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Chapter 75—In Heaven

If it comes to the owner of the house, it is certainly

the prime minister of the prime minister's office. Now

the prime minister of the Qiankun emperor is in


According to outside rumors, since the death of

the eldest son in the family, in addition to

strengthening his own second son and his daughter's

guardian, he has become plainly blurred.

Every day except for the Shangchao, basically no

one else has seen him. Of course, these other people

are referring to people other than the core members

of the prime minister's office. After all, there are also

many confidants around the prime minister.

When I went back to the prime minister’s office, I

learned a lot of the spells in the heavenly world. I'm

naturally at ease with a lot of ease. Looking at it

roughly, I can actually see the seventy-eight to

eighty-eight bans on the government.

What prohibition of flight, for the non-certified

personnel's detection, there are a variety of large and

small groups ready to go, if someone controls these

battles, probably the old people of the college level

people can not eat good fruit.

However, as the saying goes, the masters were

beaten to death. If there are many people, it is

difficult for people who control the circle to

resist. What's more, for those who know the law or

are particularly strong, these are all paper tigers.

However, under this imperial city, Bacheng did not

dare to take such a risk. After all, although the DPRK

was inundated, the prime minister for so many years

under the support of many pressures, indicating that

people are quite capable.

Into the prime minister's office, and accompanying

people all the way to the central part of the

courtyard. The place where I met with Mou Tiancheng

was only a courtyard outside the Prime Minister’s

Office. As I became more in-depth, the law arrays I

saw on the way became more and more confusing.

The innermost yard, when I walked in, I couldn't

see the settings here. I only knew that some

inexplicable magical elements were floating around,

and there was an innocent dignified feeling in the air.

Very bad!

"Yulin... Or I call you Linfair more accurate?"

I and Hao Tiancheng stood in the yard. Suddenly,

one person suddenly appeared across the void in

front of me. It surprised me a bit.

In a second look, the man was wearing a purple

official suit and his eyes flashed with coldness. His

body was slightly suffocated and looked like it was

not human.

When you look closely at the attributes on his title,

it's not really anyone!

In the day

Gorgon 405 Space Warlock Soul Mage

The Prime Minister of the Qiankun Dynasty, after

almost one assassination dies, turns into a corpse, but

it has one of the demons of the Mozu Extreme Magic

- a form of beads that can hide its own attributes and

make it appear to the bystander that it is human.

I looked at Tian Tiancheng again and it seemed

that she had a new understanding of her half-and-

half ghost status.

"Oh, at first glance it is not humans. It seems that

you are really extraordinary. Although I have not yet

come back to explore the world, I still know a little

about your actions during this time of heaven..."

In a flash, I felt that the whole body of air had

actually solidified, and the body wanted to move. It

seemed as if it had been confined in cement. It was

completely impossible to move!

“You are special. Although you don’t know why

you’re back in heaven, you’ve experienced quite a

lot of things in the heavens this time. Although you

don’t know what your ultimate goal is, it’s from

your performance during this period of time. Look,

your purpose... seems to want to know where the

debris from the portal is, right?”

As soon as I heard the sound of the brain, where

did the old fox find my past and where did he learn

about the portal?

When I was still thinking, the other person said.

"To be honest, I am also very interested. I know

that there have been several unusual fluctuations in

space in the past few years. There have even been

distortions in time and space. Although these things

happen on the earth, people in heaven are not very

concerned, but I As a person who specializes in space

spells, I'm still very sensitive to this. Let me guess that

if you come from a different world, after coming here,

you are looking for ways to go back, are you?”

"What about it? Do you think of another world?"

When I said this, Hao Tiancheng always looked at

me with a very complicated expression and didn't

know what to think.

"Hahaha, agreed!"
He laughed at the sky, then raised his hand and

looked at his hand.

“I’ve become like this, in order to have a longer

time to study the ultimate of this space, and finally to

go through the space and time constraints. And all

this, because the Portal was destroyed by God and

turned it into a bubble... The Little Ghost, I There is a

suggestion, I tell you the location of the debris other

than the tower of the gods. When the portal is

opened, I will also go in. What do you think about the


"If you really know why, don't you find the pieces


"God is undefeatable."

He laughed at the day.

"Especially those of us in heaven, once discovered

to find traces of portals, will be annihilated by angels.

And unlike you, you appear to be here to fight against

God. And you are not through normal channels. It's

not easy for those who come here to find you.

"This is the case, then all right."

I smiled.

"You tell me where the debris is, and I'll go

everywhere in the province."

"Out of the tower of God, there are a total of three

fragments, one in the trial you are about to go to, the

other in the emperor's jade, and finally this..."

Saying, he pointed to the boulder in the center of

the hospital.

"It is in this stone that controls the entire array of


"In this way, ah, so general, then I understand. As a

suggestion, I'll talk to you about it. In the future, don't

use people to control the circle, because ... is the

biggest loophole in all systems."

After that, my body regained control. A dash

appeared next to the boulders, and my hand pointed

at the rock. The whole boulder cracked and a piece of

stone full of incantations drifted out. In a flash I

received the ring. .

"How could you! You are..."

He looked into the house where the person who

controlled the law array was located. One of the

people's blind eyes came out and then fell to the


Although I was physically unable to move just now,

my parasites were not. They slowly spread around and

found the control of the circle in the surrounding

yard. Then they controlled him.

Then, I suddenly came to the prime minister and

smiled and said to him.

"It seems that you still have good faith. It really

tells me the right place. Then it will be good to use

you. Take me into the palace. Yu Xi, it will be more

difficult to pick it up."

Chapter 76: Cultural Persons, Reading More Books

He glanced at the boss in the sky and looked at me

with resentment. Although he ranks a lot higher than

me, but in such a distance, if his space spells are used,

certainly not only I hurt, he must also be unable to

protect themselves.

After all, for him, there is no teammate protection

system, and the spells he uses will hurt himself.

"You, can't you not do this? Our purpose is the

same now, why should we waste time for this kind of

thing? And the protection in the yard is now gone.

We should not waste time here."

At this time, Tian Tiancheng spoke, although this

sounded like a neutral state, but this was largely a

matter of the prime minister's point of view. After all,

now the time is dragging on, and the most

unfavorable object should be the sky. .

"it is good."

Since Tian Tiancheng speaks, I naturally do not

need to stalemate. This is to give us a step in the sky.

After all, people are prime ministers, and they must

rely on others to help.

After two steps back, I continued to ask.

"Although you made it clear that the rest of the

debris is in the jade, but you want to destroy the jade

like this stone, you should not be able to do it?"

"It is."

He said after the slowdown.

"Contemporary jade is a gift from the dwarven

king. Today, the dwarves and the Qiankun dynasty are

allies, so this jade is also made up of dwarven racers.

If you can't untie the above institutions, you can't

open it, and this institution will open Can not be

closed, so open the jade, the equivalent is to destroy

the jade."

"This is a trouble for yourself..."

When I talked about the general situation, I

suddenly felt that something was wrong, and I slowly

looked at myself.

"...I said, is there really debris in the jadeite?"

"Eh? You don't believe me?"

"No, but you said, if the jade is gone, the emperor's

position is not guaranteed, but as a man, the prime

minister on top of ten thousand people... is the most

likely to get this position, isn't it?"

“How could this happen? The emperor lost the

jadeite, and it is only possible to transfer the position

to the next heir to the heir, Prince Edward. Now that

the Prince is mature, if the jade is lost now, most of

the throne is directly inherited, and the emperor

himself Become a regent."

"Is it? It's fun."

I thought for a moment and then asked.

"Want me to believe in you, can you, tell me, are

you relying on this law to escape so many

assassinations? Or do you say space magic? I heard

that you have nowhere to go. Will space magic be

detected and traced?"

"Are you a space magician?"

"Of course."
I said to reach out and drew a hand in the air next

to it. The space was instantly marked with a crack and

slowly closed.

"very good!"

He saw his eyes wide open in the sky and he could

not help but nod.

"It seems that God is helping me, too. Well, the old

man doesn't stare at you. After all, it's a good thing

for both of us. It's true that destroying Yuxi is not

useful to me. I don't care about that. , But my

research in space spells has reached a bottleneck. In

the treasure house of the royal family, there is exactly

such an ancient copybook written by an ancient space

magician. If I get that book, I will come across the

entire heavenly world. Freedom, no one will be able

to find me, and I will become the existence of the

phantasy. By that time, if you say the prime minister's

position, who can shake it?"

"This way..."
Although this guy still hides a lot of things, it does

not seem to be worthwhile.

"That being the case, I'll add a condition. Since you

want the original book, surely your family's book is

useless to you. Can I show it?"

“Of course, no problem. Well, the old lady took

you to see my library, and Yu’s words... I’ll arrange

it. You and I will enter the palace tomorrow. The

things you’ve lived in Houshan are already known to

the emperor, and they’re curious. Your ability is

exactly what you can do to show it... but don't go too

far and don’t forget our purpose.”

"This is natural, you can rest assured."

Just let me set up a transfer point in the palace or

leave some parasites inside and I'm not afraid to go in


"Well, then let Hao Tiancheng take you to see my

study, then I'll arrange it, and Hao Tiancheng is more

familiar with this place. Afterwards, if you have

something, you will find her."

After finishing talking, he stepped out of the air

and slowly disappeared.

I turned to look at Tian Tian Cheng, helpless smile.

"Let's go, we read books."

"Oh, why do you?"

Hao Tiancheng shook his head and began to walk

next to the room.

"Well, what are you referring to?"

I followed up and asked with a smile.

"Why would you be so diametrically opposed to

the prime minister? This way, adults will already think

you are a dangerous person. You might think of ways

to get rid of you afterwards."

"What did you plan to do when you directly hired

mercenaries to do this thing?"

"This is not necessarily...?"

Hao Tiancheng paused and then said.

"Only individuals who are mercenaries who have

paid for their lives to pay for their lives will be more


"Well, it's not easy to be discovered."

"Oh...you're really..."

Haotian Cheng shook his head and stopped


Soon we arrived at a small tower and saw us. The

guard at the entrance nodded and then opened the

When I walked in, I simply glanced at it. This place

is really a lot of books. Simply estimate, there are tens

of thousands of books.

All read? This is unrealistic.

I look to the door guards.

"What are the priorities for the discharge of these

books? What are the priorities?"

"We are not very clear about this, but the old

gentlemen generally only read books on the top

"it is good."

I leapt directly and jumped directly from the gap in

the stairwell to the top floor and took a book with



I smiled.

"It seems like it's going to be a lot of fun again."

Chapter 77 Memory Awakening

In an instant, the sky was dark. I looked at the

bookshelf that came out of the shelf and moved the

book beside it so that the vacancy did not appear too


Looking down from the window, Hao Tiancheng

was sitting in the kiosk in the yard at this time. He was

not sure what he was thinking about eating snacks on

the table.

At this time footsteps came from afar, and for a

moment, the door of the yard was pushed away, and

he walked in with the descendants.

When he looked up, he saw me.

"Let's go, the emperor has just finished the affairs

of the DPRK and now it is time to meet us."

"Oh, I didn't expect the habit of seeing people in

the middle of the night."

I also bluntly turned over from the upstairs window

and fell directly in front of him.

"Then let's go."

He nodded in the sky and greeted the Tian

Tiancheng, who had been bored for a long time, and

walked directly toward the door.

However, this time there was no need for a

carriage, and he took us directly through the two

yards in the sky. It was a blue stone arch in front of

me, and the sky was pointing toward the door and

the lines on the door frame issued. Slightly light, a

light layer of light in the middle empty doorway.

"let's go."

He said, he took us through the door.

The other side of the gate was magnificent. Just

after we came in, we were in the middle of a huge

room. Although the surrounding decoration was

particularly luxurious, it was also covered by organs.

There were even nearly 100 armored guards in the

hall, and there were some at any time. Standby


It seems that people who are sent to the palace will

come directly here. Each of these guards is at least

300. It is still somewhat exciting to think about it.

"The prime minister, your hands and feet are really

neat, and you'll be back in a little while."

At this time, a man dressed up next to him came

over. His sharp eyes looked as if he could directly see

through people's hearts. His strength was not low, at


The father-in-law, called Muwangtian, is still a

master of the palms. It seems that he immediately

does not have arms and he can clean up the other


"My father-in-law, I'm not trying to keep my

majesty waiting."
He said in one hand.

Mugong Gong nodded, and he looked at me and

Tian Tiancheng with his cold eyes and then nodded.

"Young and promising, young and promising,

looking for opportunities, we must ask for advice. I

heard that the new son of your family can show his

skill in the trials, and he has no guidance. He has no

chance to ask for advice. Haha."

His laughter was a bit harsh, but no one around

the crowd showed any other expression.

After he finished laughing, he cast his sight back to

the sky.

"Well, we can't let you wait any longer. Let's go."

Saying, the father-in-law leads the way ahead and

leads us out of this hall.

Walking this way, I also looked at the small map all

the way.

The location we are in is the outermost floor of the

Imperial City. From this inside, we actually walked for

dozens of kilometers. It was all the way to the deepest

floor of the palace.

As soon as I came in, I saw from time to time that

various types of attacks and warnings appeared, and

even some seemingly inconspicuous places, and

occasionally yellow names emerged.

Looking at it a little bit, it is really horrible to say

that there are more than two hundred people hiding

in this hall.
There are few people who can see in the hall. In

addition to the emperor who retires on the dragon

chair, and the two maids next to him, they cannot see

anyone else.

It seems that the footsteps were heard. The

emperor opened his eyes and looked at us.

But just looking at it slightly, the other person

suddenly locked his gaze on me! At the same time, an

inexplicable feeling rushed from the body.

At this time, I noticed that things that I hadn't

noticed when I looked far away.

The title of the other party is neither as if it did not

appear before, nor did it say hello, but it is just as

garbled as it is.

"I said that these days I felt uneasy in the city. I was

still wondering what people were making noises

outside. When I saw you, I understood."

The emperor put a smile on his face and waved to

other people.
"All of you, go on. Yulin stays. I have something to

say to him."


The emperor's orders dared to disobey and the

people performed a ceremony and left the hall.

The lower hall was finally completely quiet, and the

heartbeat I heard was becoming more pronounced.

Who is this person? Why did you leave me?

And what's wrong with his title? Is it disturbed or

can't see his message?

"There is a setting that is visible only to yourself."

Suddenly, the emperor spoke.

"It's a pity that Pandora - 0X7637401 she does not

think that someone will set this up, so simply shield

this function, and even made the identity recognition

function into a function to use, eh, really ignorant

artificial intelligence."

The emperor stood up from his seat and waved.

The scene around him had changed dramatically. The

entire hall was changed like a holographic projection

and suddenly became an office!

And as the emperor came slowly to me, he...no, it

was her body that had slowly changed, and soon she

became a long-haired big sister in a pure white


And when I looked down, the clothes on my body

actually became the same model as hers, and my

mind felt unconscious that it was a military uniform!

"It seems that the guy did not lie to me. Although

you are dead, but your consciousness is really good

to stay here, but from your eyes, I obviously feel that

your memory does not seem particularly complete, is



Looking at this room, I looked at the person in

front of me. A terrible headache hurt me so much that

I nearly tripped to the ground.

Especially when I saw the military uniform, the

memories of a certain period of fragmentation

flashed in my mind. Some of them were familiar, but

they were very distant and blurred.

"But Pandora-0X7637401 didn't tell me what you

said. It's interesting to say what you want to do out of

your own ability. But I thought about it. It seems that

this is indeed the case. According to your current

situation, Going out directly to Bacheng will only be

treated as an imperfect artificial intelligence."

The older sister came to me and looked at me with

her face as if I could call out names, but she did not

know how to call the other person's name. She smiled

as if she was looking at someone who was very

familiar with it.

The only regret is that I don't have the memory of

the person in front of me, but the memory

breakdown is even more obvious.

"What exactly is the right thing to do with magical

battles between science and technology and the

world? Perhaps, if you are really successful, it will

open a window for us... Well, you really don't worry,

knowing that I'm so Love you, you actually went to do

those dangerous tasks, and it died like that.

Fortunately, Pandora-0X7637401 kept most of your

memory, otherwise I really couldn't see my lovely

younger brother."

After that, the other person hugged me, and in this

moment, a memory puzzle finally emerged,

connected to the center of all the fragments, and

connected all the memory of the previous fragment!

"Sister...I am..."

The headache was over, and the restored memory

was like a nightmare, again locked in my heart.

"... Pandora plans the fifth executive, Sergeant - Lin


The last task of the seventy-eighth chapter

Relentless heavy rain struck the windshield of the

small spacecraft. This noise, which would have caused

me to be distracted, perfectly overshadowed the

screaming anger of a sister of the communicator.

She yelled to let me give up the task, but I

understand that this is the best chance for our

siblings to move up. If they miss it, it will be

completely unknown when the next time will happen.

Of course, since it is an opportunity, it is also

accompanied by great danger. After all, the earth has

been covered by a layer of clouds that cannot be

penetrated by any detectors. The surface of the earth

under the clouds has disappeared from the human

field of vision. Nearly a hundred years.

It is unrealistic to let any detection device go under

the cloud, because the signal of remote control will

be shielded by this cloud, and any drone will not

come back after it is close.

The data recorded by humans when they were

evacuated from the ground a hundred years ago

showed that the current situation on Earth cannot be

allowed to be inhabited by humans for at least one

hundred years. Therefore, people have not tried to


Until a month ago, Pandora’s No. 17 Fortress Ship

with hundreds of regular defense personnel entered

the Earth’s clouds and intended to take a closer look

at the situation on earth.

Although the signal was shielded, it was expected

that the fortress would fly out of the clouds after 48

hours and send preliminary observation signals to

Pandora’s headquarters.
However, one week passed and the entire fortress

ship was half eaten by the earth and never came out

of the clouds again.

The Governor and the researchers have developed

various plans, but the most important thing is that if

someone dares to go under the clouds and the whole

fortress goes down, they will not be seen dead. This

makes everyone in the headquarters fall into panic.

No one I would like to lose my life for what I didn't

However, the relatives who have lost their loved

ones cannot bear it, and they put pressure on the


In desperation, after dragging on for a few weeks,

as soon as possible, the Governor threw a message in

the plenary meeting. He said that if anyone can go to

the clouds and bring back information about the

fortress ship, he can go up three levels, and if he can

hold the fortress. The ship was brought back to the

captain of the fortress.

There must be a brave man under the reward.

Needless to say, this man is naturally me.

Although I am now one of the 11 chief executives

of Pandora, I have been extremely uncomfortable

with long-term life out of the real world.

On the one hand, long expectation in a completely

different world will make me feel a bit distorted in the

whole world. If there is no drug suppression, then I

will lose myself. On the other hand, Pandora system

allows us to enter a lower plane of dimensions, let us

control the people in it, seize what the world can use

for us, and then leave, so it is easy for the original to

be a peaceful world. Fall into an infinite war.

I have experienced this kind of situation many

times, because the people who caused these wars are

nobody else but me.

However, these planes are too many, unless we can

only take down the coordinates of the useful ones,

and others will only become a row of words on the

"No practical value. Abandon."

And if I go up to three levels, then I can at least be

a commander-level position, so that I don't need to

use the Pandora system myself. At the same time, I

will transfer my sister to the department she belongs

to so that my sister doesn’t have to be like me.

Running around.

Think of this, I speeded up to fly under the clouds.

Gradually, the voice in the communicator became a

rustling noise. It should be that the clouds had

blocked the signal. There was no signal from

Pandora's headquarters.

I was also disoriented in the clouds, because the

extent of the destruction of the earth by humans had

reached an extremely serious point. The magnetic

field of the entire Earth has become inestimable. The

earlier compass could not judge the direction.

A bad premonition came. I quickly reduced the

speed of the flight and began to fly slowly

Finally, the clouds in front of me began to get

smaller. I thought that I was about to come out of the

clouds. When I tried to speed up my senses and

stopped me, I finally understood why I had such

concerns before. .

That is, the thickness of the cloud is really too

thick. Part-time job is to completely cover the ground

to the atmosphere.

And I rushed out of the clouds directly to the huge

mountain front! I quickly pulled the direction, the

body sharply turned, although not directly hit the

wall, but the fuselage still picked up next to the rock,

the aircraft lost balance in the air after several

consecutive flip, directly fell to the sea.

"The wings are 35% damaged, the nanobots are

being repaired, other systems are normal and the

submarine mode is being converted. Energy warning,

solar energy cannot be collected here, standby power

is enabled, the remaining operation time is 5 hours,

the system is searching for you nearby Available


The aircraft rolled over in the sea and I sat upright.

Through the monitor around the fuselage, I saw

where I am now.

Surrounded by the endless sea, there is no other

land on the surface of the sea except for the towering

wall of stone that I saw on my way.

As in the clouds, torrential rains raged around and

countless waves crashed against the boat.

I let the aircraft submerge into the water to avoid

the wind and waves, and at the same time send a

strong echo wave to the surroundings, hoping to

understand where I am now. The returned data made

me wonder. At this time, the sea level was already 500

meters higher than most people when they left the

Earth. According to the situation under the surface of

the sea, my current position should be in the middle

of California. .
In accordance with this situation, except for the

mountains that were originally a thousand kilometers

away, the whole world should only have oceans left...

It is also almost possible to think that people who

had not left on the Earth at that time should all be

dead at this time. After all, in this environment, there

is basically no possibility of surviving.

And there is no sunshine on Earth for a hundred

years. What kind of creatures cannot survive in this

situation. After all, sunlight is the source of life on


However, in such a vast environment, it is not easy

to find a missing fortress-class battleship, although I

had expected such a situation to buy two uranium

energy devices from the black market. This would

allow the aircraft to operate for 48 hours. .

But the aircraft is faster, and it takes at least half a

day to circle around the earth. In such a situation, the

detector is still very difficult to use, and the naked eye

cannot see clearly. How can we find it?

Just as I watched the world under the dark sea

sigh, the detector suddenly sounded.

"The mechanical reaction signal was found at 3400

meters northeast."

Mechanical reaction?

I got a kick and straightened up, but I saw a thing

on the radar approaching at a fast speed!

"3000 meters...2500 meters...2000 meters..."

This speed makes me feel bad, quickly pulled the

lever out of the sea!

And shortly after I rushed out of the sea, the thing

rushed out of the sea, and I only saw that the other

person looked like a paw, and then the body was

caught in the claws, and then suddenly he jerked at

me. Directly returned from the air to the sea.

This is not finished yet. The claws are so dead that I

dragged me to the deep sea!

After plunging into the dark sea, I wondered what

it was and removed weapons from the weapon rack.

In fact, it is said that weapons, that is, some

ordinary self-defense tools, are basically transformed

by other technologies brought back from the outside


And just as I was preparing, the monitor screen in

the warehouse lit up. I looked up and saw two bright

lights in the deep sea that were shining directly on my

Chapter 79: False Leagues

Looking at the distance between the two lights,

hooking up my cabin should be a submarine warship

that is similar to a fortress-class battleship, but I know

there is no such equipment on the missing Pandora’

s Class 17 battleship, so it should be It is another hull.

With this thought in mind, I quickly turned to a

disengagement device and put it into the deep sea

after putting on anti-high pressure equipment.

However, it was not realistic in this environment.

After I came out, I was directly on the outer wall of my

aircraft. As the hooks were pulled directly into the

interior of their battleships.

As my ship was dragged into their cabin, I ducked

directly into a pile of debris next to me. After seeing

my aircraft being dragged into the cabin by the chain,

it was hung in the air. Then, three people wearing old

protective clothing and holding live-fire weapons

came in. One of them took an instrument and swiped

my vehicle, and then snorted strangely.

"how about it?"

The person next to him asked.

"Strangely, obviously there are signs of life on this

spaceship when it is remotely probed, but now it

seems that it is not there. What is going on?"

Listen to the sound, this is a woman.

"Can't we escape in halfway? It's impossible. This is

the deep sea. If we enter the dark sea, we may be

devoured by those variegated marine creatures. Of

course, those people probably do not know what is in

the deep sea now. The situation is haha."

When I heard this, I was scared of a cold sweat.

After all, I did indeed have a wandering thought.

Fortunately, I didn't do it. Otherwise, I might have

become a dinner for the sea creatures in their

"Forget it. If it isn't, then the rest will have nothing

to do with me. You should handle this shovel


Saying that the woman put away the equipment,

then turned away.

The other two nodded, picked up the cutting tools

next to them, and walked toward my aircraft. It

seemed to be to dismantle my aircraft and make

When it was said that it was too late, just when the

two people had to use the tool to start, I pressed the

control button on the terminal and the weapon of the

aircraft instantly locked the shot and opened the two

men's chests with two big holes!

The two had not yet had time to say anything, and

they had already been plugged in by the blood and

fell down without making a sound.

I walked straight up, picked up their equipment,

and then kicked their bodies into the sea water and
washed away the blood with the iron bucket next to


After completing all this, I took out a protective

suit like theirs from the next cabinet, and after

wearing it, followed the direction of the woman's

departure with the weapon.

With the passage, I came along all the way, but

fortunately there was only one road, otherwise I

might actually get lost in this battleship.

The voice of the woman just passed in from the

front room. I took the pistol I had just taken from

them and walked straight past.

"Henry or Mitt? Are you doing this quickly?"

When she entered the room, she saw the woman in

her eyes just replaced her previous protective

clothing, put on a white coat, and was packing things

I did not speak, but went straight to her. When she

felt something was wrong, the pistol had reached her


"The two people are called Henry and Mitt? It's

good, then you start to call me Henry now."

"You...you are..."

The other person's body shook slightly, obviously

she knew what was on her head.

"Oh, those two people wanted to take down my

aircraft, so I asked them to experience a chat with the

bottom of the sea, but now I want to know

something. If you can tell me well, I won't Kill you,


I whispered to her ear.

"Okay... okay, you...what do you want to know?"

"Is there not going to be anyone here?"

"Yes, it shouldn't be. This side is the bottom of the

warehouse. Unless we catch something, we will come

"Well, then, would you like to ask, some time ago,

there should be a spacecraft that is similar to your

battleship and has entered the earth below the

clouds, but lost the news. Do you know where it is?"

"You, are you Pandora..."

"Yes, I'm curious. We have been leaving the Earth

for so long. There are still living people on Earth, and

we have our own warships. What's the matter? So we

sent a battleship back to earth, but No news, so I'll

see in particular what's going on."

"The battleship is not on our side, but on the side

of the base."

"Total base? Do you actually have a base?"

"Yes, those people who had survived and

established the last home in the highest place in the

world, which is our home base - Eden. Then we have a

total of nine warships. We search for resources in the

sea and recycle them into submarine cities. Resources

and ... look for your drones, aircrafts and other

equipment to explore the area and recover the


"It turned out to be... No wonder no aircraft has

ever returned..."

I thought for a moment and then asked.

"What about people on our spaceship?"

“They...started with some surprises on Earth, and

then they came in contact with us, but... The radicals

above decided to seize your spaceship, and when

your people relaxed their vigilance, they attacked the

team on the spaceship. Your personnel suffered heavy

losses. Only some of them returned to the spacecraft

and started something that looked like a protective

shield. Then the spacecraft was locked. We tried and

failed to release it."

"The shield that cannot be lifted..."

I smiled helplessly.

"Quantum protection device is the front mode of

the spacecraft startup self-discipline model."

"What... what is that?"

"How long will you go back to the total base?"

"We are near the end of the cruise and there

should be two more days."

"How long has our warship entered the protective


"It was 24 days ago."

"That should barely catch up."

"What's it?"

"The spacecraft launches self-discipline mode. In

simple terms, after launching that model, the

spacecraft will evaluate the situation of the internal

personnel of the spacecraft. In the event that the

number of people is insufficient and the internal

personnel are seriously injured, the spacecraft will

automatically start self-disciplined combat mode.

That is to say, The total base will be directly attacked

by our fortress-class warships. According to the

previous design, self-discipline battles will start

automatically 30 days after the start of protection."

"What!? Then I..."

The other party just had to move the weapon in

my hand and arrived again on her head.

"The next thing is the point. You and I don't want

more harm. So, the purpose of our two is the same.

You don't want your total base to receive an attack. I

hope to get my spaceship back."

I whispered to her ear.

"You will... help me?"

Chapter 80 Sister
The other person swallowed and then looked at

me in a complex mood.
Thinking for a moment, the other whispered.

"You ... can guarantee that your warships will not

attack us?"

"I just want to recycle the battleship. The others are

not my goals. According to the current situation,

although the earth can survive, but this environment

is still too harsh, we have no plans to return."

Although I say so, but to be honest, I can not 100%

confirm the ambitions of the above people.

Those of the separatists in particular may know

that there is still people living on the earth and will

bring some technology and human resources to

invest here to counterbalance the power of Pandora.

It is very troublesome.

But this is not something I care about. All I want is

a fortress battleship. Everything else is not something

I need to go to.

"...well, you'll hide on this floor in those two days."

"Thank you for your help."

I collected the weapons.

"Then we're temporarily allies, right, what's your



"Lin Tian, but you still call me Henry."



Having recovered, I found that I had sat in the chair

beside the dragon chair. When my sister saw me, she

came up and smiled and looked at me.

"It seems that your memory has been restored to

the same level. Sure enough, Pandora-0X7637401 has

not lived up to my expectations. It really brought you

back to life in this world. Although there is too little

information about you in the database, it adds me.

Some memories of you, still make you come back, ah,


"Do not……"

I shook my head.
"This memory is still incomplete. My current

memory is only at the stage when I return to earth.

According to the memory you imported, I should

have died on the earth, but this memory of how I died

seems to be gone. ”

"Yes, there isn't too much information recorded in

the black box. Because only one battleship was

assigned to you by my name and flew back to the

base. However, when you open the cabin, only your

cold body is lying in the cockpit. ..."

Speaking of this, my sister sobbed a bit, but then

laughed again.

“But I can see you again in this alien realm, and I

don’t want to give Pandora-0X7637401 super

specification permission specifically, but I want you to

use this body to return to the real world and there are

still some problems, that is the God of this world. I

learned from Pandora-0X7637401 that I naturally will

give you the debris inside the jadeite, but this jadeite

now has a role to control the country for me. I can't

give it to you for the time being. The debris will

gather and we will go back together."

Saying, my sister snapped her finger and a flame

appeared on her hand.

"If we can bring these capabilities back to our

world, it will be a major step forward for the world,

and I believe this will be enough to make us even


"But I always think it's not so simple."

I said with a frown.


"Sister, have you come to this world and say to

other people? Can you freely return to the original


"I should be able to. I am mentally projected onto

the body of the world's people who are in power, so

there is no problem in getting rid of it, but I am not

well off now because the person is very strong in

spirit and once I get out of There is a sense of

prevention, and I think it would be more difficult to

project it onto her. What do you mean by saying that

it is not so simple?"

I looked at the distance and then said.

"Although I don't know what special parts of my

body I have now, I can always feel something familiar

to the God's Tower. I doubt...it's not even something

in this world, it's Our world is something."

“Impossible, according to data

compatibility...Pandora-0X7637401 is already

compatible with half of the gods. It can't be loaded

anymore. The god's tower is full of gods. It shouldn’t

be Pandora or artificial intelligence in it. ..."

"I'm also puzzled. I'm even more puzzled after my

memory is restored. But this memory is still very

useful to my sister. Then... Thank you."


I said to my sister's surprised face.

“Thank you for all this, let me revive again.

Whether I can return to the original world or live in

this world as data, but at least I’ve come to life

again, so thank you very much...or I don’t What

should you call your sister? Call your mother?"

"What did you say?"

My sister knocked heavily on my head.

"Is it so old?"

"Just kidding, kidding, no, my elder sister is always

my sister."

I smiled, then went on.

"Well, since we all already understand the current

situation, what is the next plan? Older sister, you

should be better at strategic things?"

"Well, of course, with this position, I was able to

have a deeper understanding of the heavenly system

during this period of time. You must be able to visit

the place where you tried. There is not only a piece of

debris but what is important is the treasure inside. It's

unthinkable. With them, you'll be much easier with

"After all, it's the tower of God. I can understand it.

Right, you must pay attention to the Prime Minister's

family this time. What is really happening is to leave

the link. After all, the spiritual projection has a great

impact on the ontology."

"I know that there is no problem. I'm sure I know it

myself. We must know that the Qiankun dynasty did

not fall for so many years. The ability of the royal

family, Chaohu, your imagination. After all, I took over

her memory. I understand what to do with it. Now

you just have to quietly go and complete the next

thing. You take it."

Saying, my elder sister gave me a ring that looks

like a dragon.

"This country has a privileged institution called

<br>, which has absolute control over life and death.

This country has a total of 5 individuals belonging to

this institution. This is their proof of identity and is

given to you. I believe you will use it well. ,right?"

"Of course."
I smiled and then said.

"The treasure house of this country, can I see?"

"Just take it."

The old lady said with a smile.

"I've picked it anyway."

Well, it's not my sister.

Chapter 81 Changing Gears to Continue

I came out from the palace and saw my dress. I

looked at me in an incredible way.

"You are this..."

"The emperor was happy. He gave me some

interesting things. What do you think of this dress?"

At this time I was wearing a dark gold scale armor

that was pulsing with red ripples, stretched out, and

the scales slowly disappeared and became the

appearance of my previous clothes.

This set of scales I simply looked at the property. It

was written on it and it was broken. This allowed me

to remove it directly and wear it.

Just kidding, if I can't be destroyed, I'm going to

add a bunch of healing aura who's going to move

me? Moreover, this scale armor also has a switch.

After pressing it, a helmet will be extended from the

neck to protect the head and neck, which means that

my head is generally not cut down.

For fear that there is nothing that can't be cut off

in the case of a weapon, you have a big problem. You

don't know who would prevail with this armor.

Of course, I also got a lot of high-end weapons

from the treasury, although as a magician, I'd better

use a set of Master Rings from inside, and various

attributes have also replaced the position of the Staff,

but at the same time Occasionally guest soldiers, ah,

assassins, archers, I also took all kinds of weapons all

over again, do not take the son of a bitch for free.

But in the sky, this fellow's eyes were really sharp.

He only saw him looking on me casually, and his eyes

stopped on the ring in my hand. "It's incredible. The

vacancy of the 蛟 已经 已经 has been for several

decades. She actually gave you this position... You

quickly find a glove to cover it. Now your strength, in

this imperial city, you want to avoid being Grabbing

the ring is still a bit more difficult."

"Is there still someone robbing this thing?"

I smiled, but I didn't know what he was saying. All

ring rings on a ringing finger were hidden.

"That is of course. This is almost the highest

symbol of strength in the imperial city. It means rights

and obligations. Bring it means that in the Qiankun

Dynasty you only need to listen to one person's

command, at least on the surface, and privately. It's

hard to say."

"This is the case, and it is an anonymous official


I smiled and then said.

"Well, let's go back. The issue of Yu Xia is not a

problem. What I need to do now is to get the other

pieces first."
"It's not a question... Can you say that the emperor

was also..."

"You don't have to worry about this. For the time

being, we are all on the same front."

Saying this can give him some relief, but he is not

completely relieved. After all, the emperor was

something my older sister said that he could not

believe, or rather it was counterproductive.

After all, the power of the prime minister is still the

power that belongs to me, so his existence is still very


"Then the next thing is the debris in the land of the

trial. I don't know how big it is. How long it takes to

find it? Do you have clues?"

As I walked back, I asked myself in the face.

“Oh, people who can return from the trials are

Longzhong Long, Feng Zhongfeng, and there are very

few people who can directly reveal the information.

After all, they absolutely do not need to do so, and

there is no benefit in doing so.”

"Indeed, everyone should think about going back

and exploring something."

"That is not necessarily. We have to know that

everyone will come back after nine deaths. Of course,

being able to return will be the focus of the crowd,

but let them go in again. I am afraid nobody is willing

to do this."

"Oh? It seems that it's really not easy..."


I was stunned.

"Our family did come out after someone came in

and wrote about it in an ancient book. It was only

stolen many years ago and it has not been


"But you already know who's in the hand?"

He stayed in the sky for a second and then asked


"How did you know?"

"If not, will you not say it? Is the reason you say it

very simple? We have the same goal now, so you

think I have the strength to help you steal the old

book or come back , so tell me the most direct way is

not it?"

"indeed so."

He nodded in the sky.

"But at this time it is not simple, after all, the other

person is not a simple figure."

"That's good, say it, who is the other person?"

"Longmen College, Dean of Tianzi Academy - no

trace of heaven."

"Authority Academy."

I recalled that before the trial, there was indeed

someone who met the old man. It looked like a highly

respected person. However, students in Tianzi

Hospital were not sure about it. They still

remembered which of the trainees had intrigued in

the trials. Situation.

"Where is his family?"

"Of course... it was in the trainees. Tianziyuan was

in the courtyard of the Longmen practitioner's

northernmost point, and his family was in the middle

of the whole courtyard. There were students and

various institutions guarding outside. It was not a

good thing to go in. local."

"Sounds true, and my research on the formation

method here is not so deep. It's not easy to go in."

I only said this and said that, after all, I did not

have any form of strategy when I was at the prime

minister's house.

But after reading the books in his library, plus the

glasses that were found in the Treasury just to identify

the matrix method, everything was much simpler.

"Indeed, I can tell you where there is a line

specifically for escape, but how to go in is to look at


"This way..."
I thought for a moment and nodded.

"It's a little simpler and it's still very easy to get in."

While we were talking, we had left the imperial

palace and took a carriage to the house of the prime


"If you choose to go for a date, I will go now. You

can tell me how to go out."

"This is no problem with nature. What are you

going to do?"

I laughed.

"Kill in."

Chapter 82 Black Mage

"A great predecessor told me that when witnesses

are killed, no one knows that I have come... Well, it's a

bit cruel, isn't it?"

As I was ringing my fingers, the guards in the

backyard of the Tianzi courtyard had collapsed and

slowly collapsed. Diffuse toxins in the air have

invaded their bodies and they will not be able to

recover their minds at one and a half.

I smiled, took a bow and arrows and shot it on the

stones in the yard. I heard only a bang, and the

battlefield inside the yard was lifted directly. The few

spars that were originally used to provide matrix

energy were also The matrix method was damaged

and it burst directly.

I know that if this formula is broken, it will surely

disturb the people in the depths of the yard. He

quickly turns over and falls into the yard, and several

people rush to the yard next door. Of course, on the

way, I also put on a set of clothes from Tianziyuan

and casually changed face. After walking to the center

of Tianziyuan, several followers of Tianzi Academy

went to the center.

"You, my face, just arrived? Which one?"

Just a few steps away, suddenly someone stopped

me, although he did not call my name, but from the

trajectory of his voice came to feel, he talked to me


I glanced at him, actually still seen in the back of

the Tang Tang's weak looking glasses

brother. Recalling his wicked means, I directly ignored

him and continued to move forward.

"Hey! Don Shao is calling you!"

Tang’s boy didn’t move, but the next one,

Shantou Qing, came straight to me and held my

shoulder, and squeezed it hard.

"On this strength? Didn't eat?"

I took a backhand and slapped him out. He

slapped him on the face and let him spin 360 degrees

in the air. Then he fell right beside the Tang glasses



Glasses brother looked at the painful younger

brother on the ground and ignored him directly to

"This new man looks quite good in terms of

strength control. Just now this slap, too heavy,

interrupted his spine. He was too light to fly. It seems

that you have a lot of research in this area, but you

have to You know, in Tianziyuan, you can't casually

hurt anyone."

"He started first. He scratched my shoulder."

I pointed to the shoulder that he had just caught.

"If I continue to arrest me, I will be dislocated. This

is my right defense."
"justifiable defense……"

The Tang family smiled and just wanted to

continue to say something. I instead took a step

closer to him and asked him to recede.

"Don't be scared, get closer, I have something

interesting to say to you."

"What... what's funny?"

"On that day, in Houshan, you won the golden

gourd ah ~"
I whispered in his ear and put a video spar on his


"Then we talk about it another day."

After I finished, I turned around and went straight

to the deeper yard.

The young master of the Tang family lingered for a

while and looked at the spar in his hand. When he

looked up again and looked for me, I had

disappeared into the crowd. Although there is no

direct effect, if his horses saw him so to abandon

other people, then 80% of his position on this day will

be finished.

And how to follow, let him tangled it, after all, I

become the appearance of this person, I do not know

who it is.

I continued to walk for a while. I had already gone

to the inner courtyard. At this time, the student

clothes of the Tianzi Academy could not be used as a

cover. I immediately replaced the armor of the

Tianziyuan escort.
At this time, the alarm in the yard also rang from

the yard where I invaded. I used magic directly to hide

in the corner of the yard and observed it quietly.

After seeing the three figures in the innermost

courtyard directly flying in that direction, I smiled and

turned directly over the last wall to the most central

place of Tianziyuan, Tianzilou.

Although I did not know who was the three who

went out, I left a great gift for them in the yard,

hoping they would be happy to accept it.

Now is to find out where the roll is...

Saying, I opened my hands and countless parasites

flew directly to the Sky Tower. I should be able to find

the right thing in less time.

After all, it is the prime minister's thing, and at

least it should have the corresponding odor of the

prime minister.

"Interesting little devils can actually come to this. It

does not seem simple."

I suddenly realized that it was not good. One fled

to leave the place. At the same time, a black light fell

and hit the place where I just stood! A closer look,

actually a giant sword with black liquid, and above the

great sword, a man who was full of black gas looked

at me and said silently.

"For hundreds of years, you were the first person

to try to invade into this place. It's interesting. Did

those flying insects just control you? Did you destroy

the battlements? What else would you have?"

"I will..."

I looked at this guy with no title on her body. The

name was any useful information. It must have been a

force that exceeded the observation of the world

sauce. So, this time...

"I will run!"

Saying, one fled to escape.

Yes, it is to escape and escape directly from the

Tianziyuan. After all, the parasite has been released.

The next step is to wait. I didn't believe that the dark

guy could find out how many thousands of my

parasites I had.


My worry is obviously superfluous, because I feel

that even if I leave Tianziyuan, a coercion is still

pressing in and let me start to run.

Sure enough, it soon became clear that a group of

black things had come from the sky. Needless to say,

it must have been the stranger.

"You'll be teleported, powerful, and what? Let's

study it."

Saying, he flew directly toward me.

And we are now outside the city. Yes, I just had a

bad feeling and immediately moved to the outside of

the city. I did not expect this guy to follow up in less

than a minute.

Is it what I was tagged by him? Can you find me so

The situation has been too late for me to think

about it. I just reached out and the ring I just searched

flashed out of my hand.

"Spiritual Magic City"

A huge ice castle rises up and directly seals me to

the bottom. This is the highest level of defensive

magic in ice magic... Well, at least it's the strongest

magic system I know.

But how to get out from here is also a problem...

And when I thought so, there was a more terrible

voice on my top.

"Proficient in ice magic, what else?"

Looking up, the top of the ice castle has been

soaked in black, and the dark shadow is slowly

coming out of it.