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María De Las Mercedes Romero Pérez

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 https://www.shopify.com/encyclopedia/exporting
 https://ecommerce-platforms.com/glossary/exporting
 https://www.thebalance.com/exports-definition-examples-effect-on-

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 https://www.thebalance.com/exports-definition-examples-effect-on-

4. Idea principal, en inglés, del artículo seleccionado.

Exporting goods and/or services to another country represents great advantage for a
country’s economy since this commercial operation brings about better salaries, greater job
opportunities for the people and an important increase in the national wealth while allowing
the government the control of inflation, currency’s values and making local companies gain
competitiveness in foreign markets. Exporting countries see a notable increase of their foreign
currency reserves, which support the value of their own currency thus giving stability to their

5. Vocabulario clave en el artículo seleccionado.

Palabra Definición (en inglés) , según el Significado Referencia (no

clave del contexto de la negociación puede ser ni de
texto internacional un traductor, ni
de un diccionario
de español)
Import To bring or carry in from an outside s Importar, https://www.thefr
ource, especially to bring in (goods o importación. eedictionary.com/
r materials) from a foreign country f import
or trade or sale.

1.Inflation An increase in prices over time, Inflación https://dictionary.

causing a reduction in the value of cambridge.org/di
money ctionary/english/i
2.Currency The money that is used in Moneda, divisa https://dictionary.
a particular country at a particular cambridge.org/di
time ctionary/english/c
3.Reserves The act of keeping something or Reservas https://dictionary.
a supply of something until it cambridge.org/di
is needed, or a supply that you keep ctionary/english/r
4.Foreign Belonging or connected to Extranjero, foráneo https://dictionary.
a country that is not your own cambridge.org/di
5.Exchange The act of giving something to Intercambio https://dictionary.
someone and them giving you cambridge.org/di
something else ctionary/english/
6.Export To send goods to Exportar, https://dictionary.
another country for sale exportación cambridge.org/di
7.Advantage A condition giving Ventaja, ventajas https://dictionary.
a greater chance of success cambridge.org/di
8.Liquidity The state of having Liquidez https://dictionary.
enough money or assets to cambridge.org/di
pay any money that is owed ctionary/english/li
9.Goods Items for sale, or possessions that can Mercancías https://dictionary.
be moved cambridge.org/di
10. Services A government system or private org Servicios https://dictionary.
anization that is responsible for cambridge.org/di
a particular type of activity, or ctionary/english/s
for providing a particular thing ervice?q=Services
that people need

6. Explicación en inglés sobre los pasos para realizar un proceso de: exportación


It is necessary: .

1. Market Research and Setting Objectives of Distribution. Selecting target markets, methods of
exportation and channels setting foreign market objectives on pricing and terms.

2. Trade Regulations. Export regulations and requirements, overseas import regulations and
requirements, Patent, trademark and copyright.
3. Making Contacts. Enquiries from interested overseas buyers, checking buyer's background from
ECIC and / or banks.

4. Quotation and Terms. Making offers and quotation for potential buyers, costs, quotations and
pro forma invoices, and terms of sale.

5. Sales Contract. Confirming the sales contract and terms of transaction such as payment terms.

6. Contract Execution. Producing or sourcing goods, packing and labelling, arranging shipment,
preparing export documentation, arranging insurance, if necessary.

7. Customs Clearance, Arranging export declaration and applying for export license when

8. Getting Paid. Subject to the payment terms specified in the sales contract, the exporter should
present the required documents to the relevant parties for payment.