an album on the way: