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Seatin’s Labyrinth Of Legends First Clear Guide

Ideal Champion (3,000-5,000 Units):

5 Star Rank 4 Star-lord (Duped)

Alternative Champions (6,000-12,000 Units):

5 Star Rank 4 -
Storm (Duped)
Drax (Duped)
Ms. Marvel (Duped)
Symbiote Spider-Man
Black Panther (Duped)
Wolverine X-23
Rocket Racoon (Duped)

4 Star Rank 5 -
Star-Lord (Duped)

Building your team:

If you’re using a 5 Star Rank 4 Champion your focus will be on increasing your Champions
attack via Synergies to get the 5 minute soft enrage and 10 minute hard enrage. This will give
you plenty of time to fight every fight before you meet the hard enrage and get one shot by a

Ideally you want to use: Magneto, Cyclops, Yellow Jacket and Ant-Man (+24% Attack)

Certain champions with really high base attack won’t need this synergy (E.G Gwenpool), so
instead you can use the X-Men damage team synergy for more overall output (Cyclops,
Magneto, Storm Wolverine)

If you’re using a 4 Star 5/50 Starlord you’ll probably want to go with the X-Men damage team
synergy for as much effectiveness as possible. Be aware with a 5/50 you’ll only have roughly 3
minutes and 30 seconds before the boss enrages.

This post on reddit by u/Unipwn explains in a bit more detail how the enrage timer works if
you're curious:

● Make sure you're confident at intercepting
● Build your Masteries for maximum offense around the Champion you’re taking.
Willpower for example won’t have any use in your first Labyrinth run. Suggested Mastery
Setup: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JkN-
● Make sure you're confident with all the opponents specials on the easy path and how to
evade them to near perfection. Elektra's L1, War Machine's L2 and Maestro's L1 were
the trickiest for me
● Be aware the opponents hit significantly harder when you revive up with 40% health, so
you can't really rely on blocking. (Opponent's attack is based on your health at the start
of the fight)
● Be aware you only have 9 Parries/Stuns before the opponent recovers so quickly they
are practically immune
● Be aware all opponents will randomly evade throughout the fight
● Save top tier boosts and potions for Magik, War Machine and Maestro. Such as:
○ +20% Health and Attack
○ +10/15% Attack
○ +15%
● If you can defeat Red Hulk in a single try or last till the final enrage you’re probably good
to go
● Be prepared to get quite salty on Magik, War Machine and Maestro

Suggested route:
Labyrinth of Legends Map:

Here is the suggested route for Beginners

1. Red Hulk
2. Old Man Logan
3. Elektra
4. Ms. Marvel
5. Unstoppable Colossus
6. Colossus (Make sure you turn left and then right after you defeat Unstoppable Colossus)
7. Falcon
8. Gamora
9. Magik
10. War Machine
11. Ant-Man
12. Deadpool X-Force
13. Daredevil
14. Venom
15. Iron Fist
16. Civil Warrior
17. Maestro

Notes: On any empty nodes you could be ambushed by a Golden Adaptoid. This has a just
under 300,000 health and has the same SP1 and SP2 as Juggernaut however it won’t gain the
Unstoppable Buff. It’s fairly easy to deal with. Defeating any Golden Adaptoid will give you a
bonus +1 Generic 5 Star Signature at the end of your Labyrinth Run.

Fight tips

Red Hulk:
● Bait Special 1
● Be aware that his heat charges give him additional Physical Resistance so he’s quite

Old Man Logan:

● Bait Special 1
● Regen is still pathetic (10 health/second) - So that’s not an issue!

● Bait, Evade and Intercept Special 1
● Special 2 is much easier to Bait, but be prepared for that multi-tiered Special 1 (Can be
fully evaded)

Ms. Marvel:
● Bait Special 1

Unstoppable Colossus:
● Unstoppable Colossus’s Unstoppable ability is currently broken, so you just fight him like
an easier regular Colossus. Bait the SP1. Win the game.

● Bait the SP1’s
● Be aware he has 3.3 million health and is very tanky. One of the easiest fights, but also
one of the longest.
● Be aware he can reflect special attacks while blocking (Special Labyrinth Ability)

● SP1 is not fully evadeable
● Try to push to SP2 as often as possible as it’s quite easy to evade.
● Be prepared to die quite a bit from SP1 blocking damage. There’s not much you can do
about it, apart from try to play as aggressively as possible to minimize SP1’s.
● If you’ve got a large stash of health potions you might want to use a few once you’re
comfortable with the fight to heal up, this will reduce the damage taken blockin Falcon’s
SP1. If you’ve got a limited stash save for Magik.
● Once you’ve downed Falcon that’s ¼ of the ‘pain in the butt’ bosses down.

● Bait the SP1
● Ezbossezlife

● This fight is a huge unit grab. From using a 40% Revives you’ll often only get 15-35 hits
in before dying to Limbo. For the most part it’s doing that over and over and over again.
● This is the best fight to burn all your health potions on. Spend a few tries getting
comfortable with Magik in the Labyrinth. Once you’re confident with her animations and
timings then use your pots and try to get over a hundred combo.
● This fight will make you very salty.
● Once Magik is defeated that’s 2/4 of the ‘pain in the butt’ bosses down.

War Machine:
● SP1 is not fully evadeable
● Try to push to SP2 as often as possible, make sure you’ve practiced evading it.
● Be prepared to die quite a bit from SP1 blocking damage. There’s not much you can do
about it, apart from try to play as aggressively as possible to minimize SP1’s.
● War Machine is basically a more tanky and L1 aggressive version of Falcon. Be
prepared to be on full tilt after fighting
● Once War Machine is defeated that’s 3/4 of the ‘pain in the butt’ bosses down and you’re
on a smooth sailing path to Maestro!
● Bait SP1
● Be aware that Ant-Man is quite tanky duped
● If you’re finding yourself backed to the wall from baiting SP1’s you can use a SP3 to
create a huge amount of distance (As Ant-Man’s SP1 does lunge him forward quite a bit)

● Bait SP1
● Be prepared for the one time roughly 2 bar Power Gain at 30%

● Bait SP1
● Be aware that he’s dupe Lvl 99 and will auto-evade all projectiles unless stunned (E.G
Starlord L2 and Storm’s Specials)
● Bait SP1
● Venom plays really really aggressively. He’ll often lunge at you with 2-4 consecutive
swings, be nimble and ready to keep evading backwards
● Some good prep for this fight is to practice Act 4 Venom all linked nodes active with 3
Iron Fist
● Bait SP1
Civil Warrior
● Bait SP1/SP2 - Doesn’t really matter.
● Timing for SP1 - Don’t run into attack him until his bubble ‘pops’ - When the bubble
pops, Civil Warrior Drops


● If you’re playing with Star-Lord or a tech Champion Maestro will gain a random buff at
the start of the fight and every 35 seconds. About half of these buffs aren’t much to
worry about, just stat increase (E.G More damage, crit damage and crit) however there
are three buffs to keep a close eye out for:
○ Unstoppable (15 seconds) - You’ve just got to chill out for 15 second and out last
him. Be aware that he can get this while you’re mid-combo and smack you
○ Power Flood - This is similar to the Power Flood found in the Road the Labyrinth,
his power will keep on going up permanently. One stack isn’t too much to worry
about as it makes getting to SP2 a bit easier, but if he gets two/three stacks
you’re probably going to meet your demise from a SP3
○ Regen - He can regen for 20,000 every second (Broken down into 2x 10,000
ticks) when you see this you must pause and quit the fight IMMEDIATELY -
There is no possible way to out damage it in the current state of the game.
● In my experience Maestro seemed to proc evade a lot more aggressively than other
Labyrinth opponents
● Maestro plays very aggressively, much like Venom
● Make sure you’ve practiced fully evading that SP1 in Chapter 4! You’re going to have to
evade a lot of them (The trick I find is look at Maestros hands for the timing)
● Try and bait SP2’s as often as possible as they are insane easy to evade.

Enigmatic Maestro (Additional Labyrinth Maestro ability):

At the Start of the fight, Maestro changes his class abilities depending on his Opponent.
● Mystic - Applies different Debuffs depending on specific actions taken by Maestro and
his Opponents.
● Cosmic - Nullify on Specials.
● Tech - Receives random buffs throughout the fight.
● Mutant - Power Drain when blocked and received Armor Up when activating a Special 1
or 2.
● Skill - Reduces opponent affect accuracy when attacked.
● Science - Shrugs off debuffs.
I think it’s safe to say that Cosmic, Mutant and Skill Champions have the least amount of ‘BS’
when fighting Maestro, this is why Storm is a popular Star-Lord alternative.

Enjoy your rewards!

Any labyrinth questions tweet @Seatinmol on Twitter or join a livestream over at

www.youtube.com/seatinmanoflegends and I do my best to respond =)