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18/2078 Ar Ducts Sizing Air-Duct Velocities 10 == Duct (mm) — — 6 —wn —Z is —m — — —m — 100 — I f +} — 1500 Velocity (m/s) t oa IH } F 10 109 1900 20000 100000 Ac Flew (ith) engineeringtoolbox com Related Mobile Apps from The Engineering ToolBox Bons + AirDuct Flow App + AirDuct Velocity App + AirDuct Head Loss App - ree apps for offine use on mobile devices The Constant Pressure Loss Method (or Equal Friction Loss Method) ‘A proper speed is selected in the main duct close to the fan, The pressure loss in the main duct are then used as a template forthe rest ofthe systom. Tho pressure (or friction loss is kopt at a constant leva throughout tho system. The method gives an automatic velocity reduction htps:iww-ongineeringtoolbox.comiszing-ducts-4_207. html 29