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Judit López


Phrasal Verbs.
Blow out Apagar (fuego) We don’t need a candle so blow it out.
Break down Dejar de funcionar Negotiations broke down beacause of a disagreement.
Bring in Traer The team plans to bring in changes in the company.
Bring out Estrenar Alice in Wonderland brings out a new film this week.
Bring up Sacar un tema I’d like to bring up a poblem with you.
Call back Devolver llamada I’ll call back you later.
Call (sth) off Cancelar The concerts was called off because of the weather.
Catch on Popularizarse No one expected that this would catch on so quickly.
Check in Registrarse As soon as I got to the airport, I checked in.
Check out Comprobar What time do we have to check out?
Cheer up Alegrarse You look so sad, c’mon cheer up!
Choke on (sth) Atragantarse He choked on a sweet yesterday.
Clued up Saber/Conocer She is more clued up about movies than I am
Come back Volver a un lugar Sally is leaving tomorrow and coming back on Sunday.
Come up Suceder All kind of things can come up in a journey.
Count on (sth) Contar con algo You can’t count on the weather being good everyday.
Cut (sth) out Recortar I cut this picture out from the magazine.
Dive in Sumergirse She walked up to the edge of the pool and dived in.
Drive off Marcharse A woman got into the car and drove off.
Drop in Encontrarse I dropped in to see Chris on my way home
Drop out Deja algo Gary went to university but dropped out after a year.
Get in Tenerla tomada He got in my brother and can’t almost see him.
Get on Llevarse I usually get on well with people older than me
Fill in Rellenar Please fill in the application form and send it to us.
Find out Informarse You should go there to find out where’s your luggage.
Fix up Organizar I can fix up the meeting, don’t worry.
Get by Apañárselas I have enough money to get by.
Get in Entrar How did the thieves get in?
Subir/Montarse The bus was full so we couldn’t get on.
Get on
Hacer progresos How are you getting on in your new job?
Get on (wth sb) Llevarse bien I really get on your friend Ana.
Get out Escaparse Crights got out of her house a year ago.
Give up Rendirse I won’t give up.
Go for Preferir I go for the red phone instead of the blue one.
Go on Ocurrir What’s going on?
Salir On Friday I’ll go out with my friends.
Go out Apagar de repente Suddenly all the lights went out.
Pasarse de moda This dress it’s completely go out.
Go through with sth Seguir adelante You need to go through the expedition.
Have in Tenerla tomada She had in me since always and I didn’t do nothing.
Join in Unirse We’re playing, why don’t you join in?
Keep on Continuar He keeps on criticising me.

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Judit López

Keep up with Mantener ritmo I just can’t keep up with her train of thought.
Kick off Empezar The scene is almost kicking off.
Kick out Empujar He kick out the chair against the wall.
Lap up Deleitarse María lap up her recently engagement.
Leave out Omitir You can leave out the details.
Let (sb) down Decepcionar She’ll never let you down.
Let (one’s self) in Dejar entrar Here’s a key, so you can let yourselft in.
Lock out No poder entrar I had no key so I was locked out.
Look down Bajar la mirada Gary looked down as the teacher told him of.
Look down on Menospreciar It’s bad to look down on people less fortunate than you.
Look for Buscar If you don’t understand, you can look for it on the book.
Look forward (to) Esperar ansioso Are you looking forward to your holiday?
Look out Se cuidadoso Look out! There’s a car coming.
Look up (at) Fijarse We looked up at the plane as it flew above us.
Make off Robar The robbers made off with a large amount of money.
Make out Entender She couldn’t make out what Jill was saying.
Decidirse Fatima hasn’t made up her mind to study next year.
Make up
Arreglar I’m trying to make up last night fight with my mum.
Move away Abandonar She almost moved away her guitar at the cellar.
Move in Mudarse I’ve got a new flat and I’m moving in on Friday.
Pay up Pagar I will pay up you next week.
Pick Recoger I picked up a pen that was on the floor.
Put on Ponerse It’s so cold, I’ll put on my new jacket.
Put out Extinguir We managed to put the fire out.
Put (sth) down Soltar I can’t with this box, I need to put it down.
Put (sb) off Desentar He puts me off the idea of doing snorkelling.
Put (sth) off Posponer They have put the concert off because it’s raining.
Put (sb) up Dar asilo My friend will put me up in her house this weekend.
Rule out Descartar I definitely rule out the possibility of doing parachuting.
Run away (from) Huir Why did you run away from me?
Run out (of sth) Quedarse sin We’re running out of milk, please buy some.
Set off Empezar We were late setting off and that’s why we arrived late.
Set on Estar seguro He is dead set on our signing.
Set up Comenzar Wanda will set up a consultancy business.
Settle down Asentarse He’ll settle down in Amsterdam next year.
Shift away Abandonar He shift away eveything he doesn’t like.
Sign up Firmar I’ve signed up to help with the demonstration.
Stand up Levantarse Please stand up.
Take after Parecerse I don’t take after my sister anyway.
Take sb in Engañar I was completely taken in the other day.
Robar The robers took off with money and jewellery.
Take off
Despegar The plane takes off at night.
Take on Contratar The company always takes on new staff for summer.
Take up Retomar This summer I’ll take up swimming.
Tell of Regañar Mum told of my bother because of his bad behaviour.
Throw out Empujar I throw out him, we don’t really get along.
Try on Probarse I need to try on the clothes before buying them.
Try out Probar He is trying out his new computer.

Judit López

Turn around Girarse When I touched him on the shoulder, he turned around.
Rechazar I haven’t turned the chance down yet.
Turn (sth) down
Bajar There’s too much noise, turn down the music.
Turn out Apagar (luz) I turned the lights out before leaving.
Turn out (clause) Resultó I’ve never thought so, but he turned out to be right.
Turn up Subir Let’s turn up the radio.
Walk out Irse de repente He just stoop up and walked out.
Work sth out Calcular I need a paper, I can’t work it out in my head.
Work out Desarrollarse I hope everything works out well for you.

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