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Method Statement for Installation of Fire Pump set

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1. Reference
Mechanical Specification volume-3-part-3 ( Section 6.15 Page 142/174,143/174,144/174).

2. Purpose
This method statement provides a standardized framework for the installation of GRP Water tank to ensure
compliance with the conditions of contract and contract specification.

3. Scope
This method statement is prepared to describe the method by which ARJ ENGINEERING L.L.C intends to
execute the installation of GRP Water tank.

4. Plant and Equipment

In order to carry out the scope of work, appropriate machinery, plant and equipment shall be used as
mentioned below

No Description Quantity
As per site
1. Drill Machine
2. Adjustable wrench ,,
3. Tool Box Set ,,
4. Bolts and nuts, washers ,,

Document ref.#: ARP-P083-MS-PL-____ Rev.0

Document ref.#: ARJ-PJ227-MS-PL-017 Rev.0
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5. Materials

No Description Specification Source MSD available

1 GRP Storage Tank
2 Access ladders. Mechanical
3 Ball float Valves, Automatic admittance vent valves volume-3-
Strainers & Flanges, studded pads ,pipe fittings, (Section 6.15
gasket of synthetic rubber, tie rods. Page
5 Man holes, tank covers. 174,144/174).

6 Glass tube level indicator

7 Float Switches.

6. Human Resources
No Job function Quantity Special competencies/skills

1 Velmurugan Project Engineer

2 Babu Samuel Supervisor

7. Work Methodology

7.1 Storage
7.1.1 GRP water tank be stored on a flat surface in well ventilated storage area.
7.1.2 Inlet and outlet flange blanks shall not be removed until ready for connection to pipe work.
7.1.3 Manufacturer’s instructions shall be strictly followed as applicable.
7.1.4 The stored GRP water tank are to be inspected periodically for obvious conditions such as
standing water, parts theft, excess dirt build up or any other abnormal condition.
7.1.5 Storekeeper will be responsible for proper storage and maintenance of records, as required.

7.2 Preparation

7.2.1 The GRP Water tank foundation shall be as per approved Drawings and details.
7.2.2 Check and ensure that the shop drawings used are latest and approved for construction.
7.2.3 ARJ will coordinate the location of foundation as per approved shop drawings.
7.2.4 The foundation surface shall be flat and level and smoothly finished top surface.
7.2.5 Check the piping support locations in coordination with piping layout and ensure they are not
obstruction the space around tank.
7.2.6 Ensure easy access and sufficient clearance for servicing and maintenance i.e. for replacement of
GRP Water tanks.

Document ref.#: ARP-P083-MS-PL-____ Rev.0

Document ref.#: ARJ-PJ227-MS-PL-017 Rev.0
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7.3 Installation

7.3.1 GRP Water tanks shall be installed on the concrete beams as per approved foundation drawings,
ensure adequate space is available for valves ,piping and for future maintenance.
7.3.2 Steel skid base shall be fixed on the concrete beams.
7.3.3 Drill the suitable size holes in the Foundations.
7.3.4 The tanks and the other associated accessories including the piping manifold are pre-assembled
on a steel skid base. Shift the water tanks to the place of installation in safe manner. Use fork-
lift / crane as applicable / required as per site conditions.
7.3.5 Position the water tank frame assembly on the foundation and fix the anchor fasteners.
7.3.6 Steel skid base shall be leveled properly as required to drain off the tanks water.
7.3.7. Side panels shall be installed on the base panels.
7.3.8. Gasket shall be put in between the panels for preventing water leakage from joints.
7.3.9. Tank panels should be jointed as per manufacturers recommendations by bolts.
7.3.10 locations of the panels for inlet, outlet, drain &overflow pipe shall be as per approved shop
7.3.11 Installation of the internal accessories is carried out after side panels installation.
7.3.12 panels shall be tied internally by steel tie rod for side panels reinforcement and externally by
stay plates as per manufacture's recommendations.
7.3.13 Inlet, outlet, drain& overflow nozzles shall be connected to tanks with flange connection.
7.3.14 UPVC pipe support shall be provided for roof panels block supports.
7.3.15 ladder shall provided externally and internally.
7.3.16 All nut bolts to be securely tide with washer.
7.3.17 Air vent shall be installed on each tanks.
7.3.18 Tanks shall be allowed for water leak test as per manufacture's recommendations.
7.3.19 For testing, all openings shall be closed, water shall be filled in the tanks by temporary water
supply line .
7.3.20 water shall be kept inside the tanks for 24 hours an leak shall be checked ,if any leak found, it
shall be rectified and again offered for the same for consultant approval.
8. Inspection
8.1 After the GRP storage tanks installation consultant shall inspect the complete .
8.2 Request for inspection shall be raised for consultant’s inspection.
9 Health, Safety and Environmental Risk
Please refer the attached Risk Assessment
10 Records
The following records shall be maintained as documentary evidence of the establishment of the Method
Minimum retention
Record no. & name Responsibility Disposition
Site Engineer/MEP
Request for Inspection
Site Engineer/MEP
Test Reports

Document ref.#: ARP-P083-MS-PL-____ Rev.0
Document ref.#: ARJ-PJ227-MS-PL-017 Rev.0
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