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Have You Ever Survey

Have you ever played a team sport? Have you ever had dancing lessons?

Which sport did you play? What kind of dancing did you learn?

Do you still play it? Were you good at it?

Have you ever won a competition? Have you ever seen a famous person?

What competition was it? Who did you see?

What was the prize? Where did you see them?

Have you ever cried during a film? Have you ever played a musical
Which film was it?
What was it?
What happened at the end of the film?
Do you still play it?

Have you ever spoken in public? Have you ever broken a bone?

What did you speak about? What bone did you break?

Did you enjoy it? How did you break it?

Have you ever called the police? Have you ever travelled by airplane?

Why did you call them? When was the last time?

What happened? Where did you go?

Have you ever studied another language

Have you ever forgotten an important date?
apart from English?
Which language did you study? What date was it?

Can you speak it well? Why (not)? What happened?

Have you ever found any money? Have you ever done a dangerous sport?

How much did you find? Which sport was it?

What did you do? Did you enjoy it?

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Have You Ever Survey
In this class activity, students practice asking and answering questions using the present
perfect and past simple.

Before class, copy and cut up one worksheet for every fourteen students. If you have more
than fourteen students, you could make two groups or invent some more questions and write
them on pieces of paper.


Give a card to each student.

Tell the students that they are going to do a class survey and ask questions using the
present perfect and past simple tense.

Explain that they have to ask every student in their class or group the first question on their

When a student answers 'Yes, I have', they must ask the past simple follow-up questions
and note down the answers.

At the end of the activity, the students report back their results to the class.

Teach-This.com ©20I3 Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.

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