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"BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MESRA, RANCHI "(END SEMESTER EXAMINATION) as Sa ‘SEMESTER = Ho Xs SESSION : MO/4 IDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER Al GORITHMS ¥ aaa ach of 12. marks and total 84 marks, mum of 60 marks, ire that you have got the correct question paper. iuppiied to the candidates in the examination hall. 20 algorithm? How do you express the performance [66] ing the first non-repeating character in a text (over (8) iy approach. [4-8] re between PRIM's and KRUSKAL's algorithms. Does both proach? Justify your answer. Prove or disprove: ‘ted graph is decreased by 1 (one) after finding an fected to result MST. Input isa set S containing n real numbers and one real [6+6] imine whether there are two elements of § whose sum time O (n log n) ultipication. Analyze the time complexity of the approach. 7 je programming. ‘What are the drawbacks of this approach? [57] ee Da rican pes oe ac prom fole of Backtracking, » yin of subset problem and its atgorithmic implementation. [4+8) rithm? Differentiate between Monte Carlo and Las Yesas [6-6] tance of Randomized algorithm. smallest element from an unsorted list of n elements (assume {algorithm in this purpose. Also, analyze the running time of