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BSBA 1-6

To our beloved owner of this ship, Ms. Rexie Pangan, and to my fellowmen who want to
join in Mars, good morning to all of you.
I am so sad at this moment because of what will happen here on Earth, it will be the end
of this place wherein we live very long. We have travelled so far which developed our
relationships and memories but this time we need to say goodbye to each other. Maybe, it is the
proof of what they are saying that there’s no such a thing like “forever”, but for me, forever lasts
in my heart because of the good memories that live in. I’m still asking myself why we ended up
in this situation that some of our citizens need to sacrifice their lives though we have no choice.
Anyways, we need to become practical, we need to save ourselves by competing through words
and actions in order to choose and to survive.
I am Albert Bernardo, a farmer.
You can say that I am JUST a farmer, not professional, not educated and an outcast. But
on my own, I have the good characteristics that make my output better in terms of farming. I am
diligent and responsible to produce food to eat. In these things I can stand as professional and
educated because of a good attitude. Madam, if you select me, i will do my task to provide food
and can also extend my limits by helping others task.
To Ma’am Rexie Pangan, I know you are asking yourself if should you join this farmer in
Mars, aren’t you? Haven’t you? Yes. You should join me there ma’am, you have got to. Why?
Because I am the most important person in building a new civilization if you realized.
Researchers said that soil in Mars is capable of plant germination. So I can be a smart farmer
who will find a place wherein I can start to plant any crop. And there, we can live because we
have sources of foods. Who among you can survive without food? Raise your arm if you can.
Who says that farmer is not important in everyday life? Raise your arm if you do. Who said that
he/she doesn’t need food in order to live long in Mars? Raise your arm if you does. None?
Therefore none of you disagreed on my importance.

Way back too far from before, civilization began with agriculture. And, agriculture
sprouted intelligent farmers. So how can you build a civilization without agriculture,
without even a single farmer, without me?

To be far from dependable sources of food is to take risks of malnutrition and starvation.
Yes, we could carry food from Earth to Mars but if it is incurred, effortless, you will not
survive. Energy-less, no food to eat, no life.