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Aris Munandar , Muhammad Aditiya(2), Ahmad Murtadlo Zaka(3)

Fakultas Teknik - Universitas Negeri Semarang

osh.arismunandar@gmail.com(1), m.aditya11@gmail.com(2),

PRELIMINARY considered still lacking in

Based on the Central Bureau of preparing graduates as a workforce.
Statistics (BPS), the number of labor Central Bureau of Statistics noted open
force in February 2018 was 133.94 unemployment rate is dominated by
million, open unemployment rate in Vocational High School graduates
February 2018 was 5.13% [3]. It shows (VHS) of 8.92 percent [3]. The number
that the Indonesian workforce is not yet of unemployed from VHS graduates
competent to support the needs of the shows that the competence of VHS
industrial world. Competition to enter graduates has not been able to compete
the industrial world is closely related to optimally in the world of work [16].
the competence of skills or skills, One of the main supporting
because the skilled workforce is directly factors in improving the competence of
involved in the production process. The learners is the facilities and
workforce on the front line is mostly infrastructure of practice. According to
middle-class, very large role in industry Law No. 20 of 2003 article 45
and business [7]. So the competence of paragraph 1 reads "Each formal and
skills or skills and the quality of the nonformal education unit provides
workforce needs to be improved. facilities and infrastructure that meet
The contribution of VHS is very educational needs in accordance with
important in producing a competent the growth and development of
workforce. VHS is a secondary physical, intellectual, social, emotional,
education that prepares students to work and psychological potential of learners"
in a particular field [4]. Reality in the [12]. whereas according to learners ".
field shows the existence of VHS is Another opinion states the completeness
of facilities and infrastructure will help the description can be concluded that
teachers in conducting the learning each educational unit is obliged to have
process, thus the facilities and the necessary facilities and
infrastructure is an important infrastructure to support the learning
component that can affect the learning process, the availability of facilities and
process "[11]. So that facilities and infrastructure also have an effect in
infrastructure of educational unit have improving the competence of the
an important role that can influence the students before competing enter the
learning process and competence of work world.
learner, also affirmed in Data from the Education Office of
“Permendiknas” Number 40 Year 2008 Semarang City in 2015 states that in
about Standard of Facility and Semarang there are 91 VHS, consisting
Infrastructure VHS contains minimum of 12 State Vocational School and 79
standard of facilities and infrastructure Private Vocational School [5]. In
that must be fulfilled by every addition, mentioned in the Data of
department in VHS, included for Vocational High School Year 2017
machining machining workshops [14]. Directorate General of Primary and
Occupational skill is not to be Secondary Education, in the city of
satisfactory without the appropiate Semarang there are 22 VHS applying
equipment [18]. The statement reveals competency program in the field of
that learning skills will not work Technology and Engineering that is 8
properly if not accompanied with the State VHS and 14 Private VHS [6]. The
right equipment. The needs of facilities process of teaching and learning on the
and infrastructure in the school learning competence of Technology and
process refers to the curriculum applied, Engineering consists of 30% theory and
both at public and private schools. 70% practice (Alip, 2016) [1]. Thus, the
Practice facilities and infrastructure are need for an adequate laboratory or
very influential on student learning workshop is very high. In order to
outcomes [17]. If the condition of achieve the objectives of VHS, it is
facilities and good infrastructure will necessary condition of facilities and
affect student learning outcomes. From infrastructure practices that are always
in good condition and relevant to the done so that will be achieved
type of work / practice undertaken. comparison between VHS with SHS is
Based on these problems, it is 70:30, where the availability of VHS in
necessary to conduct research to know Indonesia consists of State VHS and
1) Differences of State VHS and Private Private VHS. Efforts to increase the
VHS in Semarang City, 2) Differences number of SMK because VHS
in the competency results between State graduates more easily enter the labor
VHS and Private VHS in Semarang market, but the difference in the type of
City as readiness in facing the world of VHS in Indonesia raises an opinion in
work. the community who believe that the
output of graduates State VHS more
Vocational High School (VHS) competent than the Private SMK.
Vocational High School (VHS) as
an educational institution that produces State VHS and Private VHS
labor has an important role in educating Decision of the Minister of
students into skilled workers. In Education and Culture of the Republic
accordance with the mission and of Indonesia No. 0490 / U / 1992 on
objectives of VHS listed in PP No.29 of VHS in Article 1 paragraph 3 states that
1990 namely; 1) prepare learners to State VHS is VHS held by the
enter employment and develop government. Operated / provided by the
professional attitudes; 2) prepare state (government) with all free
learners to be able to have a career, facilities, ranging from class to teacher
competence and able to develop salaried by the government to provide
themselves; 3) preparing middle-level facilities to the people of Indonesia.
workers to fill the needs of the business While Article 1, paragraph 4 states that
world or the industrial world in the Private VHS is vocational organized by
present or future; 4) preparing graduates the community, so that people spend a
to be productive, adaptive and creative lot of money “SPP” every month just to
citizens [13]. get a comfortable learning facilities,
The government program to both from school and from teachers.
develop VHS in Indonesia has been
State VHS and Private VHS have in the habit of thinking and acting [9].
their respective characteristics, so that From the above exposure can be
the existence of these characteristics concluded that the competence is the
will show the difference between one habit of thinking and acting smart and
with another. Differences in public and full of responsibilities that someone has
private schools can be seen from the based on knowledge, skills, and basic
following factors, such as the level of values.
attention and treatment of teachers to Standards of competence in
students in the classroom; patterns of vocational schools can be realized by
instruction, programs and curricula; the presence of skills assessment.
how to learn; public perception; prestige According to the Regulation of the
of parents; quality of output; cost; the Minister of Education and Culture No.
number of students; infrastructure and 54 of 2013 on Lulusa Competency
facilities obtained [8]. Standards, the competency standards of
According to kemendikbud (2012) graduates are the criteria of graduate
the distinguishing indicator between qualification that includes attitude,
public and private schools lies in a) knowledge, and skills [2].
education and education personnel b)
school facilities and prisons c) school METHOD
management d) financing [10]. Research is designed using a
quantitative approach based on
Standard of Vocational High School associative comparison. The variable
Competency that is used consists of two components,
Competence is a set of intelligent namely the independent variables of
actions, full of responsibilities that a State VHS : Private VHS (X) and the
person possesses as a condition to be dependent variable are skill competence
deemed capable by the public in (Y)
performing tasks in a particular field of State VHS : skill
Private VHS competence
work [15]. Others argue that the
(X) (Y)
competence is a combination of basic
Figure 1. Presentation of Research
knowledge, skills, and values reflected
The study population consisted of RESULTS AND DISCUSSION
two schools namely State VHS and Description of Research Results
Private VHS in Semarang City with the Research data that have been
population of 150 students class XII obtained from each variable then
semester V in State VHS and Private analyzed using descriptive statistics and
VHS. The research used proportional inferential statistics. The result of
random sampling technique with sample descriptive analysis can be seen in table
number of 75 students with each namely 1.
State VHS and Private VHS taken as Std.
Mean Median N
many as 35 samples.
State VHS 7.30 6.00 .96 40
Instruments used in the study are Comp. A 7.15 7.00 .79 0
Private 6.00
observation sheets, questionnaires and VHS
7.00 .76 0

test results. The observation sheets were Comp. B 4.90 6.00 .63 0

used for data collection of variables of

namely State VHS and Private VHS,
questionnaire was used for data
collection of variables of namely State
VHS with private variables, and the
tests were used to measure the
vocational competencies of the students
of namely State VHS and Private VHS
The data were then analyzed in
descriptive statistics and inferential
statistics. The data have been obtained
will be processed and processed using
linear regression with probability 0.05
(5%). Data are tested to determine or
satisfy two basic assumptions that the
data is normal and linearly distributed.