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Protocol Data Type

Battery periodic

Battery one time

Driving Data

Vehicle one time

Vehicle periodic

Charging One time

Charging Periodic

Charging Data

Charging session

Charging session completion

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Fields Observation

Available energy, Inst. voltage, Inst. current, Batt.

Max. Current, Individual cell voltage and ambient Ambient temperature is not present

Is not available for each ignition. But is

Time of ignition and Odometer
available only once and also Odometer
data is zero

Power path effective resistance and

Power path effective resistance and Odometer
Odometer reading is always zero

Speed graph is not shown- UI problem

Speed of vehicle

Number of cells, Number of Temperature

sensors, start and end SoC, charging energy, Decimal places of SOC are wrong.
number of charges battery has undergone,
charging duration in seconds

Voltage and temperature decimal places

individual cell voltage and temperature are wrong- UI Problem. Balancing current
status is wrong

Data received until Driving transfer stage

Name of current stage of charging. alone and not for subsequent stages

BIN's master status always shown as

start and end SoC, charging energy, charging
slave.Charging completion message is
completion code and message, BIN was master
garbled at times.
or slave

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Suspect Person In-charge

Charger Charger team

Battery Megala

Megala &Driving Protocol team
Protocol Team

UI Saayee & Yosiya

UI Saayee & Yosiya

Saayee, Yosiya & Ramvel(Balancingcurrentstatus


Charger & BMS BMS and Charger team

Charger Charger team

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Explanation Expected Solution
There is 15 minutes log of ambient temp for every
battery pack as told by megala. Since, the version Will be done in update of 2.4.2 as told by
that is being tested is 2.4.1, it is not sent by charger charger team
to oms as they refer protocol V.2.4.1

The data is logged for every ignition but 2.4.1

protocol doesn't mention to sent it on every ignition
so it is sent to Charger only once. It is available in On 2.4.2 Update
2.4.2 only to send data for every ignition and it will
be received as per expectation in 2.4.2

1.Power path effective resistance is being sent from

BMS it is the charger that not sending it and they are
working on it. 2.Odometer Will be Updated by Megala and Driving
reading has been not logged by driving protocol Protocol team (odometer) and Charger team
team and they are yet to release the update that (Powerpatheffres)
sends odometer value because of multiple driving
sessions.(as told by megala)

UI team has to look Resolved

The SOC values must be shown by dividing it with

100 eg., if soc is 9908 then it must be shown as Resolved

1.Cell Voltage values must be always divided by

1000 and temperature values by 100 for all periodic
data as told by Megala. It has to be validated for all
periodic data where cell values are present.
2.Balancing current status is for whole number of
cells and the value has to be decoded with bitwise
function so that every cell has its own
balancingcurrentstatus [with reference to protocol]
as described by megala. It has to be discussed by
the backend and UI people.

The stages are not updated either due to battery

timeout or the charger hanging issues. Since, te
The respective teams need to find out a
charger sends the data so far it received if there is
solution and update.
timeout which needs to be corrected by bms and
charger team

Currently, the charger sends as slave only

irrespective of the Battery Mode. They have to Will be updated by Charger team
update and validate.

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Pending Messages

Message Initiated by

Chargerselftest Result Charger

Connectorselftest Result Charger

NotifySoftwareUpdateStatus Charger

Update Software OMS


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Pending Messages

Reason In-charge

It has to be done real time Charger Team

It has to be done real time Charger Team

It has to be done real time Charger Team

Message can be received by charger functionality

Charger Team
has to be done.

Message can be received by charger functionality

Charger Team
has to be done.

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Pending Messages


These tests need to be self initiated by

charger as they do not deal with battery data.
Charger team has to disclose when it will be

if a bin path is provided whether it update or

not has to be tested in testing environment

Whether the given IP has been updated or

not has to be verified.

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