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Assignment 1: Graphic Organiser

Classroom management is a significant issue for teachers, school leaders,

system administrators and the public nowadays. It heavily affects community
perceptions, teacher efficacy and wellbeing, and the standards of achievement of
students in the school (Helen Egeberg et.al, 2016). Classroom management is the
term we will use to highlight all of those positive behaviours and decisions teachers
make to facilitate the learning process of their students. Effective classroom
management strategies generally based on the principle of establishing a positive
classroom environment encompassing effective teacher-student relationships (Hanke.K,
2014). Therefore, teacher plays important roles to implement and create an effective
classroom management which creating conducive environment for teaching and learning
process and preventing the classroom disciplinary problem issues to arise among the

Futhermore, in order to intervene the disciplinary problems issues the teacher

can implement discipline management models in the classroom. Student misbehaviours
such as disruptive talking, chronic avoidance of work, clowning, interfering with teaching
activities, harassing classmates, verbal insults, rudeness to teacher, defiance, and
hostility , ranging from infrequent to frequent, mild to severe, is a thorny issue in
everyday classroom (Rachel.C.F & Daniel.T.L, 2012). Thus, by knowing these discipline
models, it helps the teacher to understand more about their student’s behaviour and
discipline. The discipline management models that can be used in intervene these
disciplinary issues.

Therefore, as required in this task, below are the graphic organisers that
conclude all the aspects in classroom management which includes the concept of
classroom management, teacher’s roles in managing conducive learning environment
and developing positive relationship in classroom, current classroom disciplinary
problems issues among the students and the most suitable discipline management
which is used to intervene the current classroom disciplinary problems.
a. Concept of classroom management

Concept of Classroom Management

 Teachers’ strategies that create and maintain an orderly

learning environment
Definition  Actions taken by teachers to establish order, engage
students, and / or elicit their cooperation
 Strategies to build a conducive classroom environment
and manage student discipline effectively
 Use to describe the process of ensuring that classroom
lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behaviour by

 Create rules and manage pupils to keep up with all the

rules of the classroom
Teacher’s  Create a conducive teaching and learning environment by
managing the physical condition of the classroom
 Manage teaching materials to be used more effectively
b. Teacher’s roles in managing conducive learning environment and developing
positive teacher-student relationship in classroom

Teacher’s roles

Managing Developing
conducive positive teacher-
learning student
environment relationship

Physical Condition  Knowing your student's

 Furniture composition interests can help you
 Class cleanliness
create examples to
 Source of learning materials
 Table arrangement match those interests.

Psychological environment  Give students

meaningful feedback
 Encourage cooperative learning
 Giving the same opportunity to all students  Create a positive
 Create sense of belonging and acceptance
 Friendly atmosphere and comfortable classroom climate
 Free from physical threats  Be respectful and
Communication sensitive to their needs

 Ensuring language used is polite and easy to

 Pay attention and respect the student's decision
 Call the pupil by their name
 See the eyes of the students when speaking to them
 Be excited when teaching
 Become a good listener Advantages
Rules and routines in the classroom

 Simple and clear rules

 Meaningful and agreed upon by the student  support students' adjustment to school
 Limit the number of rules
 contribute to their social skills, promote
 The rules are fair and aim to help the learning
process academic performance and foster
 In line with school rules students' resiliency in academic
 Do not burden your students
 students were less likely to avoid school,
appeared more self-directed, more
cooperative and more engaged in learning
c. Current classroom disciplinary problem issues

Crimes Negatives attitudes

 Vandalisms  destruction of school property

Stealing  stubbornness
 Fighting  Using rough language with
 Gambling other students and teacher
 Abusing drugs  Making noise
 Reading or watching  against teacher's instructions
pornographic images  Long-haired, wearing shoes
 Blackmailing and colored stockings,
 bullying  Long nails
 smoking cigarettes
 Sleeping during teaching
 Chatting with one another
during teaching
 Defiance to school rules and

problem issues

Cheating Tripping
 Truancy
 Copying in tests or exams  truancy of co-curricular
 copying other students' activities
work writing and signing  come late to school
parental papers  eat at canteen during
themselves school hours
 signing progress books  late to gatherings
themselves,  trance or sleep in the
 lying classroom
 pretending to be sick
D. The most suitable discipline management models as well as the intervention in dealing
with the current classroom disciplinary problems.

The Kounin Model The Canter Assertive


Discipline Management Models

The Kounin Model

The Kounin Model
Intervention in dealing with the current classroom disciplinary

Pastoral Care Guidance and Counselling Behaviour modification

 Guidance is a process
 Focus on welfare of the  Behaviour modification
that is designed and techniques using the
students principles of affirmation
used by teachers to help
 This guidance covers the students know and  Behaviour is influenced
aware of the abilities by the result
broad areas and issues  The behaviour can be
and weaknesses and to
established, maintained,
such as health, social, help students to adapt strengthened or
and adopt with their weakened
religious and moral
 Acting on the behaviour
environment that is rewarded should
education, behavior
 Counseling is a process be repeated and
management and behaviour which is not
in which the teachers rewarded will not be
emotional support of help their students to repeated
understand and know  Positive reinforcement
the students (reward) would be more
themselves better. effective than