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Our store makes baking easier and more convenient in terms of resources. We have to
obtain the best equipment to render our customer to satisfy their needs. We gather
these tools with their corresponding sales price:

Equipment Price (in pesos)

Rolling pins 200.00
Mixing bowls 250.00

Cookie cutters 200.00

Baking sheets 300.00
Pans 200.00-500.00 (depends on the size)
Muffin tins 180.00

Measuring cups 190.00

Minute timer 150.00
Candy thermometer 285.00
Cooling rack 180.00
Flour sifters 190.00

Icing bag tips 300.00

Basting brushes 300.00
Palette knife 350.00
Scales 300.00

Aprons 150.00
Hair nets 100.00
Oven mitts 100.00
Hand mixer 295.00
Oven 1800.00-5000.00
Do you love baking but do not have equipments to use to satisfy your hobby? Is it
too expensive for you to purchase your own tools for you baking skills? Our store can
be the answer for your problems. Our customers can go to our main store and try to find
what the need. They can choose and decide what equipment to use and see it directly
works. We offer rentals and sales of equipments for baking for a reasonable price. We
have our online store and deliver the tools directly to your house.