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ADM100 Questionnaire

1) What is SAP Instance? (Single Choice)

a. Group of Database that make a system runnable
b. Group of SAP instances that make a system runnable
c. Group of Services that make a system runnable
d. Group of O/S level Files that make a system runnable
2) What is the name of the DEFAULT Profile in SAP System? (Single Choice)
a. DEFAULT.imp
c. DEFAULT.pfl
d. DEFAULT.ini
3) Spool Request is created by which Work Process? (Single Choice)
a. Spool Work Process
b. Dispatcher
c. Message Server
d. Dialog Work Process
4) What is the Profile Parameter name used to set the Trace Level in SAP system? (Single
a. rdisp/trace_level
b. rdisp/tracelevel
c. rdisp/LEVEL
d. rdisp/TRACE
5) The Standard SAP User SAP* has the following password (Single Choice)
a. 06071992
b. 19920706
c. 07061992
d. 19920607
6) What is the order in which the Profile files are read during the system start? (Single
7) Transaction Code used for Profile Maintenance / Job overview is: (Single Choice)
a. PFCG / SM37
b. RZ11 / SM36
c. RZ10 / SM37
d. RZ03 / SM37
8) What will happen if a background job is running and the Operation Mode Switch is
activated in between? (Single Choice)
a. The job will be cancelled
b. The job will be put in Suspended state
c. The Job will continue to run and once it finishes then the Operation Mode Switch
will occur
d. The Operation Mode will happen the next day
9) State whether the followings statements are True or False:
a. W Gate should always be on Web Server
b. A Gate should always be coupled with W Gate
c. SAP System should be installed on NT Operating System
d. Dual Host Installation in ITS means A Gate and W Gate are on the same host
10) From SAP System which process is used to start External Command / Program (Single
a. sapxpg
b. sapevt
c. disp+work.exe
d. gwrd
11) ‘Event-Based Job Scheduler’ runs on every instance (True / False)
12) Printer Name in SAP is not case sensitive (True / False)
13) SAP System has a Operation Mode configured. There are performance issues in the
System and finally the BASIS administrator adds RAM (Physical Memory) to the Server.
He configures few parameters and increases the no. of work processes. The BASIS
administrator needs to redefine Operation Mode to take effect of the new processes –
14) The standard System Landscape recommended by SAP is: (Single Choice)
a. DEV, QAS & PRD systems on one Server
b. DEV & QAS on one server and PRD on another server
c. DEV, QAS & PRD on separate server
d. DEV on one server and QAS & PRD on one server
15) Access Method is: (Single Choice)
a. Connection between Dialog & Spool Work Process
b. Connection between OS Spool and the Actual Printer
c. Connection between Spool Work Process and OS Spool
d. Connection between Spool Request & Output Request
16) Locking Process of SAP Transactions is carried out by: (Single Choice)
a. Enqueue
b. Dialog
c. Spool
d. Background
17) Spool Data is stored in which table: (Single Choice)
a. TSP01
b. TSP03
c. TST03
d. TSP02
18) From External Program which process is used to trigger an event in SAP System?
(Single Choice)
a. sapxpg
b. sapevt
c. disp+work.exe
d. icmon
19) In 3 system landscape from where the request can be imported in QAS system (Single
a. Only from DEV
b. Only from QAS
c. Only from PRD
d. From all three systems
20) State whether the following statements are True/False in case of Note Assistant: (Multiple
a. No SPDD modification adjustment required during upgrade / when importing
Support Packages
b. SSCR request is required
c. Changes are noted in Modification Assistant (SE95)
d. Changes are done through SNOTES transaction
21) While importing Support Packages you need to do the following. State True/False:
a. Update SPAM/SAINT update with latest version
b. Client 000 is not to be used for importing
c. Import must always be performed during peak operations
d. Aborted packages must be kept untouched
22) Uses of Solution Manager (Multiple Choice)
a. Operations Portal
b. Solution Monitoring
c. Support Portal
d. Transaction Creation Portal
23) CCMS Monitoring Infrastructure consists of: (Single Choice)
a. Data Migration
b. Data Collection
c. Data Storage
d. Data Archiving
24) The following are the components of a DB: (Multiple Choice)
a. Database Buffer
b. Data Files
c. SAP Kernel
d. Special DB Processes
25) ICM (Internet Communication Manager) is a Process (True/False)