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Shakira Muhammed Kunhi

Mobile: +965-69692267
Email: shaky.cet@gmail.com

Looking for an opportunity to put my skills and training into the work for acquiring the position
of Information Security Auditor/ Penetration Tester /Cyber Forensic Analyst.

Core Qualifications:

• M-Tech in Computer Science & Information Security(2015 -2017)

• B-Tech in Computer Science.(2005-2009)
• Having 2 years experience in Vulnerability Analysis and Penitration Testing,web
application and network infrastructure.
• Consistantly analyse and improve technical capabilities related in the field of Information
Security and Server,Network operations.There by increasing the efficiency and
competetive with the fast-growing technologies.
• Having Experienced as an Assistant Computer science Professor in LBS Engineering
College India.

Technical Skills:
• FrameWork : Metasploit.
• Methodologies : OWASP Top 10
• Security Tools : Nmap,Zenmap,Nmap-Scripting Engine
• Database :SQL fundementals (MYSQL,MS Sql,PostGreSQL) .
• Languages :C,Python, JAVA

Information Security Evangelist : ASTRIX TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. (January 2010 –
September 2011 Bangalore)
• Monitored security systems for any and all signs of Intruders or fraudulent activity.
• Carrying out vulnerability assessment ,network scanning and Penetration Testing.
• Analyzing the machine to check the status of security in an organization.
• Resolved all fraud and virus infections in coordination with computer security incident
response teams.

Computer Science Professor - LBS College of Engineering, Kasaragod

India (September 2011 –January 2012)

• Initiated facilitated and moderated computer science related course discussions in accordance
of curriculum
• Planned designed and revised syllabi curriculum instruction content and other materials as
• Provided student body with counsel and direct supervision in laboratory work and issues with
course work
• Stayed abreast of advancements in computing technology programming and syntax


Year Institution Degree with marks

2015-2017 LBS COLLEGE OF
M-Tech in Computer Science and
Information security
CGPA: 9.0

2005-2009 COLLEGE OF B-Tech in computer science

TRIKARIPUR,INDIA Percentage:81.09


Title of the project: Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted

Cloud Using seed Block algorithm

Language used : Java

Description : With the advent of cloud computing, data owners are motivated to
outsource their complex data management systems from local sites to the commercial public
cloud for great flexibility and economic savings. Considering the large number of data users and
documents in the cloud, it is necessary to allow multiple keywords in the search request and
return documents in the order of their relevance to these keywords. The Data owner initially
segments the files. Applying seed block algorithm differently in each fragments, then encrypts it
using AES algorithm. Storing these file fragments in different buckets in cloud. During searching
users enters a keyword the server will give the corresponding matching files. Thus the proposed
system offers more security, integrity and data recovery.

Professional Certification
• EC-COUNCIL Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv9) 2017
• EC-COUNCIL Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI v9) 2017
• Diploma in Java from NIIT Bangalore , 2010
VISA STATUS: Transferable.