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UNIT 3 Land & Sea Review

Grammar 3 Complete the email from a student to a friend. Use the

present perfect simple, present perfect continuous or the
1 Match questions 1–6 to answers a–f. past simple form of the verbs in the box.
be (×2)    buy    find    get    join    make    settle in​
1 Why do you look so tired?
2 Why do you need a bilingual dictionary?
3 Why have you got those old clothes on?
4 Why do you keep arriving late to work? Dear Marie,
5 Why are you smiling? So sorry I haven’t written until now, but I
6 Why are you all red in the face? (1) really busy! I (2)
a I’ve been getting stuck in traffic every morning – there to life at college. What an experience! It
are roadworks near my house. (3) three months since I arrived
b I’ve been running around like a mad thing all morning. here, and it feels like I (4) here
c I’ve been worrying a lot recently and it’s affecting just yesterday!
my sleep. I’m enjoying the course a lot, although it’s not easy
d I’ve been borrowing my sister’s a lot recently and I’d and I have to work hard! I (5) some
like my own. new friends and last week I also (6)
e I’ve just been looking at some hilarious photos on a the college cycling and photography clubs, partly
friend’s Facebook site. to meet new people. I (7) it quite
f I’ve been doing some painting upstairs. difficult to cook for myself, and I have to confess
2 Complete the sentence with the present perfect simple that I (8) ready-made meals as I
or the present perfect continuous. don’t seem to have time or energy to cook. Don’t tell
1 I (read) Tolstoy’s War and Peace for my mum!
the last three months and I still have another 100 pages Hope all’s well with you. Write back and tell me all
to go! your news.
2 Well, I’m really pleased. We (finish) Andy
the report and we can now publish it.
3 David Suzuki (write) about
the environment since the mid-1970s, and he Vocabulary
(publish) over 40 books. 1 Read the sentences. Decide if the adjectives are in the
4 I can’t go water-skiing because I correct order. Then rewrite the incorrect sentences.
(break) two of my fingers. 1 Through the telescope she could see a modern glass
5 I’m exhausted. It’s my daughter’s birthday party building.
tomorrow and I (prepare) food all day. 2 The duvet cover had a(n) interesting colourful design.
I (make) over a hundred sandwiches! 3 A(n) old strange man was standing on her doorstep.
6 you (send out) all the 4 They bought their niece a(n) Chinese old exquisite vase.
invitations for the party? 5 I’ve just bought some bright green leather shoes.
6 There’s a professor at the university who has a(n) new
amazing theory.
7 The baby rabbit was happily eating carrots in a wooden
comfortable box.
8 It was the birthplace of a(n) ancient Greek philosopher.

Global Upper Intermediate Teacher’s Resource Disc   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2011 Review 1
UNIT 3 Land & Sea Review
2 Unscramble the letters of the words in italics.
The landscape of my country is very varied. The west is
hard to cultivate as it is mainly (1) sedne forest. The central
region is agricultural, with (2) twhae fields and (3) inlorlg
hills. The north is very dry, with a vast (4) renarb desert,
but in the south there are high (5) wons-pecpad mountains
and (6) droba rivers. You can go whitewater rafting on the
rivers, but you have to be careful as the (7) unstrerc can be
dangerous. In one part you can watch flocks of beautiful
pink flamingos and other sea birds (8) dlan in the lakes
and (9) evid for fish. However, my favourite place is the
coast. There are all sorts of fish and (10) flihslesh, though
it is not easy to (11) nekrols because of the huge (12) sweav.
You also need to take care because you might get stung by
(13) flyhejils.

Speaking and Writing

1 Work in small groups. Tell the rest of your group about
an object you can see in the classroom (a noun, with two
adjectives) but only give the initials LBB (a large blue bag).
The others have to guess your object. Give clues to help
if necessary.

2 Work in pairs. Decide how to finish the sentences so

they are true for you, then tell your partner.
I’ve never …
I’ve … since I was a child
Recently I’ve …
For the last few months I’ve …
Two weeks ago I …
Last week/Yesterday I …

3 Choose one of the following writing tasks.

A Write a description of your own country or another
one you think is very beautiful, similar to the text in
Vocabulary exercise 2. Try to use at least four new
words from this unit.
B Write an email from Marie in reply to Andy in
Grammar exercise 3.

Global Upper Intermediate Teacher’s Resource Disc   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2011 Review 2

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