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7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | Brainware: Intelligent Capture for Transcripts Technical Overview

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Author: Ryan Gerber

Document ID: 164775
First Published: 8/7/2014 1:27 PM
Last Modified: 8/30/2016 12:04 PM
Last Published: 8/30/2016 12:04 PM
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Brainware: Intelligent Capture for Transcripts Technical Overview

Table of Contents

Technical requirements
Questions to ask
Information to capture
Technical Diagram (Internal Only)
Related Articles
How to collect error information (Internal Only)


Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts is a packaged solution that allows for the automatic classification and
extraction of high school, college, and military transcripts. Once OCR’d, extracted, verified, and exported by Perceptive
Intelligent Capture, these documents can be viewed in the Perceptive Transcript eForm. Within this form users have the
ability to enter, edit, and process the transcripts based on their needs.

Technical requirements

Perceptive Intelligent Capture

Intelligent Capture for Transcripts

Perceptive Transcript eForm


Transcript eForm Perceptive Content form used to display the indexed transcript
received from Capture.

Institution ID Unique identifier for each university/college to create the lookup


Applicant ID Unique identifier for each potential student to create the lookup

BRW Database Tables Series of database tables, each containing settings that relate to
various aspects of the solution. These tables hold the
information that the .ini file held in the 100x series.

Transcript Table Extraction (TTE) engine An expanded version of the Phoenix Table Extraction engine
which has been optimized for college transcript coursework

BW_TranscriptExportDoc.js iScript used to send a document to Output Agent from the Send
to Intelligent Capture workflow queue.

BW_TranscriptTransfer.js iScript used to re-index the document’s xml data that is

exported from Capture.

EDU_ExportTranscriptEFormToXML.js iScript used to export eForm information to XML file.

Questions to ask

https://lexmark--c.na56.visual.force.com/apex/Knowledge_Technical_Overview_Internal?popup=true&id=kA5i0000000LZA3&lang=en_US&pubstatus=o 1/4
7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | Brainware: Intelligent Capture for Transcripts Technical Overview
Question Reason

Has it ever worked? To pinpoint configuration or environmental issues.

When did this issue start occurring? To narrow down where to look in the log files and better understand the

What workflow queue is the document To help pinpoint if the issue occurred in the ImageNow or Perceptive
stuck in. Intelligent Capture component of the solution.

Information to capture

Obtain copies of the following types of files. If logging is not turned on to capture a particular file type, turn on logging.

File/Information Reason


[drive]:\inserver6\script\BW_TranscriptExportDoc.js Exports documents to Output agent which will send the

document to a shared drive to be picked up by Intelligent

[drive]:\inserver6\script\BW_TranscriptTransfer.js Imports and indexes transcript images and data from

Intelligent Capture into the transcript eForm product.

This file additionally contains logic used to move documents

between Intellicapture Workflow queues.

[drive]:\inserver6\script\EDU_ExportTranscriptEFormToX Used to send worksheet data to an XML file and then place
ML.js the data into a user configured directory.

EDU_PerceptiveTranscript.xml Settings file for verifier.

BW_Config.xml Shows the configuration of files to be exported to Intelligent

Capture as well as the status codes the system is configured
to handle. This will also show the input directory for the .xml
file generated by Intelligent Capture.

BW_TranscriptExportDoc_<yyyymmdd>.log Used to troubleshoot sending documents to Output Agent.

BW_TranscriptTransfer_<yyyymmdd>.log Used to troubleshoot documents being reindexed into


File/Information Reason

Intelligent Capture

H_<RTS_Instance><yyyymmdd>.log Each RTS instance will create an H_.log which is used to

troubleshoot the processing of batches.

Note: Logs will be written to [drive]:\Program Files (x86)\Brainware\Brainware Distiller\bin\Log.

Updated 8/30/3016 by Jessica Wilkerson (corrected typo in BW_TranscriptTransfer.log)

Technical Diagram (Internal Only)

https://lexmark--c.na56.visual.force.com/apex/Knowledge_Technical_Overview_Internal?popup=true&id=kA5i0000000LZA3&lang=en_US&pubstatus=o 2/4
7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | Brainware: Intelligent Capture for Transcripts Technical Overview

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How to collect error information (Internal Only)

General Errors

The following materials should be collected for a typical error:

Screenshot of the error if it can be reproduced in Designer, with replication steps of its occurrence.
Operating System Platform and Version
SCBComponent Versions, to include, CdrProj. CdrTte, and CdrAds versions (specific for Transcripts). This is to
ascertain what current version is being used on the workstation where the error is occurring.

Sample Batch(s) and document(s)

Project File and ini

Log Files, located in Program Files Perceptive Intelligent Capture\bin\Log

Clear Replication steps/description

Database platform and version

Customer-specific database schema

With sample data related to issue if possible

https://lexmark--c.na56.visual.force.com/apex/Knowledge_Technical_Overview_Internal?popup=true&id=kA5i0000000LZA3&lang=en_US&pubstatus=o 3/4
7/18/2017 Knowledgebase | Brainware: Intelligent Capture for Transcripts Technical Overview
A dump of the entire project database will make debugging much easier, but if that’s not possible, we at least need
dumps from the following tables:


Note: If further material is required, i.e. project related data, the following material should be:

ASE Pool (Semi colon CSV file)

License File

Complete project database dump if possible

Exported data (for export/upstream system issues)

Set LogExportDetails set to TRUE/1 in the BRWEXP table which will log export debugging information to the log files

Exported RTS configurations for all steps (Import, OCR, Extraction, Export)

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