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Revised Edition
Lowest Stat +1 (min 1). Her can become higher during the Connections

Player Guide game but resets at the adventure’s start.

Endurance (End). Str+Agi+3. Represents vitality and life
force. When it drops to zero the character is knocked out
(GM decides if he is actually dead or not).
B: You have connections in a certain type of world (crime,
military, business). With a Mnd roll you can obtain info
or resources (up to 10 Coins) from them. Additional rolls
in the same session suffer cumulative -2.
1 - Introduction A: Advantage in Mnd roll for connections, up to 30 Coins
Adventurers! is a complete stand-alone RPG in two pages. 5 - Concept of resources. You can also ask for support (a follower with
This revised edition is expanded and fine-tuned to make The Concept identifies what a hero is and what he does. It 6 Stat points, 1 Skill, lasts one session).
it a more streamlined game. Send your Adventurers into is made up of two parts, a Definition (e.g. Unlucky) and an Crafting
action! Archetype (e.g. Detective), such as Dashing Swordsman, B: Advantage in rolls to fix things and craftsmanship.
Mysterious Mage, or Cop Who Protects Innocents. You A: Create 10 Coins worth of items before adventure or
2 - Character Creation have Advantage on knowledge rolls linked to your Ar- spend 2 Her to craft a minor relic, a permanent item
Name. Identifies your character, choose a cool one! chetype. The GM rewards you with Her points when you bestowing +1 to a Stat for a specific task.
Concept. A brief description of your hero. role-play your Definition (e.g. if you are a Courageous
Stats. Split 6 Points among Stats, calculate Derived Stats. Swordsman and you behave in a courageous way). Healing
Skills. Choose two Skills at Basic level or one Skill at You start with a single Definition, but can acquire others, B: Advantage in healing rolls. Healing cure +1 End.
Advanced level. up to three in total. A: Begin adventure with 1 free Potion. You create extra
Gear. You begin with 30 Coins of gear or a weapon, ar- Archetype cannot be changed unless GM allows it. Potions with a Mnd (-2) roll by spending 1 Her or half the
mor and any two items linked to your Skills or Concept. Potion cost.
6 - Skills Learning
3 - Mechanics Skills define what your expertise areas are and exist in Ba- B: Advantage in knowledge-related rolls (history, geogra-
Action Resolution. Roll 2d6 + Stat, if you score 7 or sic (B) or Advanced (A) form. You must first take a Basic phy, ancient lore, curios).
more your action is successful (Difficulty applies a modi- Skill before improving it to Advanced. A: Spend 1 Her to create a setting “fact” (GM permission),
fier). Focus (F). This Skill can be taken multiple times, each to solve a situation or to grant +3 to a roll.
Opposed Rolls. Roll 2d6+Stat, highest wins. time choosing a different Armor Group, Minion, Power, Luck
“Natural” Rolls. The score right from the dice, without Weapon Group and so on. Typical ones are listed below; B: Advantage when spending Her to reroll.
any modifiers. others will be introduced in various settings. A: Spend 1 Her to gain +2 instead of +1. After spending
Critical Results. Double One is a Critical Failure and Armor Groups. Unarmored, Light, Medium, Heavy, Her, roll a die; on a 6 you recover the Her point.
Double Six is a Critical Success. Power
Heroism. After rolling you can spend 1 Heroism to add Vehicle Groups. Aircraft, Ground Vehicles, Mounts, Minion/Relic (F)
B: You acquire a loyal follower (4 Stats points, 1 Skill) or a
+1 to the result or to reroll from scratch. Spaceships, Watercraft. relic of GM’s choice.
Advantage/Disadvantage. Certain factors (mainly Weapon Groups. Blades, Bows and Slings, Clubs and A: Your follower improves (gets 12 Exp) or you gain a
Skills) give you advantage or disadvantage: roll three dice Axes, Firearms, Polearms, Power, Unarmed. band of Mnd x2 hirelings (2 Stat Points) or the relic be-
and pick the highest (advantage) or lowest (disadvantage) comes more powerful.
two dice. Ambidexterity
Notation. In published scenarios rolls are written like B: When fighting with two weapons you only suffer -2 Att Mobility (F)
this to save space: Mnd (-2, Perception). This means you B: Pick a Vehicle Group. Advantage in rolls to use that
to the secondary weapon. type of Vehicles (riding, driving...), including Maneuvers.
must roll on Mind, with a -2 modifier, and the Perception A: You can fight with two weapons without any penalty.
Skill applies. A: +1 Att, Def and AR when you are fighting in/with the
Armorcraft (F) Vehicle (jousting, dog fights...)
Situation Modifier B: Choose an Armor Group. When wearing armor of that
Group you get +1 to AR and reduce the Encumbrance of Perception
Easy +2 B: Advantage on rolls to notice hidden things, clues, de-
the armor by one. tails. +1 Agi for Initiative only.
Difficult/Very Difficult -2/-4 A: +1 Def with the chosen armor. A successful AR ab- A: Sense incoming danger on a Mnd (-2) roll. +2 Agi for
sorbs one extra damage point. Initiative only.
4 - Stats and Derived Stats Athletics
Stats define characters, they range from -1 to 6. B: Advantage in athletic activities (climbing, swimming). Power
Strength (Str). Physical prowess and vigor. B: You have supernatural powers. You can use Power
A: +1 Def if unencumbered. Natural 11-12 = Critical Suc- Items. Choose one Sphere of Power.
Agility (Agi). Nimbleness and basic defense. cess in Def rolls.
Mind (Mnd). Intellect, ingenuity and knowledge. A: +2 to Power rolls in your Sphere, Strain only happens
Derived Stats are secondary attributes Charisma on a Critical Failure.
B: Advantage in social activities (persuasion, intimidation,
Attack (Att). Depends on weapon and Skills. bargaining...), including Mnd Distractions. Stealth
Defense (Def). Based on Agility, modified by armor. B: Advantage in stealthy actions (move silently, burglary).
A: With a Mnd (-2) roll you encourage/scare all your al- A: +2 Att and x2 Damage vs unaware foes.
Heroism (Her). For player characters, it is calculated as lies/foes: they have +1/-1 to their rolls for the whole scene.

Adventurers! Revised Edition
Survival 9 – Recovery Power Situation Modifier
B: Advantage in outdoor activities (notice, tracking, rid- Sleep. 8 hours of rest restores Str+1 End.
ing...). In the wild, find a Meal with a Mnd (+2) roll. Healing. A Mnd roll restores 1 lost End, 2 with a Critical Permanent -6 and 1 Her permanent loss
A: Advantage in Att and Def against animals. If you have a Success (max number of healing attempts a character can
beast Minion it gains 8 Exp. receive per day is Str+1). Spheres of Power
Heroism. GM awards Her during the game for overcom- Damage. You can make melee and ranged attacks (Mnd,
Weaponcraft (F) Range Mnd x10) with this Power. If you have a Power
B: Choose a Weapon Group. You gain advantage in Att or ing foes and obstacles and good role-play, in particular of
your Concept Definition. Her resets at the scenario’s start. Weapon you roll with +1 Att.
Def (choose at turn start) with weapons of that Group. Empower (D, R).You can buff/debuff creatures and
A: Advantage in Att and Def with your Weapon Group.
Natural 11-12 = Critical Success in Attack rolls. 10 – Gear items, giving +1/-1 to one type of roll (e.g. Att, Def). Giv-
Gear is described in the Gear Sheet. Ask the GM what ing +2/-2 is a Difficult Action.
7 – Optional Character Creation Rules is available in the setting you are playing. Firearms, in Healing. You can heal a number of End equal to your
particular, may be restricted. Gear special effects are man- Mnd (min 1). Healing yourself is a Difficult Action.
Point Buy Characters. Characters begin with Stats at 0 Illusion (D, R-2).You can craft illusions including false
and no Skills. They have 30 Experience Points to spend to aged through keywords.
Att/Def of weapons/armor are based on the Stats of the opponents (same stats as Summoning, but End = spell-
upgrade their heroes Negative Stats (i.e. -1) grant +3 Exp/ caster’s Mnd/2, rounded up).
negative Point. user. So a character with Agi 3 using a dagger has Att 3.
Ammo. Ranged weapons come with 20 ammo (refilled at Investigation (D).You can detect hidden or invisible
Coins for Stat Points. You can double your starting things and gather knowledge beyond normal means. In
Coins by renouncing 1 Stat Point. You can receive 1 ad- the beginning of the scenario).
Cost. Expressed in generic “Coins” (real currency de- addition You use Mnd in place of Agi for Initiative.
ditional Stat point by reducing your starting Coins to one Mind Control (D, R). You can enslave the minds of
fifth. If you are using the Point Buy rules, double money pends on the setting).
Shields are considered weapons, because they can be other beings. Self-harming orders require an immediate
costs 3 Exp and reducing coins grants 3 additional Exp. opposed roll to maintain control.
Races. By default adventurers are humans. If you want to used off-hand for push attacks. If you have Weaponcraft
(Shields) you can use it in Def rolls to enhance your Protection (D). You can create wards and protec-
play alternative races you can take inspiration from these: tions. You can make Def rolls using Mnd, gain AR 4/6,
Dwarves. 5 Stat Points, +1 End, Night Vision. Elves. 5 Stat chances to deflect blows, even if you don’t attack with it.
and can bestow this protection on others. With Mage
Points, +1 to Power rolls and +2 to rolls to resist Powers.
Small Folk. 5 Stat Points, Str from -2 to 5, +1 Her. 11 – Powers Armor you gain +1 extra Def and +1 to AR.
Powers are supernatural abilities certain adventurers have. Summoning (D).You can call up creatures from some-
8 – Combat They are divided into Spheres, each with its own effects. where to obey you. Normal creatures (4 Stats Points,
Initiative. Characters act in descending order of Agility. The exact description and nature of a Power is left to the 1 Skill/Special Ability) are called without penalty,
Ties are resolved with opposed Agi rolls. player. By default, Powers affect a single target, but they Powerful ones (6 Stats Points, 2 Skills/Special Abilities)
Actions. During his turn a character can move up to can be modified during use. Settings define what Power are Difficult to call and Very Powerful (9 Stats Points, 3
10+Agi yards (half if Encumbered) and can perform an Spheres are available. Skills/ Special Abilities) are Very Difficult.
action (attack, use a Power etc…). Power Roll. To use a Power characters make a Power Transmutation (D, R). You can shapeshift creatures
Attack. Attacker rolls 2d6+ Att, Defender rolls 2d6 + roll, which is a Mnd roll with the modifiers below. and objects, altering their nature. Shapeshifted creatures
Def. If Attacker wins he deals 1 Damage (Dmg) +1 per 2 Strain. If the Power roll is a natural 2-4, whether it suc- can have from half to the original number of Stat Points.
points higher than Defender he scored. ceeds or not the hero suffers Strain, losing 2 End with a 12 – Advancement
Ranged Attacks. As above, you suffer no penalty if tar- natural 2 and 1 with 3-4. If you have a Focus you can use
it to absorb Strain. Characters are awarded Experience (Exp) which is
get is in Range of the weapon. Beyond Range, you suffer spent to improve Stats and gain new Skills.
-2. No ranged attack is possible beyond Range x2. Powers with Limitations. If the player takes a Limita-
Damage (Dmg). Damage is subtracted from End. tion for his Power, chosen when acquiring it (i.e. affects Advancement Exp Cost
Armor Roll (AR). If the Defender is hit and wears ar- only undead, works only by night...), he rolls with advan-
mor, he can make an AR to reduce Dmg, rolling a die and tage. Raise a Stat up to +3 4
applying the armor’s effect. Duration (D). Effects of Powers with a Duration usually Raise a Stat from +4 to +6 6
Attack Critical Success. +1 Dmg. last a scene (GM’s choice), others are permanent.
Defense Critical Success. Defender makes an imme- Resisted (R). Some Powers can be resisted, i.e. opposed Gain 1 End or Her 2
diate free attack (melee only). by the target’s Mnd roll. If the target wins, the Power Gain a new Basic Skill 3
Attack Critical Failure. You fumble with your doesn’t work. R-X means that resisting rolls have a -X
weapon and lose the next attack. modifier. Upgrade a Basic Skill to Advanced 4
Defense Critical Failure. You give a dangerous open- Gain a new Concept Definition (max 3) 1
ing to your opponent, giving him a free attack. Power Situation Modifier
Two-Weapon Fighting. You make two attacks, but the Area Effect -2/Burst 5 Change a Concept Definition (once per 0
main attack suffers -1 and the secondary attack suffers -3. Intense -2/+1 Dmg scenario
The Ambidexterity Skill offsets these penalties. Cover Art by Mariusz Gandzel - file background by Lord Zsezse Works.
Duration (day/week) -2/-4