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Domingo Garcia


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Submit Your Nominations
for Presidential Appointments
LULAC Familia,

In a family, it takes everyone’s talents and gifts to help out and make it stronger and happier together.
This is why I’m asking you for your best ideas and recommendations. The real work to transform
LULAC begins now after a good campaign and you the members have spoken. Our goal together is to
once again restore LULAC to its rightful place --- the #1 Civil Rights Organization in the nation.
To be it, we must first see it in our minds and hearts and work in unity to make it happen.
We need the best people --- loyal to LULAC and committed to fight for the civil rights and freedoms of
those men, women and children who cannot do so alone. There is no doubt that we have the talent
within LULAC to fill the following positions with members of nuestra familia who will make us stronger.

As National President of LULAC I can appoint the following positions and I’m asking for you to send
me names of people we can consider who will roll up their sleeves and work hard.
Appointed Officers

• National Legal Advisor

• National parliamentarian

• National Chaplain

• National Director of Publicity

• National Sergeant-at-arms

• Chair of Civil Rights

• Chair of Veterans affairs

• Chair of Immigration Reform

• Chair of Social Justice

• Chair of Puerto Rican Affairs

• Chair of LGBTQ Affairs

Please send me your recommendations and resumes for nominations by August 24, 2018 at 5 PM
Also, send me your ideas on how to grow our membership to one million members. Please offer
specific plans or ways you could see us putting this into action. Share your ideas here.

Finally, I want to travel and meet with all of you so let me know of events or rallies in your home area.
Please input your events in our calendar
And I want to share that starting in August we will have a digital LULAC monthly news magazine
which you can easily access online. It will highlight what local Councils and States are doing as well as
spotlight individuals who make a difference. Share your stories and work with us at
Brothers and Sisters, together we can move LULAC to help economically and politically improve the
lives of 57+ million Latinx in the US and Puerto Rico. We will stand up and speak truth to power. We
will not accept any longer being seen or used as political piñatas. We will organize, mobilize and
achieve our goal para nuestra gente!
Hasta La Victoria.
Domingo Garcia
LULAC National President

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