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Reading into wrting


What do you think about home working? Have you ever known anyone who are working at home?
Would you like to work at home?

Many people who have children or elderly at home they ( al ser oración de relative no podemos poner
sujeto otra vez) prefer to work there. The text said that people who work from home, they improve their
work-life balance because they can do their work’s tasks while they are taking care their children or
elderly, therefore everyone are is happier.

Plus, many people want to work at home because more most of them said that they have had more
distractions in the work than at home. Although some people think that if you worked at home for long
time, you would feel isolated.

In addition, managers have considered that people who have health problems for instance they could
prefer to work at home. Therefore, managers can save a lot of money in many things, for instance they
do not have furniture for offices. However, one of the problems (“one of the problem” es el sujeto) it is
the teamwork.

In summary, home working should be more popular in jobs where people do not need a lot of
cooperation with their colleagues and they have lifestyles which need really to work at home.



The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. It was originally
constructed as a small fortress and then it were was renovated and rebuilt by the Nasrid Emir
Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar of the Emirate of Granada, who built its current palace and walls.

It is called “Alhambra” because the red reflects the color of the red clay of the surroundings of which
the fort is made; or another possible name’s origin is the Nasrid Dynasty tribal designation, known as
the Banu-al-Ahmar, because he had a ginger hair.

Completed towards the end of Muslim rule of Spain by Yusuf I and Muhammed V, Sultan of Granada
the Alhambra is a culture’s reflection of the last centuries. It is a place where artist and intellectuals had
taken refuge as The Reconquista.

In conclusion, students should visit it because the Alhambra is considered as Historical Heritage of
Humanity, it integrates natural site qualities with constructed structures and gardens, and it is a testament
to different cultures.


Reading into writing


What do you think about successful? Do you know anybody who has been successful in the teens? Have
you ever thought in being successful?

The text said that Fraser Doherty set up his business when he was a teenager. He started his jam’s
business selling his products to his friends and close people.

His parents’ kitchen wasn’t enough to produce more jam’s quantity, so he decided to rent a factory and
the products was produced several days by him there. Thus, he left the school for dedicating to work

The product was called SuperJam, which was sold by the big UK supermarkets and later by supermarket
chains. If he hadn’t started to make the SuperJam, he wouldn’t have earned a lot of money.

I think that the advantages about the successful could be that you improve your security and self esteem,
you improve your living standar, you get self-realization, however the successful have drawbacks such
as you can be unhappy with your work, you could lose the humility, you could have feelings of
loneliness or depression…

In conclusion, if you have successful, you should do things that make you be happy.


C/Jacinto Rodero, 83
Chief Executive
56 West Street

Dear Sir,

I am writing because I am disagree with the plan that my colleagues want to do at work. Last evening,
while I was tidying the material, they had been talking about how they could change the Anne’s job by
Rouse’s job because you could ascend to just one of them and Anne has done a better job but they want
the position for Rouse.
Rouse has worked as trainer during one year, thus she has more experience than Anne. However, Anne
has more titles and she has done a better job in his practices. I think that it is illegal and dishonest to
change the jobs because Anne has deserved this position although she has less experience but she has
worked harder than Rouse.
Therefore, if I had not been last evening there, we would not have known anything about the supposed
change and you could ascend to the wrong person.
Thus, I hope that you revise everything well and you do the right thing.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully

Sonia López Gómez.

Factual Writing


There are many young people who have finished their degree and they are unemployed. Also, there are
others who had not wanted to continue with their studies but they are unemployed as well. Therefore,
in our area we give you some job prospects for help you.

Primary Sector

There are some job positions for the olive’s campagne. In this job you do not need any degree, although
if you had some experience in this sector, you would have more facilities but if you do not have, neither
it is necessary.

Secondary Sector

People, who have a degree in woodwork, would have opportunities in this job. You should also have
some kind of experience but neither it is necessary.

Thirdly Sector

People who have finished a degree in Physical Education Teacher, they would have a good opportunities
for teaching children and elderly as sport trainer.

Therefore, some advices for having more opportunities: you should do a CV in which you should
highlight your skills for the job which you are looking for.

In conclusion, you should not forget that hard-work, responsibility, being organized are skills that all
these jobs have.