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Please tell us about your family background including your parents’ current or last
occupations if retired? What is your contribution and responsibilities at home?

2. Please tell us your availability period and expected salary?

3. Kindly share with us, your reason(s) for choosing to advance your career as a Sales

4. In your opinion, what is the priority(ies) for a Sales Engineer?

5. In your opinion, what constitute a successful Sales Engineer?

6. In your opinion, what is the major attribute(s) in successfully closing a sales if you
and your competitors are offering same product and brand but your price is higher?

7. In your opinion, what is the major reason(s) customers would choose to buy from a
particular vendor and not the other vendors?

8. In your opinion, is it possible for to offer a product below cost? If so why? You may
quote example to support your answer.

9. In your opinion, is it possible to offer a product above market value or extremely high
margin? If so why do you think customer would agree to pay additional premium for
the said service? You may quote example to support your answer.

10. In your opinion, if company secured a project with margin that could only break even
or slightly at a loss, is it possible bring the project back to a good profit margin? If
you are entrust with this kind of project what would you do?

11. In your opinion, if you are handling a project with reasonable profit margin at the
start, how would you add value to this project? Can you foresee any possible reasons
that this project may experience losses and formulate possible solutions/strategies to
ensure it stay in green?

12. Do you have any past experience(s) conducting a business or closing a deal before? If
so please share with us your experience?

13. Do you have any past experience(s) convincing or influencing others to accept your
ideas/suggestions/promotion? Please share.

14. How do you feel about meeting strangers and how do you build connection with
people you just met?

15. Please share with us, your reason(s) for making a job change in current employment if
you are currently working.

16. Please share us, your own personal view on the following:-

a. Instant high pay Job vs now low pay Career that would only pay off much
more in latest years
b. Commit long term to a one single company vs job change with multiple
companies in relation to your career goals

c. What is your strategies in achieving success in your career growth, please

explain your strategies in term of time frame and your idea of success?

16. Our job openings are located in Shah Alam, Bintulu, Labuan and Johor Bharu. Which
is your preferred location? Are you able to attend work independently in your chosen

17. Please share with us your vision/s relating to your career life and how you would like
to achieve it/them?

18. Did you heard about us before this and if so where did you heard about us? Do you
know any of our staff?

19. Have a look at our website www.turcomp.com and tell us what do you think about our