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Date: ________ 20___

Mr. / Ms. _____________


Dear Mr./Ms. ____________

With reference to your application and subsequent interview, _____________[insert name of Company]
(“The Company”) is pleased to inform you that you (“the Employee”) are appointed as ___________ in
the Company. This contract, the schedules and the annexures annexed hereto (collectively “this
Contract”) sets out the main terms and conditions of your employment with the Company. Further, you
will also be governed by the company rules and regulations as notified by the Company, from time to

1.1. This Contract forms the basis for the condition of employment for all the employees working for
________ [insert name of company]. This contract is binding. The Company as defined herein
shall mean and include its successors and assigns, and any of its present and future subsidiaries,
parent / holding companies or organizations controlled by or under the control of the Company.

1.2. Anyone considering a position should read carefully and understand the contents of this Contract
before acceptance. If the Employee has any queries relating to or in connection with this contract,
he / she shall contact the Management of the Company.

The Employee will be employed by the Company as “____________” or in such position as The
Company may from time to time decide at its sole discretion and subject to the terms and
conditions set out in this Contract.

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.

3.1. This employment contract commences from _________________ (“the Effective date”) and shall
continue for a fixed term/period of ___ years.
This employment contract commences from _________________ (“the Effective date”) and shall
continue unless terminated by either of the parties in accordance with this Contract.
3.2. In the event of transition of the employee, from one Group Company to another, any
employment with the previous group company shall count as a part of the Employee’s period of
continuous employment with the Company.

4.1. The period of 06 six months from the Effective Date shall be considered as a probationary period.
During the said period, the performance of the Employee will be regularly reviewed by the
Company. The Company reserves the right to extend the probationary period, for such duration
as it may deem fit, for the better assessment of the Employee’s performance. The Company will
notify the Employee in writing of such extended probationary period.

4.2. If the Employee completes the probationary period to the satisfaction of the Company, the
Company shall notify in writing to the Employee of appointment as Company’s permanent

4.3. If during or at the end of the probationary period the Company is dissatisfied with the Employee’s
performance, the Company may terminate the employment by giving (1) one months’ notice in
writing without assigning any reasons.


5.1. The Employee is employed as _________ and shall report to __________ or such other
person/superior as may be authorized by the Company and notified to the Employee from time
to time. The place of work shall be at __________. The Company may, at its sole discretion, at
any point of time, transfer the Employee to any of its other project sites, establishments, locations
or another group company, within or outside India. Upon such transfer, the rules and regulations
of service application at such location shall be binding on the Employee.

5.2. The duties and responsibilities towards the Company are annexed herewith as Annexure I. The
Company is entitled to change and/or assign other duties and responsibilities, which corresponds
to the Employee’s capabilities and qualifications. Any such change will not constitute a change of
the terms and conditions of this Contract.

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.

6.1. Annual Base salary
6.1.1. The Employee’s remuneration shall be Rs. <Annual Base Salary>/- more particularly
detailed in Annexure II. The remuneration shall be subject to deductions as per the
applicable law.
6.1.2. Such remuneration will be paid in (12) twelve equal parts on a monthly basis, amounting
to Rs. _____________, at the end of each calendar month on/before 10th day of the
succeeding month into a bank account, details of which are to be stated by the Employee.

6.2. Annual / Target Bonus

The Target Bonus <% of Bonus> of TTC, shall be calculated on basis of achievement of the targets
and be subject to Employee’s performance and the applicable bonus scheme of the Company.

There will be no specified grade or increment. Increments shall vary on the basis of the financial
results of the Company and the performance of the every employee and the relevant

8.1. The working hours and days of the Employee shall be subject to the requirements of the Company
which usually will be from Monday to Saturday. The arrangement and duration of the daily
working time will depend on the operational requirements of the Company.
8.2. The Employee shall observe the working hours and holiday as defined in the work schedule policy
and observed at the location of work of the Employee.
8.3. Any overtime, extra work, work on Sundays and/or on public holidays shall be deemed satisfied
with the base salary as mentioned hereinabove in Clause 6.1.

The Employee shall be entitled to Holidays in accordance with the applicable policy and as per
the rules of the Company, subject to prior written approval of the superior/authorized personnel.


Right to work in an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination is a fundamental
right. If the Employee is found guilty of harassment and discrimination in any form, strict
disciplinary action would be taken, which may also result in termination of employment.


The Employee shall be eligible for Provident Fund, Gratuity under each law respectively and the
scheme of the Company.


EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.

The Employee shall be eligible for statutory bonus in accordance with Payment of Bonus Act,
1935, if applicable.


13.1. This offer of employment is subject to a preventive medical check-up. The employment shall be
confirmed only on the Employee being found medically fit. During the term of employment with
the Company, the Employee shall be required to undergo medical examination as and when
required by the Company.
13.2. The Employee shall be eligible for Medical & Personal Accident Insurance in accordance with the
Company’s Medical & Personal accident insurance scheme.


In the event of absence due to illness and/or incapacity to work, the Employee must notify to the
superior by no later than the first day of illness and/or incapacity to work. A certificate from a
qualified medical practitioner must be furnished to the Company on the 3rd day of absence and
on a weekly basis thereafter. The Company reserves the right to refer the Employee to a medical
practitioner nominated by the Company for an independent medical assessment, at the
Company’s expense

15.1. Confidential information for the purposes of this contract shall mean and include all documents
and other information, whether technical, financial or otherwise, that the Employee may receive
directly or indirectly from the Company during the course of employment
15.2. The Employee acknowledges and agrees that all rights in and relating to the Confidential
Information shall belong to the Company and agrees:
15.2.1. to treat and preserve the confidentiality of all Confidential Information obtained during
the course of the employment;
15.2.2. to use the Confidential Information exclusively for the purposes of fulfilling the duties
of the employment and for no other purpose;
15.2.3. to use his/her best endeavors to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of
Confidential Information;
15.2.4. that the Employee shall disclose the Confidential Information only to those in the
Company or otherwise, who have a reasonable need to know such information,
provided that the recipients of such information are also notified and are bound or
caused to be bound by the confidentiality obligations herein.

15.3. The obligations of confidentiality set out herein shall not apply to any information, which:
15.3.1. at the date of its disclosure is in the public domain or which subsequently enters the
public domain other than by the default of the Employee;
15.3.2. is already lawfully known to the Employee prior to its disclosure by the Company and
which is, or becomes free of any obligation of confidentiality.

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.

15.3.3. is required to be disclosed; (a) by law; (b) by any Court procedure; or (c) by any rule or
regulation of any governmental or quasi-governmental authority, provided that in
such an event the Employee shall inform the Company in writing of such mandatory

15.4. The Parties hereby agree that the confidentiality obligations herein shall survive termination of
this Contract.

15.5. The Employee undertakes that he/she shall not, sell or use or publish or transfer for valuable
consideration or otherwise or to reveal or disclose directly or indirectly, any Confidential
Information or any other information relating to the Company or its business to any person for
any reason whatsoever except in the manner and to the extent deemed fit by the Company, with
the Company’s prior written consent.

15.6. The Employee also agrees not to take or remove, without prior authorisation in writing, any
original or copies of material including any document, specification, drawing, diagram, plan, list,
magnetic or electronic medium or any such document relating to the Company’s interests or its
Confidential Information.

15.7. The Employee undertakes to handover to the Company, without any delay, any Confidential
Information and copies thereof received by the Employee, immediately upon demand by the
Company or immediately after the Employee ceases to require such information in the execution
of the duties.


16.1. The Employee hereby expressly acknowledges and agrees that any work that he/she may be
conducting, either on the premises of the Company or otherwise with regard to production,
process improvements, and discoveries or any other form of Intellectual Property whether
protected under law or not, shall be deemed to be undertaken on the express or implied
instruction of the Company or on behalf of the Company. Further all research and development
activities / process improvements conducted by the Employee in any functional area, whether at
the Company’s site/s or on deputation, shall also deemed to be done on behalf of the Company.

16.2. It shall be deemed that the Employee has provided his / her consent for the assignment of any
and all Intellectual Property Rights, developed either solely by him or jointly with the Company,
exclusively and solely in favour of the Company and the Employee shall do all such acts as may
be necessary to ensure that the ownership of all such Intellectual Property Rights vest solely with
the Company.

16.3. The Employee also hereby irrevocably transfers and assigns to the Company, and waive and agree
never to assert, any and all moral rights which the Employee may have in or with respect to any

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.

form of Intellectual Property, whether protected under law or otherwise, even after termination
of this Contract.

16.4. The Employee shall, not without the express written consent of the Company, enter into any
agreement, arrangement or undertaking with any customer of the Company.


The Employee agrees and undertakes to be bound by the Non-Competition and Non-solicitation
rules of the Company, more particularly described in Annexure – III.


The Employee agrees to follow the data protection and IT rules of the Company, more specifically
stated herein in Annexure – IV.


19.1. Either party may terminate this contract, by giving a written notice of three (3) months to the
other party

19.2. In the event the Employee gives a notice of resignation / termination for a period, shorter than
three (3) months, then the Company shall at it discretion adjust any leave due to the Employee
or recover from the Employee’s dues, the short-fall in the notice period.

19.3. Notwithstanding what is stated hereinabove, The Company is entitled to terminate the
employment by serving a summary notice in writing and without payment in lieu of notice, on
happening of any of the following events including without limitation, if the Employee has:
19.3.1. committed any serious or repeated or continued (after warning) material breach of
obligations mentioned herein;
19.3.2. been guilty of a conduct, which may bring the Employee or the Company in disrepute;
19.3.3. failed to perform the duties to a satisfactory standard after having received a written
warning from the Company relating to the same.
19.3.4. committed theft;
19.3.5. damaged Company’s property maliciously;
19.3.6. falsified attendance or sickness records.
19.3.7. consumed or distributed narcotics {or alcoholic beverage} on the Company premises;
19.3.8. committed any criminal or civil acts prejudicial to the Company whether or not committed
in the course of employment;
19.3.9. not complied with Company’s policy as amended from time to time.
19.3.10. committed any other offence of a similar gravity as to the events stated hereinabove.

19.4. Any dues to be paid by the Employee to the Company on the date of termination shall be
settled/deducted from the final salary payment due to the Employee.

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.

19.5. In case of termination under clause 19.3 hereinabove, the Company is entitled to recover any
loss/damages accrued to it by the Employee from the due payable to the Employee under clause

19.6. The Appointment and continuation in employment shall be subject to the Employee remaining
medically fit. The management shall have the right to get the Employee examined or re-examined
from any registered medical practitioners, Surgeon / Physician.

On basis of the documents / certificates submitted by the Employee, the date of birth is recorded
as ________. As per the policy of the Company, the Retirement age is fixed at _____ years. The
retirement will take place at the end of the year in which the Employee attains _____ years of

21.1. The Employee agrees and undertakes to perform, for the Company, such duties as it may
designate from time to time, and devote full time and best efforts to the business of the
Company. The Employee undertakes not to perform any activities and/or duties with or without
monetary consideration, which are out of the scope of this Contract, without prior approval of
the Company. The Company may grant such approvals only if such activity and/or service does
not conflict with the interest of the Company and/or does not impede the Employee from
executing his/her duties in a timely and professional manner.
21.2. During the employment with the Company, the Employee shall be governed by the rules and
regulations of the Company, in force or as introduced or amended, from time to time.
21.3. The Employee shall also be bound by the rules and regulations enforced by the management from
time to time in relation to conduct, discipline, medical leave and holiday or any other mater
relating to the service conditions which shall be deemed incorporated herein by reference.
21.4. If one or more of the provisions in this Employment Contract are deemed invalid, illegal or
unenforceable by law, then the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect. Any
invalid or unenforceable provision of this Employment Contract shall be replaced with a provision,
which is valid and enforceable and most nearly reflects the original intent of the unenforceable
21.5. No waiver by the Company of any breach of this Contract shall be a waiver of any preceding or
succeeding breach. No waiver by the Company of any right under this Contract shall be construed
as a waiver of any other right.
21.6. The Company shall not be required to give notice to enforce strict adherence to all terms of this
21.7. This Contract is the final, complete and exclusive agreement between the parties with respect to
the subject matter hereof and supersedes and merges all prior discussions between the Parties.
21.8. This Contract of Employment together with all the annexures, schedule, polices, rules and
regulations of the Company or portion thereof, and any other documents that the present

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.

contract or the annexures expressly incorporates by reference, shall be construed as the Entire
Agreement. All the annexures and other documents incorporated by reference shall be deemed
to be an integral part of this Contract.
21.9. The terms and conditions contained herein can be modified, altered or amended at the discretion
of the Management. Any subsequent change or changes in the Employee’s duties, remuneration
or compensation will not affect the validity or scope of this Contract.
21.10. The content of this Contract shall be treated as private and confidential.
21.11. This Contract will be binding upon the Employee’s heirs, executors, administrators and other
legal representatives and will be for the benefit of the Company, its successors, and its assigns.
21.12. Any breach of terms and conditions of this contract and any other rules, by the Employee, in
respect of the employment with the Company will entail termination of employment without


In the event of any dispute arising out of or relating to this Contract, including the termination or
invalidity thereof, shall be referred to arbitration and shall be finally resolved by a Sole Arbitrator.
The arbitration shall be conducted under the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act,
1996 and or its statutory modifications as may be in force from time to time. The Arbitration
proceedings shall be conducted in English. The seat and venue of Arbitration shall be at
Ahmedabad. The award rendered by the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon the parties.


This Employment Contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of
Republic of India. Subject to Clause 22, Civil Court at Ahmedabad, Gujarat alone shall have
exclusive jurisdiction to try, entertain any dispute arising out of or in connection with this

Thanking you, I have read the above and accept the same
Yours faithfully,
For ____________________

(the Employee)

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.



[To be inserted on case to case basis as to what duties and scope of work is to be performed, some
common obligations are stated herein below]

1. The Employee shall devote his/her time, attention and skill in promoting the interest of the Company
and shall not engage in any activity which may be or may become harmful to or contrary to the
interest of the Company.

2. The Employee shall carry out his/her duties in a proper, faithful and efficient manner to the best of
his/her ability and use you’re his/her best endeavors to maintain, develop and extend the business
of the Company.

3. The Employee shall maintain high standards of discipline, efficiency, integrity and also guide the
employees under his/her supervision to the best of his/her ability.

4. The Employee shall keep, maintain and provide all necessary assistance to the Company for the
purpose keeping and maintaining files, documents, books of accounts and all other necessary records
in accordance with the Company’s policy and the applicable law.

5. All other functional responsible according to the role assigned to the Employee shall be explained to
the Employee by his / her manager / immediate supervisor.

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.


Break-up of Base Salary

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.



1. The Employee agrees and undertakes that during the term of the employment and for a period
of Twelve (12) months following the expiration/termination of the employment:

a) the Employee shall not engage himself directly or indirectly, as owner, principal, agent,
partner, director, officer, employee, independent contractor, share/stock holder,
consultant, adviser or any other capacity in any trade, commerce or business or practice
any occupation, vocation, profession or render any services for valuable consideration or
otherwise or indulge in any activity in the Territory of _________ which is competing with Commented [(N&N)1]: Consider limiting the application
of Non-Compete to a particular territory, the same may help
the business activities of the Company or its group companies. prove reasonability of applying non – compete, as and when
b) The Employee agrees and undertakes to forbid himself absolutely and unconditionally from required to be enforced in Court of Law.
making use of the Confidential Information or Trade Secrets or otherwise benefiting himself
or any other individual, firm, company, association of persons whether registered or not,
bodies corporate or any other Person whether or not the Confidential Information shall be
of any significance commercial, non-commercial or otherwise to the Company.

3. The Company reserves the right to decide on application of the “Non-Compete” condition
mentioned herein above. In the event that the Company chooses to apply the aforesaid “Non
– Compete” provision on the Employee, then it shall inform about the same to the Employee
in writing. If the Company chooses to apply the non-compete provisions than it shall
compensate Employee with 50% of the last drawn monthly fixed salary for the “Non-Compete”
period of Twelve (12) months after termination of employment (“Non-Compete
Compensation”). Upon receipt of the aforesaid notice by the Employee, it shall be incumbent
on the Employee to adhere to the Non-Compete obligations in accordance with this Contract.
Any refusal to accept the Non – Compete Compensation by the Employee, shall not relieve the
Employee of the Non – Compete obligation due to any reasons whatsoever. The Employee
undertakes and accepts that the restriction imposed is reasonable in view of his/her job profile
and the Company has adequately compensated the Employee for acceptance of such

4. Notwithstanding what is stated hereinabove, The Employee agrees and undertakes that for a
period of twelve (12) months following termination of employment for any reason whatsoever,
the Employee shall not:-

a) Solicit any business from any clients or customers of the Company or any of their subsidiaries or
affiliates for his/her own benefit directly or indirectly or for the benefit of any other individual,
firm, company, association of persons whether registered or not, bodies corporate or any other

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.

Persons and whether or not the Employee is interested in the business, affairs or activities of such
a person.

b) Directly or indirectly, on his/her own behalf or on behalf of or in conjunction with any person or
legal entity, recruit, solicit, or induce, or attempt to recruit, solicit or induce, any employee of the
Company with whom the Employee had personal contact or supervised while performing his/her
job duties.

c) Contact any of the existing or prospective clients of the Company, to entice such clients away
from the Company or to damage in any way their business relationship with the Company.

5. The Employee further acknowledges that any breach of the terms and conditions of Schedule I
will entitle the Company to recover liquidated damages from the Employee. Such liquidated
damages shall be equivalent to 12 (twelve) months of salary computed on basis of the last drawn
monthly salary by the Employee. The Employee further agrees that the said sum of liquidated
damages shall be just and reasonable and the Company shall be entitled to recover as
contractually agreed liquidated damages in the event of breach of the terms and conditions
contained herein.

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.



1. The Employee shall utilize the Company provided IT, Company email, IT infrastructure and
telecommunication devices of the Company (hereinafter referred to as “Company IT”) only for
the purposes of performing his/her duties of employment as defined in this Contract. Any
utilization of the same for the purposes other than for performance of his/her employment duties
shall only be with a prior written approval by the Company.

2. The use of the Company IT for private reasons (including web-based mail services) as well as short
private telephone calls caused by business reasons shall be reduced to a minimum and are only
admissible during breaks and after working hours. Upon termination of the Employment
Contract, the Employee shall ensure that all private contents in the company email account are
deleted and the same shall be confirmed by the Employee upon request by the Company.

3. The Company reserves the right to access, inspect, enter, search, and monitor the computer files
and/or email account of the Employee, without advance notice, for business purposes such as
investigating theft, disclosure of Confidential Information, or personal abuse of the system, or
monitoring work flow or productivity.

4. The Employee shall use the Company IT with due responsibility. Any and all use which impairs or
infringes Applicable Law, guidelines or general security standards of the Company or its group
companies or which is capable to harm the interests of the Company or its reputation in public,
is unlawful.

5. The Employee is prohibited:

a) To create, visit, download, save, upload or distribute unlawful contents from or via the
internet, in particular such contents with breaches provisions of criminal law or which have
xenophobic, unconstitutional, violence-glorifying or pornographic contents or of websites
that are not trustworthy;
b) to open emails, attachments or other data of unknown sources. In case of doubt, the
Employee shall always consult with the IT department of the Company;
c) to copy or install programs, on the computer provided by the Company, which are not
needed for business purpose, in particular anonymization software, as well as to download,
upload or send huge amounts of data (for example movies or pieces of music);
d) to make any private communications in any manner or form whatsoever, via the internet as
well as access any websites or download any content therein or use any other similar
services which incurs cost upon the Company, unless necessary for the purposes of
rendering Service to the Company.

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.

6. Further, The Employee is prohibited from copying and/or using Company data other than on
hardware granted to the Employee for business use without prior written consent of the
Company. This shall include, but not be limited to, transfer of business data for non-business
purposes, for example by email or loading on an external server, copying such data on external
storage devices (such as an USB-stick), burning such data on CDs or DVDs and/or the removal
from such media outside the premises of the Company.

7. The Employee shall use the company internet, email accounts and IT- systems with due
responsibility. Any and all use which contravenes Applicable Laws, guidelines or general security
standards of the Company or its group companies or which is capable to harm the interest of the
Company or its reputation, shall be unlawful.

8. The data privacy and security guidelines of the Company or its group companies in their
respective valid version shall apply to the use of the Company IT as well as handling of
Confidential Information and personal data.

EIPL – HR Sign. Employee Sign.