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Rich Evidence Set: Instructional Strategies

Name: Jodie Wilde School: Cassia PS Yr. Level/Subject Area: Kindergarten

Situation: Briefly outline the circumstances surrounding the Action: describe the skills/knowledge/competencies Outcome: Describes the results of your action.- summarise
example of a situation that had a positive outcome or one in required to address the situation- outline the steps you took to the results of the action and/or the Professional Growth that
which professional growth occurred. complete the task. occurred.

Where, why and when did you do the task? What did you do? How did you do it? What was the result of your action? How do you know? What
 Graduate teacher with no ECE experience teaching  Selected the teaching strategy of Input or Information would you do differently next time?
Kindergarten  A specific concept was taught over an extended  Student achievement increased as their engagement
period in a variety of ways with multiple opportunities
 Multicultural classroom: 30% indigenous/ESL
to practice
 Each student was able to select the input method
 Wide variety of abilities: no/little previous exposure  Input/information methods included: visual aids most meaningful to them to consolidate learning and
to print through to students who knew the majority of (flashcards/posters), manipulatives, verbal aids reinforce concepts
letters and sounds (stories/songs), movement activities, structured play  This was an extremely useful experience
 Quickly realised concepts needed to be taught over an (role play/games) ICT and art/craft professionally and personally as it reinforced the
extended period and in multiple ways to reinforce  Progress was tracked continuously to ensure the importance of teaching in way that is meaning for the
learning input/information strategy was appropriate and students
achieving results.

Supporting Evidence: e.g. Planning Documents- Short Mid & Long term /IEPs/IBMPs/ Data/ Work samples/ Emails/ Photographs/Certificates/Reports

Professional Knowledge Professional Practice Professional Engagement

Standard 1 Standard 2 Standard 3 Standard 4 Standard 5 Standard 6 Standard 7
Know students and how Know content and how to Plan for and implement Create and maintain Assess, provide feedback and Engage in professional Engage professionally with
they learn teach it effective teaching and supportive and safe learning report on student learning learning colleagues, parents/carers
 Physical, social and learning environments and the community
intellectual development  Content and teaching  Assess student learning  Identify and plan professional
and characteristics of strategies of the teaching  Establish challenging learning  Support student participation  Provide feedback to students learning needs  Meet professional ethics and
students area goals  Manage classroom activities on their learning  Engage in professional responsibilities
 Understand how students  Content selection and  Plan, structure and sequence  Manage challenging  Make consistent and learning and improve practice  Comply with legislative,
learn organisation learning programs behaviour comparable judgements  Engage with colleagues and administrative and
 Students with linguistic,  Curriculum, assessment and  Use teaching strategies  Maintain student safety  Interpret student data improve practice organisational requirements
cultural, religious and reporting  Select and use resources  Use ICT safely, responsibly  Report on student  Apply professional learning  Engage with the
socioeconomic backgrounds  Understand and respect  Use effective classroom and ethically achievement and improve student learning parents/carers
 Strategies for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait communication  Engage with professional
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to promote  Evaluate and improve teaching networks and
Islander students reconciliation between teaching programs broader communities
 Differentiate teaching to Indigenous and non-  Engage parents/carers in the
meet the specific learning Indigenous Australians educative process
needs of students across the  Literacy and numeracy
full range of abilities. strategies
 Strategies to support full  Information and
participation of students Communication Technology
with disability (ICT)