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Anti-State of Affairs
Kevin Pennant is neither a liberal 
democrat nor republican 
conservative. He claims to be just 

I would like to know what it is that they are to use that arm for traditionally lawful
having that has gotten them hopping mad over purposes, such as self-defense within the
their government, especially with the current home. However, a semiautomatic assault
administration. They are characterized as the rifle and pistol (just in case) was outside the
Tea Party but the brew for which they have home and in plain sight, on the shoulder of a
drawn their name seems oxymoronic, and if it man at a pro-health care reform rally in
is in reference to the Boston Tea Party it is a proximity to where the President gave his
far reach comparatively. speech. Unfortunately there are many
instances of this where it becomes
A closer inspection reveals that the aroma from irrationally encroaching and threatening to
the brew that they have concocted is more of a say the least. The Second Amendment has
disparaging scent, one that enrages and been clarified but yet still misinterpreted. It
therefore ignites their rhetoric over government would prove more sensible to have this right
initiatives, much like the scent of strong black interpreted the same way a driver’s license
coffee I suppose. gives individuals the right to drive. Only that
you are prohibited from driving on the
The very conservative views they hold on a sidewalk or using it to threaten and maim
variety of issues are eye-openers in deed. The people. The infractor that I mentioned above
party has grassroots agendas for reform. The should have been cited with penalty and
most structured insight into their agenda comes repercussions in order to preserve the right.
from a submission of ideas that were filtered to Right?
form the “Contract for America” authored by a
Houston-based lawyer named Ryan Hecker, Enabling the Supreme Court to monopolize
whose noble proclamation is “Not only should the interpretations of the Constitution to its
we be listened to, we should be shown original form will have a profound and
deference”, Therefore with all due deference adverse implication to a society that has
we will analyze the articles of demands and capitalized on change.
dissents here for plausibility.
Furthermore it would show up under the
The first mandate is relegated to reference to proposed Blue Ribbon taskforce, that
the good basic values of the Constitution, that mandate number 5 of the “Contract for
every new bill must show evidence that the America” which suggests that it should be
Constitution gives Congress the power to enact implemented for assessment and
it. I am sure they are satisfied with the effectiveness of the
Supreme Court’s 2008 ruling clarifying the
meaning that protects an individual’s right to
possess a firearm outside of the militia and
Rising healthcare insurance costs embedded
in our paychecks correlates with a rising out
of pocket expense. Decreasing coverage
coupled with increasing healthcare costs and
prescriptive medicine equals one major
disease, infection, or accident from filing
bankruptcy. The Social Darwinian aspects of
certain physical and mental traits do not
apply here, not inasmuch the affluent nature
of the individual.

Constitutional theory is not an elitist-driven

federal agencies, which they would deem left idea it only works through the coalescence of
to the states and local governments. The the American society as a whole and not just
problem with this is that states and local in its powerful and rich parts. It subsumes the
authorities apparently and most American Diasporas of all walks of life
predominately are influenced by established whom toil to borrow, invest, pay, and
plutocratic institutions, the institutions that compete for resources or rather gain some
lob dollars at them for favorable policies. comparative advantage, as coined by David
Ricardo that alleges to afford an individual a
Apparently the tea party candidates are subsistent life. The classical economist’s
throwing stones at the very same glass house comparative advantage theory posits that
they want to occupy. In this age of reality “even the weaker members of society are
television and the 24–hour news cycle the valuable even if the stronger members are
unabashed become famous and highly better or can afford to do everything”
regarded it seems. The effervesced and furthermore they maintain the stronger
sensational Sarah Palin is the leading lady, members’ status in more ways than one.
playing an illegitimate spawn from the GOP
that has seemingly placed its own up for As reported by the NYTimes, if the Tea
adoption. Party supporters have deep rooted resentment
and “pessimism about the direction of the
Mandate 7. Repeal the health care legislation country”, in particular with “the policies of
passed on March 23, 2010: Defund, repeal the Obama Administration who they view as
and replace the Patient Protection and disproportionately helping the poor than the
Affordable Care Act. A hint of economic or middle class” then these disproportionately
Social Darwinism here as only the wealthy white ultra-conservative middle class grass
should be afforded proven healthcare whilst roots movement just doesn’t realize how
the sacrificial lambs of the monetarily relatively homologous they are to those
challenged souls are discounted. It is a “poor people” they despise so much.
neoevolutionist view in which I characterize
our evolving society; the vast majority
paying the higher costs who are increasingly
dissatisfied with the disparaging returns of
income and social inequality. The advantage
goes to the best-adapted and most successful
social groups to survive socio-economic
challenges as a society evolves. Currently,
the healthcare system is the best screener for
the survival of the fittest based on Social