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D3000 8.

Z80 Microprocessor Applications
Items supplied with the D3000 8.2
study module include:
ƒ SAM Z80 microcomputer board
ƒ SAM user manual
ƒ SAM technical manual
ƒ Merlin Z80 assembly language
development software and serial
communication lead
ƒ Merlin ‘Getting Started’ guide
ƒ Z80 Cross Assembler Reference Guide
ƒ Laboratory manual
ƒ Storage case
Additional items required:
ƒ Windows-based personal computer (PC)
fitted with serial (COM) port.
ƒ D3000 Experiment Platform (EP)
D3000 Virtual Instrument Platform
ƒ D3000 8.0 Power Adapter/Keypad/
Display Module.
ƒ DT35 Applications Module.
Optional supporting items include:
ƒ Instructor’s Solutions Book.
The D3000 8.2 study module introduces Typical topic areas include:
ƒ D3000 CAI 8.10 Introduction to
students to Z80 microprocessor ƒ Using the SAM Microcomputer Microprocessor Technology computer
applications through a wide range of ƒ Introduction to Z80 Programming aided instruction (CAI) package.
programming activities. ƒ Writing Machine Code programs
This study module has been designed
ƒ Program Debugging
specifically to operate within a DIGIAC ƒ Using the Merlin Text Editor
modular electronics program. It includes a ƒ Introduction to Development Systems
circuit board, assembly language ƒ Addressing Modes
development software and a student ƒ Negative Binary Numbers
laboratory manual housed in an injection ƒ Programs with Loops
molded storage case. ƒ Further Programs with Loops
ƒ Logical and Test Instructions
When used in conjunction with a student
personal computer (PC), the laboratory
ƒ Input and Output Programming
manual is fully compatible with the ƒ Programming the Applications Module
ClassAct computer managed learning ƒ Stack and Subroutines
system. ƒ Interrupts

The laboratory manual is divided into a Typical activities include:

series of chapters. Each covers a specific ƒ Produce code for an assembly language
topic area and provides background program.
theory, practical activities and student ƒ Use the Merlin text editor to enter Z80
assessment questions. assembly language programs.
ƒ Recognize the operation of the Z80
Each chapter is designed around a list of addressing modes.
performance objectives. These objectives ƒ Identify the function and operation of
are used by the ClassAct management Z80 flags: CARRY and ZERO.
system to generate a student competency
ƒ Use Z80 combined Decrement and
conditional Jump instructions.
An instructor’s solutions book is available, ƒ Write programs that configure the Z80-
providing solutions to all of the questions PIO ports as inputs, outputs or a mixture
and practical activities contained in the of both.
laboratory manual. ƒ Write programs to produce delays of
given durations.
D3000 8.2
The study module is also supported by ƒ Recognize the principles of interrupt and Z80 Microprocessor Applications
optional computer aided instruction (CAI) polled input/output.
material. ƒ Identify the function of Z80 restart No. Average
instructions. time
ƒ Write programs to control the Chapters 15 70 minutes
applications module. Total 17.5 hours

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