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Summer School Norms & Behavior Contract

● Be ​__________________​when providing and receiving feedback.

○ How​: Be receptive to feedback.__________________________
● Practice ​______________​.
○ How​: Stay focused, committed, follow through to completion.
● Be the ​________ ​version of yourself.
○ How​: Show respect, encourage, and inspire others.
● Practice ​___________ ​(do the right thing!)
○ How​: Follow __________, __________ questions, stay the course​.

Student Agreement

By signing this contract, I agree to follow expectations with fidelity. I agree

to participate, be flexible, work with my peers, and strive to be the best
version of myself. I will ask questions or seek teacher help if necessary. I
understand that failure to follow instructions or the decision to disrupt the
learning environment will result in dismissal from the program.

Student Name:​______________________________ Date​:_________________

Signature​:_________________________________ Block​:________________

Teacher Agreement

By signing this contract, I agree to hold all students accountable for meeting
expectations with fidelity. I agree to be flexible, supportive, compassionate, and
the best version of myself.

Teacher Name​:​ ​Ms. Dawson Date​: Monday, July 16th


Signature:​_ Block​: ALL! I’m the teacher :-)

Persuasive Writing Toolkit

Prompt: ​ Is there too much pressure on boys/girls to have ‘perfect’ bodies? Consider the hidden
messages seen in advertisements, music, social media, and videogames. ​Write a 1 page
persuasive paper persuading advertisers to tell young girls/boys that they are beautiful the
way they are.
Components of Persuasive Writing

● Directions:​ Read the debate questions below. Respond to the debate questions using a
minimum of 4-5 complete sentences. Cite ​clear examples​ from personal experience,
music, social media, or advertisements.

Debate Question Sentence Starters

● How much pressure do you think there There is pressure/is not pressure on girls/boys
is on girls and boys to have the bodies to have the bodies of fashion models
of fashion models? Why is it because… For example… This suggests...It is
important to tell young girls/boys they important to tell young girls/boys they are
are beautiful? Cite evidence from beautiful because…
personal experience, music, social
media, or advertisements.

● How have you seen pressure to I’ve seen the pressure to conform to body
conform to body imageS play out image play out among girls/boys I know
among the girls/boys you know? How because I noticed… Many are afraid of being
many are afraid of being judged on judged on their appearance because… For
their appearance? Why is it important instance… This shows... It is important to tell
to tell young girls/boys they are young girls/boys they are beautiful because…
beautiful. Cite evidence from personal
experience, music, social media, or

● Do you think boys feel pressure to I think boys feel pressure to have perfect
have perfect bodies, too? Cite bodies too because… For example, in my own
evidence from personal experience, experience/music/on social media/… It sends
music, social media, or a message that… We must change this
advertisements. because...
Persuasive Writing Rubric

Meets Expectations Approaches Not Yet

Category 3 Expectations 1

Ideas ❏ Clearly addresses ❏ Addresses ❏ Attempts to

prompt and prompt/explains address prompt
explains the the problem, but but lacks focus
problem focus is uneven or is off task.
❏ Establishes a ❏ Establishes a ❏ Claim is off
credible claim credible claim task/unclear

Organization & ❏ Supports opinion ❏ Presents ❏ Attempts to

Development with evidence evidence and provide details
and connects connects with but lacks
with thesis thesis statement relevance to
statement ❏ Introduction, purpose
❏ Introduction, body, and ❏ Introduction,
body, and conclusion body, and
conclusion presents conclusion lacks
addresses appropriate control of
concerns details to support structure
and develop
claim with minor
errors in clarity

Voice ❏ Uses a strong, ❏ Voice is ❏ Voice is

authoritative tone appropriate for inappropriate for
❏ Treats the reader the prompt the prompt/too
with respect ❏ Treats the reader informal
❏ Tone addresses with respect &
the audience formal

Conventions ❏ Little to no errors ❏ Shows standard ❏ Lacks control of

❏ Makes control of standard English
suggestions for English conventions
the reader, states conventions ❏ Sentence variety
a clear call to ❏ Suggestions for is limited/weak
action reader/call to
❏ Sentence variety action requires
is present refining
❏ Sentence variety,
but there is
evidence of