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LIBRETTO VOCAL BOOK LITT WOM Book by Allan Knee Lyrics by Mindi Dickstein Music by Jason Howland NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! / * Should you find it necessary to mark cues or cuts, use a soft black lead pencil only. NOT FOR SALE * This book is rented for the period specified in your contract. It remains | the property of: Music THEATRE INTERNATIONAL 421 West 54th Street New York NY 10019 (212) 541-4684 ® Music Turarae IsnERNAnTONAL Copyright © All Rights Reserved CHARACTERS JO MARCH PROFESSOR BHAER AMY MARCH MEG MARCH BETH MARCH MARMEE MARCH MR. LAURENCE LAURIE LAURENCE AUNT MARCH, MR. JOHN BROOKE MRS. KIRK CLARISSA BRAXTON, RODRIGO KNIGHT HAG TROLL, RODRIGO 2 OPTIONAL: MONKS, CHORUS OF HAGS, CHORUS OF TROLLS Musicat NUMBERS Act. 00. Overture a 1. An Operatic Tragedy. e . Better... 3. Our Finest Dreams. 3a. Transition To March Purtor 3b. Letter Underscore .. 4, Here Alone 4a, Transition To Aunt March: 5. Could You eee 5a. Could You ~ Playoff/Transition 6. Delighted. 7. Delighted — Reprise 7a, Moffat Underscore 8. Take A Chance Om Meneses 9. Take A Chance On Me — Transition 10. Better ~ Reprise. 10a, Concord Transition .. 43 11, Off To Massachusetts. 46 12, Five Forever. 50 13, Transition 53 14, More Than | Am 59 14a, Transition To Attic connec See ee 62 15, Take A Chance On Me~ Reprise 65 16. Astonishing 66 Acr2 17. Entriacte... 18. The Weekly Volcano Press...... 18a, NYC To Concord ~ Transition. 18h, Beth Plays Pianv.. 19. Off To Massachusetts ~ Reprise. : seen nsenie 8 19a, Jo To Professor Bluer Transition... aoe ssn 20. How I Ain 85 20a. To The Bemelt cscerenee , peter 21. Some Things Are Meant To Be