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The Science of Beings Research Academy

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The Science of Beings Research Academy presents a Unified Theory—
an outline defining parameters that break down the barrier between
science and philosophy; and a work in progress called an Evolvement
Theory—evolution stages based upon the interaction between physical
and spiritual parameters (with a being’s perceptions, thoughts and
feelings being the link between the two).
Out of these theories, and incorporating techniques from prior
research, come the Ananda, Mettaya, Adept/Researcher, and
Source/Rejuvenation Rundowns. These can only be understood and
applied in any wholistic manner by someone who has managed to
progress through earlier, more basic studies, training and practice in
subjects that try to define life, the universe and everything with some
degree of scientific rationality when examining the interconnection
between body, mind and spirit. The acronyms and terms used in the
Rundowns and Evolvement Theory are defined in the Unified Theory
(for which a glossary is currently under constuction) and a good
dictionary. Contact us with your questions and comments.

A Unified Theory
CHAPTER 1: What the Prophets didn’t tell you
CHAPTER 2: Types of Beings
CHAPTER 3: A Brief Historical Precedence of Research.
CHAPTER 4: The Time Tracks.
CHAPTER 5: The Universes.
CHAPTER 6: Conclusion.
A Unified Theory

Chapter one:

What the Prophets didn’t tell You

This is research where the discoveries can appear to be more

dangerous than the explorations. It shows the relationships between
beings and how they came to create a universe. Twenty-six hundred
years ago Gautama figured if everyone could assume the original
creator’s viewpoint, the world would be a saner, less barbaric place.
Didn’t quite work out that way. Jesus expressed his way to salvation as
doing God’s will. Mohammed expressed his revelations in terms
defined by Abraham. Their followers think they’re obeying God’s Laws.
Teachers err—a few misconceptions and someone ends up dieing. One
has to go back to find out why.

“How far?”

“To the beginning of time, then before.”

A Dean of Materials Science once said: ‘When the biologist runs out of
answers he turns to the chemist; when the chemist runs out of
answers he turns to the physicist; when the physicist runs out of
answers he turns to the mathematician, and when the mathematician
runs out of answers he turns to the philosopher’. Add the corollary:
‘When the philosopher runs out of answers, he turns to the artist’ and
one gets the right to mix a simile with a metaphor.

One eventually perceives the original creator of life to have a womb-

like spiritual beingness. It decided to expand the universal phenomena
of existence into a void of nothingness. It was innocent, it didn’t try to
protect itself; it regenerated by evolving outwards and inwards. From
this fabric of life are born individual viewpoints who come into being at
that point between before and after, between in and out—and that’s
where we are. Spiritual thought is trialectic not dialectic: whether a
being decided to play, just be, or not to play was preempted by a
process of self-realization. Conflicts in terms of identity and purpose
can cause confusion to be linked to each step, yet for failure there’s
always the regenerating power of life at its origin and the possibility
that knowledge can help provide a fresh start..

Mistakes were made, innocent or not—suppressive beings, unable to

create in the game of life, tried to usurp that basic creative power and
become false gods—since then the beginning has been shielded in
mystery so that we’ll avoid repeating the ensuing evil destruction they
caused. But we don’t.

There is a way to undo the mysteries and correct the mistakes—no

matter how ironic they may be. The structure of life is revealed. That
beings plus elements from different spaces and times are involved is
just the case. The connections we have with them can be mapped and
handled. For most people, ninety-eight percent of life is okay; it’s only
about two percent that’s flawed—and that really needs to be
straightened out.

When you understand the history of beings it will make your life
better. When you have a way to unravel your own story and see how
it fits, it will make life better for us all.

At times the following data can get very precise—but that’s how one
creates a life model to start unraveling the confusions. A workable
model would be based on parameters of time and space that can
encompass the age of an electron and a baby’s first breath.
Most people have questions like: Where do we come from? Why are we
here? Some people appear to have some of the answers. Problems
arise in putting together the appropriate answers to the appropriate
questions. For that to be possible the basic facts about beings had to
be uncovered. Truths had to supplant the false ideas people have been
using. The on-off-neutral flux of ions and organic molecules, the forces
in matter and energy, restimulate everyone and keep them to some
degree effect of reality’s presentation. The overall physical experience
makes us think we’re ‘inside’ a universe—a similar phenomena also
happens to beings we don’t normally see—some who’ve been
influencing us since the beginning of time. Why? Just life? Not really.
There was a series of events, a set of causes and effects.

Whether you think you’re a being or not, beings influence you—but

measuring time is arbitrary. We’re not just dealing with the known
physical laws—one of the ways to trap a being is to give him a false
concept of origin and time. We’re human in a physical sense and
beings in a spiritual sense—the two sets of parameters interact.
Understanding how is on the order of asking Einstein whether or not
light, gravity and electro-magnetism, operating in a vacuum, are acting
as waves or as particles. They operate. Better to know their origin.
Instead of life being a generality like some giant wave of energy
washing through reality, we can break it down into parts and define
each part (or quanta) according to its characteristics.

Using the metaphor that life is a game played in universes we call

realities, and using the analogous harmonics of physics with its
electrons and protons, is a way to explain the interaction between the
spiritual and the physical. Others have tried and managed to get
pieces of the puzzle right. Others haven’t: ‘To ignore’ leads to
ignorance and like the man said: ‘Ignorance combined with stupidity
never stopped a critic’. That is expected; so is some understanding.

With this new knowledge comes a workable method to dig us out of the
confusion. It’s not so easy; it’s not so hard; but only the most able and
persistent will be able to do it. It’s almost like pulling yourself out of a
swamp of unknowingness then finding your way up a mountain that’s
hidden behind the clouds. You may discover there’s more to you than
can be seen with the eyes—and it’s a whole lot more than anyone has
ever said.

Scalers working for the highway department remove loose rock off a
cliff face to preempt a slide. You have to scale. If you don’t take off
each layer, step by step, you can bypass a truth or a lie and take a
wrong turn. If you stop before getting to the top, that which is unknown
(plural) can cause masses of rocks to tumble down and crash into your
space. You might have to start over. You might get knocked out. Or
you might even feel like starting a new religion if the heart attack
doesn’t kill you first. But you’ll already know part of the path and it will
be faster next time. There are no bridges.

Imagine you’re on the northwest coast of America—the end of the

highway. There’s an ocean. It’s dark and cloudy. There’s a little bit of
rain—not enough to wear a hat. The sidewalks and asphalt are
glistening like they do in black and white movies. It’s chilly. You’re
drinking coffee or having a smoke, both if you so choose. You’re going
to see the noir side and hopefully come out enlightened—like a Buddha
on Main street.

Ninety-eight percent of life appears to be just fine. It’s that two

percent that keeps creating the problems. Eventually you’ll be able to
recognize the patterns in the matrix and identify who caused them.

Start 8.008 quadrillion years ago. That’s how old some of these
electrons and protons are around here. They’ve seen the rise and fall
of a few universes and been through most of them. Before the
beginning, there was a creator—the original. There are incredibly
beautiful things, large and small, so we assume the creator of life was
benign—a beingness that was more quality than quantity because
there were no quantities yet.

Quantities involve the characteristics of matter, energy, space and

time—things. Things are the result of what’s created, not the cause.
The origin of life could perceive and decide; it could create but there
was nothing created. So it created life in the form of beings—almost
infinite in number. They weren’t all the same size, but they all had
the right to be or not to be, to play the game of life or not to play.
Once you decided to play, the will to live became yours—and you had
your own intention.

Many decided not to play—they wanted to maintain the static quality

of their creation—nothing else, no intentions, no abilities, just
existence in its purist form. The ‘not to plays’ knew that once they
started putting out positions in space and time, they’d tarnish or lose
the purity of their conception. By not playing they chose to remain
outside realities that were about to be composed by other beings who
chose to play, and who were about to create spaces and forms—
eventually universes, small and large.
Those who chose to play became aware of themselves, then they
perceived a before and an after. The game of life starts at the point
of origin and runs to present time. With an inward sense of one’s
own existence and an outward sense of others, four relative vectors
exist: in, out, before, and after.

Infinity is an overwhelming concept; it makes some problems

unresolvable. A being is an individual. Rationality should be based on
‘infinity minus one logic’ or one can become lost. So the ‘one’ is you
and there is a finite way to resolve your case or present condition
because you have your original identity and you know the decisions
that have been made. What’s been taken away is your ability to
remember. What if you could regain your original point of view?
Learned a way to recall that cleared up the confusion and memory

The beings, no matter what size, once they decided to play, were all
blessed with a potential to create the game of life and the playing field
in which to play it. They started with an empty tapestry and that’s the
only time they could be perceived as being equal. There was a moral
code: those who chose to be—would be in the game; those who chose
not to be in the game—would not. All had the right to their own
existence. Codes can be violated and with one as simple and rational
as this, it was due to diabolical reasoning based upon someone’s
failure to create.
Most of us disagreed with what a few evil beings wanted so they set
out to enforce their reality. Their game became that of controlling and
trapping others. They won for a while—every religion has a vision of
hell. We lost our freedom just as we were about to win, but now we’re
all waking up. Life as we know it has evolved to a point where it’s
possible to unravel the old traps that keep getting restimulated then
dramatized, over and over. Being trapped is the opposite of being free
yet some beings decided they were free to trap others.

So a three part process, method or technique is called for which will

incorporate: scaling, unraveling and a way to recall.

The first step in creating a reality, or a universe, or a playing field for

the game of life, was to put out units of attention, position points
earmarked by locations in space and time—a point would be defined
by how far in or how far out, and tagged with when was it put there. It
was carried on a wave of intention to it’s where and when. The
intention could stay attached, go back to it’s point of origination, or
dissipate off like a wave in the ocean, even disappear into a void of

If others agreed to the position point’s time and place, it became a

dimension point. A number of agreed upon dimension points created a
space. All players contribute to creating space by using their intention
to put out position points. Condensing agreed upon points created
particles. That was done by taking out individual intentions—which
allowed similar points to come together. Energy appears to be an
aspect of particles on the move. Depending upon what happened to
the intentions, some particles condense into matter, and some react
to each other. Nuclear explosions can be seen as particles, intentions
still intact, trying to get back to their points of conception.

Most position points just exist in their own space and time. When they
get moved away they tend toward getting pulled back to their ‘where
and when’. Enforced or not, some are held onto by the beings,
consciously or not, and become anchor points, clues to where the
being has been and what it’s done.

Agreed upon dimension points can be held onto by many beings. Prior
to a big universe like this one, with all its matter, energy, space and
time, there were stages of smaller universes—earlier realities that
were homes or entities for a few beings back when forms were first
created. Perception of the relationships between forms gave a
secondary sense of time, no longer just before or after, there were
changes in position. With agreement on relative changes in position—
time and motion became inherent parts of reality.
Near the beginning, with so many inertial fields, time as we know it
wasn’t on the same clock for everyone. Primary experience would be
what happened to you and what you did. Secondary experience
would be what happened to others and the effects they created.
Complexity in your case or condition occurs when these are
randomly connected.

Stars just may be the collapsed position points of universes that no

longer exist, which is to say: there were and are a lot of beings
Assume the first ten thousand years, a blink in time, was like an
enormous emotional explosion. Things that one created, that were
closer, or that were considered more aesthetic, were considered to
have a higher affinity. Those with the most agreement became more
solid and higher in reality. Beings shared certain affinities and
realities, so on a universal playing field encompassing many smaller
realities—there was and is more communication and more
understanding with some beings than with others.

This seems all very sensible, natural, recognizable. There doesn’t

appear to be cause for war, crime or insanity, and that’s the way life
evolved for two quadrillion years. Close to their origin, beings were
very creative. Survival wasn’t a question. Destruction wasn’t a problem
—just take the anchor points or dimension points back to their points
of conception and they no longer had any adverse effect; create
something new if you so chose, or as some were prone to do—just drop
them wherever and go off to do something else. It was an ever
expanding tapestry being created by different beings all with the
original purpose: ‘to create the game of life and a playing field in which
to play it’—long before ‘survival’ became a general concept.

If someone did something alone—that was a first dynamic activity. If

he did it with another individual -that was a second dynamic activity.
If he did it with a group—that was a third dynamic activity. A large
group separated unto itself in it’s own reality was fourth dynamic—like
humanity on Earth. Plants and animals incorporated evolving position
points and patterns to persist through time. They later became the
fifth. Matter and energy as we know it didn’t exist yet. That became
the sixth. All beings inclusive could be defined as a seventh dynamic.
If one included a void, a creator, all the beings playing or not, and all
things, one had the concept of an eighth dynamic that was almost
infinite in scope.

For the first two quadrillion years, in this model, nobody forgot or was
force to forget what they’d created—so the persistence of forms was
tenuous—depending upon who was involved and what their intentions
were. We’re all beings but different beings adopted different
characteristics and qualities of action. When some decided to enforce
their intentions, anchor points and dimension points on others—
problems arose.
A Unified Theory

Chapter two:

Types of Beings:

A universe is an agreed upon reality, a playground for life. The one

we’re in now, on the overall scale of time, may or may not appear to
be so old but the particles that compose most of its matter, energy,
space and time were created very long ago. Whether a creator created
us and other beings out of its own fabric or out of nothing but its
imagination is a philosophical question—but if you think you’re only the
figment of someone else’s imagination you’ll never be able to choose
free will. Others can care what you believe but in terms of life’s
structure, belief doesn’t actually matter very much. If you’re a being
and there’s nothing to perceive prior to becoming aware of yourself,
what occurred before there was any life also doesn’t really matter—
you weren’t there (same logic applies to a creator) but if you’ve been
around since the beginning and someone had forced you to forget
what occurred in order to keep you under control, it would be a bonus
to know what had happened, especially if it helped to resolve negative
conditions in your present life—whether that has to do with anything
spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, or regarding your relationships
with others.

Define an original life viewpoint as a being or soul without the

characteristics of matter, energy, space or time but still able to
perceive, decide, intend, and put out position points composed of
location and time. You may not be personally blessed with mass or
wavelength—even though you now have a body and can feel what’s
happening there.

From the benign beingness of the original creator we get an almost

infinite multitude of beingnesses: spirits, souls, thetans (Greekish term
for ‘thought producing individuals’ coined by Ron Hubbard who also
described them as being statics ie: without mass or wavelength, with
theta signifying thought) whatever—viewpoints. The beings create
realities and the universes evolve dependent upon others agreeing to
position points to create dimension points, then by consolidating
different dimension points to create energy and matter of various
sorts. The unified field theory of sub-atomic particles would break
down into quantities created by beings who had the ability to create
universes and the game of life, bit by bit. The game runs from a point
of origin to present time and it’s up to us what happens. Imagining
would be like putting different types of position points and
considerations into the future. There have been a few universes
already, come and gone, and if this one is expanding into a void, it
would be a void defined by not having points in space and time—or
beings, or intention, or knowingness.

Though all beings have similar potential, they don’t all play the game
exactly the same or use the same levels of ability or intention. By this
observation they can be classified and eventually addressed. The types
evolved in terms of identity and purposes as universes were created
and collapsed. Thus they show up as different characters in different
spaces and times. This is how they could be differentiated once they
started interacting in the game of life and creating spaces in which to
play it.

The ‘not to plays’:

In a unified theory that involves relationships between players, they

would be the unwilling negative with the potential liability of becoming
‘other-determined’. When that meant ‘controlled by others of ill intent’
they were used to cancel out the positive impulses created by players
who decided to create the game of life. The ‘not to plays’ didn’t intend
to put out position points or intentions, but by being forced into the
game they could be made to carry others’ position points and
intentions. Then they became known as ‘not to play/forced to plays’.

Viewpoint beings:

In the beginning, these were small beings who went off creating
position points, willingly held onto very few anchor points and
sometimes agreed to dimension points in a carefree manner. They
were building a playing field for the game of life and the potential was
unknown. It was possible to retrieve a position point, bring it back in to
it’s point of conception (the exact time, place, form and event of its
creation) to stop it from persisting but they mostly didn’t bother.
Perhaps they were inspired by the initial outward rush to create space
and reality. Later we see many of them controlled by bigger beings
who try to set themselves up as a gods. One named Loranth got them
to mimic his image and intentions as their false creator and attached
them to anything or anyone he wanted to control. Clusters of
mimickers were called the ‘infinities’. Given an agreed upon incident,
intention or significance, they can be stuck onto or copy just about
anything. He’s gone but most ‘viewbes’ can no longer create new
position points except on bodies or objects they’ve identified with.
They can move either as individuals or in clusters. The analogy would
be: paint on a house. It covers the structure and takes the form of the
structure but it isn’t. If the house was an individual person, a human
being including his body, mind and spiritual identity, they would be on
the surface, or they could be stuck to studs, drywall, plumbing and
electrical etc. But they are not the structure and the house is in a
neighborhood. The neighborhoods are in a big city where not all the
buildings were constructed at the same time, plus there are roads and
electronic avenues to other cities.

The ‘viewbes’ decided not to create any inner structure or inner

reality that would later become known as ‘mind’ because they wanted
to be free to go anywhere they wanted, whenever they wanted—to
create—and they couldn’t if they had to carry the baggage of fixed
anchor points, dimension points and old intentions.

There is a history to life including everything that has ever

occurred; it all has the potential to affect a person in present time
in some way.

Knowpoint beings: ‘Knowbes’

Next up in scale are the ‘knowbes’. They knew where their anchor
points were and could bring them back to the points of conception, and
they knew which dimension points they’d agreed to. Later on some
bigger beings with ill intent would force them to forget, or tell them
lies, so most of their old anchor points and dimension points persist to
this day because everyone has forgotten where they came from.

One of their basic purposes was to create a reality that couldn’t be

unmocked. They could command space and forms by getting other
Knowbes and Viewbes to agree to dimension points. They could also
place position points in someone else’s space—this led to interaction
that was either agreed upon or resisted. Agreed upon particles could
create a wave; a resisted wave created a standing ridge. Both
encompassed anchor point and dimension point interactions of
different potentials created by beings of differing sizes using differing
levels of intention. Differing abilities (marked by the levels of
intention) to reach or withdraw from, to attract or repel, set up
phenomena that are harmonics of electrical charge: positive,
negative, neutral, and electricity: amperage, voltage, resistance.

Technically, when it comes to unraveling all this, we can class viewbes

and knowbes as ‘other beings’ or ‘obs’ because the processes used to
audit, scale and unravel—or free them up by returning their self-
determinism—are basically similar. Not so for the following .

Prior operating thetans: ‘Pots’

Next up were the ‘Pots’—a composite entity usually formed by a

Knowbe and a few Viewbes. The original tenuous realities were the
playgrounds where they flourished. The definition is more or less
determined by what they could do. Working in concert took some
thought. What made the ‘Pots’ so effective was that they could create
mock-ups incorporating identity as well a positions in time and space.
To this end they made agreements on dimension points with other
knowbes and viewbes, who would adopt the identity and purposes of
the principal being. Intentions were simple: ‘to put position points in
that space we’ve defined because its empty’. You could ask why but
they just say: “Because everybody else is doing it.’ or ‘That’s what we
do.’ By ‘doing’ the ‘pots’ start creating a history that can be accounted
for on a timeline. They create things to have. The conditions of
existence evolve from: Be to Do to Have. But who started trapping the
‘not to play’ beings, and how did they do it? Why were the Pots forced
to agree?

The thetans and thetan I/Cs:

All beings were created with the similar qualities but they could be
differentiated in terms of magnitude even within the same group.
Thetans perceived outwards and began using inward reality and
perception as a place to record what was going on. They could
postulate a future based upon what had occurred right back to the
point of origin. In that sense their mock-ups and games became more
complex. With enough intention and agreement their conceptions
would persist for longer periods of time, and could later be agreed
upon by other beings. But most were stopped cold in their tracks
somewhere back down the general overall timetrack—fixated in an
identity and purpose by others’ suppressive intentions, enforced
anchor points and enforced dimension points.

Some of these thetans became ‘I/Cs’ or ‘in charges’ of a group then

later took on more complex positions in more complicated hierarchies
and games involving mock-ups composed of various types and
numbers of beings.


Bigger beings, like you and I, were still discovering what to do and how
to do it—without the limits of space and time, our inner realities were
mirroring what we outwardly perceived. That which became what you
now call your ‘mind’ was at one time as large as anything you could
perceive—no reason for it not to be.

Viewbes would put out a position in space and time, and be on their
way off to do it again in another space and time. Knowbes could get
agreement, define a reality, but like the viewbes their attention was
mostly outward, creating along the lines of the original purpose of life.
The future was all potential—‘to create’ and ‘what’s new’ were driving
forces that expanded universes of games and forms which would
eventually wrap a road through time two trillion light years in length—
arbitrarily, as one doesn’t want the whole model to collapse onto his or
her head. Virtually anything: anchor point, dimension point, intention,
decision, mock-up, entity or game can be traced back to its point of
conception electronically -the who, what, where, when and why; time,
place, form and event—to get to the truth of the matter. Not too much
could go wrong—right? And then there were the ‘Suppressive Beings’.

If you’re reading this then you’re one of the very few who didn’t get
totally trapped. But right now you’re probably unaware about what has
gone on, therefore unable to perceive most of the influences currently
being dramatized. In that sense you just might be 99% trapped—not a
hundred percent like the vast majority of beings who have viewpoints
in this universe and outside it. For them, their identities and purposes
haven’t changed for countless eons. They were betrayed and they got
stuck. For some ‘beings’ there arose a confusion—which is the nicest
way to say it. They’d created mock-ups, spaces or entities that some
‘obs’ and ‘pots’ had agreed with and in a sense become part of. After a
period of persistence, they believed they’d created the ‘obs’ and
‘pots’—more or less assuming they had the power to create other
beings because their intention was strong enough to control other
beings—a mistake. These ‘inverted gods’ were first to be trapped by
their own considerations and mock-ups. The evolvement of universes
passed them by. They may think they’re gods but they can’t actually
do very much—which more less sets up a compulsion to create an
effect. It’s like being forced out of a game and still trying to find a way
to control what happens in it.

The suppressive beings:

A being called Clorox (so named because he’s now about as big as an
ammonia atom floating in the void) couldn’t get agreement. Others
didn’t like or understand his games and creations. He found this
frustrating, a problem; others weren’t interested in cooperating with
his efforts. Subjectively, they could be said to have a low level of
affinity, reality and communication with him. They probably had good
reason. His decision to control and trap persists in various forms to this
day—like a virus that keeps getting passed along in varying forms.

He perceived bigger beings determining the activities of other beings

by putting out position points they’d agree to. He decided to apply that
little axiom of creation to the ones who’d originally decided not play.
The ‘not to plays’ were like sitting ducks for his intentions and anchor
points, plus he had a few knowbes, viewbes and pots under control to
help move around his dimension points. Two quadrillion years after the
game started, chaos was about to explode.

The ‘not to plays’ wanted to maintain the benign static existence of

their origin; that’s why they decided not to get involved in the cause
and effect of doing things. He found their lack of personal intention
allowed him to use his intentions and anchor points to force them to
be part of his mock-ups—they became like self-generating dimension
points that made his position point facsimiles and intentions persist.
This was a violation of the moral code, and their self-determinism—a
basic premise in life.

His activities entered the first elements of fear into the game. Next he
learned that a ‘viewbe’ could be snapped to a ‘not to play’ with the
insulating effect nullifying the viewbe’s determinism. The two
intentions, in terms of playing or not, canceled each other out—they
became like insulators that held onto resistance. As this trick was
expanded incrementally, Knowbes and Pots found their own
determinism too weakened to get away—wrapped in insulators they
were trapped by his intentions, enforced anchor points and enforced
dimension points.

Composites were formed or mashed together: ‘not to plays’

became ‘forced to plays’; add ‘enforced anchor points/dimension
points’; add any type of thetan or beings, individuals or groups—
eventually anyone was subject to the same basic trick.

All types of beings were now being forced to become part of mock-
ups and realities they hadn’t created or agreed to—and to carry
intentions that were not their own.
Outwardly, the apparency was that his mock-ups and realities were
more solid, more persistent, more powerful than anyone else’s. He felt
like a god, decided to be one. His purpose became: ‘to trap and
control everyone’. He even told the unsuspecting, secretly in the
beginning, that he’d been chosen to do so. His ‘restimers’ were told
not to let anyone get away. He trapped beings by wrapping them in
‘not to plays’ whose basic characteristics duplicated the nature and
type of creative energy that existed at the origin of life—but, whose
implanted false anchor points, dimension points and intentions gave
the impression of a false past with Clorox’s identity as the original
creator. He therefore usurped some of the energy and characteristics
of a creator to become and actual ‘false gaud’.

If a ‘being’ resisted, he and his henchmen inserted a second group of

not to plays, obs, pots and thetans wrapped in a false past’ into the
target’s inner reality. This hid the targeted being’s memory with a
false point of origin and purpose. He then forced them out of any
agreed upon universe while he consolidated his plan to take over. The
result for the targeted beings, in or out of that universe, is the
phenomena of a ‘false Gaud’, a false point of origin, and a false will or
purpose overlaying their own original identity and purposes.

Some may say: “A recipe for conflict.” Or some may say: “Oh yeah,
that’s what happened.”

That’s why we’re not supposed to remember all this—it was

confidential for his ‘chosen’ supporters who were and are still trapped
by the same secret trick. Eventually,

he realized that overcoming any being’s original intention was his

biggest problem and he developed a purpose that was anti-original
creator as well as antagonistic toward life itself. There’s a lot of this,
but one group of restimers doesn’t know what the next group is doing
—it’s not an esoteric plot. They’re just doing the same old thing
without being able to recall why they’re doing it.

Other suppressive beings, not many, were convinced they could

become ‘gauds’ if they used his manner of trapping and controlling.
They subsequently formed command hierarchies by using
transcending sets of different scale beings. Everyone found
themselves caught in an expanding conflagration of chaos and

Those with the will to disagree, found their realities undone. Some
were forced out of the game as it was then and still exist outside
agreed upon reality today. Most want back in but act like they were
frozen in time by what happened to them. The universe we now live in
is a stable datum amidst the confusion that once was. In or out, they
need to learn how to scale and recall so they can unravel what
occurred all the way back through the complexities and confusion to
their point of origin—to clear their original points of view and purposes
—which gets them out of the traps and frees them to start creating
new games and realities.

For the suppressives to rule, they had to trap and control; in order to
keep control, they had to consolidate beings or remove them from the
game with a second dose of ‘not to plays’ that carried enforced anchor
points/dimension points and intentions.

For a realty to persist, dimension points had to be agreed upon—

either willingly or by force of overwhelming intention. This overwhelm
was created by outnumbering or by actually being a larger, more
powerful individual than the targeted victim. A minor example would
be an adult telling a child what to do whether the child wanted to or
not. Rationality plays a part. Another example would be a dictator and
his troops telling a farmer to go kill his friend or they were going to
starve the farmer’s wife and kids to death. Both choices are
suppressive. There is no rational reason for evil.

A few Clorox admirers became his Henchmen. For some, the dictatorial
modus operandi invited agreement: There was Hera, who discovered
that if she could completely stop, unmock or kill another being’s sense
of existence, it became like a ‘not to play’ and open to suggestion. She
told ‘obs’ they could only exist inside other ‘beings’ spaces or they’d
die. Then used them to control others.

There was Sereet who used lies and deceptions to trap large groups
of beings. For example: ‘to become one with god’or ‘to be part of the
original god’s body’. He controlled quite a few ‘pieces of god’
composed of beings who were tricked into feeling it was ‘Gaud’s will’
to abnegate their own identity.

There was Oha who was parasitic, picking up and controlling

damaged hierarchies and beings stuck in collapsed or stripped
realities. He eventually learned how to knock others unconscious by
over-restimulating their past losses.

There was Chuh who came into his glory when the forms which had
been created collapsed so much (destruction of intentions) that
things started getting solid. He learned how to control others using
pain and eventually made them identify with matter and energy. ie:
made them think they were particles or forms he stuck them to.
Then came Tuva and Thero who worked together to imprint victims by
stripping them of their pasts and putting them into networks of
interchangeable parts or hats—with their ‘imprinter’ as the source. If
one of their mock-ups ‘died’, the beings they controlled would be
‘collected’ then ‘crossed-over’ into a new mock-up. They also used
groups of ‘obs’ like spears to drive into other beings inner spaces.

There was Loranth who discovered that it took six beings of similar size
and intent to overwhelm one. He then formed the group into a
composite entity under his control by implanting it with his anchor
points, dimension points and intentions. His favorite trick was the ‘false
point of origin’ which he created using the Clorox trick of ‘ntps’
snapped to ‘obs’ carrying enforced anchor points/dimension points and

And there was Xeroth, who worked in the shadows to form complex
‘originator’ hierarchies that could extend their control over large areas
of space. A Quadrillion years after the chaos began, he was first to
betray Clorox and put him out of the ‘Game’. A Quadrillion years after
that, the beings he controlled used that lesson and were preeminent in
helping the relatively free beings get rid of him and the other

But the battle and the events that preceded that resolution stripped
and collapsed every prior reality or universe that ever existed—at the
climax of the conflict everyone was knocked out for at least 2
Quadrillion years. When they woke up they were still carrying the
scars and influences from what they’d been through, and began
asking things like ‘Where do we come from? Why are we here?’—
which more or less allows them to be exploited by people who don’t
actually know.

What the suppressive beings sowed has infected almost anyone who
ever lived. We are to this day reaping the results. The names may be
arbitrary but the false gauds, false Points of Origin, and trapping game
parameters were all derived from variations on the same basic trick.
Some agreed, some were forced to agree; some would say we
decided to forget; actually we were forced to. Otherwise, as a friend
stated: “We’d likely decide to remember.” For the past 2 Quadrillion
years, nothing has worked to unravel it all. Beings keep getting
caught up in dramatizations of a hidden past—without knowing
they’re doing it. A good argument against ignorance is: what you
don’t know can kill you. Nowadays, for some: ‘to deny you this
knowledge’ defines their role in the game. As an observation, it
doesn’t seem possible to be more trapped than we are. It’s been tried
a few times and it’s never worked.
This model of history spans two trillion light years and starts eight
quadrillion years ago. It runs to present time where someone is now
telling you that you can learn how to recall, scale and unravel. There is
a way to change your condition and a way out but it will probably take
about ten thousand years for this research to catch on, and another
quadrillion years for it to be effective on a universal scale. You have to
decide whether or not you want to wait until it’s the popular thing to

How’s that for an idea and how does this strike you? Some young
‘follower’ strapping on explosives to go blow up some kids in a school
bus after his ‘leader’ tells him: “They are the enemy.” It’s nuts. Or,
some mother who refuses to speak to her daughter because the child
doesn’t buy into what the mother and her group of friends have their
faith in? Crazy. Doesn’t fit with all the beauty and adventure available
in the world. Does anyone know why they think all the things they do
or why they even think? Why do some governments and religions treat
you one way and others treat you another? What are they
dramatizing? Why don’t they know what has happened? At least fifteen
periods in life’s history contain a series of events that are geared to
stop anyone finding out. How and what one perceives determines how
and what one thinks and feels, but what you think and what you feel
has very little effect on the matrix of traps or the structure of life until
you know what they are.

The above outlines the start of the story and is key for defining the
evolution of identities and purposes. You may sense it’s true or you
may have perceived some of it for yourself. Some statements in later
chapters can also be aligned with parts of other belief systems or
scientific studies. It’s a story that’s attached through space and time
from without and from within. What we see as a human being is
actually a complexity involving primary and secondary entities,
purposes, pictures, masses of resistance and influences that can take
a few thousand hours to unravel for each person who tries.

To stop dramatizing the old game and start a new game—a being
needs to clear its original point of view then use its regained
knowledge to create a better life for everyone. Not easy. There are
tools which help and methods which help: both are essential for

The Unified Theory

Chapter three:
A Brief Historical Precedence of Research:

(note: some of this comes from personal experience, some from books,
and some was downloaded off the internet)

Shamans: -There are spirits in nature and there are spirits which can
influence the health and well-being of a person or tribe.

Mencius: -Man is basically good. Integrity and compassion are god-

given characteristics necessary for good governance. Economic
security is necessary for happiness; therefore war, other than for
self-defense, is an evil waste of time and resources.

Gautama: -Ignorance causes desire causes evil causes pain and

suffering. Brings civilization to the barbarian. On his path to
enlightenment he sees the ‘gods’ trapped by their identities and

Jesus: -Saves from sins. That beings have a sense of right and wrong
or moral codes which they can violate—thus causing them to feel
guilt, become upset, eventually live in fear and despair, or withdraw
from life—is critical to understand if you want to rehabilitate one’s
ability to live and be happy.

Jung and Freud: -working in a cloud of medieval darkness yet

actually popularize the concept of the mind. Add science to the
workings of the spirit.

Ron Hubbard: -Mid-twentieth century prolific. Prone to error in later

upper level research; many assertions that allow fixed ideas and
entities to cloud perception of actual conditions; but early dianetic
discoveries and auditing concepts that can be acknowledged as the
basis for the finest human therapy ever done.

The Ohm-meter:

A whetstone bridge measures changes in resistance. Ohm’s law is E=IR

tells us voltage is related to amperage and resistance. The nervous
system operates with electrical impulses that are affected by one’s
physical, mental and spiritual condition. Today, meters used in
research measure the changes in resistance that affect the body. An
un-influenced female body registers at 5000 ohms; an un-influenced
male body at 12,500 ohms.
In 1888, Tarchinoff discovered the phenomenon of skin resistance. He
found that a person’s resistance to the passage of a tiny electric
current through hand held electrodes would vary according to the
subject’s emotional state. The simple psycho-galvanometer he
invented to investigate this phenomenon was one of the earliest tools
of psychological research.

An axiom originated by Freud is that we are restricted from realizing

more than a fraction of our full potential because of the repressed
negative content of the unconscious mind: negative fears,
resentments, motivations and dislikes. When the content is made
conscious and confronted, it dissolves and loses its power to restrain
thought and action. The meter is an effective diagnostic tool and time-
saver in helping to locate this negative content. An adept doesn’t
have to spend years of blind probing to find out the root of a problem.
With professional training he can find and identify any negative
energy caused by sources of resistance affecting a person, then help
him discharge it.

In, Studies in Word Analysis, published by Carl Gustav Jung in 1906,

he describes a technique for connecting the subject, via hand
electrodes, to an instrument measuring changes in the resistance—
while words are read to him from a prepared list. If a word on this list
was emotionally charged, there was a change in body resistance that
caused a deflection of the needle on the galvanometer.

This method of research was again referred to in a 1926 text entitled

Experimental Psychology by Mary Collins and James Dreaver, lecturers
in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. At that time, others were
also researching the electrical characteristics of emotion and thought.
Semon in his book The Mneme, circa 1915, defines an ‘engram’ as the
permanent change produced within an organism from a stimulus,
where a trace of the experience of that stimulus is “written on” the
organism and forms part of memory. When the stimulus is repeated,
the nerve energy flows through this new engram causing an aberrant
reaction. Knowledge of these findings was widespread in the 1920’s
and are referred to in a classroom text called The Psychology of the
Thinker by l.B. Saxby, Lecturer in Education at the University College,

The early psycho-galvanometer was not simple to use. It had no

amplification and it remained as a specialized laboratory instrument
until the development of more sophisticated amplifiers in the 1930’s.

A number of biofeedback instruments have been invented, including

the Electroencephalograph. The EEG is used by a wide range of
therapists. Janov used the EEG to evaluate the effectiveness of
cathartic therapy. Osteopaths have used a modified form of skin
resistance meter for diagnostic purposes.

In the late 1940’s an independent American researcher, Volney

Mathieson, working with the Polygraph Lie-detector kindled a
renewed interest in the earlier work of Jung and others. When a
person was reminded of certain past events, the needle in the
detector would jump erratically—the degree of jump was in
proportion to the strength of the unconscious reaction. In skilled
hands a meter could be used to locate a particular content, its
location in space and time, and the amount of force contained

This work led to the development of the modern meter designed to

register general mental and emotional responses of a person to a
word, question or situation, rather than as a lie-detector. These meters
are several times more sensitive than lie-detectors.

In 1952, Volney Mathieson presented these ideas to Ron Hubbard. He

and his auditors were using Dianetics to ‘Clear’ people—based upon
the mind as a computer type model where the engrams could be
erased. Later, Hubbard’s version of the meter known as the E-Meter
(Electro-psychometer) was put into widespread use in conjunction with
his auditing procedures—a few of which resembled Jung’s method of
reading a list of words while the individual under analysis held the
electrodes. Some words would trigger a response—once the locked-up
energy was discharged from the situation or concept under discussion,
the meter would no longer respond to that word or concept.


The negative energy or charge isn’t always composed of exactly the

same type of mass as there are quality variations in sources of
resistance. Facsimiles of matter, energy, space and time created by
different beings can be based on different theories of relativity for
different universes or dimensions. The common denominators can be
broken down into: facsimiles, (+s) pushes, (-s) pulls, (+/-s) ridges
which are a mix, or neutrals that aren’t involved except in a spectator
mode, connections, and intentions.
A Unified Theory

Chapter Four:
The Time Tracks:

Assume you’re living ten thousand years from now, and that you’re
considered a great being. The Science of Beings Research Institute on
Titan have just given you a job: Historian. You’re just ‘you’—as an
adept you’ve audited, scaled and unraveled all the engrams, sources
of resistance, influences and beings connected to your inner and outer
realities. Having cleared your original point of view, you also have a
clear understanding of how and why life evolved as it did. The local
chapter of the: ‘Independent Adepts & Researchers Association’ invites
you to give a speech at their conference on ‘Spiritual Genetics’. You
choose the topic: ‘Illusion, Delusion and the Mix’. The following is a
record of your speech:

“The time-track of life, for the purposes of historical analysis, can be

divided into four quadrants of 2 quadrillion years each. Space, for
those beings who decided to try to hold their location, can be defined
as 2 trillion light years outward and 2 trillion light years inward.
Outside that is outside, and outside the inside is still an outside. A
being may be non-dimensional but has the potential to assume a
viewpoint in any dimension that’s agreeable. The space we are in now
is three dimensional with the element of time. Beings not inside this
dimension would have a different concept of time and space, or could
be hung-up in other spaces and times—yet may still be able to
experience some form of perception in this dimension. That’s the
playing field of life. Before that we hold no position points in space and
time. After that we have yet to agree upon position points in space and
time so the future is best left to speculation or the realms of our
imagination. The cleared adept has the advantage of knowing what
has occured before, therefore has a higher level of responsibility in
regards to creating a better future.

The first 2 quadrillion years saw a pot-pourri of realities created—

worlds of illusion where basic forms were created by agreement—
position points became anchor points and dimension points. An
analogy would be in the making of a movie: editors actors, writers,
directors, gaffers and all sorts of people with various skills contribute to
the making of the product. With the illusional realities, once the
intentions were taken away, they tended to dissipate or condense.
Viewbes wanted to move around and could flip from one side of a
universe to another in a blink—they’d decided not to carry the
baggage of facsimiles others stored in inner realities. The ‘Beings’
tended to expand their space outward and inward from more fixed
viewpoints. Other types of beings worked on variations of a gradient
defined by whether or not they chose to move or hold onto a location.
The ‘not to plays’ remained exterior from it all. There were no universal
agreed upon limits or boundaries.

When Clorox discovered the snapping of a ‘viewbe’ to a ‘not to play’

created an insulator where both determinisms were weakened to a
point where he could impose his will in terms of intention + anchor
points + dimension points, the next 2 quadrillion years begins. With
these ‘arrows’ (ntp/ftp + viewbe + aps/dps + intention) he creates the
first delusion—a reality defined by enforced anchor points and
dimension points. ‘Trapped’ becomes the opposite of ‘free’ and chaos
explodes with conflict between the agreed upon illusion realities and
the enforced delusion realities.

The first beings struck by these ‘arrows’ shot into their inner realities
would have been surprised and put at effect, or have willingly agreed
to play that game and continue it. Those who went along can be
defined as ‘restimers’. They will always in some shape or form
restimulate loss of freedom/self-determinism as long as they are left
unhandled; and Clorox’s ‘to control and trap everyone’ will continue to
be part of our lives. If you exteriorize from your body or a universe, it
invites their secondary intention: ‘to not let anyone get away’.

Hera’s ‘bullet’ was composed of intention plus anchor point/dimension

point facsimiles’ that initially enforced a reality on viewbes. Her evil
purpose stated: ‘they could only exist inside someone else’s reality or
else they’d die’. Eventually any magnitude of being became a target.

As other Henchmen added their evil purposes, individual and

composite characters formed that were based upon identities and
purposes derived from other-determined sources. Followers added
their own angles, but the progression of initial false intention became
in a negative sense powerful enough for Clorox and the Henchmen to
be considered god-like. At that time, in concert, they set out to
overwhelm other realities (the followers don’t recall how it all
happened now—they just act the same way but not in concert).

The ‘Thetan Wars’ went on for two quadrillion years—a conflagration

of conflicting realities. It can be divided into two parts. From the first
era of chaos and attacks came the solution of ‘bonding together for
protection’. Pogs or ‘pieces of god’ were somewhat stable forms that
incorporated numerous beings. Some were willingly trying to
rehabilitate their native existence. Some were under the command
and control of the false gauds who started forming hierarchies to
control their underlings.
The ‘arrow’ was a composite entity in one of it’s simplest forms.
Approximately 6 quadrillion years ago, 600 billion light years from
here, composites were forced into creating complicated entities—
different types of beings got hung-up in the identities, purposes and
games created there and then.

That area of space and time could almost be regarded as the Cloroxian
Universe. It was based on variations of his precepts and everyone
else’s attempts to handle them. Its physics can be defined in terms of
‘identity’ and ‘purpose’ as the composites were stuck with other-
determined perceptions of existence. The religionists’ satans are
seldom mentioned without reference to their hells.

The crash from total freedom to a delusory oneness, with 99.1% of

all beings conglomerated and under some control, apparently only
took about 280 billion years. At it’s apex is an incident best
described as the original misunderstood (OMU), where all the various
Pogs (pieces of god) and entities were forced together to be injected
with a series of seven false gaud images formed out of ‘not to play’
composites. This gave everyone a common denominator, a oneness
evidently under Clorox and the Henchmen’s control. Nice trap if
you’re in the market. The implant was wrapped in obs and pots, and
sometimes totally hidden by a stripped thetan/thetan I/C reality.

But the OMU was not instantaneous and eventually there was so
much resistance in various potentials that the accumulated charge
reached a critical mass that couldn’t be contained. In spite of the
‘Gaudians’ duty to keep it under control, the mass exploded. Some
thought they’d lost ‘god’. Some ‘restimers’ thought they’d failed and
died. As the grouping dispersed, a plethora of characters arose. With
various random interactions of identity and purpose gaining character,
and new ‘home universes’ forming, the game was on to regain
control. To get an idea of the phenomena, imagine a guy sitting on a
chair in the middle of an empty conference room; then pack people in
around him until the room is bursting at the seams. How long will it be
until the guy at the center, and everyone, just have to get out of there
—except here we’re dealing with a conglomeration of different types
of beings and realities.

Prior to that, the beings initially hit with arrows were either forced to
agree, willingly agreed, or decided not to disagree. Clorox had a
bunch of restimers working for him. When they took over a reality
formed by—some thetans, I/Cs, Pots, Knowbes, Viewbe’s, and ‘not to
plays—they ended up with a complex hierarchal composite being—
operating on Clorox’s intention. A Cloroxian. If others at the ‘beings
level’ were involved and their inner realities had been forced together
—then you had what is best described from the outside as an
identity/purpose mass that could be connected to any number of

Similar formatting progressed along other lines to create: Herans,

Sereetans, Ohaans, Chuhians, Tuvans, Theroans, Lorantians, and
Xerothians—and finally the entities who were supposed to keep the
mass of beings under control in the OMU—the Gaudians. These are
almost ‘races’ of composite entities who are defined by their other
determined identities and purposes.

After the OMU/explosion, in the era of war for control, some entities
were further betrayed or got snapped together—the result could also
be defined as an identity-purpose mass as the different hierarchies
intermeshed (e.g.: a Heran snapped to Theroan) but there was so
much resistance to each other that not many of those IDPMs ever

When the OMU broke up, some parts were large enough to even think
of themselves or identify themselves as pieces of the OMU—a difficult,
complex conglomeration of identities and purposes mixed into all sort
of beings stuck together.

Not to pass over other phenomena that created characters at that

time: some beings became ‘selfabnegators’ (more or less through the
Sereetan lie that: we are all one—with him in control of course). A few
could be defined as ‘totally irresponsible’—having dropped the will to
live, or do, or play along the original purpose. A very few handled the
problem by deciding they were now going to become ‘not to plays’
after the fact because they didn’t want anything more to do with life.
Oddly, a very few ‘not to plays’ decided they now wanted to become
players, but the great majority or ‘ntps’ were just trapped and wished
to find a way to return to their benign native existence without games
or universes.

What would be a Guad-body? That would be a group of beings who

were told they were a Gaud-body -so they’d function under some false
Gaud’s determinism. Interesting and continuing proposition when
restimers continue to trap ‘not to plays’ and feed them into each
individuals injection of seven false gauds that were the basic common
denominator in the OMU—authored by Hera, Sereet, Oha, Chuh, Tuva,
Thero, Loranth, Xeroth and Clorox. Welcome to that new part of life’s
universe based upon delusion.

When the break-up occurred, some beings felt they’d ‘lost oneness
with god’ but we presume the author of creation was never an
enforced thing—we had a choice whether to play or not and have
found that can include adopting many roles along the dynamics. So
the work of the adept eventually becomes the auditing, scaling and
unraveling of an enormously complex mess based upon extremely
ancient lies. But it is a finite task and aside from the suppressives’
role in creating aberration, much of what we were subsequently led to
perceive is due to an unplanned accident.

No one, not even the suppressives, knew that when you forced so
many beings with all their position points, anchor points, dimension
points and intentions together, that the resistance formed would
create a critical mass which would explode. This ‘mistake’ was
definitely overwhelming; it stuck many beings into their prior enforced
identities for a very long time; some entities still think they live there
and then.

After the explosion, the next Quadrillion years was a conflict between
the delusory other-determined universes and the new, or what
remained of, the illusory agreed upon universes. The point in time
where each one of these conflicts occurs can be found with a meter;
but for the most part one gets a collapsing or stripping of the anchor
points and dimension points of a home universe beginning with the
insertion of a hierarchy under the control of a henchman or two.

Prior ots (Pots) as they were first known, evolve into other characters:
PUTs would be ‘personal universe thetans’ caught in an energy ridge
formed by the clash between their own intention/space and someone
else’s. Their identities become fixed in various forms: Put-1s are one
set of knowbes and viewbes; Put-2s are 2 sets, Put 3s are three, and
Put+s are any number of sets of knowbe/viewbes.

The prior-shadow-beings (beings controlled by Xeroth before the OMU)

or shadow beings (beings later formed into hierarchies at a place
called Xoth) were mainly Pots implanted by Xeroth and the Xerothians,
then used to attack others.

The prior-Gen were implanted by Tuva and Thero working in concert,

for the same reason out of the same magnitude of Pots (composite
beings) as the shadow beings (SBs). The Gen and their hierarchies
were later formed at a place called the ‘City of Angels’.

During the post OMU battles, the majority of prior Shadow beings
and prior Gen separate themselves from the general line of history
and to go off to form their own universes—while to some degree
they remaining, at that time, under their henchman control.
Meanwhile, the Thetan war continues: stripping, collapsing,
consolidating and compressing until nobody really knows whose
anchor points and dimension points are whose—a phenomena that
causes an overall collapse in the number of realities and spaces.
Clorox, having gained the most control, finds his universe now
composed of the realities actually created by the beings he trapped.
Removal of their intention snaps their anchor points, dimension
points, facsimiles and masses into his space. He gets overwhelmed—
the subjector is about to become the subjectee. His Cloroxians
continue restimulating and trapping others to form hierarchies but the
boss, who now hates anything to do with life, is becoming more and
more ineffective.

Other Henchmen, notably Xeroth, perceive the weakness. Clorox had

always used the same basic ‘conversion’ trick: the arrow composite of
a ‘ntp, ob, and an anchor point’ to carry his intention. The Henchmen
had more success determining Pot realities—inserting their anchor
points and intentions into the ‘Pot entity spaces’ (space created by
dimension point agreement between the knowbes and viewbes in that
composite entity). The Pots were given the order to take out the
Cloroxian command and control lines by taking over the ‘arrows’. With
command and control destroyed, Cloroxian hierarchies collapse. He is
put out of the game—trapped by the collapsed realities of those he
tried to trap. The new composite of: ‘Pot + ntp + ob +
ap/dp/intention’ eventually becomes known as a ‘gaudhead
composite’—later used to help form the ‘gaudheads’—entities that
grew progressively more complicated as they were created over the
next quadrillion years.

But the virus of Clorox’s intentions, which didn’t arise in a void or

without agreement, carries on. The ‘home universes’ either under his
control or contesting his control, collapse together. Solidity is caused
by the condensing of prior agreed upon illusory realities with prior
enforced delusory realities.

In what would eventually be defined as the First Universe, a being or

hierarchal being could find itself snapped to it’s target—which may be
anything from a ‘ntp’ to a composite entity created at the OMU/
explosion incident. So this reality contained a mix of beings who either
felt they originated there or felt they came from the OMU—which
appeared from their viewpoint to be the origin. Viewbes are forced
together and start sticking to things or ‘totally identifying with things
they are stuck to’ such as energy ridges, explosions, what ever was
happening at that time between the mix of intentions and particles.
The trapping of ntps and forcing them to play falls out of vogue but the
ones who are already part of mock-ups keep getting imprinted over
until they are unrecognizable.

Most viewpoint beings and knowpoint beings can no longer flip from
universe to universe as they are stuck to what they’ve identified with—
not having created inner realities to record the skills necessary to
unattach themselves. The Cloroxians that escape this final result of the
thetan wars, maintain their original implanted purposes but recede
back to what they consider to be the Cloroxian Universe. Some try to
restimulate or control from a distance as the game of life evolves
through new spaces and times.

The conflict was not totally random between the OMU collapse and
the first universe that contained actual mass formed by the mixture of
illusion and delusion. The ‘mastermind’ hierarchy was perhaps the
most successful way for a being or thetan I/C to get through the war.
Under the masterminds were lesser masterminds; under them were
the controllers, and under the controllers were the disciples. Each
thought they’d lost their home universe (which had been split or
stripped of anchor points and dimension points either before or after
the OMU) but they were still in some form of agreement with the
beings they’d formed it with. On that basis, the Cloroxian, or Heran or
henchman held ‘in bond’ half or some percentage of these
Mastermind member’s ‘families from home.’ while the hierarchies
were sent out to attack or subdue others’ spaces and get them under

The ‘in bond’ beings, no matter the magnitude but compromised,

could be forced into or put just about anywhere. When the henchman
and Clorox stopped aligning their intentions and went into competition
-a corollary arose which was to form alliances against each other.

Their strategies for regaining overall control were similar but in terms
of a source of life’ (actually false-gaud as source of confusion) Loranth
used an ‘arrow’ intertwined a facsimile of false point of origin with
himself elected as ‘Gaud’ to usurp others’ self-determinism. Continued
use of this trick became another veil that prevented beings from
recalling who they were, where they came from and what their original
purpose was. It left them subject to becoming the identity/purpose
character the suppressive being desired.

At that time, if one wanted to free a ‘not to play’ one had to ask it to
‘roll back any anchor points, dimension points and intentions to the
point of conception, then any earlier anchor points/dimension points
and intentions to earlier points of conception’—at which time its own
viewpoint would clear and it would be able to spot back to its point of
origin, scan up to present-time, then exteriorize itself from any and all
universes—remembering what it was and who it was, thus regaining
its original point of view which allowed it to go free. This was more
difficult for the ntps than if they’d been addressed before the OMU,
but considerably less difficult than even trying to find one in this
universe, they’ve become so occluded.
Unified Theory

Chapter Five:

The First Universe:

With home universe spaces collapsing—intentions, emotions and

Ap/Dp pressures built up into huge ridges. The final conflict in the first
half of the thetan wars occured approximately 5 Quadrillion years ago.
It appears to be a coagulating of many dimensional realities/universes
that were pushed into the third and fourth dimensions—with time
acting as a second dimension that coursed through both. Clorox,
perceiving his gaudship about to be realized, also realized it wouldn’t
be a true gaudship unless his eight original henchmen were also under
control. They disagreed with his betrayal and succeeded in jamming
his hierarchies with ‘indoctrinated pots’ (prior-ots such as Shadow
beings (Xeroth) or Gen (Tuva and Thero). The multitude of Pots
intention overrode his control over his ‘arrows’ (ntp+ob+ap/dp +
intentions) . The ‘jammed’, ‘trapped’, ‘control’ position points, and
others’ facsimiles of his intentions (without anyone to hold them there)
subsequently caved into his personal space—he was done in by the
ones he intended to subjugate. Yet these kinds of purposes and
identities or characteristics still exist in the game of life because his
initial trick was to inject or implant them into others’ inner spaces—and
that only really succeeded because the lesser magnitude beings were
quite innocent near the beginning—they hadn’t conceived the need to,
or a way to protect themselves. Ultimately the solution would have
been for them to learn how to audit, scale and unravel—therefore
being able to handle any effects created in/on their beingness.

Some thetans and thetan-ICs—operating as random beings, plus some

Prior Gen and Prior SBs avoided the final conflict on that area of the
time-track—using alternate realities to skirt the first universe. It
contained perceivable mass that was a type of roiling inertia. By
placing a ‘pull’ intention on a dimension point it became the harmonic
of a negatively charged ion. A ‘push’ intention gave it a positive
charge characteristic. The first universe volume can be defined as 40
miles by 40 miles by 40 miles. It existed between 4.99 and 4.92Q
--498.9 billion light years (bltyrs) from here. A condensation of
multidimensional realities that had been spread out over billions of
light years—which really means nothing when you’re dealing with
statics and their possibilities but gives a model for scaling the
magnitude of things.

This is where the first impacts between the ‘other beings’ (obs =
viewpoint or knowpoint beings) occured to form clusters (cls). A basic
cluster (bc-1) would be two beings stuck together on the ridge formed
by their impact. A number colliding with a ridge would make a bigger
cluster (bcmr). As charge built up it would reach a critical mass and
cause an explosion (bcmex) that could in turn impact with a ridge
(bcmexir). Thus viewbes and knowbes from this point forward become
re-usable parts in later mock-ups—body thetans or ‘bts’—some formed
into clusters. Most of them conceive of their time track starting here
and can’t recall the freedom they once had.

Prior to the first universe, the ‘not to plays’ were the glue that held
together entities. Their ‘insulation’ resistance effect could be found in
any type of enforced mock-up or character. They continue to exist
but with mass forming and bigger beings identifying with forms, their
effect becomes diminished—parts of the larger mock-ups.

When you understand the concept of critical mass, either on a

personal emotional level, or on a nucleonic matter, energy, space and
time level, you understand the balance of weight to volume in terms
of inertia and gravity that determines whether a universe will expand
or contract or stay in balance. The first universe, like the OMU,
exploded. People recall these types of events and try to fit them into
their mythologies and religions: the cosmic all, the universal oneness
of consciousness; the original body of theta, the big bang (there have
been a few); they’ve just never found the actual times and places or
specified who was involved and why. An adept who becomes a
researcher will find the answers are detailed and specific. Why are
there different emotions? Why are there different intentions? How did
these suppressive characters, who never really amounted to more
than two percent of all beings, manage to affect almost everyone?
Why is this all a mystery? When an adept gets that answer for himself,
he’s pretty well cleared all his dynamics. But there will still be
restimers and Cloroxians who are mad that the OMU exploded, and
who ‘apparently’ hate anyone or anything involved with anchor points
and dimension points—they may be withdrawn back to their own
reality or knocked outside any agreed upon reality/universe but
they’re still stuck with the arrows of Clorox’s intentions. When they
realize or are directed to realize what occured before they were
trapped into that kind of ‘game’, when and how it occured, they
actually blow the compulsion to keep dramatizing it and get a fresh
start as themselves.

The Second Universe:

The second universe existed between 4.9 and 4.79Q --489 Bltyrs from
here. It’s volume can be delineated as: 40 miles by 400 miles by 20
miles. It took about half a watt of electrical energy to form a cluster.
Charge/resistance had more attraction and significance when it was
young. There were few sources of sensation. In that sense a being’s
ability to feel or create something with mass was the precursor to
having, and valuable. This space had a definable location within its

Facsimiles were formed, the basic one being the Gaudhead. The first
one was put together by Hera and Sereet. The environment was still
dangerous, a hangover from the earlier time track. Dynamics were
developing. The old games weren’t being lost, they were evolving.

Condensed charge ridges, whether they contained bts or ntps or not,

formed a pole. Two poles separated gave you an electronic field. A
smaller pole gave you a pin. An attractive facsimile attached to a pole
attached to a base attached to two pins made a pole trap. Two or three
pole traps and you could start mocking-up a Gaudhead—there were
many beings around with nowhere to go. Some were still stuck in the
‘oneness’ of the OMU false guad entities—or thinking they were part of
gaud’s body’. Most were totally confused by what had occured to them
and found themselves stuck in other-determined entities or hierarchies
they hadn’t created. Free beings were still trying to create their own
realities either to avoid or to fight the suppressive beings. The basic
types of beings first attracted to the Gaudhead or Gaud body mock-ups
hadn’t ever really generated there own inner reality—if they had it
would have held a mind full of data about what was going on.

To the poles, the henchmen attached the basic Gaudhead part—the

Gaudhead composite—derived from a Pot taking over an ‘arrow’ which
made: ‘ a bt or cluster + ntp + Ap/Dp + Pot’ that carried the new
gaudhead intention—which initially would be to control the others in
the gaudbody.

The mock-ups held their own attraction not only as a solution to the
confusion but also as a way to be. Adding the Henchman intention,
the actual purpose was to use the poles and mock-ups to attract
other beings so they could be used to trap and take over others’

The ones caught were given hats, functions. (Be the thinking part—
the mind/control unit; be the energy part—the heart energy unit) It
was protection, an evolvment in terms of form, and the mini-false-
gaud wasn’t really strong enough to control someone for a long time.
However, a couple of experienced implanters were in-charge. They
saw that as long as the traps kept attracting, they were able to keep
the mock-ups regenerating, so they formed more godheads to
compete with each other and to trap Xeroth’s shadow beings, Tuva
and Theros’ Gen, and the free beings.

The first Godhead implants (GH-1s) were at 4.89Q. We’d see it as a

head, two shoulders and an arm with interconnecting parts. The
second (GH-2s) was at 4.87Q. These were created along the same lines
by Oha and Chuh. The third (GH-3s) was at 4.79Q created by Tuva and
Thero, and eventually Loranth.

Some Prior-ots (Pots) went through all three. If one was caught and
managed to keep a bit of his own space around him, though still
imploded and capped into the mock-up, to differentiate from a bt, it is
called a: PUT-1 for GH-1; PUT-2 for GH-2 where two could be joined;
PUT-3 for GH-3 where 3 could be joined; and PUT+ for any number
that could be joined together in later implants. The mock-ups evolved
as the techniques for handling charge and resistance evolved. The
only things that don’t seem to evolve, once they’re set, are the
suppressive purposes. It’s like those who are caught dramatizing
them can’t change once they start harming other beings. Their
effects are slightly altered as conditions change but still, even today,
we see the wars and criminal dramatizations involved in attempts to
take others’ spaces or things. There’s not too much that’s creative or
original about stuff like this.
At about 4.81Q, outside the second universe, Loranth impressed
together some random beings (usually a composite of six at the thetan
level of magnitude; he normally used an ‘arrow’ to give his victims a
false concept of their origin—with him as their creator). Call them
‘compbes’. He tried to incorporate them into and takeover a GH-2,
which eventually led to the major difference the GH-3 mock-up.

Each subsequent evolvement was more complex. Intertwining hats,

that the trapped beings identified with as themselves, spanned the
gamut from a piece of energy to the godhead warrior. The ‘personal
universe thetan—PUT’ time-track starts here, or so they think—having
no access to the lives they lived long before when they were elemental
in creating the illusional universes..

With the advent of group identities and dynamics, question arise like:
whose charge is this? Whose position points are these? Are those your
anchor points? Wide range effects such as a universe collapsing or
exploding throw the concept of owning and having for a loop.

For differentiation to be a useful tool in separating out masses and

mock-ups based on one’s losing his identity and identifying with the
‘thing’, details are required: who, what, when, where, why, what were
their names, time, place form, event, etc. An adept knows that for
auditing, scaling and unraveling to occur, the times and locations have
to be more specific than are given here. The Ananda Rundowns define
methods for clearing up this part of the time-track and any effects it
may have on a person’s condition. Only ‘modern’ suppressives tried to
keep it secret so they could continue to control their followers.

Through time the progression of solidity is from charge to interactive

charge, to encysted charge that nobody owns, to energy to matter.
When energy starts persisting in space through time, external
universes can defined as inertial spaces bound by parameters and they
become the agreed upon playing field for life. This current universe is
expanding faster than anyone can explain except to say it’s
surrounded by a gravitational vacuum that pulls concentrations of
matter and energy apart faster than any big bang could push them

Existence between nothingness and infinity is a long term conundrum

—both terms are by definition conceptual and not duplicatable as
things in reality. When the concepts were tied to a monolithic false
god of the infinite void about a Quadrillion years ago, almost a million
light years from here, it was one example (out of the thirty-one
similar times in this universe alone) of how confused concepts and
structure were injected into beings to make them forget what
occured before. It set them up with a compulsion from that point
forward to record physical universe facsimiles so they ‘wouldn’t
forget’, but this ‘reactively recording mind’ was implanted so they
couldn’t remember what happened before its inception. As can be
seen from the earlier universes, similar methods of control were tried
and true long before this one.

The Third Universe:

As the second universe was collapsing, a third universe was being

formed by Xeroth’s Shadow beings -the SBs. It was 3000 miles by
6000 miles by 7000 miles, 366 bltyrs from here. By 4.67Q they had a
location—Xoth and by 4.66Q the Xothian priests were implanting as
many beings as possible into multifunctional bodies formed out of bts

The poles they used are especially rigid as these implants took very
long time—but you got a G-4 (a type of godhead having the original
control and trap purpose) with a W-4 (a warrior having the purpose:
‘to attack’) with a BD-4 (a body doll having the purpose: ‘to come
back’ if it was disconnected).

This was all connected with in-charge type hat for each part or
function, and they could be joined to operate with others in

Even though the Sbs are mostly prior-ots (Pots), they consider their
time track to originate here. Just before they started trapping other
beings, Xeroth showed up and plugged a whole bunch of his Prior SBs
into an originator type implant (with him as gaud) that created huge
circular mock-ups out of a multitude of smaller trihedron shaped
mock-ups. These enforced hierarchies went on to create the Xoth
implants which could imprint their identity and intent on other beings.

They began by trapping anyone who came out of the second universe
and went on from there. They used transmitter and receiver
wavelengths to expand into space and had jobs to match the
functions in the network. Eventually the Gen, who’d started creating
their own universe, felt the heat. They came in and shut it all down—
taking out control lines that included: In-charges, bosses and bosses-
of-all bosses. At about 4.6 Q the third universe collapses. It’s
superseded by the Gen universe but the evolving dimension points
and charge persist, coalesce and are added to as they move forward
in time.

The Fourth Universe:

The fourth universe persisted until approximately 4.2Q and reached a

size of seventeen light years by twenty light years by thirteen light
years. The Gen beingness (an interaction between those acting as the
thetan with those acting as the mind and those acting as the body) led
to games that were more benign and aesthetic than prior mock-ups.
Where an SB may scope an area for invasion, the Gen would consider it
a target for migration. A focal point occured around 4.28Q and was
called the City of Angels. The construction of a universe with greater
havingness (involving sensation and things to do things with) was the
main plan until two of the original henchmen showed up. The Gen and
Prior Gen were showed how to imprint their mock-up on others—with
the henchmen’s intent an added bonus. Thus came about the
Gaudhead-5 who had some regenerating abilities. The (Imprinter)
implant was connected to a (Collector) implant—the purpose being
that if a composite Gen hierarchy were to disassemble, the beings
could be brought back and inserted into another mock-up. The Gen
think their time track starts here. But the more they enforced their
beingness and hierarchies on others, the more their ability to reach
collapsed and their space condensed. Implanted goals and purposes
conflict with basic creative goals and purposes; the goals/ problems
masses created are similar to the dark ones that define the SB
‘originator’ area. Some Gen evidently tried to split off to form their own
universe—though some beings exist there and work to make it persist,
it remains at a difficult level of trying to continue the aesthetics and
The Fifth Universe:

The collapse of the fourth universe was a magnet for charge left over
from the first, second, and third. The vortex of mass imploded between
4.19 and 4.189Q and the condensation of energy created the first of
what we would call recognizable matter. (defined as 5th-U-magnetite or

Beings start identifying themselves with matter. There’s even a

consideration that: ‘if we were all matter we could be one again’. For
some ‘Matter’ became extremely valuable, holy; the essence of the
eight dynamic or god (predecessor to the idol and idol worship).
Pieces were held onto, protected. Eventually some 5Umag became an
attraction in later mock-ups, doubly so if living beings remained
attached so it ‘appeared to have life of its own’.

In the interaction between spiritual beings and a physical universe,

there arise new harmonic elements. When beings are overwhelmed, it
can be described as the infinity of life dwindling toward zero and the
zero of Matter, Energy, Space and Time expanding toward infinity—if
the intent is to trap, you’d seem to gradually lose yourself as things
become more solid. If this is true then the reverse can be used as a
theory for the way out. But you don’t have to diminish all of reality,
past or present, in order to be free; one has the power to diminish the
effects of ‘case’ (or how it’s all affecting you) toward zero, and expand
one’s viewpoint toward infinity’—which is a temporary little trick to
exteriorize oneself from anything so it can be viewed. ‘8’ is an auditing
command that means the above concept. It can be used to help
unravel a situation or series of combined situations by instantly
delivering a natural viewpoint that can be used for scaling and
unraveling masses of charge tied together by confused ‘wheres and
whens’. But the confused anchor points and dimension points still have
to be put back to their correct locations and times for the restimulative
aspects of the charge to blow.

Basically, Clorox first trapped ‘ntps’ with facsimiles composed of

position points (locations in time and space motivated by the
wave/vibrations of his intentions). If a position point contains a ‘push’
intention -we can call it positively charged. If it contains a pull intention
—we can call it negatively charged. One that is ‘apparently’ neutral
could have ‘snapped’ together charges. From there, other
characteristics of anchor points, dimension points and intentions can
be added to create the first facsimiles.
He used his ‘arrows’ to create his first ‘Cloroxian characters’: --some
would trap ‘ntps’, some would hold onto ‘ntps’, and some would inject
‘ntps’ into other beings’ spaces.

We know a ‘not to play being or group of ntp beings’ can be freed in

the manner stated earlier. What occurs to the enforced anchor
points/dimension points holding them is that they are put back to the
points in space and time where they were conceived. With the
intentions removed (ie: the waves dissipating into the ocean of life or
the void or back to the being at the point at which he created them)
they become inert in that they no longer react—no more push/pull. Just
like 98% of the environment has no adverse affect on a person—
whether or not it’s an illusion, delusion or a mix in terms of perception.
(Physicists and most scientists will tell you what you’re seeing is
mostly just space even inside an atom so what you’re perceiving is an
interaction between the vibrations of sub-atomic particles.)

Every particle in this, the Eighth definable universe contains some

kind of charge; in that sense it can restimulate or cause to react the
most basic traps in the history of life. The solution to this problem isn’t
necessarily to escape this universe or life itself even though it can be
painful; a more rational concept would be to find a way to return that
2% that’s out of place and reacting back to its original space and
time. If any of it was formed into facsimiles that were injected into
another’s space/dynamics, it would, when reactivated, incline them to
act along purposes or identities that were enforced in that other space
and time. Also, when released, that person would find himself/herself
free from those influences and become more able to rehabilitate their
own purposes and identities according to their own dynamics, and
their original point of view.

In the Fifth Universe, with its volatile matter, again there was the
problem of critical mass and it exploded—mostly into bubbles of
energy. Some of the original 5u-mag particles exist to this day. They
are still held in reverence.
The Sixth Universe:

Dark energy bubbles dispersing and colliding in an expanding space

up to approximately 4.04Q years ago. Beings trying and some
succeeding in identifying with energy. Ownership or who created
what in terms of position points and dimension points becomes a
chaotic mess. MEST, even in the smallest amounts can no longer be
returned to its point of conception. Even as a conceptual game that
action becomes a waste of time. Conquest over combinations of
‘Matter, Energy, Space, and Time’ is a new consideration. Some see
it as a way of gaining control over others.
The Seventh Universe:

The first star forms at 4.039Q. Eventually seven galaxies come

together that persist for various overlapping intervals of time up to 4Q.
Some SBs get involved in the sixth and seventh galaxies. Some Gen
get involved in the seventh—due to their prior conflict they
instinctively seek to stop each other from gaining advantage. The first
five galaxies, which various religious seers have sometimes touched
upon in their reveries, were clannish and hierarchal in nature. Ruling
clans of beings, in order to conquer the surrounding mest and beings,
would set up a central governing city with a temple for whatever type
of god they conceived as being their solution or source of power. For
example: The clan in the second galaxy, having evaluated prior
experience, conceived their god and hierarchy to be based upon an all-
powerful creator or Brahma-type source. Then they set about bagging-
up, packaging, boxing-up the locals to be indoctrinated and
subjugated. That part of the dramatization is occluded for present-day
believers in those kinds of all-powerful gods due to the force and
unconsciousness involved.

The SBs had been quite aggressive so for those who’d been through
Xoth, the destroyer, vengeful, Shiva-type god held sway in the first
galaxy. The third galaxy offered a preserver-protector, Vishnu-type.
Later, the fourth added a savior-type, and the fifth offered a
metaphysical potpourri—everything from an animistic type spirit
facsimile worship to a mystical ‘Way’ until Loranth came along. Up to
this point, and reaching back to the 4th U, the Henchmen seem to have
taken a hiatus. Either everyone was already doing what they wanted
them to do, or the new forces connected to matter and energy were
too random and strong them to contend with. When they came back
on the scene, they went back to their old games.

Loranth created ‘mimickers’ and groups of mimickers called the

‘infinities’ (because they’d keep duplicating facsimiles or intentions
forever with him being perceived as gaud at the false point of origin)
out of bts and clusters—the viewpoint beings and knowpoint beings
caught up identifying with anything they were attached to. His first
targets, over which to super-impose his image and will, were some
GH-5s from the City of Angels who’d avoided being crunched in the
Fifth and Sixth Universes. These composites, even when damaged,
had electronic complexities that were way beyond those used by the
clans controlling the first four galaxies—and who were more or less
just acting out (dramatizing) what had happened to them before..

The imposition of his assumed image (intimated by Michaelangelo’s

painting of an old guy with long flowing gray hair and a big
finger...probably Sistine Chapels on every half-civilized planet these
days) ) over the Gen GH-5 ‘thetan-mind-body’ mock-up which had
been imposed over the electronic patterns of the GH -1, 2 + 3 formats,
created the new and improved GH-5 with mimickers and infinities
holding it all together. Loranth then decides take over the first four
galaxies and whoever else happens to be around.

Some Gaudians had tried to regenerate a new OMU/oneness theta

body in the Fifth universe but weren’t successful. When one is
operating on an imposed intention contra to his/her own basic
purposes, the intended effect eventually unravels. At this time,
outside this time-line, one has to assume there are other realities
going through various stages of success in terms of survival. But as
the games in the Seventh Universe heat up, eventually 99.99% of all
beings are drawn to it. Those who aren’t drawn in would have to look
in askance at what is about to happen—if at all interested—because
Loranth’s new foray seems to have inspired renewed Henchman

The ‘GH-4/ Body doll-4/Warrior-4s’ created by Xeroth and the SBs in

the third Universe, or what was left of them, had so far sidestepped
being drawn into the 7th-U, but the ones that were only damaged or
still functional as composite mock-ups were probably the first basic
parts used for the GH-6/Body doll-6/ Warrior 6 --collected together by
Oha and reformatted by Chuh in the Sixth Galaxy.

Chuh was especially enamored with magnetic fields as a way to build

bodies around pole traps. Aided by some SBs, they created the Body
Builder implant approximately 100 Bltyrs from what would now be here
—done at a place that can be described as the Cave of Darkness
(CoD). The products were the heavy G-6 Godhead type bodydoll with a
head and four appendages that incorporated 5U-mag with 7th-U matter
and sixth universe energy (re-implanting the bts therein attached) and
other beings who were drawn into the trap. The G-6s were first used to
overwhelm the second galaxy in the 7th-U. There they assumed the
brahma/creator valence and set out to take over all the action. This
complicated mixture was dangerous, diabolical, and tended to pull
itself apart after a few million years. Some were regenerated with two
poles implanted by Xeroth and Loranth in the Seventh Galaxy. The
poles and aesthetics they developed were attuned to attract ‘free
beings’—more or less offering them the security and power of
becoming ‘gauds’. This spawned the ‘Lords of the Seventh Universe’
(L7Us) on the 7th galaxy’s fourth planet and heralded the demise of the
other galaxies as well as the last free beings.

The L7U attention for conquest was turned 26 million miles away
toward the fifth planet. (99.99bltyrs from here). Whether a perception
of the 7th U’s impending collapse was true or not, it was restimulative
of prior reality collapses. One common perception can be described as:
‘being stuck in the winds of space with nothing to do and nowhere to
go’. Creating a lit bit of trouble to break the boredom doesn’t seem like
an all bad idea. Beings from the waning galaxies and the remnants of
the GH-5s were gravitating toward the fifth planet for protection—

The Henchmen (minus Clorox) and their followers built the ‘Temple of
God’ on the fifth planet in a place that was to eventually become
known as Implant City. Beings were deceived, trapped and implanted
into the G-8 mock-ups. The G-8s overwhelmed the L7Us in a final
confrontation. Parts were re-incorporated into G-8s at the Temple of
God. The implants are so powerful and deceiving (a mock-up of the
Original Theta Body/false-gaud aspect of the OMU is used to attract),
and such a refinement of what had been learned before, with parts
being contributed by each of the henchmen, that it deserves it’s own
name: the TOG It had 98.6 degree restimers, 100 watt attractors,
spinning image machines for identities, body-formers, poles—it had it
all plus ‘back-ups’.

At about 4.00013Q, the master electronics implanters from CoD and a

few Gen created the ‘chargemaker’—bts attached into battery parts
which were then installed into circuits to keep the ‘electronic parts’ of
the G-8 from degenerating. The ToG was a masterpiece that attracted
and trapped every type of being and eventually overwhelmed them
with number of times through a ‘front door’ series of steps which, for
most thetans and thetan-I/Cs, led to a series of ‘back door’ implants
where they were converted into working for the various henchmen and
becoming their ‘Disciples’. This denotes the end of any earlier thetan +
thetan I/C self-determined group realities, and individuality except as
role players in a composite entity.

Free Beings who got trapped more or less inside a false theta/body, as
a solution, took up implanting themselves and others as a way to
regain self-determinism. ie: imprinting their own beingness over the
valenced identities and impulses they’d been impregnated with. Thus,
they finally adopted the Henchmen/ implanter methods. As time
passed (billions of years), these similar but derivative implants were
done in numerous mausoleum-like implant stations spread out over a
ten block area down from the old Temple. The advertising was neon-
like with cherubs and music. It was an unheeded signal to everyone
who’d ever put out position points in the past, or who’d tried to create
life and a universe in which to play it, that they were about to be drawn
inward like bread into a toaster. Artists and scientists were invited to
rebuild the old Temple. In the most classic irony of all time, they agree
on a physical structure (perhaps through some unconscious impulse)
that almost duplicates the pyramidal stacked seven false guad-ntp-
images of the OMU long before. This created its own vortex of
restimulation. The G-8 derivatives become a safe haven for those who
fear becoming lost in the infinite void. At 4.0001Q, there’s an actual
collapsing of the Seventh universe. Darkness closes in.

The SBs, about to pull out, realize the eight henchmen were just
Implanter beings—now weakened by a belief in their own mock-ups,
and whose realities were subject to all the things they’d enforced on
others. The SBs make an alliance with the last of the ‘not totally
trapped beings’, and Gen. The Henchmen are taken and bound
forever in the shadow remnants of the third universe, never again
able to put out dimension points or intentions. They were Seventh
dynamic beings who decided they were gauds and almost succeeded
in destroying all the creative potential in life. They receive the same
fate as Clorox but don’t have enough presence to know it.

Some Gen pull out, hoping to go back and help re-build the fourth
universe, but things don’t turn out the way they’re promoted or
planned. Darkness falls. The Seventh universe ends; the completion of
what one man erringly called Incident One, and as an Academy
librarian once said: ‘There are fates worse than the one you are now
The Eighth Universe:

This one. Unconscious, most are dumped into the formation of a reality
defined by Matter, Energy, Space and Time. Some are left out of any
agreed upon realities. They’re ’outside’ just like those who were forced
out by Clorox or by the explosion of the OMU. Some try go off to try to
create realities of their own but they also carry the baggage of the

Force is now a factor in conflict, effort, and an expanding universe. SBs

are so organized there is little but reorganization in their reality.
Identifying with a group beingness means less ability for individual
exploration, creation and reach—yet at about 3.84Q they decide the
Mest U is worth invading. Being on their own time-line, which was
arbitrarily established at Xoth in the 3rd-U, electronic charge and ridges
are the only structural things that their reality and ours have in
common—which allows for some shared sensation with very limited
perception based on old common purposes and identities.

The Gen ‘thetan-mind-body’ format allows a little more creativity

through agreement, but it’s also enforced and evolvement along their
time-line hasn’t led to much of a new game or ability to experience
different things. They decide to start immigrating at about 3.28Q. An
aesthetic wave with charge is produced when they share or create a
perception or sensation with us.

Identities and purposes have evolved through time, plus there are new
ones and nicer ones that have been left out because they don’t fall
under the definition of ‘case’ that will affect your condition. At about
2Q ago someone must have said: “Let the dramatization begin.” Then
someone from the darkness called out and said: “It’s already started.”
This recount of history is getting closer to reality as it is, and present-
time, so if you’re somebody’s follower or dependent upon some
organization to tell you what to think, give yourself a break and don’t
read any further.

Every being in this universe is carrying a luggage rack full of

identities, purposes and influences. What they have done or are
doing to handle it is not always pretty. Science and ‘research yet to
be done’ may be the gentlest way in which to explain the full scope.
What follows are the basic unexamined issues.
Most everything else you can read in books, see at the movies or
have seen on TV. The cycle starts with ‘create’, moves through
‘survive’ and ends with ‘destruction’. They knew that in the Vedas
and every year every farmer who grows a crop knows it. We and this
universe are nowhere near destruction.
‘To create the game of life and a playing field in which to play it’
assumes there are tools to do it -abilities. Clorox’s using anchor
points/dimension points and intentions to create facsimiles to trap
‘ntps’ is just a perversion of any being’s ability to put out then perceive
what he’s created. The interesting thing is the interaction of the ‘ntps’,
or other beings who were subsequently trapped by the facsimiles
generated either inside their own space or outside it—both situations
where charge and different resistances have the potential to affect the
being or make other beings affect the being. Which leads to metaphors
like the ‘arrow’ to describe how a trap and control game was started.
By the time we get to the Gaudheads, the composite that formed an
‘arrow’ has evolved to incorporate ‘prior-ots’ and become a functioning
gaudhead part. Structure possibilities in terms of electronic
complexity, magnitude or mock-up expands incrementally. The war
ends with destruction—mostly of the past. The loss is so great, the pain
causes unconsciousness. What occured to bring things back to ‘life’?

This squeezing of life out of beings and things at certain points makes
the time/space continuum look like a series of hour glasses—not all the
same length or width. At the narrow points, everything perceptible
gets condensed into dark screens that cover over ‘anyone who was’
and anything that occured prior to the events that created the screen.
An adept can’t usually see through to the past until he/she learns a few
auditing/scaling/and unraveling techniques or processes in a Science of
Beings Research Academy. Then it becomes the number of times back
and forth through a matrix of connections until the ability to recall
opens up and one can push the ‘squeezes’ outward. Actually, the more
people that do this, the less likely the past will have at repeating itself
—whether or not the activity ever becomes popular—god bless the

So in this universe, the interaction of charged particles with carbon-

oxygen compounds—a nucleonic ion-organic phenomena—actually
restimulates earlier similar (but not the same) phenomena where
beings were put under control or learned to control other beings,
spaces or mock-ups—whether it was the simple trapping of a ‘ntp’ or
the most complex electronic development of the gaudhead body types
to influence and control the actions of a potpourri of beings.

Not to step on a biologist/evolutionist’s toes, but that first

‘restimulation of the past’ would be the first interaction of this reality
(defined by the parameters of matter, energy, space and time) with
any type of static being. Flora and fauna researchers are invited to
use an ohm-meter to evaluate the different magnitudes for sources of
charge or resistance, and where these are located in/on/around the
subjects of their study.
However, to define a subsequent gradient of evolvement: some of
those beings would have already had a few quadrillion years of
experience in the game of life—even though they were in a rough
condition when they started waking up and being restimulated by the
environment. Just as a magnet under a table can set up a pattern in an
array of iron filings, no one had to go too far to go to get to where they
are...though you can bump into a few Cloroxians who were blown out
of their reality of long ago and missed everything in between. The
human nervous system had an interesting template to evolve along
before it developed enough to attract ‘thinking beings’ who just
happened to have had similar electro-magnetic patterns attached to
their spaces. Lucky we have time to grow up and are fed by parents
who protect us from being eaten by wild animals.

So the problem isn’t with biology or the environment and it isn’t with
philosophies or religion, but it may be with what you believe and what
you believe may be determined by what you perceive, think and feel.
As an historian I’ve never met anyone who has complete control over
that—or who actually needs to be order to be happy as long as he’s
adept at handling whatever influences make him unhappy.

In conclusion, almost everything that has occured has been shown for
what it is in books, movies or on TV except two things which, when
handled, open the doors to perception abilities which are key to
auditing, scaling and unraveling. The ‘Disciples’ formed at the TOG just
prior to this universe also took on the competitive nature of their
masters: They were a composite entity—the most effective having
been formatted out of random beings placed into a unit hierarchy (as
opposed to an extended one) incorporating: a ‘being’ + a ‘manager’ +
a ‘lord’ + a ‘god’ + a ‘god of all gods’ plus the ‘disciple’ of whatever
henchman. Ones who remained intact through the 7U crunch were
often attached to groups given to them ‘in bond’. Seldom one finds
Heran, Ohaan, Theroan, Tuvan, Loranthian, Xerothian, or Toggian
(Disciples of the Temple of God -Gaud generic facsimile) but some try
to remain active in spite of all the electrical force involved with matter
and energy, and the Xerothians have an interesting way of attracting
then dealing with false or despotic leaders after they ‘die...’

Thirty-one times in various sectors or galaxies in the universe over the

past couple of quadrillion years, Disciples of Sereet, perhaps under the
influence of some Sereetans dragged out of their slumber, start acting
up. The basic control mechanism Sereet used was the ‘lie’—at that
time it would be: ‘we are all one’—at this time it would be: ‘we all have
to think the same’. But the lie always leads to more lies and false PR
until everyone supposedly goes under hierarchy control. As an
example: about a quadrillion years ago, about a million light years
from here, free beings found a way to excise and bypass the ‘negative
content’ in their inner realities or minds. This set off some kind of
signal that restimulated Sereetan prior programming—and organizing
councils’ were formed to get the locals under control. Obviously it
couldn’t just be the renegades as: ‘Who knew where they were?’, so it
had to be everyone... right. Thus ‘unmockers’ were hired and
programmed to contain the ‘problem’. A double pole implant based on
‘Gaud of Infinity and the void’ came with the electronic blast that
would wipe out recall; plus keep the victims compulsively trying to
remember by recording images of this (matter, energy, space and
time) reality in terms of dichotomies. The effect happens to be about
as false a path to freedom as there is. Some beings got caught
between the poles and felt the ‘fluid god phenomena’ as all their prior
attached bts and cls went into restim. The only new ‘gaud’ type things
that had arisen in this universe prior to that occured with some beings
who identified with ions or organic compounds, sometimes both—a few
even attached themselves to inorganic elements—the mix later
thought it was some kind of Mest God when it found bodies it could

So the Sereetans pulled off a large magnitude trap and the result was
traditional: the civilization dies out. Not too many people are ignorant
enough to go through something like that more than once—once you
get a reactive mind you tend to avoid getting another one—they’re
fueled by long term pain and unconsciousness and eventually begin to
react on the occlusions prior to their inception—which can help
precipitate illness and body death.

The next major incident has been erringly described as Incident II. It’s
probably about fifteenth in magnitude and in number but it also tends
to react on the earlier ones and create its own hourglass. It was based
on a series of attempts by the Disciples of Chuh to consolidate beings
—once again, old programming. It has occured twenty-six times over
the past two quadrillion years in various sectors of the universe—once
every few hundred trillion years. ‘Once bitten twice shy’ not too many
people find ways to experience these things twice—but many get
caught up in a Star Wars type conflict as a continuing thing—good
against evil—Darth Vadar against his son—it’s very real to them in
present time—that’s how they see others and reality—because
influences attached to them are stuck in the facsimiles, identities and
purposes from those spaces and times. Why? Because they’ve yet to
handle their earlier similars.

A few pseudo-religious-psych boneheads made a mistake about

seventy-five million years ago in a civilization of seventy planets not
too far from here. (Some planets had maps calling it Protentia. ‘Dark
side of the force’ type guys, influenced by Disciples of Chuh, were
fooling around in a culty way and ended up pulling in a lonely G-6
--also created by Chuh. Even if they had a way to recall, they would
have ‘believed’ the G-6s had gone by the wayside, long ago
dispatched or incorporated by the Lords of the Seventh Universe and
the GH-8s. The GH-6 or G-6 was a composite warrior who hadn’t had
a lot to do for a very long time—it was programmed to take over a
galaxy—albeit not one as big as the ones we now have.

The Beast’s role was to use the ‘living gaud’ (masses of bts)
phenomena to compromise and control large groups of followers.
These masses were similar to a PoG loud of thetans’ phenomena that
occured both prior and post OMU as an illusory safety in numbers
device and as a delusory enforced reality device. ‘Protentia’ was an
interplanetary civilization that had taken over 300,000 years to form.
Life as the people knew it was sent into a 40,000 year war. Earth’s part
became, in it’s final twenty thousand years, a dumping ground for
some of the ‘dead’ from both sides; plus, based upon a ‘forty-eight
light year, ten million year long statistical accident’, a piece of one of
their blown up planets eventually ended up adding to the mass of this
planet in the late Cretaceous period.

Just as Clorox had initially created a matrix of aps/dps and

intentions to transfix the first ‘ntps’, so the electronics and
technology of an advanced implanting culture found ways to trap
beings outside their bodies or force them into others—sometimes
causing a coagulation of entities. Twenty-six or twenty-seven
different expressions of this ‘art-form’ can be found there, but the
final one, which is almost a physical universe duplication of the
OMU explosion, is the atomic bomb. You can really mess with
someone’s concept of time and space with a few of those.

Civilizations subsequently built by those who recover are usually

quite slavish and respond to robotic social controls—yet continue to
find ways to zap those who step out of line—but that’s just the
dramatization of an even earlier reality and game, so what can you
do except audit, scale and unravel it all? Especially since any
restimulated influence may not even be directed toward you, but
toward some pot or thetan + I/C reality attached to your space eons
ago—and they mostly lost the ability to create independent realities
by the time this universe got going..

With this knowledge, you hold the key to a Pandora’s box as big as the
universe. Audit, scale and unravel it correctly until last position point
finds its appropriate place and time, and one’s potential will blossom to
the degree the adverse effects are reduced. But the problem is so
large that one person can’t handle it alone—it would take almost
forever—therefore, fundamental to the training is learning how to train
‘other beings’ to audit, scale and unravel themselves.

That’s illusion, delusion and the mix; their causes and effects.

A Unified Theory

Chapter Six:

You’re born—someday you’ll become a bodhisattva on Main Street—an

adept seeking enlightenment and good coffee. How do you get from
the cradle to freedom, from being in a wet diaper and surrounded by
wooden bars to a respectable sense of cause and well-being? There are
parents and family and schools in your future. There are jobs and
romantic liaisons. Three things are interacting and can be defined: a
body that runs on a genetic template refined by influences along a
protoplasmic line; an inner reality or mind, influenced or not, with a
track of experience that separates your recall from all others; and you
—the being who began somewhere. Environmental, mental and
spiritual conditions can cause reactions (aesthetic, analytical or
reactive) and influence personal character. An uptone kid will usually
have his attention outward and be doing things. A teenager doing
drugs or wasting hormones in dangerous interludes chances kicking
less desirable fates and complexities into gear. How you feel becomes
very important. How you feel about others and how they feel about you
also takes the stage. Age, illness, disappointment, your marks,
achievements, failures; your spouse, your career, your entertainment,
your sport, your travels, perhaps your religion, perhaps your children,
--draw a full picture of a person’s life then narrow it down to a sixth or
seventh of a cubic meter, the size of an average human being—with or
without any illusions or delusions—someone in the mix. One can find
engrams and upsets, identities and purposes, decisions and feelings, a
past and hope for the future. As was stated, what you think and how
you feel has very little to do with the basic structure of life, but the
basic structure affects how you think and feel. So at the beginning,
addressing you and your condition it is the thing to do because it’s
most real, and you’re the only one who really knows who you are and
what you are.There is a way to change or handle it all without letting
anyone else’s case or organizational demands get in the way.

The ‘Unified Theory’ starts from the top and works its way down the
mountain, but the history was revealed by starting at the bottom and
climbing up the dynamics, not always in order, from a relatively
physical to a more spiritual level—it’s the only way to find out where
you’ve been and gradiently handle any influences in restimulation. A
human body with all its derivative electronics shouldn’t be a factor if
done in this manner. A gradient step by step approach is necessary to
keep the model from crashing in. If you learn how to correctly audit,
scale and unravel, the next G-6 that comes along will be asking you
for an assist—to get him out of the pickle he’s in—and you will know
how to handle all the enforced identities, purposes, types of beings
and influences.

After Gautama died in India, things got so weird amongst his followers,
especially those who felt compelled to set up a hierarchy, that Ananda
(his cousin/closest adviser) and his supporters went to live in Burma—
not an easy hike then or now. Jesus promoted a God of love and
redemption as opposed to revenge and punishment, but when he died,
Paul and others instituted a church based upon a ruling hierarchy used
by the Roman legions. Same goes for Hubbard: forty years after he
cleared some people, probably setting off an alarm in the matrix; it’s
like some culty Sereetan organizing council and their unmockers are
having a field day with his organization and technology. Mencius was
not appreciated by the feudal lords of China. Lao Tsu was smart
enough not to write anything down until he was ready to leave the
country. Chuang Tsu got by with his abstract sense of humor, and
usually got out of town before anyone really caught on to what he was
saying. A certain amount of tactics and strategy are called for in a
scene like this—plus the rent has to be paid and the kids have to be
fed. Work done by Jung and Freud is now used by pseudo-psyches with
degrees to justify drugging and shocking people. The original
suppressive beings failed to create along the basic purpose of life, so
in order to enforce their realities, they began by trying to stop other
beings from creating—which started with targeting the smallest, least
able to defend themselves and worked its way upward. Now we have
this mix, which can act like a trap, but when the adverse effects are
erased, a new batch of time and creative material is provided for those
who free themselves. Charge, as read on an ohm-meter or e-meter, is
really a source of knowledge when it’s unraveled

There’s an ethics code for dealing socially with others based upon
the one created by Gautama for his group. For personal conduct
there’s a moral code that Jesus might expect from his followers. For
ohmmeter processes refined to clear a human being, there are the
original Dianetics and False Purpose Rundowns developed by
Mr.Hubbard in the 1970’s—avoid the modern altered versions

If one slips down the dynamics from eighth to the first, and if one then
wishes to unravel and expand back upwards, all sorts of things can
happen. Take the first steps as mentioned in the previous paragraph
-there are certain freezones that will be safe for a while—then call the
non-alcoholic bartender, or the librarian (who may be an alcoholic) at
the Academy on Titan. When you’re ready they’ll show you where to
find the Robles/ Eights, Ananda, Mettaya, Adept/Researcher, and
Source/Rejuvenation Rundowns. Prior studies avoid structure and are
based upon considerations, or significances attached to agreed upon
considerations. There’s really only one level to attain and that
becomes apparent when you’re just ‘you’. When there are enough just
‘you’s, other studies, sciences and philosophies can be re-evaluated.
The key datum is ‘structure’. When that’s handled, you’re free—out of
the matrix, but if you’re not intelligent or motivated, we doubt you
should even try. It’s not our duty to go out and try to clear everyone or
set up organizations. It is to show how clearing beyond your first
dynamic ‘self’ can be done—and that’s necessary to the degree that
you are, use, or are connected to your other dynamics. If you’re
already clear and feel confused, perhaps there’s someone influencing
your space who is confused.

The innocents, the naive, and the unknowing:

In this new century especially with a war on terrorism, it’s evident that
certain forces and confusions are at play: suicide bombers, gods called
on to bless destruction of the unsuspecting, fascistic spiritual leaders
and ignorant followers. There’s a suppressive inversion of first, third,
seventh and eighth dynamic purposes and identities. Is it possible an
adept has the tools to confront this mess? Where does the research
lead in terms of defining causes and understanding the data
uncovered? A model such as the one stated thus far outlines an
approach: concepts such as a original creator, a time track for life, a
viewpoint for scale/assessing space outward and inward, and a meter
that reads on resistance. Charge occurs when original identities
conflict with false identities, and where original purposes conflict with
false purposes -along the various dynamics. To violate the
consideration or premise that one has to start at the bottom and go up,
start at the beginning and come to present time; compare the
conditions and how to resolve them for three different sets of beings.
Dianetic processes were like Newton’s physics brought to a medieval
age; see how they compare to this modern research and its quantum

• Start with ‘nothing’—before there’s any life. We know there’s life

so assume it started at a Point of Origin (POO). How do we get
from nothing to a point of origin?
• First, we can define a ‘void’ as a space in the ‘nothingness’.
Notice it has a ‘before’ and an ‘after’, an ‘in’ and an ‘out’—
• We don’t need to use the spin, wavelength or elasticity of sub-
atomic particles—there aren’t any yet..
• Before there’s any existence, there would have to be the
‘potential for existence’.
• Then we see the ‘Regenerating Universal Phenomena of
Existence’—using a metaphor for analytical description—a
womb-like beingness that could create beings.
• Finally, on this cycle of conception we need ‘self-realization’—we
have that now.
• There are problems, but before identifying those, clarify the
1. nothingness
2. void
3. potential for existence
4. regenerating universal phenomena of existence
5. self-realization.
Initially the beings would only be where the before-after/ in-out vectors
meet. Thus from our viewpoint now, they could be said to be turned
inward, but the decision to be for this ‘womb’—its intention to live—
does have the vectors to expand/contract along. Therefore, if the
viewpoints decide to be, they become beings who receive intention
and an ability to use it to create position points. In order to start
playing they turn their attention outward then help to create the reality
in which to play the game of life. (Turned inward they either wouldn’t
be putting out position points, or if they did they’d be putting
intentions and things in each others’ spaces)

What can the problem or problems be?

So far, in terms of identity, three dynamics have been defined:

individual, group, and a creator connected to everything: 1st dynamic,
third dynamic and eighth dynamic.

What if some of the beings decide they don’t want to play—not be

part of any reality put together by the interaction of others’ position
points? What if some of the beings just want to be—and try to
maintain their original viewpoint in an eighth dynamic existence? Plus
there are those like us who decide to play.

Some may see themselves as individuals, some may turn outward but
see themselves as part of a group, and then there are those who don’t
want to be involved either way. Some may find difficulty creating
position points, anchor points and, dimension points because of their
connections to others or conflict with others’ intentions. In the
beginning, with a lack of space both outward and inward, any position
points leading to dimension points and anchor points, intentions,
connections and eventually facsimiles or recordings of what going on,
could get mixed up in each others’ spaces thereby affecting each’s
first, third and eighth dynamics.

Other dynamics wouldn’t exist yet but it’s an interesting perception

that before one can turn outward, he/ she would need the agreement
from two others in order to create his/her own exterior reality—a
harmonic of the current second dynamic where two people fall in love,
mate and create a baby—a body that eventually allows the child a
certain independence in terms of movement and identity.

Thus we have potential confusions at the ‘point of origin’ (defined as

the point where some beings first start to turn their attention outward)
not for all, but enough so as to stick some of the beings right then and
there. Call them Auragin, a generic term as this would be before
anyone really decides how they’re going to play the game. Types and
magnitudes have yet to be defined as that kind of differentiation
appears to be derivative of what each being wants to do or can do.

How could the Auragin or their condition affect someone in present-

time? A human being doesn’t even know they’re there and probably
never will for two reasons. First he or she has to clear their first seven
dynamics ( which can take a couple of thousand hours after regaining
the ability to enter one’s perceptions into the seventh dynamic and
start unraveling all this history—including the identities and
purposes) before one can perceive any definable influence on the
eighth dynamic.

To some extent, though we’ve all been asking why, we’ve been denied
any actual true data regarding the eighth dynamic for the past three
quarters of life’s time track (which has allowed intended lies and
confusions to spawn evil idiots like Bin Laden and his equally psychotic
followers). Plus the conundrums of survival in a present life also
prevent most human beings from examining the actual situation
beyond what they’re personally involved with.

But just as a naive ‘not to play/forced to play being’ who didn’t put out
any position points was asked to roll back any enforced anchor points
and dimension points and intentions to the point of conception (when
they were put into their space, which they may or may not have
perceived) then ‘8’, spot back down the time track to the point of
origin, scan up to present time, exteriorize from any and all universes
(actually a turning back inward), what are you? who are you? --a
series of steps or a process that scales off their charge and unravels
being trapped in a false identity or false purpose, thus returning their
self-determinism and rehabilitating their original point of view, so in a
similar manner leading to a similar result will the Auragin be
addressed. They have a different situation so the sequences will be
different, but the result will be the same—freedom from false,
superimposed or confused facsimiles, dynamics and intentions.

What did Hubbard discover about human beings in the 1950’s and to
a lesser extent in 1967 and 1978? He found they ‘unknowingly’ had
‘reactive minds’—accumulations of charge created by different
resistance potentials found in past mental facsimiles that could be
restimulated and react in present time.
These facsimiles, as opposed to analytical memories, contained
moments and places where the ‘pre-clear’ experienced pain and
unconsciousness. The ‘engrams’ held in place losses and/or
discomforts on an emotional or physical level, thereby causing
somatics—and eventually, with enough restimulation, chronic
psychosomatic ills.

With an e-meter, he could assess for a negative pain, sensation,

emotion, or attitude, find some charge affecting the person and ‘run it
out’. How? A series of steps that included having the preclear: Locate
or recall a time when they had that ( somatic). Moving down the time
track to that incident. Finding its duration. (which he found key to the
clarity by which one could recall an incident/ series of facsimiles).
Moving to and through that incident then having the person tell him—
what happened. When that cleared up, most often there were earlier-
similar incidents that came into view and these were handled in the
same ‘auditing’ manner until the preclear found the ‘basic’ on that
‘chain’—at which time the charge ‘blew’, the chain ‘erased’ and the
person had a realization, which included recognizing any decisions or
intentions that were holding that part of the ‘reactive mind’ in place—
affecting his/her dynamics or condition—which made the preclear very
happy because that which had put him/her at effect at various times of
restimulation was now more or less an analytical memory—defused,
unable to cause resistance or ‘key-in’.

Studying his Dianetics research and training to become an auditor in

the manner he originally intended is most highly recommended. The
organization who now owns his copyrights has altered it. Prior
attempts to help people, from meditation to psychological counseling,
just stirred up the ‘case’. ‘Solutions’ that included evaluation,
invalidation and drugs, eventually led to dumb psychiatric implants
like shock treatment, lobotomy, communistic mind-control, and
heavier drugs which just overwhelmed the beings. Percales who
became ‘Clears’ and went onto OT-levels had some success handling
bts but they were caught in an endless cycle of trying to scrape the
old paint off their houses (metaphor for structure of the case). Each
time they thought they’d achieved it, they’d come back to find
another old paint job in place. They never got so far as to identify who
had the paint brushes and buckets of paint—or why.

Most people recognize or suspect they have a creator. After they

turn outward and look back through time, it can look like that. What
about the Auragin? They never really got out, and to some degree
because we’re all connected to this fabric of life on the eighth
dynamic, they or the ‘ntp/ftps’ can still influence us whether we’re
aware of it or not.

There are common denominators, from an objective viewpoint, in the

process that helps a human being blow an engram, and the sequence
that gives a ntp/ftp its self-determinism back. Auragin who are stuck
would also require a similar series of steps. There’s a bonus: the ones
who now want to play are brave enough to learn how to audit, scale
and unravel themselves and others. But first, an adept has to know
how to help them with their long term problems involving conception
and perception.

How? Well, you’re not going to able to do it without first handling every
other part of the structure including all the other beings with their
identities, purposes, incident facsimiles and connections. Try and you
might blow up your nervous system. But basically you’d have them
spot the nothing, then a void, then the potential for existence, then the
regenerating universal phenomena of existence and their self-
realization. If there were any other problems with conception you could
have them spot the where and when of any upsets or failed purposes
that occured at that time, plus any earlier confusions and sources of
confusion. You could also have them spot conflicts or confusions
between their own first, third and eighth dynamics, and rehabilitate
their ability to create position points, dimension points and anchor
points. This would lead to the possibility of being able to identify
facsimiles, pushes, pulls, ridges/neutrals, connections and intentions
others have put into their spaces, or they’ve put into others’ spaces.

There’d still be a situation to handle if some ‘want to plays’ were

stuck to some ‘don’t want to plays’ and some ‘just want to be’s’ but
that can be handled and is best audited by the ‘players’ once they’re
taught how—at the appropriate time.

There are occluded aspects of their influence in present-time and

occluded aspects of how present time realities influence them.
Therefore you could rehab their perception of before and after, in and
out; then rehab their perception of then and now, inside and outside—
which may allow them to scan their dynamics up to present time and
look around—perception is the solvent.

The common denominators in any process that handles anyone stuck

in an entity, condition, incident, false identity, or false purpose is to
find the correct where and when, plus if possible: to find out who
created the prior confusion. This works for Auragin, ntps, and human
beings. You’re invited to get trained, get yourself clear; and when you
really need to know what’s going on, come looking for the Ananda,
Mettaya, Adept/Researcher and Source/Rejuvenation Rundowns. The
auditing/scaling/ unraveling sequences work. The truths revealed are
spectacular and magical. Oddly enough, some people believe we’re the
only type of beings who ever lived—they’re not giving the original
creator much credit
The Rundowns
CHAPTER 7: The Ananda Rundowns
CHAPTER 8: The Mettaya Rundowns
CHAPTER 9: The Adept/Researcher Rundowns
CHAPTER 10: The Source/Rejuvenation Rundowns
CHAPTER 11: The Evolvement Rundown and the Rubber Band Theory

Chapter 7

The Ananda Roundowns

Historical note: The way to study and use the following, after
having completed the prerequisites, is to read a sentence,
paragraph or section, and if one feels the case becoming
restimulated (ie: body somatic, change in perception, or odd
emotion) then audit, scale and unravel that area before
continuing. Definitions have been incorporated in the
dissertation; a dictionary and index of abbreviations has been
provided at the end. If, for some reason, you somehow try to
understand the Rundowns without having done the
prerequisites, you’re probably better off going for a walk and
taking time to notice how nice ninety-eight percent of life
actually is.

Pre-requisites are as stated in the Unified Theory.

Auditors, adepts, researchers and bodhisattvas divide thought

into identification, association, and differentiation. So goes
thought, so go beings.

The Hubbard New Era Dianetics for OT rundowns address some bt

level beings who have case on identification. The Robles ‘Eights’
rundowns address some bt level beings whose cases are also
intertwined with Pot associations. The Ananda Rundowns address
beings whose difficulties involve differentiation, plus any of the above
who become unburdened. The smartest thing Hubbard said in
regards to his research was: ‘Don’t try to audit anything unless you
know what it is.’ Being able to use a meter for assessment is key.

Improvisation of standard auditing styles, plus scaling and unravelling

aligned with the above conceptual pattern for case entry and address,
allows one to handle each type of being, each level of charge, and the
basic structure that holds it all together. For those who have found
their case regenerating, what follows are the steps to a solution.
Dianetic auditing procedures could be said to be a thousand times
more effective than any

prior psychotherapeutic or spiritual counseling; but they’re

Newtonian compared to the Relativity/ Quantum aspects of the
Ananda, Mettaya and Adept/Researcher Rundowns. Where they
found a rock, you may find a universe.

To do these rundowns using a meter, the adept should be an expert

auditor with Solo, Ethics and False Purpose training. (Ethics as defined
in the historical Buddhist sense). The adept should have soloed enough
Nots for it to have become repetitive, enough Robles ‘Eights’ for it to
have become patterned, and be able to spot mental facsimiles and
external mechanisms for blowing by inspection. What you think, what
you feel, and what others have led you to believe doesn’t really matter
until you’ve learned to control the structure. One should have read
what Hubbard, Gautama, Mencius and others have said about shadow
beings, gods and other beings.

. If one thinks the rundowns should be secret, there are the

reasons why they shouldn’t be—which becomes totally apparent
by the time they’re done.

The Ananda Rundowns

Ananda Rundowns: 1
The Black Band:

In A History of Man Hubbard discusses electronics and states: ‘black

band waves are the destructive waves’. The adept has been through
valence technique and has seen a great deal including the
repetitiousness of some somatics and conditions influenced by bts
and cls. The adept suspects they are chronically being dumped into
his space and goes onto Advanced Nots or the ‘Eights’. There the bt/cl
is asked if it’s part of an organized cl (ocl), and who’s the in-
charge(i/c). The i/c is given the R-factor: ‘The old game of entrapment
is over, the new game of freedom has begun.” Everyone blows, f/n.
After doing the various rundowns, this either goes flat or becomes
part of a pattern.

One then trains on the solo-spotting technique (repetitively spotting to

blow, f/n on the meter) referred to in Dianetics 55: ’...one discovers
that the awareness of awareness unit has peculiar abilities...it can
erase at a glance facsimiles and engrams...’) and does the Focus
Rundown. (The adept is warned not to use any process that includes
the commands: ‘That is an incorrect identity, who are you really?’ or
‘That was false, who are you really?’ These commands must have been
created by squirrels, violate the auditors code, are considered to be
part of ‘black nots’and feed implants that are handled later. The adept
sees, that for a pattern of dumping to occur, there has to be a
mechanism or mechanisms involved. Pre-requisites are as stated in the
introduction.This is 7th dynamic auditing, scaling and unravelling on its
lowest gradient.

Shadow Beings and Black Band -Step 1:

Shadow beings use a type of pre-mest that originated in the third

universe. It responds to electronics as there are similarities in
resistance and mass phenomena, therefore similarity between their
by-passed charge and ours.

Each mechanism is spotted, bd, f/n. Each individual SB (no matter

what hat it’s wearing or what it’s called) is an organized set of beings
within their own space and the i/c is handled with the R-fac: “the old
game of entrapment is over, the new game of freedom has begun.”
SB anatomy is delineated in the Unified Theory.

An adept is having bts dumped on him/her via a structure controlled

by a hierarchy of SBs. In the beginning, each hat is handled
individually. (An upper case I/C is used to denote the SB in-charge of
an overall organization. Within each hat is also an i/c)
Going into session one looks for unburdened areas from previous
sessions which now have new bt/cls. These can be handled per Nots
or Advanced Nots—whatever applies, but if you handle a bt or cl
without finding the structure that put it there, odds are it will be
replaced by another later on. If there’s a hot area, suspect, look for
and locate the closest black band mechanism, then ones that are
connected to it further from your space. Every read (f) is taken to
blow, f/n or blowdown(bd), f/n. The initial rundown sessions would go:
• Receiver (f) -spot (repetitively to b/d, f/n)
• Receiver i/c (f) - a composite being therefore ask for/find the i/c
within the
• associative grouping then R-fac with: “the old game...etc.”
• b/d, f/n
• Transmitter (f) -spot repetitively...etc.
• Transmitter i/c (f) - find the i/c, R-fac ...etc.
• Projector (f) - spot etc.
• Projector i/c (f) - find, R-fac etc
• i/c’s I/C (f) - &
• Boss (f) - &
More ‘parts’ of the hierarchy are unburdened as a number of these
connections are scaled off.

tech note(a): A mechanism can read and have no being behind it. A
mechanism can read and apparently become difficult to blow with
spotting in which case it’s a being. Assess: being (f) and assess the
type: bt. cl, Sb then handle. The ‘black band wave’ (BB) between the
terminals can be spotted and blown. Beings can be glued into or
attached to the structure. Sbs are most attracted to facsimiles or
remnants of the 3rd U—Xoth implant. It was small in magnitude
compared to present-time considerations, but extremely long term.
Spot and handle. If any facsimile or part is being regenerated, check
for an I/C behind each and see if it’s also connected to another

Prior Technical Concepts:

All prior standard tech involved with using a meter to assess for
reads is key to staying on track and finding beings to run the
processes on.

The HofM --1952 edition states: ‘As in all incidents, when you run the
motivator, run the overt afterwards or vise versa.’

Two flows eventually became three; we now use four flows standardly.
When date/locating, after the incident blows, assess the four flows to
see if any other beings went through the same incident and were
bypassed—not to run the flows unless there’s an earlier similar in
restim, just assess for a read, then assess for the type of being, ack,
find the i/c if there is one, and R-fac.

If D/L gives an implant, odds are there’s a goal, purpose or serfac

connected to it. e.g.: ‘to control you’ The implant or goal can be
assessed on 4-flows. A long term goal can have the persistent mass of
a GPM attached to it and it’s easier to spot the mass to a blow, then
the goal will come off—which is 4-flowed for reads. Later on, as the
case unburdens, you will be able to ask any being involved what the
goal or purpose was.

Use buttons per Big Mid Ruds definition to get the flows to f/n.

Reads are seen not only as a way to find beings to audit, but also as a
key to finding structure attached to or in your space—that can be
spotted and blown.

Later, it will be seen that part of the ‘theta body’ which is based on a
series of patterns, has become a repository for pre-mests of varied
qualities. Different spaces, different times = different parameters
and potentially different theories of relativity or quantum mechanics.
One thing, as a comment, if a reality becomes too abstract, most
beings won’t agree to become involved.

The nature of the trap matrix is that charge from different levels is
overlapped, keyed to and mixed with charge from other levels. The
number of times down the timetrack, as in Dianetics, is what
eventually straightens it out. However, clean-up as much as possible
on each step. Going ahead too fast or in an illogical, unrecommended
manner, bypasses layers that haven’t been unburdened and will lead
to ‘outgradient’ physically unhealthy phenomena, or just be unreal.

When doing Ruds, a Correction list, or Auditor’s Rights buttons, the

assessment for ‘whose read?’ now includes ‘SBs’.
Auditor’s Rights: ruds, buttons, mid-ruds, interiorization, purposes
(ref: Pg. Flying Ruds At OT III And Above: or when finding a charge on
a case’) To the six ruds, add: missed withhold and failed purpose (ref:
OT Orgs). Other wordings for failed purpose type charge are:
abandoned purpose, or blunted purpose. (ref: 1982 version of
Introductory and Demonstration Processes and Assists). Suppressed
purpose and invalidated purpose are useful to check when
Use Big Mid-Ruds type buttons: suppressed, invalidated, not-ised,
failed to reveal, etc. plus Nots buttons derived from 8-8008, e.g.:
hiding, holding on, afraid, attacking, unconscious. All auditor’s rights
buttons: including the High T/A: O/R, Protest, Bpf/n. Ded-dedex, and
laudable withhold can also uncover charge on certain flows.

For a Big Theta Bop, check: lost home universe or trying to hold onto
home universe (ref: tech dict.) Exteriorized—no blow is referred to in
HCOB 8 Jan 1969. Typical buttons would be: obsessively holding onto
body, holding onto theta body too hard, someone creating mass, Ext
into a past death, Ext into a weird, past or non-existent universe. Any
of these are handled per Nots tech on getting ‘stuck’ (which can cover
all out-int phenomena and read by itself). Have the being scan back to
the first time, etc. -bd, f/n then R-fac.

As purposes and ser-facs, usually implanted, have already been

discussed, a little FPRD goes a very long way: Typical buttons would
be: Evil purpose? (Evpurp) Destructive intention? (DI) Bad intention?
(BI) -
(f) assess whose, what it is, scan back to the first time; if necessary
spot the prior confusion then the first moment of the prior confusion,
or go e/s if no blow. Then R-fac. By the end of the rundowns, the only
case phenomena that hang up a handling, aside from the session ruds
or correction list outnesses, are ‘stuck’ and/or ‘evpurp’ but timetracks
will be so recognizable by then, the two handlings only take a matter
of seconds.

As the adept is unburdening hierarchies of beings (Hubbard states:

“...that coming into session each day, some bts will have been
unburdened by the previous day’s auditing, so handle) the idea that a
C/L should instantly be done if the TA is high is inappropriate to the
scene. You’re processing each individual, but their whole association
can be in restim. That’s not to say there aren’t situations requiring a
C/L, as long as it’s revised to handle who you’re auditing and thus
helps to differentiate then separate out the individuals being

All assessment lists are done method 3. All hierarchy or being

handlings are completed before going onto the next assessment.

Most of the time a mechanism will be perceived before it starts

reading, and will start reading once one’s attention is focused on it. If
something is there, but not reading, create some willingness to
understand in that space and if there is a source of resistance there, it
should read or else the effect is being created from somewhere else—
and that can be assessed for as well.
The SBs and Black Band -Step 2:

As the case in this area unburdens, more of the hierarchy becomes

auditable. One is able to spot (and blow) a screen between the
adept’s reality of his own space and the SB reality.

An interesting concept: Why would there be a ‘rift between types of

beings’ in life’s universe? Well, there appears to be more than one
time continuum co-existing. Based on the concept of prior ARC’ -there
would have had to have been some prior agreement or reality in
existence before the rift occured so that a ‘rift’ equaling some kind of
unreality or disagreement could occur now. When the
unconsciousness, unknowingness, and charge are handled, the
parameters of the disparate universes and time-lines should re-align.

If one were to assume a viewpoint from a space that’s lacking in

light and havingness, then looking toward our space, where we have
electronic charge ridges or encysted resistance appear as a
shadows. And that’s a type of havingness for an SB.

The hierarchy assessment is extended up to:

● I/C’s I/C (f) -R-fac ● originator(f) -Spot ● orig I/C (f) -R-fac ● Boss
of I/Cs - ● Boss of Bosses -

• the originator mechanism is a mock-up of the basic Xoth priest

SB implant.

If an implant comes up for D/L either through cumulative handling or

by spotting, etc. the subsequent 4flow handling used to find others
with similar charge is quicker than having to D/L every bt, cl or SB that
went through it.

Also, if parts of the Xoth implant are regenerating after spotting, the
‘implant part I/Cs’ will lead back to an IC’s I/C or Boss of Bosses to
unlink it from any current structure operating on the adept’s space.

The SBs and Black Band -Step 3:

The presence of bts and cls that read then handle with an R-fac to
their SBi/c (who they consider their organized cl is working for) is
viewed as a case entry point for locating structure. This type of
scaling to handling beings and structure further up the hierarchy.

A session can start just by finding a bt in restim on a somatic and lead

to a whole reality. It can start with a reading rud or button.
Ending session, the adept checks for:

• Remaining bts, cls, sbs -rems

• Incomplete or partial blows -incs
• Exteriorized no blow -extnb
• Restimulated no blow -res
• Copy
• Last Call -L.C.
Universes(U) Assessment:

To open up access to more case, use Method-3 to check for charge,

mass or entheta that’s currently in restim on bts, cls, or SBs from:

• 3rd U - if Xoth implant shows up, spot, D/L, then assess 4-flow for
• 2nd U - GH-1, GH-2, GH-3 implants etc.
• 1st U - bc-1s, bcmex, bcr, etc. as defined in the Unified Theory
• 8th U - this one
• 7th U - the first 5 galaxies as stated in the Unified theory ● - 6th
galaxy with GH-6 Body Builder -Cave of Darkness implant ● - 7th
galaxy with 4th planet Lord of Seventh Universe implant; 5th
• GH-8 Temple of God implant, the Charge Maker implant and
Incident 1
• implants in Implant City.
• 6th U - beings identifying with dark energy bubbles
• 5th U -beings identifying with condensed mass, matter becomes
• 4th U - the Gen, City of Angels implants, conflict with SBs
Transitions that including collapse and explosiveness between
universes can be spotted if an event or incident is currently
restimulating any beings or facsimiles of a theta body in your space.
It is assumed, per the pre-requisites, that all the ‘fields of interest
items’ in HoM have been spotted and handled on Advanced Nots so
they’re not bypassed.

What will show up, especially if you spot the basic Shadow Being
implant, the Originator that forced them into a huge spherical
hierarchal structure for a period of time just before they started
implanting other beings, is the phenomena of Prior SBs and shadow
clusters. These ones were attacked in the thetan wars prior to the 1st
U then showed up in the 3rd U. They handle with the R-fac and
remedies, but most Sbs have the conception that their time-track and
reality started with the Originator -4.67 Q. It acts as their ‘Original
Theta Body’ (OTB).
Remedy #2:

Some solo-adepts have been handling psychotically, suppressive,

resistive beings with the Power Process type commands to get them
into valence for auditing: ‘Tell me a cause-point...Reply. Tell me about
it.... Reply.” alternate repetitive bracket with: “Tell me a no-cause-
point...Reply. Tell me a about it...Reply.” Etc. This may be necessary
for a being who’s so busy attacking you it won’t answer an auditing
command. The long term handling for flattening out vulnerability to
that kind of case comes from the solo-adept becoming cause over the
specific details that resolve that kind of case. When auditable, assess
for the evil purpose, have the being scan back to the first time he got
it. If no blowdown-cog, spot the prior confusion, spot the first moment
of the prior confusion. If no blowdown-cog, go e/s. Or per Advanced
Procedures and Axioms, get an earlier beginning until he does see
where the intention came from and does know why. It’s usually an
implant, so if the confusion is too great to confront, have him do the
spotting drill on it until bd f/n then R-fac.

If the being doesn’t blow, remember what Gautama said about these
other world ‘gods’ being controlled by their impulses, and what Mr.
Hubbard said about the type of secondary underlying a major service
facsimile. (ref: AP& Ax chapter on Justice) You may have a being who
has other evpurps to handle, or one whose history only involves
suppressing others—it wouldn’t know what to do in a new unit of time.
In this case, if he can’t spot the when, where and who gave him the
evil identity/purpose, or return those facsimiles and intentions back to
that space, time and who—try returning the being back to the Point of
Origin and have him scan his dynamics up to present time. R-fac then
ask: What were you before? What are you now? Who are you?

If the ser-fac, or making you as an auditor wrong persists, have him

spot the a ’false loss’ of the 8th dynamic affinity, reality and
communication as a Secondary—repetitively which will blow the mass
and unplug the serfac, then ‘scan’ each dynamics up to present time
again. Each dynamic will bd or bd f/n. When the being is in present
time, give the R-fac and it will blow. On later rundowns there are
extended R-facs, but at this level they’re usually not required.
Example: ‘Look around. Put out some new anchor points. Create some
dynamics’ is a prefix to: ‘The old game of entrapment is over; the new
game of total freedom has begun.’ then the being is asked the: ‘What
were you before? What are you now? Who are you?’

SBs and the Black Band: Step 4:

SBs have a history, ways to control and use other beings, and ways to
influence our dynamics. As a point of case entry the solo-adept can
assess each of his own dynamics to

see if influence exists from a bt who may be hung up it the ‘present-

time’ of a prior universe. Again, this is a lead to finding SB hierarchy
and case structure.

Dynamic assessment:

• Assess 1st dynamic: ● -then scan up through each universe to

see if any bt/cl, stuck
• in the reality of that time, is in restim in PT.
• Assess 2nd dynamic: ● -scan etc.
• do the same drill for each dynamic and a handle each read as it

When that is done:

● -look for any Black Band wave structure that may have been
missed and Spot.
● -look for any mechanisms that may have been missed and Spot,
R-fac beings.
● -look for any bt/cls that may have been missed, handle, check to
see if a
• hierarchy put them there and handle. ● -make sure, using
buttons, that no one has been bypassed.
• ● -the original SB (Pot) mock-up was a postulated
agreement, a solution to a problem
• for some beings getting unmocked in the creating then taking
space game and its
• thetan war consequences. Who didn’t decide to have space?
Remedy #3:

If charge builds up in a session, do each of the following to blow f/n if


• Spot the session lock

• Spot a theta-line (evolvement of life along a time-line) secondary
• Spot a theta body or whole track engram facsimile that may be
stuck to your space
It’s understood that these terms were defined in History of Man.

SBs and Black Band -step 5:

Levels of charge reached by the rundowns overlap. Some types of
beings crossover into another type’s reality. Back and forth, up and
down the track, given the parameters of scaling, eventually all the
charge comes off.

The ‘theta (thought with intention attached) to bpc, to mass, to energy,

to matter and mest’ cycle of action can be assessed on 4-flows. Most
beings have experienced it.

The ‘differentiation’ approach to case address can be divided

into 3 parts: be, do, and have—the conditions of existence

Be: Who are you? What kind of being are you? What valence are you
in? Who were you before that?

Do: What are you doing? Where’d you get that intention? From whom?
Are you working for them?

Have: Mechanisms, structure, charge, pre-mest that won’t as-is or blow

because it’s a mixture of different types of encysted charge from
different points in space and time.(Can be handled with sending it to
it’s ‘Where’ and ‘When’ per the definition of what a position point is.)

Eventually one is able to spot all the mechanisms and beings in an

SB hierarchy, and from a point of conceptual knowingness, be able
to give them all an R-factor that frees them up at the same time.

Similar magnitude beings from that earlier universes area:

The adept could ask: where did the SBs learn to make the pole traps
at Xoth? What about the organized structure and hierarchies? What
happened before? What happened later?

Beyond cooperative or enforced relationships (either with an assumed

or implanted identity), consider a size scale for thetans from bt to you
—the being’s size determined by his ability to create position points,
to have knowledge and understanding, or to create his/her own space
—position points being defined as locations in space and time.

Prior SBs considered they were more causative and protected by

sharing a format of anchor points (a Pot postulate). If a being’s
original space was vulnerable then totally collapsed, it became like a
bt. Identifying with something was one solution to maintaining some
A being maintaining some space and resisting the intention to take all
of its anchor points ends up with a self-determined vs other-
determined ridge around it that is earmarked by the space and time
where the incident occured.

This is a characteristic of the 2nd U personal universe thetans (PUTs—

nee Pots ). These along with bts, cls, etc. were formed into the first
Godhead-theta-body prototypes at Xion using: implosion around poles
then capping the impulse to escape or explode out with ridges formed
from bts. (The honorable cappers, union. Precursors to the honorable
implanters’ unions of later years.) In pre-mest body mock-ups, cls
wore a similar hat—a harmonic—to what matter does in current
bodies. The PUTs wore a similar hat to the energy sources. Implanted
charge was kept in restim by the poles and SP intention to have it

PUTs don’t organize into associative hierarchies like the SBs or Gen,
but there are different types and they can be differentiated on the
second rundown. The Gen, who are organized ‘-thetan-mind-body-’
within their cooperative identity, do wear hats on a hierarchy that is
different from the SB’s. The auditing style and R-fac for both these
types of beings is the same as for the SBs.

Once an incident is D/Led, a type of charge that contains a specific

place and time is defined. The being picked up on a flow assessment
(whether it was received, given, cross flowed or self imposed) has that
charge in restim, therefore using flows to find reads cuts down on the
number of times one would have to D/L to remove charge from the

The flows don’t find everyone who received a certain type of implant at
a certain time, just those with similar charge who are picked up on the
auditing cycle that’s occurring. Therefore, the use of ‘restim not
blown’, ‘inc or part blo’ and ‘ext no blo’ as well as ‘rems’ should be
done after addressing each area. And expect beings, who you thought
were all addressed at one level, to show up intertwined on another
level -they may have experienced getting implanted or overwhelmed
in more than one area or universe.
The Ananda Rundowns

Ananda Rundowns: 2


Rolling back to the 2nd U, we find the three initial Gaudhead mock-ups:
GH-1, GH-2 and GH-3. Aside from any pre-mest pole parts, they are
mainly composed of bts and cls from the 1st U plus PUTs. An implanter
trapped some random beings (rbs) and incorporated them into the
GH-3, but after that the focus turns to the 3rd U, Xoth and the
formation of new SBs.

The Guadhead implants are basic on many cumulative chains: 4.89Q,

4.87 Q, 4.79Q. Whether the purpose be for protection or attack, the
GH intent is derivative of experiences in the pre-universes ‘taking
space game’ and ‘thetan wars’—a time when the 7th dynamic serfac
came into play (can be D/Led). Also, the impulse to regain space is a
reaction to the condensation of space in the 1st U.

tech note (a) -names of people, places, things, beings etc. are
arbitrary and meant to be used as a guide only. They are not an
indication for others’ cases as interpretation can cause
misdirection. . Add ‘PUTs’ and ‘Gen’ to any Ruds, buttons or Cl
assessment, plus incorporate them into the assessing for type of
being anytime a being is in restim or unburdened and available to

Another phenomena occurs when one starts handling the PUTs. It’s
based on the anatomy of what occured when someone tried to take
their anchor points and compress their space. In the first GH implant,
the power level could be considered to be around 2 watts; weak by PT
standards yet a new and impressive phenomena at that time. So the
GH-1 could only wrap one PUT in a ridge (PUT-1).
The GH-2, more powerful, could wrap two (PUT-2) however the
control electronics are on a harmonic with the modern E-meter. That
phenomena can be spotted, as well as the fact that some beings
might get mixed up where the nervous system ends and the meter
starts. So, it’s now best to have two meters at hand—in case one
goes out of whack for a while.

The GH-3 created the PUT-3. PUTs could all be recycled and
accumulate more than one type of charge, but maintained their
original typecast.

Later on, in the 7th U, some very complex, powerful implants created
the PUT+s, which incorporated any number of personal universe
thetans (PUTs—nee Pots) of this magnitude which more or less ended
Pot ability to create any of their own spaces.

The actual number of beings in a PUT+ is assessed by asking how

many. They will duplicate the R-fac when given to them group
processing style, and each being does do what is asked as an
individual with a given set of commands. In conjunction with D/L and
the Advanced Nots R-fac, it helps them rehab their personal identities
and blow. They did not create or agree to an enforced hierarchy,
though some have an i/ c inside the wrap.

Solo Nots is presumed to have addressed most of the basic bts

and cls of the 1st U as defined in the Unified theory. Otherwise
access to the pre-universes area before the First Universe is
Encysted charge blocks the road. As many of those beings ended up
having cumulative cases—by now the majority should have been
handled on earlier runs down the track.

If you’re not a great auditor at this level, a true solo-adept, you’re

liable to run light and create a mess. The more anyone has to help you,
the more you become dependent—thus, the less chance you have of
getting the gains. (On the road to Enlightenment, Gautama perceived
these other beings without bodies as unable to do what was necessary
to attain their own enlightenment.) They need auditing, scaling and
unravelling. It is necessary to differentiate all the beings and what has
them stuck in order to handle; and, by this knowingness, eventually
release oneself from the influences. Auditors who are/were being held
up on their Solo-Nots level, are/were being used. The actual reason
why has to do with: ‘What happened to their bts and cls after they
were blown?’
Along with the SBs, the Gen can be considered to be the other beings
Hubbard suspected as having made recent incursions into this part of
the current universe. They’ve been in this universe a long time. Most of
them consider their time track to have started at 4.28Q in the 4th U,
but there are Prior Gen who were formatted in the pre-universes time
and space. They’re less hierarchal and more clannish than SBs.. The
pre-universes area encompassed sets of smaller-home-universes
where spaces were defined by various agreements. It’s a mistake to
assume that all beings had the same innate ability to create the same
amount of space or even wanted to. One’s ability to handle other
intention or counter-intention is also a determining factor affecting
one’s role in the game of life. Did the SBs and Gen combine forces to
trap PUTs? Not really but things can appear that way. The following
assessments are done Method-3.

(A) Re-check the fields of interest delineated in History of Man by

assessing for then handling any beings connected to:

● -protoplasm line ● -chemicals, atoms ● -genetic line ● -theta

body ● -theta line ● -primary incidents ● -secondary (entity)
incidents ● -etc.

Re-check for mechanisms—new, old, pre-mest structure. Spot and


● -collapsing universe ● -collapsed universe ● -inertial void ●
-gravitational vacuum ● -fluid static electricity ● -magnetism ●
-exploding space ● -neucleonics ● -’theta to bpc to mass to mest’
Assess: ( note: if dark mass appears, spot it first to blow, then
handle anyone attached, per their handlings. Persistent masses, or
repetitive handlings of beings with the same kind of charge—ask for
the incident that can be D/Led and 4-flowed to speed up the
• thetan wars

● -Space game ie: taking others’ spaces ● -break-up of a

conglomerated theta body ● -whole track ARC break ● -theta body
scar ● -whole track engram ● -ridges -spot, find out who owns it
and handle, plus anyone else attached
● -thought you were ‘me’ when you were implanted? ● -just woke
up? ● -Rems, incblo, ext-noblo, ext-wrongU, restim-noblo, copy.
Spot session lock.

tech note (b)

The words: ‘trying’ or ‘tried’ pick up intention. Putting in buttons and

assessing 4-flows expands the scope for finding reads and case entry
points. The intentions pick up counter-efforts, counter-emotions and
counter-thoughts. Handled, the ridges and charge come off the track
and dynamics. It’s not that all the following buttons are going to read,
it’s the number of times through that’s important. At this level there’s
an awareness available of interaction between other beings in the
past, some of which has continued to be dramatized in PT; but aside
from that, it’s the fluidity of perception on the time track that is the

Flows imply direction, so it’s necessary to find the type of being on

each flow or button that reads for any of the following ... especially if
the pronouns ‘you’ or ‘your’ are being used.

(D) Assess:

● -tried to unmock you ● -tried to overwhelm you ● -tried to take

your space ● -tried to envelop your space ● -tried to collapse your
space ● -invaded your personal space

Check ruds, buttons etc.

(E) Assess flows on:

● -to conquer ● -to attack ● -to subjugate ● -to control ● -to trap
● -to control and trap your personal universe space


● -controlled by SBs ● -influenced by SBs in PT ● -flows on ‘trying

to kill a body’ ● - a theta body ● - a GH ● - a PUT ● -trying to take
PUT space ● - attack others ● -to make someone come back

Tech note ©

Shells separated with thetan hand and beings R-fac. Entity banks
spotted to blow then being R-fac. Entity GPM: mass spotted to blow,
then 4-flow assessment on goal that comes off—beings acked and R-
Primary flows: If a collapsed U was implanted or imploded into
your space, it could take a while to handle all who need to be
audited. Start with D/L.

Spot any hierarchy structure or facsimiles of implant structure in

restim. Handle beings influenced or attached.
Primary flows assessed:
● -trying to overwhelm me ● -trying to kill my body ● -trying to
control my theta body
General assessment:
● -stuck in thetan wars ● -stuck in taking space game ● -like OT
conflicts ● -want to continue thetan wars ● -want to war with: SBs?
PUTs? Gen?
Added assessment:
• (the first few buttons are derived from (HCOB 8-Jan-69, but other
• can also be applied to find reads) ● -holding onto body? holding
onto body too hard ● -holding onto mest too hard ● -Ext in a
past death ● -Ext in a weird U ● -Ext in a past or non-existent U
● -creating mass ● -creating charge in order to communicate ●
-lost home U ● -don’t want to blow ● -thought you’d die if you
weren’t part of a GH (1,2,3) ● -don’t want auditing ● -want old U
back ● -stuck in ridge of collapsed U ● -DED or DeDex
tech note (d)

When dealing with beings who used implanting to create

identities and impose purposes, it’s necessary to use one’s
imagination to consider the kind of extra hats that may have
been created to keep their hierarchies and mock-ups going.

For example: In the ToG implant, everything was doubled up—

back-up mechanisms and I/Cs in case the first one failed. In the
group type mock-ups, there were connectors, spy observers,
reporter-back-to-base type of characters—not necessarily part
of the hierarchy but subsidiary to it and in control of things like
booby-traps. What if you’d captured a basic cluster from the
first U that had impacted with a ridge due to some explosion?
That’s it’s first ‘false identity’. That charge is going to stick—
space and time are collapsed and fixated at that point. Then
you make it part of a complex Warrior-4 body doll at Xoth and
send the warrior off to deal with some GH or Gen. If it started
unmocking, those in charge of the GH or a Gen (having more
intention than a cl) could recycle it into whatever they needed.
There’s not a lot of MEST back there so the persistence of
attachment and the effect of intention have to be viewed
within the parameters of that time

Controlling and trapping are old postulates and solutions—

unexamined, derivative, and being dramatized in present-

(J) Assess the area between 5.1Q and 4.3 (from near the end of
the pre-universes up to the beginning of the 4th U -by universe
if possible) for the following. The Gen are not seen as having
quite the total involvement up to that point but may have been
caught up in an implant. Other cases may vary. Flatten to no
read on each before moving on Flow 1:

● -SB who received an overt from a PUT

● -SB with a DED on an overt received from a PUT ● -SB
who received an overt from a GE ● -SB with a DED on an
overt received from a GEN ● -SB who received an overt
from another SB ● -SB with a DED on an overt received
from another SB

Flow 2:.

● -SB with an overt on a PUT ● -SB with and overt on a GEN

● -SB with an overt on another SB

Check flow 3 and flow zero for each set of these players at
that time. Spot the mass of any remaining SB thetan war GPM
from this time. Get the goal. (probably something like: to
survive, and assess it on flows to clean up remaining counter-
efforts.) Check for any bt/cls who received more than one
implant using the implants as assessment items in
combination. For example:

● - GH-1 & Xoth? ● - GH -1,2 and Xoth

or add other cl making incidents to the mix:

● -1st U impact and a GH-3 ● -GH-1, 2nd U collapse and Xoth

tech note(e)
With knowledge of the time-track each adept will sense what
parts of it have affected the beings on the level of charge
being addressed. Certain major implants keep showing up on
the D/Ls or the NOTs and FPRD style e/s scans. Earlier
beginnings and earlier similars are a way to approach
persistent conditions. If resistiveness encountered, check for
bypassed beings, a hostile being, or a new layer of beings
unburdened who are about to enter the mix.

All prior tech applies, such as C/L question #22: ’failure to

identify a mass before handling it’ but questions like ‘pulling in
bank to explain a physical condition’ should be revised to:
‘pulling in charge to explain a condition’ to have any reality
with the types of beings who are being audited. The primary
flows that need to be checked involve whether any beings
have charge on you doing them in. For example: I took your
space? I collapsed your universe? I implanted you? Someone
who said they were me took your anchor points? Someone like
me implanted you? The value of itsa cannot be underestimated
for forming assessment Qs. For example: If someone says: ‘I
don’t want to exist’ there may be others caught in the same
counter-effort or ridge that will read. And this will lead to a
GPM where the goal was ‘to be’. The mass of which can then
be spotted then 4-flowed for an assessment etc.

Combinations and accumulations of charges are eventually

what overwhelm. Differentiation using a meter is a way to dig
someone out. The more complex the mass, the less number of
beings who will have been through all the experiences that
caused it to accumulate.

Spot to blow:
● -any mass still connected to this part of the thetan wars ● -taking
space game ● -universes collapsing phenomena ● -handle any
beings still influenced as you go along.
Prior to the Xoth implants the SBs tried to give everyone else ‘to
make them SBs’ is the big one they got themselves (4.67Q) What
appears to be a circle is a sphere. It’s not the kind of mass you want
to start handling then go out to dinner and a movie. Spotting the
mass causes it to blow off in layers and beings are unburdened at
each layer. As one unravels it, goals like ‘to control everyone’ have
to be assessed and flattened for each being to a blow. Closely knit
D/Ls and cumulatives are tied into it. It’s one of the few incidents
that can cause SB cluster phenomena. R-fac everyone. If parts start
regenerating, find out who’s
doing it. This is the Originator incident that starts ‘their’
time track and a major rift in the overall evolvement of
life on a number of dynamics (theta line) that will
eventually have to be resolved.

Goals like: ‘to control the game’ or ‘to control the game of life’
are more likely Gen goals in this area and handled after this.
Just R-fac anyone with those. SB implanted goals are more
directed toward controlling beings. If some were collapsed in
the space game or compressed in the thetan wars, they can
have been pulled into this and have cumulative charge, though
what happened to them before may seem unreal because it
doesn’t go along with the new SB agreed upon time line. Black
Band structure can be anchored to it. Spot and handle. Getting
sucked in on the &#to be one’ goal appears here as well as
other implants. It’s someone exploiting the
misunderstanding/confusion in the original enforced theta body

&#Stopping others from blowing’ and ‘came back’ are hot

in this area as ‘to come back’ was an implanted solution
for beings who split off for whatever reason. Use
techniques like thetan hand for ridges and poles; spot to
blow engrams on theta body mock-ups.

Spotting session locks helps to keep mass from building up.

&#Ext in wrong U’ and ‘trapped by some unexplained impulse’,

‘Hello—OK’ and out of valence withholds such as: ‘failed to
trap, control, or attack someone’ all come into play. Which
means there are other moral codes on other vectors that can
have charge on them—a good introduction to the Gen who are
handled after this area is cleaned-up.


Auditing the GEN.

The Gen had something to do with unmocking the SB third

universe so one can presume they knew and understood
what occured before and had some idea on how to handle it.
Up to 4.28Q, their life and games were based more on
agreement and arc between the body-thetan-mind mock-up
of cooperative, coordinated beings than anything else. They
moved into or created areas that were unoccupied. Whereas
the SBs ended up operating on black band, the PUTs could be
considered to be on gray band; and the Gen, whose sense of
the aesthetic is almost the same as our own, can be
considered to be operating on white band.

If you look into your mind and think its your presence you’re
perceiving looking back, odds are it’s a Gen. With goals like ‘to
be right’ they don’t invade, they immigrate, and they attempt
to control the game of life as they see it whether you’re here or
not. Some came to earth 4 million years ago and got caught up
in left over Inc. II facsimiles. An SB can read on ‘invasion?’ A
Gen will read on ‘coming here and getting caught’. They can
mock themselves up as your ‘thinker’, your ‘mind’, or your
‘theta body’ to avoid observation.

The mock-ups can be spotted to a blow. They can other-

determine bts and cls, just as the SBs can, and can send them
with messages between terminals in their hierarchy. Back on
their early track, they used ‘secret circles’ (condensing rings
of mass) to catch other beings. It’s one of the precursors to
making beings think they’re mest so they become easier to
control. If on assessment, you get a read on Gen (f) or a bt/cl
whose been put there by a Gen, the hierarchy audits and

1. Gen -R-fac
2. Administrator -R-fac
3. Principal -R-fac
4. Crossover mechanism -Spot
5. Gen -R-fac
6. Administrator -R-fac
7. Principal -R-fac
8. Collection mechanism -Spot
9. Gen -R-fac
10. Admin -R-fac
11. Principal -R-fac
12. Imprinter - Spot
13. Gen -R-fac
14. Admin -R-fac
15. Principal -R-fac
Each Gen beingness, no matter the hat, is composed of
beings operating as the body or the mind or the thetan: The
R-fac is addressed to the thetan i/c or i/c. Thus the handling
has similarities to the SB handling, but whereas the SB
transmitter and Trans I/C may appear to be a few feet away,
the Gen collection mechanism could be out by the moon and
the imprinter somewhere back in their universe. If your body
dies, the Gen bail, hit the collection point and are sent back
into another body. Migration is migration and you end up
with Gen who have experiences that come from having lived
in other bodies like yours or mock-ups of theta bodies left
over from the GH implants.

Eventually, you’ll be able to spot and handle the whole

hierarchy and give it one handling without bypassing
anyone, but that occurs after you have a full conceptual
understanding of what occured to create the mock-up—
and who.

Prior Gen (nee- Pots) played just as important pre-universes

part as the others, but as they haven’t been directly addressed
in auditing up till now, they won’t have as many e/s scanned
incidents or D/Ls to relate to.

A Gen stuck in an implant at 4.28 Q may be reading on a goal

that was implanted at that time, yet could have a later similar
incident with enough charge to hang it up. So if one doesn’t
release on a ‘D/L, e/s set of commands, out-int or fprd
scan/spot plus R-fac handling’, suspect there may have been a
later implant they got stuck in. Emigrating to other universes
and having them collapse can do things like that to you
-especially if you’re not really sure how you got back home..
Handled this way their time-track will straighten out quickly.
(note: pg.-77 HoM ...simply run him up and down the track....)

Before their basic implant incident, the fourth U was seen as

a place that was better than anywhere else: not so much
conflict or hostility. More value on creating space by
agreement than considering there wasn’t enough so it had to
be taken from someone else. Just as Xion became a location
in the 2nd U and Xoth in the 3rd, the ‘City of Angels’ came
together in the 4th. Just as Prior SBs had shared dimension
points to create a unified identity and the Xoth implants
forced others into that mock-up/identities that could be
controlled by the SBs, so went the Gen. The Imprinter implant
gave the enforced identity, and the subsequent Collector-
Crossover connection gave an implanted means to control
the organizational hierarchy.
They ended up doing so much implanting it collapsed the
dynamics and parameters of their own U. That can be D/Led
and the implanted goals and GPMs can be spotted then
assessed on flows. Picking up somatics on the body or theta
body GH-5 mock-ups leads to hierarchies, as do buttons, ruds
and C/L reads.

A read at this ‘white band’ level of charge may be coming

from some other type of being who was bypassed or caught
up in a Gen incident, just as a Gen might have been caught in
a Xoth implant or prior incident. Some SBs have more hostility
toward Gen than anyone else.

The Originator Implant at the City of Angels (4.28Q--

328bltyrs) is where most Gen assume their time-track
started; it creates another rift in the overall life evolvement
line that can make it appear there are separate dimensions.

(M) Assess for third party action just prior to the 1st U

● -SBs and Gen collapsing PUT spaces

● -SBs and Gen trapping PUTs
● -PUTs and Gen collapsing SB spaces
● -PUTs and Gen trapping SBs
● -PUTs and SBs collapsing Gen spaces
● -PUTs and SBs trapping Gen

Check, any ruds or buttons to do with occluded areas from the

beginning of the 1st through to the end of the 4th U.
tech note (d):

As these SB and GEN hierarchies and basic incidents are

dismantled and the charge comes off, one should start
checking to see if there are any ‘patriarchal’ Prior Gen or Prior
SBs behind a hierarchy observing or influencing it. These won’t
be totally implanted types with an arbitrary hats etc. but they
will be doing something in and from their reality—which was
enforced by a different set of circumstances.

With the impending collapse of the 4th U, some Gen went off
to try to build another one, totally separate from what
happened before and what has happened since. Based upon
agreement, and dimension point aesthetics that need to be
agreed upon by cooperative beingnesses, it doesn’t have as
much havingness. That is seen as a problem. How do they get
more sensation, games, experience? Some SBs try to retain
the remnants of the 3rd U and have the same problem. Both
turned their attention toward this Universe to find a solution.


The Fifth U and Sixth U

With the collapse of the 4th U, the detritus of any kind of

charge, mass or pre-mest from it and prior universes
coagulated to form the 5th U. The attraction and condensing of
these different types of misowned ‘stuff’ into the symbolic
black hole of ‘matter’, gives rise to things like gravity and
inertia. The void and infinity being unas-isable, consider
everything in between glomping itself together. (5Umag)

In a spiritual sense, those still keyed-in by the false loss of

their 8th dynamic ARC, may perceive that if everyone
identified with this pre-mest, then everyone would be
together again.

Some of us didn’t have much affinity for that solution, and

others sought to use it for their own purposes. For example:
idolatry or making someone part of a mest mock-up.The later
reverence for mest and persistence of some mock-ups, even to
the point of current body styles and how they relate to
implanted theta bodies is more likely to affect one’s current
case, except, beings identified with mest are more easily
controlled. One just controls the mest. The first real solid
sample of this was the G-6 implant or Godhead6 warrior in the
7th Universe. Major parts of it’s structure were composed of 5th
U matter and 6th U energy, with attendant beings still attached
to the parts. The bts and PUTs lost their earlier jobs, but those
who were still trapped were trapped over again.

When the 5th U finally reached a critical mass, it exploded. The

parameters of the next universe are defined by the movement
of dark energy bubbles. Not much to identify with, not much of
a game, but if one were trapped in a valence or incident
connected here-in, and became part of a later implant, the
charge would be cumulative; just as it would be if you were
overwhelmed in the pre-U or stuck to some Xothian pole and
ended up in the 6th U trying to communicate with some energy
bubble. As there was not yet enough mass for continued
expansion., the coalescing of energy to form the first sun
earmarks the start of the next universe with its inertial fields
and galaxies.

The Gen and SBs avoided the 5th and 6th universes and don’t
appear to get involved with the 7th until near the end.

5th and 6th U assessment:

● -5th U matter
● -condensed 5th U energy
● -collapse into 5th U
● -5th U explosion

These can be assessed for reads, then handle; or, D/L

then assess the flows. Cumulative and later handlings
will also touch on this part of the timetrack.

Assessment cont’d:
● -6th U energy ● -dark energy ● -6th U explosion ● -6th U
collapse ● -energy bubbles. ● -cold energy bubbles ● -hot
energy bubbles

The problem with followers is that they want to share in their

leaders’ spaces. At its most aberrated, the decision becomes
an overt because the being ‘sells out’ its own self-determinism
or inner reality in order to adopt the suppressive being’s
character (plus intentions, anchor points etc.) to gain power
over others. The problem with leaders who subjugate is that
the subject’s reality becomes their own, and they eventually
lose control of their own space—which takes many of their
followers down with them, plus in some cases spawns new
suppressives who fill the control vacuums and start trying to
trap others.

Check that anyone didn’t get crossed up: like a Gen who
thinks he’s an SB, or a PUT who thinks he a Gen, then go on
to the third Rundown.
The Ananda Rundowns

Ananda Rundowns: 3



● -Being?(f) -type(f) -handle until flat ● -Ruds, buttons and

C/Ls all include PUTs, SBs and Gen when checked for:
whose charge?

As the predominance of Gen structure unravels, the implants in

the 4thU at 4.28 Q are discharged.

Per ‘Big Middle Rudiments’ in the tech dictionary, big mid ruds
can be put in on a goal or item. So when checking the four
flows on an implant or goal, use the buttons to make sure each
one f/ns.

● -’to mock-up a body’ was a solution to being unmocked.

Assess. ● -’overt to leave before a body dies’ is a Gen
button. Assess. ● -Assess: obsessively holding onto a body,
ext into wrong U, and ext into past death. (ibid) ● -Assume,
because their aesthetic wavelength is so similar to our own,
that they
• may be in areas of the body already handled for other beings.
Look for white
• band ‘veils’ or put a dose of theta into an area and see if any
resistance reads on the meter, then
find out who or what caused it. ● -Check if you did
anything to them to find: protest, false, dedex and
motivator kinds of reads ● -Some got popped by some
lingering Inc II facsimiles 4 million years ago. ● -Focusing
on Gen, ask if there are any incidents involving charge that
occured around here for
them when they immigrated to this part of the galaxy.

As Gen charge based in the 4th U defuses, similar to the way

the SB charge in the 3rd U defused, it opens up access to the
PUTs in the 2nd U incidents, as well as a comm line to the Prior
Gen in the Pre-U area. This is an example of how layers of
charge overlap and intertwine.

The PUTs

A PUT may have become a bt in the GH-1 implant (4.89Q) if it

hadn’t been able to resist having its personal space totally
collapsed. A PUT-2 from the GH-2 (4.87Q) is two PUT-1s who
have been compressed together by an implanter’s ridge—
earmarked by the space and time it occured. The PUT-3
comes from the GH-3. These three implants were done in the
2nd U at Xion. The PUT+ was formed in 7th U implants around
4.00023Q. After that they lose their part as self-determined
players and were used to energize mest interactions in more
complicated mock-ups.

tech note (a) PUTs 1,2 and 3 handle with the Advanced Nots or
Robles ‘Eights’ R-fac. The PUT+ does as well, but first the
number of beings in a PUT+ has to be found, either by
assessment or by asking—before they’re able to do the
command. Then it is given ‘group auditing’ style, and will do
the command individually.
This basically holds true for any type of beings who have
been ‘grouped’ to act an homogenous unit. Though most
PUTs have been re-implanted into mock-ups many times,
they maintain the identity from when their personal space
was first condensed. Therefore, they are picked up by
handling the flows on any implant from that area of the whole
track. They didn’t create hierarchies but may be stuck on
charge that came earlier or later.

Finding the number of times they were implanted also helps

them to blow. Therefore, taking a cue from the
aforementioned research done in 1952: ‘Simply run him up
and down the track through various incidents....’

● -use ‘later similar’ as well as the ‘earlier similar’

questions when necessary ● -this also helps straighten
out the apparency of different time tracks for different
types of beings and realities—which coalesces rifts in
the seventh and eighth dynamics and theta line.

Assessment (2): -The 7th dynamic ser-fac gave rise to the

intention ‘to control you’ in the 2nd U. Start by assessing it for
PUT-3s at the GH-3 (where they think their track started) or:

• Spot the GH-3.(approx: 4.79Q--489bltyrs) D/L, 4 flow etc. If

some won’t blow. You have a combination being with a
combination of charges. It’s necessary to find the combination
so have the PUT-3 scan or assess forward for other charges.

For example: -’GH-3, Xoth (SB implant), City of Angels (Gen

implant), Implant City (Inc.1), CC (1Q), Inc II.’ When the right
combination is found, the PUT-3 will blowdown, be able to
duplicate the R-fac, and blow. Then handle anyone else who
may have been bypassed in the process. (Restimulated not
blown?) Assess for type of being if they don’t tell you; have it
scan earlier and later to find the charge holding it up, then R-

tech note ©: -Make a grid, a cheat sheet of implants for

finding charge quickly. It’s a Solo-adept’s fluidity on the
time-track and ability to recognize parts of it while in close
proximity to those being audited that opens up the next

• It also helps after bpc has been reduced out of a zone of

the time for when a mixture of ‘intermingled and layered’ pre-
mest is left behind to know where it could have come from and
to be able to send the position points facsimiles and intentions
back to their own where and when.

When handling group entities, a question comes up regarding

some particles of mass—whose charge was it? Or, handling a
number of incidents, where did it come from?

• What are its time/space (universe) characteristics? Moving

it by spotting to, or pushing it to points on the time track that
were recently addressed, helps the pre-mest’ encysted charge
peel off as it finds a home.

There wouldn’t be charge unless there was theta so it does

have a time-tab.

• make sure no beings were stuck in it or hidden behind it.

• those who have charge on between universe areas,
where there may have been a collapse or explosion, open up
after the ones who have been implanted are handled.

• Leave spaces in the grid for adding incidents, dates and

locations, names specific parts recognized, notes on intentions
and types of beings involved.

• the more complex the series of charges, the less the

number of beings who will have been involved. Correct
differentiation is necessary so there’s no inval.

Sample grid: don’t write on it for each being handled,

think of it as research notes on the way to becoming a
master of space and time. Leave spaces for other
incidents and details to include:

Implant/incident, Date/locate, # of times, Parts, History,

Names, Types
● -GH-1 ● -GH-2 ● -GH-3 ● -something else ● -Xoth ● -Cof
A ● -5th U collapse ● -(sample space) ● -CoD ● -L7U ●
-ToG ● -Charge Makers ● -Inc 1 ● -CC ● -Inc II


● -after the PUT-3s are mostly handled, the PUT-2s are

unburdened. Start their grid at GH-2 and
assess for: ‘PUT-2?’ ● -after the PUT-2s are mostly
handled, the PUT-1s are unburdened. Start their grid at GH-
1 ● -When the PUT+s are unburdened, most of their
incidents will be near the end of the 7th U, but the
number of beings in the combo and the number of
times they received the same implant is necessary:
ask or assess.

There are less PUTs than any other ‘type of being’ and their
time line at this level of charge is mainly between the 2nd
and 7th Us, so this saves time from having to D/L or sort out
cumulatives especially when they were stuck in mock-ups
that were re-implanted many times with the same implants.


● -Start at the beginning of the Pre-universes area

approximately 6Q ago according to this model and scan
forward up various time tracks that may exist for different
types of beings. (Prior Gen etc.) Before that we have what
in 1952, Hubbard erringly called the Original body of
Theta (Religions like the Jain have other names for it.) But
we’ll call it the original Misunderstood (OMU) because per
his later definitions, theta wouldn’t have a body or be a
body, would it? Anyway, that quadrillion years is period of
conflict between different spaces.
● -Where the attention sticks, check for beings, assess type
and give appropriate handling. ● -separate out if different
types of beings by assessing the flows on an incident and
finding the types of beings under ‘whose charge’.

As the SB implants are unburdened, Prior SBs from the pre-

U area will be available and will be seen observing SB
hierarchies. The same goes for Prior Gen. They become part
of the handling for each hierarchy when the ridge between
the 1stU and the pre-U area is handled—mainly
accomplished by finding all the basic cls. Expect itsa about
the ‘space game’ or ‘thetan wars’ and handle ruds between
types of beings if necessary.

● -Any ‘Beings’ operating without moral

codes at that time, will not be high on
their list of affinity subjects. ● -’stuck
in a facsimile, false U, working for god,
being controlled by another’ are just
some of the originations that come off
when pushing occlusion off this part of
the track.
● -‘To become Mest in order to survive’ invites the adept
to wonder who thought up that lie and when. If there’s a
pattern of similar considerations, look for a similar
incident affecting a number of beings. D/L, 4-flow,
● -implant parts that are regenerating
or restimulating other beings are
spotted to blow and checked for I/Cs.
● -’Lying?’ is a button. So is: ‘Life is an
implant?’ Don’t be surprised if
postulates from that area return you
to handling someone in restim in this

Auditing the SBs for the sake of the SBs:
There are three ways to collapse a home U: (used as
assessment buttons in auditing/unraveling styles done later).
One is to use ridges and overwhelming intention to compress
the U then insert beings (who have been impressed with the
valence of the suppresser) to take over so it then supports or
works for him. The other way is to compress then dump in
beings who are not in agreement with the dimension points
created by those in-charge of that Home U—that stops its
creation in its tracks, nullifying its effect on a time line by
unmocking the agreed upon dimension points. Or the sps could
‘strip’ it of dimension points and coerce the beings into their

These strategies were used on the Prior SBs and others in the
pre-U area. Perhaps that’s where they learned how to dump
bts and cls onto solo-auditors for them to keep handling.
However, the SBs more than make up for that little game by
having trapped the creators of the ToG for ‘forever minus one
day’ -and they’re not so sure when that day will come.

One should hope that one day these different types of beings
will learn to audit/scale/unravel themselves. It’s the way
through but certain rights and wrongs need to be applied for
this tech to work and that should be communicated with full
intention. If it didn’t align with the ‘to create the game of life
and a playing field in which to play it’—it more than likely,
sooner or later, got those beings into trouble. We don’t have a
need for those who’ve have been stuck in implants or
implanting for eons to be released then go back to their old
ways because that’s all they know how to do. In that sense,
auditing only, is a gateway into a trap; the scaling and
unraveling must go hand in hand so the knowledge can be
used to create a new game where beings have the ability to
recognize and avoid being trapped again. Modern squirrels are
a perfect example—considering what they’ve done to standard
twentieth century technology. However, here the road parts—
some of Hubbard’s discoveries were workable and prerequisite
to getting up to this point; however, a greater portion of that
which you may have thought was workable—was not. If
squirrels try to alter this new tech as it’s used to resolve case
on the seventh and eighth dynamics, they’ll be remembered as
non-sequiter little jokes that floated off in the winds of space.

● -look for bts or cls put into your space in the past twelve
hours ● -check for any SB mechanisms and run back to an
originator plus the hierarchy behind it. ● -spot what’s left of
the basic SB implant (4.67Q-366bltyrs) Check for parts and
spot to blow, spot
the mass of an SB GPM, get the goal and 4-
flow for the SBs. ● -assess: ‘to control
everyone’ or similar wordings. This was the
goal of the implanter who implanted them at
that time. ● -all buttons, flows, ruds, C/L
reads are primarily focused toward SBs. E.g.:
Rembts becomes RemSbs first. Others who
are bypassed can be handled after the SBs.
● -look for groups who are implanted to be control centers
and various hats that would make their organization, back
then, bigger and stronger—more able to withstand attack
or to attack. Though these intentions were usurped and
linger in PT, handle anyone still attached by addressing
the i/c with an R-fac and finding out who his I/C was.
● -some hierarchies may be stuck in a combo of Us. Some
SBs may be stuck in a combo of charges like the PUTs.
Some may be stuck in times when they lost space.
Assess each and when it comes to the losing space
assess the track for SB collapsed home Us between 5
and 6Q. Divide up the time periods. e.g.: 5.66-5.67Q (f),
R-fac, bd, f/n

When the Prior Sbs start to see you’re handling their basic
engrams and GPMs, there will be more support and comm—
easier to get itsa and reads.

They entered the Mest U at approx. 3.84Q. There may be some

implanted Invader mock-ups they’ve used at various times. D/L


● -’to take over the Mest U’ or similar wordings

● -check for heavy losses, or postulates like ‘to
stay together forever’ whether they’re being
controlled on the black band or by anything
● -check if they’re ‘overwhelmed?’ or ‘over-restimulated?’
● -Check for how many times they’ve been implanted
(mostly by their own machines) Assess: 1-3x until flat and
all are handled, then: 3-5x etc. all the way up to a few
hundred. After a while they’ll just tell you how many
● -Check: ‘sacrifice’
● -check for a ‘keeper of the seal’ self-restiming type
implant that keeps them in the format
● -check for ‘committees?’
● -check to see if any SB hierarchy has been specifically
implanted to control you
● -the ‘originator’ implant tended ‘to
make everyone the same’ assess to see
if the goal or purpose reads. ● -assess
to see if an Sb is: ‘Being controlled by a
Boss with evpurps?’ ● -a few Sbcls were
formed by collapsed Us; a few SBcls
were formed by ones caught in the later
7th U heavy implants. Some SBs were
involved with the CoD. Assess.
● -Do the clean-up buttons and make sure no other beings
have been bypassed.
● -some Prior Sbs are very wise and their data is

The SB ability to create their own U diminished to the extent

they gave up their individuality and took on the organizational

The Ananda Rundowns

Ananda Rundowns: 4

Step One:

Auditing the Gen for the sake of the Gen

The 4th U City of Angels implant (4.28Q--328bltyrs) was

preceded for the Gen by an implant created by two Implanter
OTs. The ‘imprinter’ part involves enforcement of the Gen
‘thetan-mind-body’ mock-up; the second part is the basis of
the ‘collection station’ and ‘crossover’ mechanisms. The Gen
were convinced the had to ‘stay organized or die’. Each read
that locates a being is a key to finding a hierarchy.


● -Spot the implant, D/L, 4-flow for reads on Gen ● -Spot

the GPM mass, get the goal or goals, 4-flow assess each for
Gen reads ● -they knew how PUTs could be used to
energize mock-ups, and how bt/cls could be wrapped
around the mock-up or into poles. Handle the
● -a solo-adept’s theta body mock-up is an attraction;
assess for Gen considerations: efforts and counter-efforts,
emotions and counter emotions, thoughts and counter
thoughts—from protecting it to destroying it
● -assess ‘being the theta body’, ‘being
the mind’ ‘being the body part’ for the
Gen influence. Make sure no other
being types are bypassed.
● -Gen resisted the intention of the
Implanters who created the ToG. A few
were involved in the Charge Maker
and some were trapped in the collapse
of the 7th U.
● -Check for cross-influence or a
combination of charges from their
basic implants to ones that came
later. ● -They came into this U approx:
3.28 Q, and more recently migrated
into this area, as stated before.
Scan up the time track for Gen who have MEST U type
charge. ● -Check for Gen ridges on any mock-up of a theta
body—or facsimile of a past body. ● - Their ‘crossovers’
appear to be two pole masses in the theta body with criss-
crossed white band
waves connecting to two poles in their space or reality.

Spot all mechanisms to blow as each ‘crossover’ connects to

part of a collection station and back to an imprinter. Address
thetan i/cs for each: gen, admin, and principal behind each
mechanism. If difficulty, D/ L and get prior confusion, source
etc. Handle the beings and put (spot-send) the out of place
position points back where they belong.

● -As these are handled, Prior Gen (more or less in an

observer role) will begin to appear behind each hierarchy.
If they have any ‘stuck’ or ‘false purpose’ type charge
inhibiting handling with the R-fac, it scans back to the Pre-
U—the where and when they were attacked in the thetan
wars or before.
● -Gen learned to impress (meaning: imprint) bts and cls
with messages to pass between terminals so bts/cls found
at this level can be a key to locating Gen mechanisms and
hierarchy. They, like the SBs, dump bts and cls into the
Nots auditor’s space and keep him/her on the treadmill.
They didn’t sacrifice themselves to help stop the ToG
Implanter OTs. Audited well, they understand the solo-adept’s
part in creating a new game. If you get lost in the following
part of the matrix, Prior Gen can or will try to help you find
your way out.


● -As with all sessions, check for any beings who have been
unburdened by previous auditing and handle.
● -spot lingering accumulations of mass back down the
time track to where they came from; push the remainder
back to the start of the track and before, then push it
forward to the future—back and forth until it finds where
it came from. Repeat until encysted pre-mest is peeled
off. I blew out a meter before I learned how to do this. It’s
possible for a being to be stuck in a secondary facsimile of
an incident after the incident is gone; it’s possible for
there to be more than one I/C using a hierarchy.

The matrix of the trap overlaps through different levels of

charge from different dynamics involved in the conditions of
existence: handling ‘Be’ would be through handling valence
problems; handling ‘Do’ would be through handling purpose
problems; handling ‘Have’ would be through blowing different
types of charge and pre-mest structure that’s holding it

If unraveling starts to hang-up and all the C/Ls are done;

check for a new type of being, a new type of counter-
purpose, or a piece of bypassed structure—or one that’s
being regenerated in your space. Failing that check for
influences from outside your space.

Partly due to the fact that apparent rifts in the time-track

and realities are being coalesced, later-similar charges can
hang up a handling just as earlier similars can.

• skill in the differentiation of types of beings based on

their characteristics of beingness is vital because they
require different auditing cycles. This is best achieved by
understanding the differences in their ability to create space
and what they’ve been through.

If lies make stuff persist, look for the why behind a postulate.
Eventually, ‘who’ created that why or lie will be uncovered.

Further handlings:

● -for a being who won’t blow, isn’t hostile and doesn’t

think much of you as an auditor, ask if
they’re ‘working for a gaud? or ‘being controlled by
another? Find out ‘since when?’ and handle. ● -‘Lying?’ is
also a button. ● -there wasn’t much of a moral code in the
these earlier areas. Don’t overly expect to be respected
as an auditor/adept until you get to the end of the
Rundowns, can handle anybody, and everyone knows it.
● -re-generation of parts of implants or control mechanisms
are usually due to obsessive or compulsive impulses from
beings who were caught in that implant and are inhibited
from knowing anything else. In this case: ‘obsessively’ or
‘compelled to’ are adverbs that can be attached to an
assessment Q. The adverbs differentiate those who just
stuck from those who ‘have to’. They’re also a step
toward: ‘don’t want auditing’, ‘stopping others from
blowing’ and ‘restimulating others’ and ‘can’t confront
present-time’ as buttons to assess when appropriate.

Step Two:
It takes and OT to trap and OT:

In terms of significance, the Temple of God (ToG) implant is the

second most important. It is also the centerpiece holding two
prior and two later implants spanning between 4.00027 and
4.0001Q years ago at the end of the 7th U time track. It is the
culmination of aberrated pre-U false purposes after they’ve
been through six and a half universes. It takes life and twists it
into an hour-glass shape, then takes the time line and drives it
through a black hole: 2Q to get in, 4 Q to start getting out. It
uses all the implanting skills that came before plus adds new
complexities that are doubled up, booby trapped and intended
to unmock you if it is taken apart out-gradient. All the details
have to be duplicated or it continues to run on anyone in your
body or connected to your space.

The CC and Inc: 2 are derivative locks compared to this

implant—they were created by two different groups who
were disciples of two out of the eight Implanter OTs who
created the ToG.

The devil lied. Eve didn’t eat the apple. He only made everyone
believe she did.

definition: In the following section ‘OT’ in capitals means an

individual being with numerous abilities to play numerous
games. ‘ot’ in lower case means an individual being who has
the potential, but who has been imprinted or implanted with a
hat and a purpose that inhibits his/her ability to play other

The CoD implant was the first to mix matter and energy into a
full body form; it incorporated bts and PUTs to give it life; it
was used to trap bigger beings and make the G-6. The L7U
boosted up the magnetic level of the G-6; it ‘grouped’ random
beings into the mock-up and trapped some bigger beings. The
ToG makes the G-8 mock-up and traps everybody. The Charge
Maker that came later is used to keep the G-8 going. Inc 1, the
first time, is an attempt by trapped OTs to implant enough
beings into their G-8 bodies to regain self-determinism. The
second time, it’s a last gasp attempt, to deflect other beings
and other determinism away. The third use was as a protective
implant for beings trying to avoid getting lost in the 7thU
For differentiation in handling on the next Rundown, the
descending scale of beingness is:

• beings

1. -OT -operating beings

2. -ot -operated somewhere before
3. -Implanter OT, pre-u-ot, pre-mestU-ot: beings who to some
degree have been caught up in the suppressive beings’
valences and mock-ups
• thetans and thetan i/cs

1. -compbe (composite being -random thetans who’ve been

given hats and a purpose)
2. -rb (random being -prior to this time they were never
permanently stuck)
3. -group of beings (rbs who’ve been grouped)
• organized hierarchal beings

1. -SBs and Gen

• beings with collapsed spaces defined by spherical ridges

-usually grouped

1. -the PUTs: 1,2,3 and +

• beings with totally collapsed spaces

1. -bts and cls

2. -mimickers, infinities
tech note(a): even though there’s a mixture of different types
of beings trapped in similar incidents, when assessing the
reads for type of being, it’s not necessary to rotely run down
the list. If an area is hot for compbes (group with one identity),
they become first or go to the top of the list; if it’s hot for
grouped beings (individuals of a certain type stuck together),
they go to the top of the list. This saves time and the others
can be checked for when the ‘hot’ type flattens out.

A similar focusing of your assessment can occur when a

number of the same types have been imprinted with the
same hat/purpose.

Auditing them consecutively makes it easier for them to find

the incident as their R is up, and that makes the unraveling
tech note (b):

• up until now and starting this level, most of the beings

have handled with the R-Fac: ‘the old game of entrapment is
over; the new game of total freedom has begun.’ ‘R’ as a
short hand conceptual command from the auditor.

• entering this level, the beingness primarily found and

addressed will be under ‘thetans’ on the scale. Most will have
received a series of implants inside the Temple of God, and
may be confused as to where they are when they come out
(either through D/L, flows, scanning e/s on a ‘stuck’ or ‘false
purp’ spotting, or unburdening) In that case, use the R-fac with
an addendum.

• added. R-fac: ‘Look around. The old game of entrapment

is over; the new game......” -Further through the level, when
the compbes wearing hats come to the table, it will be
necessary to address each being in the mock-up with an
extended R-fac.

• extended. R-fac: ‘Look around. Put out some new anchor

points. Create some dynamics. The old game of entrapment
is over, the new game.......’

• other handlings such as valence technique for bts and

cls; power or spotting the false 8th dynamic secondary and
scanning the dynamics up to PT on a resistive case, can
still be used.

• group R-fac: When beings have been grouped, as happens

in forming an L7U and into the ToG, the best procedure is to
assess for the number of beings, then have them all do the R-
fac as individuals at the same time like in a group auditing
session. If it is found that they received the same implant more
than once, the number of times they received the implant has
to be assessed (or they tell you) before they are given the R-
fac. Any type of being can be grouped.

To start:

Just as a human body is used to filter out the perceptions in

the physical universe, a thetan can mock-up a theta body to
filter out perceptions in the theta universe. This wouldn’t
necessarily aberrated and if the theta body were composed of
ARC anchor points in an ARC environment.
A false theta body created by an Implanter OT can be seen as
the receptacle for anyone or anything he wants to trap in
there. If part of that is you and he wants to control you, then all
he has to do is control the false theta body.

tech note©

• the following names, dates, nouns denoting parts, types or

anything are arbitrary for descriptive and differentiation
purposes only. If you know these beings or things by other
names, the nouns used here are not meant to be invalidative
or evaluative. Go with what you know, and keep track of what’s
true for you.

• as they come off account for names, dates, length of

implant, power level, sizes, shapes, number of times, who,
what, when, where, why, time, place, form, event, cause,
result, effect, influence, types of beings, where it fits into
the history of prior and later implants, etc. There will be a
test at the end but handling what reads as it reads is the
way through.


Implant—a painful and forceful means of overwhelming a

being with artificial purpose or false concepts in a malicious

to control and suppress him.

The ToG:
Starting with the artifice: the eight Implanter OTs are the eight
original henchmen noted in the introduction who started
working with Clorox collapsing home universes in the Pre-U.
This is where the eight finally all get back together. Those
they have influenced may have earlier similars on getting
stuck or getting false purposes and identities.

• Sereet: developed the ‘deceiver’ a magnetic field dome

promoted as being part of the Original Theta Body. It is held in
place by two poles (derived from the L7U) hidden in boxed
images of the eight ‘gods’ and hides a receptacle for sucking in
the interested, or anyone else.
• Hera: provided the ‘attractor’ a pole implant that operates at
98.6 degrees and keeps beings coming back.
• Xeroth: built the ‘restimer’—a pole operating at 97.5 watts, that
does and knocks them out when they are.
• Oha: used the receptacle to decide where everyone goes, what
part they’ll be given in in the mock-up or plan.
• Chuh: is the master of pole making, magnetism from charged
pre-mest, eventually metal
• Tuva: created the ‘copier’—a spinning series of pictures
• Thero: handled the ‘regenerator’ that put out the electronic
• Loranth: did the composite‘body shaper’ that gives the false
theta body it’s form.
They created a mock-up of an Implanter, the: ‘Temple of
God gaud’ or ‘ToG gaud’ who some of the implanted still
think they’re working for.

Composite beings and ots were put in their valences. These:

‘Disciples’ kept things going for about 21 billion years
around 4.00023456Q years ago, 99.99bltyrs from here.

Earlier similars will go back to Clorox, who was eventually

destroyed at the 1st U. The mest level lie was that electricity
and theta are the same. If it hadn’t been for few SBs and a few
beings operating on some of their own determinism in spite of
being implanted—we all might be mest now

Assess for beings and spot parts of implant until each line is

● -being? (f) R-fac, or handle and R-fac ● -restimulator?

spot, D/L, 4-flow, handle any beings attached ● -attractor?
• & note: it operated at 98.6 degrees so if you die or your
body temperature goes down
for too long, any beings attached to it would go off to find
the next attractor, or vice versa—shared
experience, tsk.

● -regenerator?

● -check for beings with combinations of the above

● -check for plus charge from other implants

● -check for incidents

● -’afraid to get lost in the winds of space?’

● -’implanted before, therefore so easily deceived?’

● -’working for Hera?’ ‘since when?’ R-fac: or handle and


● -’working for Sereet?’

Assess down your list of Implanters to ToG gaud; Clorox won’t

read unless on an e/s.

● -flatten buttons and substitute the verb ‘working

for’ with words like: aiding? supporting?
overwhelmed by? PTS to? subjugated by?
threatened by? determined by?
● -Assess for double or more implants. Count (can
be hundreds and up), use spans of numbers or
and see if they can tell you.
● -Ask if they ‘belong to? any of the implanters
● -check other ‘parts’, spot to blow, D/L, 4-flow etc.
● -Assess to see if other types of beings have been
bypassed and handle
● -assess for ‘groups of PUTs?’, ‘groups of cls?’ ‘groups of
bts?’ Get number in the group and
number of times implanted then group auditing style R-

Spot GPM mass to blow, get goal and/or D/L, then 4-flow Spot
whole track engrams, theta body engrams and secondaries to
Spot session lock to blow—at any time, and check to see if
anyone had got caught up in the facsimiles, or has now been


● -’Working for Hera and trying to control me?’ ‘Helping

Hera make her own U?’

● - assess for other implanter OT names.

When doing a C/L, prefix the questions with ‘Anyone’ and

make the wordings make sense for anyone, then find the
type of being and handle appropriately. Or assess for each
type of being.

If ‘stuck’ or ‘false purpose’—those e/s spotting and handlings

remain the same. A being can always be directed to spot the
8th dynamic secondary, then scanned up to present time and
given an R-fac. Encysted charge/pre-mest of unknown
ownership can always be pushed back down the track to where
it originated, and residual attached mixtures then spotted back
and forth until it discharges.


● -’jammed on a restimulator?’ Similar parts were used in

later implants
● - check if the PT environment or current mest U is
causing restim? ● -’fake theta body?’
● -’keeps regenerating?’
● -’trapped?’ and various wordings like the Int. buttons that
have to do with being trapped
● -check for pins under the poles, back-up parts, booby
traps and beings wearing hats to keep the
machine going, including management

● -Sereet the Liar’s big cog on his road ‘to

trap everyone’ was that lying made things or
conditions persist. Assess: ‘lying?’ or various

What magnitude of incident could make ‘beings’ form a cluster

after this? The collapse of the 7th U. It will run as a cumulative,
earlier similar D/Ls usually to the first secondary (which was
based on an agreed upon lie). Assess for and handle any types
of beings now available. Check everything out.


● -If any of the implanters (by name) personally put any

‘being’ or ‘beings’ in your space, and

● -Check to see if anyone was: ‘implanted to fight against

OTs?’ or ‘implanted to fight against SBs?’
● -’doing gaud’s will?’

● -’doing (any of the implanters) will?’

● -’gaud entity and lying/deceiving’ can be run as a

bracket to loosen up reads.

TOG -part 2:

Out back of the Temple of God was additional implant for

those beings imprinted with valences and purposes
aligned to work for the Implanters. There are three main

• (a)-the generic ’implanter being’, or ‘implanter beings grouped’

• (b)-the composite being, where each being has a different hat
(this is the great majority) and the overall compbe identity has
an Implanter OB valence and purpose. ’Disciple of Hera’ for
example, or any of the others.
• ©-the ‘pre-U-ot’ who was given a Impanter OB valence and
purpose (imp-ob), also a ‘Disciple of ______’ and who sometimes
though rarely controls a compbe disciple.
The compbe disciple handles as follows for any reading
being that originates it’s a Disciple or, doesn’t handle easily
and is assessed as a Disciple, or is just assessed as a

● -Ask: ‘of who?’ or it will just come up as you go along. for

example: ‘Hera.’

Address: get the read or locate and get the read then give
each their ext. R-fac
● -‘Being?’ (f)

● -‘Manager?’ (f)

● -‘Lord?’ (f)

● -‘god?’ (f)

● -‘god of all gods?’ &

● -‘Hera’s disciple? or Disciple of Hera?’

Six beings given hierachal hats then formed into one
composite identity

Then go onto the next. The beings, managers, lords, gods,

and gogs, are all usually more than willing to get gone.
They’ve been trapped a long time. Some of the disciples need
to D/L when they got whacked and changed valence; or they
may have an e/s when they had an earlier ‘stuck’ or ‘false
purpose’ implanted that has to be handled first.

The pre-U-OTs who have become disciples are less in

number. Many will have e/s valence shifts and after they
D/L when this one occured, if the extended R-fac doesn’t
handle, ask:

● -‘What was your name before?’

● -Keep doing this until you get one that blows down, f/n.
Then: ‘extended-R-fac’

Names will read and some may sound like the names of the
Implanters OTs, who they have run into or worked for before,
and some names will be derived from the HomeUs they think
they came from. Eventually they’ll find one or come up with a
‘just me’. The truly overwhelmed may think they were nothing,
in which case there was probably an e/s to D/L. We’re trying to
avoid too many D/Ls for each being as it becomes over-
auditing, but may be required. Eventually, with a higher reality
on the time track the Date-Locate concept becomes: “Since?’
or “When and where?’ as the overall use of “Spot/Scan”
becomes the fastest way for spotting back down a time track
and scanning to present-time, or spot/ scanning and
incident/series of incidents, or spot/scanning a series of prior
confusions, the first moments of prior confusion, and the who
or whos that created it.

The ‘implanter thetans’ started a union after the ToG. They

found employment a few blocks away working on the Charge
Maker; then later, they got jobs down the road at the implant
stations in Implant City which were selling derivative Inc 1s.

If you’re still someone’s ‘follower’ after handling the different

Disciples involved with the ToG, don’t go onto the 5th Rundown.
Perhaps you’ve read: ‘The work was free. Keep it so.’ ‘So long
as a natural phenomena remains the knowledge of a few and is
denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many.’ ‘The
only way to control people is to lie to them.’ and perhaps you
don’t want to.

Disciples of Sereet the Liar operate at different levels of

intention whether they’re an ‘organized composite being’ or
a ‘pre-U-OT’—where there’s no structured hierarchy unless
one has been overpowered by another then subjected to its
will. They’ll do what they’re implanted to do and in most
cases that’s exactly what they want to do. In PT, how they
affect each person depends more on the person’s tone level
and ethics level than on other factors.

Since 1968, certain ones have been collecting bts and cls
blown by solo auditors. Their activities moved to Curacao in
1993, southwest Florida in 1997, then recently back to
southern California. They need solo-auditors to re-cycle the bts
and cls until they can all be imprinted into the disciple valence
then injected into their support staff and public. They recruit
your children because they’re less resistant to the influence of
these ‘new disciples of sereet’ they’re creating. Sounds

The bts and cls trapped in this new version, know when they
were caught, who did it, where, who they’re working for, and
when they were sent to handle you. Locate a ‘new disciple of
sereet’ who was recently sent into your space.(f)

● -Address the ‘being, manager, lord, god, god of

all gods, and disciple’ all together.(series of
reads) Ask the disciple who its i/c or senior is to
locate him,
● -Then go up the ladder of seniors and i/cs,
asking each who they’re working for, until you
get to the ‘chairman of the board’ and his
organization. They’ll all handle with one
extended-R-fac. This
‘CoB’ hat is the only thing new being done here—a
name change. It’s all out-of-valence twit derivative.

Aside from that, Disciple-compbes and pre-U-ot Disciples can

be hanging around as part of the action, as can old implanter-
beings from the Implant City union or ‘unmockers’ and
‘organizing councils’ from the
CC. There’s more to this as reasons why are found on later
Rundowns, but if you’re still a convicted follower of some
leader, that’s a problem that should have been handled by
now, or the solution to a problem that should have been
handled by now. Try to find what was bypassed. The next
steps require a clear researcher’s viewpoint.

The Ananda Rundowns

Ananda Rundowns: 5

At the ToG, there is an almost total collapse of life’s universe.

As far as build up of charge in the session and body, there are
two main types to be moved, pushed, spotted, or carried back
down the track to where it belongs, when the beings handled
leave it behind:

• 5Umag - solidified 5th Universe pre-mest or encysted charge from

4.039-4.39Q -it was re-usable in 7th U implants: you could buy a
G-8 for two pounds of it; cls and other beings identified with it.
Cathodes etc.
• 7Umag -solidified 7th Universe pre-mest. Anodes etc. 4.0001-
Put in electrolytic solution they make a battery and a weak
magnetic field. Formed into poles and separated by a base,
then connected to a generator through spinning brush
conductors (the copier) they create a strong alternating
current and magnetic field implant.

After the ToG, the Implanter OT named ‘Chuh’ (who had three
orgasms: one when he became aware of 5Umag—which he
used at the CoD; one when he realized 7Umag used with
5Umag in the ToG was so effective; and one when he
discovered metal) built the Charge Maker (assisted by the
‘implanter beings union’ and involving a few Gen). His
electronic and battery parts, which incorporated cls etc. as the
crossover for controlling theta, were used to re-invigorate the
aging G-8s—and in some cases take control of them as they
were now being carried around by trapped OTs. The OTs,
slipping into the valence of the Implanters, tried to regain self-
determinism by having other beings implanted with their own
valence and integrated into their G-8. The was the first use of
the Inc 1 --which was a derivative of the ToG. That not working,
they tried to cap the ‘receptacle’ with a ‘deflector’ to stop
more beings from being implanted into their ‘false theta body
composed of thetans’. That was the second use of the Inc 1
implants in Implant City. The third use was for OTs who’d
missed out on the ToG era and were still using G-6s or L7Us—
they could have all the updated benefits and liabilities of the G-
8 mock-up by getting a few Inc.1s; and, random beings fearing
being lost in the winds of space with the collapse of the 7thU,
were there to get incorporated for protection. From ToG to Inc
1 is approximately 4.000234Q to 4.00013Q, then comes the
collapse of the 7thU. Prior to the ToG, the CoD (Cave of
Darkness implant) at 4.00026Q started with Oha knocking
PUTs unconscious so the battery level implant created by Chuh
could be used to form the G-6 (god or body doll, depending
upon your viewpoint). Loranth and Xeroth added the 5Umag--
7Umag pole sequencing to a similar mock-up to create the L7U
(Lords of the Seventh Universe) which instead of clustering,
started ‘grouping’ beings trapped in the false theta body.

One can see, that with the increasing number of auditing

cycles through the ToG, the awareness of what occured before
and after begins to open up the time line to eventually rehab
the ‘case’ and perception of life. As more of the charge comes
off, more of the preceding and resulting story is told. It also
unburdens more beings and different things to audit.


Check for ‘compbe-disciples’ and ‘ot-disciples’ working for

(your version of):
● -Chuh ● -Hera ● -Sereet ● -Oha ● -Loranth ● -Xeroth ●
-Tuva ● -Thero ● -ToG god

Flatten each item. On a compbe disciples that don’t blow

easily after using the extended R-fac on each hat, check to
see if they worked for someone before; with the ots who
have already answered who they worked before, and
scanned back to any ‘stuck’ or ‘false purp’—ask who they
were before e/s until they get into valence and b/d, f/n, then
R-fac. Disciple of Clorox appears as a valence in the pre-U
area and then is usually overpowered by later implanted
valence shift. Check if other types of beings have been


The ‘Charge Maker’: check for bts/cls, ‘implanter beings

(imp.be), Gen, PUTs, then the others.

● -’fixing?’ ● -electrician? ● -electrical part? ● -electronic

part? ● -fuse master? etc. for those kinds of hats ● -pulling
in charge? ● -creating charge? ● -’working for Chuh?’


“God” is an generalized identity for a ‘cause-point’ or winning

valence the various implanters became. Ask which one to
uncover who; see if there’s a variation in the incidents where
someone got the valence. Some beings were taken out the
back door of the Temple of God and given the Implanter’s
valence as compbe-disciples or ot-disciples: the ToG ‘back
door’ sequence.(B-D series)

● -think you’re part of the god? ● -working for the god? ●

-protecting god’s will? ● -holding onto theta body because
god created it? ● -can’t exteriorize ● -if a ‘gaud’ entity
persists, move it back down the track, then forward with
spot/scans at the point
or points where it was mocked-up. It can be an
accumulation of overlayered facsimiles. Then check for
Rems, incblo, restimnoblo -for each type of being and
handle appropriately. Some will be ‘grouped’. If so, ask or
assess for the number of beings then give the R-fac or
extended R-fac -group auditing style and check that
everyone did it. That is: no one got left behind

Death in the pre-U area could be defined as the ‘collapsing of’

or ‘losing of’ one’s anchor points. No space—no time.
Assessment Qs based on itsa are invaluable in ‘assess and
indicate’ style auditing, as they can pick up other beings in the
area that have similar charge and sometimes uncover GPMs,
incidents or implants that can be 4-flowed etc.

tech note(a):

• For a being hung up in the pre-U area or on an 8th dynamic

Secondary: after spotting the secondary, have it spot what it
conceives to be an original theta body (OMU) as it was then—
then spot the OTB as it is now. Theta or life doesn’t have the
characteristics of mest so why or how would it go anywhere?
After spotting, indicate: ‘that it just looks different now.’ The
being will feel more comfortable accepting and duplicating the
R-fac or doing an extended R-fac.


● -dead? ● -got killed in the thetan war? ● -lost your

anchor points and space?

Assess the track between 4.99Q and 6Q for beings who have
similar types of charge bypassed or restimulated by these
three questions Divide up the track dates by hundredths of a
Q. e.g.: 5.66-5.67Q. Eventually the thetans you’re
addressing at this level of charge, no matter the type, will
just start originating when it occured.

Beings use the same or similar intentions later on the track.

Much of the conflict we see being dramatized today, started
back then.

Assessment cont’d:
● -check a primary flow: ‘I unmocked you?’ ● -here to
unmock me? my dynamics etc.? ● -have to regenerate
what’s been handled? ● -would it violate gaud’s will if you
didn’t: ● -restimulate me? ● -control me? ● -destroy my
dynamics? ● -can’t confront PT? ● -don’t want auditing?


● -can’t put out new anchor points? ● -can’t create some

dynamics? ● -can’t create a first dynamic? ● -can’t create a
second dynamic? ● - • & etc. ● -can’t create a new theta

Assessment cont’d:

● -unhandled bpc ● -stuck in an implant? ● -think you’re a

gaud? ● -a symbiote of gaud? ● -an extension of gaud’s

These gauds put beings at effect and interiorized them into the
implants where the valences were created.

Thetans used theta bodies to locate themselves; they also

created ‘home universes’ with others. The ’look around’ part of
the R-facs helps them find PT.

Sereet the Liar created a false image of the OTB to suck

beings into the ToG. False theta body mock-ups were traps,
and solutions for various environmental situations. The
Temple of God eventually incorporated various beings wearing
various administrative hats and back-up hats to control those
going through.


● -hats: from secretary to the president, with back-ups, i/cs

for each implant part and booby trap i/cs for the escapees
and more back-ups
● -continuing to mock-up______(whatever part of ToG
available)? ● -holding theta body for ______(name of
Implanter OT) god? ● -using mock-up or facsimile to control
me? ● -being a facsimile of theta ● -being a theta body ●
-being an implant ● -being pain ● -being an anti-thetan
(perception turned inward)
Check all buttons, ruds etc. for all types of beings that
have been addressed so far and handle appropriately.


A good way to loosen up Sereet’s disciples is to run:

● -Tell me a truth’ ● -Tell me a lie’—as a bracket and pick

up reads on either command.

Shadow beings don’t have enforced mock-ups until Xeroth

arrives in Xoth. Gen don’t have enforced mock-ups until
Thero and Tuva arrive in the City of Angels. Track who did
what where. GH mock-ups can have been covered up by
later mock-ups.

author’s note:

The collapse of home universes’ anchor points in the pre-U

area that caused formation of the 1st U is a good example of
how beings took Clorox’s lie about an 8th dynamic (secondary)
and his seventh dynamic serfac to turn the space game into
the thetan wars—and the result. From the rash of implanting at
the end of the 7th U by a group of Implanter OTs still operating
on variations of the: ‘to control and trap others in order to be
cause (or god)’ we see space collapse again. This time it
affects everyone we’re associated with and the evolvement of
the current universe.

There are Nazis in the year 2001. We can’t go back to 1945,

shoot Hitler again, and hope it makes them all go away.

The Implanter OTs were Clorox’s henchmen. They’re gone but

they left variants of 7D serfac postulates lying around like an
old disease. The Disciples of Chuh created Inc.II—while still
dramatizing their own prior implants. Similarly; the Disciples
of Sereet created the CC—while still dramatizing these
suppressive aberrations that have caused untold harm
including long term rifts between beings.

Part two: Assessment(2):

● -lost your ability to be? ● -inverted? ● -imploded? ●

-impacted? ● -Exploded, ridge, capped ● -lost space ● -lost
anchor points ● -lost dynamics ● -lost own ID
Check for composites created by Loranth at 4.81Q. Get names
behind the GH implants.

Check for ‘solution’ type postulates created by those who

were affected by the Implanters. If reading or can be made to
read with buttons, assess the flows. Check ‘laudable withhold’
type questions if they sound like justifiers such as: ‘restiming
self, or others, in order to maintain a mock-up or identity?’

tech note(b): -after dealing with theta bodies and different

types of universes, the havingness ‘shove it in, throw it away’
remedy done on a gradient works quite well. Start with sub-
atomic particles and work the scale of things upward in size
and number to universes. Somewhere along the line,
perspective will be regained.

1. -at this ‘beings’ level, the buttons, C/Ls (correction lists)

and ruds etc. can be focused mainly on the compbe
disciples, then the ot-disciples, random beings, grouped
beings, and implanter beings (from the honorable union).
If a piece of implant structure comes a clank—check for
an I/C regenerating it. It can restim prior implants
including unburdened SB and Gen ones. This assessment
is mainly flow two, but other flows can have been
restimed by the similarities in time and location.

● -watcher for Implanter OT named:________ ● -assess

specific names ● -implant regenerator for_______? ●
-implant back-up I/C for _______? ●
-communicator/connector for others working the implant? ●
-Top Cat? ● -Bypassed when others already got auditing?

Check again:

● -Working for_______? then assess the list of names

Spot any remaining facsimiles to blow. Spot any remaining

mass to blow. Some activities involved taking over other
disciples, plus what and who they were controlling. Cont’d

● -trying to control you (the auditor)? ● -trying to control all

OTs ● -being part of a theta body as protection from the
Sereet coerced duty and purpose buttons to compromise a
being’s integrity, weaken him and make him easier to
control. Thero and Tuva tried to impress their will on the
same being at the same time. Each Implanter OT had his
own bag of tricks. Some of the electronics in an implanted
theta body match up with parts of the brain and the vagus
nerve. Free Rebel Beings once tried to have their brain’s rear
left lobe removed and kept in stasis so they could operate
without control centers being able to influence or know what
they were doing. The CC was one of the implanter solutions
for that.

Re-check: ’influenced by ________?’

• to your list of implanters; add ‘gaud’, ‘Clorox’ and ‘ToG


• a compbe formed at the ToG, potentially has a mix of

beings with charge from various prior incidents or implants.
The first ‘compbes’ at this level were done by Loranth at the
4.81Q but there were very few or else the charge wasn’t
strong enough to trap for very long. Usually, just D/Ling the
ToG or finding out how many times it was done to that
compbe allows each being/hat wearer to be R-faced and

Cont’d assessment:

● -fought Implanter OTs and lost? ● -connected to a theta

body as a solution? ● -caught then implanted? ● -caught by
Implanter OTs then implanted ● -caught by other beings
working for the Implanter OTs then implanted ● -Look for
groups of Sbs who sacrificed themselves to wrap up the
Implanter OTs, but were caught
and implanted before the cycle was completed—group
style extended R-fac as they won’t be part of a hierarchy.
Some will still be angry at Xeroth for what he did to them
at Xoth, and may have to e/s. -check: ‘in valence of
_________(Implanter OT)?’

• On this Q the being can have charge on flow 1 and flow 2

--a combination best handled by acknowledging the itsa, but
may have to D/L when they got the ToG, then when they gave
it. The Temple of God was around for a long time.

Assessment #4:
Check for combinations or multiples of implants especially
around the end of the 7th universe time-track e.g.: Got ToG
once then Inc 1 twice. Or, CoD, two Togs and an Inc 1?

Bypassing someone in narrowed down area or combination is

a lead to asking if someone was bypassed, then acking the
itsa and handling. Though the focus is on Disciples, bts/cls
from the 1stU and PUTs from the 2ndU can be buried in the
structure of a later implant.

• ’Trying to dump beings in to re-create implant?’

Those who read on ‘pre-U-ot’ or ‘prior-ot’ as disciples, will

have been overwhelmed by Clorox in the thetan wars. Their
D/L on the valence shift incident or when they got stuck or
when they got the false purpose will go back to the pre-U
area. Most all of the other Disciples are going to D/L the
above at the ToG. Some will e/s to an earlier implant like the
CoD, but they were not immune to being overwhelmed at the
ToG and being put into the valence they’re in now.

FIFTH RUNDOWN -Step three:

Disciple Chains: -one way to speed up the process.

• the solo-adept gets a read on a Disciple. He finds out ‘of

who?’ gets an answer or it comes off as he goes up the
organizational ladder of the compbe (e.g.: ToG god). He locates
the ‘being’ and gives the R-fac or extended R-fac (whichever
works best). He locates the ‘manager’ and gives the R-fac,
locates the ‘lord’ and gives R-fac, locates the ‘god’ and gives
R-fac, locates the ‘god-of-all-gods’ and gives R-fac, then when
the adept gets to the ‘disciple of the ToG god’—he asks: ‘Who
overpowered you?’ The disciple replies: ‘Hera.’ That gives the
next available disciple to run. The ‘disciple of the Tog god’ is
given his R-fac and he blows. When you get to the ‘disciple of
Hera’ in the next compbe, the same question is asked: ‘Who
overpowered you? and the chain continues.

tech note ©:

• sometimes it will run to a pre-u-ot whose been implanted

with a Disciple valence and no one other than the Implanter
OT overpowered him. If he doesn’t blow on an R-fac, D/L or
spotting where he changed valence, ask: ‘What was your
name before that, and before that, and before that (most
names will read) etc until you get one that blows down, f/n.
Then the R-fac will work, or there’ll be a cog and it will work.

• some chains will get to the end and the answer to ‘who
overpowered you? will be ‘no one’. R-fac then look for
another chain to start.

• at the end of a chain, some will say: ‘You’ or ‘You in

Inc1.’ In this case, R-fac; then check: ‘Did someone act like
me to overpower that Disciple?’ If no one replies, then it
was the end of the chain.

• include ‘Disciples’ on the list for assessing ‘whose charge?’

on a read.

• an unaberrated personal U or theta body would be a space

defined by the adept’s anchor points and ARC. If these guys
are trying to control yours, or keep your attention fixed in a
false one, then it makes sense to audit intensively. It’s been
going on for a long time. Move residual encysted bpc back
down the track to where it came from (what’s just been
audited, usually). What’s left can be moved back prior to the
POO and it’ll boomerang back up toward PT—looking for its
where and when—back and forth until it peels off or blows

• If you get to the ‘god-of-all-gods’ and still don’t have the

name of the Disciple, and can’t get one to read by looking
around: assess the list of possible answers. Assume the
problem may have been caused by more than one being
(having been implanted by different Implanters) running that
compbe, so more than one disciple. Check it out by asking:
‘another of the same sort? or ‘another of a different sort?’.
The OTs:

Assess your space for variations of ‘pre-U-ot’ is ‘Prior ot’ or

‘pre-mestU-ot’ (whatever works)

● -ot ● -pre-U-ot ● -prior-ot ● -pre-mestU-ot

For each reading thetan, ask if they’re a Disciple of someone

first then find out: ‘since when?’ If they don’t know—D/L, or
scan back to first time stuck in that valence and spot first
moment of prior confusion. R-fac. If no go, either it’s e/s stucks,
false purposes or time to find out what their name was before,
then before etc. Spotting the 8D secondary and having a being
scan his dynamics up to PT, always puts things into
perspective. The ots here can be intertwined on compbe

It’s not until all the charge is blown out of the ToG area,
however, that full access to the Pre-U is achieved. It’s
quite a ‘life’ engram.

cont’d assessment:

● -creating mass in order to communicate

● -Implanter OTs collapsed your space?
● -over-restim by PT environment?
● - &# by MEST universe?

Note: a chronic somatic in restim at this level can be caused by

a cumulative chain of all different types of beings. That is:
handle as a cumulative cluster but don’t assume it’s all bts
that you’re handling. Ask for the type on each D/L or assess.

A complex piece of pre-mest that’s part of a mock-up and

won’t blow, can have been identified with or owned by
different types of beings at different times. Consider checking
back down the track of ‘who owned it’ for a piece that’s
especially difficult to as-is. This should remove any old
occluded intentions or facsimiles still attached. A Disciple or
anyone could have been told it’s a ‘piece of god’ and be
protecting or holding onto it from a distance. One example is
found with 5Umag that became part of the G-6 mock-up


• to be mest of the_________universe? Then use each of the

numbers for each U and see if anyone reads. Works where a
‘gaud’ has been identified with any type of mest or pre-mest.
Getting the correct time and place of origin reverses the cycle
of accumulating charge and structurally dismantles the mix.

For ots who’ve been overwhelmed by a number of

Implanters, finally getting to PT yet with an air of uncertainty
or fear, ask: ‘See anything new?’ Also they may have known
their implanters by different names than you, so this helps
take off any eval at the intention level and get the comm
cycle into PT. Then extended R-fac. They may b/d when asked
what their name was before if it slips them into another
implanter’s mock-up. You’re looking to get them back to their
home U and at least their name there—if possible then their
name before that, or a ‘just me’.

Spot any mass accumulating in the session caused by

auditing as: theta line/ whole track engrams or
secondaries, theta body engrams or secondaries, or
session locks to b/d, f/n.

Prior-SBs, or Prior-Gen handled at this level should be

handled like a Prior-ots. They had very strong home
universes compared to the others. They won’t usually want
to go earlier for ‘before that’ names. They have a real
interest in freeing their clans from the Implanter OT

There are beingness reads (types and valences), doingness

reads (purposes and actions), and havingness reads (sorts of
pre-mest) intertwined at this level. If one goes flat, get the
next, then next, back and forth.
Phenomena like: Disciples of Tuva (he was with Thero doing
the City of Angels implants on the Gen) using a Gen crossover
pole mechanism (encysted charge or pre-mest from the 4thU
connected to Mest U charge or ridges) to dump beings or
restim beings in your space. Everything has to be cleaned-up
and everyone handled. But it’s complicated enough that
there’s not very much of it.

Spot any whole track GPM masses that have arisen from
these ‘others’ goals and purposes. 4-flow and handle.


Many of the ‘ots’ will be finding basics in the Thetan wars or

home U area of the theta line track. Clorox and his henchmen-
Implanter OTs created the first charge and ridges by
collapsing others’anchor points (points defining their personal
space and time) and home universes (dimension points
defining agreed upon spaces and times).
Maybe someone picked on him or asked him to play when he
didn’t want to; but it was an evil decision when he decided to
be god. His type of lie to a being or group of beings would be:
“You have your own space or universe therefore you’re
separate from the original creator.”

This, enforced by intention and agreement from his

henchmen, caused a secondary if agreed to by beings of
lesser will and experience—the 8th Dynamic Secondary. There
was, after that, time to promote it.

Fine—if it was just PR, but where’s the injustice that would
give birth to the ever prevalent 7th Dynamic Serfac: ‘to control
and trap others in order to be cause’. It’s various
permutations and interpretations has caused the destruction
of so many beings and realities right up to PT?

There’s an engram before the secondary and that is War.

Clorox and his henchmen declared war on these weaker
universes and impressed their will on those they overwhelmed.
It had a snowball effect—their valences creating disciples and
minions. As their power grew so did their forces, and so did the
size of the home universes they could overwhelm.

Eventually, he could say to his subjects: ‘Only god can give

you a theta body, or a home universe. I am that god.’

tech note©:

Three case phenomena arise: the entity or group of beings

stuck to a ridge from that time that persists through time; the
collapsed U with beings still stuck inside—in that time; and the
collapsed U that has Disciple beings dumped into it and in-
charge at that time. All three phenomena can be D/Led, or
scanned e/s on a ‘stuck/out int’ handling, or scanned e/s to a
‘false purp/changed valence’ incident—asking those involved
to spot the prior confusion fills in the cause-effect sequence
and opens up that part of the track

As far as any pre-U implanting tech goes: with the eventual

accumulation of ridges and charge, at one point Clorox and the
henchmen came up with a ‘compressor’ to condense space,
and an ‘impresser’ to install a valence—but they were
composed of encysted charge controlled by intention (whether
or not beings were attached therein). There are specific points
on the theta line in the pre-U where large confrontations did
occur. Then the story goes with the time-line as stated in the
intro starting with the first

What’s interesting is that the Gen think their time-line starts at

the City of Angels in the 4th U; the SBs think their time-line
stars at Xoth in the 3rd U; bts and cls can be earlier similared to
the 1st U; the PUTs to the 2nd U, and Pre-OTs on OT-III to Inc 1 at
4Q where the parameters of the 7th U collapse and evolve into
the 8th or MEST U.

The ‘compressor/impresser’ sequence is basic to the SB

‘originator’ and the Gen ‘imprinter’ as well as the ToG (and
other implant variations that have affected the affected). It’s
one of the reasons why no one else in PT could be consulted as
to whether or not the rundowns were public domain. If they’re
not, what are they? If you’re auditing the 7th dynamic, who’s
your public? Once the thetaU engram at the ToG is blown
through making the thetaU engram at the War fully available,
and all the beings you’re in association with in session can
perceive, differentiate and know what occured, the Ananda
Rundowns will be complete. First, go onto the sixth rundown .
The Ananda Rundowns

Ananda Rundowns: 6


If you have a facsimile of an OTB, or your case contains

pictures of an OTB, they’re false original theta bodies. This was
the ‘deceiver’—an artifice created by Sereet to attract beings
into the Temple of God. Theta or ARC doesn’t have dimension.
It was based on the OMU—the original misunderstood or
seventh dynamic engram.

• Spot it and any mass to blow; handle anyone attached; D/L

and 4-flow

The false ‘ToG god’ facsimile was perhaps inspired by

remembrance of Clorox and his intent: ‘to be god’. To the
smallest goes the victory. He was taken down by the bts and
cls a Quadrillion years after he started destroying their anchor
points. Those who want to be god create lies and wars—he’s
been mest for a long time. So the ‘god’ facsimiles from of the
Temple of God are false, and the Disciple of the ToG god
valence implanted into some compbes and pre-u-ots is false

• Spot the facsimiles and any mass etc.

The concept that beings are in ‘other dimensions ‘ than life’s

universe is a lie to keep them from regaining their anchor
points. The ‘compressor’ and ‘impresser’ from the pre-U area
have different D/Ls, then later they are used together. The
‘names’ of pre-U-ots that keep popping up, prior to any
implanter caused valence shifts, are clues to the names of
‘home universes’ that were collapsed. The ‘collapse’ of a
homeU can be D/Led.

● -Spot the parts of any preU implant etc.

● -Spot or assess for any ‘collapsed-U’, D/L etc.

• Assess: ‘similar D/L’ in the same area and handle. These

things occured in bunches at various locations/ dates in the
preU—like major battles in a war. Handle any beings

● -Spot to blow any residual masses, bypassed

● -handle any beings now unburdened

As the beings become more aware of ‘auditing’, some may try

to do it on their own while you’re sleeping. Assess. Also check
for beings still in Clorox or the Implanter OTs’ valences while
scanning up the track to PT. Beings have been given false
theta bodies (that were controlled) and told they were ‘the one
gaud had given them’. The same goes for beings dumped into
someone else’s home universe being told it was the homeU
that gaud had given them.


If ‘wrong date’ or ‘wrong location’ reads on a HomeU collapse

D/L, indicate the bpc to the group therein, group auditing style,
then handle and R-fac etc.
The pre-U-ots put out position points that agreed upon became
the dimension points of a home U. It will have a name they
agreed upon. There will be ‘families of beings’ with an i/c and a
families’-ot-I/C. There will be ots and an ot-I/C. All are
acknowledged but the extended R-facs are addressed to the
I/Cs. That’s the handling for a homeU that has been caved in or
compressed by a ridge and stuck in time.

Two Handlings: A and B

• family of beings (f), families ot-I/C (f), ext-R-fac
• ot (f), ots-I/C (f), ext-R-fac (some were caved-in or taken over
by dumping-in Disciples:)
• family of beings(f), families ot-I/C (f), ext-R-fac
• ot (f), ots-I/C (f), ext-R-fac

• I/C’s controller (f), ext-R-fac

• controllers Disciple I/C (f), ext-r-fac Tech note(a):

There’s a balance between too much auditing and too little on

each cycle that each solo-adept has to judge for themselves. If
the ‘pcs’ are anxious to get going, perhaps they already know
the extended R-fac and only want acknowledgment of their
presence and a quick R-Fac. On this level, as the whole theta-
line widens out, the idea of D/L, or scanning to the first time on
an out int or false purp handling, for some will appear slow;
therefore, just ask: ‘since when?’ and allow them itsa when and
where to blow the charge, then R-fac.

The usurping of any being’s right or ability to create a theta

body is also a button that, like putting out new anchor points
or creating some dynamics, can be followed with an R-fac
when the charge is gone.


Extended R-fac plus: (ext-R-fac+): ‘Look around. Put out new

anchor points. Create some dynamics. Mock-up a new theta
body.’ Then the R-fac: ‘The old game of entrapment is over;
the new game of total freedom has begun.’ ‘Mockup a new
theta body’ is best only used when handling pre-U-ots or prior-
ots who have a loss in terms of havingness when their
enforced reality is blown..

The solo-adept is handling the charge then reversing the

suppressive cycle that put these beings at effect. The false 8th
dynamic secondary and separation after the OMU as it was-
are lies to create mis-emotion and ridges when the real
engram is War, and the intent behind the war (spot with ‘prior
confusion’ and ‘first moment of prior confusion’ commands—
which also picks up the lies) is so some idiot can pretend he’s
god then subjugate others into a universe he controls.

Eventually, as this opens up, the resistive cases being handled

don’t need to scan all their dynamics from the Point of Origin
to PT to realize that life didn’t go anywhere—and that they’re
already home. Eventually, anyone you’re handling can scan
from the incident that hung them up, back to the start of their
track, then to PT in an instant and be ready for the ext-R-
fac+...then move on to other things.

Home Universes: assessment #2

● -Assess for and spot any collapsed HomeU you may have
been part of. Handle any beings left
● -Assess for and handle what’s left
of Clorox’s homeU. This was the first
one he and his henchmen collapsed.
Some of the beings left there will need
ruds flown on prior disagreements with
him, including withholds.
● -Assess for and handle any other collapsed Us.

This brings the attention on charge back to the ToG. It was the
serfacs from the Pre-U thetan wars that produced the ToG and
it’s Inc 1 derivatives which eventually collapsed the 7th U and
almost all theta into mest—the black hole of life where
implanted theta bodies became homes for lost souls.

The OMU and prior lies give birth to the artifice; serfac
permutations give rise to various parts and valences:

● -spot the ‘deceiver’ to blow, check for disciple I/Cs; back-

up mechanisms and I/Cs
● -Later, the ToG GH-* mock-up had a receptacle for new
implants. Handle any beings who are stuck (D/L or out int
scan) or, out of valence (disciple with false purp -D/L or
false purp scan/spot prior confusion) or just a: ‘since
when? and ack the itsa.
● -spot the attractor to blow, etc -get temperature, get a
who on authorship

● -spot the restimer “ -get watts“

● - “ copier -get spin“

● - “ regenerator -get style“

● - “ body shaper -get details“

● - “ building - ““
● - “ ‘Back Door’ -added building for Disciple valence

INC. 1

● -Assess for how many times you got it/ used it, etc. ●
-Check for unionized ‘implanter beings’ working in
mausoleums ● -Look for new ‘receptacle’ to inject fresh
implanted beings ● -Look for a ‘deflector’ to stop fresh
implants or implanting beings ● -Assess primary flows,
especially flow 2 for those you may have implanted; and
Flow zero for
those who had themselves implanted (Solution to a
collapsing 7thU. ● -Spot any GPM mass, get goal; 4-flow
implants or goals

Assess for any types of beings who could have been

caught up in this drama. Others, who have been
identifying you with an Implanter OT, will now be more
willing to find their basic incidents.

Charge off this area will open up the pre-U area for more


● -fought against Clorox and the henchmen and lost? ●

-can only do what you’re implanted to do? ● -could only do
what you were implanted to do? ● -will only do what you’re
implanted to do?

• these last three repeat and open each other up for reads
until they all flatten.

Tech note(b)

As can be seen from the ‘who overpowered you?’ question on

the last rundown (Disciple Chains), there was conflict between
these types over who they ruled and who they could use. It
goes beyond being forced to align your personal
administrative scale with some enforced reality organization
board—then feeding it your time, energy and money. A
McChurch may think you are ‘theirs’ and want you to ‘help’.
However, the solo-adept is reminded who he/she has been
auditing scaling and unraveling—you’re actually required to
effectively help anyone connected to your reality, inwardly or
outwardly, before you can actually perceive see how to
effectively help other people.

Many of the reads now start coming from ‘groups’ of various

type beings or entities, or a group composed of groups that are
either similar in type or mixed in together. The auditing style
isn’t going to change but: Assess the number of groups in one
of those groupings of groups then get the total number of
beings. If unresponsive, break it down assess total number for
each type in the mix.
Then get the number of times implanted. e.g.: ToG: Front
Door series -57,000, Back Door (for disciples) 117. Group
auditing style have the each individual scan the series (b/d,
f/n), then scan back to the beginning of their time track, up to
PT, then ext-R-fac+.

assessment cont’d:

● -check for a monitor on your space ● -check for ‘new

disciples of sereet’ ● -check if any Disciples of Chuh want to
regain control when the Disciples of Sereet are taken care
of. ● -’8th dynamic secondary in restim?’ ● -U collapsed
by Clorox and henchmen, plus their minions ● -U was “ “ “
then went to work for them. ● -OMU in restim.

Get as many details as possible without going out of session;

the more that is known, the faster the rehab of your connection
to the evolvement of life. You may get a sense there’s a theta
Universe you share with others on the seventh dynamic, or you
may not, we just are who we are.

The L7U:

● -Loranth and Xeroth use two poles to reprogram prior GH-

mock-ups and trap beings.
● -These pole type mock-ups were later wrapped by ‘boxed
beings’ -a specific yet rare compbe in the TOG where 8
separate beings are given the mock-ups of the implanter
OTs and wrapped around the poles. Poles are 5Umag and
● -The last chance for free random beings (rbs), PUTs now
in groups and groups of groups. The Lords of the 7thU
were convinced there wouldn’t be another Universe—so
they were large and in-charge.
● -The pole configuration duplicated in a G-8 body at the
ToG gives it an electronic ridge down the center that acts
like a nerve, and restims mest body nerves, especially the
vagus. The difference between handling those on the
outside of the mocked-up body and those on the inside, is
the difference between handling individuals and those
who’ve been grouped.

The CoD:

Thanks to Oha knocking beings unconscious so they can be

packed up, Chuh gets to mix them with 5Umag and 6Uenergy
bubbles. The G-6s were then used to attack the remnants of
the five earlier galaxies in the 7th U, especially the 2nd.

The Charge Maker:

• Chuh discovers the art of using metal for conductivity etc.

Around this time, Oha gets parasitic and opens a cemetery for
broken, dead or dysfunctional Disciples. Assessed as an item,
the Disciples handled were found to have one or more hats
missing in their organized composite identity. Makes one
contemplate quick handlings for those who are implanting bts
and cls in PT—just R-fac one of the hats in each one of their
disciple mock-ups

• each SP ‘gaud’ name might lead to quite a few broken

disciples. Move the mass or pre-mest to where it goes; if it
persists move it up and down the time track until it finds a
home. Eventually the structure melts down even if it feels like

● -check for those stuck in counter-efforts, gpms ● -check

for those who have a mass or mechanism as a stable datum
for identity ● -check for secret control buttons, and those
who have secret knowledge that can be used to control
others ● -check if a current implant receptacle facsimile
reads at 1/20,000 of a watt ● -find out if anyone is attached
and what they’ve been hired to do, by who, etc. Spot to
blow and
handle beings. ● -spot if any old connector facsimiles or
crossover mechanisms have been left in your space ● -one
of the effects of putting a deflector into a receptor in Inc 1
was to make the OT and implanted
beings go to sleep. ● -draw pictures of how all this works

● -if someone doesn’t know who or what they are,

audit them a bit and they’ll come around ● -somatics
caused by collapsed Us can handled with straight
group auditing when the general awareness on the
7th dynamic starts getting up to ‘know’ ● -check for
bypassed individuals after groups have been
handled, and for other groups with similar charge.

Charge on the other dynamics clears up too. Those who seek

to subjugate—lose.


● -can’t confront present-time? ● -combinations of charge

overwhelming? ● -attacking the auditor? ● -don’t want
auditing? ● -stopping others from getting auditing? ● - “ “ “
answering or blowing? ● -operating on a disciple purpose?
● - “ (use your favorite implanter’s names) purpose?

Check if other types of beings have combo charges.

Spot/scan the incidents down the time line, then R-fac.

Spot whole track engram masses, secondary masses, session

locks to blow.

Check if there are any other incidents stopping these separate

time tracks or realities from realigning.


● -being the ‘Original Theta Body” (OMU lie)? ● -a light

you’re supposed to return to when you die?

Gautama and Mencius didn’t start any religions. India and

China saw their supporters, disciples and followers, create
those things. There’s quite a similarity between domes on
churches, mosques and stupas, and the artificial OTB trap
found on top of the Temple of Gaud.


• add groups of::

● -Disciple-compbes ● -Disciple-ots ● -implanter-bes ●
-and other groups of types to the assessment for whose

• get the number of thetans in the groups no matter what


• if more than one implant in restim, have them give how

many of each. Then have them spot each series to b/d, f/n. If
only one implant like the ToG, then get number of times that
was given and have them all spot the front door series then
back door series before giving all the ext-R-fac+.

• after a severe series, have them scan to the start of the

track then forward to PT, then give ext-R-fac+

• move any residual mass the same way: to its incidents,

then to start of track, the up to PT; up and back until it peels
• 4-flow repetitive parts of implants. Spot persistent GPM
masses to blow, the D/L event or implant that caused it; 4-
flow assess incident and/or goal using buttons


● -’group of trapped beings?’(type, how many,since when

etc.) ● -‘part of implant in restim?’(spot, etc) ● -spot
residual masses or encysted pre-mest charge, handle ●
-spot if anyone is dumping mass or beings into your space,
handle. After
● assessing for the type doing it, start by asking where
they got the idea and when they started doing
it. ● -’group of beings’ -get total number ● -’stuck in
implant plus collapse of 7thU?’ ● -’collapsed’ homeU?’ -find
which kind and handle as previously stated. ● -’group of
collapsed homeUs?’ Get how many, and total number of


● -pre-mest being? ● -stuck in the collapse of 2nd ●

-trapped on pole (D/L) it; check for others ● -stuck between
universes ● -entity? get the number of beings and D/L the
ridge holding them together ● -false theta body
superimposed over entity? same handling for entity, the get
them to spot or D/L
implant of false theta body (or total number in series of
implants) before ext-R-fac+ group auditing
style ● -woken up by Inc II ● -scan from OMU, Clorox’s
lies and wars forward to see if anyone has just woken up. If
attention is in pre-U, have them D/L event, and any
secondary to blow before scanning to PT and R-fac+
● -check each: Angry? Not-ised? Antago? Pain? Hurt? Can’t
feel? Pissed off? Frustrated? Confused? Want to kill (your
wording for) Clorox? Want to kill Henchmen? Want to kill
his disciples? Destroy his minions? The big beings with the
compressor and subjugation thing?
● -’Boxed set of disciples from the ToG poles?’

Assessment for reads continued:

● -being a mest body? ● -pre-U-ot? ● -Get some D/Ls)

collapsed? compressed? impressed? condensed? wrapped?
basic ridge? 8d
secondary? Pole or implant part? Main incident(s) in
restim? ● -ToG plus Collapsed homeU? ● -motivating on
me? ● -obsessed on body part? ● -trapped by theta-line
body incident ● -current mest body duplicating implant
body or part? (unburdened groups of bt/cls) ● -remaining
disciples or groups of disciples? ● -combos of implants:
(Get number of each) ● -mocking up theta body facsimile ●
-mocking up false theta body facsimile ● -mocking up
implanted theta body facsimile

Some of the beings or groups of beings inside a false

implanted theta body created by the ToG can have been
zapped tens of thousands of times, even more. Other
implants don’t appear to have been given so many times to
one being or the same group or beings. You can D/L the start
of those events and D/L the end of those events to get a
clearer idea of how much time was spanned in that ‘game’.
• ’Dumped an entity into my space?’ D/L the dump and
the earlier formation of the ridge holding the entity (group
of beings) together after handling the being/beings doing
the dumping.

This phenomena is created by Prior-ots, who (Clorox and gang

told/enforced) were convinced they were: outside reality,
separate from life’s universe, ‘disconnected from god’
whatever, under the duress of war, collapsed homeUs and/or
the OMU.

When they try to communicate to you, there’s probably a

group of them who think they’re outside the sphere of your
auditing/ handling, or dimension points in any universe. They
handle exactly the same way as other beings: D/L or ‘since
when’ spot when they lost their space, spot/scan back the lies
and prior confusions (especially getting the ‘why’ or
suppressive intent behind each conflict) scan forward to PT
and ext-R-fac+.

● -a new button here is the result of the solo-adept’s

regained knowingness making him/her appear so cause
they get A=Aed with someone who appeared to be cause
for these beings in the past—but those ‘gauds’ took away
their position points etc, and you’re rehabbing their ability
to create position points etc.
● -get the basic on ‘dumping beings’ into someone else’s
space -D/L etc. It was first used as a method to collapse a
homeU. Check for a GPM.

Make a list of all types of ‘beings’ an mock-ups from bt to

Collapsed and entity. Then beside it put a column for ‘groups
of______’whatever is on the list. At the end add: ‘group of
groups’, ‘mixed group’ and ‘mixed group of groups’. Grant all
beings the same level of respect and beingness. All are
counted when number of beings is asked for. All do the ext-R-
fac+ plus any other steps needed to get them to PT -group
auditing style.


● -someone compressed your home U? ● -someone

dumped other beings into your home U. Check if the
dumpers are still there and handle ● -being a receptacle
from Inc 1? ● -no other games? ● -lies created charge used
to destroy homeUs? ● -capped in theta body by ‘deflector’?

For parts of brain or body that still attract or restim other

beings, go for a ‘nucleonic genetic imprint’ type ‘Spot’ ---to
see if from a secondary viewpoint (their viewpoint) there are
ridges or electronics in the body that appear to them like
something off the past track.
Spot to blow and check for any types of beings caught in the


Remaining Disciples will be aware of having received the ToG

and the ‘Back Door’—both in an extensive series of repetitive
implants: one to sock them in, one to organize the valence. Ask
for or assess:

● -number of disciples in the group (the total number of

beings would be that number x 6) ● -number of ToGs (front
door) ● -number of B-Ds (back door implant added to the

Group auditing style:

● -have them spot the B-D series—b/d , f/n ● -have them

spot the ToG series“ ● -do the ext-R-Fac+

If this has been D/Led, the charge will be similar for many
disciple groups, or groups of groups, so assessment of Flow 1
for reads speeds up the process. In groups of groups, the
number of groups and the number of disciples in each group
has to be accounted for to be sure no one gets left behind.
Other flows are flattened but the disciples won’t have found
jobs giving the implant without first having received it -so the
‘series’ still has to be spotted or number of times received
-counted. To make sure the charge is blown, or as a habit,
have them scan back to a Point of Origin forward up the track
through the ToG/ Inc 1 area and if there’s no hang up then
the R-Fac will work. Otherwise start using buttons and all you
solo-adept auditor/scaler/unraveller tricks to get the charge
differentiate, duplicated and gone.

Aside from that: a ‘flow 2-flow 1’ combination (someone giving

and receiving) creates a perfect snapped terminal.

Overall Seventh dynamic effect—is almost a total collapse

the ability to create life, a thetaU engram. However the
collapse of a home universe in the thetan wars is hinged on
a more basic engram, so some beings will need to go e/s
before they can come to PT—especially true of those who
come up as being Disciples of Clorox. They wouldn’t have
gotten into the war on his side unless he, the henchmen, and
their minions hadn’t overwhelmed them first. Their ‘war
event’ usually has to be D/Led, the prior confusion and first
moment of the prior confusion spotted (they went into a
suppressive valence) then they can scan to PT and R-fac.

● -check that the current Disciples of Sereet who are

implanting bts into ‘new disciples of sereet’. Make sure
they aren’t targeting your space or dumping beings into
it. Look, spot, handle, hierarchy etc.
● -make sure any other Disciples, especially those of
Chuh who have operated in this area of this universe,
are not seeing the removal of certain disciples as an
opportunity to start dramatizing again. Just audit them,
get them into PT, and give the R-fac so they can go start
a new game. The old one can’t go on forever.


● -Prior-U-ot? - and ask it if it comes from a

‘dumped U’ or a collapsed U ( have
Disciples of Clorox-ots in-charge.) ●
-entity dumped into my space recently?
( handle it: number of beings, D/L ridge
etc. Then find who dumped it and handle.)
● -if a pre-U-ot, or prior-ot is dumping beings, mass
whatever, and doesn’t appear to come from a collapsed U
or be part of another group, D/L or find out ‘since when’
he’s been in that valence, spot the prior confusion, then
ask what his name was before, and before, etc until he
locates his home U. Get a name prior to that then scan
him to PT for ext-R-fac+. Then check if anyone else is
hung up in that collapsed U.
● -One can remedy one’s own havingness in the standard
format from 8-8008, but that book shows where
Hubbard took a wrong turn and focused his research on
this Universe as opposed to how it was caused and who
was involved in specific, workable terms.


● -if someone is there, but doesn’t read on type of being,

it’s because they’ve been stripped of identity, even if
they think they’re controlling things in PT. Clorox,
deeming himself god, found that denying one space also
denied a role in anything that was going on and a secure
place in any universe. The‘controllers’ were therefore
‘under control’ and their ‘winning valence’as as
‘controllers’. Because they were at total effect they
eventually assumed they were total cause.
● - They do know what’s going on from an enforced
viewpoint and ‘know’ so much that some don’t need or
want D/Ls, false purp handling or even an ext-R-fac. They
just want an ack, an R-fac and to be gone so they can get
on with life.They feel they’ve already missed out on too
● -for some, this stripping of anchor points and identity
occured so early that they don’t even read on a Quantum.
You sense a presence—no read. You move the mass back
down the track and forward but it persists. Just start in
with your ext-R-fac+ commands on their area. This will be
the first real comm they’ve had almost since the OMU
they’ll start responding. Once they do, have them locate
the beings they’ve lost from their homeU, then handle all
—the ‘in-bond’ ones, the ones stuck in someone else’s
reality, whatever

Check for bypassed:

● -ot-I/Cs
● -ot-disciple-I/Cs ● -Controllers ● -controller-I/Cs


● -focus on what would have been inside the ToG false

theta body and handle all the different types
of groups: number of beings, number of times implanted;
spot the series etc. ● -’what was good intent now seems
bad?’ ● -spot any whole track GPM mass, D/L what caused
it, 4-flow. ● -check all the flows on all the int. buttons.
Some beings were Togged when they were exterior ●
-check if any impbes (Implanter beings (usually smaller
type, who are in the valence of an
Implanter) or disciples are ‘trying to restim?’ you. ●
-assess for beings who were in other groups that blew, but
had another incident or implant still in
restim ● -’outside influence?’ ● -assess the drugs you did
● -trapped in a false U? ● -check for prior false theta bodies
or godheads that have been covered up by the ToG G-8

There are going to be groups, from bts to prior-ots,

intertwined with the mesh of various types of premest, and
those who thought they were disciples on the winning side
who find themselves caved into the mix.


• Beings unmocked, universes destroyed, thetaU GPMs,

implants, fears of PT or auditing, TOGs and Inc 1s—collapses of
space and time—when opened up another preU of conflict, old
postulates and beings are left to be handled. The adept has to
seriously think about his/her own research, how it aligns with
earlier philosophical dissertations on the cycle of action and
the nature of things.

• being able to draw a picture of the ToG and how it forms

a false theta body is necessary. Knowing the details of how
implants work is necessary.

• being able to spot the thetan wars and who caused them is

• being able to see the dramatizations in PT and being able

to stop the current implanters is necessary

Eventually the adept gets to a point where everyone

associated with his seventh dynamic has been differentiated
and they all ‘know’ what has occured. They just want to
be‘counted’ and get the briefest of R-facs to start the new
game. The ‘differentiation’ complexity that’s passed through
before getting to that state is covered by the adept’s skill in
assessing and handling each type of being... eventually they’ll
all understand that they can be audited/scaled and unraveled
—and the brave who have inner realities of their own will be
able to do that too.


● -the ‘death charge’ this is supposed to occur when the

‘nerve’ of a G-8 is removed. If everything has been
handled correctly up till now, you won’t die but you will
have to handle the beings still attached.
● -shoving in theta bodies and throwing them
away, or shoving in universes and throwing them
away is a Havingness way to keep things in
perspective. ● -someone had to have taken away
their theta body, entity or mock-up before being
compelled to think they needed a new or enforced


Assume, at one time, we knew where we came from, what we

were and who we were; and that we knew how to put position
points inwardly or outwardly—that we were creating space
and that we did play games involving changing and taking
space—an innocent life. Without barriers, creating space was
easy; no need to feel loss. But Clorox and his henchmen
realized there’s a moment of effect between losing one’s
space and creating a new one—the point similar to the one
between before and after—though for some that moment has
lasted for eons. In the beginning he invited others to his home
universe to come play the game. His invite was the first lie as
it led to betrayal. One went to play: one on one. (Imagine
going to play basketball with an NBA pro. You’re both on the
court—he goes to the washroom and the arena caves in.) The
‘group’ of henchmen or minions under the pro’s guidance
have just done in your reality. Their anchor points now
defining your space and there’s counter-intention on you
putting out any new ones. They’ve learned that putting other
beings into your space stops you from expanding or escaping.
By barring you from future spaces or games they strip you of
identity—or they can superimpose theirs on yours. What starts
out as betrayed trust evolves into a long term conflagration.
The games become battles become war...and that keeps
getting dramatized.

Ask the Prior-OTs, the ones who stepped out so Clorox and the
Implanter-OT henchmen couldn’t control them. They’ll tell you
exactly what happened, how the ‘old game’ got started—if
you’ve managed to get enough charge off on the previous
rundowns, you will be able to hear them and
audit/scale/unravel them so they can get a fresh start. An
auditor listens...the adept helps them handle their charge and
gives them an ext-R-fac+ so they can come play a new game.

There are a bunch of beings who’d like to help; some will have
tried to help you before.

• any being can be asked to spot the prior confusion and

first moment of the prior confusion for an event (basic
counter-effort) that put them at engramic effect or out of


● -’want to help but can’t?’ ● -’tried to help but couldn’t?’

● -’problem caused by counter-effort on helping?’ ● -’failed
purpose on helping?’

Primary flows:

● -D/L your own basic confrontation with your ‘Clorox’

and/or his henchmen and minions ● -handle any beings
they stuck in your space ● -handle any beings who tried to
help you, then got trapped in your space ● -spot any shell
or spherical ridge (like a personal universe thetan ridge)
that was formed. ● -handle any ‘allies’ who got caved in
because they tried to fight beside you ● -Spot any GPM
mass to blow then D/L, 4-flow the event or goal that got it
started ● -move residual mass back down the track to the
time and place of the event, then move it up and
down the track until any other attached pre-mest peels
off. ● -run the ext-R-fac+ commands into areas or zones
that still have a presence or are trying to comm
with you using somatics or mass. Handle who comes up ●
-Run some havingness then check for later or earlier battles
that need handling as above. ● -Anyone else who has ‘just
woken up’ or later finds itself unburdened due to 7th
auditing, can be handled with the tech the solo-adept has
already learned.

Time to do something new. An aesthetic dismantling of the

current ‘bypassed implanters’ appears to be interesting, but
then, ‘art’ is in the mind of the beholder, isn’t it?

Do the final Rundown and it will be a lot easier.

The Ananda Rundowns

Ananda Rundowns: 7

The ‘rock’...something...assessed out...the first object on the

track; ‘the standard pattern of a track’ should be counter-
effort, overt act, thought pattern. (refs: tech dict).

Clorox (or whoever) says: ‘I’m god. I created and you’re now
part of it.’ False, you idiot. Yet, many will brag: ‘I was stripped
of my anchor points’ or: ‘I went out of valence’ or: ‘I got
stuck’ or ‘I‘ve had that evil purpose’ or ‘my universe was—
stripped, compressed, dumped on, and split at 6.0001 Q so
I’m more cause than you because it happened to me before
you, and I’ve been dramatizing ever since.’

This kind of stuff can get frustrating (HoM pg.: 77 ‘...being

balked by the laziness and stupidity and desire for death and
destruction on the part of entities.’) but one has to somehow
separate the idiocy of it all from the auditing/scaling unraveling
cycle and with ethics presence go looking for the
‘masterminds’ who are keeping the above case going. They
may have difficulty differentiating between their drama and
who they are because they have so little prior experience at
doing anything. It’s handled by having them, and all who they
control, spot the prior confusion and first moment of prior
confusion to the basic countereffort (BCE), then have them
scan from a prior point of understanding to present-time where
they all do the extended-R-fac+. Life uses knowledge to
rehabilitate understanding and eventually everyone gets
through. We are born of and are the fabric of life

tech note:

At various times going e/s to find the incident to spotting the

prior confusion, to scanning to pt, to R-fac -gets so grooved in
that it becomes a brief : ‘spot, scan, R’ conceptual cycle. This is
because everyone on the 7th dynamic stuck in that area
realizes how stupid this crap is, how it’s denied them real
havingness for so long, and they just want to get on with the
new game. Then, next session or a little later, you knock off
another piece of the rock (which is composed of beings and
mass) and the gradient goes back up to a full handling. When
grooved in, it abbreviates again because as the charge blows,
the K or knowingness of the KRC triangle goes up, which raises
the responsibility level, which rehabs their confront and self-
determinism and results in an actual ability to see things as
they are and control their own dynamics.

The act of auditing/scaling/unraveling as a solution can

restimulate earlier ‘solutions’ to the problem at hand. For
example: beings incorporated into composite beings at
4.81Q, implanting a self-determined identity into their mock-
ups using a variation of the ToG in one of the uses of the


• the focus is on thetans and the thetan -i/cs, and ‘beings’—

suppressive or not—of various magnitude and groupings. At
random intervals the other types, previously addressed, can
be checked for to see if any are bypassed. All those handled
should spot the prior confusion and first moment of prior
confusion to the ‘incident’ or counter-effort that is basic for

• spot any mass. Assess

● -handle groups as groups, individuals as individuals; if
they don’t know why they’re there, ask
how long they’ve been ‘stuck’. ● -look outside your space
and inside your space ● -get number of beings in each


● -’no name controller?’ since when? etc. ● -‘bypassed

entity?’ D/L ridge, get # of beings etc. ● -’Disciple of
Clorox?’ -since when? etc. ● -’someone put you there?’
always check for groups and # of beings ● -’separated from
an Original Theta Body?’ (Actually an enforced thing) ●
-’Clorox or gaud controls you?’ ● -’trapped outside time?’ ●
-’got destroyed, then destroy?’ Check flows. ● -’to be
destroyed then to destroy? ● -’thetan wars?’ ● - Collapsed
homeU? Compressed homeU? Dumped homeU? HomeU
stripped of anchor points?
Split homeU? ● -’don’t know who you are?’ ● -’betrayed
by Clorox and his henchmen?’ ● -’betrayed by others in
space game?’ ● -’betrayed by gaud in space game?’ ● -’put
into falseU?’ ● -’trying to be god or false gaud?’ check flows

Primary assess:

● -’dumped or injected into my space?’ D/L that then

prior confusion handling; then D/L the incident that put
them at effect so they could be made to do that, then
D/L their Basic countereffort incident, then prior
confusion that, and scan to PT for ext-R-fac+
● -’Dumped into my space?’ same handling ● -’stripped of
your anchor points so came into my space for protection?’ ?
● -’put here by gaud?’ same handlings ● -’stuck here

Note: in terms of theta, any of the above events cause

enturbulation, so for a thetan exterior trying to perceive
through space, time and dimension, it can look like a ‘blinded
by the light, divine light, don’t go for the light ’ messy entheta
conflagration, even though the adept has been D/Ling events
in that pre-U area.

This mass of ‘conflict events’ is a series of facsimiles hanging

onto the rock. They can be peeled off by looking at the mass,
then D/Ling the one closest to the 1st U -approx 4.99Q, then
going e/s and D/Ling each prior ‘battle’ until one gets back to
the OMU—say approximately fourteen or fifteen confrontations
involving some type of collapsed home universes. This process
establishes a standard cause and effect pattern or time-track
back through an area of track where illusion (agreed upon)
HomeUs are in conflict with the delusional (enforced) HomeUs
—then to the lies.


● -’lost your identity?’ ● -’stuck in first Secondary?’ ●

-’stuck in loss of homeU?

Check for others who ‘lost’ at the ‘same time’. Check for
beings you’ve found the basic on but who still have charge on
later incidents like a GH or ToG implant.


● -’currently being implanted?’

● -’Controller?’
● -’In bond?’
● -’Disciple of Clorox prior-ot controller i/c?’
● -’mastermind?’
● -’jammed into my space so you could control me?’
● -’still controlling?’
● -’Group of Controllers with Clorox evpurp?’

1. A -D/L when they got to your space

2. B -D/L when they got the evpurp
3. C -D/L when they got stripped of their own anchor points
(have them spot A and the prior confusion, spot B and the
prior confusion, then C and the prior confusion, then scan
from OTB to PT for ext-R-fac+)
● -’Still want to restim?’ same or similar handling
● -’The beings who ruined your homeU were gauds?’ same
● -’The gauds control me through you?’
● -’You lost your identity?’
● -‘Haven’t been able to create space?’
● -‘Not alive?’

Use thetan hand, Hello/OK processes; check for holding on,

afraid, and unconscious beings in the rock or a games
condition. Spot and handle any beings trying to manipulate
them from the outside. When a mass is there but not reading
or responding, it’s beings in a space where they may consider
they’re unable to respond. Just run the ext-R-fac+ into the area
and when they start responding, go to the handlings then
come back to complete the area.

Tech note (b):

It took a few annoying days to get the ‘know-point’ on this:

how could a dumb SP and his minions appear to control so
many beings and cause so much crap for so long? How do you
get from the natural ARC theta of life to Rawandan civil wars?

• Lies and force strong enough to make the games

conditions persist.

• plus, aside from anyone’s opinion: ‘forced to forget’ reads

on any of these beings or groups.

• there are also other factors handled on later rundowns

when this charge is cleared

Assume we know the lies like: ‘I’m god’. ‘If I take your anchor
points you’re mine.’ Whatever could be used to control or
strike fear and loss into a being’s reality. For example: ‘You
have your own HomeU therefore you really are separated
from the original body of theta.’ Add overwhelming force or
intention and the lie sticks—like an engram or secondary..

But for some, the lies will just be illogical: ’No, I don’t think
so. You see I have these dynamics that allow me and my
friends to create and be part of these realities and
relationships with each other. One dynamic does not
automatically disqualify another.’ Your disagreement was
counter-intention on the ‘lie’and its suppressive purpose
therefore you just sent out the invitation to have your homeU

So where’s the force? We’re handling the ‘controllers’ who

influence our lives. Notice that some ‘groups of Prior-Ots’ are
not controlling—they’re ‘in-bond’. The long term force is
derived in much the same manner that later generators or
batteries maintain their potential—by separating the terminals
—they had agreed upon intention but it’s been separated and
counter-intended. A HomeU would be comprised of beings who
have affinity for each other. Separate that bond and they will
still be attracted to each other. So the SPs split these HomeUs.
If you have a group of controllers exterior to your space (get
the number of beings) then have them locate the other half of
their homeU ‘in-bond’ in your space (get the number of
beings). Or vise versa. Have them spot when they got dumped
in your space, then prior confusion; have them spot when their
HomeU got spilt, then prior confusion, then have them spot the
basic counter-effort (BCE) -- whatever it was that collapsed
their space, stuck them under suppressive control, stripped
their dimension points and put them out of valence (prior
confusion handling spots the falsehoods and SP intention).
Then scan them all to PT for the ext-R-fac That would be fine if
it was all there was. Suspicions arise especially for the first
solo- adepts to do these rundowns because there are so many
beings who need or want to be handled. Perhaps people doing
these processes a thousand years from now won’t have as
much of a 7th dynamic case to audit. Why?

Well, some of these ‘HomeUs’ are split so many times and

they’ve been connected to others with (‘affinity connectors’—
enforced or not) affinities that are still extant. Like electrons
moving from terminal to terminal, and just as the Gen collect
then send bts from person to collector to person, and the SBs
who dump clusters onto a thetabody or body to influence it,
there are other hierarchal mock-ups.

A ‘connector’ is a controller who has approximately half of his

homeU trapped up a hierarchy (in-bond) and the other half of
the beings have been separated out to become terminals in
other spaces—like yours and mine.

Have the ‘Prior OT connector/controller’ locate all the prior-Ots

from his homeU (the ones in-bond and in other spaces), and
give them all the group handling—then controllers in other
peoples spaces can’t influence you—at that level.

Up the ‘controller’ hierarchy you’ll have been handling a few

‘Prior-OT Disciple of Clorox (or other false gaud) controller
I/Cs’—stronger individuals, call them ‘Masterminds’, but they
have the same case.

Some will acknowledge having had a homeU (in which case

you’d have him locate the beings they lost, and rehab them
all -same sequence) but if they don’t and are convinced
they’re on their own doing their job, controlling the
controllers, disciples and you, then just find out when the
went into that valence, spot the BCE, prior confusion handling,

When the rock starts to shatter it still has a ways to go even

when everyone appears to knows it’s been mapped. It hasn’t
and neither has that which created it. But when the beings at
this level are flat on fear of further ‘split-ups’ or start to realize
that just because they’ve been stripped of position points,
anchor points and dimension points, they don’t have to wait for
a false gaud to create new ones. Take a journey up the

Each Disciple may have a series of I/Cs (Other disciples,

controllers and masterminds until you get to the top
‘Mastermind’. Ask who’s senior or controlling them until you
get one who replies ‘no one’. Ask him what his name was
before he became a mastermind and his name before that until
he can get back into his own valence. Then have the whole
hierarchy locate their splitUs and ‘in-bond’ beings, then D/L or
spot the basic counter-effort that split them up, OMU, or the
incident that put them at effect of the ‘false gaud’. Do the prior
confusion handling to spot the lies, then help them scan up to
PT and playing a new game using the ext-R-fac+.

Sometimes a Mastermind or group of Masterminds think

they’re sitting in a conflicting ‘theta’ universe and controlling
everyone from there. It’s ‘conflicting’ because it’s false.
Seventh dynamic by definition includes all beings They and
everyone they’re connected to just have to D/L or spot their
basic countereffort incident, then the prior confusion and first
moment of it to spot the lies—including who did it.

assessment #2:

● -’entity?’ get # of beings, D/L the ridge, handle. Check

flows on incident ● -’overwhelmed knowpoints of an almost
infinite soul?’ ● -’only ‘gaud’ can give you new anchor-
points?’ ● -’only gaud can give you a new theta body? or
HomeU?’ ● -’1st collapsedU?’ ● -’1st prior-ot dumpedU?’ ●
-’bypassed bts, cls, PUTs, Gen etc?’ ● -’your U has become
two poles; one in fear, one in control?” ● -’gaud split your
U’ ● -’You separated beings in other Us?’ ● -‘dumped
beings into my homeU’ ● -’bypassed ‘in-bond’ group?’ have
them locate the ‘controller part’ before running up the
hierarchy ● -’bypassed ‘controllers’ group?’ vice versa ●
-’cut off from homeU?’ locate it then handle all ●
-’trapped, condensed, stripped and split too many times?’
handle like a cumulative, rehabbing the
homeU (whether it’s controllers, disciples, or masterminds),
and spot prior confusion for each
event D/Led until the basic counter-effort is handled and
they can all scan up to PT ● -’not being an 8th dynamic
knowpoint?’ ● -’a cause-point other than yourself?’ ●
-’invaled yourself?’ ● -’not being life in PT?’ ● -’some dumb
suppressive reason to be stuck in that condition?’ ● -’not
creating understanding?’ ● -’no other game than the
suppressive one?’ ● -’trying to create the control and trap
game?’ ● -’going to take your rock and go find others to
play the false gaud/ destroy the other universes
game?’ ● -’the 7D serfac game is the only one you know?’
● -’don’t think the I like you?’ ● -’lying because that’s what
you do?’ ● -’lying to yourself to keep condition persisting?’
● -’controlling from exterior point?’ ● -’controlling from an
interior point?’

As these assessments, buttons and charges come flat—the

hierarchies are made more accessible. As they are handled,
the Us that really got crunched because they resisted or
protested become available:

● -’protested then got destroyed?’ ● -’series of events then

destroyed?’ get series D/Ls etc. ● -’main man on the
hierarchy?’ ● -’gau himself did me in?’ ● -’bypassed
connector/controller?’ unsplit his U ● -’creating mass?’ ●
-’creating mass to control my space?’

Really go after these ‘controller, Disciple I/C, mastermind’

hierarchies. These false or enforced universes need to be put
back into ARC so the dramatization can be broken. It’s the
solo-adept’s perception of the matrix, aesthetic mind coming
up with commands, and tech that will eventually handle the

● -’evpurp?’ ● -’out of valence?’ ● -’mocked self up as a

gaud?’ ● -’secretly trying to control my homeU?’ ● -’false
god’s false OTB?’ ● -’too much confusion?’ ● -’too much
enturbulation?’ ● -’too many incidents? ● -’too many lies?’
● -’half a homeU in one thetaU and the other half in a false

When the exterior part of the rock has been flattened by

handling the splitUs of the controller/in-bond connections,
Disciples of (false god) I/Cs, Masterminds, and FalseUs (which
read and take a group handling), by having them all spot the
basic counter-effort (BCE), prior confusion etc.—the interior
part of the rock is exposed and shows some of what they were
trying to control: Entities—beings not split apart, but jammed
together on a ridges—in disagreement or enforced agreement
like they were put through a ridge making machine (another
D/L then go for BCE). Therefore the charge making potential
would be the opposite of those who been split apart and who
were trying to get back into affinity. When the Entities flatten
out—usually with a brief ‘spot, scan, R’—what’s left are
‘snapped terminals’. E.g.. A Mastermind hierarchy whose
control lines have been crunched and they’re pressed up
against the Entities they were trying to control.

When the last of the ‘groups of hierarchies’ who are snapped

together with ‘groups of entities’ have been handled, the rock
disperses, the Ananda Rundowns are over. However, some
hierarchies are looped. That is: each group of Controllers to
Disciples to Masterminds when asked to locate their senior
keeps going around in circle. Plus, why would they be
‘snapped’ onto certain entities and not others? Perhaps you
were too strong to be controlled or your homeU was too strong
to be stripped or split. Entities were dumped in and the entities
were connected to controllers. As more entities were piled in
the ‘rock’ formed—their shared basic counter effort being the
OMU. Perhaps.

● -Assess flows on the ‘dump’ into your space ● - formation

of the entities on ridges ● - HomeUs being split—half to
form mastermind hierarchies;

The handling becomes a: “spot, scan (to PT), R”—at the speed
of intention. Then assess:

● -bypassed entity ● -bypassed snapped terminals ●

-bypassed anything from: falseU, to controller, to evpurp. ●
-third party then family feud ● -third party then civil war

Anything reading that has the thetans at effect calls for an

instant ‘spot, scan, R’(SSR).: In conclusion: The solo-adept used
theoretical process (8) to exteriorize and expand his presence
and perception in order to locate influences—interior or
exterior to his space. Other beings can be asked to do the
same thing.
When this has flattened out, Super Power may appear to be
the thing to do—if you can get it from those who are hiding it.
Or you can do the ‘Mettaya Rundowns’.

Chapter 8
The Mettaya Rundowns:

• prerequisites are as stated for the Ananda Rundowns plus

the Ananda Rundowns


As the Ananda Rundowns wind down and charge has been

lifted off the time track, a clearer history of beings is realized.
The story of life goes back to the time when a suppressive
being and his henchmen, either in concert or against each
other, tried to trap and control all other beings. This was
defined as the basic-counter-effort (BCE). Religions such as
the Jain or Hindu have defined this conglomeration of life in
similar ways: ‘the ocean of phenomenal existence’; ‘the
universal soul’; ‘the original body of theta’ -but it’s just the
biggest trap.

The adept and the beings he audits have been spotting

implants, incidents, charge masses and structure to blow. The
effect is mainly on the first and seventh dynamics, but . the
traps are interconnected and layered on the other dynamics
with the incident in current restimulation and dramatization
(affecting perception, thought and condition) usually being a
harmonic or derivative of an earlier more basic one.

The beings do the spotting. That is, they look down the
timetrack toward the Point of Origin and pick up the incidents
they were involved in, then from their own viewpoint, they
scan their own dynamics up to present time. This raises their
self determinism in the action. The game of life goes from the
point of origin to present time; arbitrarily from 8008 quadrillion
years ago to now. The total amount of space ever involved in
the accumulation of various universes is arbitrarily defined as
two trillion light years, even though this current universe may
only be 99.99 billion light years across. Anything beyond two
trillion is defined as ‘outside’. The specifications are for
technical reasons. The ancient Chinese tried an ‘inner alchemy’
to harmonize the effect of other beings on or in their bodies
but they didn’t get where all the effects were coming from. The
Mettaya Rundowns can only be done after the Ananda
Rundowns otherwise there’s too much charge in the way and
the case will collapse—causing untold problems for the adept.
When you’re dealing with traps created by beings who are at
best the inspiration for Christian devils, this part of the case
has very little to do with anything defined by love and
understanding. . You can care what someone thinks but it
doesn’t really matter—be a researcher.

The research has more to do with a unified field theory of

position points (a point defined by a space and a time),
intentions, and whether or not someone wanted to play the
game of life or not.

Getting started:

Prior to a ‘basic counter-effort/ 7th dynamic

engram/original misunderstood/ false-enforced body of
theta’, any being involved would have had, at some point,
been in its point of origin viewpoint.

As the types of beings evolve to take on various

characteristics, the commands and R-factors evolve to address
the change in character and ‘resistance’ build-up—which is
determined by how much of an inner universe or ‘mind’ the
being developed. It’s still necessary to differentiate who you’re
dealing with as you assess these other beings and dynamics;
that complexity drops away as the time track further opens up
and more basic identities and purposes are addressed. Up to
this point the adept has been scaling off or unraveling beings
who consider their cases to have begun with a basic counter-
effort six Quadrillion years ago, so their identities will have
been adopted since then. Resistive beings with destructive
intentions are usually handled with a spot-scan of the earliest
prior confusion and its beginning (and spotting who was the
source of cause of the confusion) --then carry on with the
process. Totally antagonistic beings will loosen up with power
processes. Groups of those are out-gradient here, but can be
handled with a later remedy.

Review of commands:

• 8 -exteriorize from the present condition, expand your potential

toward infinity; and drop the effect of your case toward zero.
• Spot - (S) as stated, return back down the timetrack toward the
point of origin and view each charged incident
• Scan - (S) as stated, scan/move your dynamics from that point
up to present time.
• R-factors - The old game of entrapment is over, the new game of
total freedom has begun.’—loses its affect after a while as more
causative beings and states are dealt with and the idea of ‘total
freedom’ invites restimulation of chaos. Therefore: “...a game of
freedom has begun...’ is a more appropriate phrase in the ‘The
old game of...’ sentence.
● -This is preceded by: ‘Look around; put out some position
points; create some dynamics.’

If you run into beings who never decided to be in life, or to play

in the game of life as we know it in these universes, but
somehow got trapped, tell them to: 8, Spot, Scan, R-2 (R-
factor-2 conceptually means ‘to exteriorize from any and all
universes’. It can only actually been done by their being able to
turn back inward at the Point of Origin), then ask them: ‘What
are you?’ (beings) and ‘Who are you?’ (me, me...) and they’ll
depart for their original benign existence which didn’t involve
creating intentions and position points or any aspects of a
universe including matter, energy, space or time.

Review of special handlings where the Ananda Rundowns left


● -Masterminds in charge of a network of Controllers and

Disciples had to Date/ Locate when and where their home
universes were split after locating the presences of the
beings who were separated from their reality but still
connected (in spirit so to speak). They also had to locate
the Controllers,
● Disciples and other Masterminds, connected to them in
order for the whole hierarchy to blow. ● -A Controller usually
had a ‘group of beings’ who’d been part of its prior reality,
split off and put in the solo-adept’s space (in-bond). Have it
locate them first.
● -Disciples who came into this universe after the Temple
of God incident are still a composite of beings wearing the
hats: ‘being, manager, lord, god, god of all gods, and
disciple’ but the ones who weren’t addressed on the
Ananda Rundowns are usually connected to another
group of beings who were attached to them in the ‘back
door’ part of the TOG implant. These ones may have
managed to persist through the 7U collapse into this
Universe. They will be found to have groups of beings
attached to them and these will have to be located and
addressed as part of the group before the commands are
given. All-8,S,S,R1
● -the earlier similars usually go to a basic counter-effort/
7th dynamic engram/ original misunderstood (OMU
incident). If that hangs them up, spotting the prior
confusion and first moment of the prior confusion will help
them to blow.
● -Anyone can be asked ‘What are you?’ and ‘Who are
you?’ It’s better to ask: ‘What were you before?’(‘beings’)
“What are you now?’ (‘beings’) And: ‘Who are you?’ (‘me,
me..’.) except on ‘Not to plays’ (Ntp/Ftp) who best
respond to What, then Who as the concept of a time-track
isn’t appropriate to the timelessness of their desired
native state existence.

Be prepared to re-examine any Factors, Axioms and

definitions as you knew them before. They’re not complete
nor totally correct, albeit workable for addressing lower level
case. The ant serving the Queen inside the anthill thinks the
universe is the anthill; the giraffe in the valley thinks the
world ends at the surrounding mountains—probably because
giraffes don’t climb mountains. An analogy would be that
you’re moving from Newtonian physics, to Einstein’s Theory
of Relativity, to Quantum physics, and eventually to the first
Unified Field Theory that has ever worked—the discoveries
are often dangerous, but never as dangerous as leaving the
past cloaked in mystery.
Scale of Beings:

1) ‘not to plays/forced to plays’ (ntp/ftp) -self explanatory

2) ‘other beings’ (obs)

● -the ‘viewpoint beings’ (vbs) whose attention was mainly

outward and who got busy creating the position points
(locations in space earmarked by positions in time).
● -the ‘knowpoint beings’ (kbs) -also attention was mainly
outward but who could create or agree to position points
to create dimension points; and remember where the
points were or move them around making a position point
into an anchor point.
● -some (obs) would later become known as ‘mimickers’
because when they copied something they tended to
identify with it. (Groups of these are called ‘infinities’ and
will have a mutual incident, courtesy
● of Loranth.) ● -some also became known as ‘body
thetans’ and would operate either as individuals or in

3) ‘prior operating thetans’ (P

● - a combination of viewpoint beings and knowpoint

beings who cooperated and took on the identity of the
form or space they created plus the identity of the
principle knowpoint being who’d originated the main
dimension points. Not an enforced identity until they ran
into suppressive beings in the chaos prior to the original
misunderstood. Perceived as a basic ridge (br)
● -they’d later become the ‘shadow beings’, ‘Gen’ or
‘personal universe thetans (Puts)’ depending upon who
they’d been forced to work for.

4) thetans and thetan I/Cs:

● -differentiation determined by level of intention and how

much inner space or mind’ they created to duplicate what
was going on around them. Also created space and
original mock-ups.
● -Suppressive beings would form thetans into composite
entities. For example:‘the being, manager, lord, gaud,
gaud-of-all-gauds, disciple’ of their Disciple entities that
worked for and took on the purpose of any of the ‘false
Gauds’ who implanted them.
● -In a hierarchy they could also control any ‘obs’ and
‘ntps/ftps’ or be ‘controllers’ but the thetan I/ Cs ended up
with most of the ‘Mastermind’ type jobs. Enforced Groups
of I/Cs (with everyone lower on the scale attached) could
become•loroxians’ or ‘Herans’ etc. or a composite of
composites called ‘Gaudians’ whose main job was to keep
that false ‘original body of theta’ together.

5) The suppressive beings:

• or ‘false Gauds’—as stated in the Ananda Rundowns or

‘What the Prophets didn’t tell you’ part of the Unified Theory.

6) The beings:

Their inner universes mirrored what they perceived in

outward realities, plus whatever considerations they created;
but these inner spaces were vulnerable,so some are hung up
back in/out of space and time. The ones like us who we see
as human beings are only 99% trapped.

Some beings were obviously trapped into the composite

entities or resultant Identity/Purpose Masses caused by
suppressive being activities

The Mettaya Rundowns

Mettaya Rundowns: 1

part (a):
● -handle any thetans, (brs) basic ridges, or groups who
remain with the: S,S,R-extended sequence (just R now).
“Spot any incidents back to the point of origin. Scan your
dynamics to present-time. Look around. Put out some
anchor points. Create some dynamics. The old game of
entrapment is over; a new game of freedom has begun.

● -The R-factor ‘F’ means ‘You can be in it (the future) or

create it from your point of origin viewpoint. Can be
added after the R

● -WWW (What, what who) can be added after ‘F’ and

works for almost anyone, after the sequence of
commands and R-facs if they’ve managed to clear their

● -groups stuck in identities or purposes can be handled by

finding when and where it occurred, the prior confusion
and the first moment of the prior confusion; even be
asked who the source or sources of the confusion were—
to blow the event then be run through the above
sequence. You don’t have to stick someone in MEST if you
can stick them with a false ID, purpose or point of origin.
Any button can pick up the ‘resistance’ attached to any
enforced anchor points, dimension points and/or

part (b):

● -look around the world and see if there’s any location

where the above is being dramatized, and any ‘false gaud
type trap into a oneness’ is affecting beings connected to
you on the seventh dynamic, or through what some have
called the metaphysical spiritual realm, fourth dimension,
or the thetaU.
● -if you run into a hierarchy make sure all the parts are
located and the earliest mutual incident is found, plus the
prior confusion, and who etc., before scaling off any
remaining parts with this new appropriate sequence of

In the final result, no matter how complex the Adept’s case,

only a full understanding of the history of beings gives him the
awareness and tools (what to look for, where to look, and how
to handle) to resolve any condition.

• false theta facsimiles were used to restimulate. They can

be spotted or moved to their point of conception (Where and
when they were created) and they blow. Anyone attached can
then be audited/scaled/ unraveled.

The Mettaya Rundowns

Mettaya Rundowns: 2

Prior to the OMU (original misunderstood/false original theta

body) there are stages to the trapping and consolidation (and
solutions to avoid it) arising out the chaos created by
suppressive beings (false gauds) actually trying to trap and
control. ie: entering their crap, corruption and enforced
‘conglomeration’ b.s. into the game of life.

These are mock-ups to look for or not be surprised if you see


● -POG (piece of gaud) -individuals or groups who’ve

abnegated their own identities and/or
purposes. ● -Gaud-body-maker ● -check flows
If that format/entity existed for a long period of time, they
could later have been re-implanted and would have to spot
that to loosen up. e.g.: Xoth or the TOG. With the Tog—it can
have a front door series and a back door series, back-ups and
booby-traps. If you’ve been through it, you’ll know what they
went through. Finding out who created these types of incidents
after spotting first moments of confusion, handles the fear and
SP valence shift or PTSness. Asking a being to ‘8’—or expand
their viewpoint to infinity out of the mess before
auditing/scaling/unraveling helps them to see the structure of
the traps, as well as a cause and effect time-line.

• Though ‘false theta facsimile’ will work as an assessment

button on any dynamic, to pick up beings who’ve been
implanted—ie: they’re resisting the impressions put into their
space; it only handles the ones who still have the ability to
resist. Check for:

● -Ridge I/Cs ● - “ Basic ridge I/Cs ● - “ structure,

purposes, being stuck, some other entity, false Gauds,
mock-ups ● - “ turning game of life into game of death, or a
trap. ● - “ someone else controlling you (case beings) ● - “
forced to be something you’re not

• want to be free but forced to create trap:

● -Cloroxian ● -Heran ● -Sereetan ● -Ohaan ● -Chuhian ●

-Tuvan ● -Theran ● -Loranthian ● -Xerothian
● -Gaudian

Check the flows on these buttons. Get the basic incidents and
the Date/Locates.

When Clorox first trapped a ‘not to play’, he used enforced

anchor points, dimension points and intention. Then the ‘not
to play’ (now forced to play) became like a self-generating
dimension point under his power and was snapped to an ‘ob’
or ‘pot’, canceling out their self-determinism. The three parts
together make an arrow—and this trick (or first betrayal) is
expanded incrementally. The arrows are shot into the thetan
or thetan I/Cs own inner universe/reality.

A bullet would be enforced aps and dps carried on some

intention to nail someone—mainly ‘ntps’ at a level of
suggestion. Arrows would be other-determined ‘ftps/ntps’ plus
‘obs’ plus the enforced ‘aps & dps’ -feathers, shaft and
arrowhead. The handlings for each part of this ‘arrow’ have
been given and the strength of the arrow would be determined
by the beings’ own intention to create the game of life and a
playing field in which to play it as altered by the suppressive
being’s intent.

● -‘ftp/ntps’ handled with the S,S,R2,W,W sequence

● -‘obs’ handled with the S,S, R-ext, W,W,W sequence
● -and the enforced Aps/Dps handled with the move to the
there and then, where and when of their
conception, so there’s no electronic interactions between
differing resistances due to
misconceptions on place and time.

The other factor is:

In order to control, other than Clorox and the Henchmen

subjugating others’ identity and purposes, Hera came up with
her original lie. ‘You have to exist in someone else’s space in
order to survive.’ It cut down her target’s self-determinism; it
stopped her then ‘minions’ from creating their own realities.
So at this level, this is what gets dumped. Out of place
‘aps/dps’ carrying some intention; ‘ftp/ntps’, and ‘obs’. And
that’s how to handle it.

The ethics handling for those doing the dumping is: ‘Don’t do
it! Just because I have a comm line with you, it’s not okay.’
But it’s pretty much being done on automatic and the long
term resolution comes from using special R-factors (a) and
(b), changing the sequence to: S,S, R, Ra, Rb, F,W,W,W.

● -Ra is a conceptualization of: ‘Don’t put stuff in my space;

that’s at least half of the trap and it’s just
going to be resisted if done without my agreement. Being
told to exist in someone else’s space was
a lie.’ ● -Rb is a conceptualization of:
‘The war is over, nothing much has
changed. This MEST universe is a stable
datum amidst the confusion of realities
that once was. It’s where the game of
creating new games will be played.

Some may be seeing you as a restimulator—or misconceiving

you as be one of those who trapped them, but it’s not very
likely unless they’d attacked you somewhere down the track.
The idea here is: if they recall their Point of Origin viewpoint
and duplicate the ‘F’ R-factor ‘You can help create the future
in your original viewpoint’. Then this shows the manner and
ethics by which the new game can be played?.’

There is a reason why some of these old intentions carry on

in present-time. A prior-ot, running e/s to the first moment of
the ‘to control and trap’ ev-purp will come up with it as
Clorox’s intention (or another Sp version of it) and that it
didn’t exist earlier. It will also be the same moment in time
when they got their first failed purpose on the original ‘to
create the game of life and a field in which to play it.’ The
failed purpose and the evil purpose are tied together—the Pot
keeps regenerating in present-time and restimulating others.
(Note: if you didn’t handle this you could send someone to
get security checks and false purpose rundowns every six

Therefore: on a Pot or groups of Pots (who later became the

SBs, Gen, and Puts etc.) --after the: S,S,R F, sequence, have
them spot/scan (sequentially back down the time-track) prior
confusions and first moments of the prior confusions. Then
ask who was the source or sources who created the confusion
(situation/implant/incident). Then alternately tell you what
about them was ‘sane’ or ‘not sane’. Then WWW. Sequence
for Pots hung up in valences/identities enforced at OMU or
prior: S,S,R.F,SS-Pr. conf 1st moment of Pr conf, who/who’s
who created it; (were they) sane/ not sane? WWW.
Rationality would be determined by the original creator’s
original purpose to create beings and life. Note: Would that be
considered a creative impulse or a destructive?.

After that has been unraveled, the snapped identities

separate and the Pots go back into their unaberrated points of
view, either as individual knowbes and viewbes or as
cooperative entities sharing certain self-determined position

As earlier parts of the track are unburdened, the gradient for

the Adept increases to: After removing the arrows you start
coaching the thetans and thetan I/Cs on how to
audit/scale/unravel their own cases. You become the case
supervisor and they become the solo-auditors as they help the
others to unravel using the above sequences for ntp/ftps, obs
and pots. Later, these sequences remain part of the standard
handling for beings or groups of beings in having them unravel
their own cases—or what has been entered into their inner

Thetans (usually grouped) along with the Thetan I/Cs have

an additional ability—after doing what the pots do to rehab
themselves, they can also spot/scan earlier games (earlier
than the first enforced prior confusions) back to the point of
origin—then WWW.

Evolvement Theory

note: The Unified Theory and its glossary of definitions are

pre-requisite to understanding the parameters and terms used
in this outline.

Evolvement Theory

When you observe a progression of events where different

types of beings, in terms of scale and number -with a common
purpose, set out to create the game of life and a playing field
in which to play it, it’s possible to delineate a wholistic/holistic
approach to stages of evolution from the origin of life to here,
now, twenty-first century planet Earth.

So why all the problems? Astronomers currently estimate

there are three hundred billion stars in the Milky Way
(approximate span +/- one hundred thousand light years).
Based upon the seventy planets currently mapped with a
spectrograph, outside our sun’s solar system, statistics are
extrapolated and one can guesstimate that two thirds of the
stars in our galaxy have planets.

Apply the Unified Theory and one perceives that 198,149

have organic life, 56,211 have intelligent society, and
ninety-eight have technologies involving some form of
auditing and scaling—though no others have figured out
how to unravel the ToG, OMU, or POO. (Temple of God,
Original Misunderstood, Point of Origin sections of the

From the original creator’s viewpoint, what would be the best

way to create life? And if it was now found that two percent of
it had gotten messed up, how would you, with a clear eighth
dynamic point of view, straighten it out? Two topics involving
the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of life. They help to
reveal each other’s mysteries and thereby solve some of the

Start with the second question. Take an individual born into a

human body, a baby. Have the child grow up into a him or a
her, and look around—a person who perceives, thinks and
feels. Assume we all have some sort of friends or families, that
we get the education, news, work, play and sort of know
what’s going on—except we don’t precisely know why there’s
this thing called life, where we are exactly in the cosmos, or
what we’re actually supposed to be doing with our time—
never mind the happiness/ unhappiness situation. The
universe appears to be three dimensional, time appears to be
two dimensional; added together we try to say reality is four
dimensional. People are different, the environment is
complex, and then there are all those things going on in our
minds—they’re not quite clear all the time. There are
nutritional requirements, physical illnesses, psychosomatic
ills, and this thing called death.

An individual’s ‘case’ or condition in regards to negative pains,

sensations emotions, attitudes, identities and purposes, has
been addressed by various spiritual counselings, psych
techniques, meditative therapies, health regimens—and jails.
Most successes were derivative of Hubbard’s mid-twentieth
century Dianetic research—as it was before it was altered. That
doesn’t mean it will be the best a hundred years from now or a
thousand years from now. He coined the phrase ‘auditing’ for
directing the person’s attention to a problem or engram, found
by assessment with an e-meter, then ‘listening’ to the answer
without evaluating for or invalidating the ‘preclear’. In theory,
a nice idea; the person was supposed to go clear and get rid of
all those nasty aberrations and somatics using various
processes (sets of questions and/ or commands).

From the Unified Theory, Chapter Two, we can say he was

basically dealing with the ‘beings’ type or classification—us.
These are individuals who in the beginning perceived and
created space outwardly and inwardly—both on the same scale
or order of magnitude. Nowadays we have some inhibitions on
the outward look, but the inward reality has become really so
condensed or caved in, some people think they’re thinking with
their brains—even when they’re not in their bodies. The brain
should be seen more as a transmission than as a computer.

So the first step in clearing someone or getting him back to his

original point of view, was in helping him (because the current
condition of the ‘reactive’ part of the mind was such a
convoluted mass—he couldn’t successfully unravel it himself)
to identify and remove or send back to their points of
conception, various mental facsimiles that involved pain,
unconsciousness, and types of loss or mis-emotion. This was
best done in conjunction with training him how to audit others
so that he had a full understanding of the technology involved,
could communicate, study, apply, and understand what was
going on. Once one started clearing up the negative identities
and purposes, and felt clear, it was found the that state was
not stable. There were other influences—and they could be
perceived. Bts were actually little beings who hadn’t created
inner realities. At one time, without any baggage, they could
just get up and go anywhere they wanted to—not like the big
beings who were carrying around these big inner realities. But
nowadays, the bts were found to be stuck—identifying with the
things they were stuck to—skin, bones, thoughts etc. What
happened to the little beings—who were originally called the

Go back to the beginning. There is no space. What do viewbes

do? They create position points. Position points have a ‘where’
and a ‘when’. Viewbes don’t much worry about wheres and
whens, they took the assignment to go create them and that’s
what they do. If others agreed to a ‘where’ and ‘when’ it
became a dimension point—a few of those and you’ve got a
space. Go create another one. So, even if you’re not a big
player in the game of life, you’re actually by number the
biggest players in creating the playing field for the game of life
—and that appears to totally align with an eighth dynamic
viewpoint and the original creator’s intention. You may not be
able to do the carpentry needed to build a good kitchen table—
but hey, who can create the space to put it in?

Hubbard’s later work never got that far. It appears to have

bogged down when he tried to address more complex entities
as though they were bts/viewbes, which led to a series of
wrong indications, abstract incomplete solutions, and violated
his own premises including not auditing anything unless you
knew what it was. This was more or less due to a decision he
made in 1952-53, on where to focus his research.

Now, you’re the original creator again. These viewbes are

doing a good job—but with minimal inner realities, they don’t
really know what’s going on; they’re not recording so they
don’t have anything to compare things to. Up jump the
Knowbes—they have a bit of an inner reality so when it comes
to creating space, the know where those dimension points are.
Some can even carry the ‘know’ around. This isn’t to say other
types of beings didn’t exist but we’re watching a progression
here and it’s pretty hard to do anything interesting without any

To be in the game of life, near the beginning, there was a real

question when it came to identity—should one be an
individual, or should one operate as part of a group—
communally. Here, the Knowbes took the game to another
level or stage of their evolvement. By joining together, with
viewbes, they could create their own agreed upon space—
which would be a composite form or identity, and hopefully,
supposedly, actually create better spaces—because they’d all
use their intention to put out similar position points which
instantaneously created a new dimension point. A number of
dimension points creates spaces, and spaces added to spaces
wove the fabric of universes.

note: In the Unified theory, these knowbe/viewbe agreed upon

composite entities are call Pots or prior operating thetans
(thetan meaning a form of being) because they were so
effective at that time. These are not to be confused with
other/larger magnitude beings such as the thetans or thetan
I/Cs, or later universe entities such as the pre-U-ots, or OTs,
who were usually thetans or beings under the influence of the
suppressive beings thereby using identities and intentions
that were either enforced or adopted—for whatever reason.

The parameters of the Unified Theory arbitrarily put the start of

life at 8.008 quadrillion years ago so a workable model can be
developed that gets us up to present-time. For the first couple
of quadrillion it appears that we all knew where we came from,
what we were doing and why. Once the original suppressive
beings, who couldn’t create or gave up on trying to create
anything aesthetic/agreeable, figured out how to usurp another
being’s inner reality, it wasn’t long before they learned how to
create an nverted series of facsimiles that would confuse a
being’s own conception of his/her own identity. Thus, a false
identity, concept of origin, and superimposed intention, could
be made to operate out of virtually any individual or composite
entity. We would call it being made to dramatize the
suppressives’ will—a trap or type of enslavement that’s the
opposite of being free. The manifestations of this for various
types of beings are scaled and unraveled on the various
rundowns that came out of the unified theory -ironically the
research on the rundowns helped to develop the unified

Why this is important for an Evolvement Theory is that: The

point where the original cycle of conception gets matched by
its inverse...on the grandest scale...can be placed just before
what is defined as the First Universe, an inertial field where the
universes of illusion (agreed upon) are forced together with the
universes of delusion (enforced). It’s at that point where this
mixing of realities also creates the forces needed to produce
the first protoplasm. At that point of conflict there are enough
elements with life attached to them to begin a protoplasmic
line—which eventually leads to all this nature, and these
bodies. It’s not just the beings identifying with newly formed
matter and energy as their various spaces and times are
collapsed, there are harmonics of their intention (interwoven
as abilities that are variations of pushing, pulling and being
neutral) that start the newly created particles onto their own
complex path of interconnection and rejection. (neucleonics
and chemical compounds) The result is what we see now.

So, what is the role of aesthetics, thought,emotion and

sensation—they don’t go to the deli and drink coffee—they’re
like two dimensional links between the physical/organic
reality and a being’s viewpoint. This phenomena of the ‘mind’
linking both ways is also why it’s possible and necessary to
differentiate where the intentions are coming from (even
from within the individual’s own space) to clear up that two
percent that’s gone awry.

If one hasn’t eaten, he’s going to feel hungry. There’s not too
much that’s spiritual about that unless he decides to go
hunting. What if he has a memory that gets restimulated by
seeing a red car. There’s not a whole lot spiritual or physical
about that except if it causes a headache, or he decides not to
drive cars. It can all be unravelled—we talk and the sounds go
away but it doesn’t mean the words were never spoken—
whatever has occured to influence a person’s condition can be
handled in such a manneer that he’s no longer the effect—
especially of the ‘unknown’. But the truth is: these perceptions,
decisions and feelings one lives and operates with can have
been either enforced by others, adopted/agreed to, or been
made by oneself.

In order to succeed, one has to roll back the recall to the

origin of life through everything that has been accumulated in
the reverse sequence to its accumulation—a journey that
reveals how the whole game of life developed and perhaps
how to improve it with an open door to new applications,
science, research and ideas in many fields.

Glossary and index of abbreviations:
aps, dps, pps: -position points are composed of locations in time and
space, inward or outward, combined and put into place by a being’s
intention. Dimension points are agreed upon position points. Anchor
points are those inward or outward position points and dimension
points that a being holds onto, either because they want to, or because
they’ve been forced to. The definition of position points, who created
them and how, can be used to clarify the theory of relativity and the
theta-mest theory. In its simplest form/viewpoint, a being would have
the ability to put a push’ or a ‘pull’ or perhaps ‘no intention’ on a
position point it had defined. The subsequent interactions with others
lead to a basis for various, sub-atomic, quantum, string, spin, rubber
band, and electromagnetic theories (when push is seen as positive
charge and pull is seen as negative). It just took a long time for things
to get so complex.
auditing/scaling/unraveling: -sequences of questions/commands,
reality-factors, and actions that are done to reduce the structure of
unwanted influence from: sources of resistance and other beings
auditing by rapid long falls or a series of rapid blowdowns: -a
meter/needle phenomena that
occurs when an assessment item reads and leads to a complex
interconnection of hierarchal beings, structure, intentions and
facsimiles. Normal for upper gradient seventh and eighth dynamic
BCE: -basic counter-effort; false 8th dynamic secondary; 7th dynamic
engram, original misunderstood (OMU). An event that affected most
beings involved in the game of life. At times perceived as a false
‘original body of theta (life, thought, spirit)’.
beings: -come in types and sizes that can be differentiated. They take
on various agreed upon or enforced characteristics as defined in the
Unified Theory and the Rundowns.
case: -structure incorporating, facsimiles, beings, intentions,
connections etc.-it’s a misnomer to tell a ‘Clear’ that he’s ‘keyed-in’ if
there’s some kind of restimulation going on. It would be more
appropriate to say that some of his case is keyed-in
C/L: -correction list. Any of them work if done Method-3 and assessed
for whose charge
ntp/ftps: -beings who didn’t extend an inner reality/inner space/mind.
They wished to remain part of the 8th dynamic and not play in any
outward realities or universes, yet they were trapped and forced to
play parts that were indoctrinated into them by suppressive beings—
who, after a quarter of life’s time-track, discovered how to unmock
basic identities and purposes using facsimiles and intentions
scaling:: - a word used to denote a number of steps taken to peel off
layers of resistance whether that be peeling apart a mass of charge
associated with a goals/problem/ mass, a number of beings
conglomerated in an identity/purpose/mass, or moving one’s attention
outward and/or inward step-by-step to locate structure and/or sources
of structure in the present environment or past environments. Also
describes a journey up the dynamics an adept takes to clear any
adverse influences, and describes the upward gradient in terms of
magnitude of beings one is able to address as he progresses through
the Rundowns.
The Science of Beings Research Academy, and the Universal Society of
Beings. -the first is
devoted to research and education -the second is for comparing notes
and drinking good quality
coffee from wherever it’s grown. A certain amount of courage is
required to be part of either for there are things we can do that no law
has envisioned—which should be fair warning for chronic suppressives,
bypassed implanters, their organizations and followers.
theta universe: -a coined phrase that is actually a generality; as is the
term ‘static’, and the phrase: ‘before the beginning was the cause...’ A
researcher will find the road blocked if he goes into too much
agreement with the concepts and stops differentiating. - the non-
physical or metaphysical reality that works according to the spiritual or
soul aspects of thought and intention—based upon the interactions of
beings whether they have bodies or not. There is an evolvement of life
from the point of origin to present time that can be mapped along a
theta-line. Therefore, there is conception of time (except if a being
gets stuck in the confusion of an incident—a which point that becomes
its reality), recognition of identity, and perception of intention/purpose
which translates into an awareness of games. For those who get stuck,
it’s usually due to some negative enforcement of facsimiles, grouping
of identities, or bad intentions—counter to their own basic purposes or
the purpose of life.
unraveling: -when one gets all the connections and applies all the
standard sequences, including hatting able beings who are trapped on
how to audit/scale/unravel, the adept and those whom he audits find
they are somewhat free to create a new life, and they find they have
tools that will help unravel any future problems.
weird: -a fascistic little religion controlled by over-restimulated pseudo-
popes who wear fake military uniforms while they exploit their
followers—all caught up in a silly conflict with inept pseudo-psyches
who are also into behavior control. We’ve all seen that stuff before and
it always leads to broken families and nuclear war.
Dimensional Theory

• introduction

This is a model—a set of parameters that will change a

person’s understanding of life and reality in a physical and
meta(beyond)physical sense. Suspend what you perceive,
think and feel for the few minutes.

Before there is something there’s the potential for that

something to exist—that would be true for gods or an
amoebae. Before anything existed there’d be nothing. Nothing
becomes a “something” when we define it—by defining things
we tend to give them charactor so observe the following
through an imaginary “thought mirror” which deletes the
quantum effect of changing sub-atomic particles (thereby
things) by looking directly at them.

The first dimension or something that is one dimensional

would be like a point—a location without any length or depth.
A line or plane would best describe something with two
dimensions. In the second dimension distance has been added
between various points but there’s still no depth. The third
dimension has length, width and depth—three dimensional
spaces like spheres or cubes.

Add time and you have the fourth dimension—in a physical

reality when something changes location we perceive it as
having been somewhere before then somewhere else later so
we know time occurred. The fifth dimension can be defined by
position points (earmarked by both a where and a when) that
could encompass a number of fourth dimensions (perhaps
similar to our own physical universe) as well a the voids
between them—the voids being defined either as empty
spaces or zones where fourth dimensional perceptions don’t

Each of our viewpoints seems to be caught between before

and after, between in and out. From that position let’s agree
to state there is a possibility that an infinity minus one
number of dimensions exist and as a shortcut we’ll call all
that the twelfth dimension.
Two interesting phenomena occur: one, a point can be either a
location or part of a line. That is, in terms of character, either a
one dimensional location or part of a second dimension... it
could even be a point of agreement in both the fourth and fifth
dimensions... perhaps acted upon by forces in either or both
but all that comes later. The second interesting phenomena is:
Why do we all think of ‘nothing’ in terms of empty space (three
dimensionally)? Conceptually, nothing in the second dimension
would be like a non-line or non-plane. Nothing in the fourth
dimension should also include an unmeasurable void in time.

Something occurred before we existed—but we’re here, now.

Before the potential for anything to exist arose, there would
be non-existence, nothing and hypothetically there would also
be an infinite number of possibilities—the only thing that ever
was infinite.

Conceptually, the character of a point changes by defining its

locations in different dimensions. This interaction creates a
metaphysical kinetic energy that’s somewhat abrasive,
somewhat uncomfortable, and not necessarily harmonious.
What are you is the question? And the point’s answer keeps
changing. I’m a one dimensional point—no I’m part of a line.
There’s this character push/pull as well as interactions with
other points; interactions cause energy and then there’s the
interacting with the energy itself; a potential for resistance is

Stepping down from the twelfth to the eleventh dimension,

defined as a conceptual inclusion of the above potentials, we
now have: nothing, a type of energy or something, and an
infinite number of possibilities.

What’s the probability that one possibility had the potential to

be aware of its own existence? We’re here—it must have been
high. But in a conceptual dimension where everything is just
potential, there’s nothing to actually compare one possibility to
another. If there was light and there was dark who’s to know if
they’re related. That would be an after the fact evaluation from
and educated viewpoint. What’s good, what’s evil? Who cares?

If life can be defined as that phenomena which has awareness

of its own existence, what or who’s to say in a conceptual
dimension that there wasn’t the potential for a type of life that
was only partially aware of its own existence. It may not have
moved from potential to actuality, so where’s the divine
inspiration that somehow motivated life as we know it?

A conceptual dimension would be earmarked by total

amorality. Nothing can be compared or judged because
phenomena don’t exist as functions, they’re just potentials.
Refusal to understand can stand alongside energy formed
by condensing points but there’s no accountability. The
potential for life -because its definition included awareness
of its own existence—would begin to sense that it was
persisting—it knew itself before, it knows itself now. What is
it? It’s life.

That point, which we can define as the Point of Creation, is also

where the tenth dimension starts. The first experience after
sensing the persisting ‘awareness of own existence’ was ‘no
understanding’. This upsetting state of affairs was derivative
from the eleventh dimension where all potentials were
conceptual and amoral. This is ‘divine inspiration’ as an
accessory to: unaccountability, comparativeless abrasive
interactions, nothings, numberless possibilities, good and bad
without anyone to define it, etc.

The second experience derived from that state plus the initial
‘not knowing anything or why one existed’ was a feeling of

Then came ‘the unbelievability of it all’ and ‘total confusion’.

Life persisted, it didn’t know where it came from, or why. If it

looked to the eleventh dimension there wouldn’t be any
rational answers. If it looked to the twelfth, it would see
something had to have happened when locations in nothing
interacted, but when it looks outward into the tenth
dimension it sees nothing. Once again a there’s a harmonic
of that interaction between something and nothing and
again it’s abrasive. Use the analogy of a ‘seed’ forming. It
begins to create a tenth dimensional shell.

The basic purpose is formed, and that is ‘to understand. Having

only nothing to relate to outside its own existence, the purpose
is bound to fail—there are no answers there. So the ninth
dimension forms and it’s an aesthetic line formed by a series of
kinetic interactions between life and nothing. A series of
reaches to understand and withdrawals when there is none.
Eventually, some of life learns to incorporate void spaces into
its anatomy and the eighth dimension forms—define it as a mix
of something called life, nothing, and the abrasive interaction
between the two.

On the tenth dimension, life’s awareness floats between

before and after; and, as the perception vector called outward
is noted, so it forms an opposite vector to perceive inward. In
the tenth dimension with very little resistance, it may
recognize the totality of its own existence—say every forty-
four seconds no matter how large or small that magnitude
may be as it evolves outwardly and inwardly. By the time it
incorporates nothingness spaces into its anatomy, as well as
the ninth dimension aesthetic line of kinetic interactions and
resistances (which can be broken down into confusions
attached to befores and afters/ ins and outs/something called
life/and nothing, one could say life as the eighth dimension
rhythmically scales the scope of its own existence every—say
thirty-four seconds. Resistance has been added to the wave
modality changing the frequency.

In the tenth dimension life can act like a ‘what’ looking for a
‘who’. The confusions begin to unravel with Spot/recognize
processes. What were you before? Life. What are you now?
Life. Who are you? Life. Similarly, if someone’s thoughts get
caught up in the conceptual conundrums of the eleventh
dimension (e.g.: amoral justification for criminal acts), the
confusions begin to unravel with a similar process: What were
you before? Nothing. What are you now? Something. Who are
you? Potential life.

In physics, Inflation Theory tells us that when a particle is

inserted into a vacuum, a kinetic energy arises as the vacuum
alters to either incorporate or reject the particle. A similar
metaphysical analogy can also be derived using the term
scalar (meaning magnitude—used in theories involving scalar
fields) as we see life interacting with nothing, kinetics and
resistance, plus forming protective barriers and intentions.

At certain points, life acting as a homogenous wave of

existence would act similar to a wave of light -when it met
either resistance or kinetic energy, the wave would break into
particles—and the answer to the third question in the
Spot/Recognize process then changes from >What were you
before? Life. What are you now? Life. To>Who are you? 10th
dimensional potential be’s (beingnesses).
The same basic process would get the same initial answers
from eighth dimensional life: What were you before? Life. What
are you now? Life. And the answer also changes: Who are you?
Life >to: Who are you? 8th dimensional potential be’s—
depending upon how much resistance and interaction there’d
been in the experience of before and after, in and out, and
whether a unanimity of identity based upon shared experience
was being formed by a magnitude (or scalar field) of life in the
eighth dimension as it incorporates metaphysical kinetic
energy and nothingness into its identity.

If a being or part of life were caught/stuck in a ninth

dimensional interaction, it would be freed up with a different
sequence: Differentiate the confusion by having it repetitively
spot the confusion around ‘before’ then, ‘after’, then ‘in’, then
‘out’ until that all realigns, then ask the: what, what, who.

From the Twelfth right down to the Sixth dimension, confusions

and resistance charges are best handled by spot/recognize
processes—they handle the beingness of life and not
necessarily time or what happened when—experience was all
relative to the formation of perception as opposed to
identifying places and things. That is: life in its manifestations
experiencing things, not really doing things except trying to

There are evolvements but processes that use techniques like

spot/scan to free an being stuck or trapped in an identity or
purpose somewhere on a timetrack, are more geared toward
‘doingness’ and events.... though there are times when a
crossover and doing both Spot/Recognize and Spot/Scan are

That sequence eventually becomes the final solution to

handling ‘flatworlders’—those who believe there are only
singular beings who only perceive life in the fourth dimension,
as opposed to those of us who can be called ‘roundworlders’—
and who have begun to see it as an evolving interaction on
many levels and dynamics, albeit a mosaic that went awry and
became a matrix. But we too are just starting to understand.

The Seventh dimension is best described by the voyage of the

first individual being. Take scalar field of life on the eighth
dimension. There’s no known barriers to perception between
it and life on the prior dimensions defined. This ‘magnitude of
life’ begins to attain individual character based upon how it
handles the interactions of its inner and outer existence.
Looking inside its ‘shell’’ it only perceives itself. Then a
viewpoint germinates at the point between before and after,
between in and out. Now, outwardly, there’s an objective
recognition that is different from the subjective recognition.
This series of creative steps appears to be a harmonic of the
ninth dimensional series of aesthetic interactions—it will be
similar but it won’t be exactly the same in terms of magnitude
or experience for every potential being who adopts a
viewpoint or eventually decides to ‘play’.

The original being was first to perceive the ‘overall

nothingness’ as a patchwork of voids that also had their own
hypothetical points where the vectors between ‘before and
after’ and between ‘in and out’ would meet. Objectively, it
perceived the nothingness as being composed of component
voids. And just as it saw its own individual viewpoint come
together and germinate in terms of identity that was inclusive
yet separate from the other life dimensions—it saw these
potential points from which to view as opportunity for other
life viewpoints to germinate. This defines the basic structure
of the Sixth dimension. It also begins to define what has been
called the eighth dynamic. It starts with the original individual
being who does something: it creates potential viewpoints.

Whereas before, you might have life needing to find out what it
is before it recognizes that it is, here you have a being who is
finding out what it is. For example, a recognition process on
the eighth dynamic could be: What were you before? A being.
What are you now? A being? Who are you? Me. But for the
original being, who has maintained its viewpoint on the eighth
dynamic in the sixth dimension, its a much more extensive
process that is defined on the Evolvement Rundown—as
there’s also later interaction with life and beings in the fifth
and fourth dimensions that have caused some confusion at
various times. For now the answer to the questions could be:
What were you before? The original being. What are you now?
The creator of potential viewpoints. Who are you? Me.

Other magnitudes of ‘potential be’s’ who decide to adopt a

viewpoint in the sixth dimension, actually have an eighth
dynamic evolvement to go through, when done correctly,
before they mature. The dimension/dynamic, in and of itself,
evolves outwardly and inwardly, perceiving its own scope—
say every 28 seconds, so any being in a womblike state of
development would have variable access to various

Seventh dimension “Not to plays” would border the sixth

dimension in that eighth dimensional existence may be
preferable but through the ‘individual’ interactions on the
seventh dimension, they may have or not have the magnitude
to assume one of the sixth dimension’s potential viewpoints.
“In” for a ‘not to play’ would be the eighth dimension; “out”
would be the sixth dimension. In the Unified Theory they’re
referred to as ‘not to play/ forced to plays’ when they’re
dragged into 5th dimensional/ 7th dynamic mock-ups and

Once an eighth dynamic viewpoint is assumed on a self-

determined basis, it’s never lost due to anyone else’s
determinism—though it can be occluded. Here you find the
basic transitions and evolvements.

In the Sixth dimension/Eighth dynamic those who choose or

adopt a viewpoint can initially be called ‘Point of Conception
beings’; those who begin to develop can be called ‘Pre-me’s’ or
‘New-be’s’; those who choose as a purpose for their own
existence ‘to protect the ‘new-be’s’—mature as ‘Auragin’.
Those who choose the purpose ‘to protect life’ in general—
mature as ‘Source beings’—later on both were attacked as the
game of life went through its contortions—but they can be
rehabbed, and they can learn to run processes. Plus you have
the ‘Original being’ and its totally unlikely anyone will ever
duplicate its experience or perceive what it saw as potential in
nothingness. Actually, it would be impossible to duplicate its
curiosity at that point, though there are those who’ve tried to
usurp that identity for their own devices.

This is ninety-eight percent of what we see as the fabric of

life. In harmony, the various inward/outward evolvement
rhythms create a mosaic of agreed upon where’s and whens—
for us, it’s most apparent in the fourth dimension and there
are specific reasons for that but the reasons are not what
you’d call positive..

In the Unified theory, the magnitude of beings as they evolved

as individuals from the Eighth dynamic/ Sixth dimensional
reality into the Seventh dynamic/fifth dimensional realities,
was defined by: the amount of inner space the being created
in conjunction with what it perceived outwardly. As the initial
purpose of life was ‘to understand’ its own existence; the
initial purpose for the seventh dynamic/fifth dimension was ‘to
create the game of life and playing fields in which to play it’.

From experience would come knowledge and

understanding; beings like you and I were supposed to keep
all that together but we didn’t.

What about life in these other dimensions and manifestations?

What’s it doing now? Birds keep singing, trees are growing and
fish are swimming. If you ever create a nucleonic war, life will
withdraw from all that. Its nature in present time hasn’t
changed, it just looks different. The Rubber Band Theory also
explains how different beings from different dimensions,
realities and times can get all tangled up and connected to
your space. It’s a basic primer on how the mosaic was turned
into a confused matrix that spawned all kinds of weird
philosophies, religions and scientific conundrums; as well as
wars, disease and perversions of rational intent.

The scope of the Fifth dimension was defined by position

points; some are natural modal points of agreement between
other dimensions. (Where are the common denominators
between a forty-four second wave and a twenty-eight second
wave?) There are voids between the points through which
they can be sensed.

We, individually scale the fabric of our own existences,

(before/after, in/out) say every seven seconds, plus we have
the ability to put outwardly or inwardly our own new position
points, or to agree with older ones—even drag some around
which is the basic anatomy of charge =out of place position
points etc. Position points are composed of a ‘where’ and a
‘when’ relative to your own viewpoint. Agreed upon by others,
they begin to create illusional realities as agreed upon points
define dimensions and create spaces. Enforced dimension
points create delusional realities. Put together and broadly
recognizable Universes are created. Some of the first realities
were only four inches long, an inch high and an inch wide. On
the other end of the scale there were spaces millions of light
years across with nothing in them (the “Why?” universes). One
has to add music and color to them in order to scale their
extent in space and time. What was mocked up depended
upon the types of 7th dynamic beings: viewbes, knowbes, prior
operating thetans—Pots (grouped entities of viewbes and
knowbes who’d create their own space then go out an try to
create forms in other spaces), thetans and thetan/ics—whose
actual eighth dynamic purpose was to act as a group to create
space and time, and beings like us.

Condensed position points began to take on the character of

particles, but: in its anatomy a point itself is not an actuality
but the center of a vibration between the before and after / in
and out.. If the push outward is at 186,000 miles per second it
creates a wave of light—a measurable (in a physical sense)
photon; the inward pull creates a graviton—gravity, felt but
never seen, a characteristic of mass.

If you extend this theory, and add to it the kinetic interaction

between something and nothing, you discover where the
energy to create stars is created and why this physical
universe is increasing in size and mass all the time. Plus why
different atoms and sub-atomic particles have different

How does this relate to the structure of life as we perceive it?

Magnitudes of life on these other dimensions don’t disappear.
Tenth dimensional beingness and eighth dimensional
beingness move. The observable cycle after the point of
creation is: growth, decay, separation, rejuvenation—
constantly experiencing the phenomena of its own existence in
present-time—or so it was meant to be. Like the sun coming up
over the wheat prairie in the morning—tracing dawn’s light
across the landscape, it continually fills the mold created by
the fabric of its own rhythms, and (like liquid wax poured into a
mold) fills the various creations the beings are apt to put forth.

Its quite an evolving picture. The Unified Theory also invites

you to take a walk on the dark side to see what the beings,
especially those who were suppressive and who thought they
should be gods (False Gauds) did to mess things up. How did
they affect life on these other dimensions—minimally, though
the derivative effect on you or I can be dramatic. No one
wants to be an African Aids Baby.

Life, reaching out from a point of no understanding, can mirror

or take on the characteristics of identities, purposes, position
points, anchor points (those that are held onto and taken out of
their own where and when), dimension points, intentions—
voids and vibrations, perceptions, thoughts and feelings—and
it can get trapped or stuck in those things but the significance
of what they are is not important even though the effect can
be negative on a person’s body or in a person’s life. It’s only
the ‘being stuck and unable to move’ that is important to
handle. How? By having it spot/recognize the points where it
conceived of the things it’s stuck in (‘conceived of’would equal
that point where an objective perception became a subjective
conception in whatever dimension you’re handling). Have it roll
back the identity, purposes, position points/anchor
points/dimension points, intentions/voids/vibrations;
perceptions, thoughts and feelings to where they were first
experienced. If that’s difficult have the ‘magnitude of life’ spot
the initial: no understanding, protest, total confusion and
unbelievability of it all. Eventually it will be able to recognize:
what, what, who.

Sound complicated, it’s not. You feel because you think. You
think because you perceive. This model can be used to define
why and how you perceive. One hates to clear all his or her
dynamics of aberration then find that ninety-eight percent of
life is still a mystery.

Put Dimensional Theory together with the Evolvement

Theory, the Rubber Band Theory, and the Unified Theory;
gradiently while doing the Ananda, Mettaya,
Adept/Researcher and Source Rejuvenation and Evolvement
Rundowns—and in a few years you’ll find out thousands of
things including why you’re a human being in present-time,
and perhaps even why you’re reading this here, now. The
work was free, but we might sell out. Good luck
Theories & Applications

Theories 1

Pre-Creation—conceptual theory

Assume life was once new—existence started somewhere,

somewhen. Prior to that there was the nothing of non-
existence—and it can be seen as a grail of infinite possibility.
This creates the probability for any potential to persist into a

Space and consciousness are two basic characteristics of life as

we know it.

Therefore we can induce three primary sources of potential

into a quantum bracket (an infinitesimal ‘then to now’ span)
where energy-like interactions created by disparate
potentials can occur between: non-existence then/now; non-
space then/now; and, non-consciousness then/now.

Life also has the characteristic of being aware of it’s own


Under these conditions energy-like manifestations would also

interact with themselves up to a point where: 1) a type or
wavelength was formed that didn’t interact (A potential
quantum viewpoint that is lost when the ‘now’ is reached). 2) A
cacophony of random chaotic reactions in dis-harmony creates
resistance to further effect by the potentials.

What happens after that is the ‘created manifestations’

recede by identifying with the potentials that apparently made
them appear: the non-existence, non-space, non-
consciousness—actually adding a bit of substance to the
nothing. The cycle then repeats in another quantum moment.
Although everything apparently ‘dies’ or ‘disappears’ it’s
actually a growing phenomena that regenerates itself.

The apparently non-reactive manifestation or form of energy

can be seen as a type of metaphysical magnetism. It wouldn’t
exist but for the ‘nothing’ and the potentials of non-existence;
it also probably wouldn’t exist but for the energy-like
interactions—an analogy is when the electrical power is
turned off in a wire, the magnetism disappears. But it is

Like magnetism, it wasn’t part of the circuit (magnetism is an

associate phenomena to the electricity -theoretically the speed
of light times less in terms of potentials and has the ability to
affect electron movement at right angles to the flow) so at that
almost infinitely quick point of evolvement from one quantum
reality to the next it has a decision or choice of paths to take:
does it identify with the potentials, or does it associate? If it
identifies it disappears; if it associates, it goes through the next
progression of interactions.

After a few of those, if it created an even finer

wavelength that recorded a series of similar yet different
magnitude and substance manifestations—it may even
evolve to a point where it begins to differentiate.

Identification, association, and differentiation are keys to

spot/recognize processes that release forms of ‘life’ from trap-
like conundrums. With differentiation there’s a basis for with
intentions like: to not be non-existent, to not become non-
space, to not become unconscious—these form the anatomy of
a more common purpose like ‘to survive’—and also hint at the
possibility that most intent is derived from deciding to avoid
negative conditions. Life started at effect. It’s an exploration
adventure to see which potentials and possibilities make it.

When you lob a 17th century cannonball at the opposition, it

has mass yet it’s going so slow so you scare his horse but the
enemy soldiers are more likely to duck out of the way. A
modern engram (images of a painful incident) might be like the
cannonball and cause a somatic—it can be handled with
relatively slow ‘auditing’ communication. Decisions made by
potential life forms near the beginning occurred so quickly that
when some ‘forms’ evolved, these ‘decisions’ lay hidden in an
‘unreal or non-actual past’. But they became somewhat
universal while operating (metaphysically) at many times the
speed of light.

The relatively tiny bullet from a modern sniper could probably

blow through three or four of those 17th century enemy soldiers
and still kill the horse—so to perceive and handle the areas
where the foundation and structure of life is formed, one has to
be really clear on all dynamics—and really quick. That’s also a

Theories 2
Potentials—Subsequent to Pre-Creation

At each evolvement stage there’s usually one original life

entity that makes the first move. (It seems like a relatively
stupid rule, but that life form appears to get hung up at that
point.) It wears the ‘hat’ of pointing the way for others to take
the next step on the path, knowing that ‘this new bit of
imagination or development is safe enough for exploration’—
so to speak. They then become cause at that point while more
or less sacrificing their own further evolvement, but the way
stays open for new life to evolve and for older life forms, who
may not have been so successful, to regenerate. Plus there’s
always an option whether to go forward or back.

Eventually from the interaction of non-existence potentials and

the quantum creation of types of energy, we get forms that are
like metaphysical magnetism. They don’t necessarily get
trapped identifying with the potentials or the energy. They’re
‘new’ and development of character is initially based upon a
sense of what they are not -which aside from avoiding being
swallowed up by non-existence or a cacophony of random
energies may also (if we call them ‘life’) involve the creating of
even finer wavelengths whereby impressions of ‘that which
they are not’ is recorded—the initial use of ‘thought’
wavelengths as an organic metaphysical tool.

Potentials arising from the ‘unknowness’ (because there’s

nothing to be known) of non-existence would become a
category of ‘unknown potentials’; potentials arising from the
various secondary energy interactions would form a category
of ‘random potentials’; and the potentials that life creates in
terms like inner ‘thought’ would form a category of
‘unexpressed potentials’. Each could be identified with,
associated with or differentiated from.

Potentials aren’t recognized until after the fact—they have to

become actual or known; something has to have occurred
before they can be traced back and spotted. The first spark of
life even though it was taking the steps to become aware of
its own existence, at a potentials level wouldn’t have known it
existed. It’s only that life in some of its many forms persisted
that allows us to know that the potential was even there.

It’s still a gamble, most of life as a form of quantum

metaphysical energy didn’t make it; it either slid back by
identifying with non-existence, potentials or energy
interactions. But some of these new particles of rudimentary
awareness did come forth, albeit with minor differences in
character based upon how they recorded prior experience.
They found harmony in each others’ wavelengths, that was
undisturbed by any ‘inner reality’.

As the potentials and interactions that created the inanimate

side of life expanded, so there was a harmony that attracted
these sparks together. As the environment became more
overpowering and dangerous, more and more of this ‘new
phenomena’ called life banded together forming a unity for
protection—later on this would become a basic consideration
through which many ‘godlike’ qualities are expressed or sought
after. Put to good use one gets peaceful concepts the Jain
Universal Consciousness or the path of Buddhism; put to
suppressive use one gets concepts of life closer to totalitarian

Outwardly, as more and more (unknown and random)

potentials and interactions occurred, the more and more
‘resistance’ and mass leading toward physical actuality
accumulated. The overall effect was to slow things down. No
longer these speeds approaching an infinity minus one times
the speed of light, a stable or static point (at a million times
(X) --X being 2500 times the speed of light) occurs. At this
point on the ‘basic life evolvement model’ perhaps four or five
quadrillion years have passed. There is both the inner
individual experience and the much grander group
harmonious experience. But the quantum viewpoint or spark
that is most effect, is the first one stuck in the middle.

It’s totally surrounded not only by life as a group, but also by

a layer of resistance to being overwhelmed by inanimate
energy and the total nothing beyond. In the future as forms
evolve, this seedlike structural template will be seen
repeating itself.

The keys to spot, as the basic elements of awareness and

character are established, are very subtle and powerful. (If
one were to ask: What were you before? The answer would
be: ‘life’. What are you now? The answer would be ‘life’. Who
are you? The answer would be: ‘life’. Similar to answers one
would find for life at an earlier stage trapped by an
identification with non-existence potentials.)
In order to recognize the formation of mass or reality, one has
to evolve the tools by which to recognize. The vulnerability of
life at this stage is maximum. Because it is an organic
existence—best described in terms of metaphysics or
potentials or energy interactions—it is liable to the intentions
and effects of later evolvements. These latter effects (like
‘evil’ and ‘dominance’) turned back down the line in an
evolving organic reality are seldom good.

Therefore, barriers to the perception of life’s origins are in

place—similar to what you’d use to protect yourself and your
family from attack by suppressive influences. There’s also the
consideration of a false sin or overt (contra-survival act). If it is
agreed one bonds together for protection... then one
consciously goes off to say: ‘create a new reality’—the re-
splitting of individual beingness and group beingness can
appear to be wrong. In fact the knowledge gained by the new
experience actually ends up being the solution to the problem
but that is never known beforehand.

Model Universe, which still exists, is where sources of

‘unexpressed potential’ find a way to create an effect on the
unknown and random potentials.

Theories 3
A Model Universe
Nobody knows how many sparks of life ever existed, do exist,
or will exist—it’s always changing. At the static point defined
in ‘Potentials’, they have their individual experience and their
group harmonious experience.

Character is more or less determined by the decisions one

makes about his or her own experience. For example: two
equal kids grow up in a ghetto; it’s trashy; their mothers are
alcoholics, no fathers within sight. One decides to help keep
the house clean; the other hangs out. There are drug addicts
outside. One avoids them; the other sells a little dope for
spending money. They go to the same school: one tries to
study hard; the other gets involved with gangs. And so on until
the first one succeeds with a degree and a job, helps to create
a family and gets his mother out of the ghetto. The other ends
up in some stupid jail, a ward of the state, always being told
when he can eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. Same
environmental experience, same potential, different decisions,
different characters.

As life evolves, the trialectic interaction between unknown,

unexpressed, and random potentials is slowed down by the
ever increasing volume of interactions between the random
potentials and resistance that form ‘something’.

Non-existence potentials (unknowable because they’re

derived from nothing) persist as long as ‘nothing’ persists.
They’re apparent when one tries to look at the unknown
future, or considers what may be outside this actual universe,
or considers any conceptual void that had to exist before
anything appeared.

It’s basic the interaction between something and nothing that

fuels the energy engine. Imagine the abrasiveness involved at
the limits of this universe involving mass where it meets with
nothing. Per ‘Inflation Theory’ vacuums bend around a particle
inserted into their space; one wouldn’t need electromagnetic
potentials to create energy and force at the perimeter points.

Decisions about experiences are different. One may choose a

universal harmonious state, static and protected from all else.
Another may find its energy and character limited, or its
ability to move, change, and experience limited—a
compromise of personal wholeness (integrity) leading to
lessened potential, something the opposite of freedom, a trap.
A point is an indivisible unit unto itself, part of a line or
plane, a location in a space, etc. What determines its
definition is how it appears when viewed—a conflict in
character, what is it? Depends upon where it is and who’s
looking at it, when. Even without agreed upon ‘where and
when’ a ‘position point’ defines a location in time and space.

With that determination, the ‘nothing’ can be seen as a

combination of voids; and the ‘something’ can be seen as a
combination of position points.

The harmonious static viewpoint remains somewhat exclusive;

the quantum viewpoint that decides to use it’s unseen
potentials to create an effect on the something and the
nothing, first enters what can be described as ‘the Model
Universe’ by adopting a position point—call it a source point.

The nothing has its integrity or wholeness and unknown

potentials—a level of affinity or bonding together best
described by a vacuum trying to keep itself void.

The something also has its own kind of integrity, random

potentials causing bonds to be made and broken depending
upon levels of harmony and resistance—but each point is
hypothetically indivisible so each has total integrity and

The spark of life with it’s unseen potential also has integrity
and an affinity unto itself. By re-entering into the mix, it
redefines what life is with a new evolvement and a new
relationship between the potentials.

How it is addressed, technically speaking and from a

structural viewpoint, is based upon spotting the effect of the
affinity and integrity of the unknown and random potentials
on the basic integrity, affinity, and unseen potentials of that

Say the adopted source point continues along a vector from

before to after. How long can it persist before the potentials
reach a non-interactive state?. It establishes ‘when’ points
that can be defined by ‘now’. There was a before its ‘now’
and we expect there will be one later—a series or line of
Ninety degrees to this two dimensional vector we see there’s
an ‘in’ the line and an ‘out’ of the line. This forms another set
of vectors or series of ‘where’ points that also persist—so
each ‘position point’ moves on two perpendicular planes to
form a three dimensional space defining its own where and

What happens? Each position point was derived from a

source point combination of unexpressed and random
potentials—different from ‘unknown’ potential connected to
any point where our three dimensional space interacts with

Using the analogy of electro-magnetic theory we could say

that due to their character, similar potentials repel and
dissimilar ones attract. There’s also the possibility for new
unexpected potentials to form based upon lines of interaction
between various position points. If the ‘unexpressed’ position
points are attracted toward the perimeter position points
where the ‘unknown’ comes into play, and the perimeter
position points tend to repel each other—the result is a
rounding off or defining of a new dimension within the

There’s also the question of: how did these new potentials
arise? The answer may be that they’re derived from separating
the basic affinities—the attractive forces which bonded
together the integrity of the source point, the integrity of the
nothing, and the integrity of our spark of life.

Eventually the interaction process collapses as the attractions

and repulsions flatten out—say in sixteen seconds from the
point of inception to completion. A few bypassed random
potentials are left as a byproduct as each element returns to
the integrity of its native state. Then this creation process
begins again and sixteen seconds later—done, and so on—an
organic universe where an existence incorporating something,
nothing and life lives and dies every sixteen seconds.

What are the factors? Integrity, Affinity, Something (a

source point) , Nothing, position points defined by wheres
and whens, and potentials.

What changes?
• The integrity of a source point is stretched to the
degree that position points are derived from it—but
apparently that’s regained at the end of each cycle.

• Then there’s the affinity—a metaphysical bonding quality

from which potential is being derived. Not an outward
physical thing, it goes through a series of changes, plus an
evolvement in its characteristics can occur when it’s affected
by the bypassed random potentials. However, its basic nature
remains aligned with the integrity of the source point.

Even if each sequence that occurs is erased, another time

vector would exist that was formed by the sequence of
changes in the affinity and integrity.

Affinity and Integrity are non-dimensional qualities, therefore

the series of impressions form a new line that would need to
be recorded in imaginary or conceptual dimensions.

Seeds germinating for a birth of consciousness. Without

changes there’s no need to sense—all would be static. Out of
life’s grail of possibility a new potential arises: the potential to
sense things—which will eventually lead to the phenomena of
perception—which we have.

All remains liable to becoming non-existent once again until

persistence of perception leads to the conception of

Divine inspiration occurs when this non-dimensional potential

to perceive aligns with the source point. When the non-
dimensional and dimensional align the potential for ‘a’ life
(being that phenomena that has awareness of its own
existence) begins to evolve in conjunction with life (being that
phenomena that has some ‘unexpressed’ awareness of its own

Now the ‘potential to perceive’ is attached to the source point

as it goes through its next progression: from point, to line, to
space with interacting potentials.. What it perceives inside the
source point is an empty space between before and after,
between in and out. From the outside the point appears
indivisible—a location that has integrity and affinity.

The cycle goes forth and collapses every sixteen seconds—

say a hundred and eighty-nine times. The inner reality
mirrors lines of outward perception and also develops a
perception or conception of itself. It’s alone.

Outside this model universe, random potentials are

accumulating and interacting—they’re not totally determined
by the qualities of the something, nor the nothing—yet exist
in combinations derived from those states. Inanimate, they
have no potential to become aware but they are forming a
something within a nothing.

If our quantum spark of life wants to create it’s own dimension

(out there beyond the Model Universe) it would have to
encompass enough potential to carry itself beyond an abyss.
Not all do. The abyss can be defined by ‘getting stuck’ in a
first, second, or third dimensional reality—without time. Time
being defined as a fourth dimension that allows for a
progression of events encompassing the first, second and
third. Life trapped in the abyss can be handled by rehabbing
that life’s prior integrity and affinity in the ‘Model U’.

When one does come out with the ability to perceive and a
conception of itself, there’s a plane of points between before
and after, between in and out. It’s where life that has a
conception of itself begins to assume its own outward
perception This potential viewpoint uses the inner ability to
recall or perceive its own impressions to develop the ability to
turn position points into dimension points, even hold onto
some position points and make them anchor points by which to
define all other points.

Dimensional Theory defines how forms of life create their

own dimensions—which begins to occur at about 2500 times
the speed of light..
Theories 4
Dimensional Life:

A commentary about Dimensional Theory and Technology

About sixteen quadrillion years ago the speed of perception

and interaction for many magnitudes of life had slowed down
to approximately twenty-five hundred times the speed of
light or ‘x’. What occurred, if we notice a harmonious static
state occurs at one million times (x), is that the potentials
interactons built up enough resistance and mass to slow
reality down by a factor of forty-thousand, at which point
some ‘sparks of life’ found ways to adopt position points. This
mixing of affinity harmonics, in terms of integrity between life
and energy, further slows the interaction by factor of fifty,
then the Model U ‘source point progression’ once again slows
down life’s interaction/speed of perception by another factor
of fifty.

As an aside, based upon the binary stars model, one can

assume the Model U still exists—though much smaller than
this physical universe, it’s moving much faster—so that the
interactive effect actually makes the shape of this one (if we
include all the mass and energy operating all the speeds) sort
of like a patio table with an umbrella—all we’re currently able
to perceive is the speed of light event horizon.
However, in life’s overall structural model, at the point where
magnitudes of life begin to learn how to create their own
dimensions, we’re approximately halfway through the
evolvement process that gets us to present-time. Whether
we’re talking about the anatomy of god or the anatomy of
beings—it doesn’t matter. Evolvement knowledge is derived
from decisions made about experience and that knowledge
becomes fuel for further evolvement no matter where you
decide to park yourself.

Our ‘spark of life’ may have noticed that the first entity to
plow a row in the Model U, stayed on to make sure others
wouldn’t get lost. One graduated with a type of perception
that involved conceiving a degree of personal affinity and
integrity—in various states of harmony and magnitude—
conception is based upon use of an inward vector.

Another entity, who was probably first to dimensionally mate

that inward perception with outward perception, may help
introduce our ‘spark’ to realities beyond itself. This step is
determined through its ability to establish points by
considering them to incorporate positions in one, then two,
then three dimensions—a process that can keep going until
one sees that any point can be perceived as somehow
connected to any position in any dimension., but here we’re
more interested in a magnitude of life establishing its own
space. The inner/outer dimensional mating means one gets an
inner ‘half viewpoint’ together with an outer ‘half viewpoint’ to
make a viewpoint—which occurs at a location between before
and after, between in and out—which is theoretically non-
dimensional. How do you do?

That’s just a rough primordial evolvement step—where does

our spark go from there? A simple metaphysical mathematical
model helps the non-dimensional viewpoint, who can create
its own inner dimensions, relate to a dimensional existence—
especially if there’s a hypothetical possibility for an infinite
number of dimensions (existence of the non-dimensional cuts
that probability down to infinity minus one). So at any point of
existence: outwardly—infinity minus one equals nothing, and
infinity plus one equals all that there is at that point; inwardly
—zero minus one equals nothing and zero plus one equals
something. (ref: potentials) So in dimensional theory, any
number of magnitudes of life can create inner and outer
realities. It’s actually an observation and a math trick but it
deletes the overwhelm.
Various magnitudes of life as dimensions, both personal and
agreed upon, held the next stage of ‘reality’ unto themselves
for almost eight quadrillion years. What the quantum
(everything happens all at once all at the same time)
viewpoints, then life as the harmonious interaction of
awarenesses, had to learn about: non-existence, non-space
and non-consciousness potentials, energy interactions and
random potentials, plus its own unexpressed potential as it
identifies, associates and differentiates—so do these
magnitudes have use this knowledge to form their own
dimensions. In a way they’re like seeds: the life is inside,
there’s a protective covering—a layer or resistance to what
they are not, but the experience and nourishment that will
make them grow is outside. The abrasive interactive balance
between nothing and something is still evolving.

The span or awareness for each magnitude of life can be

measured by how long it takes to scale the scope of its own
existence or beingness—which it does and keeps doing.
When one shares position points or establishes dimension
points with other dimensional beingnesses, new larger, less
fast dimensions of experience are formed.

There’s still that false sin of having apparently separated from

that harmonious state, but nothing is ever really lost, it’s still
there; there are just other newer phenomena developing that
are also included under the umbrella called life.

However, moral codes—right and wrong—have yet to be

established. If one identifies with a point—making it an
anchor; and someone else also does the same, either conflict
or harmony can occur. Try to get together, try to get apart.
Intentions based upon deciding to change an uncomfortable
situation (especially in terms of integrity) lead to a game
played with harmonic wavelengths passing through the voids
between established position points. The points are where’s
and whens—inanimate locations that vibrate between their
own before and after, between their own in and out.
Eventually interaction between points leads to inertia and
kinetics. Who is to say that light wavelengths created by an
outward vibrations aren’t balanced by gravity created by
inward vibrations?

The problem these forms of life get into (and the effect of
later, slower, massier intentions to make them identify with
negative mockups—whether beings or situations) is
unraveled with technology published here and at sobra.net
that rehabs their perception and ability to differentiate. It
probably can’t be done by someone who isn’t relatively clear
on all dynamics—but it is quite easy once one has the
perception. The real complexities in life just aren’t there yet—
at this dimensional stage of evolvement.

If one assumes that the twelfth dimension is an arbitrary

reality created to encompass previous dimensional realities,
then in the thirteenth—the lack of moral code creates a

phenomena that any suppressive can use to justify any act.

This tendency to get back together leads to larger
magnitudes inhibiting smaller magnitudes from being

The build up of mass in terms of conflicting intentions—more or

less blows it apart and into a ‘not understanding’ dispersal of
the eleventh dimension. With the tenth we find re-
establishment of ‘in and out’ as an evolvement step; the ninth
re-establishes a progression from before to after with the
recognition of interaction between the nothing and something;
a magnitude of life in the eighth would put all that together
and have the potential to become a being; in the seventh that
magnitude would have the problem of trying to decide whether
or not it ‘wanted to play’ or be involved with realities that
incorporate voids, energy, mass, resistance, others, and so on.

Still at that point, metaphysically speaking, life of any kind is

involved in an organic phenomena. Most life, without
occlusion, knows where it came from, when it was new, and
there is possibility of return to that condition.

Times when nothing really happened tend to collapse the

where’s and whens together to fill in the gaps, but it’s also
time for the next being or life entity to try to come up with an
evolvement solution for earlier conundrums.

At about eight quadrillion plus years ago, there’s the

formation of the sixth dimension and what many call the
eighth dynamic, or recognize as having to do with god. To
audit, scale and unravel beingnesses there and the
connections, one has to be relatively clear on the seventh
dynamic (connection to other beings and their influence)
because there’s an interesting phenomena: Life’s ‘case’ more
or less begins to become your own to handle from its, their
and your own viewpoint. Takes months.

Fifth dimension is defined as a reality that encompasses

many fourths—beings can be on other agreed upon time
lines and history still had a long way to go.

We have a third dimension with time—or a fourth; and most

people know about the points, lines and spaces of the first,
second and third.

Theories 5
Dimensional Life:

The Eighth Dynamic has a dimension unto itself. We call it the

sixth dimension. It has its own awareness rhythm and speed of
perception.(The fifth being defined as a dimension inclusive of
all fourths, and the seventh being part of life’s organic
metaphysical evolvement.) Some people assign cause to the
eighth dynamic because ‘that’s where god is’ or ‘that’s the
creator uncreated’. A lot more details are involved.

Even though our ‘spark of life’ finds a way to evolve through it

then discovers itself at a ‘point of origin’ as an individual
being using its own (first—self, third—group and eighth—
universal life or god) dynamics as forms of expression and
creativity, some very important things occur at this stage.

Above the eighth we have a progression: nothing, something,

potential for existence, rejuvenating universal phenomena of
existence... and a process that when completed in the eighth
leads to self-realization. In prior coexistence, time is defined in
terms of before and after; location in terms of in and out. Post
eighth dynamic evolvement, the ‘spiritual viewpoint’ would
also be able to relate to its environs in terms of: then and now/
inside and outside.

Previous, a viewpoint depended upon a harmonic connection

to a position point (creating a source point); here the
viewpoint develops the ability to hold its own location in space
(non-dimensionally) and evolves the potential to assume
many points of view—though not all do.

This evolvement involves differentiating: position points,

dimension points and anchor points. It leads to the
secondary ability to use intention through voids to effect
change on energy and conditions.

Considering the perception and harmonics involved, it’s not so

hard to affect life, but it is very difficult to affect the inanimate
—as will be seen later with the coalescing of matter, energy,
space and time.

Also, different beings develop different magnitudes of

personal inner reality which affects their ability to duplicate
what’s going on around them—so not all beings who
graduate from (yet still part of) the eighth dynamic are the
same, and not all have the same first, third and eight
dynamic purposes. But it is an agreed upon cause point
which leads it to be both admired and respected (the
inversion of which would be: worshipped) as well as subject
to attack—for protection, perception of it is now occluded.

So what occurred? There was/is a strong being who first

reached out beyond the shell of its own dimension. It perceived
something and nothing, and in the nothing it perceived a
tapestry of interwoven voids—each void with a non-
dimensional point that could be defined as between before and
after, between in and out. This wasn’t such a new concept but
by locating its own viewpoint in ‘space’, it realized it could
perceive much more that its own or shared dimensions. It was
relatively free from the energy interactions, not-understanding,
protest and unbelievability of it all; it was also relatively free
from the interplay between multi-dimensional harmonics and
voids, the interaction between inertia and kinetics, and the
progressions between potentials and resistance. This was not a
non-abrasive step. It discovered and mapped a new reality
where there were many potential points of view still free from
other determining qualities and considerations.

A new conception of itself, and a potentially new conception of

self for others What needed to happen was for life entities in
earlier dimensional stages to conceive of themselves in these
new points of view—and hopefully, past conundrums would be
resolved. A good intention was born out of an abrasive
situation, but as usual -some things are easier said than done

The sixth dimension duplicates the expansion and

contraction, inwardly and outwardly, pattern of life as it
evolved up to that point—in its own space and time. For a
being it’s an ‘education’ cycle based upon: after ‘creation’
there’s growth, preservation, in some experiences an alloying
of affinity leading to a weakening of integrity (which can be
separated from), then rejuvenation and growth once again—
which eventually leads to maturity for that magnitude of life
at that point.

Maturity would mean an ability to create or use position

points, dimension points and anchor points; as well as being
able to decide how to use your own dynamics.
There are stages: ‘conception beings’, ‘evolvement
beings’, Auragin (mature beings who protect the beings
going through these new stages of conception and
evolvement), Source beings (who protect life and the
dimension), as well as that original being/ creator of
potential points of view. At various times, some with
varying intent come back for visits.

A graduate operating on that template, without suppression

and having avoided later suppression, could potentially grow
to encompass a galaxy—there are a few benign Galaxians
who operate on a harmonic of the sixth dimension.

But in general, that’s not the case. There’s differentiation in

terms of character, potential, and dynamic purpose. To
address all other beings, not in a state comparable to your
own, as some kind of ‘body thetans’ is a totally bogus
generality, invalidative and restimulative of later

What actually first occurs after an eighth dynamic point of

origin is similar to what was occurring before. Here, rather than
dimensional life learning how to share broader dimensions, we
have beings learning to create the elements of agreed upon
realities (illusory and ‘why=some shared purpose’ universes.
Some may stay on an eighth dynamic purpose, without any
great inner reality of their own, and just want to see, or know—
maintaining a basic element life’s affinity potential; others may
operate as group dynamics to create agreeable mock-ups; or
go out to create space and time for new games and mock-ups.
Some may, due to the magnitudes of their inner realities being
able to mirror what’s going, be able to direct or record what’s
going on.

When one creates things others don’t admire, there’s very little
affinity or agreement. When it compromises its integrity and
loses its potential to create affinity harmonics for others—a
little devil might come along and hint that there’s a way to
dominate beings of lesser magnitude. As one’s sane intentions
are diminished, so goes one’s rationality and integrity on a
number of dynamics. Actions turn not only against others in
order to subjugate them, but also toward that which appears to
be cause. Nice idea, a bit evil—knock out cause to become
cause, make a few viewpoints identify with matter.

If you ever find a way to unravel the abberative effects from

then to present time (an eight quadrillion year span in our
structural model with the birth of actual intended suppression
approximately two quadrillion years after the ‘point of origin’)
then you will need a way to scale and unravel those effects as
they were turned back toward the eighth dynamic and origins
of life.

This is not something that’s been done before. There’s a real

possibility that it can be done—a solution to the dwindling
spiral. One has to be sort of like Tolkien’s Bilbo ‘to there and
back again’ or you chance becoming obsolete as life evolves
once again .
Theories 6
The Rubber Band Theory

Beings are not qualities or quantities. Logics or processes that

rely on dichotomies and dialectics are bound to miss the boat,
bypass case and eventually cause a new round of suppressive
dramatization. A basic spiritual misunderstanding at the root of
‘identification with’ aberrations is: ‘you are part of what
created you and what you create’. Taken a step further, one
can see why the ‘hierarchical being’ format (an enforced
identity involving a number of beings of various magnitudes)
persisted for so long and eventually became the primary
vehicle for so many weird intentions.

Consider a type of binary star system: two terminals or suns in

an elliptical dance. One is

large and spins quickly on it’s axis—gases and mass fly off,
gravity unable to contain the inertia. The other is smaller, a
tighter spin, more condensed—it’s gravity attracts the mass
given off by it’s more volatile partner. Possibly, someday
they’ll become just one sun. Over half the star systems in the
Milky Way are binaries. This movement of mass can be
demonstrated by wrapping a rubber band around two pens
(terminals) then making them rotate as they revolve around
each other.

Now define a terminal as a being or as a group of beings

operating as an entity. Each has its own case or mass
connected to: facsimiles, out of place position points and
dimension points, other connections/influences, and false
purposes, etc. Oddly enough, if I’m

one of those terminals and I have had an experience in

common with or similar to another terminal—under
restimulative conditions—there’s enough reality for
charge/mass/case to move either way along the rubber

As one audits/scales/unravels and perceives the influence of

another terminal connected to his/her space, that other
terminal can also be connected to another, then another,
then another.

The boundaries of various spaces and times are coursed with

rubber bands to the degree there were events of magnitude
in those dimensions involving terminals who got stuck in the
identities and purposes used during those events.

Adepts first clear up their own reactive facsimiles, then they

get a glimpse at the kind of mechanisms and facsimiles others
have caused them, then they get the idea of ‘who’ behind the
why and start scaling it all back. When their own case is
relatively clear on all dynamics, it’s time to go out looking for
pockets of restim in the environment.

Long term rubber band connections can be really incredible

and extremely esoteric. Every tool learned on prior rundowns
comes into play. The more occluded the beings, the further
down the time-track they’re stuck dramatizing and the more
extended the handlings.

Only a full understanding of life’s history can give the adept

enough insight to discern where conditions being dramatized
in present-time were solutions intended to solve some long
ago problem, or if they’re just derivatives of some old
suppressive intention counter to life’s basic purposes.

You may find it odd that we handle so much negative stuff,

but if a beings and life were totally okay there wouldn’t be
anything to handle.

Theories 7
The Rubber Band Theory
Evolvement as a series of steps, possibilities realized, over a
very long time, then we have the birth of beings: different
magnitudes, different mock-ups, different purposes.

If life near the beginning found a harmonious state amidst

random potentials and interactions, in order to protect itself
from a negative environment it would seek to control the
effect of that environment on the conditions of its existence.
This would be both an intention (based upon finding a way to
resolve an adverse situation) and a purpose (in terms of
finding a way to move forward). What’s wrong with trying to
control or manage your environment especially if it’s

Then we find that there are a few beings who take this basic
impulse and try to exploit it as a way to control others
—‘managing the effects of life’s reality’ becomes ‘subjugate
others and their reality’. When a being of magnitude can use
its intention to control or trap a being of lesser magnitude’s
perceptions, thoughts and feelings, then the larger being
may appear to be a god—a false god.

Define a four dimensional reality as a three dimensional space

plus time—so change can occur in that space. Define the fifth
dimension as an arbitrary space that encompasses a number
of fourths. Coming from the eighth dynamic/sixth dimension,
most of the activity involving beings of various magnitude
(seventh dynamic) can be said to have occurred in realities
within the fifth dimension. Define illusional universes as those
based upon agreement; and, delusional universes as those
based upon enforcement. The four dimensional one we’re in
would be a combination of both. How did that evolve?

If we assume, as shown in the laws of conservation of energy

and mass, that nothing is ever lost, then we can also assume
that whatever occurred also affected life as dimensions, and
life based upon the interaction of potentials. If so, then
everything and everyone can get quite confused but there’s
also a possibility that it can be unraveled.

In present-time on planet earth there are a little over six

thousand people out of a little over six billion, who have some
perception of other beings interacting with us on certain levels
of reality. The main generalization is that these are: bts or
body thetans that have been attached to our bodies or spaces
during mutual incidents that can be identified and tracked back
through space and time to other wheres and whens.

These six thousand are either all crazy or they’ve developed a

different level of perception. How?

In the beginning life began realizing it existed by identifying,

associating then differentiating itself from potentials and
energy interactions. Then it took a consciousness step by
identifying with a position points in dimensions. Eventually it
took the step to adopt a non-dimensional viewpoint in space.
Nothing is lost. Abilities retained.

When things went off the rails due to suppression and

conflict, one could say the critical point was where the
suppressives convinced lesser magnitude beings to abnegate
their own identities (self-abnegation, death, no potential,
void, nothing) reversing the process of evolvement to put
them in a condition where they could be trapped and
controlled. Wrapped together and inserted into others’, they
became mock-ups used to control larger and larger
magnitude beings.

As the evolution of universes progresses and the formation of

matter and energy coalesces into space—plus slower and
slower time, the beings who at one time may have been easy
to perceive, are now identifying themselves in terms of matter
—with some energy—in a little space—for a little while. Almost
like going back to adopt a position point except this time the
adoption is relatively unconscious and at effect—then too, was
life at the beginning—so this can also be unraveled.

So that’s what those six thousand did—they scaled through

various processes like dianetics, the energy and mass
(identifying it, associating it, and differentiating from it) as
it affected their perceptions, thoughts and feelings—
physical, emotional, whatever. The whole deck of cards is
on the table. When they did that, their perceptions (now
less occluded) came up to a point where they could sense
(and using a meter—direct their attention) to other
influences on their bodies or in their spaces.
If we see that as an attempt to reverse a dwindling spiral that
had some success—then, okay, all the more power to Ron
Hubbard and those who moved the ball of knowledge along the
path of truth.
If we see it as an attempt to reverse a dwindling spiral
initiated by full scale suppression on all aspects and forms of
life—then I may be in a little trouble, but I at least know what
occured. The other six thousand appear to be in big trouble—
like some of them even wear fake galactic patrol uniforms
(who are supposed to be the good guys) while acting like
Darth Vadar’s tax collectors (who are supposed to be the bad
guys) and the ones who spread themselves out all over the
Internet attacking the supposed good guys, are mostly ex-
good guys. Something got bypassed, quite a bit got missed or
left out, and a whole bunch never got addressed.

For example: Hubbard states a big ‘humanity sized’ engram

occurs (dianetics ref: experience involving pain and
unconsciousness) sixty-five million years ago, etc. etc. Then he
has this church organized to train auditors to clear people, and
to train cleared people to handle their bts. Nice idea, minor
thought, what was the major thought?

It was actually just a lock (dianetic ref: moment of

discomfort) more like the analytical attenuation one feels
when first waking up in the morning. But if you’ve been
asleep a long time, that might just feel great. Just before
that , relatively speaking, is an engram and it’s part of a
chain of engrams thousands of times more powerful than
anything he ever had the tools to confront.

One of the things stated in this essay is that the suppressive

‘gawds’ forced lesser magnitude beings into others’ spaces or
mock-ups. There are variations on these entities as one goes
along, but one of the things Hubbard said about his Darth
Vadar was that the civilization involved suffered from
overpopulation and that his bad guy, in terms of logic, was
Malthus on steroids. Wouldn’t it stand to reason, that as a
solution, the bad guys may have had ways to force more than
one entity (composed of a number of beings of varying
magnitudes) into the same body? Now we have pseudo-case
supervisors who see their pre-OTs after OT-III having bts, put
them back on OT-II, then III again. Flunk you idiot. There’s
millions of lifetimes worth of entities just floating around that
wouldn’t mind jumping in to any vacuum where a little auditing
might be going on. These pre-OTs heads are like jars with the
lid taken off waiting for just about anything to be put inside.
Not that I’d ever invalidate the Chruch and those in charge and
what they’re doing, but they are acting like fake space cadets
out to collect the taxes, and won’t tell you what they’re doing
to those bts with their intentions.

What is necessary, in order to stop fooling around, is for some

of those six thousand to actually learn how to audit, scale and
unravel the conundrum. Obviously, you’re not addressing all
the types or magnitudes of beings, and without differentiating
you’re automatically getting into eval and inval. Some have
taken Ron wannabe data and have gone off on another tack
where they think they’re going to be gods themselves—might
have something to do with the intentions of the guys who sent
you that way, and they were gutless losers fawning for
followers. Therefore you’re not getting the actual connections,
mock-ups, confusions and purposes—which also leads to eval
and inval. I’ll leave this little bit of entheta out there for a few
weeks to see if there are any responses, then I’ll delete it. I
know none of you have audited the eighth dynamic so you’re
still dealing with major occlusions on the seventh.

What occurs after that? Well life does evolve, doesn’t it? And
if some of it grows obsolete? Well, we may just have to go out
and find a new breed of being to work with.


The Tao of Life and Death

Life is filled with possibilities—potentials, things that haven’t
occured yet—their ‘then’ is our ‘now’. We live in a now
between before and after. The potential part of life has a
purpose as it wraps itself like a grail around the quantum
moments of our universe: ‘to create the future’.

To us are left questions of probability. Which possibilities will

come into existence?

If a picture were taken at each moment when our lives move

forward in time—a slice of reality without time -one would see
a unity of existence including the creative potentials for future

Though we don’t often perceive things like that, we often

ask why, what occured? How did beings and the present
conditions of existence evolve?

We may be the by-products of some potentials, and the

sources of others. We identify ourselves by holding position
points in the dimensions, and we also have dimensionless
viewpoints that allow us to perceive other things through
space. That is the structure: there are potentials, forms of
existence and beings. Evolvement involves questions that
are both metaphysical and physical. (meta means beyond
but we’ll also define it as ‘faster than’).

Dialectics would have us synthesize the thesis and antithesis.

But like electromagnetic theory we’ll create a new ‘trialectic’
logic. Electrical positive and the negative charges would have
us measuring a flow between potentials, gauging resistance,
looking for or a neutral—all part of a real structure. We also
look for the magnetism. Where did that come from? It wasn’t
part of the structure—it’s like another dimension that arose
anew. As a separate by-product of the interaction between
potentials, it can be influenced by and influence it. But it is an
entity unto itself with its own qualities and quantities—
analogous to consciousness in a physical reality.

One of the most basic and worst upsets for any being is to
decide: ‘I can’t understand’. Life can be described as that
phenomena that has some awareness of its own existence. It
comes in many forms. When someone decides he/she ‘can’t
understand’ their nature in terms of awareness and knowing
(aspects that separate ‘living’ from the inanimate) are thrown
into confusion. Someone could also have caused the confusion
that forced it to decide it couldn’t understand.

Therefore the decision can be enforced or implanted, adopted

or agreed to, or made by the life entity itself. At effect its left
open to all kinds of weird solutions, false beliefs, and string
upon string of failed identities and purposes. Some paths
eventually lead to ‘death’ or an assumed condition of not
being, doing or having.

As life has evolved, so beings have evolved—assume nothing

has been lost. Where would it go?

We assume that before anything existed, there was ‘non’-

existence—and it would at least have the aspects of ‘non’-
consciousness and ‘non’-space. These, being different, would
have the potentials to create a interactions. A world of
metaphysical metaphors: The flow of air from higher pressure
to lower pressure to create balance; the bending of space in a
vacuum around the insertion of a particle, or the harmonics
of energy-like electromagnetic phenomena.

So we can think of ourselves as by-products of ‘non’-

potentials, as sources of potential, as position points in
dimension, and as non-dimensional viewpoints of space.
Those characteristics are in the anatomy of a being and how
the structure evolved.

To prove this, try an experimental process:

• Initially ‘it’ means benign objects like envelopes, phones,

walls, houses etc.

1) Confront and spot it with yourself as ‘a by-product of non-

2) Then confront and spot it with yourself as ‘a source of

3) Then confront and spot it with yourself as ‘a position point in


4) Then confront and spot with yourself as ‘a non-dimensional

viewpoint of space’.
This is one example of how a confusion can handled by
separating it into each of its elements.

We create confusions in life the same way life becomes

confused. It mixes the identification of things from one stage of
existence with the identification of things from another stage
of existence. This crosses dynamics and dimensions, spaces,
times and potentials.

The interaction between potentials mirrors how we relate

to things and other beings: identification with, association
with, differentiation from.

When one rehabs the ability to identify, associate and

differentiate, we also rehab the ability to perceive how those
life potentials were interacting. After an interaction between
‘non’-potentials that created ‘something’, there would also
arise interactions between the ‘somethings’ and the ‘nothings’.
This is not to be taken too mystically—it’s best viewed as a
progression of quantum moments. In electro-magnetic theory,
the reason there was an interaction was that the potentials
were different. What would be interesting to know is: when and
how quickly did they recognize that?

Considering the state we’re in, in the twenty-first century,

a model and way to unravel the confusions and sometimes
even more confusing solutions would appear valuable not
only for individuals but also for the evolvement of life

Auditing, Scaling, Unraveling

Algorithm (def): a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite

number of steps

The problem of case is addressed through structure. Once the

structure is defined one can then dismantle the problem. Once
you’re clear, the case you handle is seldom your own but it is
yours to handle as best as you can.

Auditing is only one third of the overall process. It’s used for
assessing/defining who or what is to be handled. Then the
manner for handling a ‘who’ is mainly through series of
Spot/Recognize commands or questions that direct attention.
Some series are derived from Ron Hubbard’s work. Most are
not. His important research will be fully re-evaluated later.

Scaling is the second step toward dismantling. Having found

(charge with a meter) an element of case in one’s space, it
may involve moving one’s attention further and further away
through space and time to see if anything similar is connected
(like tracking lines of a matrix across the dynamics). The same
thing can be done inwardly (tracking similar inward
impressions of past outer realities in one’s ‘mind’). Size,
distance, length of time,

past universes, types of realities, dynamics, dimensions, and

eventually speed of interaction and perception are codified in
your own evolvement model. First there were the pre-
conditions or ‘potentials’ for life to arise, then the development
of life as that phenomena that had awareness of its own
existence in various forms, then the evolvement of types of
beings. All these need to be ‘scaled’. One of the ways to
determine how a being is to be ‘cleared’ is to scale how big an
inner reality it has created—therefore one can estimate how
much case it’s carrying around and determine the magnitude
of spot/recognize processes it will need in order to help it
unravel from the matrix of overall case structure.

Unraveling is done through the application of various rundowns

based upon various new theories. No doubt -the theories are
new. Though other terms from ‘quantum’, ‘electro-magnetic’,
‘relativity’ or even ‘dianetic’ theory are borrowed, the purpose
is so their concepts can be used to help create a fertile field for
new knowledge to blossom. ‘Meta’ in metaphysics means
‘beyond’ physics and is supposed to lead to philosophy about
the ultimate nature of existence, reality and experience. What
if we found out that ‘meta’ might just be better defined as
‘faster’ than the physics of this universe and its common
denominator—the speed of light? Or that all that mass that’s
apparently missing from the cosmological point of view (ninety
percent ‘dark matter’ for the universe to have it current
gravitational structure) may just be due to intractions occuring
at quite a number of different maganitudes greater than the
speed of light?

That’s an example of the kind of objective perceptions one

begins to uncover as the structure of the case is unraveled
and dismantled. I doubt one can say we’re all being affected
by the same things, but it is possible to say we can be
influenced by similar things.

Commands Part 1
Commands—Part 1

Commands for auditing, scaling and unraveling any being back

to the point of origin for their own point of
view, or until it rehabs it’s own viewpoint and can act freely.
(note: number of steps to rehab depends upon the being’s
magnitude of inner reality in relation to its accumulated charge
or ‘case’.)
1a) S—Spot (events back to mutual incident or apparent point

of origin) 2a) S—Scan (back up to present time—this universe)

3a) R—look around, put out some anchor points, create some

dynamics—the old game of entrapment is over the new game

of freedom has begun 4a) F—if you can audit, you can create

the future from your own point of origin viewpoint 5a) Okay?

“Yes” 6a) S,S,R,F—For (bt is a generality), viewbe or knowbe:

What were you before? What are you now? Who are you? (ob—

other being is an eighth dynamic term used to include: bt,

viewbe, or knowbe; specific combination forms are the

following:) --For Pots, Puts (1,2,3 or +), SBs, Gen, Infinities

(copiers forever), Mimicers (copiers) chargemakers and

unmockers...the sequence is added to with the following: 1b)

S,S, R, F, okay? “yes” Then: S,S,R,F, plus ... 2b) in sequence

back down the track... SS(spot/scan) prior confusions, spot

source(s) of the prior confusions, (on each ask) were they

sane/or not sane?...spotting rationality of sp(s) splits valence

identification and can help blow ev.purp. 3b) What were you

before? What are you now? Who are you? The above sequence

may work for the following: Organizing councils (6 beings

acting in composite around

time of CC who controlled unmockers) derivative of Disciple
(product of Temple of God around time of Inc.1) composites
(being, manager, lord, gawd, gawd of all gawds, Disciple of
_____), or earlier Mastermind hierarchies: Mastermind,
Controllers, Disciples and their ‘In-bond’ beings...if not being
controlled by more powerful (in terms of ability to keep others
in restim.) being or beings. Will also handle SB hierarchies:
receiver, transmitter, projector, boss, boss of all
bosses...originator I/C (and perhaps a valenced Xothian priest).
Can handle the average Gen hierarchy: Gen, admin, principal,
up to collector and collector I/C, back to crossover I/C and
Imprinter I/C.
If not, they’re usually being manipulated by earlier valenced/
purped ‘larger’ beings and/or organizational mock-ups. The
‘thetans’ in concert with thetan I/Cs whose original eighth
dynamic purpose was to create space and time before they
were trapped, or else individual beings like you and I whose
inner realities had been usurped. Thus the sequence of
commands is extended to peel off more layers:

1c) S,S,R,F, okay? “yes.” Then: SSRF, 2b 2c) Spot/ scan earlier

games to point of origin 3c) Pull back any of your own ap, pp,

dp (anchor points, position points, dimension points),

intentions, postulates, mock-ups, beingnesses, games and

creations to their points of conception. 4c) Put any of the sps’

intentions, postulates, mock-ups, beingness, games, lies, crap

and corruption back to their points of intention there and then,

where and when. 5c) Okay? “Yes.” Can you audit? “Yes.” 6c)

What was your purpose then? “...” What is your purpose now?

“... note: A being that’s ‘graduated’ so to speak out of the

eighth dynamic/sixth dimension to the seventh dynamic/

fifth dimension usually has a purpose and ability that allows
it to create ‘illusional realities or universes’ by agreement
with other beings. When they’re attacked by suppressive
beings trying to enforce their own ‘dominant/delusional’
realities, stuff happens.

note: ‘ntps’(not to play—forced to plays) are 7th dimensional

magnitudes of life who haven’t yet matured or decided to
evolve through the eighth dynamic/ sixth dimension to have
their ‘own’ viewpoints. Simply stated, other determined by
sps, they are used to weaken or insulate the life energy of,
say, a bt, who is then used to weaken a larger being and so
on up in various progressions.

‘Ntps’ are handled by their own sequence: Roll back any aps,
dps to points of conception, Spot. scan, R-2 (basically, it’s okay
to return to the seventh dimension), What are you? Who are
you? (Call it the R-2 sequence)

7c) What happened? 8c)Well, for most: they entered the most
suppressive part of the track. Some were hit with and stunned/
confused with an ob/ntp, then seven layers of other
determined ntps were inserted into their inner realities (minds)
plus a laer of obs, and a layer of pots—which are handled with
their appropriate sequence.

Some were just hit with a few Pots, or both; most then went
through a process of: self-abnegation, death, no potential,
void, nothing and then were hit with seventh layers of ntps,
layer of obs, and a layer of pots. For larger beings (in terms
of inner reality and potential, A thetan/thetan I/C team were
implanted as above and inserted, then the layer sequence
given. etceteras, etceteras. That all gets unraveled for that
being or group of beings.

9c) Then they move forward toward present time and handle

any other mutual incidents, implants or whatever. 10c) When

in pt, the havingness and residual charge are cleaned up by

having them pull in then throw away various parts of then this

universe, and do the same rolling back through earlier

universes, through the delusional realities, and illusional

realties to the point of origin (for them as viewpoints—say

approx. 8Q) 11c) Spot the prior confusion. Who(s) created it?

12c) When that blows they can spot/recognize to rehab the

prior cycle of life evolvement: -- Nothing, Something, potential

for existence, rejuvenating universal phenomena of existence,

self-realization. 13c) Then spot/recognize the abilities to create

ap, pp, dp Then the dynamics (mostly first, third, and eighth at

that point) by spotting the confusions between them: 1,3,8

--1,8,3,--3,1,8,-- 8,3,1 etc. 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 14c) Then the

difference between perception of time and space prior the

point of origin compared to later: --Before, after, in, out—Then,

now, inside, outside 15c) Then scan forward once again toward

PT. If hung up part of a grouping, then have them pull their

points and intentions out of each others spaces, or fly ruds,
pick up any lingering ev. purrs and drive it down to its source,
or check for other beings still trying to control them. Clean up
anything that may have been missed on the first scan up the
track, then have them pull in and throw away those realities
back down to the point of origin. Charge can be accumulated
at different speeds of interaction; the earlier the reality the
faster it was—if necessary, scale in terms of speed of light as a
common denominator.

16c) Ask if they want to: (1)--play? (2)--just be? (3)--not play

(4)--do your own thing? --not all will be the same 16d)


S,S, You have to be able to audit ,scale and unravel in order to
remain free. Can you? “Yes”. What were you before, what are you
now, Who are you?
(a benign 5th/8th dynamic existence—the buddhist time-out) Roll
back any remaining aps, dps, intentions, S, S, R-5/8, what, what,
Roll back any remaining aps, pps, dps, intentions, S,S , R-2 what,
what, who?
handling is the same as for (1)

17d) As this progresses, one gets how life was more of an

organic combination of potentials, dimensions and dynamics
before things got screwed. Plus, one perceives how the eighth
dynamic and ‘life as dimensions’ before it got sucked into the
mess of aberrant identities and

purposes and mock-ups. After clearing the

post natal drip, the handlings extend to:

--Want to return to (entry into 8d) being

point of conception being?

• “ “ (8d evolvement cycle) being a newbe? -- There are 8d

hats such as Source being and Auragin as well—Plus the option

to clean the whole slate and start over pre- existence etc. But

one has to learn new Qs, factors, conditions and axioms, plus

unlearn some of the old before being able to

do those spot/recognize steps correctly.

Commands Part 2
Commands: Part 2

These spot/recognize sequences are for rehabbing ‘life’ so to

speak from a point of conception/perception after various
potential magnitudes of ‘life’ developed some affinity and
integrity, enough so as to conceive a form -of their own
existences, then begin to perceive forms of other existences.

They best way to describe these states of evolvement are in

terms of dimension. This kind of auditing, scaling and
unraveling occurs after one’s eighth dynamic (sixth
dimensional reality) is cleared. One example of how to do that
is on the Source-Rejuvenation Rd which leads to the
Evolvement Rd. and basics of Dimensional theory at sobra.net.

Each dimension as one works up the scale exists on a different

harmonic to our own: Frequency and amplitude are in ratio to
light speed and gravity (can be assessed when ones dynamics
are relatively clear). Each is a form of life unto itself. Difficulties
occur when life in one state gets enmeshed and identifies with
some mock-up in another state.

If position points are vibrations around various wheres and

whens (in/out; before/after) one can see how various intentions
operating in the voids between them can be the cause of
disharmony, confusion, and conflict—Armageddon happened a
long time ago. It can all be handled. The number of commands
used is determined by when the aberrant influence has been
removed from that magnitude of life and it regains its natural

Spot/Recognize Sequence:

1) Roll back any: identities, purposes; ap, dp, pp: intentions

(voids and vibrations): perceptions, thoughts and feelings, to
their points of conception. 2) Spot/Recognize after Creation the
cycle of: Growth, Preservation, lessening level of affinity, decay

integrity, separation---then back growth.... 3) Spot/recognize—

failed, abandoned or busted purposes—overwhelms, over-

restimulations—pain, death, insanity (plus any accessory

implants or screwed up ‘individual’ traps/effect ofs) --being

stuck, confused 4) Spot/ recognize unconsciousness—combo:

--unknown potentials—unexpressed potentials—random

potentials 5)Keep rolling back and spot/recognize:

--unbelievability—protest—not knowing

6)Continue back, spot recognize contest between: --inertia and

kinetics—multidimensional harmonics and voids—

viewpoint/identity 7a)Spot/recognize outward metaphysical

mathematics: --infinity minus one equals zero—infinity plus

one equals all that there is at that point 8a)Scan back to the

point of conception and perception. What were you before?

“Life” What are you now? “Life” Who are you? “Life”.—note:

some magnitudes operating on 10th, 9th, 8th and 7th dimensional

awareness levels will answer the—Who are you as: ‘potential

bes (beings)’—note: most magnitudes of some kinds,

somewhere along the line, quite soon after moving from

‘potential’ to

an actual form of existence, will extend inner awareness into

creating an inner reality that can be influenced.

Therefore the same sequence of spot/recognize steps (1) to (6)

is conceptually run inwardly and step (7a) becomes: 7b) Spot/

recognize inward metaphysical mathematics: --zero minus one

is nothing—zero plus one is something 8b) is the same as 8a.

You could say in the physical universe our stable datum for

perception is the speed of light. That’s where the

interaction we recognize is going on. By the time you get back
to the point of origin for beings exiting an 8th dynamic/sixth
dimensional existence to a seventh dynamic/ fifth dimensional
—the recognizable interaction is occurring at 1250 times the
speed of light. The point this sequence runs back to is another
1250 times on top of that. What you’re seeing cosmologically
as the universe is actually an event horizon; life’s

universe is more binary in nature. I like to say it’s shaped

like a patio table with an umbrella. I doubt anyone will

Commands Part 3
Commands: Part 3a

When dismantling the ‘structure of case’ one has to consider

the roots of ‘charge’. (Case defined as a being’s or life’s
accumulated charge/bad energy and the negative influence
that holds it or it’s holding in place). Anything natural or good
appears to turn bad only when influenced by negative
intentions/purposes and uses. When tracking down negative
influences we usually find something that appeared to be a
natural part of the life’s structure attached. The case can’t be
cleared, so to speak, until the structural flaws are cleaned up
—but fixing one building or bridge doesn’t automatically fix all
others; it just makes the possibility of doing so more real.
When studying evolution and creation, some interesting
questions arise: Are we allowed to look at the anatomy of god?
A cousin once said: ‘Beings are the mirrors of god’s soul.’ If we
are mirrors then aren’t we already are looking? What were the
conditions of pre-creation?

Most people see anything beyond the seventh dynamic as

god—maybe it is, maybe they’re confused. There’d have to
be a reason for that.

Oxymoronically, one asks: ‘How long could non-existence have


Start with nothing. Which actually means everything would be

potential in terms of existence but research-wise we can
narrow all those potentials down to two missing aspects that
are noticeable characteristics of life: space and consciousness.
How, in terms of potential, can you turn nothing into
something? Nature gives some clues as to where and how to
look. You see the blue sky; you don’t see the wind. Different
pressures with different potentials set up a flow. What is the
speed of their recognizing the pressures are different? You see
the flame of a fire. You don’t see the heat. You know the
electrons are agitated in a wire between two terminals: one
with positive and one with negative potential. You don’t see
the magnetism around the wire—but you do know it’s there
and that somehow it’s related. Similar observations can be
made regarding gravity and mass.

What are the aspects of the unknowable nothing of non-

existence? They would have to be in terms of ‘potential’—
something that did not actually exist yet.

Start with a very fast quantum view. In terms of potentials,

everything that happens is happening all at once, all at the
same time without a future. But there is an occurrence. The
potentials would be:

Nothing then No consciousness then

Nothing now No consciousness now

When that reality disappears, a new one born using the same
potentials and does the same thing. What are we not seeing?
The energy created by the instant interaction between the
differing potentials. ‘Something’—a life energy created
between the potentials in that quantum moment. And it did
something to make it apparently disappear.

It interacted. With what? Nothing, non-consciousness, non-

existence. That was its environment. Psychology and
scientology use the words: identification(with, as),
association(with, by), and differentiation(from) to describe
relationships in terms of character and thought. Perhaps
character and thought are derivative of what life itself is
doing when it interacts. What are the ‘speed’ of those

The ‘life energy’ apparently disappeared but what if it

identified with nothing, non-existence, non-consciousness?
That is: became as they were, even thought they were its
source though it existed as something totally different.
Though it may think it doesn’t exist, does that mean it doesn’t
exist now?

So one of the most basic spot/recognize processes when

finding this kind of charge, or life being this kind of ‘dead
energy’ on a meter, is to have it run a sequence of:

1a) Spot/recognize identification(with/as):

• the no space or nothing then (of that quantum moment)

-the no space or nothing now ( “ “) -the no consciousness then

( “ “) -the no consciousness now ( “ “) -non-existence 1b)

Spot/recognize association with:

-(same sequence of attention focus)

1c) Sot/recognize differentiation from:

-(same sequence of attention focus)

1d) What were you before that happened? What are you now?

It’s interesting, with this kind of initial interaction occurring so

early and remaining occluded for so long, that dianetic type
concepts wake it up. For example.

• move to the beginning of the cycle (when the initial

identification occurred)
• move the end of the cycle (when you first give it a

• tell me what happened

A sequence that can be run in order to set up to


Also, processes like ‘Hello and Okay’ are workable, as are a

conceptual ‘Feel my hand. Thank you.” types of assist.

The first result of the ‘non-existence interaction’ was to create

a type of flow or energy (something). The second result would
be an interaction between ‘nothing’ and ‘something’. Nothing
has its potential, and something (in this case the initial life
energy) has a different potential. Between them would be
created another level or harmonic of energy. There would also
be the ‘magnetism’ around the wire effect—another potential
with a different potential from all those ‘below’ it, and the
sequence of interaction would continue. When you try to figure
out all the possible interactions, by the time you get to eleven
or so levels it all becomes mush—and you have to consider the
concepts of harmony and discord between different speeds of
interaction, amplitude and frequency of wavelength, etc. Plus,
if we use an electro-magnetic theory/model, we can say that a
vacuum (the nothing of non-existence) is a great insulator. Any
electrical type energy that hits a vacuum is pretty much
ohmed out—resisted to almost zero potential. This creates
complexity even in the simplest terms. But that in a sense
explains why life, even from a most infinitesimal beginning,
through a random process: identifying, associating and
differentiating could eventually evolve from potential to
actuality and a state that can be defined as starting with a
common point of origin. Life as a phenomena also develops the
characteristic of being aware of its own existence—a character
differentiation from those phenomena which don’t have

This is all pre-dimensional except in a conceptual sense so

the idea that a person’s viewpoint is some non-dimensional
—between before and after, between in and out—location
is really not part of the picture yet.

Some mystics recount have visions of the ‘flame of life’ or the

‘unchanging universal consciousness’. They may be
visualizing a very quick series of quantum moments, and the
same nothing that surrounds the space-time continuum of this

2) Life energy can be found in a harmonic state, aligned with

other life energy; it can also be found in chaotic, discordant

• To handle those phenomena, one can again run the

spot/recognize series of focusing on where it has identified,
associated, and differentiated—in terms of energy.—some of
its tempo will be determined by how much of it has aligned
with the insulating effect of the non-existence potentials, and
that can be spotted too Say this organic type existence started
35 Q years ago, and actual dimensionality at 24 Q ago. The
dramatizations of suppressive aberrations (trying to make
others into nothing in order to dominate them or control
everything) would have occurred about 6Q ago. If life can’t
differentiate between what happened then and then, it gloms it
together on a harmonic level. What was natural to the
structure of existence becomes its flaw—at that point, or the
mixing of those specific points.

We eventually get warlords who think they’re god or psycho-

mullahs so consumed by hate they recruit the naive to murder

the innocent and justify their criminality as god’s will. The

phenomena may be unraveled using a combination of: --a

spot/recognize sequence of identification, association and

differentiation of the similarities in terms of character or cause

and effect—an assessment of the different speeds the different

interactions were occurring at—metering specific definitions of

the different wheres and whens—to be continued as part 3b

which is the layout between this and part 2

Commands Part 3b
Commands—Part 3b

Conceptually, the transition from non-existence, to interacting

potentials, to quantum life energy interactions -on various
wavelengths at incredible speeds—can lead to a painful chaotic

For persistence, anything would need to maintain some

characteristic/purpose such as: to not become unconscious,
and/or to not become nothing. These are the roots of later
concepts such as ‘to survive’, and also a description of the
prior potentials connected to non-existence.

Organic energy existing in quantum moments, potentials

interacting at many times the speed of light. Layers of energy
being formed from the new potentials created ‘below’ it. Some
would identify with the insulating or deadening effect of prior
‘nothings’ or ‘non-consciousness’; some would identify with its
own state and/or interact with other levels of energy caused by
different potentials—either harmoniously or not.

At such a raw primordial level, discordant interaction would be

the equivalent of ‘Pain’. The ‘integrity violation’ caused by
interacting with ‘other energy’ would in some cases become
overwhelming. To avoid it, a quantum phenomena may react
by drawing back toward identification with non-existence. And
so a ‘loop’ is formed. Life energy as a ‘result’ begins to act like
the ‘cause of potential’—and thus becomes that which it was
trying to avoid. It also counteracts its own innate purposes and
is thereby trapped in a

static loop or ridge..

If ‘life’ or existence evolves from ‘life energies’ which are

derived from the differing ‘potentials’ of nonexistence, and
beings evolve from the formation of life, we can begin to see
how ‘integrity’ and ‘affinity’ (wholeness harmoniously bonded
together) become prize commodities. These are metaphysical
‘character’ properties—their recognition would occur very
quickly. And again, in this model, many things considered
metaphysical are actual—they’re just happening faster than
we’re physically able to perceive.
To be able to differentiate from and maintain recognition of
one’s surroundings becomes key to persistence, avoidance
of pain, conceptual death, and overwhelm of character.

Now we have a new phenomena: an apparent splitting of life

energy into two paths; one which will lead to position points,
dimensionality and a physical existence; one which will lead
to finer and finer, more elevated levels of energy which will
be able to react to other levels without “identifying with’
them—and someday be able to assume non-dimensional
points of view.

First, things have to slow down. There’s a relatively stable

point at approximately one million times the speed of light.
Here, relatively speaking, all pre-creation phenomena are in

Say the highest levels of energy were derived from many lower
interactions—a series of flows and ‘magnetisms’ pro-creating
finer and finer wavelengths. The courser levels were identifying
with the insulating effects and other energiies—thereby
accumulating character with discordance and becoming more
massy, so to speak.

The upper level is distinguished from non-existence and its

non-potentials, as well as the interactions it was derived
from—therefore not so effect.

The lower level identifies with discordant interactions until its

own potential is almost nullified..

Both have added ‘persistence’. It’s infinitesimal in terms of

our current experience. So if it’s the soul of god, it may have
a common source, but its evolvement is not homogenous.

Changes in character provided by persistence create other

potentials—no longer is any organic sensitivity consigned to
‘quantum viewpoints’ that flash out when ‘then’ becomes
‘now’. The evolvement step that arises is a conceptual
potential to create dimension. How does this occur?
If the finer energy senses the slowing down of the courser
energy, and can spot the void of non—existence without
identifying with it, it has evolved the ability to change and
be changed. How? By turning the one diimensional point of
instantaneous phenomena into a line or series of
phenomena—two dimensional persistence as a line of time.
Still there may not be recognition of a future but there may
be recognition of a past. As a number of these lines are
formed, no matter how chaotic, the two dimensional lines
(series of phenomenal points) form the potential to create a
third dimension—space and volume.

Later, looking backward, the first, second and third

dimensions, without time, will be seen as an abyss. But they,
as conceptual potentials, also invite evolvement of types of
organic consciousness that are not totally reactive—ones that
will eventually learn more ways to recognize things.
Consciousness, whether it’s your own or god’s awareness, is
an evolving thing. It’s not now like it was before.

Dangers arise in the structure of life when a rational

evolvement process goes awry. For example: There’s no
reason why any of this stuff can’t be happening right now. You
might find earlier stages of life caught up in the slower
intentions and realities of present-time. It’s possible there was
a long period of ‘relative time’ when many forms of life were
aware of the whole process—and some, like false gawds, would
try to invert it to their own intents—even give others the idea
of a false point of origin.


The spot/recognize commands and assists remain the same.

Assessment of where and when or differing ‘speeds of
interaction’ which directly relate to speed of perception can
also help separate out any conundrums of character or
intention as well as address basic potentials and phenomena.

The next step: if you’re following the thread of knowledge

from start to finish. It’s an earlier step if you’re auditing,
scaling and unraveling up through the dimensional states
to perception and conception:

What was life’s evolvement solution to chaotic interaction.

What occurs before life as various dimensions evolves?
Parameters are laid out in the Model U and Dimensional
Theories. What is addressed is the separation of a ‘magnitude
of life’ from the general interaction. Levels of consciousness
initially develop through recognition of that which it is not.

As things persist, position points arise. In a chaotic flux they

can be moving. But say one is connected to many lines and
has the potential to be part of a space. Call it a source point—
perhaps even a piece of dead energy. As a point it’s an
indivisible location but it has a where and a when—which
means it has an in and an out, a before and a potential after.

A magnitude of life slows down and assumes that point. As it

persists its affected by surrounding potentials, either:
unknown, unexpressed or random. What develops as it
persists is that magnitude of life’s awareness of its own
integrity, and that is held together by its own bonding or
affinity—when these are not alloyed by the other potentials or
energy, it becomes more perceptive of its existence separate
from its environs. When that perception (in terms of
identification, association, and differentiation) becomes
inward recognition of a potential identity—conception occurs.
Perception and conception derived from the development of
affinity and integrity through separation from and handling of
other potentials and randomity.

The result is a magnitude of life that can will evolve an inward

viewpoint and mate it with an outward viepoint, as dimensions
evolve to fill the void of non-existence.

All these aspects and parameters, even the process of

evolvement can be spot/recognized and sorted out.
Inhibitions to that end are usually due to later counter-
intentions either: enforced or implanted, adopted or
agreed to, or made—that overlay the perceptions and

Just like there was a ‘first person’ who drove a car and now
there are billions who can, or there was the first person who
flew an airplane, now there are millions who can—at each
major stage of evolvement there’s a magnitude of life
whether an entity or being who was first to take that path
there. Their steps have never been lost, only occluded, and
the footsteps still remain.
The Mettaya Rundowns

Mettaya Rundowns: 3
Four Flows assessment: ● -Pog, game of death, false gaud ●

-agreeing to imposed theta facsimile ● -splitting, stripping,

unmocking your reality with a false guad ● -consolidating,

coagulating, sticking ● -inval on create ● -substitute ev-

purp on creative purpose ● -a ‘not to play’ forced to play ●

-a ‘player’ forced not to play

Bypassed: 1-’ntp/ftp’ 2-’ob’ -viewpoint being/s

● -knowpoint being/s ● -bt/cluster/s ● -mimicker/s

3-’pot’ ● -original mock-up ● -basic ridge

I/C ● -Sb ● -Gen ● -Put 1,2,3,+ 4-
Thetan/s ● -group/s ● -disciples of
whoever, Toggians
5-Thetan I/C

● -hierarchy
● -masterminds, controllers
● -split U
● -organizing council
● -unmockers

6-Groups of I/Cs or hierarchies:

● -Cloroxians, Herans, Sereetans, Ohaans, Chuhans,

Tuvans,Theroans, Loranthians, Xerothians, Gaudians

7-random entities

research note:

1) Some thetans can run with: S,S,R,F, WWW sequence.

2) For the deeper ones, add the following sequence before

WWW: spot/scan for each of their incidents down the time-
track—the prior confusion and the first moment of prior
confusion; tell me the source or sources and about whether
they were sane or not sane. (Viewbes, Knowbes, and Ntps/Ftp
don’t need to do the following because they didn’t create inner
spaces that would accumulate charge.) Spot/scan earlier
games to the point of origin. Pull back your own anchor points,
dimension points, intentions, mock-ups, postulates,
beingnesses, games and creations to your own points of
conception. Put the SPs’ aps, dps, intentions, postulates mock-
ups, beingnesses, games, implants, lies, crap and corruption
back to their points of intention, there and then, where and
when. What were you before? What are you now? Can you
audit/scale/unravel? ( The added sequences are called ‘3’ and
‘4’.) Then have them locate and handle those other beings
connected to their space:

● -ntp/ftp per that sequence

● -obs per that sequence
● -pots per that sequence
● -anchor points and dimension points per that sequence

(These were implanted into their spaces by the SPs)

Then ask them to scan up and down the time-track, putting

any out of place aps or dps to where and when, there and
then until their point of origin viewpoints are clear in present-
time. Ask if they can audit well enough to stay out of trouble?
‘yes’ (If there’s another button, handle.) Then the: what, what,

Thetan I/Cs, stuck in groups will usually have arrows around

them and their hierarchies to be removed, then a grouping
incident to D/L before going into the above handling. They
scale their attached beings by running them through the
appropriate sequences. The adept is the coach until the I/Cs
are unraveled. Then, per the previous paragraph, with
everyone else gone, the adept asks the final questions: WWW?

If there’s difficulty, there’s usually someone bypassed, an

implant in restim on some of their cases -seldom primary at
this point but can be occluded, or a next group of connected
beings to scale. Clean up space by checking buttons, flows,
correction lists etc.

Check if anyone was sent into your space; try to find out by
who, then handle both. Ridges holding a composite entity
such as a Cloroxian, or a Guadian hierarchy, blow with the
date and locate, but the purposes, valences, and activities
that remain cause resistance around the beings and can
affect the adept’s space until each is freed. Unfortunately,
there are some culty type religions that attract out of valence
types and their old dramatizations occur in present-time—
pseudo popes wearing dictator uniforms who try to control
everyone with their lies and machinations. Makes for good
fiction but poor lifestyle.

There’s no substitute for knowing the major incidents and

implants on the time-track, who they affected and how, so the
adept has a model in space and time to work off of, knowing
what to look for and how to handle, based upon what’s in

The Mettaya Rundowns

Mettaya Rundowns: 4

● -Many of the looser, enforced ‘everyone is

one’ ridges will blow by having the I/C date
and locate its creation then
S,S,R,F,3,4,W,W,W ● -Assess the Cloroxian,
Heran etc. names and handle as they come
up then check if anyone, or any enforced
anchor points and dimension points were left
● -The basic where Clorox went insane was where he failed
to create then tried to stop others from creating. But the
Henchmen could later super-impose their
identities/purposes over the ones he created and he was
first among the suppressive beings to get knocked out of
their game. So earlier similar ridges and case are
possible. Some thetans and/or thetan ICs were sold on
becoming gauds’, if they became composites—usually
five thetans, no one else attached.
● -some thought they were ‘players’—these are usually six
in a composite, and have trapped some ‘obs’, ‘pots’ an
‘ntps’ somewhere. Locate and handle.
● -assume that, if you resisted the suppressive beings,
their weapons and their minions, that somewhere down
the line, they targeted you specifically. Check for anyone
who has you personally as a target.
● -check if anyone wants to stay trapped, or doesn’t want
● -the present universe can be a restimulator or they can
be PTS—since when, where, what and who, handle. The
more overts they commit the more trapped in the resisted
valences and purposes they become—therefore the more
● -death by stop creating, unmocking of self in order to be
cause, are not pretty.

On the Ananda Rundowns, the adept took apart some implants

that had poles. The basic poles are a condensation of enforced
aps/dps snapped to ‘ntp/ftps’. Then ‘obs’ are added on and
neutralized. The use of Mest comes later, after some beings
start identifying with it so they become subject to its condition.
Charge isn’t the key. That’s a secondary phenomena resulting
from interaction between different potentials. The potentials
are governed by the amount of resistance. This should change
your viewpoint on what you’ve been told about how objective
processes and dianetic sequences work; and help you to
examine the out-points in their factors and axioms—which did
lead to a lot of unnecessary significance.

The Mettaya Rundowns

Mettaya Rundowns: 5

Before the BCE/OMU (basic counter-effort/original

misunderstood), Clorox and the Henchmen more or less
worked in concert. After it didn’t work, they’re competing
against each other, sometimes in various alliances, sometimes
in conflict.

Before, they’re all trying to trap, control, consolidate or

unmock, incorporate or put out of the game of life. When the
‘false body of theta’ couldn’t be contained and there were still
free beings with their own realities or home universes, it
became thetan war. The purposes didn’t change but the
manner by which they were carried out did, which should have
mostly been handled on prior Rundowns, and it’s not until the
ToG that you actually get all the Henchmen (minus Clorox)
actually creating an implant that they all do together again.

So the OMU and ToG tie up a lot of beings, moreso than all the
others. But it’s a relief to most beings, running earlier similar,
to see that Clorox is missing from the Tog, when it’s compared
with the OMU as they are asked: “Who was/were the sources or
sources of that prior confusion”...then “were they sane or not

Casewise, the bad intentions that go into creating this mess

have to be checked on all flows, and the identities of those
involved. They may think they’re gods as they once
manipulated a few SBs, but they were actually involved in a
war between the false gauds.

Sounds like planet earth’s history had its antecedents. Even

the CC and OT-III conflicts are derivatives performed by

Dumping beings, enforced aps/dps, and intentions into your

space is just a way to stop you. So these ‘beings’ have to see
where they were stopped on their ‘to create the game of life
and a field in which to play it’(to use a metaphor for a
purpose), where the SP nails them with a suppressive stop to
give them a failed purpose, to see it’s also the point where
they adopted his/her: identity/purposes/irrationality/games
condition. When that occurs, the rehab and clearing succeeds.
Some are more complex and take more work than others
because their reality is totally engrossed.

The most suppressive (eventually, most want to help) when

loosened up with power processes, were usually most
impressed by how the false gauds were able to control or
unmock others, therefore the adopted valence or mock-up was
desirable because it gave a false sense of cause during a time
of chaos and conflict—most are still stuck back in that reality
and may find present-time quite annoying, or not understand
why you’re not willing to be suppressed. That’s why their point
of origin viewpoint has to be cleared in present-time—
otherwise the crap just keeps getting dramatized. An overall
Seventh dynamic influence on human history. This knowledge
has to be used to supplant the mystery, occlusion and
unconsciousness—the author doesn’t expect that to happen on
any massive scale for thousands of years.


● -false theta facsimiles (agreement on a reality or form)

composed of enforced aps/dps put in their
space by another determinism. ● -the war is over ●
-implant in restim ● -being told that some false gaud was
the original creator, source point, cause, or god ● -check
for identity grouped by more than one false gaud and
assess various combinations ● -being stuck, unable to
separate ● -some other influence ● -you think you’re
someone or something other than yourself.

The Mettaya Rundowns

Mettaya Rundowns: 6

Handling an OMU false original theta body takes a few months.

By definition, theta wouldn’t have body, so the removal of all
the counter-effort and connections takes time. It may be that
the incident is a stable datum amidst a surreal number of pre-
mest realities so it becomes a determining factor (in terms of
time agreement) for plotting the track of future realities
(whether they were in or out) for quite a number of beings of
various type. While that’s being resolved, the earlier incidents,
mock-ups and component individuals/groups open up.


● -compelled to create mass to trap others, compelled

to stay in enforced mock-up ● -viewbes, knowbes,
original mock-up, pots, thetans, thetan I/Cs, beings,
ntp/ftps basic ridge
identity ● -forced not to play ● -out of place aps and dps
● -later implant superimposed over prior enforced mock-up
● -basic enforced mock-up put into later body as a group
(e.g.: Cloroxian ridge identity put into GH
8 at Tog) ● -Implant of false
point of origin (Composed of
ntp/ftps, obs, suppressive
intentions and false ap/ dps
showing facsimile of false gaud
as originator/source/cause, also
start a false time-track.


If there’s confusion, the false point of origin and facsimile of

false gaud are peeled off using the appropriate sequence for
each component, then the incident which gave it to them or
grouped the beings who share a reality of mock-up are
handled per normal sequence/scaling/unraveling.

A misunderstood, withhold or unhandled ev-purp can stall the


Another influence or set of beings may have a restim/control

line in on the ones you’re handling and stop their sequence,
therefore handle the other influence first. Three or four sets
can be connected.

If you get anyone’s basic failed purpose on creating the game

of life and a field in which to play it, you’ll find the SP with the
enforced ev-purp etc there. That’s what it took to make them
fail. They’ll be in their Point of Origin viewpoint prior to that.
The Adept/Researcher Rundowns


• prerequisites are as stated in the Ananda and Mettaya

Rundowns plus having done those prior rundowns
The Adept/Researcher Rundowns

First Rundown:

‘Can’t POO to Pt?’ is a good general assessment question

for anyone hung up in and identity or reality somewhere?
If you get a read and find out the type of being or beings,
handle with the appropriate sequences, then check the
flows. Resistance will come off the dynamics. Any button,
identity, or purpose can lead to a read that can be cleared
up. It’s going to be determined by the adept’s model of
their timetrack, primary and secondary, what’s real and
what’s available to be handled. Old implanted
beingnesses, mock-ups and purposes can persist -from
Bullets to Gauds. Why is a bt a bt? The viewbe didn’t
create much of an inner space or mind to record with while
it went off creating position points. It was vulnerable. Why
would a being accumulate so much? It created and inner
space that mirrored the outward details of what it was
perceiving. Both are alive—one harder to control and trap
than the other, so the complexity of the traps increases for
those who resist the most. The structure of the case
comes apart when each part of the case is run through its
appropriate sequence and cleared.

Be aware of implants overlaying implants, or future

charge accumulated on a different identity/purpose line
than the one you ran out. Also snapped terminals such as
a Cloroxian ridge or hierarchy that got jammed with a
Xerothian. The D/Ls become rote. The handling of
ntp/ftps, obs, Pots, thetans, and thetan I/Cs follow
appropriate sequences. Handle anyone bypassed or
unburdened from later track with the commands that
handled similar magnitude beings before. ie: If a bt is
stuck on III then III processes handle, but it’s still basically
an (ob) which you know the anatomy of and can clear
with S,S,R,F,WWW before they blow..
If the (F) indication is duplicated, it tells the beings they’ll be
creating their future position points and dimension points from
their own point of origin viewpoint. Then it’s working the way
it’s intended to; that’s how they started out in the first place
before everything got screwed up.

If you run too many objectives on a new person, you run

beyond rehabbing the ability to create position points and
restim the enforced ones—not only on their own case.

If you treat every being as though they’re bts, with OT-III or

NOTs processes, you’re going to get the full plate of wrong
indication manifestations, end up being a target and are liable
to attract every known and unknown purpose plus
attachments in on yourself. I’d say you were going to get sick
but that’s pretty obvious from watching what happens to
those who do just that.

The way through the mess of snapped entities, hierarchies, I/C

controlled ridges, etc. is to keep cleaning up any type of being
restimed or unburdened. Then on an entity, pull out the arrows
and assess who it was working for or trying to be like; get the
valence shifting incident or incidents, and audit/scale unravel
the parts. Check for similars and the flows. The conflict
between beings involved everyone so it takes some time.

When you get the who, what, where, when, why, how many,
time place form event, off and area of timetrack, the earlier
occlusions open up and the same phenomena of handling
restimed beings will occur until that area is cleared up. The
ntp/ftps are like the glue of the structure, the obs are like the
creative energy that keeps creating it, and the resistance ion
phenomena of out of place and time aps and dps will persist
until they’re put back to their points of inception—where they’ll
be very happy and won’t affect you. Others use them to create
forms and effects to align with their identities and purposes.

Don’t underestimate the Cloroxians, Hearns, Sereetans,

Ohaans, Chuhans, Tuvans, Theroans, Loranthians,
Xerothians, or Gaudians; they and their structures will be
influencing just about everyone—except you when you’re
done—so teach thetan level beings and up how to
audit/scale/unravel. It the only way the overall trap will ever
be cleared.

The Adept/Researcher Rundowns

Second Rundown:
Say the adept has his own idea/format for an evolution of
various types of realities and universes that spans 2 trillion
light years and 8008 quadrillion years. Everything else is
outside or before; everything in the future is ‘not yet’.

Some ‘ntp/ftps, obs, pots and others will say they are being
controlled or influenced by someone outside. It was a trick at
the OMU (used on someone who wouldn’t comply) to shoot
them with a second false Point of Origin and a second false
theta mock-up of a gaud, to put them outside—problem
enough—and not be able to get back into any agreed upon
reality or time-line. This also happened to quite a few who,
having the OMU, got it confused with the ToG two quadrillion
years later, then found themselves unable to assume a
viewpoint in this universe when it was formulated.

This also gives the mechanics for hierarchies that have

comm-lines through space, or outside space—how they’re
stuck on similar mutual incidents in a similar time frame.

The following process should almost make an adept a master

of space and time:

Get a read on someone with a button like ‘trying to force

me not to play’ or ‘Gaudian Ridge I/C’—something which
can eventually stir up flows on some computation.

Handle the first being or entity having that button, the one
that’s closest to your body.

Next, expand your attention outward, focused on looking for

similar/beings/charges: inches, feet, hundreds of feet,
thousands, miles, tens of miles etc, outward on a gradient until
you’re doing light years, incrementally to billions then
hundreds of billions of light years—the hot areas will be where
the major incidents on the track occurred, until you finally
handle anyone in restim on that button. After handling each
read, move your attention outward, specific to the command.
Then look outside your universes model. This sort of scaling
works best after you’re used to running beings back to a point
of origin and forward to present-time and generally know what
has occurred to create the present situation.

Special Handlings:

If the original purpose was to create the game of life and a field
in which to play it, then it’s evident that some beings were
betrayed more than others. Having compromised their original
purpose or having gone into agreement with the suppressive
beings, perhaps on a misconception, they were put into
positions of power and control over others.

However, this also makes them subject to the enforced anchor

points and dimension points of those they control, which cuts
down or insulates their own power or self-determinism. Also
by adopting the suppressive purposes they’ve aligned
themselves in such a way, subject to the suppressive’s
intention, that their own original purposes are in conflict with
the adopted ones—creating ridge of resistance. Then they
were betrayed by their false gauds or put out of the game/
reality they’d agreed to or been forced to agree to. A situation
which put them on a compulsive desire to continue creating
the sp game in a confused and antagonistic manner. Some of
these beings who can be very hostile—so much so they can
control or restimulate a grouped hierarchy from afar, even
make a kid go PTS.

First, they started out with the purpose to create, then Clorox
got them to control and trap, then perhaps Hera said they
had to be in someone else’s space in order to live, then
Sereet said they had to be ‘all one’ in order live and then they
got jammed together or put out of the game. Betrayals,
implanted beings and misunderstoods all on top of a failed
purpose and the being’s original viewpoint.

A whetstone-bridge meter scoped to determine the effect of

resistance on your nervous system can go wild; blood pressure
can change, and you can feel like someone is dumping mass
into your space (which they are) plus they can stop others from
blowing (by putting so much duress and restim on them it
becomes too scary and too much of a problem).

Direct assessment of the heavy incidents these beings can be

caught up in makes them instantly realize they can be helped.
Those incidents will usually be at or around the OMU. If that
doesn’t work they can be asked who the gaud is for
themselves or others (usually answered on ‘for others’ as their
perception and reality is still being determined by the past
influence and they’re in that valence) then find where and
when that occurred.
For the assessment try:

1. Were you made an I/C for a hierarchy by (assess names of

false/suppressive gauds) then unmocked by another (assess
names of false gauds). Tell me about it including who and
2. Were you made I/C for a hierarchy by more than one (assess
for names of Sp/False gauds) then unmocked by more than
one (sp/false gaud)? Tell me about it, who and who.
3. Were you made I/C for a hierarchy or hierarchies then
unmocked by someone else? Tell me about it, who and who?
Or try ‘put out of the game’ by someone else.
4. Were you made I/C for a hierarchy of hierarchies then
someone else unmocked you or part of the hierarchies? Tell
me about it, who and who.
5. Were you made I/C for a hierarchy then had it taken away by
someone else? etc.
6. Were you made I/C for a hierarchy then you and the hierarchy
were put out of reality? etc.
7. Were you made I/C for a hierarchy, had it taken away, then
they put you into a group of unmocked I/Cs and put out of the
game of life. 7b)or try: put into a group of unmocked I/Cs and
put out of the Universe.
8. Something else wrong? 8b)Did I unmock your hierarchy or put
you out of the game of life? If so, just acknowledge what
occurred as it hasn’t been acknowledged and carry on with
any rehabs of that being’s inner universe, get him into his
own viewpoint on his original purpose, until he can go and
everything will be fine, then continue handling any others who
he’s been holding up.
The second special handling is based upon this evident impulse
to consolidate and incorporate in order to control. ie: force
beings into a body or structure then have a way to manipulate
it. The most recent incident of this nature is partially described
in the description of Incident II.. Further research shows there
was a Star Wars type civilization between 43 and 98 light years
from here, seventy-five million years ago, that for
approximately 140,000 years, used various implanting
methods to force more than one being into a body.

Eventually, an inter-galactic war started and it became so

degraded that the government just started killing everyone off
and packing them off so they couldn’t be reborn there. There
was about a ten thousand year period of time when ‘the dead
beings’ were shipped them off to Earth. Maybe that’s why
people are so interested in sci-fi -they partially recall. As far as
affecting the case, a meter can be used to specifically date and
locate at least twenty-seven implanting incidents from that
period of time: (First number is millions of years ago, second
number is usually light years from here)

1) 75.13-- 47.89: electro-magnetic compressor. 2) 75.14--

47.89: halo around crossed pole impeller. 3) 74.989--
1. miles from Kauai: pilot, electronic screen over volcanic
explosion. 4) 75.013--78.14: drugs, overwhelming sound/drum
vibe. 5)75.121--86.34: sound/light 63,000 cycle vibrator. 6)
74.99--47.89 nucleonic light while planet image moves back
and forth horizon to horizon. 7) 75.14--87.89 nuclear bombs
dropped/ flying ship flashing light beacons to draw in
survivors. 8)75.019--47.63 Cold energy bar inside cave trap
defined by electronic screen (psychiatric) 9) 74.99--47.89
electronic ax splitter for the mind. 10) 75.12--87.89: noxious
gas, bodies bulldozed and encased in concrete. 11) 75.12--
86.41: floating lights around a pole trap 12) 74.98--63.147
planetary destruction (grouper) 13) 75.14--87.89 frozen, cut
up with laser, bury. 14) 74.989--46.73: shot with radiation,
packed in ice, transported. 15) 75.016--63.14 sucked into
electronic shield, trapped and collected. 16) 75.00012--
2. light trap, vacuum box in space, false escape. 17) 75.121--
87.16: pulsing silver ball. 18) 75.112--44.13: door of darkness
to room spinning vortex, electronic shock screen—two times.
18) 75.016--87.89: two dimensional electronic face image and
false ID. 19) 74.99--47.63 Body halver, then image of a giant.
20)74.99--97.89: drugs, religion and Chuh gaud grouper; after
21) 75.12--97.89 cold, sound and darkness implant in same
place. 22) 75.09--97.63 electronic grouping of those stuck in
Chuh gaud mock-ups (26 amp/psych trick.) 23) light/time
warp screen 24) nuclear explosion -Earth. 25) False ToG, body
grouper, composite of psych drugs and electronics. 26)
nucleonic cloud over Earth. 27) 75.13 --47.89: ‘Everyone the
same’ connector --60 cycle, 80 degrees, 100 watt
light—dark, magnetic, nucleonic.

That civilization began dramatizing the basic 7th dynamic

engram area of the track which led to trying to cut down on the
number of bodies by consolidating/implanting more than one
being into a body. So you’re going to find these ‘composite
beings’ and have to hat them on how to scale the different
types of beings off their own cases..
The Adept/Researcher Rundowns

Seventh Rundown:

• There are phenomena where the ICs of

identity/purpose/masses are located in another space and time
restiming the rest with facsimiles of the OMU. Also, the thetans
connected to the thetan I/Cs (and holding them in restim with
their own OMU restim) are also connected to the I/Cs own inner
universe. They’re all keeping each other in restim from exterior
positions. So, the adept’s attention has to be directed to find
the source of restim/get a read, then run their sequence, then
the next and so on—until the circle unravels.
• It will be found that the suppressive henchmen used beings
as parts in their entity mock-ups. Out of grouping IDPMs at the
OMU comes the phenomena of the GH-O (the godhead zero
that doesn’t really have a head). This gaudbody or
manipulated entity was composed of beings of various sorts
connected by low level electronics due to compression of
enforced Aps/Dps and the first particles. They’re involved in
the chaotic conflict of the thetan wars as henchmen try to
control them and eventually make some become the body
framework for the GHs. What remains after all the beings are
rehabbed and gone, are facsimiles of the implants. These can
be affected by electronic facsimiles created in this universe,
whether at the type created at CC or elsewhere.

The electronic phenomena of auditing/scaling and unraveling

can get chaotic until all the out of place anchor points and
dimension points are returned to there and then, where and
when. It’s especially difficult to untie beings who’ve identified
with electrons and protons, then pulled into PT carrying restim
facsimiles like the OMU or GH-2 in such a way that the
metaphysical and physical get crossed up.

The harmonics of trying to use a physical (Meter) to unravel

the metaphysical beings can be perceived as weird. It is.
Perhaps ten thousand years from now it won’t be. But some
beings can get hung up in/by the restim of a meter and a
second one has to be used to get them out.

• Facsimiles of electronic Monitors, that appear to come from

recent Markab or Protentia civilizations can restim beings in
present time because they were based upon trap facsimiles of
very long ago, before their civilizations even existed. Put parts
and pieces and intentions to correct there and then. It’s all a
dramatization of an earlier aberration anyway. Correctly scaled
any being can tell who gave what to them, where and when.

• an important point is to recognize how naive/innocent

beings with an original purpose got a failed purpose when a
suppressive purpose first hit them, and how consistent the 7th
dynamic engram/OMU counter-effort has stayed in restim
agreed upon or not, for so long. Its structure like a stable
datum for control buttons. e.g. the facsimiles used by Tuva
and Thero at City of Angels almost 2Q later to form their
imprinter implant that’s kept the Gen, with the crossover,
coming back to their enforced mock-ups right up to present-
Therefore, after the first time a being or beings are asked can
you audit/scale/unravel (after they’ve rolled back their own
ap/dps etc. to points of conception then the SP ap/dps etc. to
their points of intention)--and the answer is ‘yes’—Ask: What
was your purpose at the point of origin? What is your purpose
now? What happened?-- and they’ll be more able to unravel
their attachments from the OMU, or wherever, using the
correct sequences.
When this area is cleared up, which takes some time, The
Source/Rejuvenation Rundown should help explain why it even

The Adept/Researcher Rundowns

Third Rundown:


● -’Gaud Body Makers’ trap ‘Obs ‘ (other beings =

viewbes and knowbes) into conglomeration at OMU

● -Prior to that is chaos created by specific Suppressive

beings trapping others using ‘Not to play/ forced to plays’
snapped to/insulated by Obs and carrying enforced
anchor points/dimension points of the suppressives which
are earmarked by their ‘intentions’. Intentions are the
only thing that either roll back to a point of intention, or
failing that can be returned to life’s ocean of intention, or
dissipate into a nothingness void.
● -’Pogs” or pieces of Gaud (false) were formed in the
chaos as the enforced control expanded. There is some
agreement, some fear, and so on.

5th Dynamic incidents:

Later on the track at 2.67Q, some beings are attached to

organic mest/hydrocarbons. Mest seems to ‘learn’ from
theta in that the particles can make a harmonic response
to the actions of beings.

6th Dynamic incidents:

At 3.67Q some beings identified with ions and energy mock-

ups. Nucleonic groups. Differently charged (positive—
negative) groups can snap together—giving a mest mock-up.

The fifth and 6th dynamic mock-ups were combined but at that
time it only seems to affect beings without inner universes.
The ‘mest gods’ are much later and closer to present-time: 275
million years ago, 51 mltyrs. These were usually groups of
beings having (assess: disassociated, identified, associated,
differentiated) some common restim on earlier track that now
comes into bloom as they identify with the structure of an old
theta body facsimile, godhead implant, mest body, human
body, mock-up

7th Dynamic:

When the critical mass of the OMU became to great for the
Gaudians to contain, Clorox added a few flavors to his traps:
False voids to suck thetans into, because part of their basic
purpose was to create a playing field for the game of life. The
‘dead’ universe which was for beings who’d been stripped of
their own realities and convinced they could no longer be.
‘Time sense only’ beings where he is the cause over life and
death and they can’t do anything except by his intention.

The ‘organizing council’ which created the ‘60 cycle poles’ and
‘fluid god’ of the CC Implants (at 1Q) were disciples of Sereet.
Those worked based on blocking out recall prior to the Implant
—the subject being’s past became an infinite void. The
‘unmockers’ who worked for the council were most likely
disciples of Clorox. The electronic restim on organic- nucleonic
beings grouped/snapped together at CC is only 1/89,000 of a
volt. Implanters who got it themselves have to go back to the
split U/ OMU basic-counter-effort area of the track and handle
their cases to get free.

You start mixing some of theses identities and purposes

together then get restim incidents overlapped in an entity and
it can appear very solid. Therefore ‘auditing’ as such is only 1/3
of the process. Each sequence involves scaling off different
types of beings—getting them back into their own original
valence and self-determined purpose at the point of origin, and
unraveling—disconnecting from the trap.

The theta body/gaudhead mockups are held together by

electronic facsimiles of earlier 7th dynamic implants. If you ran
yours out on primary flows using dianetics or some other time-
track running sequence, then the ones that come into restim
now belong to others—these have to be date-located and
taken apart piece by piece by rolling back the anchor
point/dimension points to the there and then of their
conception. Especially on the ToG, there are back-up facsimiles
and beings attached who can be using it to keep the ones
you’re auditing in restim. They’re are scaled off with earlier
process sequences used for disciples, random beings or
composites at the ‘thetan’ level of sequences.

Markab implants:

One I/C plus 26 other beings attached by a resistor bar that

short-circuits prior implants as it restims to create a hypnotic
zombie type citizen. 15,000--100,000 years ago; 3.18 --9.68
ltyrs. Makes ‘cumulative out of prior pole implants. 60 cycle
pulse hits vagus nerve. Last visit at 875 years ago. Earlier
similar over at 18 lt. yr..

Assess the postulate degrade from earlier identity/purpose

enforced mock-ups up the track to Markab civilization:

● -original serfac was: to control and trap others in order to

be gaud
● -goal became: to control and trap everyone in order to
● -purpose eventually became: to control everyone

Beings attached to earlier mock-ups become unburdened.

The ‘not-to-plays’ now readily available off prior ridges. For
example assess:
● -Be/not be
● -Do/not do
● -Have/not have

Check for ones influenced in present-time by beings in

suppressive valence.

Assess electronic restim:

• 60 cycle: ToG, Markab

• 100 cycle: GH-5
• 98.6 degrees: ToG
• 97.5 watts: ToG
• 86 cycle/24.9 amp: Protentia implants
• 24.6 volts, 3.17 amps, .026 ohms - Pre-II and II
Protentia (47.48--96.23 ltyrs) to Inc. II implants on Earth
-150,000 years time span, consolidates 15.2+ trillion beings
into 478 million bodies. D/L the thousands of years between
Isles Canaries and Sandwich Isles collection points.

There are time track/reality rifts not only side-by-side for

different beings who are implanted with different false
points of origin, but also before and after, as some think
they were created or conceived themselves after the ToG
and Inc.1s. It amounts to a theta line collapse causing the
consolidation of position points thereby creating an energy
particle wall that inhibits the ability to recall. Resolved by
going through and through, time after time.

Assess for: ● -’Not to plays’ now unburdened. ● -not to plays/

forced to play ● -beings forced not to play ● -beings forced not
to be (mainly a ToG trick that put them outside the universe
when 7th U
collapsed ● -check for ‘mini-gauds’ --5 beings grouping
created by Clorox after OMU ● -also for ‘judges’ who were
supposed to maintain an authority presence inside the OMU
original theta body. ● -clouds of thetans ● -’knowpoint
beings holding onto basic ridges (with viewpoint beings
attached) that may become
‘original mock-ups’ with others if adopted.

The ‘ntp/ftp’ handle with: 8, roll back aps, dps, and intentions
to points of conception, S,S,R2, W,W
The others handle with their own appropriate sequences.

The theme is this: The farther back your recall goes, the
bigger the incidents in terms of effect on the number of
beings and the size of the beings who were put out of
valence and onto a false purpose.

The assessments and questions that form these rundowns

move that gradient back toward the point of origin for life—
for all those involved.

The complexity and the requirement ‘to peel things off in

layers’—protects the adept from overwhelm. The sequences
for auditing/scaling/unraveling eventually lead to the ability to
rehab any type of being from any time in any universe,
anywhere. Which is necessary, because if they’re not
unconscious they’re dramatizing where and when they think
they are and creating some influence in present-time. So they
have to be cleared.
The Adept/Researcher Rundowns

Fourth Rundown:

A) mock-ups to check/assess for:

● -cloud of thetans ● -cloud of thetans I/C ● -piece of gaud

● -group of six used to overwhelm others ● -group of six I/C
● -part of theta body ● -stuck in false mock-up


● -assess for all types of beings and identities handled so

far ● -assess for the various purposes hats they’ve worn in
various games

for example:

● -to trap others in order to form an identity ● -to trap ntps

in order to trap others or take their space ● -creating a pog
from outside ● -creating a pog from inside ● -trying to pog
me ● -prior identity


● -Cloroxian, Gaudian, Heran etc. ● -Cloroxian ridge I/C—

etc for other identities ● -Suppressive ridge I/C

Two things occur:

The Pots or I/Cs of the basic ridge identities have enough of an

inner space to record the confusions where they went effect of
suppressive beings. So a clear understanding of the track
layout is necessary and after they S,S,R,F,3,4, they then
spot/scan each prior confusion incident from present-time to
the past and decide whether or not the source/sources of the
confusion were sane or not sane. S/S, Pr Conf, 1st moment Pr
conf, source/sources, sane or not sane?

The moral code underlying the ability and parameters to

decide whether ‘sane or not sane’ is based on: beings and life
were created so that if an individual wanted to he/she/it could
create the game of life and a playing field in which to play it.
That’s rational. After the first 2 quadrillion years, for some
reason, most of what these beings dramatized was not. But for
the first 2 quadrillion years, in this model, we knew where we
came from, what we were, and who we were.

Trapping someone or putting them out of the game, or

stripping their identity and anchor points to make them
identify with mest—violates the basic purpose for life or
beings. Therefore, the sanity or irrationality of the
suppressives can be examined and evaluated based upon
what they did to others. This ‘evaluation’ exposes ‘agree or
disagree’ considerations in the being and he’ll have to make
his own decisions about each incident that has him at effect in
order to separate its own valence/identity from the

The running of flows on a purpose, or the creating of an

identity in some kind of game or reality helps to locate beings
who are connected to the dynamics in some way. But up till
now the ones closest to the adept’s space have been the
source of the most impingement and influence unless they’ve
been connected to someone further away. Now it’s time to
really start scaling in terms of space which smoothes out the
roll back in terms of time.

The Adept/Researcher Rundowns

Fifth Rundown:

Starting with Pots and moving up to thetans, thetan I/C mock-

ups and hierarchies, then beings, a specific read in ones own
space can influence others with similar charge or resistance in
other spaces out to and beyond any universes. Therefore the
gradient for finding these beings ‘out’ there is from closest to
furthest; from the body to outside 2 trillion light years on the
model we’re using which would incorporate the relative past
locations of past universes.

For example the button is: ‘working for a false gaud’

The adept would start scaling at his body and move outward by
inches to feet, then tens of feet, hundreds, thousand, to miles,
tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, tens of millions of miles,
hundreds, billions etc to quadrillions of miles; then tenths of
light years to one to tens, hundreds, thousand millions, billions
to hundreds of billions, finally to a trillion up by tenths to two
trillion, then ‘outside’. For those who’ve been put out of the
game and may be trying to compulsively influence it.

A war between beings, hierarchies and entities occurred after

the breakup of the OMU causing snapped identity ridges (e.g.:
Cloroxian hierarchy jammed together with a Heran) or ‘Group
of Gaudians controlled by a Cloroxian etc.) that could be hung
up just about anywhere. The conflict originated prior to the
OMU when the first suppressive trap caught some ‘not to plays’
then ‘other beings’ resisted his onslaught.

The farther you get away, possibly the longer someone has
been trapped and the longer it takes to unburden. When the
SSRF sequence which handle beings who didn’t develop
‘minds’ or ‘inner universes’ stops fully handling ‘Pots’ then the
Pots can do a spot scan of the prior confusions and sources
until the go back into valence and can be handled with: What
were you before? What are you now? Who are you?

When that sequence goes flat for thetans and thetan I/Cs or
‘Beings’, they can be asked to do the SS sequence thru to
spot/scan earlier games to the point of origin then: “pull back
your own Aps, Dps, intentions, mock-ups, postulates
beingnesses, games and creations to your own points of
conception (when they conceived them) --put the SPs’ aps,
dps, intentions, postulates, mockups, games, traps, crap and
corruption, back to their points of intention there and then,
where and when. What were you before? What are you now?
Can you audit/scale/unravel? Then they (if in or controlling a
hierarchy, or hierarchical group entity) audit/scale/unravel the
others according to the appropriate sequence for those types
of beings. (ntp—ob—pot—thetan—thetan I/C) before being
asked to put remaining facsimiles, pushes, pulls,
ridges/neutrals, connections and intentions to their wheres
and whens then what, what, who?

Complexity is involved if someone exterior to them is

controlling them or they’re caught in a network, in which case
that has to be followed up to the top and handled before those
below can get over the problem of being stuck by counter-
intention/restim and go free.

Finding the beings’ original purpose, where it failed or got

altered, what it is in Pt and rehabbing it back to it’s original is
an assist that works to help revivify their own viewpoints. Any
out-ruds including evpurps (where and when it was picked up)
need to be handled for them to have their point of origin
viewpoints clear, and know they can put all the where and
when to the appropriate there and thens, which means they
have the ability to audit/scale/unravel well enough to stay out
of trouble in the future—even help/rehab others.

Assess the flows:

● -false gaud -scale the assessment outward step by step

far as the perception goes ● -to trap free beings - “ “

Check to see if anyone got bypassed, type of being,

appropriate sequence.

Assess the flows:

● -’to control you” scale etc. ● -thetans made into mest ●

-Scale for hierarchies: Cloroxian, Heran, Sereetan, Ohaan,
Chuan, Tuvan, Theroan, Loranthan,
Xerothan, Gaudian. ● -snapped hierarchies, ‘put out of
the game’ entities., groups of hierarchies and entities

Check for and clean-up any unburdened beings, groups or

identities from any prior auditing: Hot spots will be where
the biggest implants and confusions were on the time-track
Pick up any Dead OTs or Jailed OTs especially from area of
Protentia pre-II consolidation implants and have them
scale/scale/audit unravel their cases or else you’ll be back to
handling bts who went through Inc.II as if they were your own.
Make sure no other types and case have been dumped in your
space—if so, find who’s doing the dumping and handle.

Use your perception. Scale and 4-flow any read. This part takes
a while. Eventually it becomes clear that so many connections
and recordings couldn’t have been possible if the adept hadn’t,
in the beginning, started to create an inner universe of
magnitude—a recognition that invites an awareness—at one
time we had ‘minds’ or inner realities that mirrored exterior
perception on the same scale as that exterior reality. So
scaling in terms of distance outward can also be done on the
same orders of magnitude inward from inches up to two trillion
light years then anything beyond that is outside the inside. For
those in restim who have no concept of space and time,
looking: ‘In, on or around?’ usually works. Eventually the adept
becomes a master of space and time. He or she also knows the
history of life and perhaps too much about that 2% influence
that’s so screwed up when the majority of the game can be so

However, it doesn’t mean that everyone the adept audits or

teaches to audit/scale/unravel has that same understanding;
but the effect is hyperbolic even though it will probably take
ten thousand years before anyone notices.

Some things to scale assess ‘outward’ then ‘inward’, then ‘in-


● -got, or trying to get someone ● -trying to take

someone’s dimension points or space ● -enforced dynamics
● -can’t POO to PT -(can’t maintain a point of origin
viewpoint from then to present-time) ● -have some ev-purp
you don’t know where it came from, or giving others same
● -restiming with a number of implant facsimiles ● -GH-6
mock-up that helped create II and pre-II implants ● -prior
identity jammed to another prior identity ● -Cloroxian I/C.
Same type of assessment for the other henchmen names. ●
-OT with a case ● -Ntp who now wants to play (give ‘ob’
sequence) ● -ob or being who now doesn’t want to play.
Clear then give ‘ntp’ sequence. ● -stop beings from being
free ● -your friend became a Cloroxian, then the Xerothians
got him, and the Sereetans got his church ● -became or
were made effect of a false gaud ● -controlling pots and
obs outside U’s and inside U’s ● -using ‘ntps’ to control
others ● -creating charge by establishing different
potentials through differing resistances with different
sized beings and combinations ● -buttons, ruds,
correction lists ● -Group of Six -trappers ● -forced out of
the game ● -you think the adept is the sp-gaud ● -group of
I/Cs ● -group of beings ● -dumping Aps/Dps: dumping
intentions, dumping obs ● -you think you’re still in a war ●
-OT without rational intelligence ● -bypassed guad/gaudian
mock-up-group ● -snapped (together) I/Cs (they should pull
back their aps out of each others spaces) ● -loser, make
others lose ● -booby trap, ToG back-up ● -helping ●
-snapped with me ● -consolidation I/C ● -afraid of Clorox,
or combinations of sp-henchmen/false gauds

The Adept/Researcher Rundowns

Sixth Rundown:
Eventually in the auditing/scaling/unraveling the following data
has to be organized to align with the data on one’s timetrack in
order to complete the handling of ‘beings’ who were trapped
long ago.

The First Betrayal:

The bullet:

● Clorox uses enforced anchor points and enforced

dimension points to trap some‘not to plays’ and turns
them into ‘forced to plays’.

If we were there and wanted to free them or help them

regain their self determinism, we’d have to say: “Roll back
any anchor points, dimension points and intentions to their
points of conception. Spot any incidents (areas/actions
where you were put at effect) back to the point of origin.
Scan to present time. Exteriorize from any and all universes
(reality factor #2). What were you? Who are you?

If the ‘not to play/forced to play’ being did this, it would

regain it’s original self-determinism, point of view, and be

The arrow:

● Clorox snaps a ‘not to play/forced to play’ to a ‘viewpoint

being’ or a ‘knowpoint being’ (other beings: ‘obs’). An
insulated ineffective condition of existence occurs when
the will to play is cancelled by the non-will to play. In its
simplest form the entity would be like a hydrogen atom—
a proton and an electron, a positive charge and a
negative charge; or a neutron where any noticeable
charge or intention is cancelled out. But it is super-
imposed with the suppressive being’s intention through
his enforced anchor points and dimension points.

If we were there and wanted to free the ‘other beings’ (obs),

after the ‘ntps’ had regained their self-determinism, we’d have
to say: “Spot back to the point of origin. Scan to present time.
Look around. Put out some anchor points. Create some
dynamics. ‘The old game of entrapment is over. A new game of
freedom has begun’ (reality factor #1). The future can be
created with you in your original point of view. (F—meaning
future, because most are stuck in the past as a recurring
present-time). Being forced or told to exist in someone else’s
space was a lie (reality factor #3) This universe is a stable
datum amidst the confusion; the war is over; nothing much
changed. If you can scale, it’s where the game of creating new
games will be played (reality factor #4). What were you
before? What are you now? Who are you?”

● If the ‘ntps’ were the feathers, and the ‘obs’ (viewbes

and knowbes) were the shaft, all that would be left would
be the arrowhead—old enforced anchor points and
dimension points (ap/dps) or other-determined position
points in space and time waiting to get back to where
they belong. If they got dumped in our space, we could
use our intention to just push them back to “there and
then, where and when” but they’d have to travel a little
over six quadrillion years and six hundred billion light
years to find home—their points of conception, and the
guy who created them from his point of intention would
be gone. Bonus.


When we assume the original intention behind life was to

create life, and that the beings who decided to be set out to
play the game and create the playing fields in which to play
it, we have the basic rationality or sanity behind what has
occurred and what’s going on; also the basis of a moral code
on which to decide what’s right and what’s wrong—what’s
sane or not sane.

A continuing problem here is the dichotomy between the failed

purpose and suppression. Clorox had a failed purpose: He
couldn’t create what he wanted to create so he decides to
force others to create what he desires then finds a way to
make them do it. If they’re still on the original purpose (to build
some form of life by adding to the game or playing field) at the
point he suppresses them—they can also get their own failed
purpose. Thus, being stopped, their basic ability to create is
either frozen in it’s tracks (a type of death) or it becomes
compulsive—modified along the lines of his superimposed

He can then use his victims to victimize someone else. If they

go off on their own and can’t create a new purpose, they tend
to similarly dramatize on the next person down the line. If you
were to roll back or scale back anyone’s history of failed
purposes, when you got to basic, you’d find a suppressive
being (or more than one) who stopped them achieving some
goal—the counter-intention blunted, altered or unmocked one
of their purposes at that point and place in time. When that
incident is viewed for it’s time, place form and event, who,
what, where, when and why—precisely, the person’s self-
determinism is rehabbed on that issue. Artists are the most
susceptible to this phenomena.


‘Not to plays’ are not really interested in the: ‘What were you
before? What are you now? Who are you?’ sequence. Their
original state of not playing is a timeless one, and time would
mean being involved in some game or universe, which is
inappropriate, because when they unravel the connections to
go free, they’re going to exteriorize from any and all universes
that exist or ever existed. So they don’t want the concept of
time in their identity or beingness; it just drags them back into
play after they’ve managed to turn all they’ve been through
into just knowledge. About one in a million take that knowledge
and decide they want to play. Those ones can then be given
the: Spot, scan, R, F, what? what? who? and start out like

The Pots:

With the advent of fear and chaos, the idea of a few Knowbes
and Viewbes getting together to create a little reality or an
original mocked-up identity in their own space, with their own
purpose, moves off the: ‘we have a cooperative understanding’
and into a ‘we have to do this to protect ourselves’. The only
thing prior to the suppressive aberrations, that they’d ever
perceived or that had any similarity, were a few realities where
a bunch of Thetan I/Cs all decided they were each the primary
owner of said anchor points and dimension points in a specific
space—and none of them would back-off, so they tended to get
stuck to each other for long periods of time. Another possible
perception would be the few cases where thetans, with nobody
else involved, decided they were all the same and totally
agreed to the same intentions and aspects of their reality, so
they moved through space and time as a fixated group.

However, a Pot or group of Pots, shot with bullets or arrows,

then had the problem of their character being altered by
outside influence. If there was enough outside influence
attached, they’d take on the character or become subservient
to the source of intention. Later on, they can be seen as
‘Shadow Beings’ or ‘Gen’, or ‘Personal Universe Thetans (Puts)
--singular or in groups, forced to do various jobs for various
Henchmen depending upon whose will was imposed.

(note: another example of this would be ‘ntp/ftps’ who can’t

regain their original identity even though they’ve returned the
false/enforced anchor points, dimension points and intentions
to the points of conception. In all likelihood, someone else gave
them false ap/dps and intentions prior to the ones they’re
stuck in, so they’d also have to roll back the earlier ones to
those prior points of conception.)

If we were there and wanted to help a Pot, we could remove

the bullet or arrow as stated above for handling the ntp/ftps’,
‘obs’ and ‘ap/dps’ combinations. Then similarly ask the Pot to
Spot ( its incidents back to the point of origin), Scan (its
dynamics up to present-time), Look around, put out some
new anchor points, create some dynamics, then give the
Reality factors 1, F, 3 & 4. With Pots, if necessary, because
they can accumulate a history of resistances compounded,
ask them to spot/scan any prior confusions and first moments
of prior confusions on any incidents (running back through
time) where they were implanted so to speak by some source
or sources of bad intention (usually Clorox and/or various
Henchmen in concert). At each incident ask them who the
source or sources were, and then to tell you whether they
were sane or not sane.

(This helps them separate themselves from the super-imposed

identity and false will/purpose—which was usually set in with
added deception and duress. e.g.: ’work for me or you’re
toast’, ‘this is what’s good for you’. Adults once used sticks,
paddles and whips to beat the Hell out of a child, or to beat the
Devil out of a child. This is a little more civilized and effective.)

After that we’d ask the Pots: ‘What were you before?’ And
they’d say: ’beings’. ‘What are you now?’ And they’d answer:
‘beings’ Then: ‘Who are you?’ and they’d all say: ‘I’m me, or
me, me, me...’ etc. as they went off to get a fresh start.

This might be appear complicated, typed out in a paragraph

with explanatory notes, but the scaling adept in those days
could do this conceptually with focused intention at the speed
of thought—which can be quite a bit faster than the speed of
light, so each unraveling for these guys only took a few

● ‘In order to exist you have to be in someone else’s

space.’ Thank you Hera.

Not everyone was ‘easily’ controlled though all were

influenced. Clorox and his henchmen were now into the mode
where you’re either under control or you’re out. Either way
took a similar amount of effort. The larger or more independent
the target’s inner universe (mind) was, the harder it was to
trap them, and some were banding themselves together to
protect themselves from the chaos. A thetan/thetan I/C reality
usually had to be overwhelmed more than once or by more
than one suppressive being before the insertion or other-
determined beings ‘took’ in their space—by mutual resistance,
as each individual was resisting the same thing in their own
inner realities

The solution to this conundrum, for the sps, was to convince

the ‘not to play/forced to plays’, ‘obs viewbes & knowbes’ plus
the Pots that they had to exist in someone else’s universe
(inner space, mind) in order to survive—if not, they’d die or be
unmocked and put out of the game of life—thus they wouldn’t
naturally leave the thetan/thetan I/C reality through
disagreement with unwanted dimension points because they
though they’d die..

There’s a gradient here of assets and intention in a war

between good and evil. Clorox had his bullets and arrows; the
henchmen were developing their bullets and arrows. Most
thetans, thetan ICs, and beings (individuals, groups and
realities) were still free. The span of time for this initial conflict
was approximately .0412428 trillion years.

To trap thetans, the suppressive beings began by unmocking

other agreed upon realities or home universes and wrapping
the residents in arrows representing false Gauds and false
Points of Origin; then it became a matter of injecting, inserting
or implanting the bullets and arrows inside a targeted thetan’s
inner reality (mind) until his own will was insulated or there
was such a mass of resistance that the thetan couldn’t do
anything except as ordered by the Gaud and its minions.
This would be the first Manchurian Candidate type mind control
but they were doing it by placing controlled beings with their
false anchor points/dimension points and intentions in
someone’s else’s space.

When thetans and thetan I/Cs were trapped, the formation

of hierarchies expanded incrementally and quickly. It
became harder and harder to scale or unravel the mess of
connections and influences. What had taken a few seconds
started taking minutes.

If you wanted to help a thetan or group of thetans unravel

from the trap, a step had to be added because they’d retained
their memories back to their points of origin—so this had to be
rehabilitated and separated from the suppressive being
influence and false time-track. After removing any arrows, you
went: ‘Spot, scan, R, F, 3, 4. Spot/scan any prior confusions
and first moments of prior confusions, tell me the source or
sources and whether they were sane or not sane. Then the
added step:
• Spot, scan any earlier games back to the point of origin.
• Roll back any of your own anchor points, dimension points,
intentions, postulates, mock-ups, beingnesses, games or
creations to your own points of conception. (when you conceived
• Put the SP’s anchor points, dimension points, intentions, mock-
ups, postulates, beingnesses, lies, crap and corruption, implants
and games back his/their points of intention there and then,
where and when.
• What were you before? (A being or beings) What are you now? (a
being or beings) Can you scale? (audit or unravel the situation)
Then teach the thetans how to do it by having them handle
any remaining influences or masses of resistance. For
example: They’d locate any ‘ntp/ftp’ beings still connected to
them and have the ‘not to play/forced to plays’: Spot, scan,
R2, what, who? Then they’d locate any ‘obs’ (viewbes and
knowbes) and have them: Spot, scan, R, F, what were you
before? What are you now? Who are you? The pots would be
handled with their sequence. Then the thetans would put any
remaining enforced anchor points and dimension point back to
there and then, where and when, until their own Point of
Origin viewpoint was clear, in present-time, and they knew
they could scale well enough to stay out of trouble, even help
others. At which point you could then ask the same questions
you’d ask an ‘ob’ or ‘Pot’: What were you before? What are
you now? Who are you? And they’d go free.

After the Thetans were handled then you’d handle the Thetan
I/C or I/Cs of their original group—they had inner universes
separate from the thetans therefore subject to the same
influences on their own terms. When it came to
auditing/scaling and unravelling these entities, these were the
terminals you could train into giving the commands, and even
see them coach their ‘thetan group members’ on how to give
the command sequences.

Nowadays, you find the I/C first, run out his implants first, then
he handles the others before blowing—as a trained/hatted

In this wise, the generic auditor/scaler/unraveller is elected to

become a 7th dynamic cause-point in any future games—
more or less because they know how to do the handlings if
anything goes wrong again.

The Original Misunderstood:

‘Everyone has to be one’—with the hidden intention: ‘so they

can be controlled by a false gaud or gauds’.

There may be a commonality of origin when we get to the

eighth dynamic but what about these other dynamics? One
person’s children are not all the same person. Therefore, it’s
evident when ‘oneness’ is used as a lie (e.g.: communism—
spiritual or political) it opens the gates to a multitude of traps
and confusions:: ‘You should be part of a oneness; I should be
part of a oneness; we should be one; we were one’. Mix with:
‘God is infinite’ and you get: ‘There’s no reason to create
anything; it’s all been created. Return to native state; there’s
nothing left to do. There is no future; it’s already known.
Become part of the mass.’ Overwhelm.

Perception of this phenomena has been a basic concept in

many religions and has been used to subject beings for eons.
If the original creator was infinite, why would it create living
beings with the ability and determinism to build or create the
game of life? If everything in life was known, why would there
be a future?
In an area of the space/time continuum that could be defined
as a Cloroxian Universe (where delusion attacks illusion)
there’s a point where the attacks start and a later point where
it comes down to an enforced reality controlled by the
suppressive Gauds: wrapped around an enforced
misunderstood with all its attendant confusions. How did it
happen? What did they do?

The cycle started simply with Clorox trapping ‘not to plays’.

At its most complex an overwhelming number of beings is
joined together until they reach a critical mass. If one looked
inside, one would see parts and not many would be moving.

The biggest parts and perhaps the ones hardest to scale or

help unravel would be the: ‘Identity/purpose masses’—
Beings, plus groups of thetan I/Cs and thetans, who’d each
been principal players in prior spaces/realities plus the pots,
viewbes and knowbes they’d worked in concert with to
create dimension points an forms that had a specific entity.
These were collapsed together, then tied together with a
hierarchal injection of ntp/ftps, obs, and pots—plus anyone
else who happened to be overwhelmed and handy.

At the time of the first attacks on one of these original

entity/realities, the Henchmen and Clorox had moved up their
weaponry to include their own controlled entities composed
of: ‘ntps/ftps’ + ‘obs (viewbes and knowbes)’ + ‘pots’ +
‘thetans’ + ‘an I/C or ICs’. These enforced hierarchical entities
could classed: Clorox created Cloroxians; Hera created
Herans; Loranth created Loranthians; Xeroth created
Xerothians—all along the same lines. They’d wrap the I/C in
‘ntps’ just as they’d wrapped each other type of being in the
structure, then they’d wrap the whole structure—bullets for
everyone until determinism was nullified, then the arrow or
arrows were inserted into the false reality even so far as to
invade each being’s inner space. An arrow was composed of
‘ntps, obs, and ap/dps’ carrying the suppressive Gaud’s

In addition, there existed a composite entity on the same

order: ‘the Guadians’ who were trapped beings contributed by
each of the Henchmen and Clorox and who took characteristics
from each. Their main job was to contain everyone caught by
the Original Misunderstood. (It has been called: the (false)
body of theta or the Seventh dynamic engram—a type of pain
and unconsciousness caused by the loss of self-determinism,
original purpose and the ability to create, plus the feelings of
loss connected to the subsequent inability to understand.

Later, the Gaudians, and these other ‘henchmen races’ were

also trapped.

Beings connected to an Identity/purpose/mass found their

perception of reality, thoughts and activities were all being
determined by or influenced by the suppressive beings.

The Temple of Gaud (2Q later) and the OMU appear to be the
only two incidents that can make groups of the larger ‘Beings’
so effect that they can be put out of the universe for long
periods of time: either by being put through the initial incident
more than once, or by confusing the second with the first, they
are put so effect their ability to hold a ‘continuing’ location in
space and time is unmocked.

It started with Clorox overwhelming other realities. Those who

opposed him started banding together. So he began working in
concert with his henchmen and they’d use enforced
hierarchical entities to overwhelm free beings. Most of the
ntps, viewbes and knowbes, who’d created minimal memory or
personal space, could be converted by a bullet or arrow and
duress at the level of suggestion: ‘Abnegate yourself to the
greater all—I am your Gaud.’ Aps were aps; dps were dps;
they’d had them, they’d lost them; what did it matter? But the
beings hadn’t seen a self-generating dimension point carrying
a suppressive being’s intent, and that’s what the ‘ntps’ had
become when they became ‘ftps’.

From the first betrayal to the Hera’s lie to the original

misunderstanding is a series of expanding steps involving
trapping, unmocking, consolidating and enforced control
which can be mapped in space and time. The most difficult
composite entity could be unraveled; it just took more time.


At the original misunderstood incident, there are seven mock-

ups of similar gods formed completely out of ‘ntp/ftps’. The
first three contained all new a/ps + d/ps + intentions created
by the suppressive being/ false gauds. The ‘ntp/ftps’ in each
free individually with the: ‘Roll back aps, dps and intentions to
the points of conception. Spot, scan, R2, what? who?’ The next
three god mock-ups have the new enforced aps + dps +
intentions, plus they have earlier enforced aps, dps +
intentions. They free with: ‘Roll back aps, dps + intentions to
the points of conception, plus earlier aps, dps + intentions to
points of conception. Spot, scan, R2, what? who?’ The ‘ntps’ in
seventh mock-up are picked up with a command directed to
‘all the rest’ and freed with: “Roll back any and all aps, dps and
intentions to points of conception. Spot, scan, R2, what? who?

Connected to the overall seven mock-ups of gods are groups of

obs’. They’re scaled with the: ‘Spot, scan, R, F, what, what,

Groups of Pots are also connected. They’re scaled with: ‘Spot,

scan, R, F. Then: Spot/scan (from the present to the past, any
prior confusions/first moment of prior confusions. Who was the
source, or sources? Tell me if they were sane or not sane.
What? What? Who? If they have any difficulty they can put
back any remaining enforced aps or dps to where and when
they belong.

Tech note:

(3) and (4) become: if you can/audit/scale/unravel, whatever

you decide: play, just be, or not play . This comes after F (the
future R-factor) --you can be in your point of origin viewpoint
and help create the future

Ninety-eight percent of the time, there are also groups of

thetans with their I/C connected to the OMU (as a mutual
incident) mock-up. They’re scaled with: ‘Spot, scan, R, F, 3, 4.
Spot, scan, any prior confusions/ first moment of the prior
confusion, who was the source/sources? Sane or not sane?
Spot/scan earlier games to the point of origin. Pull back your
own aps and dps, intentions mock-ups, postulates and
beingnesses, games and creations to their points of
conception. Put the Sps’ intentions, mock-ups, beingnesses,
games, lies, crap and corruption, aps & dps back to their points
of intention, there and then, where and when. What were you
before? What are you now? Can you audit/scale/unravel? ‘Yes’
Then you’d become the coach and have them start scaling.
First: the arrows they picked up before the original
misunderstood, if necessary, using—the ‘ntp/ftp’ sequence, the
‘obs’ sequence, the ‘pots’ sequence, and the ‘ap/dp’ where and
when/ there and then sequence. Next they’d unravel the seven
mock-ups of gods of the OMU incident as stated in the three
previous paragraphs. After they free-up the pots, they’d put
any remaining dps & dps to there and then, where and
whenever on the time-track from the point of origin to present
time, back and forth until their original viewpoints were clear.
Then they were asked: Can you audit/scale/unravel well
enough to stay out of trouble? If answer is ‘Yes’ they’re given
the: What were you before? What are you now? Who are you?
And with each back in their own identity and having their own
purpose, they go free.

Prior to the Original Misunderstood, the I/Cs in an

‘Identity/purpose/mass—IDPM’ were probably arrowed by
Clorox, then later shot with ap/dp bullets or Pots by Hera and
a few other Henchmen. They were already in a compromised
condition—trapped inenforced entities, false identities, and
false purposes, wrapped and injected with ‘ntp/ftps’,‘obs’ and
suppressively intended ‘aps + dps’. Pots didn’t become
enforced entities until Clorox first nailed them but they and
groups of thetans are found contributing to the creation of
IDPMs. There was competition amongst suppressive beings to
see who could trap the most others, and there was
cooperation when they ran up against an entity—individual or
composite, that couldn’t be compromised by a few bullets
and arrows.

The arsenal was with the attackers who held the element of
surprise. The main reaction by defenders was to band together
in bigger and bigger groups, and to draw back toward their
point of origin condition when things were creative, not
destructive. Being attacked by false Gauds, they tried to be
like pieces of an original God which they considered to be the
most cause. That only spurred Clorox and the Henchmen to
find or produce bigger weapons that would incorporate and
coagulate bigger targets into those beings and realities they
already controlled.

There are many identities and composite entities, intentions

and purposes, places and times, incidents and events in the
overall history of life. There are not many
‘Identity/purpose/masses’ and aside from us, they are the most
complex. The rest have similar parts, and scale with similar
sequences, but they don’t incorporate all the parts or have to
scale with all the sequences in order to unravel an extended
matrix of traps to go free—to get a fresh start.

Resistance masses formed between I/Cs may be because each

has been attached to so many false identities, purposes, other
beings and ap/dps in his/her own inner reality. All this works
against itself and each other to create electronic charges and

At the end of the Original Misunderstood, six quadrillion years

ago, those who’d been trapped did reach an overall critical
mass which couldn’t be contained. But it didn’t stop the
suppressive beings from playing their game, so knowing how
to unravel ‘Beings’ from an ‘identity/purpose/mass’ is key to
understanding how to unravel many mysteries.

First: remove any arrows.

• Next ask when they where they were jammed together. They’ll
answer each question precisely. Then ask them to spot the prior
confusion/first moment of the prior confusion, and ask who did it.
• Then ask if there are any earlier similar incidents and who did it,
one by one until they can run back to the area of time-track
where none of this crap was occurring, then back to a point of
• Then ask if there are any later similars in present-time.
• Then ask if there are any earlier similar incidents (before present
-time) one by one, back to and including the ones they told you
about before. This gives them a time- line of where and when
and what happened and who caused it, which starts dismantling
the mass.
• Then clear up the meaning of the: Spot, Scan, R, F, 3, 4 to make
sure they understand what you as an adept and they as beings
are going to do. Then run the sequence. Then ask them (like
Pots) to spot/scan the prior confusions/first moments of prior
confusion, tell you who the sources were and if they were sane
or not sane. (they’ll run back to Clorox/henchmen basic type of
b.s.) Then spot scan any earlier games to the point of origin.
Next, (like thetans) have them pull back their own Aps, Dps,
intentions, postulates, mock-ups and beingnesses, games and
creations to their own points of conception.
• Next have them put the Sps’ intentions, postulates, crimes, crap
and corruption, aps/dps to their points of intention there and
then, where and when.
• Ask them: What were you before? What are you now? Can you
audit/ scale/unravel? ‘yes’
• Now they do it themselves with your coaching or direction. They
star by using the sequences for any the remaining ‘ftp/ntps, obs,
pots and Ap/dps) that were connected prior to the OMU. Some of
those may have a false point of origin (arrow) created by Clorox
or Loranth to handle.
• Then have them handle their involvement in the Original
Misunderstood the same way the thetans and thetan I/Cs
handled their involvement—by unraveling the seven ntp/ftp false
gaud mock-ups, obs, pots, enforced aps, dps, etc.
• For beings, add a step: Ask if any thetans were connected or
inserted into their space. If yes, then they have to run the
thetans and thetan I/Cs through their sequences—until they go
• This usually occurred because the Sps would use implanted
thetans to keep beings in a constant state of restimulation and
stop them from communicating in ways that would remove any
arrows or bullets, etc.
• After all that is done, the Beings can put any remaining enforced
ap-dp facsimiles back to where and when, there and then, until
their original viewpoints are clear.
• Ask if they can audit/scale/unravel well enough to stay out of
trouble or even handle someone else. If the answer is ‘yes’ then
you can suggest: Well that’s what you should do. ‘What were you
before? What are you now? Who are you?
They should go free. If not, they may still have a failed
purpose, some unhandled influence, a withhold or
unacknowledged case on having tried to help you in the past—
either of which can be taken back earlier similar to f/n. Or there
may be another incident or connection involving an Sp
influence that was missed. Secrets and mysteries that only the
chosen can know—Tcha.

Eventually the overall trap and its self-generating parts

became too much to contend with. Attempts to
audit/scale/unravel became a losing proposition. Resistance to
enforced identities, purposes, and Ap/Dp mock-ups was
creating an electronic quagmire, --some beings were
identifying with matter and energy, being bodies. Two
quadrillion years later the last of the free beings, their spaces,
identities, and purposes riddled by conflict, are found using
similar suppressive ‘solutions’ to handle the problem of
survival in a collapsing universe—which destroyed any rational
reason for that reality to exist. But that’s another piece of the
story that took two quadrillion years to wake up from. Now is
another two quadrillion years since beings started really
waking up, so if anyone within the next ten thousand years
perceives or understands these pages, we’ll be lucky.

Human beings and others dramatize or act out impulses that

originate long ago—dictators and self-proclaimed religious
icons are influenced by Clorox and chance becoming part of
a Gaudian identity/ purpose/mass after those influenced by
Xeroth find them. Then the Sereetans will take over what’s
left, lie, alter, and try to make it into a ‘oneness’ or hierarchy
they can control.

Luckily, Clorox and the henchmen were taken care of long ago,
and nobody does this anymore—they just blow each other up
or give kids psych drugs. But it the influence continues
because some beings were caught at that point where their
purpose ‘to create life and a playing field in which to play it’
was stopped with an evil purpose like: ‘to control and trap
everyone’. Their original intention failed and they were
diverted off course for a while. The only workable solution, for
anyone who still confront these things and figure them out, is:
‘Learn how to scale/audit/unravel, set aside a couple of
thousand hours, then use your knowledge to clear up the
mysterious influences and confusion connected to your part of
the universe.

Some ideas for scaling assessments:

● -Do a D/L on groupings, stucks, or assumptions of

false/enforced identity then assess each flow ● -hierarchies,
groups of hierarchies, beings, groups of beings ● -made an
I/C then unmocked or put out of universe ● -entity, groups
of entities ● -have to exist in someone else’s space in order
to be ● -collapsed you universe or reality ● -you catch your
own ‘ntps’ ● -creating a physical condition, illness, or
somatic ● -double layer trap, inverted trap (e.g.: thetans
restiming the ICs, restiming the beings) with the I/Cs
in control. ● -parts of mock-up in different locations ●
-betrayal ● -secret ● -fear of dying ● -identifying with mest
or electron/proton combo ● -stuck in implant or pole unit ●
-holding onto Godhead mock-up ● -wrapped, grouped then
unmocked ● -trying to trap and consolidate ● -Gaud body

Your own imagination and perception will be the best

source of ideas for finding things to scale and assess. Here
are more ideas:

● -handle extended connections to different groups or I/Cs

spread out through space and time, whose
influence on each other stops them from being able to
audit/scale and unravel ● -check ‘have to lie to yourself to
justify being trapped’ ● -creating false mock-ups, purposes,
identities in PT ● -Being a false point of origin ● -too many
lies ● - The OMU GH-0 was a body looking for a gaudhead ●
-ToGs and OMUs tied together -grouped at one, put out at
the other ● -You tried to put me out, but I put you out ●
-over-restim ● -composite being ● -suppressive being ●
-false source, cause point, or gaud ● -groups of mimickers
wrapped by ntps ● -creating a false POO with false gaud ●
-stuck in old game ● -unmock or kill anyone who breaks
free ● -suppressive I/C of and IDPM.

The Source/Rejuvenation Rundown

• pre-requisites are as stated in the Ananda, Mettaya,
Adept/Researcher Rundowns plus having done those prior

The Source/Rejuvenation Rd

Part one: Perception

Define the POO (Point of Origin) as that point where some

beings on the eighth dynamic decide to then turn their
attention outward. They have the ability to create position
points and thus create the game of life and a playing field in
which to play it. These would be players of whatever
magnitude or type. Some others just wanted to be, and some
did not want to play. In this model the POO is at 8.008 Q ago
and 2 trillion light years from here, now.

We’ve seen the difficulties created by suppressive beings

approximately six quadrillion years ago and can track back to
Clorox’s first usurping of another’s space and determinism. We
find idiosyncratic to any Cloroxians (formed at that time) that
the beings were first ‘arrowed’ with his ‘ntp/ftp, ob, and false
ap/dp/ intention’ which had to be removed before they could
run out subsequent implants such as the OMU. Some beings
were seen to have more than one arrow that carried job
specific hats such as restimer, or holder, or trapper in addition
to their hierarchy I/C hats.

Similarly, we find that Herans were subjugated, without arrows,

by her intentions (to exist it was necessary to be inside
someone else’s space—and sometimes she used a ntp or ob to
carry the message). Oha, Chuh, Tuva and Thero, and Xeroth
usually used other-determined pots to usurp or convert a
‘thetanthetan I/C’ or being’s inner space. Loranth used the
arrow but added a False Point of Origin facsimile with him as
Gaud. This all occured between 6Q and 6.00029Q as they tried
to take over. These pre-OMU effects had to be handled (e.g.:
the priorly inserted pots run through their sequence and
blown) before the beings could scan the time trick or dismantle
an incident like the OMU.

The next level of Cloroxians available to handle have another

idiosyncracy. Just as the OMU forced in seven layers of
ntp/ftps, plus a layer of obs, plus a layer of Pots, and
sometimes a thetan-thetanI/C reality (both the thetans and
thetan I/C having the seven layers of ntp/ftps, layer of obs, and
layer of pots forced into their inner spaces—which also had to
be handled after a Spot/scan sequence) which had to be
handled by any ‘beings’ who went into the valence of the
suppressives and went through the OMU (where they were put
at effect of Clorox and all the henchmen as sources for the
confusion, the ‘beings’ who became Cloroxians before also had
under their control (at cause over) a similar set of ntp/ftps, obs,
and pots. So before they helped to create and succumbed to
the OMU—Clorox also showed them how to use a hierarchy of
lesser magnitude beings to trap and control others.
We’re rolling time backwards, so we see the inversion from
‘effect’ to cause over—and actually have to handle both
hierarchy/mock-ups to free up those Cloroxians (the ones
they control audit first, and the one’s they’re effect of are
handled second.

However, some of them will be found to never having

wanted to play in the first place, so after that’s done
instead of hatting them to audit, they are given the same
handling and R-fac as a ntp/ftp—even though they appear
to be much larger in magnitude.

Other hierarchal beings such as the Herans or Gaudians won’t

have that prior mock-up in effect, and the adept should only
look for other beings they’re in control of or connected to if
they don’t blow with a standard sequence.
So this is where some of the conditions of existence can be tied
back to confusions at the POO, therefore, suspect the beings at
that time must have known something about where they came
from, what they were, and who they were.

Whether one wants ‘to play’, ‘just be’ or ‘not to play’ are all
valid forms of self determined existence. But it sets up a
trialectic confusion in terms of intention if different beings with
different intentions are grouped. “To play” can be seen as a
first dynamic or third dynamic postulate; ‘just be’ as an
individual or group using a fifth-eighth dynamic postulate (fifth
would be ‘to exist’; eighth would be a pure just ‘be’) and ‘want
not to play’ as a pre-POO or eighth dynamic postulate. In
conflict, the purposes on each dynamic would have to be
sorted out and recognized until the confusion blew. Plus if the
beings were connected they’d have to pull back their
facsimiles, pushes, pulls, neutrals, connections, and intentions
out of each others’ spaces in order to do what they wanted to

Sample Process: for a Cloroxian composite/hierarchal being—

where some of the ‘beings’ were originally ‘want not to plays’:

● -After a read, Cloroxian comes up as the identity so

ask: ‘Since when?’ (If difficulty D/L with a meter) Spot
scan the prior confusion/first moment of prior
confusion, and ask who created it. Answer: ‘Clorox’. (all
these steps and answers usually read)
● -Remove the arrow (ntp/ftp, ob, plus ap/dp and
intention). Check if there were any other arrows
implanted at that time.
● -Have the beings scan back to the point of origin to see if
there were any other incidents, then from present-time
back to where their first ‘incident’ was. Usually they’ll
have missed everything except the OMU. Have them put
the confused facsimiles and intentions of that ‘incident’
back to its where and when, there and then; then spot the
prior confusion, first moment of prior confusion, and who
caused it. (answer: Hera, Sereet, Oha, Chuh, Tuva, Thero,
Loranth, Xeroth, and Clorox).
● -Then check if there have been any other influences
between the OMU back to when they were first usurped
in terms of identity/purpose (the Clorox incident). That
done, they have a track they can scan from PT—or use
the ‘8’ process.
● -Then, clear the meaning of: S,S,R,F,3,4 (at this level)
which is: Spot down the time track (view any incidents
from here to POO) -scan back up to present-time; look
around; put out some anchor points; create some
dynamics; the old game of entrapment is over, the new
game of freedom has begun, you can be in it and create
the future from your point of origin viewpoint; if you can
audit/ scale and unravel. Play, just be or not play—
whatever you like. When they understand that, they’ll
agree. Run the SSRF sequence.
● -then: spot/scan the prior confusions/first moments of
confusion, and who created them. Were they
sane. not sane? Itsa—for each incident and sp or set of
sps found ● - Spot/scan any earlier games back to the POO
● -Pull back your own aps, dps, intentions, postulates,
mock-ups, beingnesses, games and creations
to your own points of conception ● -Put any of the sps
aps, dps intentions, postulates, mock-ups, beingnesses,
games, crimes, crap and
corruption, back to their points of intention, there and
then, where and when. ● -What were you before? What are
you now? Can you audit/scale/unravel? (Yes) ● -What was
your purpose before/at the point of origin? What is it now?
What happened?

Then (specific for Cloroxians; others won’t usually have

anything like this) return them to that first incident where they
got arrowed for another look, and ask if they’re controlling
anyone in their space. (Read) Have them scale off using the
appropriate sequences: seven layers of ntp/ftps, a layer of obs,
and a layer of Pots they were given to control.. Then put the
facsimiles and intentions of that place and time back to there
and then. Next, have them spot the OMU, and
audit/scale/unravel the seven ntp/ftp layers, obs, pots and
perhaps thetan—thetan I/C mock-up (used to control them)
plus aps. dps, facsimiles and intentions that overwhelmed
them at that time.

After that check if they can put any ap, dps and intentions etc.
to their where and when they belong anywhere on the time
track. Ask: Can they audit/scale unravel well enough to clear
themselves and others? If all originally wanted to play and are
now rehabbed they’d say ‘yes. You’d say, well then that’s
what you should do and give them a What? What? Who?

But if that doesn’t occur there may be some who are so

disabused of life they don’t want to play under any
circumstance, or they never wanted to in the beginning and
they haven’t changed their mind. Therefore, the ‘group of
beings’ is still in conflict, so they have to take their: aps, dps,
facsimiles, pushes pulls, ridges, connections, and intentions
out of each others spaces. Which should get their rudiments in
with each other or else that can be checked.

Then ask the ‘Want not to plays’ to: Roll back any remaining
aps, dps and intentions to the points of conception. Spot/scan
(the time-track), R2 (exteriorize from any and all universes)
What? Who? At which time they’ll blow and go turn back
inward away from any agreed upon realities as we know them,
or turn back inwards on the 8th dynamic.

Which leaves the ones who now want to play. They can be
checked to see if they can/will audit/scale/ unravel (which
also gives them a way to avoid being trapped in the future)
And a last: Spot/scan, what, what, who.

Later on you may find that some don’t ‘want to play’ and
don’t ‘want not to play’. These are asked to: Roll back any
remaining aps, dps, and intentions to points of conception.
Spot/scan (the time-track) R5-8 (an indication which would
mean it’s okay to go just exist as part of the eighth dynamic
or life in it’s original condition) What are you? Who are you

End of cycle unless anything else has been bypassed.

After they were compromised these ‘being’ level individuals
were put in charge of a hierarchy within their own spaces—
different than trying to control someone exterior to
themselves as was the case later and as became the case
with other Henchmen symbiotes. This is the start of the
Cloroxian delusory U.

Herans, Loranthians, or Sereetans etc. from this era won’t

have the complexity of a prior hierarchy mixed under the one
or more they received at the OMU. (Some beings went
through that more than once—can be checked for if they don’t
blow after handling the first set.)

Typed out, this sequence or series of steps can appear long or

complex. For the adept who’s been auditing/ scaling/unraveling
at a conceptual level for a couple of thousand hours since the
start of the Ananda Rundowns, it should only take a few

Scale assessment:

● -entity ● -still trying to create a GH ● - ‘in-out’

perception/ridge connected to vagus nerve, meter,
computer, other electronics ● -using electro-magnetics to
control beings ● -true truths ● -false truths ● -true lies ●
-false lies ● -controlling an IDPM ● -getting sensation off
terrorism ● -the stupidity involved has gotten ridiculous ●
-self-abnegated, totally irresponsible ● -buttons, flows
bypassed ● -some artists and engineers tried to rebuild the
Temple of Gaud, but it ended up looking like the
OMU and everyone went in restim. ● -Gaudhead
composite but the GH is gone ● -Pot bullet used to bypass a
Cloroxian arrow ● -Flow zeroing your own ev. purp ● -don’t
want to create anymore ● -you’re a gaud because you
control little networks in space ● -last of the inverted gauds
● -Rem IDPMs, Rem GHs ● -GPM on OMU ● -more than one
● -influence in your space from more than one of the
original sp beings

The electronic implants:

These occured between a couple of trillion years ago and 675

trillion years ago. They remain active through electronic
imprint facsimiles in, on or around the body, through
connections (electronic communicator facsimiles somewhere in
space), then through the point of the implant (most around 249
mltyrs from here). All three can be scaled—for spotting and
sending back to points in space and time of their production,
connection and/or impact. What sets them apart from other
implants and perhaps why they’re so occluded, is they lead to
an analytical/ 8th dynamic case address, and that they affected
some of the Cloroxian-Want Not To Play- beings. There doesn’t
appear to be any ‘bad guys’ behind the implants. They arose in
a long term electronic civilization—that was the way society
was and what we did at that time in order to function (travel

The Cloroxian WNTPS appear to be source beings who were

arrowed and adopted the hierarchal identity his
followers/disciples had on an inverse vector of the OMU
incident. It’s only a consideration, whether or not they ‘never
did want to play’ or ‘decided not to’ because the integrity of
their inner space and self-determined actions had been so

This phenomena has roots in a ‘Source beings’ situation near

the point of origin. (We’re all source beings in the sense that
this is handled without differentiating sizes, types or who
wanted to create inward space and/or outward space.) It has to
do with the anatomy of perception—and where some of the
first problems arose between those who chose to play and
those who didn’t want to.

Say you’ve spotted some of these electronic facsimiles

attached to your nervous system and spotted the connection
facsimiles, and the implant facsimiles. Out of interest you D/L,
spot/scan etc.—and find its an electronic bar code system from
a big civilization that lasted a long time. Perhaps the code
identity helped whenever you wanted to pick up an electro-
magnetic wave and move somewhere . (Human bodies start
appearing to be a good mock-up because you don’t have to
check in before going grocery shopping.) This is mentioned
because this series of electronic implants appear to be a
societal form used to handle the physical universe as opposed
to some SP control deal. A way of life.

But the hangover is found in who they ‘keyed in/caved in’,

which remains in restim for some who were stuck in original
identities or superimposed identities that existed long ago. The
electronics were probably so restimulative because they
duplicated the vector situation at the point of origin. On-
neutral-off is a harmonic of play-just be-not play. Plus every
particle in this physical universe has a charge on it somewhere.

So, you spot/send these facsimiles to their ‘there and then.

Anyone who was in restim is handled per their sequence, and
you get down to ‘Source beings—SoBes’ who’ve been stuck at
or near the point of origin. The implants pulled or been pushed
them into some kind of connection or network involving all this.
How are they audited, scaled and unraveled?

Tech Theory:

• Imagine an infinite nothingness, then an area within it that’s a

• By perceiving that void or considering the possibility that before
life there was nothing, attributes of the void come to light.
• There’s a before and an after; an in and an out.
• Now imagine the potential for life to exist.
• From that arises perception of a regenerating universal
phenomena of existence.
• The anatomy of this perception at its most basic would be
defined as it relates to our viewpoints now, as—then, now, inside,
and outside.
• For any being, the next step would be self-realization
• Process ½ -repetitive brack (Flatten to blowdown the first one
So the source beings that have any problem with their own
intentions, or their intentions versus others’ intentions,
would be rehabbed by rehabbing the ability to perceive.

Step one:

1. “before, after, in, out”

2. “then, now, inside, outside” Step two: Dynamic scan

process Scan each dynamic to present time from point of origin

Step three: A Havingness remedy gradient. Pull in then throw

away: from electrons, to atoms, to particles, to balls, to

forests, to oceans, to whatever, to planets, to galaxies to

universes. Special Rud: If there’s a PTP of long duration, ie:

stuck with some ridge/conflict involving counter or other

intentionedness the handling is: -make a chart -on the left side

is the Sobe’s original intention (OI) -on the right side is any

other type of beings’ original intention, from a ntp, to viewbe,

all the way up to sp

beings or you -on each read, scale off the ridge between the
two sides (if it reads) by spotting and sending each original
intention (OI) back to its point of intention, creation, wherever
as long as the Sobe (who’s been restimed by the electronic
implant) gets his intentions unstuck and back to when he
created them. From his

viewpoint, the other beings conceptually get theirs back to

when they created theirs, at which point the long term present-

time problem ridges dissolve. So the chart goes: -- sobe (OI) vs

other type of being (OI) -- -with a line down the page vertically

and assess for intention conflict with: ntp, vb, kb, thetans,

thetan i/
cs, beings, suppressive beings, other sobes, want not to play
sobes, me. ‘Spot/send back’ the intentions on any read, when
it reads, to bd/fn

Step four: Assume, though they may have personally bypassed

most of the events on the time-track, that they’ve been
connected, through the restim, to beings who’ve been through
them, and that too can have caused some confusion. The
Sobes will be able to SSRF34, SSPrConf-1st mom-sources-
sane/not sane, SSearlier games to POO, Audit/scale/unravel?
Rehab Failed Purposes with purpose then? purpose now? What
happened? And handle any beings they’re still connected to
with standard sequences for that type of being. For example a
ntp/ftp would get its sequence from the source being; or a
Cloroxian WNTP would get its full sequence—if part of a

An additional step would be to have them spot any:

facsimiles ‘pushes’ (+s), pulls (-s), neutrals (+/-),
connections and intentions still influencing them -back to
the appropriate points of conception. Step five:
Is to ask if they want to play and if so can they audit well
enough to keep their own space or handle/free others at
which point it’s a what, what, who?

If they don’t want to play then it’s just a roll back of any
remaining aps, dps and intentions, plus ‘8’ SSR2WW?

The scale assessment for and the D/L spot/send handling of

these electronic implants are key to opening avenues to the
Sobes. It may also include finding that they’re snapped to
WNTPs, or Cloroxian WNTPs and others who also have to be

A similar restim phenomena occured 25-27 million years ago

for a short period.

It will be found that placing the POO at 8.0008Q and 2trltyrs

was arbitrary and that it can be agreed to for the purposes of
auditing/scaling and unraveling.

After spotting the electronic implant facsimiles and doing

any subsequent handlings, assess for entities being restimed

● -prayers
● -martyr postulates ‘to die’ such as agreed upon by
terrorist suicide bombers
● -priest/mullah control mechanisms
● -helped to create OMU
● -put postulates in Clorox’s space
● -failed purpose on original creator’s intent
● -arcx with original creator

The Aura-gin:
Sobes in a ‘group flow zero mock-up’ (they’re creating it
themselves) can be stuck in the transition from not beingness
to beingness or ‘just being’. They can be very influential plus
very caved in—having pulled back in the effect of any cause
they created from that viewpoint—especially if their intentions
other-determined any other beings in the game of life.

Lines and connections through time can grow long and

complex. It would be either overwhelming or virtually
impossible to locate or audit/ scale and unravel these
characters from influencing your dynamics if all the earlier
steps were not done—but they will read on a Flow zero Sobe
(after POO)/Auragin (before POO) creating an origin or
god/creator beingness and holding onto it or being stuck in it.

After the step three Havingness remedy they seldom read on

the OI table (Original intention vs original intention) except
between each other, which would mean they’ve put some kind
of agreement in each others’ spaces. In terms of rehabbing
purpose it’s seldom a grouping that includes just those who
intend to play and those who do not; some just want ‘to be’
without doing anything and consider their native state to be
that as part of a creator. If there’s confusion here, it can also
be handled with a spot of the prior confusion, 1st moment, and
‘Who was the source or who created it?

Additional handlings:

A) An additional step for remedying their havingness and

getting them auditable is to have them spot (whole hog) the
8th Universe—to bd/fn, then the 7th to bd/fn, etc back to the
1st. Then the area from the OMU to the 1st, then the Cloroxian/
suppressive/delusional universe, then the area of games back
to the POO, then their own situation.

B) In terms of regaining/adopting some ‘individual perception

‘and ability to make decisions about what they want to do, the
adept can rehab their ability to put out Position Points, Anchor
Points and Dimension points. Have them do one PP in space
and time, then take it back. Then rehab the ability to put
position points in agreement with others to create dimension
points (then unmock or take back their own pp). Plus have
them demo how they could carry a point around (anchor point)
into another space and time, then take it back to its point of
conception and have the effect of it dissolve.—the position
point doesn’t need to dissolve, just the intention attached that
was used to create it.
C) After they’ve spotted the U’s process they can actually spot
the overall facsimile of it all.

D) Some may not have any other beings attached to their

space in which case in order to answer the question whether
they can audit/scale/unravel or not, they’d have to look
around, find someone to audit -and do it.

E) ‘Want to Play’—’Want to just Be’—’Want not to Play’

Re-use the example just stated (after rolling back from an

electronic implant to find a group of Auragin, Flow Zero
creating a stuck point reality somewhere around the POO) for
the next demo.

What if the group is still hanging together. Some may want to

be first dynamics, some may see themselves in life as part of
a group entity (third dynamic), some may see themselves only
as part of an eighth dynamic. The impulses can conflict in
each others’ inner spaces After that they can do the (Play at
cause Question) and audit with the what, what, who?

Another grid can be constructed for them to spot/recognize in

terms of intention:

● -1,3,8 ● -3,1,8 ● -8,1,3 ● -8,3,1 ● -3,8,1 ● -1,8,3

• or something similar that will put order into this mixing or

inner realities environment

You could handle the WNTPs, WJTBs, and WTPs yourself with
their final steps:

1) WNTP—Roll back any remaining aps, dps, and intentions to

their points of conception SS, R-2, WW?

2) WJTB—Roll back any remaining aps, dps, and intentions to

their points of conception, SS, R5-8, WW?

3) WTP—SS any remaining ap, dps etc to their there and

then, can you audit/scale/unravel? (yes) Then that’s what
you should do while playing the game. WWW?
As long as they don’t have charge on what they’re
being/doing/ having from this point forward (whether they’re
in the game of life or not) then with that charge/resistance
‘gone’ they can’t influence your space or dynamics—because
the connections were also handled—right? At this point
consider future options, and magnitudes of the problem. It
would be better if the Auragin were to audit themselves and
any others they happen to know, so have the ‘want to plays’
handle the WNTPS and WJTBs before you give them their final
go. That’s returning a little pan-determinism to the mix.


How serious can all this be in terms of restim affecting

peoples’ perception, thoughts and actions, or a planetary
condition? The ‘Cloroxian—Want not to play’ entities really
got jacked with the recent terrorists and this suicidal die for
Allah deal.

Additionally, in terms of skewing other research on the 7th

dynamic, Hubbard figured there were major incidents at Hawaii
and the Canary Islands. A geological study of tectonic plates in
the late Cretaceous period, puts both those locations down
near the Yucatan. Sound familiar? Do we hear a meteor adding
to the mass of the planet and wiping out the dinosaurs? The
explosion that destroyed a planet ended up sending a piece
through the frozen silence that hit this planet and exploded 10
million years later. Anyone attached might think there was just
one explosion.

Some Aura-gin, so disabused of the idea of life as it had

progressed (especially through to the Protentia civilization with
all its psych implants) actually postulated ‘making a clean
slate’. The ones stuck with the justifiers ever since still haven’t
resolved the confusion caused by the mysteries of their own
existence, which holds that third part of the Inc. II mess in
place and connected to them in PT.

If you hit that (an incident we call the ‘Yucatan’) expect your
meter to freak out. Just start auditing, scaling and unravelling,
every type of being or composite being you’ve ever audited
with their appropriate sequences. If there are any Auragin,
handle the justifiers and rehab their perception before freeing
them. They probably wouldn’t have been involved if they
hadn’t been dragged into restim by the electronic coding
implants. Then pick up another meter and see if you’re back
to normal. It’s actually an IDPM that’s attracted/accumulated
various degrees of negative interest and connection through
spaces and times.

After any of these incidents that affect the eighth dynamic, it’s
always necessary to check that no one was bypassed,
remained stuck, or was overlooked. It’s also good to spot any
Primary flow (your own) ‘pushes (+s), pulls (-s), electronic type
ridges (+/-)s or neutrals, connections, and intentions that may
have remained be unviewed or hung-up in a wrong space and

In this POO area, the prior confusion handlings used for any ev-
purp, O/W, Stuck identities, failed purpose, etc. taken to ‘who
caused it’ can be answered by ‘we did’ or ‘God did’ depending
on the dynamic viewpoint. God defined as the beingness with
the idea for life and the ability to create beings. A handling that
comes to this point can bypass unhandled characters and case,
and can be physically very painful until resolved. So it’s
necessary to do each prior step on each prior Rundown very
The Source/Rejuvenation Rd

Part two: Conception

For the purposes of auditing/scaling/unraveling, assume the

best definition for the original creator is a metaphor: ‘the
womb of life’ or a •womb beingness’ that doesn’t necessarily
have one viewpoint, though it may be singular in purpose and
that was ‘to be’ or ‘to create life’.

Before perception there’d be conception. ‘Spot/scan’ wouldn’t

work in a reality without space and time, but ‘spot/recognize’
would and may be necessary if beings were turned inward and
their personal realities were meshed—like in a theta reality
located where in meets out and before meets after.

Per the definition ‘Source Beings’ are stuck at or just after the
Point of Origin. Auragin can be stuck at or just before the Point
of Origin. And the ‘POO’ can be assessed to see is there’s any
disagreement on it. We can assume at least some beings knew
where they came from, what they were, and who they were for
the first quarter of life’s timetrack. (Or until Clorox and his
henchmen decided to have themselves elected gaud.)
Therefore, looking back toward the point of origin from a place
later on, the eighth dynamic might just look like a god even
though you were born of its fabric, and on the eight dynamic
may still maintain or regain that awareness. One supposes
your dynamics are intended to and would work in concert
rather than in conflict—if they’re your own. The situation may
change whenever others become involved—even though you
share a point of origin.

Process sequence:


● -nothingness
● -a void (with its attendant: before, after; in, out vectors)
● -the potential for existence
● -the regenerating universal phenomena of existence
● -self-realization


● -three dynamics: -1,3,8 / -8,3,1/ -3,1,8 / -8,1,3 / -3,8,1 /


Put out and pull back:

● -position points
● -dimension points
● -anchor points

Scan the dynamics to present-time.

Pull in then push out (on a gradient): sub-atomic particles,

balls, forests, oceans, a planet, planets, galaxy (whatever
wording) up to universe or universes.
Spot/scan each universe from this one: 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,
Pre-U, Cloroxian, earlier games/ illusion agreement U,
POO and your own situation then and there.

Pull back or spot/send any facsimiles, pushes, pulls,

neutrals, connections, and intentions to their there and

WTPs (players) can handle any connections with correct

sequences, and any WNTPs or WJTBs.
Confusions on any rudiments handle e/s to first time, first
moment and who caused it.

Types of Auragin can be recognized by what they want to do—

their intentions.


• almost every type of being, identity or just entity has

been addressed. As have the purposes, old games and
structure. The parameters and sequences for handling,
including theory, have been laid out. Doubtless, things will
show up; connections as yet unexplained will come to view,
but auditing/scaling/ unraveling can be applied to good

You will find, as was stated in the Unified Theory, that Clorox
eventually became antagonistic toward life itself. Following
that, he shot some of his arrows into what he conceived to be
the creator or womb of life. They can be removed. That failing
to make him cause, he tried to force some of his followers to
attack it too. Their intentions can be removed to the point
where they originated and those who were affected can be

But before that and before the OMU, Clorox first (then the
other henchmen) understood how to exploit the process of
conception. They created a sequence of facsimiles that were
the reverse steps: self-realization—universal phenomena of
existence (regenerating aspect deleted)--potential for
existence—void—nothingness—and put subject beings through
the sequence so their own identities and purposes would be
unmocked. These facsimile packages can be called ‘Inverse
Wombs’. Some are still floating around with their attendant
hierarchies of beings—they were the main tools that made
possible the magnitude of the ‘Original Misunderstood’ incident
and how it’s affected almost everyone. Derivations come into
play in the prior confusions of each major incident where the
henchmen subjugated others. e.g.: Loranth in 7thU turning bts
and cls into mimickers and infinities. The real womb of life
regenerates and rejuvenates—these don’t. Their existence
even in facsimile form is a problem that we or the Auragin
should be able to handle with auditing, scaling and unraveling.

Scale/assess each dynamic from one to eight.

● -On flow 1 assess the first dynamic for influence, outward
from your body, then inward, then in/on/
around. ● -then go on to Flow 2, then 3, then Flow zero. ●
-The next step would be to do Flow 1 on the second
dynamic, etc. ● -And so on, until all the dynamics are clear
of influence

Then take a look at the Evolvement Theory, and the Rubber-

Band Theory. Thanks.

The Evolvement Rundown and the Rubber Band Theory

Pre-requisites are:

Having learned to handle basic seventh dynamic phenomena

—that is the superficial effects of other beings on your space
including your body, and having regained enough awareness
to understand how they can influence your perceptions,
thoughts and feelings. .

Then having spent a few thousand hours

auditing/scaling/unraveling the confused matrix involving:
time, place, form, event, who, what, where, when, why, types
of beings and types of realities that preceded this current
state of affairs—all the while understanding that ninety-eight
percent of life is okay, things are bound to turn out right, and
that it’s only a small percentage of the remaining that’s
mostly unknowingly screwing up the rest.
This is laid out in the Unified Theory and handled by doing the
Ananda, Mettaya, Adept/Researcher and Source/Rejuvenation

If you try to go ahead and try to handle 8th dynamic

misconception and influence using the Evolvement Rundown
before doing the above—look out—the odds are that
someone other than you helped to create the situation. We
can only tell you how to handle connections and case
address. The gradient sequence as laid out in the Rundowns
frees a lot of beings and teaches them how to remain free—
violating this part of the path to understanding may be
considered betrayal in more than one dimension.

The Rubber Band Theory

Duplicate the following and you might even get invited along
to help create the next star.

Beings are not qualities or quantities. Those are created by

beings. Any logics or processes that just rely on dichotomies
or dialectics are bound to miss the boat, bypass case and
eventually cause a new round of suppressive dramatization.
The basic misconception/lie behind identification aberrations
appears to be: ‘you are what you create’. Take it a step
further and one can see why the ‘hierarchical being’ format
(functional for creating subjective or objective mock-ups)
persisted for so long and but eventually became the vehicle
for so many weird intentions.

Consider a type of binary star system: two terminals or suns

in an elliptical dance. One is large and spins quickly on it’s
axis—gases and mass fly off, gravity unable to contain the
inertia. The other is smaller, a tighter spin, more condensed—
it’s gravity attracts the mass given off by it’s more volatile
partner. Possibly, someday they’ll become just one sun. Over
half the star systems in the Milky Way are binaries. This
movement of mass can be demonstrated by wrapping a
rubber band around two pens (terminals) then making them
rotate as they revolve around each other.

Now define a terminal as a being or as a group of beings

operating as an entity. Each has its own case or mass
connected to: facsimiles, out of place position points and
dimension points, other connections/ influences, and false
purposes, etc. Oddly enough, if I’m one of those terminals and I
have had an experience in common with another terminal,
under restimulative conditions there’s enough reality for
charge/mass/case to move either way along the rubber band.

Are Cloroxians restimulating the Taliban/Al-Queda, or are the

Taliban/Al-Queda restimulating the Cloroxians? They don’t
know. Does the Kaaba act as a current restimulator on an
old false point of origin? Only an Adept has the tools to find
As one who audits/scales/unravels can perceive the
influence of others connected to his/her space, that other
terminal can also be connected to another, then another,
then another.

The boundaries of various spaces and times are coursed with

rubber bands to the degree there were events of magnitude
in those dimensions involving terminals who got stuck in the
identities and purposes used during those events.

Adepts first clear up their own reactive facsimiles, then they

get a glimpse at the kind of mechanisms and facsimiles others
have caused them, then they get the idea of ‘who’ behind the
why and start scaling it all back. When their own case is
relatively clear on all dynamics, it’s time to go out looking for
pockets of restim in the environment.

Long term rubber band connections can be really incredible

and extremely esoteric. Every tool learned on prior rundowns
comes into play. The more occluded the beings, the further
down the time-track they’re stuck dramatizing and the more
extended the handlings plus R-factors.

Only a full understanding of life’s history can give the adept

enough insight to discern where conditions being dramatized in
present-time were solutions intended to solve some long ago
problem, or if they’re just derivatives of some old suppressive
intention counter to life’s basic purposes.

You may find it odd that we handle so much negative stuff,

but if a being was totally okay there wouldn’t be anything
to handle.

Evolvement Rundown: Part One

Step one:

• Review the handlings for each type of being addressed so


• Review the handlings for Conception and Perception

• Spot how the prior confusion and first moments of prior

confusion at the Point of Origin (from the model we’re using)
were enforced/superimposed after the fact. That is, the
confusion around the time of the Original Misunderstood was
taken back along the time-line to the Point of Origin—for a
reason, by someone. It’s handled by repetitive spotting then
asking ‘Who caused it?’

Step two:

• look at any area of the environment you’re interested

in, that has mass or a negative external influence. Audit,
scale and unravel it all.

• assess for out of place mass or facsimiles of mass from

other universes and spot/send them back to their where and
when. Anyone connected? Handle.

• assess the Periodic Table. Different elements were

formed at different times. Just as toxins can be removed
from the body, facsimiles of toxic elements and those heavy
enough to have not been discovered yet, can linger through
non-examination. Spot/send to their where and when.

• If you end up with vacuum spaces in your own reality:

mock up eight duplicates of the nothavingness, push them
out and away as far as they’ll go from each other; have them
snap/collapse back together (preferably not in your space)
then throw away the not-have concoction.

If your havingness goes up and you pull in a few million

dollars, let us know. We might accept a commission.

• Assess, energy, atomic particles, electricity, organic

chemicals etc. Handle appropriately.

Step three:
• Look over, read the materials you studied or were inhibited
from studying in earlier practices, especially things like R-6, CC
implants, Whole Track GPMs and assess any items for reads if
you have been told or have been educated to believe—that’s
all there is to it. It’s not. This time look for the third rail. If the
dichotomies are the two rails of a subway, there’s a third rail
giving the train engine power. There are beings involved
before, after, in and around. They may have to scale earlier
similar. They may have a few rubber bands to unravel.

Evolvement Theory: Part two.

The part that ties the Unified Theory to the Rubber Band
Theory and also incorporates the first part of the Evolvement
Theory with a taste of Dimensional theory..

When the game of life started, most beings went off to create
the playing fields and things. Eventually there came a time
when many got totally unmocked by some suppressive beings.
This phenomena reacted back to some beings who had chosen
not to enter the game: Auragin, Source Beings, ntps. The Adept
found it necessary to handle their restim whether it be
electronic (plus, minus, neutral = play, not play or just be) or

This also led to the spot/recognize Conception and Perception

cycles of auditing/scaling/unraveling in order to rehab some of
the most occluded beings—those who’d lost any concept who
they were or what they were doing. This was usually caused
during the OMU and prior incidents, especially with hierarchical
Cloroxians usurping someone’s inner space by inserting other-
determined, ntps, obs and pots, then convincing them to be
part of a plan involving, trapping and controlling others. Clorox
created the first of their ‘composite mock-ups’ and it went on
from there even going so far as to set dissenters out of any
agreed upon space with a double shot OMU. Eventually, even
the tacit followers were trapped by Henchmen devices. An
incredible series of events—albeit incomplete and from our
judgment (based on a rationality toward understanding) --
amoral and/or insane.

Yet the overall facsimile would be like an inverse womb—one

that shortcuts and inverts the cycle of creation an original
viewpoint has gone through.
One started (on the conception cycle) by spotting nothing, then
a void in the nothing that held aspects of a point where before-
after/in-out meet, then the potential for existence, then the
regenerating universal phenomena of existence (which evolves
outwards and inwards) then, for each being—self realization.

After that (on the perception cycle) the being rehabs the
ability to create position points, dimension points and anchor
points; then spots the potential confusion from having its
first, third and eighth dynamic activities cross-up. (Morso
than with the other dynamics at this point early on but here
we have beings actually creating quantities and qualities.).

Then they spot the (before-after/in-out) existence pre-POO; and

compare it to the (then-now/inside-outside) manner of
existence in any later universe. At which point they can scan
their dynamics up to PT, then run a gradient shove it in—throw
it out type of havingness on each Universe back to the point of
origin. At which point they’re checked for any remaining
unresolved facsimiles, pp/ap/dps, connections or intentions—
even ruds, if still other-determined or unclear.

This was done as an undercut remedy for those who couldn’t

regain their identities with the normal spot/scan, R-factor,
scaling and unraveling done on the prior Rundowns. It now
starts becoming part of the required standard handling for any
being who had enough magnitude to generate any inner
reality of its own.

They can then, when cleared of other-determined influence, be

asked what they want to now do:

• Play(audit self and others)?

• Not play(turn back inwards)?

• Just be(a fifth dynamic/eight dynamic state looking

• Return to being on the eighth dynamic? (R-factor 8 for
the newbes, Re-factor 10 for the ones who want to restart as
‘Point of conception’ beings.

• Or do their own thing (in which case they’d still have to

be able to audit/scale/ unravel in order to remain free)? R-
Assessed in that order the correct answer will read; when the
read is found, they are given the R-factor: ‘Roll back any
remaining fascicles and aps/dps—Spot scan, do whatever it is
they’ve chosen to do to create the future. What? What? Who?

As the charge and confusion comes off this area, it becomes

easier to differentiate and the R-facs become more specific
especially for those connected to the eighth dynamic. But
there will be far less beings to handle.

It will be found the Auragins’ basic purpose was to protect

‘premature beings’. Beings still part of the eight dynamic
inward/outward evolving cycle, viewpoints who weren’t yet
ready to go out on their own. The handling for an Auragin is R-
fac#9+2 or R-fac #11.

Roll back, etc. Then: ‘You still have to be able to

audit/scale/unravel in order to do your job. Can you? (yes)
Spot. Scan. Go/return to protecting the pre-mes (premature
ones). What are you? Who are you?.

For source beings (Sobes on the prior Rds) it will be found that
their basic purpose was to protect life itself . Their R-fac is also
a combo with ‘R-fac#9 --do your own thing’ because they have
the magnitude to do it—but they’ve chosen to do an eighth
dynamic job and like the Auragin they’re connected to it. R-
fac#9+3 or R-fac#12 is: ‘Rollback, etc. You still have to be
able to audit/scale/ unravel to do your job. Can you? (Yes) Spot.
Scan. Go/return to protecting ‘life’. What are you? Who are

Now either of these, if they’d been drawn out into the

universes, may have had to do the spot/scan type processes
including the pulling back of their own ap/dps, intentions etc.
and the spot/send type processes—putting the Sp intentions to
their where and when, and so on to get into the spot/recognize
type processes where they rehab their own cycles of
conception and perception, before getting to the R-facs.

• There is a horrible purpose to be confronted later, but if a

group of premature beings got trapped outside the eighth
dynamic: they are immediately told to spot the confusion of
that situation, spot the prior confusion at the point of origin
and who caused it, then the spot/ recognize of each step in
the cycle of conception—then very quickly shown the spot/
recognize steps in the cycle of perception used by others (out
here) with a speedy scan up and back down the track, where
they’ll almost immediately opt for the ‘become part of the
eight dynamic’ option again and instantly do it with R-fac#8
before you can finish saying: what are you, who are you?

• ntp/ftps have most always opted for the R-fac#2. It will

be found that the reason for this is that they’re seventh
dimensional viewpoints who’s normal ‘inner reality’ is in the
eight dimension and outer reality is in the sixth dimension
(the space created by the eighth dynamic. ref: Dimensional

• viewbes, knowbes and pots (who for the most part ended
up identifying with things or identities, (E. g.: bts and clusters,
grouped IDs) and who never created much in the way of their
own inner realities, will be found to consider the eighth
dynamic their inner reality—which is neat, because their
original purposes—to perceive and know—were created on the
eight dynamic and align with life’s original purpose which was
‘to understand’.

• Thetans and thetan I/Cs, who are so adept at creating

space and time with their almost perfect aligning of abilities to
create agreed upon position points, are also working on a basic
eighth dynamic postulate/role in the game of life.

Some Gaudians at the OMU were given the job to trap them—
when they collapsed a thetan-thetanI/C space, the thetans and
thetan I/Cs immediately snapped to them and stuck them at
that point in time. This can be unraveled.
One can also see one reason why Clorox and the
hierarchical beings got so frustrated when the thetans
and thetan i/cs wouldn’t agree with their initial evil

Those who are still stuck back there on the time track, after
they’ve run their spot scans and cleared up any effects from an
OMU, may have do the cycles of conception and perception
before they R-fac. These were stopped in their tracks while still
operating on their primary 8th dynamic purpose and will want
to regain that. So they get R-fac#9+4 or R-fac#13-- which is
#9 with the added ‘go out and create space and time’ What
are you? Who are you?

One last R-fac that may come in handy on the next part of the
Rundown. It’s for resistive cases/ hostile type beings—who
now know you totally know what’s been going plus have them
running through the paces and processes. They find
themselves without their false gauds and not having done
anything particularly bright with their opportunities in life.—
none of the above choices may appear appealing, even when
they’ve been cleared.

These get R-fac#10-1/2 after answering, or perhaps not

answering: “Do you want to go where only your original
creator can find you?” (Yes) Roll them back and send them on
their way. There’s a certain nothingness about that place
where none of their pps or intention will get any heed. The
truly resistive can be asked if they want their original creator
to audit them—which is not a real dream for someone who’s
been out destroying life and stupidly stuck in the
dramatization for eons.—a little ethics presence that tends to
impinge on delusory realities.

Many of these, after a while cooling their jets, will come back
and want to do an eighth dynamic R-fac. As the injected or
adopted idea that some false guad had created them gets
more and more uncomfortable to hold onto, they may even
opt to return to a pre-conception regenerating part of life in
upper dimensions—meaning they’ll be washed clean of any
remnants from their individual or group identities—those will
no longer exist, but perhaps some day they’ll get a new
viewpoint, grow up and take another stab at the game—but
they won’t be the same being.

Later on this step becomes an intro to the handling sequence

given for ‘life stuck in an identity or purpose’ as laid out in
Dimensional theory—and eventually the whole idea of being
created by some kind of Gauds can be dispensed with.

Theoretically there’s at least one point that maintains some

kind of character in every dimension: What the suppressive
gauds did—between the Cloroxian injections of beings (that
mocked up Cloroxians) and the OMU injections of beings into
inner realities to create other hierarchical beings and the GH-
0 format—was create a singular point of agreement between
their “controlled realities”. They then said that was the Point
of Origin (a lie used to trap) and it was used to make naive
beings abnegate their own identity or viewpoints..

This lie shows how a false point of origin can be created and
inserted into someone’s reality after the fact; the extension of
which is to make you think you were actually separated from
some ‘body of theta’ or ‘universal consciousness’ which is
bogus (Where did it go?) and puts someone through a fake

This deception then sends most beings into a cycle of self-

abnegation, death, no potential, void, then nothing—which is
a short circuit inverse of the cycle of creating a viewpoint—
and it makes someone totally susceptible to being other-

There’s not a lot of matter or energy around at that point—

so the actual mock-up of a complex identity did involve
agreement/incorporation of other beings—just as the
creation of any reality did involve getting agreement on
position points (from other beings of whatever magnitude)
--the intention involved decides whether it’s aberrative or

Theory and data:

As stated, the OMU was like a false 8th dynamic upset—it

was imposed by others with a lie as opposed to any normal
sequence of individuation/individualization that would create
a definable separation between terminals. This lie sequence
can also be viewed as an inverse womb: taking someone
from self-realization, to universal phenomena of existence
not regenerating (death), to no potential for existence, to
void, to nothing—which equals, in terms of identity and
purpose, becoming totally unmocked, totally controlled—or
in some cases dormant.

Accusations of false crimes against false gauds, or being

accused of being confused after someone spent their time
doing just that to you—more or less to turn you into nothing
—is just the salt and pepper on this unwanted meal.

Womb out—inverse womb in. Metaphors or analogies.

Inner reality totally usurped by the suppressives in the
manner and sequences, times and places revealed on
the earlier rundowns.

Later on, to stay with this womb theme, as the suppressives

were trying to set themselves up as false gauds, look at the
sequences prior to each of the various Godhead implants—
one through eight.
The Henchmen can be seen putting trapped beings through
various ‘false wombs’ derivative of the OMU inverse womb to
create false identities for entities which they controlled. E.g.:
SBs at Xoth, Gen at the City of Angels, Loranth creating
mimickers and infinities in the 7th U. The Tog can be seen as a
super false womb, able to trap anyone—it even came with a
surrogate gaud for everyone to hold onto.

Womb—inverse womb—false womb. That is a major rubber


No wonder babies cry when they’re born.

Evolvement Rundown: step four

• Spot any inverse wombs, false wombs or facsimiles of

surrogate gauds back to their where and when. Handle
anyone attached with the appropriate handlings for each type
of being, including spot, scan, R-factors etc. Some of these
heavy (in terms of mass and significance) facsimiles will have
some pretty basic postulates and confusions, which when all
cleared up, leave chunks of not have, residual enforced have,
zero have (death) etc. in your space which can all be tossed in
the aforesaid manner for getting rid of no-havingness..

• Dormancy itself, or long periods of it, after such things as

the OMU, 1st U, or collapse of the 7th U can be dated for time,
location and duration—then tossed, if it’s still affecting your
primary dynamics. Going beyond the effects on your own
personal dynamics could become the most incredible waste of

• don’t be surprised if you wake up a dead neighbor. Also

don’t be surprised if you start f/ning (on solo cans) at 5.0.
You’re starting to f/n on the fifth and sixth dynamic
environment and the eighth dynamic—as well as yourself.

Theory and data:

The difference between the Original Creator of potential

viewpoints and a False Gaud, that a false gaud never did
and never could create another being. Beings like us, and
the suppressive beings, started with freedom—that is free
will—not only to create outwards but inwards as well.
Those whose inner realities succumbed to Henchmen
intentions were promised gaudlike powers over other beings,
or they were forced to use their intentions to usurp control of
what they felt were lesser beings. Just because you can create
a position point doesn’t mean you can create a being. Just
because you can trap a bt doesn’t mean you can trap all

Now the original being maintains its benign unselfish state

in order to create other potential viewpoints. It didn’t
perceive or initially understand what happened out there
when Clorox went raving loony and tried to stop everyone
doing what they were doing so he could force them to do
what he wanted them to do.

That type and level of intention had never been seen before.
At first it was just the other-determining of someone or a
groups of someones with his arrows (as defined on the Unified
theory) Then at 6.0028 Q - 614 bltyrs we find him creating
Cloroxians by inserting seven layers of ntps, a layer of obs,
and a pot into someone else’s inner space. Other henchmen
were never so complex in their design—usually resorting to
lies, upper dimensional facsimiles, and for most, the insertion
of a pot into someone else’s inner space to usurp self-

But Clorox knew he’d never be ‘The Power’ no matter how

many beings he trapped, if the ‘Original Creator’ as viewed
from his delusory viewpoint of the eighth dynamic, kept
creating more beings. (He eventually attacked so much of life
that beings and life in other states began ducking his intent
-just as flora and fauna try to escape the wrath of a forest
fire.) Insane rationalizations were a result of his intent leading
his viewpoint into part of the 11th dimension—conceptual
amorality is defined in the Dimensional Theory.

Similarities are seen dramatized in reality with totalitarian

dictators and psychotic priest-types.

The OMU, inverse womb sequence that led to the ‘end of

times’ where all were to be impregnated with a seven layer jolt
of ntps, layer of obs, and pots... (plus anyone else like thetans-
I/Cs, or self abnegators and totally irresponsible succumbers
who happened to be in close range)...also fixated any prior
hierarchical beings (Herans, Loranthians, Cloroxians or
whoever) with their prior injected identities. This occurs at
6.001 Q- 600.1 bltyrs from here.

It’s in that intervening era that the true/false eighth

dynamic/seventh dynamic conundrum unfolds and the
dimensions where life exists start to get crossed up.

From his delusory viewpoint atop his delusory hierarchy

Clorox saw the Original Creator as having a body composed of
pre-mes (premature beings). He’d already ‘seen’ the ntp
reality (there were no artificial barriers between dimensions)
and he’d already usurped a few of those.

There also wasn’t a lack of access to the eight dynamic—it

was an incubator for life and life was expressing itself through
a number of types of beings—all had viewpoints but not all
perceived their role to be the same. So it was possible in a
naive age for beings like Clorox to covertly mock themselves
up as original creators. The how is interesting because each
being has to, to some extent, be responsible for their own
condition if they are to exist as an individual identity, and
groups are only made up of individuals. The ntp objective
reality (perceiving the evolvement of the eighth dynamic) left
their subjective realities exposed to other intentions.

At that time, their susceptibility to fifth dimension/seventh

dynamic intentions became a liability in regards to eighth
dynamic/sixth dimensional integrity and security. This
relationship is now changing.

Using the trapped ntps, the suppressives went through the

sequence of coercing followers as laid out in the Unified
Theory and handled with the Rundowns tech. But it was when
Clorox convinced some of his followers that they should attack
the eighth dynamic and take pre-mes to make bodies—so that
they could become real gauds and he be the True Chosen
Gaud—that was when things really go off the rails.

There were dissenters—perhaps like you and I—who as part

of our inner realities had not given up that space we shared
on the eighth dynamic/sixth dimension. We were to be
summarily destroyed -not likely, though we still contend with
these influences in our lives. Child porn artists and
pedophiles, child soldiers recruited to hack off their victim’s
limbs so their leaders can control diamond mines, cultish
child brainwashing—here are the roots of the most base
human intentions, diseases and action. Exploitation of the
premature and immature in order to be cause.

Using our concept of time, it took a great deal of time for this
drama to unfold—before any thetan wars, before any mixing of
the illusory and delusory realities. Ninety-nine percent of
beings were affected by the time the OMU mass disintegrated
—a major part of the eighth dynamic was damaged. The
collapse of the 7thU after the Tog—Inc1 mess affected eighty-
six percent of beings, yet things had been learned—only a
small part of the eighth dynamic was affected.

Why? Well that has to do with why we’re using the fourth
dimension now and that can be discussed later when enough
charge has been removed so that one is able to perceive the
original mosaic or structure of life. Everything’s going to turn
out right sooner or later but sooner or later actually depends
upon what you’re able to do.
Not all Cloroxians did the nasty deed on the pre-mes, and very
few of the other Henchmen followers even tried. Attacks on a
benign eighth dynamic can create case for the Sobes and
Auragin—ill prepared for such an event. Training them to
audit/scale and unravel will hopefully prevent it ever
happening again. This area is also where so many ntps are
taken to become the glue for so many entities in the thetan
wars and where the obs and pots were made to carry OMU
intent—’to control and trap others in order to be cause’. And
this is where, you find premature beings being held onto as
false bodies for pseudo gauds.

Hierarchical culprits aren’t usually willingly to come forth with

their overt. If it is found they are connected to trapped
premies, then the premies are the priority. Return them to the
eight dynamic/ sixth dimension as stated above before any
other handlings can continue. Premies cannot go through
other/later incidents but can only quickly scan off any effects
before returning. They can spot/ recognize the cycle of a
creation for a viewpoint: Nothing, void, potential for existence,
rejuvenating universal phenomena of existence and self-
realization. Then given R-factor-8 and what, who.

So some beings tried to trap everyone and destroy the original

creator of potential viewpoints. Stupid idea. Their personal
fates were delineated in the prior rundowns. Their
restimulative effects might take a while to resolve. Religious
seers have tried to define what happened—got parts of it right,
most of it remained unknown, and there was never a way to
resolve it all.

This is the doorway to clearing up any charge on your eighth

dynamic. Don’t try going through until you’re certain you can
handle anything stated before this point and have a good track
record of results. Things can be either incredibly complex, or
natural. Try not to leave anything lying around on the other
dynamics—just the aspect of entering the sixth dimension
tends to bypass those who long ago tried to separate you from
it and the eighth dynamic. That’s a big rubber band. The first
‘false womb’ after the first ‘inverse womb’ was a false eighth

Auditing, Scaling and Unraveling the Eighth Dynamic:

• check flows, especially flow zero group mock-ups, if

any of the above keeps popping up when you’re looking

• the Unified theory model puts the Point of Origin at

8.008Q, 2 trillion light years from here. Scale assess in and
out, and around. Anything active outside those wheres and
whens will have a double shot OMU to unravel. Very few
groups of beings will have more, so if they’re still hung up,
they’re connected to someone else—whatever the reason.

• Assume a viewpoint in the Eighth dynamic. This where the

Auragin and the Sobes have been, and where the Conception
cycles have been spot/recognized. Assume you know what
happened when it was attacked, how it was done. Charge
would come from out of place position points, dimension points
and anchor points, put there or left there—spot them back to
their actual points of conception. Any lingering intentions can
also be washed away as defined on the Ananda Rd. Check to
see if any ntps are out of place. These would have been taken
out of their original reality, used for some device, then pushed
back into the eight dynamic carrying other-determined aps/dps
and intentions.

Handle. Same idea goes for any other type of being or group
of beings. Each have their appropriate handlings, so look at
this cycle as cleaning up a space.

• Now, each time you do the above, or get drawn into it on

some other rubber band, it’s going to bypass someone or
something else on another dynamic that’s banded back to
the basic confusion on the creation of life—at the Point of
Creation (not actually the point of origin for a viewpoint
playing the game).

That’s why it was so necessary to do the other rundowns so

well on the gradient they define, so you wouldn’t be bypassing
enormous amounts of charge and confusion right now. If that’s
what’s happening, go back down the gradient to where you’re
comfortable. You may have a point of missing history that can
now be confronted. Start from there before working your way
back up to this dynamic.

Assess: -check for a false ‘self’

• check for a false ‘original being’

• check for mass that came from another dimension (spot,

spot, spot) and follow the rubber band (spot, spot, spot). Check
for any beings.

• check for any eighth dynamic type of beings who may

have gone to the wrong place after auditing/
scaling/unraveling, and have them spot the eighth dynamic
after checking to see if something was done in error in their
prior handling. What, what, who?

The ‘Original Being’;

This is not advertised but will become broad public issue in a

little novel called ‘Smoking cigarettes with God’. There was a
lot to talk about. The cycles of conception and perception were
a little different for the original being—an interesting
phenomena. When the rest of the dynamic is aligned, this will
be your other terminal at the other end of a good rubber band.
The idea of using ‘dimensions’ which are based upon
mathematical formulas to describe some things is somewhat
bogus except for descriptive and differentiative purposes. To
the metaphor/simile ‘womb-like’, add the terms ‘seed’ and
‘germinate’, but beings are not qualities or quantities, they’re
beings, so you’ll be able to toss all descriptive terms when you
get the opportunity to perceive the following:

Imagine a complete nothingness—an objective vacuum without

Imagine a subjective nothingness—also a vacuum without

In physics, when a vacuum collapses, it creates kinetic

energy, but here just imagine a point where these two meet.
The point ‘between in and out’. A where.

Now these nothingnesses or voids have the potential to either

exist or not exist. If they exist, there’s a before now or before
they exist; and if they can cease to exist, there’s an after now
or after they exist. We’re only discussing potentials.

So to this point ‘where’ add the characteristic of ‘when’ and

call it ‘between before and after. The point between ‘before
and after—in and out’. Partly conceptual and partly
theoretical, partly inductive, partly deductive, but we know
life exists so what happened?

This ‘point’ is like a seed germinating—there’s an abrasiveness

where the subjective and objective nothingnesses meet. Why?
Because if the nothingnesses persist they also have a ‘before
and after’, and if they’re different they must have an ‘in and
out’—even if it is undefinable. So the seed responds to the
kinetic abrasion by forming a shell. It is sensing, germinating
like any mindless seed or cell. Now there’s an inside, and an
outside. Outside there’s the nothingnesses; inside, over an
undefined period of existence, is something that is sensing.
Life conceives of itself, the first step in perception. As it
persists, this seed germinates in awareness. It can perceive
inside the shell and know that it is. When it looks outward it
perceives nothing. But by having a viewpoint it can define the
nothingnesses as composites of voids. Voids where there’s also
the potential for the characteristic abrasive interaction
between the objective and subjective vacuums. This would
give rise to other points ‘between in and out, between before
and after’. So in creating these first points to view the first
being also creates the first potential viewpoints and seeds are

Trialectics, the third rail—beings. Will the seeds germinate? Put

them in a green house, an incubator. Give them a womb. Call it
the beginning of the eighth dynamic because here at this point
in the cycle, there is potential for existence, and we do know
that life exists—both inwardly and outwardly; between before
and after.
The original being knows something happened in the game of
life that didn’t align with its original intention. But he/she/its
cycle of conception and perception are different, more explicit
than for other beings. For one thing, when we each realized
we were someone, and took a look around—there was always
someone else there. Plus all other beings can spot away the
prior confusion at the Point of Origin, then rehab their
conception to self-realization.
The original being’s prior confusions would be in the tenth
dimension, ninth dimension and eighth dimension, etc.. Call
it existence, call it life—we assume it started somewhere,
somewhen, both inwardly and outwardly, subjectively and
objectively. And when he/she/it figured it out, he/she/it
became an individual viewpoint.

Conception (spot/recognize) cycle for the ‘Original Being’:

• spot an objective nothingness; spot a subjective


• spot where they meet, the point between (in/out—


• spot potential for awareness at that point, the sensing of

inner and outer

• recognize something other than nothing exists at that

point, a type of existence that has awareness, a viewpoint

• spot the abrasive flux of subjective and objective

nothingnesses around that point, and an evolving sense of
self and life

• spot the nothingnesses as composites of voids

• recognize these voids have their own points of between


• recognize the possibility of their having their own

subjective inner and objective outer awarenesses

• recognize these other points as having the potential to

become viewpoints

• spot nothing becoming something

• recognize the potential for existence evolving inward and

• create the rejuvenating/regenerating universal phenomena

of existence

What were you before? (The original being)

What are you now? (The original creator)

Who are you? (Me)

(note: This seems to vary a little bit every time it’s run, more or
less because we’re using language for concepts and as charge
is handled on the eighth dynamic, confusion blows off and
awareness changes. Now it would be nice if the original being
could learn how to audit/scale/unravel (and he/she/ it can)
because there’s been damage on the eight dynamic, bwhich
means your eighth dynamic, my eighth dynamic, everyone’s
eighth dynamic, but it’s a bit off hat as the requirements for an
original creator tend to involves other abilities and
responsibilities—but the hatting is not something to be ignored
because it adds an extra element of cause for anyone who can,
and makes them and their friends less likely to be put at effect
in the future.)

If we assume the first two ‘nothingnesses’ were eighth

dimensional, then we can assume the first point where these
possibly inflationary/deflationary vacuums met was a point we
can define as the seventh dimension, and when that viewpoint
of kinetic life starts creating those other points, the agreement
between them becomes a sixth dimension. We don’t want
charge from the sixth dimension crossing into the fourth or
vise versa—but it did happen—and it was impossible to spot
back along any time-line until the Rubber Band theory held
hands with the fifth dimension. When beings came out to play,
after self-realization and after the point of origin, they created
a lot of agreed upon realities—mostly four dimensional and
objective in nature. So drop out of the sixth and encompass a
number of fourths—call it the fifth. When suppressive beings
began to screw with the other beings subjective (inner
realities) then we have the enforced delusional spaces crashing
the agreed upon illusional spaces—some of the beings who
protested or who just got caught in the crossfire got put out of
any reality all together (outside). This, aside from any
womb/inverse womb/false eighth dynamic rubber band or
confusion appears to have set off some kind of alarm on the
eighth dynamic perhaps because the lines were cut—not only
from any fourth or fifth dimension but also back to the sixth.
No longer could those beings share or perceive the
rejuvenating aspect or general good intentions behind creation
—many went into compulsive dramatizations as attempts to
get back into the game or succumbed to unconsciousness.

Eventually there was an actual other dimensional decision

made to have the game’s viewpoints operate on the same
fourth dimension playing field—so the attacks and crossover
effects it wouldn’t happen again.

This coincided at about 5Q with the Henchmen’s second

attempt to trap all the free beings using hierarchical beings
and the thetans/thetan I/Cs (as masterminds etc. in the thetan
wars ref: Ananda and Mettaya Rds) that ended up in Clorox’s
demise and the formation of the first ‘actual’ universe -that
mixing of illusion and delusion called the 1stU.

But it didn’t solve the problem. Observe the progression of

universes up to the Tog and remaining Henchmens’ demise,
then Inc.1s (where we get quite handy with their suppressive
crap) and the collapse of the 7thU.

It took some time, but again, the decision to make this

universe a fourth dimensional game was made on the eighth
dynamic and upper dimensions of life.

What we roundworlders are now doing starting to clean up the

mess—but we’re dealing with people who don’t even know why
they think, never mind recall where the came from—which
they did know for their first two Quadrillion years (in this
model). This is also why the electronic implants if they’re
banded to an inverted 8th dynamic can be pulled into present-
time, subjectively and objectively. Armageddon isn’t coming—
it happened along time ago.

Initially you perceive quantitatively...then you think. You think

because you perceive. How you feel comes after you perceive
and think (and that’s a quality) but then you get to also
perceive how you feel—and think about that if you can. A few
people’s perceptions are totally determined by how they feel
but that’s backwards and how they feel has become a
quantity. They should probably toss some inner vacuums of
Perception (spot/recognize) cycle for the ‘Original Creator of
potential viewpoints’:

• spot/recognize own viewpoint

• spot the inward 8th dynamic viewpoints......recognize ntps

• spot pre-me/newbes.....recognize pre-me/newbes

• spot viewbes.....recognize viewbes

• spot knowbes.....recognize knowbes

• spot pots...recognize pots

• spot thetans, spot thetan I/Cs .....recognize thetans,

recognize thetan I/Cs

• spot Auragin.....recognize Auragin

• spot Source Beings.....recognize Sobes

• spot beings.....recognize beings

• spot intention and the ability to create: position

points, anchor points, and dimension points.... recognize

• spot attention and the ability to perceive, think and

feel.....recognize qualities -spot the 1st dynamic, 2ndD, 3rdD,
4thD, 5thD, 6thD, 7thD, 8thD....recognize the interaction
between dynamics and across dimensions

• spot from game point of origin to present-time....recognize

the 8thU, 7thU, 6th U, 5thU, 4thU, 3rdU, 2ndU, 1stU, PreU,
DelusoryU, Illusory U, Point of Origin

• spot pre-point of game origin and any remaining prior

confusions....recognize that ‘life’ has the potential to be
aware of itself and that within each being, it is.

• spot the auditor/adept (optional)

• What were you before? What are you now? Who are you?
8th Dynamic Rd:

• Assess for and handle any remaining influences. D/L, flows,

buttons, Ruds etc.

• Is ‘love’ the rejuvenating aspect for that regeneration

characteristic in existence?

• Make a point the tenth dimension, then a line for the

aesthetic ninth; the subjective and objective nothingnesses
-the eighth; where the meet can be the seventh dimension
(with that ninth line coming through for each viewpoint), the
regenerating reality originally created can be the sixth; the
fifth being that accumulation of fourths (defined by the
thetans and thetan I/Cs with contributions by others) where so
much drama occurred. The fourths continue into the 1stU and
subsequent Us where there’s a mix of illusion and delusion
and time—finally the 8thU where there’s too much matter and
energy for the thetan’s and thetan I/Cs to contend with, as
well as the kinetic layers of storm created around the
perimeter by the interaction between mass and vacuum; then
a third dimension (just a volume of space around you where
nothing is moving. E.g.: hold your room in place and delete
the perception of time) Then the second or (two dimensions)
being a line(your own time-line) and the first dimension being
a point—or your viewpoint. Run these dimensional sequences
back and forth until all the windows, where restim between
them can occur, have been handled. This eventually allows
each dynamic to be where it naturally exists—without
negative influence either way, and without weird rubber band
connections distorting perception of time, place, form, event,
identity and purpose. Hate causes evil. Some may wish to not
perceive, think or feel. So be it—but life has that potential

• if you’ve ever made someone else source (and case

influence or gain was involved) then they died (leaving other
or earlier case influence in restim) --look for a window to that
reality (created by others) and handle.


This is 21st Century, Earth. If anyone from another planet

calls about our little bit of philosophy, science, and
technology, tell them I consider the theories and rundowns
as a seed of knowledge. Hopefully it will germinate to help
handle some of the problems we all have.

Research modifications and technical shortcuts:

• if beings don’t want to exist as themselves anymore,

they can use upper dimensional handlings to rehab/return to
that state of life

• it’s possible to find an actual ‘why it was suppressive’ in a

suppressive reality

• it’s possible to find the “where and when they started” for
things like pain, insanity and death; they’re going to be at
points where spiritual integrity was compromised in terms of
being, doing and having.

• there were times or games when scalars of upper

dimensional life were put in opposition to other scalers or
dimensions of life.
• What does starting over mean for a viewpoint?

• What does dormancy mean?

• After CC there were ‘directional’ and ‘transitional’

mock-ups that had a lot to do with the formation of the
fifth dynamic.

• OT-2, OT-3 and other prior practice details can be D/Led

specifically once you’re beyond them but you really have to
be looking for knowledge and reasons why.

• The ion/organic nervous system (a common denominator

between doll bodies and human bodies where a being or
beings can put in position points to gain some control over the
relationship with matter, energy, space and time) was
developed as an attempt to create mobility and freedom from
prior conditions of existence. There is a case to be made that
they were derivatives of the GH mock-ups. Considering these
concepts in a physical universe setting, what is liable to occur
if for whatever reason a galaxy collapses or stars collide. The
electronics can get so snapped—that present-time here and
now can appear to be the same even though they exist in
different places and times—that phenomena is not only
overwhelming it can send the beings through space, time and
dimension—a spiritual black hole that can also draw others
into present-time. Nice, not really. Spot at least three places
of where and when the beings are concurrently in restim with
each other—their own rubber band so to speak. Then it all
unravels standardly. If a regenerating mock-up—the doll body
facsimile will have incorporated a set that can be recharged
(also derivative of a GH mock-up) and an outer set that
functioned as the body.

Each will have their own set of auditing/scaling/unraveling

processes depending upon who and what they are. Other
dimensional life may even be stuck in the forms as there
appears to be no other major reason than natural causes for
their demise as entities. They were stopped, it’s painful, and
there may be a compulsion to get started again that can be
dramatized electronically. They can be handled so let’s cut
the crap on black static thetans and overly large entheta

• beings acting suppressive can certainly be described as

the theme in the 7thU—even to the point where they use
scalars of upper dimensional states of existence to trap

• I expect the Dimensional Theory to cut the crap and

corruption out of a lot of things we are expected to deal

• one of the most interesting things to do is to spot ‘divine

inspiration’ in the eleventh dimension. By repetitive spotting
parts of it, get at least twenty-four reasons why life started out
with no understanding and why, conceptually, a certain
amount of harmony was preferable to potential chaos.

• if you can find a point that has some kind of character in all
dimensions, spot to blow all the stresses and strains attached
to it. It’s actually just a point.