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Interactions with

other minerals or Interactions Characteristics of interactions

Calcium, Zinc Negative Reduces the absorption of iron.

Increases the absorption of iron. The level of haemoglobin is higher if

Vitamin A Positive
Iron iron and vitamin A are taken together than in case of iron alone.

Increases the absorption of iron by enhancing absorption in the

Vitamin C Positive
gastrointestinal tract.

Increases bioavailability of calcium, potentiates calcium absorption by

Vitamin D Positive
bone tissue.
Magnesium Negative Reduces absorption of calcium.

Zinc Negative Reduces absorption of calcium.

Promotes absorption of Magnesium into the body, and enhances the

Vitamin B6 Positive
Magnesium absorption and retention of Magnesium into the cells.

Calcium Negative Reduces absorption of Magnesium.

Manganese Calcium, Iron Negative Impairs absorption of Manganese.

Copper Zinc Negative Reduces absorption of Copper.

Molybdenum Copper Negative Reduces absorption of molybdenum.

Vitamin B9
Negative Inhibits absorption of zinc due to the formation of insoluble complexes.
(Folic Acid)

Zinc Calcium, Iron,

Negative Reduces absorption of zinc in the intestines.

Vitamin B12 Positive Increases absorption of zinc.

Chromium Iron Negative Reduces absorption of chromium.

Vitamin C, Vitamin
Positive Protects Vitamin A from oxidation.
Vitamin A
Required for the metabolism of vitamin A and for its transformation into
Zinc Positive
an active form.

Vitamin B6 Negative Slows the transformation of vitamin B1 to its biologically active form.
Vitamin B1 Enhances allergic reactions to Vitamin B1.Cobalt ions in the molecule of
Vitamin B12 Negative
cobalamin contribute to the breakdown of vitamin B1.

Cobalt ions in the molecule of cobalamin contribute to the destruction of

Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Negative
Vitamin B6.

Inhibits absorption of vitamin B9 due to the formation of insoluble

Zinc Negative
Vitamin B9 complexes.

Vitamin C Positive Promotes conservation of Vitamin B9 in tissues.

Vitamin C, B1, Iron,

Vitamin B12 Negative Turns vitamin B12 into useless analogues.

Vitamin C Positive Restores oxidized vitamin E.

Vitamin E
Selenium Positive Enhances the antioxidant effects of each other.