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soscmd - provides a command line interface to sos

soscmd <command name> [command arguments]

'soscmd' takes command line arguments and submits them to
SOS for execution.

'soscmd' itself does very little command processing besides

some simple error checking. It merely submits all the
command line arguments to SOS for execution.

'soscmd' and SOS need NOT have to run on the same machine.
'soscmd' will communicate with an existing SOS session for
the current workarea no matter which machine it is
running on.

If SOS is not running then 'soscmd' will attempt to invoke


'soscmd' may be invoked ONLY from the workarea directory

or any of its sub-directories.

command name
The first argument must be a command name. Command names
may be abbreviated provided that there is no ambiguity.
The commands currently supported are:
addreference - add a reference object to the project
audit - show the audit trail for the project
ci - Check in
co - Check out
create - Add new file or directory to the project
definebranch - Define/declare new branches
definetag - Define/declare new tags or modify tags
delete - Delete existing file or directory
deleterev - Permanently delete selected revision
deleteworkarea - Delete the SOS workarea.
diff - Show the difference between 2 revisions
dirrev - Show/Hide the display of directory revisions
discardco - Discard check out
displaytmp - Show/Hide the display of unmanaged objects
exitsos - Exit the SOS session running in this workarea
exportrev - Get selected revision under a different name
expand - Expands or collapses directories in SOS
gui - switch to GUI mode
help - Print help
history - Show history
merge - Merge a revision of a file into the checked-out
modattr - Modify existing attribute value or add a new attribute
move - Move objects to another directory
neverpopulate - Mark the specified directory to never be populated in
this workarea
newworkarea - Create a new workarea
nobjstatus - Show status and attributes of specified objects
nogui - switch to non GUI mode
objstatus - Show status and attributes of specified object
pack - Manage sos package object
populate - Populate the specified directory
preference - Set and get user preference settings
print - Print message in SOS window
query - Get project-specific information from sos
rename - Rename an existing file or directory
retirebranch - retire/activate an existing branch
retiresnapshot - retire/activate an existing snapshot
retiretag - retire/activate an existing tag
revertrev - Revert latest rev back to a previous rev
select - Select objects
shell - Execute a shell command
snapshot - Take a snapshot
status - Show status and version information in workarea
tag - Tag revision with the given name
termbranch - Terminate/Activate a branch on a file or directory
undelete - Undelete objects from a specified directory
unpopulate - Unpopulate the specified directory
unselect - Unselect from current selections
update - Update the workarea
userev - Get selected revision in to the workarea

For more information on any command type:

help <command name>

To determine the version of SOS type:


command arguments
Most of the commands are of the form:
command [options] [pathnames]
The 'options' and 'pathnames' may appear in any order.

You may use shell wildcards like '*' to specify pathnames
but you should remember that the shell and not 'soscmd'
does the wildcard substitution.

It would be convenient to setup aliases for some of the

common commands in your '.cshrc' file. For example:
alias sosco 'soscmd co'
alias sosci 'soscmd ci'

soscmd update
Update the workarea using the current revision search

soscmd co *.v ../top.v

This command checks out all the files with the extension
'.v' in the current directory and also the file 'top.v'
in the parent dir.

soscmd co alu.v/main
Check out the latest revision of 'alu.v' on the 'main'
line of development.
soscmd diff alu.v/12 alu.v/gold
Show the difference between revision '12' of alu.v and
the revision tagged 'gold'.

soscmd discardco -F /stim.dat

Discard the check out of file 'stim.dat' in the root
directory of the workare even if it has been modified.

soscmd ci -sco -achange_su="Fixed race condition."

Check in ALL the checked out files with a
'change_summary' of:
Fixed race condition.