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HS 411: Learning Plan

Student: Hayley Bucci (Harrington)

Faculty Member: Dr. Sporl
Field Supervisor: Nicole Blevins
Agency: Union County Human Services: Parenting Support and Nurturing Parenting Program

Goals Strategies
Knowledge: • Research ACE (adverse childhood
Goal 1: experiences) study
• Learn more about drug and alcohol
Understand causes of parenting problems that addiction, domestic violence and
our clients often experience mental health causes and coping
• Sit in on client sessions and CFTs
(child and family team meetings)

Goal 2: • Observe how social workers and our

program correlate and work together
Learn how to refer clients and find support • Research local programs that may be
option for them able to help clients and their needs
• Connect with social workers -

Skills: • Observe parenting classes

Goal 1: • Assist with activities with parents
• Review class lessons, videos and
Learn to teach classes (specifically while supplemental activities
encountering problems such as drug abuse, • Research side effects of various
domestic violence, and mental health) common mental health, drug, alcohol,
or domestic violence issues

Personal Development: • Realize how my past experiences can

Goal 1: be used to help clients in similar
situations by using self-disclosure
Grow in self-confidence on teaching ability • Practice!
• Use self-esteem exercises and/or
• Ask for feedback