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10:00am – 11:30am room 403

HM 2 – Microperspective in Tourism and Hospitality

Eight Sectors of Kawasan Falls in

Brgy. Matutinao Badian, 6031 Cebu

Submitted to: Mrs. Suzette M. Detoya

Submitted by: Ivan Rey Cabellon
Accommodation Food and Beverage Adventure and Tourism
-Badian lodging and tours -Cruz Phillips Restaurant -Canyoneering
-Guest houses -Budol fight -Zip line, rappelling,
-Cottages -Seafood Restaurant
-Willy’s restaurant -Bamboo rafting, river
-Picnic tables
-Water Massage

Transportation Attractions
Kawasan Falls
-South Bus Terminal -Scenic series of jungle
Community in cascades
-Car rentals
St. John the Baptist
-Habal-habal transportation -Kabukalan Spring

-Van Rentals -Beautiful turquoise


Events Travel Trade Tourism Services

-Joiner Cayoneering -Tour Guides -Provincial
Environment and
-Kawasan Falls Marathon -Island Trek Tours Agency Natural Resources
-TJJ Cebu 4D3N Special -Shadow Travel and Tours Office
Open Trip in Kawasan
-Kawasan Tour Package -Tour Packages
-Kawasan Falls Ultra good for 5 -Bookings & Advice

Kawasan Falls is a multi-layered waterfalls located in Barangay Matutinao in the

town of Badian, Cebu. It is less than an hour away from the diving paradise of Moalboal.
Famous for its beautiful turquoise water, Kawasan Falls sits at the foot of Mantalungon
Mountain Range, approximately one kilometer from the national road of Badian and at
least four hours of trekking from Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete. Its cold and clear water
cascades through layers of waterfalls from Kandayvic Spring before going to Matutinao
River and Tañon Strait.

Entrance fee is P40 per person. Bamboo rafts that can sit up to 20 persons are
available for rent on the site for P300, it will to take you to where the water drops for a
natural waterfalls massage. Cottages and picnic tables are also available for rent while
for those planning to stay overnight may opt to get a room for as low as P1,000 good for
two. Food should not be a problem, you can bring your own or order in the restaurants in
the area.

You may want to try downstream canyoneering which starts at Kanlaob River in
the town of Alegria down to Kawasan Falls. It involves lengthy river trekking,
swimming, rappelling, climbing and waterfall jumping, passing through and along scenic
forest trails, clean rivers, streams and waterfalls.