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strengthen the North Atlantic ination, to combat inter national eybererine, and to impose ‘additional sanctions with respect to the Russian Pederation, and for other purposes. weaty On IN THE SENATE OF TILE UNITED STATES Mr. GRattaM (for himsell, Mr. MeNENDEy, Mv. GARDNER, and M introduced the fallowing bill; whieh was read fview and rele Committee om CaRDIN) red ty the A BILL To strengthen the North Atlintie ‘Treaty Organization, to combat international eybererime, and to impose. addi- tional sanctions with respect to the Russian Federation, and for other parpo 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- tives of the United States of America. in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE; TABLE OF CONTENTS. (a) Storr Trrne—This Act may be cited as the “Defending American Seenrity from Kremlin Aggres Act of 2018", ‘ion (b) Taser oF Convey —The table of contents for oY Ah kh ww this Act is as follows: RONTSAS! SLE. ve. 1. Slow tiles table of eontonts, Soe 2 Suse of Congr See ih rent oF poliey on Cen, IPLE I-MATTERS RGLAPING ‘fO NORTIL ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION Salatile A—Uppnsition of the Senate ly Withlessea! Brn NATRO See. 101. Opposiitui oF the Senste to withaenasal fron See, 102, Linittion 2 use of lus, Nec. 10, Authorization for Sevate Legal Cosnisel to repress sition tu withdrawal five the Soe. HLL Reporting reqs ‘orth AU ‘Posaty Sonate in oppo: Sith Adlantie Treaty, Sulnitle B—Ntemnatlioning the NAVO allies Soe 1L1, Report on NATO lignes sesitiones ancl UWuited States plore pratre, 112, Hxpeditod NATO exvers defonse vitilen tranafer progr Soe. 118. Apprptiate ennawssioasl ennmittees evined TIDLD IAMAMVERS RELATING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE Nicbtitle APublis Diplomsaey: Mostermization Avo nd eltits, iupeoving: ersvareh and evaliation of yniie diplomacy. Stile BOOther Mateos Departancut of State regpaustilitfes with tospect to cyber Sense of Congress ‘TELE T—CHEMICAL WEAPONS NONPROLIPBRATION Sow 801, Shore tite Soe 302. Pioslimes Ser. 803, Stiteniont of pir: Soe 0, Report on use of e 8 Bee naval sopra by the assign Peeralion, 305. Authorization of appropviations 306, Cheimieal Weapons Convention lefinet Tere re NATIONAL CYBERCROME PREVENTION ACT Soe, 401, Shot title, Sor, $02, Prolite afFonsoe Seo Rorteitae, Sec 4 Shion dom bnbiets, See 5 0-3 cvtieal infil edie capt Je, Totwetss Fonfeiture, sravated la iy ta ily TITLE V—COMBATING ELECTION INTERFERENCE, SI. Profibition on intootenvnee wih vot spsterss + GHP. Tunable oF alone soekinge 2 interfere tions. in United States elo sax SLE, 3 ‘THPLE VI-SANOTIONS WITH RESPECT TO THE: RUSSIAN, FEDERATION Sabtitle \—Bxpansion of “oniboring America's Addorisarien Phrangh Sanetions Act 801, inp n uf auklitional sanctions with vespeet (the Raisin Pee ceva 16, 002, Congressional sever anid online applicability of ssnetions aloe the Seri Musnitskyr Rule of Lae Accountability Net of 2012, Subtle B—Comdination With the Buropeas Talon s HHL. Sense of Congress on coordination wih allies with tepeet to sane ons ih vesport to the IRussian Becorntion, + SLL. Often of Sanelions Coontinntion of the Depastient of Stabe, +613, Report oi conrtination of sunetions between Uke Cited) States al European Chon, Snbtile CRteports Relating to Sanctions With Respeet to the Risin Polleration See G21, Detinitions Cyalatesh report on aljgsrelie and pasnstatal entities of the Russia, Federation i. Reywet ov the person! net worth and assets of Vtimie Pain, Report on section 224 of the Comiteringe Ameriet’s Advises ‘Virough Nanetions Let Nee. G25. Report on seetion 225 of the Comutering Ameviea's Advematies "Vivo Savetions Act See. 2th, Report on section 228 of the Cente ‘Vuong Sametions Act Keoport on section 228 oF the ‘Throagh Senetions et Heyort_on Seetion 23 af the ‘Tlonmgh Smetinis Aet. Sex. (29, Report ou suetion 284 of the Countoringe Anurien's Adversaries ‘Thing Sanctions et. Amsvien's dversaries Ann Adeersnios ye Amoview's Aevorsatios Soliitle P—Geurial Provisions Seo, G31, Exception relating to activities of Uke National Aeronntuties aut Space Adi 62, le af caus intra ins tion, {TLE VU—OTUGR SLAPPERS RELATIS FEDERATION {TO TUE RUSSIAN Soe TOL. Detormiastion ow designation of the Russia Beortion as ae alate sons uf Eertoristn, Sec. TO. Expansion’ of geographic taxyetinge orders of Winwaicial Crises Bue forcement Nebwonk Seo. Thik. Hstemsion of Ieitationy om Federetion See. TIM Estublisinout of a National Busion Contr uy respond 40. thts from the Goverment of the Russian Pesleration, 73, Conieving Russian Tnsironee Pond mnportation of wenn