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IT Administrator Systèms & Networks

Address : Cité 350 logements Bt D1 n°02

Tel : 0559 05 44 86
E-mail : mohamedyousfiasri@gmail.com

 2016 – 2017: Engineer's degree, Networks & Systems at ETM IBN ROCHD H2IT.
 2016 – 2017: Engineer's degree, Networks & Systems (Ecole d’ingénieurs 3iL Limoge
Studies and Diploma

France) at ETM IBN ROCHD H2IT.

 September 2009 to March 2012: Superior Technician in Computer Network
Administration and Security at INSFP Mohamed ElTayeb Boussana ElMohamadia –
Alger- .
 November 2011 to June 2012: Cisco certification INIM UMBB Boumerdes.
 Cisco CCNA 1 Networking Fundamentals
 Cisco CCNA 2 Network Routers and Routing Basics
 Cisco CCNA 3 Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing
 Cisco CCNA 4 WAN Technologies

 February 2017 – to Today: Quality Controller Engineer from FTTX project

- EHS supervisor (work environment, workers security).
- Hardware installation inspection quality (OLT: Optical Line Terminal).
- Give training to suppliers about EHS task and Huawei FTTX quality standards.
- Create QC plan (KCP) in ISDP application (Huawei’s application used to follow project

- Scheduled and supervised the work of the subcontractors and team members.
- Documented all reports for the project such as onsite technical issues reports.
- Responsible for proposal preparation reports and presentation for project.
- Create daily work order to site engineers and subcontractor Team Leaders.
- Familiar with the operation and usage of Fiber Optic Cable Fusion Splicer Equipment.
- For fusion type splicing of Fiber Optic Cable.

 September 2016 - February 2017: IT Support & HelpDesk ITSERV at customer COCA
- Support and user training.
- Administration of part of the active directory.
- Use of EASY VISTA management tools

 September 2015-August 2016: IT Administrator & Architect Networks with a computer

- Put the corporate network addressing scheme.
- Feasibility study and the implementation of several networks.
- Configuration of CISCO switch and router equipment.
 September 2014-August 2015: Network Administrator, Helpdesk & Architect Networks
COSIDER TP Department Information System to General Management.
In charge of :
- Support and user training.
- Administration Server antivirus Kaspersky Security Center KSC 10 (Client / Server).
- Put the corporate network addressing scheme.
- Firewall configuration Endian Firewall Open Source Community.

- Feasibility study and implementation of several networks in COSIDER TP life of bases

across the country.

 November 2012 to September 2014: HELP DESK at the Directorate of Youth and Sport
In charge of:

- Curative and preventive maintenance of workstations, software and hardware.

- Support and user training.
- Installation & configuration all peripherals (printer, scanner ...).
- Installation & Configuration of wireless devices (Access Point).
- Deployment and integration of new jobs.
- Creation of wired network of the Directorate of Youth and Sports.
- Put the corporate network addressing scheme.
- Network Administrator (Active Directory, Group Policy, Antivirus).
- Feasibility study and implementation of several networks in Cyber youth centers in the
wilaya of Boumerdes.

 September 2011 to March 2012: Practical training for graduates in the Directorate General of
Customs National Centre of Transmissions Customs theme for study and implementation of a
secure DMZ architecture in the breasts of the Directorate General of Customs.
In charge of:

- Maintenance curative et préventive des postes de travail, Software et Hardware.

- Support et formation des utilisateurs.

- Implementation and Administration of LAN / WAN MS Windows 2003/2008 server


(Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, WINS, FTP)

- Implementation and Administration of LAN / WAN Linux (Debian, Redhat).
- Implement a network infrastructure (TCP / IP, Hub, Switch, Router, Nat, DMZ, Firewall,

- Install, manage and secure the assets of a local network.
- Install, manage and secure access to the Internet and WAN access.

- Install and Configure Firewall (Isa Server, ASTARO, PfSense, Endian Firewall, IPCOP,
ForeFront 2010 smoothwall).
- Management of an IT park with GLPI.
- Configuring Cisco Router and Switch (VLAN, interVILAN routing, RIP v1, RIP v2,
- Install a Wi-Fi network and secure.
- Computer maintenance.
 Serious, punctual, ambitious, dynamic and sociable.

Having a spirit of analysis and synthesis and a great sense of listening.

 High capacity to adapt to any work situation.
 Easy to assimilation and communication.
 Ability to research individually or in groups.

 A successful career in a company considered interesting to enforce and apply my skills

and knowledge.
 Training in IT.
 Discovering new horizons and Extend my knowledge.

Languages: On the Interests and Hobbies:

- Arabic: read and write and speak
Travel, Soccer, swimming, reading, jogging.
- French: read and write and speak
- English: read and write and speak