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“you can’t escape your brand.
either you make the customer experience
or it gets made without you.”

1. what is a brand? 2
2. what is branding? 20
3. branding vs. marketing, advertising & publicity 26
4. 10 qualities of every successful brand 30
5. when is it time to reinvent your brand message? 33
6. mymuze brand fundamentals 37
7. time to move forward 42
8. mymuze: your brand innovation agency 43

2 . this is a product.

this is a logo. 3 .


5 .what is a brand? It’s a belief in a brand’s promise that moves a consumer to action.

. this is a product.. What Barack Obama offered 6 . let’s try this again.

How we identify with Barack Obama 7 . this is a logo.


belief in action. 9 .

do people believe in Your brand? 10 .

11 .

message and commitment that moves them to action. got it? 12 . it’s believing in change and voting for Obama. a brand is a belief that lives in the mind of a consumer. it’s a belief in your brand’s promise.

If your brand does not exist THE BOTTOM LINE IS: in the mind of the consumer. . your brand does not exist.

made with the customer and built up over time through consistent communication and delivery of that promise to them. A brand is a promise. Thus the very mention of your brand’s name should trigger a 14 . A brand is not just an eye-catching logo or a name that is frequently advertised on TV.

15 . your purpose and any number of images and associations. both emotionally and rationally. which the consumer can relate to.series of expectations not only about what you or your company offers. The power of your brand lies in its ability to influence consumer behavior. but your quality.

myMUZE can create,
nurture, manage and
promote your desired
brand image while we proactively
establishing an enduring
perception about your
brand in the minds of


* deliver your brand message clearly
* further establish your brand’s credibility
* connect you to your targeted prospects emotionally
* motivate your buyers
* generate consumer loyalty


when you think Starbucks what do you think?


right? that’s the power of branding. 19 . coffee.


branding is the process of building and positioning a brand’s message. branding ensures that the brand image you want is the brand image you have. image or promise in the minds of consumers. perception is reality. and strengthen your brand image IN THE CONSUMER’S MIND. each branding effort should help define. . position. in the consumer’s mind.

22 . Example: a popular branding strategy used by some of tOday’s most successful brands is the process of owning a word or phrase in the minds of consumers.

The word or phrase that you want to own must meet a want. You do this by consistently promoting and integrating your brand’s message at every point of public contact. coffee PIZZA LUXURY When your brand begins to own a word or phrase in the consumer’s mind. you will begin to dominate your competition. need or add value to the consumer’s life. 23 .

challenges to current branding modelS CURRENT MODELS mymuze INNOVATION messaging involvement static dynamic promising delivering look and feel experience fantasy authenticity advertising culture audience community consistency coherence image currency passive interactive 24 .

Strong branding is you do not want to be without. it's important to spend time consistently investing. . and building your brand’s image. defining. myMUZE: WE ARE your branding partners. researching. As the battle for customers intensifies day by day. Branding is the foundational piece of your communication -.

26 .

BRANDING is the process of building and positioning your message in the minds of consumers. While their involvement can be. Many C-Level executives simply think the answer is to turn branding problems over to their marketing. developing a great branding strategy first is paramount to moving your brand in the right direction. significant and beneficial. 27 . MARKETING and ADVERTISING are the tools to expand what branding establishes in the mind. and should be. Using any of these tools without establishing a strong branding message is just a waste of money. publicity grows that brand message marketing promotes that brand message advertising maintains that brand message PUBLICITY. This can be a lethal mistake. advertising or public relations firms and let them deal with the issues of brand building and sustainability.

then all the advertising. the best and the biggest. LOGO DESIGN AND MEDIA ADVERTISING. sales promotion. and public relations in the world won’t help you achieve your objective. but still cannot differentiate between branding and marketing. Many branding companies also claim to be different. fancy packaging.” 28 . product or service to the consumer in the mind first. marketing. web designs. If you can’t build a great brand message in the minds of consumers. BRANDING IS INCREASINGLY CRITICAL FOR BUSINESSES IN TODAY’S COMPETITION. That old expression “Nothing happens until somebody sells something” is being replaced by today’s slogan. IT IS A COMMON MISTAKE FROM SOME COMPANIES TO INTERPRET BRANDING WITH WEB DESIGN. “Nothing happens until somebody brands something. branding “pre-sells” your brand.

myMUZE is your branding agency. 29 .myMUZE can effectively deliver your brand message to the world.

10 qualities of every successful brand: 30 .

recognizable consistent visually impactful dependable trustworthy comfortable quality reliable valuable focused 31 .

Mercedes and other great brands get those 10 qualities? They knew the answers to these questions and kept them top of mind: 1. You can dominate your category. How did Google. Where is our brand going? These simple questions can help you narrow your focus and dominate your brand’s category or field. What differentiates our products and services from our chief competitors? 4. What is our brand’s purpose? 3. myMUZE can move your brand forward. It all starts with branding. The ultimate objective of any branding strategy is to dominate a category. you become extremely powerful. Coca-Cola. 32 . Microsoft has over 90 percent of the worldwide market for desktop computer operating systems for a reason--they focused in on software and dominated the category. What is superior about the value we offer our customers? 5. What business is our brand in? 2. Starbucks. When you dominate a category.

when is it time to reinvent your brand message? 33 .

34 . economic or technical trends cause brands to lose appeal. Often. changing social. brand repositioning decisions are often triggered when a significant market shift occurs. making it critical for a company to review the long-term potential of the current brand message.

product or service a new position in customers’ minds in an attempt to change a product or company’s market potential. reinventing or repositioning a brand involves brand strategies designed to give an existing person. company. 35 .

enabling a brand to reemerge with a new presence. myMUZE: we are your brand energizers 36 . Sometimes radical transformation is needed (for example. a riveting promise and a fresh approach. Either way. over time. brand evolution is essential in order for brands to flourish rather than just survive. steady brand migration process might be more effective. Even in times of relative market stability. if the market for your brand is shrinking permanently). an effective rebranding effort can reaffirm the loyalty of existing customers while helping to attract new ones. Other times a slow.

myMUZE branding fundamentals 37 .

distinctive brand message. identify your brand.establish and promote a unique. typically the business founder’s values and business Principles. you also communicate its heritage and its origin. have a “brand story. . develop great brand programs and partner with myMUZE for brand management (why?) have a brand tag line that expresses your brand’s functional and emotional benefits to customers. have an iconic symbol or image that vividly displays your brand’s identity. have a descriptive word or phrase that tells the customer where to place your brand in their mind’s eye.” When you memorable. establish a great brand strategy.

consumers will feel good about using your brand vs. myMUZE: WE ARE your branding partnerS. 39 . IF THEY ARE UNABLE TO CONNECT. a competitor’s brand. myMUZE can deliver your brand message in a way that people understand. 4. 2. BECAUSE: 1. brand esteem is tied to brand loyalty. 3. customers need to understand and believe in how your brand is different from ITS competitors. myMUZE can differentiate your brand from everyone else in the market. myMUZE can establish brand esteem. THEY WILL GIVE UP ON YOUR BRAND. myMUZE can create and promote your brand identity so that it will be perceived as meaningful and will communicate your point of difference.

40 .

APPLE innovator 41 . .steve jobs.INNOVATION distinguishes between a LEADER and a follower.

it’s time to discover the possibilities time to move your brand forward 42 .

Sports Illustrated. We are an integrated brand consulting and design agency. We have worked with mega-brands such as Nelson Mandela. your brand message to the world. DELL. and cultural perception about our clients in the minds of consumers. we uniquely develop what NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt. Time Warner. Our job is to move consumer’s mind. Your brand needs to begin and remain brands forward by perfecting their promise to the world. Inc.. That means you need to tune in consumer touch point while establishing an enduring to market conditions. we don’t want you to make decisions based on We work collectively to provide an innovative approach in the what we think. current. trends not only when you first establish your brand but also Since 1998 our company has provided creative brand on a regular basis as your brand ages. and Yahoo! just to name a few. Target. Memorex. manage. 43 . HBO. and interests. your brand is Nike. Our team is immensely qualified to your brand can minimize risk. and relevant to customer develop and deliver unique brand images across every wants. Universal Music. we use a combination of research. We credible. your brand must keep a slot in the to discover and manage their possibilities. Apple. consultancy to high profile people and companies. Subway. consumer preferences. competitive. Plan. product or just a word. Disney. needs. it is an experience. innovation. we want you to make sound decisions on what development and execution of consumer driven brand you know. and Deliver leaders in brand innovation. We partner with powerful brands To win in today’s market. This will give you the manage the essence of your brand and translate it into confidence to make the right “value creating” decisions.What are we: What we do: A Brand Building Company Think. market and financial myMUZE is composed of a team of seasoned brand architects analysis and statistics to define the opportunities of and design industry professionals with diverse experience. Fox. Create. people will positively believe about your brand. We’ll show you what really drives demand and how building strategies. refine or translate Music. color. Sony we partner with you to create. profits. not a logo.

8. We discover. analyze and assess your branding needs Most agencies offer solutions. We are all about proactive innovation. We don’t. We are a proactive agency. 3. We communicate and involve your audience We partner with brands to create outcomes and fulfill goals 9. That’s being reactive. We are not a 2. We manage the executables rather than responding to it after it has happened”. How we do it What we don’t do Our Process JUST Offer solutions 1. 7. We develop a plan of action controlling a situation by causing something to happen 6. Being proactive means “creating or 5. We engage and retain your audience to create brand loyalty through innovation. We do not manage problems. We keep accountability myMUZE is in the business of brand proactivity. not solutions. 10. 44 . We get creative dealing with a current situation. We increase your brand value and market share we create results. We think possibilities A solution is defined as the process of solving a problem or 4. We conduct market research & analysis solution based agency.

Muse = Inspiration = the birth of myMUZE We put a “my” in front of our version of muse (myMUZE) to imply that you own your inspiration. Your brand no longer has to have a source of inspiration. with myMUZE we believe your brand can be the inspiration.who are we: WHAT DOES MYMUZE MEAN? In ancient times the word muse was defined as a source of inspiration. Inspiration is defined as the process of being influenced to do something creative. 45 .

we bridge the gap » we conceptualize and execute between your brand’s promise how your brand message will be and your brand’s delivery. 46 . and sustain growth for your brand. we create online digital market and financial statistics identities using a wide array of into a single insightful report to social tools. 07 08 BRAND IDENTITY BRAND STRATEGY agency disciplines & services: » we create and manage the marks that visually represent » we develop measurable plans to strengthen. cultivating your influence good branding personality on the internet. create our proactive tools your brand. presented and maintained to the world. 13 14 BRAND RELATIONS BRAND ADVERTISING » to the public. decisions. 01 02 BRAND RESEARCH & DIGITAL BRAND ANALYTICS MANAGEMENT » we improve brand performance by fusing » with the growth of social integrating market research. media.

sustain and translate your out in a competitive market. meaningful to your customers. 09 10 11 12 BRAND NAMING BRAND POSITIONING BRAND RETAIL CORPORATE BRANDING ENVIRONMENTS » we discover how your brand’s » we develop creative ways your » we create names that can unique message will best stand brand can occupy a physical » we capture your company’s grow. brand's message to its targeted the process of finding an encouraging to shoppers. it’s space that will be engaging and vision and bring it to life visually. 15 16 17 18 BRAND INTEGRATION SONIC BRANDING BRAND PROGRAM BRAND MANAGEMENT EXECUTION » this involves the development » we develop audio branding » we establish and execute » we manage the presentation of specific objectives.03 04 05 06 BRAND ENGAGEMENT BRAND CREATION BRAND MESSAGES BRAND DEVELOPMENT » we create messages that » we craft a brand's asset into a » we develop the single idea » we create an entire presence encourage consumers to clear concept and message that which details the brand’s that speaks volumes about your experience your brand. brand and its unique capabilities. media and communication outlets. is easily recognized and ultimate reason for existing. consumer’s mind and addressing we create a shopping it with a distinctively different experience that will be and ideally suited offering. message across your entire brand message where your organization and through all customer spends their time. brand awareness. remembered. with audiences in the most effective unfulfilled want or need in the experts in branding and design. manner. strategies that can be used to reinforce creative initiatives that generate of your brand identity and brand and tactics to integrate the your brand identity. .

create customer-driven designs and help you make life more enjoyable for your customers. Your brand is a business asset. We will monitor the quality of your brand. IN CONCLUSION: it takes a team A successful brand must offer a relevant choice to its target audience. We will ensure your brand continuously delivers benefits that meet and exceed customer expectation. myMUZE will put measurable key performance indicators in place to drive consumer loyalty and build brand value. and you can plan and manage with greater confidence the development of your business. a unique proposition. Keeping your brand’s promise consistently will attract loyal buyers who will return to buy again and again. 48 . In partnership with you. As a brand owner. tailored messaging. service or products. A successful brand needs to speak to its audience in a compelling and consistent way. and creative execution. the benefit to you is that forecasting cashflow becomes easier with repeat customers. We will ensure that your brand is relevant to your defined audiences through rigorous segmentation.

linking pricing to intangible benefits. We will work with you to ensure that your brand is understood by all employees and acts as the central organizing principle. We will manage your brand as a long-term asset. Your brand will remain fresh and exciting through constant evolution. 2) credible in the consistency of your promise and 3) positioning is creative and strategic. We will ensure that your brand’s pricing captures the customer’s perception of value by striving for a premium cost. internally and externally.we are your team We will ensure that your brand is 1) differentiated from your competitors. Your employees will be engaged in evolving your brand. The promise made will be the promise delivered. and communicating exclusivity. Our job is to distinguish your brand from its competitors and deliver an experience that leaves your customers satisfied and likely to look for your brand again and again. Employees’ behavior must be aligned with your brand’s message and managed and rewarded as such. 49 .

We believe our purpose is to help clients build lasting brands that command consumer loyalty. Our Promise: We believe in the power of ideas to deliver innovative brand results. Our practice is to develop brand strategies that allow companies to capitalize on their unique market presence. myMUZE matches its mission with corresponding actions that benefit our clients. both big and small. Our mission is clear: To create and build brands in value with excellence and stability. while ensuring that their brand’s promise is increasingly represented. We promise to create captivating ideas that make your promise consistent and true to the brand’s image and identity. we’ll deliver on that brand promise. Our ideas are born out of powerful research-driven insight. resulting in unparalleled outcomes. With guiding actions. We believe that the establishment of a unique image is the key to building a great brand. 50 .


in South Africa and throughout the world. equality and myMUZE was engaged to create brand programs to positively bring awareness to learning. The project harnessed the power to not only are oppressed and deprived.* educate the world about his purpose. Despite terrible provocation. BRAND IDENTITY. The project was created to further convey the message of Nelson Mandela as a catalyst for * Reference from www. to all who are opposed to oppression and hope. but also to enrich people’s lives. to all who project called “Global Lessons”. he has never answered racism with racism. BRAND ENGAGEMENT. We focused on engaging the public with meaningful positioning of a His life has been an inspiration.nelsonmandela. 52 . the brand.NELSON MANDELA SERVICES FOR NELSON MANDELA FOUNDATION: BRAND STRATEGY. BRAND CREATION Nelson Mandela has never wavered in his devotion to democracy.

North Carolina. Earnhardt became one of America’s most popular athletes before he emotionally charged content that was based on the core values of the company. Our focus was to clearly the NASCAR racing league. Competing in the brand’s value during the country’s economic crisis. Today his legacy lives on through his company Dale Earnhardt. and Legacy both nationally and internationally. DEI was founded in 1980 by Dale and Teresa Earnhardt. in Mooresville. DIGITAL BRAND MANAGEMENT.daleearnhardtinc.* developing and creating creative brand management tools that would engage new and existing consumers to interact with the brand. BRAND ENGAGEMENT Dale Earnhardt was a legend of American auto racing. auto racing and the promotion of the Dale Earnhardt Our work ranged from strategic brand consultancy to brand 53 . BRAND DEVELOPMENT. the brand’s profile was maintained on an ongoing basis and at the same (DEI). DEI is headquartered time constantly reinforced. as NASCAR grew in popularity during the 1980s competition. * Reference from www. Inc. In passed in 2001. INCORPORATED SERVICES FOR DALE EARNHARDT INCORPORATED: BRAND STRATEGY. Inc has several business entities focused on philanthropy. this way. and set it apart from the Cup championship seven times. Earnhardt had 76 career wins and won the Winston differentiate the value of DEI in the market place.DALE EARNHArDT. We developed brand programs that were technically brilliant and had and 1990s. Dale Earnhardt. nicknamed “The myMUZE was challenged to create a brand strategy that could build and maintain Intimidator” for his competitive instincts and hard-driving style.

evolved and grew a company that became Nike from a US-based footwear inspiration. well-educated consumers . and emotional impact for their target customers. We created brand programs that positioned their brand and his University of Oregon runner Phil Knight. diverse. distributor to a global marketer of athletic footwear. BRAND SERVICES FOR NIKE: DIGITAL BRAND MANAGEMENT.  Focusing on Nike’s “commitment” to innovation. We developed an approach to brand engagement that focused on turning Nike’s 54 . apparel and equipment that is unrivaled in the world. They and the people they hired online and honed in on their communications to achieve new levels of clarity. proper brand positioning with young. BRAND RESEARCH & ANALYTICS It all started with a handshake between two visionary Oregonians .Bill Bowerman message into involvement. we aligned the brand with business partnerships that ensured that brand value was being created through Our goal in partnering with Nike was to elevate the message of innovative thinking.

BRAND ENGAGEMENT Yahoo! Music is the provider of a variety of music services. and original programming. artist information. music videos. DIGITAL BRAND MANAGEMENT.YAHOO! MUSIC SERVICES FOR YAHOO! MUSIC: BRAND INTEGRATION. including internet Our brand integrations and online design recommendations allowed the company radio. We were asked to develop a digital brand strategy that would provide the brand with a unique. news. to expand its impact to young consumers and the online community. 55 . clearly defined and visible position in the entertainment industry.

It has over 3 million subscribers and is read by by college students. We also cross SI On Campus. DIGITAL BRAND MANAGEMENT.cnn. branded this effort with Nike and Dell. secured licensed content. so SI created Sports Illustrated On Campus. * Reference from sportsillustrated.  23 million adults each 56 .000 unique users in four months. SI has a good share of the market. It was the first magazine with circulation over We created a digital platform and offered a downloadable digital music one million to win the National Magazine Award for General Excellence twice. myMUZE carried the creative and administrative load. The web site traffic exceeded 32.* compilation inspired by the sporting world culture. BRAND ENGAGEMENT Sports Illustrated (SI) is an American sports magazine owned by media The program was designed to develop awareness and readership of this magazine conglomerate Time Warner. 19% of the adult males in the United States. but young sports consumers felt left out of the objectives that SI was establishing. We developed a branding program to involve the younger generation for and constructed a dedicated web site to support the downloads.sports illustrated SERVICES FOR SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: BRAND INTEGRATION. including over 18 million men.

an Indianapolis law firm to specialize in sports and entertainment. * Reference from maxsiegel. Siegel made history as the brand that would stand out from all the rest.MAX SIEGEL SERVICES FOR MAX SIEGEL: BRAND IDENTITY. Siegel is the former President of Global Operations at Dale Earnhardt Inc.. highest-ranking African American executive in NASCAR.* myMuze ensured that Siegel’s brand identity and online digital brand was Siegel now leads NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program in addition to returning to distinguished from his competitors and delivered a great experience. BRAND STRATEGY Max L. DIGITAL BRAND MANAGEMENT. We worked with Max to establish his personal brand’s differentiating factor from one of the top motor sports franchise in NASCAR. BRAND DEVELOPMENT. We wanted to have a clear and distinctive executives in the entertainment and sports 57 . As one of the most influential other powerful executives in his field.

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