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H91 Portable Personal ID Card

GPS Tracker

1. Brief Introduction

Welcome to use our H91 Portable GPS Personal Card.

H91 Portable Personal Card is based on GSM/GPRS network, and provides GPS/LBS p
ositioning function.1000mAH build-in battery guarantees the long time stand by, lastest G
PS chip and GSM chip guarantee the accuracy and fast uploading to system, make it real
live monitor.

H91 Portable Personal Card is very neat, small, Credit card size, and only 7mm thin, it’s
called a card because it is a card. This is extremely easy to carry with comparing with oth
er personal GPS trackers in market.

H91 Portable Personal Card is perfect for students, children, elders, patrol, businessman,
outworker, travellers, it will provides the real time data to make sure the security and sim
plify your management work.

For better use of this device, please read the user manual before using.

Please Note:
l In order to enjoy our service afterwards, please protect the bar code stick carefully.
l To use the best of the device by following the instructions only.
l The device is based on GSM/GPRS network, please use it within the area covered
by GSM/GPRS network.
l The build-in battery is lithium battery, voltage rating is 5V, after full charged, the device
can be used several days which depends on different settings.
l Dimension: 9.5*5.8*0.9cm

YuLongDa (Hong Kong) Technology Limited

2. Parameters

Terms Parameters
Work voltage 5VDC Build-in Battery
Work current Average 50mA @ 5VDC;
Power Saving Mode:15mA @ 5VDC
Dimension 9.5*5.8*0.9cm
Net weight 65g
Frequency Quad-band : 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS Performance Index Receive Channels: 12 parallel channel
Position accuracy : <15m(95%)
GSM Performance Index Position accuracy : 50m(60%)
150m (95%)
Output Interface Charge/Digital port
Antennas GPS Antenna: build-in
GSM Antenna: build-in
Work temperature -20℃~+70℃
Work Humidity 5%~95%
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃

How to Turn on Device

Press the power button, the blue light will begins to work, after several second, blue light
off. Device turns on successfully
How to Turn off Device
Press the power button several seconds, blue light flickers 5 times, device turns off

3. Functions

Cellphone SIM Card Number Binding

After the terminal started, please bind your cellphone number first, the alarms will be sen
d to the bound cellphone number.
Send SMS: *ZC#terminal password# Cellphone SIM card number#Terminal SIM car
d number#
Initial password is 000000, command start with *
e.g.: *ZC#000000#15888185569#12345678922#

Password Modification

Send SMS: *MP#Previous terminal password#new terminal password#

(6 numbers)
e.g.: *MP#000000#987654#
Initial password is 000000, new password is 987654

YuLongDa (Hong Kong) Technology Limited

No Spaces

Getting Device Position through Message

Use Pre-set Cell phone number to send “DW” to the SIM Card in the device, Device will send you
back a message where it is
4 人体 233
Google Address Link

Send SMS: GOOGLE to terminal, it will reply the terminal current geography location link,121.390373333333;S=0;D=2
012-5-23 12:00:00;D=0

Please note: the default time is Greenwich time, actual time needs to add your time zone
e.g.: enquiry time is 12:00:00, Chinese time is 20:00:00 (+ 8 hours)

SOS Alarm

When it is in danger,you can press the power button,blue light flickers 2—3 times, at the same
times,Device will send a SOS message to one of Pre-set cell phone numbers, and call all pre-set
cell phone numbers one by one. If no answer for all calling, it will call 3 times,and send a SOS
message to the GPS platform. The content of SOS message to the cell phone is the detailed
address of the device.

SOS Mode Setting

KC1 Message Mode
KC2 Calling Mode
KC3 Calling + Message mode
KC0 Close All SOS Mode

Voice Monitoring

Send SMS: JT to the terminal

The terminal will call back and the administrator will able to monitor the voices.

Phone Calls

Bound cellphone calls the terminal, after it gets through, the administrator can talk with th
e driver via the loudspeaker and microphone connected with the terminal.
How To know Battery Volume Left

Send”bat” to the sim card in the will get a message how much battery volume left.
Like: battery:100%

YuLongDa (Hong Kong) Technology Limited

Saving-Power Setting

You can set the mode to save battery according to your will
Send”333” to begin ”GPS”
,Message back”GPS ON,Successfully
Send”444” to Stop”GPS”
Message Back”GPS OFF,Successfully
GEO-Fence Alarm

By setting a GEO-Fence in our system, and once the device exit the GEO-Fence area, th
e device will send SMS to pre-set cellphone holder or the administrators.

Set GEO-Fence around current location;

Send Command:
Send SMS *RC#password#Radius(meters)#1 or 2#
1: Exit GEO-fence alarm; 2:Enter GEO-fence alarm;
E.g. *RC#000000#200#1# Radius 200meters of current location,exit GEO-fence alarm;
*RC#000000#500#2# Radius 500meters of current location,enter GEO-fence alarm
Set Geo Fence around particular location;
Send Command:
Send SMS *RC#password#Radius(meters)#1 or 2#Longitude#Latitude#
Radius 200meters of location lon.22.646490 & lat.114.086953,exit GEO-fence alarm.

Device Self-Check

After the device is powered up, it will check the GPS module and GSM module to see if i
t is working normally, and self-check regularly.

Battery Low Alarm

When the voltages falls down to the pre-set voltage, the battery LED will be on to remain
the user to charge it.

4. Package Standard

H91 main device*1

User manual*1

5. Maintenance

Without our permission, please do not teardown or repair the device, or the device mi
ght be

YuLongDa (Hong Kong) Technology Limited

damaged and the device will lose its warranty.
The device shall be aways from water and fire, please use it carefully.
If there any questions or function failure during the operation, contact us for assistanc

6. Live Tracking

Or your own, we will send you the GPRS communication protocol
7.How to install

YuLongDa (Hong Kong) Technology Limited

Download APP for Cell phone, Public Account for Wechat to check position
Open the website in computer, and scan the following Bar code,down the app and add the public

YuLongDa (Hong Kong) Technology Limited