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Working With

A Call of Cthulhu scenario written and adapted for use with 7th Edition
rules by Derek Mayne

Call of Cthulhu is the trademark of Chaosium Inc.

Working With

A Call of Cthulhu scenario written and adapted for use with 7th Edition
rules by Derek Mayne - Copyright 2016

Call of Cthulhu is the trademark of Chaosium Inc.







Alexander Charbonneau was a highly was never without.
accomplished 11th century Sorcerer, Seer
Alexander took his dreadful course of
and advisor to William the Conqueror, he
action not a moment too soon, for that
lived a torrid and violent life. His obsession
night as he lay collapsed exhausted,
was immortality, the quest for which led
soulless and in terror, Lucretia visited and
him to carry out all manner of atrocities on
delivered her final and fatal kiss. To her
animals and people alike. Eventually he
anguish Alexander did not immediately
took an interest in Vampirism, which he
rise– instead his body laid reeling from the
saw as a primitive form of immortality,
twin shocks it had suffered. Lucretia was
although the price that came with it – the
ancient and wise enough to know that it
destruction the immortal soul – was one
was only a matter of time, so she took
that he could not bear to pay.
Alexander’s body with her to her ancestral
However, his investigations into tomb to await his rising.
Vampirism had bought him to the
It was three months before he finally rose,
attention of an ancient and extremely
his magical powers swollen within him and
powerful vampire; Lucretia el Castellano,
boosted by his new found vampire abilities,
who fell deeply in love with Alexander’s
he rose embraced Lucretia and together
good looks and innate magical talents. She
they carried out a reign of terror the like of
sought to possess him, to bring him under
which Spain would never forget.
her thrall and give him the gift of eternal
Alexander however, had forgotten, in his
undeath. She duly seduced Alexander and
bloodlust he forgot that his soul lay bound
over a period of weeks delivered two of the
in a book in France and it was long after
three marks or “bites” required to
Lucretia had been slain by religious
complete his transformation. Alexander
fanatics that he was to remember and set
was aware of what was happening and
about trying to find his soul.
realised that even with his magical talents
he was powerless to stop Lucretia from It has taken him over seven hundred
delivering the third “kiss” which would years, but he knows that he is close. It is
destroy his soul, and render him undying. just a matter of getting some much needed
He sought to avoid the destruction of his help…
mortal soul by the only means he could, Whilst set in the roaring twenties in
given his knowledge and powers. He London and on the South coast, this
carried out a ritual to imprison his own scenario could easily be transported to the
soul within an inanimate object, removing modern era and relocated to suit your
it from his body before Lucretia’s lust could setting.
destroy it. He chose to place his soul in a
book, his own journal and the one thing he

Word has reached me that you are skilled in investigations of, shall we say, an
unusual nature. I am in need of agents who have an open mind, an understanding
of the esoteric and whoose discretion can be trusted, agents such as you.
I invite you to visit me at my home at No. 50 Berkeley Square, London W1, this
Thursday evening. I do look forward to making your acquaintance. I believe I
have a proposition for you that you may find both interesting and lucrative.
I am indeed,
Yours sincerely,

Alexander Charbonneau

The above letter arrives for one of the of the windows are tightly shuttered.
investigators on the Tuesday before the
If they go there at night, Charbonneau
proposed appointment.
answers the door. He is quite handsome.
If the investigators check the address they He does not shake hands. The house is dark
can confirm that Charbonneau is listed as and dusty and there is an odd smell about
the owner. Apart from that, for official it. He leads them into a well-stocked
purposes, the man simply does not exist. library, pours them a drink, motions them
He is not on the tax department's books; no to be seated, and begins.
birth certificate exists for him, no passport
"My good people, I am pleased to have this
or immigration papers, no police record, no
opportunity to meet you. Before we
phonebook listing. Nothing.
discuss business there are two matters
The plain Georgian exterior of 50 Berkeley that I would like to get out in the open.
Square belies an interior that retains Firstly, you are tonight my guests and I
much of its 18th century grandeur. offer you my protection, no harm can befall
Sweeping stairs, high plaster ceilings, you in my house. Secondly, My name is
over-mantle mirrors, and marble floors Alexander Charbonneau, and I am a
and fireplaces, lend the building a Vampire."
decidedly Dickensian air.
They should believe him for he really is
If they go there during the day, there will be (see appendix A below).
no response to knocking at the front door.
Charbonneau explains that he is a collector
However a pair of unleashed Dobermans
of esoteric books and paraphernalia and he
will be heard barking ferociously - this
wants to make a deal. He is searching for a
should serve to discourage visitors from
specific tome “The Black Book of Bayeux”.
attempting to enter the property. A
Charbonneau believes that the book is in
successful spot hidden roll notices that all
the possession of Erich Templeton

proprietor of a small “specialist” bookshop sums of money for the mid to late 1920’s.
called “Livre Esoterica” in Eastbourne.
If the investigators help Charbonneau and
Charbonneau explains that Erich
obtain his tome he will offer them a further
Templeton and he are known to one
bargain; he lives on the dark side of normal
another and can be considered old
existence and is aware of the dark things
adversaries, he believes that Templeton
that dwell there; be they monstrous
would sell the book, but not to
creatures, or crumbling undead, or
gibbering ghouls, or ancient gods. He is
Charbonneau offers to payroll the privy to information, the rumours and
Investigators for £50 per day plus gossip that travels along the telegraph
reasonable expenses for up to one month wires of the dead, unheard by mortal ears.
(30 days) or until they return the tome to He offers to fence information in return for
him. He will pay them two weeks in their protection against vampire hunters,
advance, (cash tonight), the remainder in clergymen, and other investigators. If the
arrears. As an incentive for every day bargain is struck Charbonneau will appear
under the thirty that they return the tome in future adventures, giving odd tips,
he will pay the group a £500 bonus in lieu translating old documents, and scaring the
of the lost salary. “Bring it to me by hell out of them with sudden appearances.
midnight tomorrow and you take away a Given his obvious interest in the esoteric
bonus of £14,500 mes ami”. He is also he asks them to bear him in mind if they
willing to pay up to £5,000 for the book; ever have anything of that nature to
“Bear in mind mes ami’s, I do not require a dispose of. He will pay handsomely.
receipt…” Keepers should be mindful that
what is being offered here represents huge

“Livre Esoterica” is situated in a run down As strangers approach he hurriedly stuffs
district on the outskirts of town, not far his book under the counter. He will answer
from the seafront on the aptly named no questions about the book and will refuse
“Darker Street”. The once green, (or to let investigators see it.
perhaps grey), paintwork is peeling, the
If the investigators ask Templeton about
windows are filthy. Inside, the shelves are
the “Black Book of Bayeux” allow them a
stacked high with dusty books, more are in
spot role to notice his almost imperceptible
heaps on the floor and in rotting cardboard
but definite surprise. Erich will initially
boxes. It will take several hours of careful
deny knowledge of the book and then try to
searching to realise that there is nothing of
pass it of as mere legend. If the
interest to investigators. There are,
investigators try to tempt him with large
however, plenty of novels by Ethel M Dell
sums of money (anything above £1000)
and Marie Corelli, school texts on
will cause him to sigh and state that if he
geometry, Latin grammar, and other such.
had the text he would gladly sell it to them
The proprietor sits on a high stool behind a for “that kind of money”. Erich will ask for
small counter, bent over a large leather contact details, “Should the work ever
covered volume. He appears to be in his come into his possession”.
thirties and is strikingly handsome in a
Erich Templeton is very furtive when he
saturnine way. He has a neat goatee beard
leaves the shop, taking a devious and
and if he was an actor he could make a
tortuous route that doubles back several
career out of playing the devil.
times. A careful investigator will be able to

tail the man until he lets himself into a well as an inventory of stock dated three
house on Curwen Lane. months ago. A quick survey of the
inventory shows the majority of texts
Breaking into the shop is quite easy and is
stocked are mundane; however there are a
the only way to gain access to the book he
large number of esoteric texts and a good
was seen pouring over. Behind the counter
number of mythos tomes listed. The sales
are two seemingly identical books, Magna
ledger records every sale. Shop sales are
Mysteriis and Mysteriis Mundi. They are
recorded simply as the item, the value and
handwritten in an unrecognisable script.
the date whilst mail order sales include
The two large books are mythos tomes; names and addresses. A successful Spot
Erich Templeton is compiling several Hidden or Accounting roll highlights a
lesser works (kept in the cupboard, see number of transactions marked with
below) into these two volumes, correlating asterisks that have no values; there are
the contents. This represents a lifetime’s twelve such customers all of whom have
work for Erich Templeton who is an taken delivery of Mythos tomes
accomplished student of the arcane apparently free of charge. One such
although he has no natural or innate customer is Charles Bilton who three
magical talent, a fact that he finds most weeks ago took delivery of “The Black Book
infuriating. of Bayeux”. Charles address is listed and is
Also behind the counter is a cupboard with in nearby Hastings.
a good, strong, lock. The cupboard
contains a set of ledgers for the store as


The house on Curwen Lane is a meeting for and esoteric tomes. At first Alexander
a Coven of black magicians. They are merely dismissed the unaccomplished
currently relatively harmless, with only sorcerer as someone not to be bothered
Erich understanding of the power of the with, when he discovered the existence of
mythos. However Erich recognises the the coven he became more cautious, after
innate powers of a number of the members many hundreds of years Alexander values
and is seeking to groom them. More his privacy and that of his Vampire
significantly they are currently only “family” too much to be involved in
twelve in number following the mysterious common witchcraft. He used his hypnotic
death of Charles Bilton. vampire powers to confuse and confound
Erich to keep him silent and broke off all
Erich Templeton lives as a lodger at the
further contact with the man. When he
house on Curwen Lane which is owned by
later discovered that Erich may have
the independent and wealthy Madeline
acquired his book, the now infamous
Jacobs, she is obsessed by the occult and
“Black Book of Bayeux” it was all he could
Erich belives she has great potential. For
do to stop himself charging in and
more information on Madeline and other
repossessing it – hence his contact with our
coven members see appendix C below.
intrepid investigators.
Erich Templeton knows Alexander
As previously noted there are currently
Charbonneau and what is more knows he is
only twelve members of a coven, (following
a Vampire. Two years ago Erich
the death of Charles Bilton). The coven
discovered the true nature of Alexander
meet regularly in the house on Curwen
and tried to bargain with the Vampire in
Lane in Eastbourne. Brief statistics for the
order to access his collection of magical

coven members, including Erich place around their table. Any selection
Templeton, along with capsule would take the form of an interview by
backgrounds and motivations can be three random members of the coven and
found in appendix C below. attendance at a simple ritual meeting of
the full group the following week. After
Should the investigators decide to
which any prospective candidate would be
confront the coven members during a
informed of their acceptance, or otherwise,
meeting there are several possible
by post.
outcomes. Firstly if the investigators visit
the house in Curwen Lane without a good If the investigators seek to find out what
reason the owner of the house Madeline the coven members know about the "Black
Jacobs will have no hesitation in calling the Book of Bayeux", the answers are quite
police. straightforward, they have never heard of
it. That is with the exception of Erich and
Any attempt to interrupt or disrupt one of
the groups meetings will immeadiately
create a hostile impression - investigators Erich had confided in Madeline that the
will be sent packing with the younger male book was a powerful and dengerous tome,
members of the group taking an aggresive and that it required considerable
stance. knowledge of medieval French to fully
comprehend. The only coven member who
It is quite likely that Erich Templeton may
could possibly interpret it was Charles
recognise one or more investigators from a
Bilton and so Erich provided it to him for
visit to his store, this will immeadiately put
study. Unfortunately Charles, despite
Erich on his guard, especially if they have
being a competent medieval scholar, he
already discussed the "Black Book of
had no real magical ability or
The best way to engage with the group
Madeline knows that following Charles
would be for an individual or two, to seek
Bilton's death his sister has discovered the
members of the coven out under the
book, managed to determine its value and
pretext of a deep interest in magick. The
has subsequently placed the book up for
coven are one short in their number and
auction. She will provide Erich with funds
may consider an approach by one or two
to attempt to recover the tome.
prospective new members to fill the open



It has a history of curses and is riddled with
black magic. The Black Book is supposed to be

very dangerous, even reading it can be
hazardous as the book itself is believed to carry
a horrific curse.
in the belongings of Charles Bilton, Lewes, has
stirred local historians. The book, found in his Before the discovery by a relative of Mr Bilton,
study after his death last week, purports to be the book was last rumoured to have been seen in
the “Black Book of Bayeux”, a tome of quite the possession of Dr John Dee, Royal Astrologer
considerable legend. to Queen Elizabeth. It has appeared throughout
history in the hands of sorcerers across Europe.
The Book is supposed to have been written by a
French sorcerer during the 11th Century. The The book is being auctioned tomorrow at
sorcerer was an advisor to King William the Bonhams Auction Rooms in New Bond Street,
Conqueror and supposedly carried the tome with London, and is expected to reach as much as
him everywhere. £500. The sale commences at 3pm. The book is
said to have caused much interest whilst on view
After the sorcerers death it was rumoured to
for the last two weeks.
have been annotated and largely reworked by
various other witches and warlocks.

Following their visit to the bookshop the Templeton away with his tail between his
East Sussex Evening Echo carries the legs and with little option but to try and buy
above story on page two of its late edition. back the tome for the coven. Charles sister
has no knowledge of his involvement in the
In the event that the investigators choose
to visit Charles Bilton's home address they
will meet his sister Charlotte. She can tell The Black Book will now be sold at the
the investigators very little, but unless upcoming auction. Erich Templeton will
given any reason to be wary will be friendly bid up to £2500. If he is successful the
and open. She will welcome the tome will return with him to his shop
investigators into her home and provide before being passed to another member of
tea and biscuits whille they talk. She will the coven (in 2 +1d4 days). There are three
not remove the book from auction, despite other bidders three of which will be in the
any sums of money offered, she only sees saleroom one is an unknown bidder
the investigators interest and that of Erich operating through an agent. If you wish to
Templeton as proof that the book has value role-play the auction see the suggested
and will be happy to see them bid against guidelines for resolving bidding in
one another. appendix B.
Charles sister recovered the book Library Use rolls for the investigators will
following his sudden death, she had no reveal the following about the book;
inkling of its value until Erich Templeton
1. The Black Book of Bayeux is a mythos
appeared and tried to claim it as his,
tome, and an exceedingly rare one, this
Charles however had kept a receipt given
being the only copy.
by Templeton that seemingly proved to his
sister, and her solicitor, that he legally 2. It was written by a French sorcerer who,
owned the tome. As such she sent when he died sought to achieve a form of

immortality by reputedly transferring books POW of 20. Success means that
his soul into the tome. there books clasp opens. Howevere if a
character fails then roll on the below table
3. The book was originally written in
to decide the outcome. (Characters with a
medieval French, although that has
Cthulhu Mythos score may add this as a
been largely annotated in a number of
bonus to their roll).
languages since.
The book has a clasp which is magically
locked and will not open its covers without 0 - 05% - Instantaneous death
ritual. The only three people to know this 06 - 30% - SAN Loss 0/1d6, 1d6
secret are its author, Erich Templeton and Damage from a psychic shock.
the late Charles Bilton. Secreted in the
31 - 60% - SAN Loss 0/1d6
spine of the book is a sharp silver blade,
which must be used to satisfy the hunger of 61%+ The ritual simply fails.
the imprisoned soul by spilling human
blood across the covers, which is quickly
absorbed into the material and thus
opening the book.
Charles Bilton discovered how to perform
the ritual to open the book by accident, the
book sensed that Charles was not a
sorcerer of any power and as such decided
he was unworthy. Charles died instantly;
the coroner reported death by natural
causes attributed to a sudden and violent
brain haemorrhage. Anyone attempting
to perform the ritual to open the tome must
make an opposed POW roll versus the

There are a number of ways that the tale 3. A third party acquires the book at
may resolve itself, ideas are presented auction. The investigators may
here in brief - but it is left to the continue to pursue the tome or they may
investigators and the Keeper to flesh out give up the chase. If they fail to regain
the way in which this particular cookie will the tome Alexander will pay them what
crumble! is due, after that he will however
disappear never to be seen again.
1. The investigators buy the book at
Auction and return it to Alexander, they 4. Self righteous investigators may take it
gain a powerful ally; a Master Vampire upon themselves to rid the world of the
reunited with his soul. Vampire threat – if so the keeper should
be merciless and bring the full force of
2. Erich Templeton regains the book at
Alexander and his “family” against the
Auction, the investigators may then
investigators – pull no punches in the
give up or recover it from Erich if they
ensuing bloodbath…
attempt to recover it and they upset
Erich and his coven they make some
pretty nasty enemies for the future.

Appendix - A (45/18), Fencing 84% (42/16), Appraise
antiques 65% (32/13).
Alexander Charbonneau
(Master Vampire)
Attacks per round: 1
Alexander is nearly eight hundred years
old and is now a powerful Master Vampire. Attacks: As a Master Vampire, Alexander
He is around six feet tall, has long blond has the normal range of unarmed attacks
hair swept in to a pony tail and is smartly available to humanoids.
dressed in a modern well fitting suit. His Fighting: 50% (25/10), damage 1d4+2d6
eyes are dark and deep but at the same or as weapon. Special attacks as below.
time hold a brightness that you find
calming and friendly. Alexander long ago Bite - A successful bite inflicts 1d4 damage
mastered the art of smiling without and allows Alexander to maintain the bite
flashing his fangs! He is charming and stifling any resistance from the target and
affable, it is hard to think of him as the draining 2d10 STR (Blood) from the victim
monster he truly is. each round thereafter.

The Master Vampire is an extremely rare Claw - A successful attack inflicts 1 D4 +db
and powerful creature, in life the vampire (2d6) damage. With a successful opposed
must have had considerable magical POW roll Alexanders touch drains 1d3
ability and even then this is no guarantee of magic points from the victim, transferring
becoming a Master. Only one in every them to the himself. This can occur each
thousand vampires will have the abilities combat round. Each successful roll drains
of a Master and most of these will be slain a further 1d3 magic points from the victim.
by other vampires before they are able to Magic points so acquired vanish after six
make the most of their emerging powers. hours (Alexanders POW divided by 5). The
victim can regenerate lost magic points
Ordinary vampires often fear and envy the normally.
Master Vampires ability to control and
subjugate others of heir kind. Gaze - Requires an opposed POW roll. If
Alexander wins the opposed POW roll then
STATISTICS the target is always hypnotised and can be
STR 115 made to follow simple Instructions. If these
CON 100 instructions are self-destructive, at the
SIZ 90 start of a round the target’s player may
DEX 105 make an INT roll to "snap out of it".
INT 120 Sanity Loss: 0/1d4 Sanity points to be
EDU 99 attacked; 0/1d3 to witness a
APP 80 transformation. Vampires of human
POW 125 appearance such as Alexander cost no
HP: 21 Sanity points to see.
Damage Bonus: +2d6
Move: 10 The Master Vampire retains his human
Skills: Human Psychology 60% (30/12), form and looks, his APP never decreases.
Scent Blood 86% (43/17), Cthulhu Mythos The Master Vampire will continue to
40% (20/8), French 100% (50/20), increase in power as he ages for every
German 90% (45/18), Spanish 90% century the Master survives his POW,

DEX ,STR, EDU and INT will increase by or suffer any damage.
1d4+1% (the 99 maximum for EDU
In combat silver weapons are most
remains - there is always something to
effective against a Master Vampire, as
wounds inflicted by silver weapons will not
A Master Vampire does not fear the church regenerate, however they will heal with
or the power of any one God. As such the time. All piercing wounds inflict minimum
holy cross and holy water exert no power damage.
over the Master Vampire – something that
If the Master Vampires HP are reduced to
their “would be slayers” often find out too
below zero he/she will transform into mist
or smoke and continue to regenerate.
As a Master Vampire Alexanders However if the Master Vampires HP are
regenerative powers are also greater than reduced to exactly zero, it will collapse
those of his mundane counterparts. His hit unable to transform and will not
points will regenerate by a number regenerate for one round – at this time the
equivalent to one fifth the vampires POW vampire is truly vulnerable to a stake
expressed as a percentage of total hit being driven through the heart killing it
points,(rounded down). E.g. Alexanders forever. As a vampire dies its age catches
POW of 125 and a HP value of 21 means up with it in an instant the resulting decay
that the he will regenerate 25% of his hit and deterioration causes 0/1d3 SAN loss to
point each round, 4 hit points. all witnesses.
The Master Vampire may “Call Beasts” – ALEXANDERS BEASTS
this means that the Master Vampire will
naturally attract a number of a particular
species of creature which serve as his
minions. The Master vampire may see
through the eyes of his beasts even during
the day when he must return to his tomb
and sleep. Whilst serving the Master these
creatures gain immunity to aging and
limited benefit from the Masters
Alexander commands four large black
regenerative powers. If the vampire is
Doberman like dogs, these hounds are
capable of regenerating more HP in a round
Alexander’s “beasts” he may mentally call
than needed to heal his own wounds then
them to his aid and as with Alexanders
the extra HP may be passed to the Masters
"family" (see below), they will fight to the
beasts. The type and number of creature
death to defend their master. Brief stats
called varies with the potential power of
are given below.
the Master Vampire, some attract dogs,
wolves or big cats others have been known Move: 12
to attract swarms of rats, snakes or other ATTACKS
small creatures. It is rumoured that the
vampire that created Alexander, Lucretia Attacks per round: 1
Castellano was a Master Vampire and that Fighting 50% (25/5), damage 1d6, Dodge
she called Werewolves as her beasts! (see 42% (21/8)
below for details of Alexanders beasts).
Armor: 1 Point Fur, possible regeneration
As with all vampires the Master has the (See notes on Alexander above).
ability to transform into smoke, mist, a bat
Skills: Spot Hidden 60%, Track by Scent
or a creature resembling their particular
beast. To do this requires one round in
which the Master Vampire may not attack ALEXANDERS “FAMILY”

Alexander as a Master Vampire may appearance (APP) that they had in life, for
control and subjugate a number of other some vampires this vanity is sufficient for
ordinary vampires equal to 40% of the them to willingly become the servant of a
Masters POW. (Concievably therfore Master.
Alexander could control a group of sixteen
The keeper may decide to keep
vampires). These vampires have no save
Alexander’s family a secret, only bringing
against the Master and must serve without
them into play if he is threatened.
question. This entourage are completely
Alternatively, you may decide that they
dedicated to the Master they serve. They
appear throughout the initial meeting,
will fight to the last to protect him indeed
pouring drinks etc and then retiring from
they are completely loyal.
view. There are currently only eight
The “family” of a Master Vampire benefit vampire members of the family; six female
from his powers in that they retain the and two male, brief stats and abilities are

ATTACKS after a number of hours equal to the

vampires POW divided by 5. The victim can
Attacks per round: 1
regenerate magic points lost i this way as
Attacks: Vampires have the normal range per normal recovery.
of unarmed attacks available to
Gaze - Requires an opposed POW roll. If the
vampire wins the opposed POW roll then
Fighting: 60% (30/14), damage 1d4 the target is always hypnotised and can be
+damage bonus, (or as weapon). Special made to follow simple Instructions. If these
attacks as below. instructions are self-destructive, at the
Bite - A successful bite inflicts 1d4 damage start of a round the target’s player may
and allows the vampire to maintain the bite make an INT roll to "snap out of it".
stifling any resistance from the target and Sanity Loss: 0/1d4 Sanity points to be
draining 2d10 STR (Blood) from the victim attacked by a vampire revealing their true
each round thereafter. nature. In general vampires of human
Claw - A successful attack inflicts 1 D4 +db appearance cost no Sanity points to see.
(2d6) damage. With a successful opposed The Hartford Sisters have Firearms 64%
POW roll the vampires touch drains 1d3 (32/12), they carry .41 Revolvers – 1d10
magic points from the victim, transferring damage, base range 15yds, 1 attack per
them to the himself. This can occur each round, malfunctions on 00
combat round. Each successful roll drains
a further 1d3 magic points from the
victim. Magic points so acquired vanish

APPENDIX - B too complex otherwise).
Roll 1d4 to decide who will attempt to bid.
Bidding at the Auction In order to make a bid the prospective
Other than the investigators and Erich bidder must be successful in an opposed
Templeton there are four other bidders POW roll against the current holder of the
who will try to purchase the Black Book, bid. If they fail to bid or are unable to
three of which are in the saleroom one is an because of lack of funds the auctioneer will
unknown bidder operating through an announce the familiar “Going once…” at
agent. which point roll 1d4 and attempt to bid
again. Should the auctioneer manage
The bidding starts at £350 and will
“Going twice…” and then subsequently
increment in £50 steps to £500,
reach “Sold to the gentleman/lady….” the
thereafter it will proceed in £100 bids to
auction ends.
£1000 and in £250 bids thereafter. If the
investigators try to accelerate the auction Erich Templeton will bid against anyone
by initially bidding large sums accept the until his funds run out, (£1750). For the
bid and then continue with increments as purpose of bidding against Erich he has a
noted here. POW of 65 (for full stats see "The Curwen
Lane Coven" below).
The above bidders will only bid against an
investigator or Erich Templeton (it’s just

APPENDIX - C have come across in their respective

studies. Erich and Madeline play host to
The Curwen Lane Coven these events with Erich leading
There are currently twelve members of a
coven, (following the death of Charles If all thirteen members are present then
Bilton), who meet regularly in a house on they will perform ritual magicks, simple
Curwen Lane in Eastbourne. The Curwen rituals aimed at supporting the
Lane coven includes Erich Templeton achievement of personal goals, be that
amongst its member. Brief statistics for health, wealth, the pursuit of happiness,
the coven members and their backgrounds love or succes in some particular venture.
are summarised below. Erich is slowly encouraging and
The coven meets every Tuesday at the persuading the group to become
house on Curwen lane. In the event that increasingly adventurous in their rituals,
not every member can attend then the recently they have included the sacrifice of
meetings are little more than a study small animals, such as poultry chickens
group, sharing their knowledge, and roosters. But Erich ultimately has
discussing texts and materials which they much greater ambitions for this group.

In the unlikely event of combat taking place with the coven members they may all be
considered to have a Fighting skill of 50% (25/10), all members of the coven have one
attack per round.c Hand to hand damage will be 1d4+damage bonus, or as per weapon
Cecil Fortesque and Avril Marsh both have a Firearms skill of 35% (17/7) and 43%
(21/8) respectively.

This version of Working With Monsters has been put together over the course of a few
mornings whilst staying in Findhorn Bay on the Moray Firth in Scotland, which must
be one of the most restful and inspiring places on earth.
This scenario is inspired by and adapted without permission from three “Tales of
Terror” - “Dead Man's Bluff” by Mark Morrison, “The Terrible Old Bookshop” by Peter
F Jeffery & “The Black Book of the East” by Steve Hatherley. None of these Tales of
Terror, to my knowledge ever made it into any of the published collections.
Tales of Terror are horror plot threads stripped bear and each presented with three
alternative endings/outcomes. Over the years I have used many of these in my games
and the three nuggets which contribute to Working With Monsters and inspired
many subsequent scenarios are still my favourites.
Tales of Terror has gone through many incarnations, two published books and a few
websites, the current home on the web for these inspirational gems is
(as at September 2016)

The artwork of fantasy books used without modiffication on pages four, eight, ten and
fifteen of this scenario are taken from "Free! Fantasy Stock Art" by Daniel F. Walthall
is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC
BY 4.0) and available from DriveThruRPG
Details of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY 4.0)
may be found on the Creative Commons website
Working With Monsters by Derek Mayne is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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1890 - 1937

Working With Monsters presents your
investigators with a realtively simple task
commissioned by a very complex client - it is a
scenario which will test their morals and their
investigative skills.
It will embroil them in the world of Vampires and
Witches. It will require them to seek out a long
lost treasure and decide whether to return it to its
rightful owner.

Working with Monsters is a scenario for a small

group of experienced investigators

This and other scenarios and resources are freely available

from www.miskatonic.co.uk