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MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF SECONDARY AND HIGHER SECONDARY EDUCATION -------- DIVISIONAL BOARD, -----—- TIME TABLE FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION (STD X) MARCH - 2018 The Secondary School Certificate Examination will commence on and from 01% March, 2018 and will be conducted in the following order 11.00 a.m. | SECOND OR THIRD to aftare OF wT, RoRe Tamil (21) afta CU ee as oth a Telugu (22) Fey 2) Malayalam: (23) Hear, (3) Sindhi (24) Fao ee Bengali (25) sear (34) Punjabi (26)_sorret (24) fev - stearoar etmeronater teoreneitt ater gt oe aeittarst ane, whan erated eave tort after overs afer ater. eT ; Aarne es arf area caret a Reverb dha oe ogre, ar etreMare ie aT area aA eT Ha AeA TET TEA. ‘SSC March 2018 Time Table - 28/10 Page 1 = RTT OT Te 2 ON ATCA ‘fram ee, vigai, Gi-¥99 coy, ‘Tuesday ‘SECOND OR THIRD 06" March, 2018 ‘iaare 8 ATE, RORS French (Composite) German (Composite) Russian (Composite) ‘fedhe ar git are a sep at antarndt tet attire eT seat eat Singh (Compasite) Punjabi (Composit) Bengal (Composite) Gujarati Composite) (a 943499929793933 feu = stsaorear eceraratier Aareanist gfe et ww afeetest ang. eae erase Reaver Serre eater arson ir eer, eT earners arth wer eardt a Paereahat adhe wie og, sea aitaerata far ar das a Raa Sor TET TEA. SSC March 2018 Time Table - 28/10 oS Page 2 ‘eter RTE eT Hreahtres Fee ATEN ‘fiat Hea, vigei, W-¥94 cov. ‘Saturday 10% March, 2018 after Re ATH, Rote ‘Arithmetic, (For Special needs (Divyanga)-Biind, Deaf, Spastics, Autism & Learning disabled etc. Candidates) ‘Wednesday 14” March, 2018 4.00 pm. | PAPER aur RAT, Rote fea - stearenr aibaeraratie Aorersist ghar Gt wen mneettest oy. Hage erates terre tere ante arene sitter eer, wT Sarereres arf wer card s faereatet ait site age, ara ereMaTe es Par at aa UTE A Fore Tg TE TT, ‘SSC March 2018 Time Table - 28/10 > Page 3 agrere eT areas gy see area ‘rat aes, viget, PI-¥419 oo.